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Secane's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,583 posts (1,594 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 12 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Lantern Lodge

James Jacobs wrote:
Secane wrote:
6) Do Golarion Deities ever face being challenged by gods from other worlds?
6) Yes.

1) How do such foreign(?) gods pop up in Golarion? Do they send heralds? Avatars? Mortal worshipers teleporting over?

1a) And how to Golarion deities and foreign ones fight it out? Avatar combat? Gods's Chess? Roll d20s?

2) Many of the Golarion gods have homes in the outer planes. Would it be safe to assume that there are gods from other worlds whose homes are on the outer planes too?

For example, would a LG deity of another world likely to be one of Iomedae's neighbors in Heaven?

Lantern Lodge **

Muser wrote:

No. It's made of adamantine, not godmatter.

inb4 "but muh RAW"

Sorry, it's just very irritating that, in a place as masturbatorily fixated on close reading as the Paizo boards, people suddenly foregoed all inference. Sure it says "bypasses DR" on the chronicle but sheesh.

Hence I was hoping for an official reply. Asked the author, but he said that the item was added by paizo, not him.

Its a 3000gp improvised weapon. So is the bypass DR (all) a planned part of this item?
Otherwise it is a very expensive improvised weapon.

Lantern Lodge

1) Is the first world a plane like heaven or the abyss (aka planes that are a location) Or is it more like a mirror copy of the material plane?

1a) If its more like a mirror copy, does this means that there is a equivalent of outer space in the first world and there are planets, solar bodies, etc that are the first worlds of other planets/etc.

1b) Same question as 1a on the Shadow and Ethereal Plane.

2) How do beings like the outer gods, elder gods and the Dominion of the Black, that exists in the materiel universe and beings from the Great Beyond like the Proteans, demons, angels, devils, Axiomites, etc, view each other?

2a) And if they come into contact how would they respond? Fight? Ignore each other?

3) Do members of the Dominion of the Black have souls? And if so, do they get judged at the Boneyard?

4) Is the Dominion of the Black actually evil Flumphs?

5) Is there anything the Dominion of the Black actually fears? Magical Ponies? Magical Caring Bears? Their Mother-in-Laws? Competing organizations that mass produce whatever the Dominion of the Black is selling, in a china factory like way? (The last is a stereotype)

6) Do Golarion Deities ever face being challenged by gods from other worlds?

7) Are Golarion Deities, especially the older ones like Sarenrae worshiped on other worlds?

8) When races view the gods, do they always see them in the image of their own race?
For example, would a Triaxian see Shelyn as a Triaxian beauty?

9) Do people use the Outer Planes like Axis as a transfer stop to travel from one planet on the material plane to another planet?

10) What would the Mi-go do, if a worldwound appears on their planet.

Lantern Lodge

Are you using the ARG to make a customized tree race? Or are you basing this off an existing creature?
(I'm assuming the 2nd option, since you stated that the game is lv 10, but you have only 5 lvls of class.

My only advice at this time is to NOT be a Wood school wizard!
Or if you have to be one, avoid using your Splintered Spear (Su) ability.
People will make comments on where you grew that spear from! ;P

Lantern Lodge

Dotting this.

Seem like a very interesting build.

Lantern Lodge

joeyfixit wrote:
3) Is this worth a +1? Couldn't I just adjust the level of the Compound Bow?

Its only +1,000 gp, NOT a +1. So yes, its worth it.

Carefully Hidden and Indomitable Faith both give a trait bonus to will saves, so they do not stack.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have a PFS fighter-archer character who is a Seeker.

Firstly, I would advice you not to go with just 10 wis, try placing more points into it. Even if it is just to a 12.
I have seen way too many games ending badly due to the damage dealer getting dominated. Carefully Hidden is a very good choice!
As a damage dealer you will want great will save, because if you get dominated, chances are the party is doomed.

Secondly, Your explanation for Focused Shot is sound, but I would still advise you take up Rapid Shot or some other feat instead. The extra damage for a single shot is just not worth it.

Playing an archer from lv 1, you will realize your play style changes as you level up. You start off as more of a support role, playing second fiddle to front loaded classes like the barbarian or summoner, but as you level, you will get a lot better and outpace the other classes

As a Fighter-archer, you want to focus on getting as much static damage on your arrows. Weapon training + dueling gloves, weapon specializations and its greater version, are what separates a fighter archer from rangers or zen archers.
Basically, you fire 1-2 less shots, but you hit better and deal more damage per shot.

