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Secane's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,830 posts (1,841 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 14 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Lantern Lodge

As mentioned, what if the animal companion has this item?: wrote:

Ring of Eloquence

Source Advanced Class Guide pg. 217
Aura faint divination CL 3rd
Slot ring; Price 3,500 gp; Weight —
Fine etchings spell out the alphabets of four languages around the inside of this finely crafted silver band. The wearer gains the ability to speak and understand the four languages whose alphabets are inscribed on the ring. Normally the languages are Common, Dwarven, Elven, and Gnome. Less often, such rings are attuned to Giant, Goblin, Orc, and Undercommon, and rings with different sets of languages might also exist. The wearer retains the ability to speak in these languages even if she assumes a form normally unable to do so (such as a druid wild shaped into a wolf).

The ring also makes it easier for the wearer to find the correct words to express herself, granting a +2 competence bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Perform (oratory) checks. Also, if the wearer is deafened and attempts to cast a spell with a verbal component, the chance of spell failure is reduced to 10%.

And therefore can speak a language. Would the animal companion then be able to activate other magical items that requires activation?

Asking this for a homebrew game I'm gming. While this means I can easily house rule on this matter, I would like to know how this would normally work.

Lantern Lodge

Can an Animal Companion activate magic items that they are wearing?
(Assuming they have an intelligence of at least 3)

Example, an Animal Companion wears a ring of Invisibility (via the Extra Item Slot feat). With an intelligence of at least 3, can it activate that ring of invisibility?

Edit: For vocal (activation word) requirements, lets say this AC also have a ring of Eloquence, and can therefore speak common.

Lantern Lodge **

Thanks Mystic Lemur!

Do you know where the post/rules for GM characters being "newly created" are posted?

I'm asking cos, I got a purely gm credited character with GM credit spread over many levels and would like to know if I could place a race or retirement arc boon on it.

By spread over many levels, I mean something like this:
1) lv 1-5 scenario GM credit
2) lv 5-9 scenario GM credit
3) lv 1-5 scenario GM credit
4) lv 3-7 scenario GM credit
5) lv 5-9 scenario GM credit
6) lv 1-11 scenario GM credit (special)

Would I still be able to apply a retirement arc boon on this character?

Lantern Lodge **

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

I have came across a number of boons where the term "newly created PC" is used. These boons states that they can only be applied to a "newly created PC".

So what about characters that are under GM credit? When is a GM credit character considered "newly created"?
1) When the first GM credit is applied the the character number? Or 2) when the GM actually plays that GM credited character for the first time?

Sorry if this has been asked or answered before. Any links to replies by the campaign staff is greatly appreciated.

Lantern Lodge

Saw your post Nefreet. I agree that the cost of barding with special materials should have quick clarification. FAQed.

Lantern Lodge **

Shamira wrote:

Don't apply the special material cost before multiplication, but after.

Lamellar large barding 60*4=240, darkleaf cloth for light is +750, added to the large lamellar is a total of 990.

Oh! Didn't know that. Thought it was the other way around!

Lantern Lodge **

Thanks for the quick answers, Tabletop Giant and Kevin!

I'm going with a Darkleaf Leather Lamellar barding (large) as I don't want my Roc's speed to drop in half.

I factored the cost of a Large Barding for a Roc as 4 times that of a normal Darkleaf Leather Lamellar armor

Darkleaf Leather Lamellar armor = 810gp (750 + 60)
Darkleaf Leather Lamellar Barding (Large) = 3240gp (810 x 4)

As for weight it is twice of a Leather Lamellar armor, but Darkleaf cuts the weight in halve, meaning its weights as much as a normal *edited* Leather Lamellar armor.

Anything amiss in my math?

Flutter wrote:

Fluffy companion slots in pfs

Favored! Thank you! Its really useful.

Lantern Lodge **

I think I get it, but it does feels a little weird.

Just confirming, without the use of feats to grant more magical slots for an AC, the only magical items an AC can wear are Neck slot items and Magical Armor.

