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Katapesh Sailor

Seif-al-Din ibn-Subhi's page

571 posts. Alias of Luke_Parry.

Full Name

Seif-al-Din ibn-Subhi




Paladin 3 / Cleric 3 / Sentinel 5


(AC 19/15/14; HP 124/124; Fort +19, Ref +15, Will +15; Init +13 (+15 if able to act in the surprise round), Perception +20, (60' Darkvision), CMD 27, Fire Resistance 5, Spells Active: Endure Elements)






Lawful Good






Common, Kelish, Ignan, Terran

Strength 14
Dexterity 20
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 14
Charisma 18

About Seif-al-Din ibn-Subhi

Seif-al-Din is a powerfully built and bronzed Suli, standing 6'4" tall. Usually stern, he knows how to turn on the charm when necessary, and has a sharp eye for detail when it comes to matters relating to commerce. He typically dresses in well-tailored silk clothing when in town, and generally cultivates a short beard to blend in with the local Keleshite population as best he can.

Seif-al-Din is the youngest son of the powerful Subhi Trading Consortium, a clearing-house for exotic goods along the caravan lines of Katapesh.

Although Seif-al-Din was well cared for as a child, and provided with excellent instruction through his father's contacts in the Church of Abadar, he found his father to be emotionally distant, focusing as he did on spanning the country, and beyond, with a web of commerce that ultimately answered solely to him.

As such, Seif-al-Din became more and more caught up in the doctrine of progress and global betterment of the Lord of the First Vault, eventually becoming ordained as a Holy Warrior of Abadar (with his Father's tacit, if distracted, approval). With his faith providing him a solid bedrock of contentment from which to work, Seif-al-Din was able to throw himself into the jobs that his father assigned to him, usually providing protection, and guidance (both literal and spiritual), on troubled routes (Gnoll raids, in particular, being a thorny problem, especially on the more Westerly routes) or investigating rumors of bandits or missing caravans...

...on one such journey, he encountered a small tribe of Janni nomads, who... recognised... something in Seif-al-Din. They invited him to join his tent with theirs that night, and showed him many wonders, culminating in a short foray to the Elemental Plane of Fire. The experience opened Seif-al-Din's eyes to a world he had only been dimly aware of, and awoke something previously dormant within his blood - when he was returned to the material plane, it was to discover that his skin had taken on a bronze-like sheen, his hair had become white as snow, and his eyes had taken on the color of cool, deep water.

The discovery that there was something... not entirely human... lurking in his family tree was shocking to say the least, but what he truly desired were answers... When he had a chance to return to Katapesh, he used his family connections to try and track down any and all information about the mingling of the blood of human and Genie-kind in his family, but drew a blank; the family records only extended back a few hundred years, and even that was shaky.

Thus, Seif-al-Din finds himself still searching for answers, dimly aware that possibly the information that he seeks is no longer known on this plane, but in Katapesh, where visitors from other planes are by no means out of the ordinary, that is not necessary an insurmountable problem; he just needs to find the right people to talk to...

Initiative: +13 [+5 Dex + 2 Trait + 4 Racial + 2 Sacred]
Senses: 60' Darkvision, Perception +20
Speed: 30 ft (30ft in Armor)

AC: 19 (10 + 4 (+1 Eel Hide Studded Leather) + 5 Dex)
Touch: 15 (10 + 5 Dex)
Flat-footed: 14 (10 + 4 (+1 Eel Hide Studded Leather))

Hit Points: 124/124

Fort: +19 Ref: +15 Will: +15

+2 trait bonus on all saving throws against charm and compulsion effects.


