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Secane's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,706 posts (1,717 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 12 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Lantern Lodge

Ascalaphus wrote:
It looks like someone wanted to use Hardness as "DR X/adamantine AND Resist all energy X", but it doesn't take into account powers that avoid DR or Resistance.

That's the feel I'm getting from creature's with hardness. Accept since DR and hardness are labeled separately, things that work on once, don't work on the other.

And if they try to FAQ or errata creatures with Hardness to mean DR, then it opens another can of worms, as there are powers, feats and spells that clearly states they work on hardness only.

If anyone heard of any clarification, please link it.

Going to have to remember the hardness does not equal DR for now...

Lantern Lodge

Any suggestions for weapons?

Also two handed vs 1 handed on a switch fighter, with a Buckler as a possibility in mind. Which is better?

For aesthetic reasons, I'm avoiding polearms and axes and looking for a good bladed weapon.

Lantern Lodge

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

The Clustered Shots feat works on creatures with DR, but what about creatures like robots that have hardness?

Question: Does clustered shots take effect on such creatures (with hardness)?

Clustered Shots (Combat)
Source: Ultimate Combat
You take a moment to carefully aim your shots, causing them all to strike nearly the same spot.

Prerequisites: Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, base attack bonus +6.

Benefit: When you use a full-attack action to make multiple ranged weapon attacks against the same opponent, total the damage from all hits before applying that opponent’s damage reduction.

I tried looking for answers, but everything posted seems way too far back. Or concerns objects on creatures with hardness.
If this question has been answered already, please do link to the post/thread/faq, thank you.

Lantern Lodge

@Guardianlord, LoneKnave, Thanks for the advice!

The Savage Technologist looks perfect for a level or 2 dip.

Some questions on feats,etc.

1) How should I spread out my ability scores? Currently I'm thinking something like this:
Human (+2 Str)
STR: 18 DEX: 14 CON: 14 INT: 10 WIS: 12 CHA: 8

Is this ideal for a switch fighter?

1a) If I focus on Str, would a score of 14 dex be enough for archery?

2) The Savage Technologist can use firearms. Does this means that archetype can purchasing/crafting special material alchemical cartridges if there is atleast 1 rank in craft alchemy? (I'm assuming the 10% on normal ammo requires the gunsmith feat specifically.)

Not planning to pick up guns, but still interested in knowing.

3) Other then the cestus, what other weapons are recommended?
I'm sure I would pick up a comp bow and a buckler, not sure on which melee weapon to focus on.

Lantern Lodge

I need advice in making a switch fighter for a PFS character.
The basic ideal is an ex-mercenary, who is competent with both a bow and a sword/melee weapon.

I have played both an archer and a melee paladin before, but the feats needed to make "switch fighter" type character seems mind boggling. Not to mention the ability scores needed.

I'm currently looking at Slayer, Fighter, Ranger, Warpriest or a mix of the above classes.

Feats in consideration are:
Quick Draw
The typical range feats - Pointblank, precise shot, etc
Melee etc.

Any advice?

Lantern Lodge

Straight Tetori gives the most mileage, thanks to that archetype's ability to grapple targets under a freedom of movement spell.

You can try going Tetori with a lv or 2 of Barbarian for an extra boost to hit and damage. (The Animal Fury (Ex) rage power is kinda good for the extra attack and bonuses to grapple.)

(!) To mix Barb with Monk, you need to use the adopted social trait to pick up the Enlightened Warrior race trait and be N or NG. The Enlightened Warrior trait allows you to advance in levels of monk even if you are N or NG.

Lantern Lodge

Sorry just saw this post. On the topic of Pathfinder Bloat, there is a feeling by some local GMs in my area that way too much content (like the ACG) are coming out.

Could be the first sign of consumer fatigue.

Lantern Lodge

CommandoDude wrote:
So, if you can't cast to remove fear. Can you at least use abilities that are swift actions to remove fear? (IE Battle Herald's "Shake it Off" which allows for a new saving throw)

Depends on what level of fear you are being affected by.