Also, a Darkleaf Leather Lamellar armor would effectively not require Armor Proficiency (light), as the Darkleaf reduces the Armor Check Penalty to 0 and therefore not affect the AC in its attacks or skill checks?

Lantern Lodge **


So if Barding means Armor, does an AC still need the Armor Proficiency (light) feat to wear armor?

Lantern Lodge **

Sorry for this noob question, but does the Animal Companion's Barding slot refers to Armor or Belts?
Aka, what can I place in the Barding slot?

Edit: And if Barding means Armor, does an AC still need the Armor Proficiency (light) feat to wear armor?

Lantern Lodge

I have to admit the lack of an Eidolon from the First World (Fey/plants) or the Shadow Plane feels like an oversight.

With that said, I agree that the Earth Elemental would fit the closest to your ideal. FLite's Daemon Hanging Tree would look cool too.

Lantern Lodge

*Faceplam, total forgot about Elemental Fist's limit of 1 attack per round.

Elemental Assault is is better in that it works for every attack made in that round.

Sigh, well I guess I will have to come up with something else then.

This character is for PFS and my 2 considerations are that
1) I got access to a Suli character via boons


2) I got a boon giving a +2 to any one ability score on a totally new character via another boon.

Going to have to decide on something more viable.

Lantern Lodge

I totally forgot about Pummeling Style! Thanks for pointing that out Cap. Darling.

Will I be correct to assume that any energy attacks will also be part of Pummeling Style's stack?

Example, if I do the above attack with Pummeling Style and both attacks hit,
Would that mean I deal -
(5 + 1d8 + 4d6(acid/cold)) x 2
10 + 2d8 + 8d6?

Also, I'm a little confuse by the wording on a critical hit. Does this means that if one or more of the attacks crit, I row 1 confirmation roll and use that confirmation roll to determine if all the critical threats are crits or normal hits?

Lantern Lodge

Thanks for the input everyone.

Before I decide to drop the elemental assault build, could someone have a look at this break down for my current elemental assault Monk build? I need to know if it is really a non-viable build.

Elemental Assault Monk - At lv 5
Monk of the Empty Hand + Monk of the Four Winds

Ability scores (tentative):
STR: 20(15base + 1level + 2racial + 2boon)
DEX: 13
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 15 (level to 16 at lv 8)
CHA: 9 (dump)

Incremental Elemental Assault (lv 1)
Catch Off-Guard (Monk lv 1)
Elemental Fist (Monk of the Four Winds)
Throw Anything (Monk lv 2)
Quick Draw (lv 3)
Shaitan Style or Marid Style(lv 5)
Improvised Weapon Mastery (Monk lv 6)

Surprise Weapon (Combat) - +2 trait bonus on attack rolls with improvised weapons
Unscathed (Magic) - Each type of energy resistance you have (if any) increases by 2 points.

Flurry attack with Shaitan/Marid Style and Acid/Cold property weapon at lv 5 is:
Attack Modifer = 5str + 3bab + 2trait + 1enchantment = 11
*Note: Any weapon used will change their stats as per the Monk of the Empty Hand modifications.

Damage = 5str + 1d8
Acid Damage = 1d6 Elemental Fist + 1d6 Monk of the 4 winds + 1d6 Elemental assault + 1d6 acid/cold property weapon + 2 wis
Total: 5 + 1d8 + 4d6+2(acid/cold)

I'm going with Monk of the Empty Hand as it allows me to make a range capable build at higher levels. Picking up the range feats at later levels, by retraining out Throw Anything, once Improvised Weapon Mastery is learned.

I'm hoping by stacking elemental damage, I could use it to by pass enemies with resistance.
Acid is chosen, as it has the least resistance to it, but Cold is a close 2nd, mainly due to Marid Style's extra reach.

So is the above Monk-only Elemental Assault build viable?

Lantern Lodge

@Hi Mysterious Stranger,

I did seriously consider making my Suli a paladin, but I already have an Aasimar Paladin of Ragathiel as a PFS character and don't want to make a similar character build for PFS.

