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Contract Devil

Sebastian Hirsch's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 8 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Maps Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg. 2,763 posts (3,146 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 31 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

pm sent, for all the good it can do

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

James that prep is going to help us a lot, thank you very much.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I agree with BNW, there is a certain level of trust involved in organized play, and frankly putting those expenses on your chronicle sheet/ITS is the most important step (I also put them on the ITS for tracking purposes).

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Congratulations everybody, this compromise should help to keep the older quests relevant, while keeping the new one as a great starting point for new players .

Silver Crusade

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Maps Subscriber

A couple of mid to high-level modules and or PFS scenarios would seem like a good idea to test the waters if there is sufficient interest for more material.

Maybe something about Hao Jin could be an option.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Seems reasonable.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Maps Subscriber
Y. Duskwalker wrote:
Actually, I'm asking about a natural weapons warpriest, but I can see where one might assume pounce kitty

The problem is, that both and other things like Eidolons with 10+ attacks are governed by the same rules, if something allows a warpriest to do this, it will also enable the others.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Maps Subscriber
Y. Duskwalker wrote:

I could see the allowance for it still counting as magic, if it follows the established ability: ki strike(magic) of monks, which, while not providing an actual +1, still let's them count for magic.

Would this (original question) be worth an faq/revision request? Or is there too much strong opposition to such an option?

You are essentially saying "Can I get a way for my occultist to add bane to his pounce kitty's amulet of mighty fists +1 ? ", so I really don't see it happening, those class abilities (Paladin bond, inquisitor bane and plenty of others) really are not supposed to be applied to several weapons at the same time.

The situation is pretty clear from a rules perspective, amulet of mighty fists (and similar items) is a wondrous item, now a weapon.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Maps Subscriber

If you want all your natural weapons to benefit from greater magic fang you need several castings, alternatively spells likestrong jaw are an option.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Maps Subscriber
TheMonkeyFish wrote:
I'm more so asking, why is Geb considered lawful evil? Other than eating humans and being undead, I don't see anything that makes them "Evil" other than "Inherently Evil". Am I missing something? Whats preventing me from going there on friendly terms to learn knowledge?

You can do that, but don't come running when a hungry badly trained vampire runt drinks all your blood.

As a backstory item this should work, but.. well there is at least one scenario there so I don't want to spoil it. As a non-undead outsider, you would likely have quite restricted rights though.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Printing the various pages of map pack could be cheaper, I am currently in the process of printing all the map packs and custom maps used for my convention... cutting out 10 sets of a map pack... takes time.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

I had the pleasure of printing/laminating etc. each of those giant maps twice for an upcoming event. Fortunately, we will be running this one 2 tables at time, doing those maps twice was more than enough.

I seriously doubt, the map even fits one of the bigger flip mats unless you cut of corners.

Having to prep two separate complicated final encounters.... not a huge fan of it. Mammoths had something similar, but those used flip mats and didn't use such a huge number of enemies.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

James Risner wrote:
Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Otherwise he'll remain the bumbling uncle, which isn't bad, but isn't exactly respectable.
I seem to recall one where the players rescue him from a pit he couldn't get out of on his own?

He was injured at that point, and avoiding escaping and causing a diplomatic issue might also have been a factor.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

A: Core campaign players will apprectiate it.
B: Exchange characters might be able to buy it at a discount, and there are a couple of player boons out there with similar effect.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

2 people marked this as a favorite.

VC Dreng, got some very interesting background details in Black Waters and School of Spirits (I have run those scenarios back to back a couple of times). Wounded Wisp might have benefitted a bit from at least a hint of some intentional actions, but that is frankly beside the point.

True Dragons:

I have now played an run this several times, and while the evidence might be a bit understated, Drendle Dreng did kill quite a number of enemy combatants.
Frankly, Drendle Dreng can be quite a quite an impressive character, and I am waiting for the point where players find a bloody drenched Dreng surrounded by the bodies of several reinforcements that were about to catch the PCs (who already had a tough fight on their hands) in a pincer movement.

I really fail to understand the deal with Sheila Heidmarch, yes there is that one questionable line in a scenario centered on a night time walk, but in the very same scenario at least one faction mission shows that she actually cares for the well being of Pathfinder agents.