For example if you are panicked, while trying to flee, the panicked condition states specifically that you cannot take any actions, other then trying to flee from the source of the fear.

A swift action is still an action.

Check the specific condition when under the effect of fear.

Lantern Lodge **

Just curious... has there been any cases of people "faking" a boon sheet?
(aka, making a boon that does not exist)

Its been like 6 seasons and surely there are like hundreds of different types of boons running around.
Is there any ways a GM can know if a boon is legit?

Does Venture officers have a master list to compare them too or something?

Lantern Lodge **

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Just cause something is legal for play, does not make it inherently good or evil. Its what you/your character does with it that makes it good or evil.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Remember that while under the effect of "Panicked" you must flee from the source of fear.

Logically this means once you have actually fled from the source of your fear and are effectively out of sight, some distance away and no longer able to determine where the source of fear is, you could stop and cast remove fear on yourself.

So while "fleeing" you cannot do anything else other then flee or use any means to flee including magical/item bases options, but once you have "fled", you can stop and cast spells to remove the condition on yourself.

Lantern Lodge

Thanks for all the hard work!

Lantern Lodge

@_@! Seems like grappling is in for a major nerf... again...

...which on second thought is fair. Having played a grappler build before, I realize the current system is very broken.
Unless a NPC have freedom of movement, insubstantial or some other means to get out of a grapple, it is usually instant KO if a properly build grappler build grabs hold of an NPC.

Even the strongest foes have to burn actions to get out a grapple or being tied up, with the grappler simply reapplying the grapple the next turn.

Lantern Lodge

Sammy T wrote:

Rules heads up for players and GMs:

Unless you start the round grappling someone (like via Turtle clutch or an AOO with grab), you cannot one round grapple and pin--Mark Seifter clarified that in scenario discussion in the GM forum.

While James Jacobs has said the opposite, he's not a rules guy and Mark is.

Do I agree with Mark? No--especially since the level you can Grapple/Greater Grapple/Rapid Grapple (L9) is the same level full casters start getting their L5 spells and at L11 full martials are full attacking 3 times a round.

But the rules are the rules.

Could you link to Mark's post? Always thought you could grapple and pin (with penalty) in one round if you have the proper feats.

Lantern Lodge **


Lantern Lodge

Ernest Mueller wrote:

Erik Mona's PC Ostog the Unslain is a barbarian who just doesn't wear any armor. See his SRD entry. Three days ago he tweeted "OSTOG REMAINS UNSLAIN! 48 sessions and STILL no armor!"

Sometimes being awesome is all the rules support you need.

Isn't Ostog the Unslain a rolled character with way above average stats? @_@???

Lantern Lodge

7 people marked this as a favorite.
Ravingdork wrote:
I have an imp familiar who disguises himself as a cat. How do I protect him from divinations that might reveal his true nature...

There is ANOTHER way other then disguise to get your party to accept an imp familiar.

(!)Note(!) - This is pretty intense way to RP, Please do not do the following if you or your party are in anyway uncomfortable with such RP.
Also real life physical or physiological abuse is BAD. Don't do it, stop others from doing it! Below is purely for RP purposes. As you are both master and pet, you are effectively talking to yourself.

Method: Redirect any hatred of your imp to yourself. Make the party sympathize with your pet instead.

1) Be a CRUEL master.
-1a) Keep you imp on a leash. Tag on it often and in a violent manner, aka make it clear to the party, your the master and the imp is your "slave".
-1b) Blame the imp for any mistakes and problems, no matter how unreasonable. The party got ambush? Imp's fault for not noticing. Party failed diplo? Imp's fault for being present.
Reason: the purpose of 1) is to make the party feel for the imp. And hate your character instead.

2) RP your Imp
- RP your Imp's suffering. Make it beg and plea you for mercy. Get it to cry. Cry out when it gets hit by you for the slightest mistakes.
- Make it sneaky beg the other party members for simple comforts like... water or food. Or even healing.
Reason: You want to make it clear your Imp is suffering and taking abuse from you.

