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Sharaya wrote:

It looks like everything on your order should be good and I don't see anything to be concerned about.

Please note that that is 2 to 14 business days (so, not counting weekends or any holidays that the post office is closed). We are currently around the 9th business day since the order was submitted. Most orders right now will probably be on the longer side of that estimate, because of the volume of Great Golem Sale orders. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Cool. Thank you.

Hi. I ordered a butt ton of pawns- am very excited. Saw that orders usually ship in 7-14 days.

Still pending at 14 days . . . just wanted to make some noise in case I should be concerned.

Not to mention all the stuff that screws over invisibility. Rain. Dust storms. Mud.

He has to use Ki to do this. He has to spend one turn just moving up. That thing has to not move away or just own him on its turn. Then he gets to full round attack.

Oh yeah, there are places he could spike some hardcore damage. But, to be honest I've always felt any rogue/ninja that relied on full round attacking was a lot like a really slow turret. Sure, it has boom but most of the time it's trying to line up shots.

Don't normally zombies get a slam attack based off of size for being a zombie? A slow zombie otyugh could use one of its pre-existing attacks, or (more likely) slam in bodily like the uncoordinated undead wrecking ball.

This is similar to 'do characters know DCs for things', values of rolls, etc. Meta understanding versus in world understanding. Gets people quibbling about meta-knowledge with skill checks and attack rolls.

My understanding is this. If you make roll knowledge Arcana and get a 7
you're aware of your ignorance on the subject. "I thought you were schooled in the arcane?" "Yeah, but I didn't study ancient Cyclopian wands..."

If someone rolls an attack of a 27 and someone else rolls a 26, they both look amazing but the second guy is a little slower.

And if you understand the guy raging in a haze is a Barbarian, but this is distinctly different from a fighter that gets angry. Likewise, the powerful ranger, with nature magic, could serve as a warden of the woods functionally similar to the classic Druid, but it would be still a crime to teach the ranger Druidic.

If the fighter acts a lot like a paladin, he might at some point just start taking levels in Paladin. Likewise, if you are concerned for plot integrity, if the fighter acts decidedly unpaladin, he shouldn't take Levels in Paladin (to get those sweet sweet resistances).

You... are right. I skimmed over that one because the question was about bundling sun rods together to 'increase spell level' like that was going to fly... of course that's where my answer would be.

Guess I better read all the goofy questions just in case something useful is in there.

Excellent. This was the way I had interpreted it, but it was vague enough to make me wonder.

Now I can go back to blinding my allies in confidence as none of them have dark vision.

FAQ: this was not covered by the FAQ, since it was just a clarification if the 'light level' referred to the natural light level (in which sunlight is the only meaningful factor), or the general light level.

I've got a cleric with the darkness alternate channeling. Basically cast darkness with every channel, even says in the description it works as the spell 'Darkness.'

Unsure if darkness negates non magical sources of light in the area or not.

Nonmagical sources of light, such as torches and lanterns, do not increase the light level in an area of darkness. Magical light sources only increase the light level in an area if they are of a higher spell level than darkness.

Now, is this saying that these sources can't increase it from what it would be naturally in an area of darkness? Meaning that if there is no natural light (ie night, underground or no moon) the light level is actually 'dark' and the torches can't increase it (and darkness then drops it one lower which does nothing).

or this phrased incorrectly and they do increase the light level, but it was intended for you to apply darkness afterwards. Dark, + torch = normal, - darkness = dim.

Yeah. That's the conclusion I'm coming to. It's of merit to note that the Darkness Domain grants blind fight and 'eyes in the darkness' at level 8, (SU: see in darkness and magical darkness for 1/2 cleric level in rnds).

As a cleric of Greteous, a little friendly fire with vision isn't out of place (I do have selective channeling so they're at least not getting neg'd).

Bonus question, since it's as Darkness, take a look at this:

Nightmare Weaver:

Nightmare Weaver (Combat)

You can use your ability to create magical darkness to terrorize enemies.

Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike, Nightmare Fist, Intimidate 2 ranks, ability to cast darkness.

Benefit: By spending a full-round action to cast darkness, you can also make Intimidate checks to demoralize all foes in the spell's initial area.