However a Paladin-Monk combo seems interesting. Which does lead the the question of the Champion of Irori. Would it be viable to have the best of both worlds with the Champion of Irori? Or would it be more like a water down monk...

As for Elemental Assault, I'm planning to pick up Incremental Elemental Assault, which would allow me to use Elemental Assault as below:

Advanced Race Guide wrote:

Incremental Elemental Assault

Source: Advanced Race Guide
You may activate and quench your elemental assault ability multiple times per day.

Prerequisites: Suli.

Benefit: You may use your elemental assault ability in 1-round increments, up to a maximum number of rounds per day equal to your character level. These rounds do not have to be consecutive. Activating the ability is a swift action; ending it is a free action.

Normal: You can use elemental assault once per day. It lasts a number of rounds equal to your class level.

This means I can spread out my uses and combine it with Elemental Fist easily! There is also Extra Elemental Assault, which gives 2 more rounds of Elemental Assault.

*Edit: Just also noticed the Sacred Fist Warpriest archetype. Not sure if it would fit the Elemental Assault ideal.

Hummm... after looking at the unchained monk, I was sad to find that the Elemental Fury ability uses the same swift action as Elemental Assault, which means I can't really use them together... :(
Not to mention... why does the monk loses the good will saves?? @_@?

Lantern Lodge

I'm set to play a Suli character, but I'm stuck coming up with a viable character build.
*Note: Does not have to be an Elemental Assault build, it just seems the most viable...

The best ideal seems to make use of the Suli's Elemental Assault ability and going with Monk for the favoured class option of Monk: Add +1/2 point of damage to elemental assault.

Which combined with Elemental Fist ---> Shaitan Style and Monk of the Four Winds, allow me to maximize elemental acid damage.

But... other then that.... I'm stumped.
Example, should I go with Monk of the Empty Hand for a more flexible monk? (Able to use any enchanted weapon as an improvised weapon, so not needing an amulet of mighty fists.)

May be pick up a Belt of Mighty Hurling, Lesser, to make use of str to deal range damage?

OR may be go with another class altogether? Bloodrager, Barbarian, Brawler???

The character backstory is still mailable, so any ideal for a Suli character would be much welcomed.

Lantern Lodge

@chad gilbreath,

I think a blind character is a very interesting concept.
As it is a group game, you could ask yourself these questions first:

"Why would the fellow adventurers in your party want to adventure with a blind adventurer?"

From an in-character and role-play perspective:
1) Are they close relative or friends of your blind character and already have means to help with his condition?
2) Do they have some sort of relationship with your character that requires them to have you along? and vice versa? (Example, your the high priest of a religion and they are all members of the temple guard. Or you have hired them as bodyguards."
3) How would your party handle you blind condition?

And as for your fellow party players:
4) Are your fellow players receptive to having a blind character travelling with their characters?
5) How do you plan to convince them to accommodate a blind character if they are not receptive to the ideal?
6) In the event that the party or a fellow player or two are strongly against your character ideal, how do you plan to handle this rejection?

Asking all these would help make your character better.

Lantern Lodge

My local community center's tabletop gaming group is planning to celebrate Free RPG Day with a full day event. Would We Be Goblins Free! only be available as part of the Free RPG Day kits for retailers?
Or is there a another way we could access and run it before July 1st?

Lantern Lodge


I will. It would be quite some time in the future tho. :)

The party has only just hit level 5 and is on the slow xp track. The game has been running for about a year+. We try to have it every Sunday, but there are many times we can't make it, so its on advantage of 2 games per month.

I will likely repost here in 6 months or so.

Lantern Lodge


Actually that kinda of make sense too.

And.... just got an ideal...

What if the wizard is found in a state of turned to stone with his lower body already missing?
Does the party turn him back to flesh?.... possibilities....

Lantern Lodge

@mplindustries, Corrik, Mysterious Stranger

It is really less of a case of house ruling how cure spells works and more of a "I got this nice story event, but how do I make it work in the game?" situation.
I'm looking for a way to present this story event to the party, without taking away the urgency of the situation

A cure spell would likely be very helpful in keeping the wizard alive longer, but I want to present a situation that is much more dire.