Base Atk: +10; CMB: +12; CMD: 27

+1 Adaptive Composite Longbow: +15*/+15/+10, 1d8+11, Crit 19+/x3, Type: Piercing

*Double damage on the first arrow


Skill Points per level:
Paladin: 2 (Class) + 2 (Int)
Cleric: 2 (Class) + 2 (Int)
Sentinel: 2 (Class) + 2 (Int)
Acrobatics +5 (+5 Dex - 0 ACP)
Appraise +2
Bluff +4
Climb +2 (+2 Str - 0 ACP)
Craft +2
Diplomacy +18 (+4 Charisma + 11 ranks + 3 class skill)
Disguise +4
Escape Artist +5 (+5 Dex - 0 ACP)
Heal +2
Intimidate +4
Knowledge(Planes) +16 (+2 Int + 11 ranks + 3 class skill)
Knowledge(Religion) +16 (+2 Int + 11 ranks + 3 class skill)
Perception +20 (+2 Wisdom + 11 ranks + 3 class skill + 3 Bracers + 1 Racial)
Perform +4
Ride +5 (+5 Dex - 0 ACP)
Sense Motive +2
Stealth +5 (+5 Dex - 0 ACP)
Survival +6 (+2 Wis + 4 Sacred)
Swim +2 (+2 Str - 0 ACP)

You were bullied often as a child, but never quite developed an offensive response. Instead, you became adept at anticipating sudden attacks and reacting to danger quickly.

Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus on initiative checks.

Category Basic (Faith)
You were born with a strange birthmark that looks very similar to the holy symbol of the god you chose to worship later in life.

Benefits: This birthmark can serve you as a divine focus for casting spells, and as a physical manifestation of your faith, and it increases your devotion to your god. You gain a +2 trait bonus on all saving throws against charm and compulsion effects.

Magical Knack:
You were raised, either wholly or in part, by a magical creature, either after it found you abandoned in the woods or because your parents often left you in the care of a magical minion. This constant exposure to magic has made its mysteries easy for you to understand, even when you turn your mind to other devotions and tasks.

Benefit: Pick a class (Cleric) when you gain this trait—your caster level in that class gains a +2 trait bonus as long as this bonus doesn't raise your caster level above your current Hit Dice.


1st: Point Blank Shot
1st (Paladin Bonus Feat): Precise Shot
3rd: Weapon Focus (Longbow)
5th: Deific Obedience
7th: Rapid Shot
8th (Sentinel Bonus Feat): Deadly Aim
9th: Many Shot
11th: Toughness

Racial Abilities:
Ifrits can see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.

Efreeti Magic(Sp):
Some ifrits inherit an efreeti ancestor's ability to magically change a creature's size. They can cast either enlarge person or reduce person (the ifrit chooses when using this ability) once per day as a spell-like ability (caster level equals the ifrit's level). The ifrit can use this ability to affect other ifrits as though they were humanoid creatures. This racial trait replaces the spell-like ability racial trait.

Fire in the Blood:
Ifrits with this racial trait mimic the healing abilities of the mephits, gaining fast healing 2 for 1 round anytime they take fire damage (whether or not this fire damage gets through their fire resistance). The ifrits can heal up to 2 hit points per level per day with this ability, after which it ceases to function. This racial trait
replaces fire affinity.

Wildfire Heart:
Ifrits with this trait are as swift and dangerous as a blazing wildfire. They gain a +4 racial bonus on initiative checks. This racial trait replaces energy resistance.

Class Features:
Aura of Good (Ex):
The power of a paladin's aura of good (see the detect good spell) is equal to her paladin level.

Detect Evil (Sp):
At will, a paladin can use detect evil, as the spell. A paladin can, as a move action, concentrate on a single item or individual within 60 feet and determine if it is evil, learning the strength of its aura as if having studied it for 3 rounds. While focusing on one individual or object, the paladin does not detect evil in any other object or individual within range.

Smite Evil (Su):
Once per day, a paladin can call out to the powers of good to aid her in her struggle against evil. As a swift action, the paladin chooses one target within sight to smite. If this target is evil, the paladin adds her Cha bonus (if any) to her attack rolls and adds her paladin level to all damage rolls made against the target of her smite. If the target of smite evil is an outsider with the evil subtype, an evil-aligned dragon, or an undead creature, the bonus to damage on the first successful attack increases to 2 points of damage per level the paladin possesses. Regardless of the target, smite evil attacks automatically bypass any DR the creature might possess.