3) Offer to kill off your Imp, is any party member is upset with an Imp in party.
- Offer to kill off your imp, if any party member like a cleric of a LG deity complaints about it.
- BUT! Choose a painful death and make sure you RP the Imp, knowing this and goes into a full mental break down as he begs for his life.
Reason: Make your party members very uncomfortable with killing off your Imp.

4) Make the Imp the party's pet. Imp helps party.
- Once you have the party realize how badly you are treating the imp, but the imp to become the party's responsibility.
- Get the Imp to brave dangers to save/help your party mates.
- Make the party love the Imp.

Conclusion: Tuck at the hearts of your party mates to have them sympathize, care and love the Imp.

WARNING: Again don't do this if your party or you are uncomfortable with such evil RP. It is really more for a BBEG type PC.

WARNING2 (evil parties): If your party are murderous kill-them-alls, the method above will not work. The party needs to have hearts and feelings.

Lantern Lodge **

Doesn't the "Don't be a Jerk" rule covers this situation?

1) Don't be a Jerk and make a character that is a liability to the party.

1a) Don't be a Jerk and make a character that clearly won't/don't want to be a Pathfinder.

1aa) Don't be a Jerk and make a a character that clearly won't/don't want to be a Pathfinder AND ask WHY is your character here, why is your character a pathfinder, or doing a mission, etc.

2) Don't be a Jerk and start excluding people base on a criteria, be it their sex, race, sexuality, disabilities, etc.

2a) Don't be a Jerk and come to the table with a bad mood, anger, body odor, or a liability character, etc. And expects everyone to be happy with you.

Lantern Lodge

Thelemic_Noun wrote:
giving all of them the advanced template is worth it

@_@??? How do you give normal summon monsters creatures the advanced template???

I thought only the, Animal Shamans, Druid archetypes have the ability to give their specific animals type summons, via summon nature's ally, the advanced, young and giant templates?

The Augment Summoning feat only gives a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength and Constitution right? While something like the advanced template, actually gives +4 to all ability scores (except Int scores of 2 or less) and +2 natural armor?

You can combine/get both Augment Summoning and advanced templates on summon monsters spells creatures?! Want to do that! *Drools...

Lantern Lodge

Its a good feat and really fits the theme of a warrior-type character inspiring his or her allies.

While powerful, remember that Battle Cry requires a character to be at least lv 5 to really access it. So it is more of a mid-level feat. And at lv 5 it competes with many other great feats, forcing player to make a decision.

Lantern Lodge

Possible outcomes:

1) If you drop it with the "intent" for it to break? - Your free action gets upgraded into a standard action as the Alchemical Fire/Acid breaks and deal slash damage on you. If that is all your actions for your turn, the game moves on to the next person in the init order.

2) If you drop it with no intention for it to break? - It just drops on the ground. You can pick it again later or leave it behind.

Lantern Lodge

Does the Rare Metal Infusion, allows you to bypass Hardness?

Lantern Lodge

Does the Kineticist get more blasts as his BAB increases?
Aka, when his BAB is +6 +1, does this means he can use his blast twice as a Full-Round attack?

Lantern Lodge

Is this for a home game?

I think its do able. Some points/ideals:

1) The eidolon's creature type changes to construct.

1a) A pure "golem" type would be too powerful, as most golems have pure immunity to spells with SR, so it would likely just be a construct, with the ability to gain resistance to attacks via its evolution points.

2) Swap all out rejuvenate/heal eidolon spells for their level equivalent mending/repair spells.

3) In place of natural armor, the eidolon gets hardness instead. So any evolution or class abilities that give natural armor turns into hardness.
(May require balancing. Hardness is quite strong.)

4) Talk with GM to discuss which evolutions are appropriate. Some will clearly be non-viable for a construct.

A construct has its pro and cons, and if the eidolon/golem still have an intelligence, it may be more like a robot.

PS: This thread may be more suited for the homebrew section of the messageboards.

Lantern Lodge **


Dido on that ruling. It is likely a GM would only allow Crafter's Fortune, if you can cast it yourself, each day.