As Onyxlion mentioned, the crashing rock would be more like a con damage and/or con bleed.

By the way, Onyxlion, I think you presented the answer to this situation. The crashing rock is really more like a constant con damage and/or con bleed effect, taking away a number of con points every round or min. Removing the rock can be represented with a roll of a d6 or more to present the sudden lost of blood and internal organs (with no more rock to hold everything in.)

The entire event's con damage, could be mentioned to the party as specific to this event, due to the circumstances involved.

The party would really be on a timer to save the wizard.
My party could use a combination of cure spells to stop a bleed out and maybe restoration to stabilize the wizard.

Should the party be able to stop the bleeding and stabilize the wizard, the lost of his lower body can then be represented as a circumstance disease effect, aka he is going to keep losing con every day, unless the party can regenerate his missing organs/limbs.
Restoration and remove disease would be like stopgap measures to prevent the build up of toxins in this body due to missing vital organs and keep him alive.
*Neither spell would be able to cure the wizard outright, as he would be suffering specifically from blood poisoning, due the lack of vital organs to remove toxins from his blood. Aka the party must eventually find a way to regenerate his organs. Aka, it is a disease that will keep returning, until his organs are restored.

This works much better this way. Thanks Onyxlion! I kept forgetting that healing is NOT just about HP. Ability score damage/drain is also very common as a game reach higher levels.

@Gregory Connolly, Bradley Mickle,

I will try to hint the use of teleport spells to the wizard of the party. Especially if the Cleric, Paladin or Druid players are not present that day.
Always good to have multiple options for the party.

Thanks everyone for all the input!

Edit: @Korlos, Well no. The story is far from set. The party is only around lv 5 at the moment and we are on the slow XP track.

My original post is more of an example is such a situation.
I try to avoid setting anything in stone as the party's story can change quickly as time goes by.

Lantern Lodge

Thanks for the advice. I guess the game mechanics don't really work well in this situation.

As Tsriel said, Heal and Regeneration can work, but both will be beyond the current level of the part.

Other options like letting him die, then bring him back works, but kinda defeats the intent of the event.

I guess I will have to work more on this.

*The Flesh to Stone spell ideal... might work... given that the npc is a wizard... and might be able to quickly direct the party to get a scroll of Flesh to Stone from his tower to use it on him. It would at least give the party time to look for a better solution.

By the way, assuming the Flesh to Stone turns not just the wizard's upper torso, but all the urh... bits that were crashed like the legs into stone. Would it be reasonable to assume a couple of castings of Make Whole or Make whole, Greater spell could piece the body together? For a Stone to Flesh spell?

Lantern Lodge

So I'm working on some story ideals for a homebrew and the ideal of a NPC getting crushed by a falling rock, requiring the party to find a way to save him quickly before he dies.

But... that's when I'm fumbling on HOW can the party save this man?
This story event is planned for a party level of 7-9 or higher.

Story event breakdown:
- Party sent to rescue/seek out a wizard for information
- Wizard found battling giants attacking his tower
- Party helps take on giants (encounter)
- As party defeats giants, damaged tower collapses on wizard, crushing his lower body. (lower torso and legs)
- Party must act quickly to save wizard (about 10 rounds)

So how can a party save this wizard? Questions and thoughts:
- A cure spell won't work on such a serious wound and the crushing rock would prevent any proper healing.
-Removing the rock will kill the wizard in the next round, as the rock is the only thing holding the wizard's upper body together.
-Would fast healing help?
-How long can a person stay alive, missing most of his lower organs?

- And if they do somehow save the wizard from bleeding to death, how would they go about restoring his lower body and limbs?

I'm need advice on what I could do to help a party tackle such an story event. Or is even such a story event appropriate for a lv 7-9 party?

Lantern Lodge **

Thank you! These are great!

Lantern Lodge

Thanks for explaining!

Totally missed the line "ability scores are the same as the base creature’s or the base animal’s, whichever ability score is higher."

FAQed the Weretiger post, not sure if they will look at it.