In addition, while smite evil is in effect, the paladin gains a deflection bonus equal to her Charisma modifier (if any) to her AC against attacks made by the target of the smite. If the paladin targets a creature that is not evil, the smite is wasted with no effect.

The smite evil effect remains until the target of the smite is dead or the next time the paladin rests and regains her uses of this ability. At 4th level, and at every three levels thereafter, the paladin may smite evil one additional time per day, as indicated on Table: Paladin, to a maximum of seven times per day at 19th level.

Divine Grace (Su):
At 2nd level, a paladin gains a bonus equal to her Charisma bonus (if any) on all Saving Throws.

Lay On Hands (Su):
Beginning at 2nd level, a paladin can heal wounds (her own or those of others) by touch. Each day she can use this ability a number of times equal to 1/2 her paladin level plus her Charisma modifier (5/day). With one use of this ability, a paladin can heal 1d6 hit points of damage for every two paladin levels she possesses. Using this ability is a standard action, unless the paladin targets herself, in which case it is a swift action. Despite the name of this ability, a paladin only needs one free hand to use this ability.

Alternatively, a paladin can use this healing power to deal damage to undead creatures, dealing 1d6 points of damage for every two levels the paladin possesses. Using lay on hands in this way requires a successful melee touch attack and doesn't provoke an attack of opportunity. Undead do not receive a saving throw against this damage.

Aura of Courage (Su):
At 3rd level, a paladin is immune to fear (magical or otherwise). Each ally within 10 feet of her gains a +4 morale bonus on saving throws against fear effects. This ability functions only while the paladin is conscious, not if she is unconscious or dead.

Divine Health (Ex):
At 3rd level, a paladin is immune to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases, including mummy rot.

Mercy (Su):
At 3rd level, and every three levels thereafter, a paladin can select one mercy. Each mercy adds an effect to the paladin's lay on hands ability. Whenever the paladin uses lay on hands to heal damage to one target, the target also receives the additional effects from all of the mercies possessed by the paladin. A mercy can remove a condition caused by a curse, disease, or poison without curing the affliction. Such conditions return after 1 hour unless the mercy actually removes the affliction that causes the condition.

At 3rd level, the paladin can select from the following initial mercies.

Fatigued: The target is no longer fatigued.
Shaken: The target is no longer shaken.
Sickened: The target is no longer sickened.

Channel Energy (Su):
Regardless of alignment, any cleric can release a wave of energy by channeling the power of her faith through her holy (or unholy) symbol. This energy can be used to cause or heal damage, depending on the type of energy channeled and the creatures targeted.

A good cleric (or a neutral cleric who worships a good deity) channels positive energy and can choose to deal damage to undead creatures or to heal living creatures. An evil cleric (or a neutral cleric who worships an evil deity) channels negative energy and can choose to deal damage to living creatures or to heal undead creatures. A neutral cleric of a neutral deity (or one who is not devoted to a particular deity) must choose whether she channels positive or negative energy. Once this choice is made, it cannot be reversed. This decision also determines whether the cleric can cast spontaneous cure or inflict spells (see spontaneous casting).

Channeling energy causes a burst that affects all creatures of one type (either undead or living) in a 30-foot radius centered on the cleric. The amount of damage dealt or healed is equal to 1d6 points of damage plus 1d6 points of damage for every two cleric levels beyond 1st (3d6). Creatures that take damage from channeled energy receive a Will save to halve the damage. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the cleric's level + the cleric's Charisma modifier. Creatures healed by channel energy cannot exceed their maximum hit point total—all excess healing is lost. A cleric may channel energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier (7/day). This is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. A cleric can choose whether or not to include herself in this effect.

A cleric must be able to present her holy symbol to use this ability.