Your selection of Clustered Shots is well chosen! That feat is almost a must have at higher levels. Especially in the face of robots and demons, all with DR. While others cry over DR, you can scoff at it.

Finally, I would suggest Combat Reflexes + Snap Shot and Improved Snap Shot line over Disrupting Shot.
The reasons are:
1) The Snap Shot line is almost a fighter exclusive, due to the number of feats required. Most other archer types like the zen archer or ranger can't afford the feats to enter this line.
2) As you have mentioned above, you want to remove hit points from enemies. And from my own experience in PFS games, it is almost always better to full round attack and deal as much damage as possible to an enemy, instead of readying an action to disrupt their spellcasting.
A dead enemy can do nothing!
3) While Disrupting Shot is good, it requires a ready action. This means you are dealing no damage that turn. As a damage dealer, you should be hurting something every turn.
4) The snap shot line give you the ability to dead damage to other out of your turn. And with the Improved version, you just need to stay (15ft) of a spell caster and most of them will start casting spells, think you can't do anything cos you are just an archer.

All archer builds are good, each bring something different to the table. The most important ability is to not get mind-controlled!

EDIT!: One VERY IMPORTANT thing to add. Grab the following Ranged Weapon Qualities on your Bow ASAP!: (from most important to least)
1) Impervious - Your Bow is your life! Don't allow it to be sundered, or made useless with a simple spell like Warp Wood. Impervious will protect your bow and make it tougher and protected from spells like Warp Wood or a rust monster.

2) Seeking - Got an invisible enemy? Facing a caster with the Blur spell? Or Mirror image? Fog? Seeking solves all those problems. Target the right square and you won't have to roll for a miss chance.

3) Adaptive - Planning to get a Str boost from bull strength? Or a +2 str belt/ioun stone later? Adaptive is a cheap way to up your Str rating on your bow, when you need it as you need it.

4) Holy (optional) - You should not much problems hitting targets as you reach higher levels. Holy is a great way to get more damage per hit. More so as your an archer! With 4-6 attacks at mid lvls, each hit by an arrow nets 2d6 damage against the most common enemy alignment type.

5) Glamered (optional) - Some times... you will have no choice, but to enter a location without your weapons, or your weapon may be peacebonded. This helps in sneaking your bow across.
Now a bow is useless without arrows so get a normal quiver or 2 in a handy haversack or better yet a Pathfinder Pouch and your set to pull out a weapon, when your enemies expect none.

Hope all this helps! And enjoy playing a fighter-archer.

Lantern Lodge

1) (You really don't have to answer this one.) I was looking through the Gen con paizo blog post, when I saw a pic of you... ah... well... did you slimmed down?


2) PFS in-game lore: What is the relationship of the various factions of the Pathfinder Society to each other and the society itself?

I'm asking this as I was running the Weapon in the Rift scenario recently and I notice that it is written that Ollysta Zadrian the faction leader of the Silver Crusaders have "left the Society" to "start" her own faction. This is reflected in the King of Chaos(?) book as well?

This got me puzzled, as I always thought that the various factions are part of the society itself. That they are like interest groups within an organization.
But the wording in the scenario suggests that factions are completely separated from the society...?

Could you clarify/elaborate on this?

3) I recently saw the article on Occult Adventures and the new psychic classes. After passing the message along to my fellow players/GMs, a couple gave replies that are quite negative about this news.
Namely they seem to bemoan Pathfinder walking the same path as 3.5 and that new products are like an endless pit of doom...

Do you ever worry that consumers may get buyers fatigue?
Are there steps taken to pace the amount of products released?

4) Is it possible for a Kaiju to be a spaceship as well? Or have a species or civilization living on/within it?

5) Do any Kaiju has ties to the outer gods?

6) With the release of Iron Gods and other books that talk about the material universe, like the Golarion's solar system, is there ideals to take space travel further and include a "Spelljammer" type adventure path or books that expand on space travel?

7) Is there even active space travel in the Golarion universe?

8) Are there any place/plane in Golarion that a god cannot grant spells to her followers? (Like a anti-divine communication zone)

9) I just read that demon lords that died end up in a place in the abyss. Do Gods that died have a similar "final resting place" for their essence or their corpses?