Edit: Understood where the weretiger got nerfed. It is a little weird.

Lantern Lodge

Hi, sorry for necroing this thread, but I have a question on the hybrid form for werewolves.

As quoted by Narquelion above, a werewolf in hybrid form is supposed to gain a "+2 Wis, –2 Cha in all forms; +2 Str, +2 Con in hybrid and animal forms."

However, after looking at the werewolf and werebears' ability scores in human and hybrid form in the bestiary, I noticed that they don't just gain +2 Str, +2 Con, but a much higher number.

Werewolf Human - Str 17, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 8
Werewold Hybid - Str 19, Dex 15, Con 17, Int , Wis 14, Cha 8

Werebear Human - Str 16, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 8
Werebear Hybrid - Str 21, Dex 14, Con 19, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 8

As you can see the werewolf gains str, but also a +3 in Con and a +2 in Dex.
The werebear gains a total of +5 Str and +6 Con.

So what is the correct number?
I'm asking this as I'm planning to make a custom NPC werewolf, but I'm uncertain what is his ability score in hybrid form. Should I just follow the lycanthrope template, or use the above break down?

Lantern Lodge **

Sorry only saw this today.

Looks really nice, with a good clean interface to view character info.

Very interested in trying it out.

Lantern Lodge

Quick draw is also pretty much a must.

Since opening volley works only on the next single melee attack, you might want to consider picking melee feats like vital strike, which gives more damage on a single attack.

Lantern Lodge

@That Crazy Alchemist, your the one with this brilliant ideal!

I keep thinking that Sir Raptor should be a paladin's mount (find a way to make the ac selection work.). That way... Sir Raptor can blaze through meatbags... I mean enemies, and have his faithful paladin servant clean up the mess.

Sir Raptor should not be LG....


Love your ideal, I got to make this work somehow in PFS! :P

Lantern Lodge **


Since gms and players are expected to follow any official rulings, this should be given more prominence and be reflected in the FAQs.

Lantern Lodge

"Shadow conjurations are only one-fifth (20%) as strong as the real things"

So I guess it would be a metal beam with only 1/5 a real metal beam's hp, hardness...etc?

Lantern Lodge

You can use the Extra Item Slot Feat and a Ring of Eloquence, to allow your Sir Raptor to speak all the time.

Ring of Eloquence wrote:

Ring of Eloquence
Source Advanced Class Guide pg. 217
Aura faint divination CL 3rd
Slot ring; Price 3,500 gp; Weight —

Fine etchings spell out the alphabets of four languages around the inside of this finely crafted silver band. The wearer gains the ability to speak and understand the four languages whose alphabets are inscribed on the ring. Normally the languages are Common, Dwarven, Elven, and Gnome. Less often, such rings are attuned to Giant, Goblin, Orc, and Undercommon, and rings with different sets of languages might also exist. The wearer retains the ability to speak in these languages even if she assumes a form normally unable to do so (such as a druid wild shaped into a wolf).

The ring also makes it easier for the wearer to find the correct words to express herself, granting a +2 competence bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Perform (oratory) checks. Also, if the wearer is deafened and attempts to cast a spell with a verbal component, the chance of spell failure is reduced to 10%.

Lantern Lodge

Don't Tengu get proficiency with bastard swords as a racial trait?

Lantern Lodge

If your going for a realistic feel, consider using the armor as DR rules.

Lantern Lodge

Using a bow as a large character may present problems with getting arrows/ammunition of the proper size. You may have to craft your own.

Lantern Lodge **

No worries. I do know for a fact that only one of the cards on that set is being used. Just don't want to waste them.

The cards are of the older design, but printed in color on a thick card material. Really would be a waste to not use them.

Lantern Lodge **

Thanks for the answers.

So just double checking, I can still hand out the previous numbers right?
They will still be valid for new players to sign up with?

Cos I found an old printout of these older cards yesterday, it was in a folder for a con 2 years back. One card has been given out.

I will just make sure I download and save all the numbers.