Maybe she needs a similar standout moment like the Silver Crusade leader received in frankly one of the most memorable scenarios

Season 5 Scenario spoiler:
Weapon in the Rift. Sheila has stats in a on of the earlier volumes of an AP, and it might help the players to fight at her side for once, to see their VC risk her skin to save a couple of agents.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Pretty excellent briefing, will share this with my players.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Wregdar wrote:
Vinyc Kettlebek wrote:
Wregdar wrote:

If I treat it in all ways as a light mace, why can't I by a masterwork tankard?

I can buy a masterwork light mace, I should be able to make a masterwork tankard.

I can buy an Adamantine Light mace, I should be able to buy a adamantine tankard.

I can buy a +1 light mace, I can buy a +1 tankard.

Is there somewhere that the PFS powers that be have ruled on this and I have missed it? I got a really neat barmaid figure with a tankard that is just begging me to make a TWF tankard fighter of Cayden.

The fighting style only influences feats and class abilities that relate to weapon use, and does nothing to change how equipment is purchased. The problem is that a tankard isn't a weapon, and many upgrade options don't have pricing listed for equipment that aren't categorized as armor or weapons.
weapon master's handbook wrote:

Divine Fighting Technique (Combat)

You have trained in the fighting technique of a deity.
Prerequisite: Same alignment as chosen deity.
Benefit: Select a deity. You can use that deity’s fighting
technique and receive any benefit for which you qualify, as
described in the Divine Fighting Techniques section below.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Each
time you take this feat, it applies to a new deity’s divine
fighting technique.


Cayden Cailean’s Blade and Tankard
Cayden Cailean is famous for wading into battle with a
tankard in his off hand.
Optional Replacement: A chaotic good fighter or
swashbuckler who worships Cayden Cailean can replace
proficiency with shields or bucklers with the following
initial benefit.
Initial Benefit: You can wield a tankard (or mug) as a
weapon, treating it in all ways as a light mace appropriate
for your size.
If you engage in two-weapon fighting with
a rapier or light weapon in one hand and a tankard in the
other, you can drink a potion or other liquid from the
tankard or attempt to toss liquid from the tankard as


Look the idea is very cute, but the feat only allows you to use a tankard like a weapon.

It does not allow you to buy a non-weapon object, as a masterwork weapon, just like your masterwork tool is not automagically a masterwork weapon as well.

Immagine the feat saying that the user can use a banana as a cestus, or the use can use a slightly used sponge as a shuriken...

The rules why non-weapon objects can't be purchased is not a PFS rule, among other places:

Ultimate Equipment wrote:

Even though some types of armor and shields can be

used as weapons, you can’t create a masterwork version of
such an item that confers an enhancement bonus on attack
rolls. However, you can create masterwork armor spikes
and shield spikes, which do confer their enhancement
bonus on attack rolls to attacks made with the spikes.
CRB wrote:

Improvised Weapons: Sometimes objects not crafted to

be weapons nonetheless see use in combat. Because such
objects are not designed for this use, any creature that
uses an improvised weapon in combat is co nsidered to be
nonprof icient with it and takes a –4 penalty on attack rolls
made with that object. To determine the size ca tegory and
ap propriate damage for an improvised weapon, co mpare
its relative size and damage potential to the weapon list to
f ind a re asonable match. An im provised weapon scores a
threat on a natural roll of 20 and deals double da mage on
a critical hit. An improvised thrown weapon has a range
i ncrement of 10 feet.

You can buy a mithral mug for the appropriate price.

EDIT: Even while you are wielding it, it does not become a legal target for spells like magic weapon.

Silver Crusade

Very much apprectiated^^ I am currently making prep for a convention in early August, just so I have enough time to prep for my big one (50 Tables over 2 days,the biggest PFS event in Germany... and this year I am responsible for all the material and head organizer. So my free time will be eaten up by running a lot of slot Os etc.

Really not the best situation to participate in a fast-paced combat, so yeah... thank you very much. From your dice rolls you play the character just like me, missing a lot :P

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

BigNorseWolf wrote:

Sebastion: Monk strikes work with strong Jaw anyway. Their fists are treated as both natural and manufactured weapons, whichever. It's why I like to know if there's a monk or brawler in the party: that way i have TWO animal companions to buff.

Oh I am aware, I play a lot of hunters (5-6 currently) and monks (3-5), I just don't think strong jaw should apply to the temple sword the monk with ascetic style is using.

Benjamin Falk wrote:
Greater magic weapon can easily take care of that.