The main problem about UMD a wand of Crafter's Fortune is that there is no fix amount of time in-between scenarios.
Therefore, any number of charges from 1 charge to 1000+ charges could/would have to be spent.

I would strongly advise against trying to UMD a wand of Crafter's Fortune, as it would fall heavily into part of table variation. The GM would have to decide how many charges qualifies for the time between scenarios and if your UMD is not high enough to succeed on a roll of 1, then the GM would have to have you roll for each "day" you use the wand.

Worse, if the GM don't allow you to use the wand, you would have bought a wand that is effectively useless... And NO GM likes to be told "But the last GM allowed it." =_=

Lantern Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Chess Pwn wrote:

All Cleric. Just normal clerics. They can fill anything.

Oracles because they are the same idea.
Shamans because they are unique yet the same idea.

D8, 3/4bab, medium armor, boosting abilities, good weapon options, spells, and healing.

2nd this.

One very important thing to remember is that at mid to high levels, the party will start facing enemies that can do ability score damage and drain.

The above classes are the ones that can repair such damage.

With the inclusion of domain spells and abilities, clerics can fulfill any number of roles in a party.

Lantern Lodge **

Never seen a hunter character in a local game yet.
If one do pop up in a table I'm running, I would likely limit them as per the Hunter’s Tricks limit of 1/2 his ranger level + his Wisdom modifier. Keying off the Hunter's or his pet's level and wis, whichever is higher.

Lantern Lodge

Yeah! An answer!

Lantern Lodge

Re-posting this reply by bbangerter from the "AOO's and free actions" thread.

It clearly explains why snapshot needs an FAQ and why that faq cannot be used to explain aoos and free actions.

bbangerter wrote:
Undone wrote:
That Crazy Alchemist wrote:

Snapshot is a poorly worded feat that required an Errata to add an unprecedented exception for that one feat just for it to function at all. It is therefore not a good example of "100% proof".

Free actions may not be taken on other people's turns unless otherwise specified. Rage does not "otherwise specify" and therefore cannot be used outside of your turn.

Except as noted it's specifically NOT errata. It's FAQ. FAQ is when something always worked that way but people didn't know or understand. Errata would be changing something. Nothing was changed. It always worked as intended.

And as counterproof let's look at a FAQ on summoners and life link.


Summoner: Can I use life link when it's not my turn, I'm paralyzed, or I otherwise can't take actions?

Although the ability is listed as a free action, it's something a summoner should be able to do at any time the eidolon would take enough damage to send it back to its home plane, even if it's not his turn (as is normally the case when he's being attacked), he's helpless from Strength or Dexterity poison, he's under a hold person spell, and so on. In other words, it's not an action at all, and shouldn't be listed as such.

Update: APG page 56, in the Life Link description, paragraph 1, sentence 2, delete "as a free action"

Why they didn't make the same kind of wording change for snap shot I don't know, but snap shot, as pointed out, makes an exception to the rule, it does not establish what the general rule is. Either way it was clear how snap shot was "supposed" to work with a bow, but because what was actually written didn't line up with that it got FAQ'd.

Lantern Lodge

Adam Daigle wrote:
But... but... I like eating food and having a place to live. :)

The same things we all like, without having to burn our pockets for! :)

Seriously, there are some grumbling by the older players/GMs in my area. I think it has to do with some levels of consumer fatigue... >_<

Lantern Lodge

Given that recent FAQ on ability score stacking. The intent for any ability/power/spell that stacks the same effect, seems to be, they are not supposed to stack.

To OP, would advise your friend not to stack this to avoid a future FAQ shutting this combo down.

FAQing this.

Lantern Lodge

Undone wrote:
FAQ'ed I think it's pretty clear you can take a free action as part of an AOO since we have official FAQ saying you can. (Snapshot) which implies you can take free actions on not your turn by being an official FAQ.

If you already can take free actions in AOOs, then there won't be a need for the Snapshot FAQ in the first place right?

Therefore the "norm" is that you can't.
That FAQ specifically calls out for snapshot.