Lantern Lodge **

Thanks. The event is on the 11th of April. I will try contacting paizo over this. I just want to know the missing card numbers, as I have printed them out before, but I need to know if they are still usable.

Lantern Lodge **

We are going to host a gaming event at our local community center for Tabletop Day, where we will be running the Silverhex Chronicles.

I wanted to prep more Pathfinder Society Cards for the event, after checking that I already have 9 cards reserved in the system. I clicked the reserve 10 more cards options, but now I can't access/download the earlier 9 reserved cards??!?

The only option I see now is "Download Ten Most Recent Pathfinder Society Cards".

Is there a way to download the previously reserved Pathfinder Society Cards?

To clarify, I got 20 cards reserved, but I can only download and access the most recent 10 cards, how do I download/access the earlier cards?

Lantern Lodge **

Thanks DesolateHarmony, I had checked both the APG, additional resources, the guide to organized play and the APG and PFS FAQ sections. Just wasn't sure if there is a forum posting by PFS leadership on this topic.

Lantern Lodge **

Thank you

Lantern Lodge **

Just checking, in PFS can a druid pick up subdomains? (assuming they have access to the main domain.)

Example, could a Bear Shaman druid with access to the strength domain, pick up the Resolve subdomain?

Lantern Lodge

claudekennilol wrote:
As you've guessed, his mount is a wolf, and this choice is because this Animal Companion is also on the Cavalier's mount list
Cavalier wrote:
Mount (Ex): A cavalier gains the service of a loyal and trusty steed to carry him into battle. This mount functions as a druid’s animal companion, using the cavalier’s level as his effective druid level. The creature must be one that he is capable of riding and is suitable as a mount. A Medium cavalier can select a camel or a horse. A Small cavalier can select a pony or wolf, but can also select a boar or a dog if he is at least 4th level. The GM might approve other animals as suitable mounts.

I'm only pointing this out, as PFS is very restrictive on animal companions. Options that are "Let the GM decided" don't work in PFS.

So I noticed that wolf is mentioned to be on the Cavalier's mount list. However, that is only so for small-race characters.
If your going with a human, you won't be able to pick a wolf on cavalier levels, as a medium sized race like a human can only pick a camel or a horse.

The build still works if a small race, like a halfling or Wayang, as they do qualify for a wolf mount.

In any case, if your going to get a Worg, the build can still easily go with a horse till lv 4, then grab the Worg. Which don't care about races or race size.

Lantern Lodge

I played a fighter-class archer till lv 12 in PFS. Here are somethings that might help you.

1) GET the Impervious weapon quality on your bow ASAP.
Its only +3000gp and don't take up a +1 cost slot on your bow.
Impervious makes your bow much more tougher and more importantly immune to the spell warp wood. It does not matter how powerful your bow is, if the enemy can shut you down with just one lv2 spell.

2) In addition to the Efficient Quiver, get a Handy Haversack. You will use a lot of arrows and 14 str will not be enough to carry them all. Get a HH and dump arrows into one of the side pockets in the HH. *Have craft arrows as a skill would help too.

3) Get weapon blanches and different arrow types. Get Blunt arrows to deal with skeletons and be able to deal non-lethal damage at range. Get alchemical arrows like Arrow (tangleshot) to slow enemies or Arrow (trip) to trip them. Weapon blanches are useful if you don't plan to pick up the clustered shot feat. Ghostsalt weapon blanch is a little ex, but is useful vs ghosts and other insubstantials.

3a) Buy Cold Iron arrows instead of normal arrows as your default arrows. CI arrows are CHEAP, they cos 2gp for 20, over 1 gp for 20 normal arrows. They work against demons, which are pretty common foes.

4) Consider not going with the Archer-archetype. The reason is the Archer archetype denies you access to Dueling Gloves, one of the best items for a fighter. To use Dueling Gloves, you need Weapon Training (Ex), which gets replaced by Expert Archer (Ex). Expert Archer (Ex) does not work with Dueling Gloves. (as per the FAQ.)

These are off my head. Hope this helps!

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Bioboygamer wrote:

So, I looked at the Portable Hole, and for the life of me I can't figure out what it's supposed to be used for.....