Caster level scaling means that usually +2 is the best you get for the core of your PFS career, while other character run around with +5 weapons (of more likely furious weapons/weapons enhanced with other effects).

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

That comparison might benefit from some work and a couple of good faith builds at various levels. Manufactured weapons have a couple of advantages, and the "augment unarmed strikes" line would need a lot of clarification (does it work with other combat styles of you are a master of many styles for example).

As you mentioned even unchained monks who focus on unarmed strikes (I have several characters who do so, and the weapon option seems flat out better a lot of the time) tend to wear and use weapons (if only to use a reach weapon), and options that let you flurry with other weapons are also in the mix.
This feat creates the unfortunate situation that every new option to improve unarmed strikes would apply here as well (you did limit it to feats though, which is a good start, as written the original feat works with strong jaw ).

I have been aware of the reflective article about the subject since a player asked my about the feat quite some time ago (not a bad article, and not the first designer who was surprised what ended up in print either). Maybe you will get lucky and a "fixed" version gets reprinted somewhere down the line, unfortunately player companions tend not to get reprinted.

Silver Crusade

I try to read the thread but I am currently relatively busy with convention planning, map printing etc. so please don't expect to many post from me.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Maps Subscriber
Kevin Willis wrote:
Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
They might decide to change it somewhere down the line. Or they might just print something that allows the magus to add agile to his weapon.

You can. Just use a finessable one-handed or light weapon and upgrade your sword normally (using money and the fame rules) to add the Agile enchantment.

Of course if you want to be a Black Blade Magus this doesn't work, but it does for most other archetypes.

I have recently suggested the very same thing to a Magus player (just in case Dervish Dance ever gets a different reprint) apparently not getting a +1 keen weapon asap, kinda ruined his concept. It took a bit of math to convince him that this was not the case.

Silver Crusade

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Maps Subscriber
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
dervish dance does not)

it very much does, and there should not be table variation on this. The buckler is strapped to the arm, not carried in the hand. The very same rules that make spellstrike iffy for dervish dance mean that the buckler works.

Well shame on me for not checking the wording, the FAQ in Slashing grace is very specific (I somehow remembered dervish dance having the wording "using a shield".

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

There is a line between using what is already in the scenario and adding something.

If the players go through the market and the scenario already mentions that several traders are selling their goods, it seems fine to add a bit of interaction (like adding a melon trader tries very hard to sell a dozen melons so his kids can have dinner tonight), or just adding a couple of explanatory sentences (like what districts of Absalom you the party is currently going traversing etc. how the streets and people look like)..

Adding something like an NPC (even worse something that only becomes apparent after a roll) can quickly devolve into something that crosses the line.

Work with what is there, and take the opportunities to teach the player a bit about the world, that seems fine (but be careful not to create an expectation that this is usual for most scenarios, since quite often GMs will not have the time for things like this), but avoid adding this to a scenario unless players force your hand by going off script.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Maps Subscriber

I agree with BNW, as written it still works with spell combat, since the language is different from slashing grace (of course slashing grace and fencing grace work with a buckler, dervish dance does not).

They might decide to change it somewhere down the line. Or they might just print something that allows the magus to add agile to his weapon.

The difference beeing is that you use your other hand to cast a spell (effectively two weapon fighting/flurry) but since no weapon is ever held in that hand dervish dance works.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Seveal good reasons why this is not allowed:

- Once you have a level 12+ character, character death for your low-level chars would become relatively meaningless.

-The new player experience would not improve if they learn that their death is final, but the other reckless guy who in their opinion caused the TPK can get raised.

-Time is a bit of an issue in PFS, since time between scenarios is essentially endless / does not exist.

- You can only play one character at the same time.

This might be something for a player boon though, maybe apply to a number of characters who can invest a certain amount in "resurection insurance".

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Your suggested boon would be so effective that it would make or break entire character concepts, the concept of rarity really does not help in that case.

I could eventually see something like this as the reward for a lot of work, maybe our new Master of Spells could grant her own GM Star rewards card.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

I played and ran this recently, if you go into this with a couple of very specialized characters, even if they all heavily focus on diplomacy, the scenario, you can absolutely complete the scenario with two pp.
If you go in with a mixed group of pathfinders (ok the 1 skill point per level character with maxed perception might still have a bad time) chances are very good that most players will be able to contribute something.