Special: This feat counts as Dazzling Display for purposes of qualifying for Deadly Stroke and Shatter Defenses.

Think you could channel as a full round action and scare the crap out of everything?

I'm finding the wording... vague.

Have a neutral cleric channeling negative energy. Decided, make it interesting with alternate channel: darkness.

Darkness alternate channel:
Darkness: Heal—Creatures gain low-light vision until the end of your next turn. At cleric level 5, they gain darkvision 30 feet as well, increasing this range by 30 feet for every 5 cleric levels thereafter.

Harm—The illumination level in the area drops by 1 step, as darkness, for 1 minute. At cleric level 10, the light level drops by 2 steps. At cleric level 15, it drops by 3 steps, and areas of dim light or darkness become supernaturally dark (even creatures with darkvision cannot see within it).

So, normal variant rules: Always half damage, will save to negate the secondary effect.

I would think this means, half damage, fail the save the channeled area appears dark. Make save, isn't dark. Similar to the darkness 1st level domain power, touch of darkness.

But the 'as darkness' part concerns me. Darkness just makes darkness, in an area, no saves for anyone. Is the channel area just getting a darkness spell cast on it? In which case, even with selective channeling I'm blinding my allies? And come level 15, even with dark vision, I'll blind myself?

Fire's alternate channeling doesn't effectively throw a fireball at his feet... so why would darkness?

Reasonably your backpack would then catch fire. They do have 'catch fire' rules for the fire elemental.

Stuff melds into at the point of transformation, not continuously afterwards. Otherwise everything you tried to pick up or manipulate that wasn't nailed down would just meld into you.

Shadow conjurations a little different from most conventional illusions, which can theoretically give you multiple opportunities to save, or even auto disbelieve.

Shadow Conjuration, you just get the 1 save when you start interacting with it (like dealing damage, or it deals damage to you, tries to use a skill on you, spell, etc).

Glamers are external. They do not get into your head and alter your sense of perspective, so they can't make you walk around in circles, thinking you've walked up stairs. Glamers and figments are external.

If you are going to 'go up stairs', sit on something, consume something, whatever, you cannot physically do it to an illusion.

Everyone sees the same thing. You can't derp around 'thinking' you've gone upstairs. Your mind will never compensate for this type of illusion. But, the illusion can compensate for you.

Generally, you should get a will save every time the illusion has to compensate. So, in the case of the manor with 2 floors- the doors to the stairs are all locked. Perhaps a butler shoos you away when you approach them. If you attempt to ascend, the stairs cannot support your weight; the stairs will buckle and you'll fall through.

An illusionary meal can be delicious, aromatic, have all the texture and taste of the real thing... but you'll still feel hungry. This confusing notion would once again, grant you a will save.

A strong wind could wash through the halls as a sudden draft. Leaning against of wall could be ... discouraged by well placed artwork, or tables of nicknacks. Something like rain would darn near be impossible to mask.

(likewise, invisibility does not universally get into everyone's head and think you're not there, it just makes it so normal vision doesn't perceive it. You can very much still bump into an invisible person, you will not auto miss because your mind believes you can't hit what's not there.)

(Also, you can completely choose to fail a will save. Clerics do it to fully heal themselves all the time.)

The dhampir makes a will save to halve the result? Wonder if damphir can get channel resistance...

The Paladin's detect evil is spell-like, meaning it follows the spell's normal cast time unless stated otherwise (or standard action if it's not like any actual spell).

Detect evil is standard action.

The "move action" line gives an additional ability. You still have to cast the spell-like, but you can concentrate on a single object as a move.

If this altered the cast time, it would be stated as a cast time.

Another spell that functions similarly and uses pretty much the same language: Arcane Sight.

Detect evil only lasts as long as concentrating. So you have to keep using standard actions to keep it up.

The "feat bonus" limiter is that a feat does not stack with itself unless it says it does. The actual bonuses provided from a feat can be any type.

When you're dressed to look like something other than you are, that's a disguise.

Doesn't even matter if it makes sound or not. Everything produces an electromagical field. Everything has some small eletromagical sense which allows you to become aware of things producing it (such as the proximity to a creature, resisting a spell).