.....It just seems odd that such a useless item is so expensive relative to the Bag of Holding that serves a similar purpose.

A Portable Hole is clearly meant to be used in combination with a Bag of Holding as a tactical weapon.

Combined they are effectively a "BABY NUKE"

By placing a Portable Hole inside a Bag of Holding, you get the equivalent of a 10-foot radius portable nuke that can remove most creatures from play by throwing them into the Astral Plane (hopefully permanently)

Together they are greater than the sum of their parts.

While there are more powerful (and expensive) options to remove creatures from play. A Portable Hole + Bag of Holding is one of the cheapest known permanent removal weapons available for adventurers.

Lantern Lodge

Hummm... this is Kingmaker right? Kingmaker has like 4 huge hex maps to explore...

Could you have been walking into a part of the map that is meant for higher level play?

Hence the blood hags are like level wall? Something meant to keep you away from that part of the map, till you are of a higher level?

Lantern Lodge **

You can't make a MW improvised weapon unfortunately.

However... You can use a MW weapon or +X weapon as an improvised weapon with the Monk of the Empty Hand archetype.

Also if you do want to make an improvised weapon character. Do pick up the Surprise Weapon, combat trait.

Surprise Weapon

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 54
You are skilled at fighting with objects not traditionally considered weapons. You gain a +2 trait bonus on attack rolls with improvised weapons.

Lantern Lodge **

John Compton wrote:

Favored Class Bonus for Half-Elves and Half-Orcs

For the purpose of qualifying for favored class bonuses, half-elves are also treated as both elves and humans, and half-orcs are also treated as humans (but not orcs)—a byproduct of their respective elf blood and orc blood racial traits. Only characters that have the elf blood or orc blood racial trait count as a member of another race for this purpose.

Related Point: Can I apply the aasimar or elf oracle's favored class bonus to a revelation I do not yet have? Can I do so for the aasimar bard’s favored class bonus?
No, when choosing which class feature’s effective level to increase, you can only select a feature that you already have. For example, an aasimar flame oracle cannot choose to improve the wings of fire revelation with her favored class bonus until she actually gains the revelation at 7th level or beyond; she could not start augmenting it at 1st level.

This isn’t actually a new rule. It’s just a clarification that I confirmed with the design team because it seemed that some folks were assuming otherwise.

Related Point: Can I have an 18th-level animal companion at level 12?
A character’s effective druid level for determining the abilities of her animal companion (based on Table 3–8 on page 52 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook) cannot increase her animal companion’s Hit Dice above her actual character level + 1. An animal companion receives no additional abilities for its level unless it has the requisite number of Hit Dice; a character can increase her effective druid level further, though these effective levels do not grant any benefit until the character’s actual level increases. For example, a 12th-level aasimar oracle with the nature mystery and the bonded mount revelation could theoretically have an “18th-level” animal companion; however, her animal companion would only be “16th-level” for all abilities because the animal could not have more than 13 Hit Dice.

This is a conscious...

Sorry for necroing this thread.

The post above was a year ago, so have the above points appeared in an FAQ as mentioned?

I'm asking, as I'm looking around the faq and the additional resources and can't seem to find any FAQ entry or notes in the additional resources page under Advanced Race Guide.

Specifically the note under the "Related Point: Can I have an 18th-level animal companion at level 12?" which stated that "The above information will be included in an FAQ entry, and a note will appear in the Additional Resources entry for Pathfinder RPG Advanced Race Guide."

Having a player asking about how his half-elf lunar oracle works with leveling his animal companion. Would be great to know it this has been clarified.

Lantern Lodge

1) A Tavern/Bar in the middle of the Dungeon. Run by denizens of the dungeon.

So for a Lich, maybe a undead/vampires tavern? (With victims! Do the party leave the victims to die? Or figure a way to save them or bring them along.

Cos even the bad guys need a break.

Lantern Lodge **

@Michael Brock,

Thanks for the reply.

CORE has got everyone excited here in my area. Many of the older players are very interested in re-playing the scenarios.

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