The ultimate intrigue rules are pretty good to get the whole group involved, not just give the guy with the social character the spotlight for half an hour.

(That said, a couple of stories I have read so far seem to indicated, that GMs didn't explain it properly/made some mistakes. It can happen, it took me quite a long time to prep.)

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Kezzie Redlioness wrote:

I've got a shih-tzu that thinks it's a drider...mainly because it formerly was one!

So, My hedge witch hit a drider with a Baleful Polymorph and it made its Will save. We now have a shih-tzu that has drider hit dice and hit points.

Being the kindly soul that she is, said witch wants to keep the shi-tzu/drider (a.k.a. Drih-tzu) and care for it until the end of its new natural lifespan.

My questions are as follows:

1. Can I just write it down as the standard gp cost for a lap dog?

2. Since it mantains its drider hd and hp, does it count as a "combat pet" as described in the guide to organized play?

(Thus, only allowing either the 'Drih-tzu' or her trusty assistant Riddywhiple to go into scenarios with her).

3. Am I even ALLOWED to keep the poor beastie at all?

3. No.

2. See above irrelevant.

1. Buy a dog, or get it as some kind of follower vanity. Or just buy the lapdopg and explain to the GM that you character thinks that his ordinary lapdog was the drider he polymorphed at some point.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

@Aaron: I hope you can give PFS a chance again at some point, and like in another location. It is very likely that talking to the people involved will have some effect.

If the game was not fun based on the player's actions, usually the best way is to give feedback to the GM (frankly, someone should talk to him, a least the backpack thing sounds quite illegal).
It might also be a good opportunity to get your local venture officers involved, from your side of the story, it sounds like a couple of people in that location could benefit from a bit of constructive criticism, and having the Guide to Organized play shown to them.

This was really not a common occurrence, and I assure you, that most PFS GMs are very motivated individuals. Of course, everybody has to start somewhere, and with the wrong kind of motivation/lack of guidance, it is easy to pick up some really nasty habits.

It is very likely that there will be another PFS location in your area, or maybe online play might be an option to give PFS a fair go.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Seems entirely reasonable to let the GM spend PP once per chronicle, not sure exactly how the guide currently supports this interpretation, but I currently see not downside to this.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Best solution would be another GM to run two tables, but to be honest replay with a 7 person table is hardly ideal. Fortunately the player saw reason ^^

Regarding replay, I have seen a couple of players make very questionable choices when it comes to replaying a scenario... to be honest, not a great feeling for the GM.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Wolf Alexander Vituschek wrote:

There is quite some surprise in this blog. Not sure what to think about it yet.

Also, calling Germany, Austria and Switzerland only Central Europe is kinda ... daring :D

I'd just call them Germany ;)

Let's not.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Tineke Bolleman wrote:
Jim Torbet wrote:

Tonya, I'm not sure if you typically carry stock when you visits conventions, but either way are you likely to be bringing pins to PaizoCon UK?



Oh yes please. The import costs really prohibit ordering these from Europe. If we get a bunch of them at PaizoCon UK, we can send people over with shopping lists ;)

Actually, it's not that bad, I added a couple sets to my current order and out of curiosity checked what it would cost to send them excluding my subscription.. under 10 $ IIRC.

Of course, I fully expect to be ordering dozens of them and giving them to local players at cost (credit cards are still quite rare here, and if you want store credit you can usually find one who gets it for you).

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Thank you former RVCs for all the hard work and welcome new RVCs for even harder work ^^

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Maps Subscriber

Hi, my current order was delayed due to an issue with my card. I have just bought and added a gift card that should be sufficient to cover this order and everything in my sidecart.
Could you please try to reprocess this order (using my credit) and add the sidecart items?

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Sin of Asmodeus wrote:


Stop the attacks, and focus on what the question pointedly was.
The topic at hand is simply, how long will worship of evil God's continue in this campaign, if the intent is to become more good or more pc / pg.

Some of the unique fun of the campaign has begun to be banned, for reasons. I don't proclaim to personally understand them, but they aren't my call.

I just don't want to wake up and find out that Asmodeous, or other gods like Urgatha have been banned from worship. To me, that has been an amazing draw that set Society up as a more mature more gritty campaign.


I suspect that this depends very much on the question of playing a worshipper of that deity that isn't connected to slave trade, torture, canibalism, plundering graveyards and a couple of other issues.