If someone teleports next to you, you'd still get a perception check. If you can't see them, they get a big bonus. If they are capable of making sounds, it doesn't matter if they aren't actively making talking, they still make noises of some kind (footsteps, breathing, breaking wind, doesn't really matter).

Even without sight or sound, they're is still a chance you'll detect them. Just very steep penalties.

You can detect people shadow stepping. It's just the guys shadow stepping tend to be so good at stealth it ain't worth even bothering to roll.

Actually, I thought you needed to make knowledge arcana rolls using detect magic to first identify the auras, followed then by spellcraft to narrow down to specific spells or effects.

Note that even identifying the item might not explain how to activate it.

Intelligent item might resent being shrunk.

Pay for the service in a small city or large town. Not really that much more expensive than doing it yourself.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

and robes. Wizards always have robes. And an innate desire to build towers.

Varthanna wrote:
The Forgotten wrote:
Sekret_One wrote:

Raiders of the Fever Seas:

Death of "Sergeant at Arms, Hugo and acting captain of commandeered Famished Mane"

** spoiler omitted **

Can you vital strike on a charge? I thought vital strike was its own action?
Technically no, but unless you're playing PFS, most people house rule it in my experience (including James Jacobs)

You just have to make an attack action. There are many attack actions ... including charge which grants an attack. If it was just the 'standard action attack action,' why wouldn't they just make vital strike a standard action, using the same language as cleave?

Looks like it lasts... so you can in fact sleep like a log.

Amusingly it is not a polymorph spell.

Spell like goes out of the way to state they are "like spells in all ways except:" Since they don't go out of the way to state that spell likes don't get bonuses that apply to spells, I imagine so.

So, spell focus and the like should apply too.

It is the motion of the misdirection.

We are becoming silly.

On original question: if the purpose of your lie is to get someone to drop their guard (and the verbiage of it is about 6 seconds), the bluff is in all purposes a feint. With a good bit of role playing, I'd figure you'd warrant a circumstance bonus, at GM discretion.

If you're being grilled, or you're just fast talking to by time, you'll just to have to work out something with the GM.

I vaguely recall somehow using bluff to 'fascinate' non hostile creatures. But perhaps this existed only in my imagination.

You're a bard right? You can essentially do that stuff with bardic performance correct? Just a variation on presentation.

Odraude wrote:

To be honest, "Length of a Lie" really sounds like a James Bond flick.

I like it...

At the very least, it should be a name of an event in an AP.


Event 007: Length of a Lie

If you make a vicious merciful weapon, is the damage inflicted upon the wielder non-lethal?

Temporary hit points are... like life-force crumple zones. Something got damaged just not the essential permanent parts. Still part of you, just more than you would normally have.

Pretty sure it's mostly an organizational aid. No hard/fast rule for categorizing them.

Most things that allow for repositioning do let you put someone in a dangerous place (like off a cliff) but they get another save/resist chance with a bonus immediately.

What particular ability are you using to reposition people?

The best part about alchemists is that what they're doing isn't even Golarian alchemy. Alchemy items like... well alchemist's fire are mundane ... but everything an alchemist does is magical.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Deadly states that: This special ability can only be placed on weapons that normally deal nonlethal damage, such as whips and saps.

Even when a weapon is merciful, it is dealing non-lethal damage magically, not normally.

Technically... it's only an animal if its int is below 3. As soon as it pops above that threshold its a magic beast.

3 is the threshold for effective sentience.

Put the hat on, it's just a somewhat clever donkey for 24 hours. After that, it's effectively a magical beast... a crude Awakening. 3 int is the minimum to understand languages, and learn a single one.

Doesn't teach the donkey anything. Except: the int bonus also grants skill ranks. If the skill ranks taught a language, the donkey gets it. Since the wizard probably doesn't learn common with his hat... it's probably funny but the donkey might be learning draconic, or knowledge arcana.

Still can't speak the language... I don't think. But maybe it can crudely communicate if it did learn a language.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Pretty simple solution: They take effects in order of precedence they were activated. If neither have been turned off/reactivated, it's in whatever order they were added no? Order of operations according to magic.

Do merciful first: you end up with extra d6 nonlethal. Then this all converts to lethal.

Do deadly first: damage becomes lethal. Then turns into nonlethal +d6.

Treat them like running through transformers. Nothing says the magic recursively applies to itself.