Still, a FAQ on free actions during AOOs or out of turn, would be greatly appreciated.

Lantern Lodge **


Take it as a learning experience. You are playing a character at the lowest entry lv for a 3-7 module.

I assume your party was playing the 3-4 subtier? Cos if you had played a lv 3 character is subtier 6-7... it would be a wonder how the GM could not have killed you.

In any case, senarios are getting tougher as the seasons goes by. Partly due to the call by some players for tougher quests and partly due to the inclusion of more materials from more sources.

Lantern Lodge **

Jeff Merola wrote:
Secane wrote:
Jeff Merola wrote:
Secane wrote:

Possible spoilers so placing this under a spoiler tag.

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

I have to point out that the listed tactics does not call out for the use of that particular ability.

Please refer to The Silver Mount Collection scenario for clarification on what this particular monster was supposed to do.
It IS supposed to be a tough fight, but it was not one where lv 1-3 characters would end up unable to raise dead from.

Many scenarios have monsters or NPCs with tactics that does not call for the use of all of their abilities. There have been scenarios where the BBEG would have easily wiped the party if they have used certain abilities, but the tactics does not call out for them to do so, therefore making the encounter more appropriate to the expected difficulty.

** spoiler omitted **

Like I said, it explicitly calls for it to use this ability.

Edit: Also, Silvermount is a 3-7, so you can't even play it with levels 1 or 2.

Ah! My bad, I totally missed out that line. The party I GMed for was able to contain it fairly quickly.

Yes its a 3-7.

Damn... the seasons are getting tougher and tougher.

Lantern Lodge **

Jeff Merola wrote:
Secane wrote:

Possible spoilers so placing this under a spoiler tag.

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

I have to point out that the listed tactics does not call out for the use of that particular ability.

Please refer to The Silver Mount Collection scenario for clarification on what this particular monster was supposed to do.
It IS supposed to be a tough fight, but it was not one where lv 1-3 characters would end up unable to raise dead from.

Many scenarios have monsters or NPCs with tactics that does not call for the use of all of their abilities. There have been scenarios where the BBEG would have easily wiped the party if they have used certain abilities, but the tactics does not call out for them to do so, therefore making the encounter more appropriate to the expected difficulty.

Lantern Lodge

ElementalXX wrote:
The truth is they intended to hit those combinations, whether some were strong or not is questionable but in general doubling stats was not the pdt plan

Weirdly I do agree they needed to balance somethings out.

What I'm really upset about is that they have it as legal in the core rules for 5-6 years, before tackling it with an FAQ.

This should have been out as an errata, not an FAQ. It should also have been eased into, maybe with a blog post for a full explanation on why, etc.
Currently it just feels as some have mentioned a "knee jerk" reaction.


By the way, I'm not arguing on if they should have it earlier, cos that time has passed.

Lantern Lodge **

silence_dais wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Thank you for the help, I just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything I was missing to keep the character around.

Possible spoilers so placing this under a spoiler tag.

The Silver Mount Collection:
I assume this is the boss character? Cos there are 2 enemies that are ooze-like in that scenario.

First is 3-6 Hungry Fleshes that are actually real oozes. My post above deal with if you get consumed by these guys.

The 2nd is the final boss with the following ability:

Deconstruct (Ex) A cyberplasm can mix traces of its own
nanites with dead organic material, giving the material
a semblance of life. As a full-round action, a
cyberplasm can use this ability to transform
a dead Large or smaller creature into a
quivering blob, transforming it into a hungry
flesh (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 4 152). The
hungry flesh remains active for 1 hour before
collapsing into a slurry of inert organic
material. A cyberplasm can use this ability
on a hungry flesh it has created in this
way at any point during the hour to
reset the duration.

If you get hit by this, you actually BECOMES a Hungry Flesh... You are NOT technically an undead... but... you are definitely not a whole body...

AND Your GM is Pure MEAN for doing this. >_<

Lantern Lodge **


If you can gain the gold needed by selling equipment or with gold at hand, you can pay for your own rise dead.