10) What advice/s would you give someone going to gencon for the first time?

Thanks for any answers to the above!

Lantern Lodge

I noticed that in the guide, the text on blessings seems to suggest they only work on giving your allies the effects of the blessing.

But isn't there is an FAQ that states, you count as your ally for the purpose of spells and powers unless it does not make sense?

Here it is..

So you can easily bless yourself with say the Air domain's flight and go charging at targets yourself.


Also the minor Air Domain blessing is effectively a free Point Blank Master feat. Having played an archer, you can't imagine how many large or above sized monsters with reach, would just love to sink their claws into a foolish archer without Point Blank Master.
Should be upped from orange to green or better. (Only draw back is it takes a turn to turn on.)

Lantern Lodge **

snickersimba wrote:
I can't print them, our library charges a dollar a page to print and my computer cannot handle large files. I still need to print the CRB. Its gonna be pricey at the library

Wow... that is VERY expensive. Hopefully you can find a print shop to print from instead. They usually charge a lot less. (At least in my part of the world.)

Lantern Lodge **

Does the Trusty Buddy crowbar on the chronicle sheet by passes DR of any type?

Lantern Lodge

Is the presence of Kaiju in Tian Xia, one the reasons there doesn't seem to have any recorded history of Spawns of Rovagug attacks in Tian Xia?

Aka, do/would the Kaiju attack or chase off any Spawn of Rovagug that enters a Kaiju's territory?

Lantern Lodge **

Many newer players have no ideal what is the Pathfinder Society (in-game lore). Many have even leveled up to higher levels, with little ideal of who are the Decemvirate or what is the role of a Venture Captain (Other then a quest giver)

I'm planning to make a list of "common terms" of the Pathfinder Society for my local play groups, but is already there such a list out there?
And can anyone direct me to it?

If anyone can list terms (and their means!) that I should have list in such a list, please do let me know below!

Much appreciated!

Lantern Lodge

666bender wrote:

official name is Nebulous Hargrim

his angelic name is Castiel

Remember to buy a trench coat!

Lantern Lodge

Jeven wrote:

The CRB gives a commoner (hireling, untrained) a wage of 1sp per day. After you deduct cost of food, clothing and housing from that meager amount, there wouldn't be much left over for them to spend on magical appliances.

Also since it only costs 35gp or so a year for a full-time housekeeper, then there doesn't seem a need for the wealthy to invest in really expensive magical housekeeping equipment.

Don't underestimate the wealthy. Not all of them is going to tightfisted or rational about the use of their money.

Many a times its also about social status and prestige.

Given the chance to own, brag and show off an expensive magical device can improves one's social standing in the eyes of one's peers.

Otherwise why do you think there is such a market for luxury products?
Or the creation of famous brands?

Lantern Lodge

Can someone explain the river of souls artwork?

Is that a human souls ---> Demon on the green circles

and a souls ---> demiplanes on the red ones?

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

There is an much easier way to break Geb.

Its call a divorce.

Cos everyone knows that it is the Harlot Queen that does all the hard work in the kingdom.

Lantern Lodge

Hummm... I never quite see LE as a destroy the world sort, that's more a NE thing (which does fit a worshiper of Nethys.)

LE always sounds more like a control or rule the world type.

Lantern Lodge

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Not sure what level you are at now, but do remember that low level characters can't be detected by detect evil, unless your a cleric or similar class that have an evil aura class feature.

By the time you hit Lv 5+, you should be able to throw up a misdirection spell most of time to help avoid being discovered by detect evil.

(!) Note, Nethys is true neutral... so... LE might not fit your character? I would suggest being a LE worshiper of Abadar, with a emphasis on civilization + power.

For the LE part, be honest about your reasons, you can sound power hungry, whine about the goodness of the paladin, etc and make yourself sound more neutral then evil. (While still doing evil things to justify the LE alignment.)

Lantern Lodge **


Lantern Lodge

This should be in the rules section question.

By raw, no it does not prevent.

Please remember you are talking about a magical item here, it only makes your face stony in appreance, it is not a normal mask. People can argue that your bites should get more powerful, now that your jaw is like stone.

Lantern Lodge

I'm assuming your ex-angel is a guy?

Huummm.... having a look here?