Obedience (Ex):
In order to maintain the abilities granted by this prestige class, a sentinel must perform a daily obedience to his chosen deity (see page 10).

Symbolic Weapon (Su):
When wielding his deity’s favored weapon, the sentinel gains a +1 sacred or profane bonus on attack and damage rolls. These bonuses increase by 1 for every 3 levels he has in the sentinel prestige class (maximum +4). His deity’s favored weapon also functions as a holy (or unholy) symbol when wielded by a sentinel.

Divine Boon 1(Sp):Sureshot - Flame Arrow 1/day

Divine Quickness (Ex)::
Starting at 4th level, so long as the sentinel carries his deity’s favored weapon, he gains a +2 sacred or profane bonus on initiative checks. The weapon doesn’t need to be carried in hand, but must at least be on his person and accessible enough that he can wield it with no greater than a move action. At 8th level, this bonus increases to +4.

Aligned Strike (Su):
The sentinel's righteous fervor allows him to cut through certain types of damage reduction.

At 5th level, the sentinel gains the ability to bypass a specific type of damage reduction when wielding his deity's favored weapon. The type of damage reduction his weapon bypasses is based on his chosen deity's alignment. The sentinel chooses this type of damage reduction when he gains this ability and this choice can't be changed. He can choose only one of the aligned weapon types regardless of how many options he has based on his deity's alignment. For example, a sentinel of the Inheritor can treat his weapon as axiomatic or holy, but not both. The choices are as follows.

Good: The sentinel can treat his weapon as holy if his deity is good.

Stalwart (Su):
At 5th level, the sentinel gains mental fortitude through his constant meditation and adherence to religious tenets. He gains a +2 sacred or profane bonus on saving throws to resist divine spells.

Calming Touch (Sp):
You can touch a creature as a standard action to heal it of 1d6 points of nonlethal damage + 1 point per cleric level. This touch also removes the fatigued, shaken, and sickened conditions (but has no effect on more severe conditions). You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Add Fly to your list of class skills. In addition, whenever you cast a spell that grants you a fly speed, your maneuverability increases by one step (up to perfect).

Eyes of the Hawk (Ex): You gain a racial bonus on Perception checks equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum +1). In addition, if you can act during a surprise round, you receive a +2 racial bonus on your Initiative check.

Orisons: Create Water, Guidance, Read Magic, Stabilise
1st level (3+1): Endure Elements, Divine Favor [0/2 used], Bless (Domain)
2nd level (2+1): Delay Poison, Resist Energy, Feather Fall (Domain)

+2 Dex Enhancement (4,000)
+2 Con Enhancement (4,000)
+2 Wis Enhancement (4,000)
+2 Cha Enhancement (4,000)
+3 Resistance Enhancement (9,000)
Explorer's Outfit
Muleback Cords (1,000)
+1 Eel Hide Studded Leather (2,225)
Bracers of Falcon's Aim (4,000)
Boots of Speed (12,000)
Signet Ring (5)
Waterskin (1)
Spring-loaded wrist sheath #1 (5) Dagger (2)
Spring-loaded wrist sheath #2 (5) Dagger (2)

+1 Adaptive Mighty [+2] Composite Longbow(3600) + Locked Gauntlet (8) + Weapon Cord (0.1)
Durable Cold iron Arrows x60 (120)
Durable Alchemical Silver Arrows x60 (180)
Durable Adamantine Arrows x30 (1,830)

Handy Haversack (2000):
Bedroll (0.1)
Winter Blanket (0.5)
Medium Tent (15)
Waterproof Bag [x2] (1)
Glass Bottle [x2] (4)
Crowbar (2)
100' of Silk Rope (20)
Grappling Hook (1)
Piton [x10] (1)
Hammer (0.5)
10' Pole (0.05)
Shovel (0.02)

Belt Pouch (1):
Flint and Steel (1)
Iron Vial [x2] (0.2)
Chalk [x3] (0.03)

Coins: 80gp, 3sp, 5cp

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