Please note! I have ran The Silver Mount Collection and if you actually got consumed by that ooze... you may need more then just a rise dead to come back. Stress on the may.

Rise dead requires a whole body to rise.
"While the spell closes mortal wounds and repairs lethal damage of most kinds, the body of the creature to be raised must be whole. Otherwise, missing parts are still missing when the creature is brought back to life."

Of course, you GM could rule that since the ooze's consume is not "killed by a death effect" and your not an undead, your party could cut your corpse out of the ooze...

... Otherwise you need a Resurrection spell to bring you back.
Best clarify with your GM.

Lantern Lodge

Thanks for the replies.

I understand there seems to be many feats/class combos that got hit by this. Hopefully they can clarify the faq further.

@Tali Zephyr,

I totally agree. The "replace" abilities could actually give a negative values and as said they "replace" an ability score in the first place.

With this FAQ ruling, which does feel more like a core rule errata, a Zen Archer who is an Evangelist of Erastil, for example, would no longer benefit from the Faithful Archer (Ex) capstone Obedience boon.

The FAQ just hits out at too many things.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

So with the new FAQ out, does Divine Grace and Sidestep Secret still work together?

Main question I have is, does the FAQ's "Charisma bonus (if any)" also include "Charisma modifiers"? Since Charisma modifiers may not be a bonus and could actually give a negative value.

Divine Grace (Su): At 2nd level, a paladin gains a bonus equal to her Charisma bonus (if any) on all saving throws.

Sidestep Secret (Su): Your innate understanding of the universe has granted you preternatural reflexes and the uncanny ability to step out of danger at the very last second. Add your Charisma modifier (instead of your Dexterity modifier) to your Armor Class and all Reflex saving throws. Your armor's maximum Dexterity bonus applies to your Charisma instead of your Dexterity.

Lantern Lodge **

Doting this. Hope to get some clarification as well.

Basically, does the Expanded Narrative boon have a time limit to fill up and complete? Can it be pre-filled? And can it be used in future seasons?

Lantern Lodge

EpicFail wrote:
Among other benefits, high Wisdom gives you more bonus spells, so that looks good. Seems like Strength would be a dump stat, it was for my caster/ vanilla Druid, and I never missed it.

How low would it be advisable to dump it? Just wondering due to need to wear wild breastplate armor.

Lantern Lodge

LazarX wrote:
Secane wrote:
LazarX wrote:
You can't use Boon Companion to raise your effective Druid level for your Animal Companion higher than your hit dice. No reason for it, unless you plan on multi-classing.

As I'm getting a Roc via the Animal Domain lv4 Class feature, the AC is 3 levels lower then your current lv.

Meaning I get the Roc at lv 4 and it is only a lv 1 Roc.

I need Boon Companion to boost it back to my full class level.

As to why I chose this? This is the only way for a Eagle Shaman to get a Roc AC.
An Eagle Shaman taking an AC via Nature's Bond instead of a domain class feature, can only pick Bird(Eagles).

I'm going druid for all levels.

Why can't you get it as an Animal Companion?

The Eagle Shaman archetype itself restricts you to only eagles as AC.

If you want a Roc, you have to get it via the animal domain or related subdomain.

Only OTHER option is Monstrous Mount, but its not what I'm looking for.

Lantern Lodge

Lol! I would sure love that!

Unfortunately, PFS campaign rules are by the book. GMs won't be able to allow me access to a Roc as a mount, even if they wanted to.
Still I think I can reenact some scenes from the movie. ;P

Lantern Lodge

Boon companion requires an animal companion to be gained before it can be picked up. So unfortunately I can only pick it up at lv 4 and above. The best I could do is to retrain a feat for it at lv 4. But it cost PP and I think I could suffer a lv with a watered down pet.

On the reason for the high wis. Reading up on the caster druid, the suggestions seems to be that caster druids should prepare some blast or debuff spells, as you can switch between those and summon spells as needed.