Lantern Lodge

Andrew Christian wrote:
Secane wrote:

Wasn't this explained before by Mike or some one else from Paizo in another post?

I remembered something about how adding CHA twice to dex works was explained using a paladin and oracle?

Something like if one ability says in place of and the other says add, they both work, but if both abilities say add, only the highest will work out?

Can't quite remember which thread...

Nobody from Paizo, as far as I'm aware, has clarified this.

I found the posts, they are by James Jacobs on his ask him anything thread. Since it is not an official thread/answer... I guess yap, still no official answer then.

Lantern Lodge

Wasn't this explained before by Mike or some one else from Paizo in another post?

I remembered something about how adding CHA twice to dex works was explained using a paladin and oracle?

Something like if one ability says in place of and the other says add, they both work, but if both abilities say add, only the highest will work out?

Can't quite remember which thread...

Lantern Lodge

Ah! That explains it. I was wondering why an older art work is used in the front cover of a new AP.

Does say much about the quality of the art work, even the older ones looks good enough to be on a cover. (It sure got me confused. :) )

Lantern Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

One day, Paizo will publish the Golarion's version of The IKEA catalogue, which will include many magical conveniences and items. Stuff that won't fit in books meant for adventurers.

OOHHhhh, look! Ever-chill FĂ„RGRIK beer tankards! Only 5gp!

Lantern Lodge

James Jacobs wrote:
Squeakmaan wrote:
So more like the xenomorphs from the Alien series and other H. R. Giger style stuff?

That's a better comparison, yes. They're not intended to be the actual xenomorphs though, of course.

"Valley of the Brain Collectors" will reveal a lot. There's more tidbits in "Occult Mysteries" as well.

Thanks for the heads-up! Looking forward to book 4 of Iron Gods!

Given the cover art has a Ilee as the model, I assume it has something to do with the tenth planet Apostae as well?

Lantern Lodge **

Wow, that is a ton of very important info! Got to pass the message along.

Edit: So the Technologist feat is not required for certain skill checks? They just have a bonus to such checks? Or is this in reverse, where those that lack the Technologist feat takes a penalty but can still complete the check?

Lantern Lodge

Just remember! Its is NOT PFS legal! (For VERY obvious reasons. ;P)

Lantern Lodge

Divine Protection
Your deity protects you against deadly attacks.

Prerequisite(s): Cha 13, Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks, ability to cast 2nd-level divine spells; blessings, domains, or mystery class feature.

Benefit: You gain a bonus equal to your Charisma modifier on all saving throws. If your Charisma modifier is already applied as a bonus on all saving throw (such as from the divine grace class feature), you instead gain a +1 bonus on all saving throws.

If the above is not AWESOME! I don't no what is!

Cha is your main caster stat, so you get extra love from this feat. It is a must have at level 5. All other feats are secondary to this.

Lantern Lodge

If this is NOT for PFS...

One MUST HAVE feat...

Divine Protection from ACG...

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm trying to find out where to get more info on the Dominion of the Black.

Does anyone know which books cover them?

And have any book revealed WHAT are they/it/them exactly?

Lantern Lodge

ShakaUVM wrote:

I'm working on a Pummeling Charge build right now that should do rather obscene amounts of damage, using Sohei and a Keen Fauchard, for an 83% chance of a crit chance each round, resulting in around 300 damage on a charge at 8th level, if all six attacks hit.

Past 8th, I'm looking into Spirited Charge to double the damage output, but it's so feat heavy I'd probably dip fighter 4 to get it and weapon spec.

Be careful, there are people pushing for a FAQ on Pummeling style ability to work with any weapon. People are arguing that by RAI Pummeling style should only work with unarmed fist.

I would suggest, avoiding the use of such a build until what weapons Pummeling style should work with is confirmed.

Lantern Lodge **

I'm just worried about what I should do if I'm gming a game where a player brings Trusty Buddy to the table and another player or fellow GM(as a player) at the same table call foul over the by pass DR.

1) Do I, as the game's GM, use my own judgment and allow Trusty Buddy to bypass DR of any type? As this is my view of the Trusty Buddy's RAW wording on the chronicle sheet?

2) Or do I not allow it, as the item (Trusty Buddy)'s abilities is challenged by another GM?

3) Or maybe I should just contact my VC and use his or her view for any local game I'm running?