You could apply merciful to any weapon. Base weapon would still have to be nonlethal for deadly though.

A GM could also legitimately make the call that they counter each other.

Reflex save in itself is... odd. Shoot an arrow at an unawares person, they're flat footed. However... people are shockingly good at dodging things they can't see.

It is surprisingly hard to hit a triceratops with a lightning bolt.

Seconded. You will discover a ... want for flexibility and adaptability as a wizard.

Wizard are magical Swiss army knives. Something like a sorcerer is more of a magical cannon. Wizards win by having the right tool.

In reality ... one does not simply knock people out with a bop on the head. Sometimes they don't get up... And when a really strong guy does the bopping.

Raiders of the Fever Seas:

Death of "Sergeant at Arms, Hugo and acting captain of commandeered Famished Mane"

location and cause:

Met his end in the tiller room of the Dominator. Hugo, did some awesomeness with 2 weapon fighting, rapidly disarming the two marines.

Cavalier challenged, charged, and vital striked, nearly wiping him in one blow. Hugo disarmed the cavalier next while the rest of the party took out the tiller's rope and held off the marines- but the commander soaked the attack of opportunity, retrieved his axe and slew him.

Total deaths in campaign is up to 3.

You could not learn directly from a wizard's spellbook. The familiar can learn from scrolls, which it more or less eats (sort of like a wizard copying from a scroll, except that the familiar can exclusively learn this way).

Since wizards come with scribe scroll at level 1, they're just the most convenient to learn from, but there is no reason you can't have a magus, cleric, or even sorcerer scribe something for you, if he's got the feat. (including this alternate class being 'yourself').

A wizard can write down a spell he can't cast- but I don't believe a witch's familiar can learn one.

As a side note, all familiars talk like Beaker from the Muppets.

I imagine that if you used a free action to shut it off at the start of your turn, that it wouldn't count that round. Sort of like shutting off rage.

Since it was a mutual mistake, and you're basically doing a do-over, I do not see why you would lose either a charge or the spell.

The GM should probably try to mix up the encounter a little, since you had a practice run. You know, since you kind of know what the big bad already has in his bag of tricks.

The gestalt form is awful though. Their attack is literally only twice the damage of a single one... and it takes ... 9. Lower DR that's only marginally more likely to apply.

For something that takes such a large number, a full round action, and could literally end 2 rounds later ... you'd think it'd be more impressive. Right now it's like watching 2 people tie their legs together and having them shout "BEHOLD OUR TRUE FORM!"

Image of a barbarian, like a dog, kicking in his sleep. Party members huddled round going "daw he's dreaming..."

If you picked the creature to dispel, then it would be random. If you picked a particular spell, it tries that one first, and goes down the list on the creature (randomly for ties).

Litmus test: correct the GM about something and ask if he was aware of it, or was it a modification you weren't aware of. IE: that whole detect evil actually ... detects evil.

If the GM goes "oh I was wrong yeah you should totally be able to do that." You might just have some people that are learning, and they just kind of established this culture. Hope remains because the culture can change.

If the GM gives you the "how dare you question the GM, the rules are whatever I want" then you've got some jerks... and probably should get out of there.

Yubein wrote:
Personally I think they should do away with alignment. What true purpose does it serve that couldnt be explained by other means?

They should also get rid of AC. Sword fighting is so much more than meeting a static number.

Casting on a siege engine seems perfectly legit.

"This is the siege weapon Desna used to assault the gates of the Abyss" or some such. It's hallowed. Move the siege engine too much you disturb the site and end the effect.

Heck, hallowed could be a pile of rocks. You can pick just patch of dirt for the spell, as long as you have a GM approved reason for hallowing it.
Dig up the ground you break the hallow spell though.

99% of people will hate scourge and plugg, and want them killed.

That said, this is the moment where you rise to true prowess as a GM! They want to be Plugg's men and make great pains to do so? ROLL WITH IT.

The only real issue is that you still kind of want the players to be in 'charge' of the ship. So Plugg needs to pass the reigns, or at least, make one of the PC's the first mate so they have a decent say in what goes on.

3 bucks if you rescript the mutiny battle to be Sandara and the good aligned pirates trying to kill Plugg and the PCs.

Now ... we ride!

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