As for mammoth rider, is there something useful from that prestige class? I was hoping to stay in a medium sized eagle form once I hit lv 7 and just blast away with spells.

Hope I don't sound condescending :P... Just want to understand why.

Lantern Lodge

LazarX wrote:
You can't use Boon Companion to raise your effective Druid level for your Animal Companion higher than your hit dice. No reason for it, unless you plan on multi-classing.

As I'm getting a Roc via the Animal Domain lv4 Class feature, the AC is 3 levels lower then your current lv.

Meaning I get the Roc at lv 4 and it is only a lv 1 Roc.

I need Boon Companion to boost it back to my full class level.

As to why I chose this? This is the only way for a Eagle Shaman to get a Roc AC.
An Eagle Shaman taking an AC via Nature's Bond instead of a domain class feature, can only pick Bird(Eagles).

I'm going druid for all levels.

Lantern Lodge

Hi! I’m making an Eagle Shaman Druid build for PFS.
I’m hoping to get some advice on how to make a good caster druid and would really like some input on this character’s build.
Also suggestions on a good name for this character would also help.

Gandalf as an Aircraft Carrier

Character’s Background - He is a noble from Taldor who owns lands next to the Verduran Forest. His family has strong relations with the druids of the Wildwood Lodge, despite being nobles themselves. Several of his ancestors are actually druids of the Wildwood Lodge that actually married into the family. While the druids of the Wildwood Lodge are greatly respected by Taldan society, it is unseemly for a noble house to have such close relations with the druids. This have left the family cut off from the social and political circles of the rest of Taldan nobility. Other Taldan nobles see the family as country bumpkins, nobles in name only.

Class: Druid
Archetype - Eagle Shaman
Race: Aasimar (standard type)
Alignment - Neutral
Background - Taldan Noble, pariah to other Talden nobles
Deity - ???
Faction: ? - Not sure. Was originally going Taldor, but the new Sovereign Court may be a little progressive for him... Any suggestions is welcomed.

Nature’s Bond - Feather subdomain (Animal Domain)
Animal Domain call feature lv 4: Animal Companion - Roc (level -3). Aka its a lv 1 Roc at Eagle Shaman lv 4. Boon companion to boost it back to mac class level.

Ability Scores:
STR: 12
DEX: 12
CON: 13
INT: 12
WIS: 19
CHA: 10

Influence - Your position in society grants you special insight into others, and special consideration or outright awe from others. Choose one of the following skills: Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Sense Motive. You gain a +1 trait bonus on that skill, and it is always a class skill for you.(Diplomacy)
Outcast's Intuition - You are able to sense the motives of others and use that sense to bolster your magic against dispelling. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Sense Motive checks, and Sense Motive is always a class skill for you. In addition, your caster level is treated as 1 level higher for the purposes of any attempts to dispel your magic.
Beast of the Society - A druid at the Grand Lodge revealed to you secrets changing your form into that of an animal. Whenever you use your wild shape class ability to turn yourself into a Small or Medium animal, the effect lasts for 2 hours per druid level instead of 1 hour per druid level. (Not sure if this is really worth it for society play.)

lv1) Spell Focus (conjuration)
lv3) Augment Summoning
lv5) Boon Companion
lv7) Natural Spell
lv9) Sunlight Summons
lv11) Superior Summoning

Items to get:
Druid's Vestment
Ring of Eloquence
+1 Wild Dragonhide Agile breastplate
+1 Wild Heavy wooden shield

Any and all advice and suggestions welcomed!

Lantern Lodge

Sorry for Necoing this thread, but with the number of new materials available to the druid, would the guide be updated? (Its the most comprehensive of all the Druid Guides.

Also the Eagle Shaman has been FAQed and could do with a re-review.

Lantern Lodge **


Lantern Lodge

Basically for the arcanist, you can give up spells for arcane points. So a lv 3 spell, yeas 3 can't points, to a max of your class level, etc.

@Brak Stonevein, are you comfortable with casting summon spells? Cos the Occultist Arcanist archetype is a viable option to have. Summons are always good, they just need a lot more paper work and tracking.

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