I mean, someone is going to be unhappy and it may end up with a "My GM don't follow PFS rules" thread on the messageboards, bemoaning my refusal to allow something that is black and white on paper?

And god help me if someone pulls the SLA boon trick with a character at my table. I'm going to be hard pressed to say no the face of RAW... :(

I mean GMing for PFS means I need to follow RAW right? Even if it is something I won't or will allow in my own homebrew?

Lantern Lodge **

As PFS GMs are we allowed to interpret our own view on items/boons what appears in chronicle and boon sheets, in the absent of an PDF update, FAQ or clarification from Paizo or Mike?

Is it even advisable?

I'm asking cos recently the issue of SLA on chronicle sheets being able to allow a character to access a prestige class was brought up. And while I personally don't think it should work, I understand that by raw it does work.

Which brings up back to an item like Trusty Buddy, where by raw it bypasses DR, with no specific kind of DR mentioned on the sheet, but if GMs can decided on how items/boons on chronicle sheets works, then won't what is allowed or not allowed on a table (as far as items and boons on chronicle sheets are concern) be at the mercy of how a GM's own views on such items?

Lantern Lodge

Check with your GM if retraining of feats is allowed in this campaign. You can consider retraining your feats at lv 7.

I have to say, it is a little weird that your GM allows a conjuration sorcerer over a illusionist one. Considering that summoning is usually considered more powerful/useful then illusion.

As avr mentioned, Evolved Summoned Monster is very good. Also consider checking up the the Champions of Purity/Balance books and consider the Summon Good/Neutral Monster feats, to expand your summoning options. (Only get these 2 if you really one a particular monster or have the feat to spare. )

Lantern Lodge

wraithstrike wrote:
Fighter are also good archers. I think an archer could do comparable damage to a swashbuckler without having to worry about the precision damage that might stop a swashbuckler.

Got to 2nd this. Fighter-Archers are very scary. While all archers are scary, each class that can be an archer is scary in a different way.

Fighter-Archers are scary cos they usually have a larger base damage to each shot and a higher to hit then other archers.
Not to mention, if you drop them in an anti-magic field, they are just going to get a little annoyed and proceed to shoot the BBEG to death.

They also usually have enough feats to be crazily powerful with feats to spare to grab defensive feats to help overcome their lack of better saves.

Lantern Lodge

LeesusFreak wrote:
There are ways around doors... Create Pit centered on the door. Drop in, walk across, and ride it back up on the other side. Especially if invisible...

You mean creating a pit centered on the floor where the door is?

Hummm... that's quite a nifty use of create pit. :)
(For a moment there, I thought you meant creat a pit on the door itself... which won't have worked... :P)

Lantern Lodge **

@Pyris Magmus,

Sounds like your players are all min-maxers that LOVE power classes/archetpes like the Synthesist summoner!

On why the Tiefling and Assimar no longer allowed, there are a couple of reasons,

1) Tiefling and Assimars were kinda tailored for season 5, which is all about the worldwound. With that season behind us, these 2 races are just not common anymore.

2) The more mechanical reason is that Tiefling and Assimars have "sub-races" with very different stats. With a wide variety to subraces of different stats to choose from, they are really like a dozen races under the name of a single race. With the addition of above average racial powers, they are high on the power curve and kinda flooding game tables.

3) They ARE flooding games tables. Making ever other class less attractive.

However, there are 3 new races (formally requiring boons.) The Wayang, Kitsune and Nagaji. They are open for all players to use.
There are hints that some scenarios this season will be in Tian Xia.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Personally, I would prefer not to make a character around such a boon to avoid a GM telling me no. The options when something like that happens is not good,

1) Make a big fuss over the issue. With the GM likely giving you the boot

2) Run crying to your VC for help, but you will end up missing the game. AND your VC may or may nor allow it.

3) Intimidate/diplo your GM to allow it, which will result in:

3a - Your GM goes to VC after the game to ask about it with 2) results.

3b - Your GM don't care about it, which result in you repeating all this with the NEXT GM down the line. And no gm likes the "But the other time, the OTHER GM allowed it."

Reading through these boards, I came to understand that even if something has a FAQ entry or is clearly written down in black and white on a boon sheet, GMs could always have a different view of how a rule/boon/feat/spell/etc works.