As it is any character who chooses to worship those gods will be at the fringe of that gods portfolio since being evil is not an option in PFS.
To put this in another way, Iomedae might appreciate her lawful non-good followers, but they are usually not striving to follow her ideal in every way.

Playing nice with each other and not using personal backstories to justify "being a jerk" seems to be the right way to go, always consider what effects individual actions could have on you (or rather the people willing to play with you / GM for you) and the campaign as a whole.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Public representation of PFS is a big issue and we should all consider how bad this perception can be... the very last thing we need is people assuming that PFS is a game about torture, slavers and worse things.

Some options are just not suitable to a public global campaign, and as others have mentioned, there are other privat options to explore things like this.


Regarding the issue of playing with players with whose characters do pretty reprehensible acts, just try to talk to the player, that you don't enjoy that kind of game. Either it works or it won't, but your personal gaming experience is not likely to become better if people don't communicate.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

I understand the desire to play quests with real characters, and I already had to disappoint players that this was not an option. Like John I already have a couple of reservations:

- Player characters, even those with 0 XP can be significantly more powerful than the pregens, a many of the ACG pregens are good (but of course quite a number of them don't represent legal characters, their armor has been made to expensive just to mention one thing). I have seen player characters with CL 4 burning hands at level 1 and quests are not build to survive that.

- Ideally every player should feel that they are contributing, but with real characters on the table, there is a real chance that experienced players can steal the spotlight.

- The modular nature of quests makes them a bit troublesome for PCs whith limited resources, thus and for a couple of other reasons I would suggest the following solution if there is any real desire to make this possible:

"Groups can play the entire 6 part series of quests as their first chronicle on a new character, their supplies and the supplies of any pregen involved will not be replenished and the GM has final say, how many quests happen in a single ingame day. "

But really once you are at that point, you might as well ask nicely to convince the PFS team to redevelop Phantom Phenomena as a scenario.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

You kinda have to mention his name 3 times... or rather all 3 ^^

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Several options could work, in this case I would suggest applying the chronicle to the character, since it is a replayable, chances are he will lose a bit of gold in exchange for a boon. Of course now he has used his level 2 replay of that evergreen)

Honest mistake, these things happen the other solutions should be fine too.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Congrats to everybody, well deserved.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I advise against doing so since a lot of people might not appreciate it. It may just be the wrong kind of introduction to the table, and since those players are the ones you will have to rely on to survive (or hope for their generosity when you die without the cash the get raised).

Maybe day job (talent hunter) could fit your concept better, in any case try not to take the feedback and the discussion to personal,these things tend to explode before the OP can clarify the situation.

EDIT: Try to avoid antagonizing the other players, rather than argue with an in-game argument about slavery in Golarion.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Maps Subscriber

Option 1.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Seems odd, I can't recall this ever happening, but I don't follow every post all the time.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Drogon wrote:

I have:

1 x half-orc
1 x halfling
1 x half-elf
1 x dwarf
1 x ifrit
8 x humans

Human: the only truly broken race. (-;

You would not believe how often I sit down at a table and everyone I see is a human..

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

Hmm wrote:

I don't mind GMing for no credit on replays, though I'd love to be able to apply an evergreen at second level more than once to different characters as a GM. I don't think that would be too game-breaking!

I've recently been GMing more than I'm playing, and have been slow-tracking my GM credits so that my characters don't advance too much.

Question to all of you: If I choose not to apply a chronicle to a character when I first GM it, do I lose the right to apply it to a later character when I GM the scenario a second time? Someone told me that they thought it might be the case, but I cannot imagine that PFS would be that punitive to their GMs.


Regarding your question, you are correct if a GM chooses not to take GM credit the first time, he can take it after he has run it the second time.


Regarding the issue at hand, I worry quite a bit that this would lead to conflicts between GMs who gets to run a certain scenario.

I have come to the personal conclusion that running a scenario can be a very pleasurable experience, and this could prevent GMs from running scenarios, if other GMs farm them for benefits.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Maps Subscriber

This question seems better suited to the rules question forum, flagged for movement.

For my 2 cents, it seems that the wielder can use the grit point from the weapon for other deeds, but can only reroll a misfire once.

Silver Crusade **** Venture-Lieutenant, Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Congratulation Jesse

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Maps Subscriber

There seems to be some kind of issue with my card, it's difficult to trace. Could you please add all the items in this order to next months subscription please ?

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