There are also cases of spells/feats played wrongly due to lack of understanding of different rules and even "regional variation" of certain rules or enforcement of rules.

In short, never expect the same thing at different PFS tables. You are usually quite safe playing in the same area with GMs you know, but once outside of your usual places, expect table variations.

Lantern Lodge

Just to clarify, there ARE boons that give you a perm 1 per day SLAs.
Its permanent, with no requirement to cross off after 1 use.

If such a boon allows you access to prestige class, it would better to know, as it could potentially give both GMs and players headaches.

Lantern Lodge

FAQed. Would like some clarification, especially since this can have quite an impact on character creation.

Some of such SLA, are 1 shot, use and cross off, so it can get very confusing.

Lantern Lodge **

Disk Elemental wrote:

Holy Weapon Balm

Gives magic weapons Ghost Touch, makes non-magic weapons magic vs. incorporeal. Deals 2d4 extra damage vs. undead and evil outsiders.

All for 30 GP.

Where is this item from?

Jeff Merola wrote:
Secane wrote:
andreww wrote:
Disk Elemental wrote:

I'm sure most of you know this, but I'll mention it for any new people:

Clear Spindle Ioun Stone + Wayfinder = Permanent protection from control spells (that originate from evil targets).
Note that this does not protect from all compulsion effects, only those which exercise ongoing control. So it will save you from Dominate for example but not Confusion.

Actually it don't out right protect you from dominate.

The protect from evil effect grants you 2 will saves on the first dominate attempt and protect you from further attempts from the same source.
That was how Mike Brock ruled it at a game for Rollplay, earlier this year.

So Mike gets the rules wrong from time to time. Who doesn't?

We were kinda surprised at his ruling as well. (More so for the players actually playing at his table.)

From what I understand, he seems certain about it. I guess most other GMs don't see the spell the way he ruled it.

Lantern Lodge **

andreww wrote:
Disk Elemental wrote:

I'm sure most of you know this, but I'll mention it for any new people:

Clear Spindle Ioun Stone + Wayfinder = Permanent protection from control spells (that originate from evil targets).
Note that this does not protect from all compulsion effects, only those which exercise ongoing control. So it will save you from Dominate for example but not Confusion.

Actually it don't out right protect you from dominate.

The protect from evil effect grants you 2 will saves on the first dominate attempt and protect you from further attempts from the same source.
That was how Mike Brock ruled it at a game for Rollplay, earlier this year.

Lantern Lodge

Looking at the text for mirror strike, it seems to split the weapon damage only. Whichever target you successfully hit first would receive the damage from the spell. (As the shocking grasp spell is discharged on the first successful hit.)

And 2nd Nefreet, this should be in the rules forum.

Lantern Lodge

I thought the only SLAs that count are those that come with your race? (or from racial options.)

Lantern Lodge

DM Under The Bridge wrote:

I am distraught good fellows, I was watching a new anime, and my favourite paladin died.

Modern Japan setting, the guy was a ghoul hunter, very dedicated. Caring and supportive towards his comrades. Truly hated the ghouls. Uninterested in advancement, only the hunt mattered, so as to put down the flesh-eaters. Extremely brutal fighter, quite cruel towards ghouls, always very honest that their death was coming. Made good use of taunting and a range of attacks to take out the ghouls, including reach weapons like a giant spiked chain.

Alas he didn't make it! Ah well.

I know which anime you are talking about and NO that guy is NOT a paladin.

Cruel and paladin don't go hand in hand.

Lantern Lodge **

Given that an animal companion that can talk still needs to use tricks in combat, I don't see this item as broken.

There would likely be some headache for GMs when players start assuming that just cos their pets can talk, those pets can also follow complex commands in combat.

Lantern Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

IF you like playing divine characters or is just interested in the major gods, I would suggest Inner Sea Gods.

Lantern Lodge

Vital Strike FAQ:

Core FAQ: wrote:

Vital Strike: Can I use this with Spring Attack, or on a charge?

No. Vital Strike can only be used as part of [/b]an attack action, which is a specific kind of standard action.[/b] Spring Attack is a special kind of full-round action that includes the ability to make one melee attack, not one attack

Sorry Pupsocket, but the FAQ has answered the vital strike question. An attack action is a specific kind of standard action. So just like Vital Strike, Dead Aim won't work with AoOs.

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