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Water Elemental

SeaBiscuit01's page

77 posts. Alias of Vasantasena.


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And also not mentioned anywhere but theres a possibility that the phylactery of Tar Baphon is hidden in Xin-Grafar.

Also yes you can do a lot from Use Magic Device but you would need to trick a level 20 necromancer level 10 mythic lich unique spellcaster. If your characters are as high level as that and actually explain what they are doing and how they would do it I would allow it.

Hey fellows,

Im about to start City of Golden Death. I have 6 players and they are fairly optimized (Barbarian, Witch, Figther, Gunslinger, Ninja, Priest), so much that I feel the modules are not offering a nice challenge to them.

If they are comfortable and want to continue, Im thinking about transitioning the adventure path into a Golarionazed Age of Worms directly into the Champions Belt, I already planted some seeds for them to follow into this events.

Can you offer advice to make the City of Golden Death more challenging? I already redesigned Iramine to be a pretty difficult Magus. But the other Heralds and acolytes just seem plain vanilla to me.

So if you can give suggestions they would be greatly appreciatted.

Kind regards!

Oh my god, you must be in terrible pain when you need to shop for underwear, cotton? polyester? mix? OMG!!!

Did you read the full page? Thats not what it does. Stop rampaging, and also if you dont like it...just ignore it, its not like Jason Bulhman is forcing your hand or your game...although he can force anything on me he is a cutie, I would allow him to hihi.

zimmerwald1915 wrote:
Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Hey Zimmerwald, any thoughts on Mythicizing Carrion Crown?
I'm afraid I don't. I haven't purchased or read Carrion Crown, and I have no plans to.

I find Carrion Crown one AP that would not be very suitable for Mythic rules due to its gothic horror meets monster of the week theme, although there are some turning points in which you can ascend.

1) The Sanctuary of Desna
2) The exploration of the Mi-Go caverns
3) Exposing yourself to the Raven's Head a artifact of legend

Also TarBaphon is mythic himself. I havent finished the last module, but I'm a bit scared if we are to face even a diminished TarBaphon :S

I love Herolab sadly I find it a bit slow and expensive. But when I'm doing chars is absolutely amazing

From what I have seen:

Paladins rule, Clerics shine, Inquisitors can be awesome Wizards for Utility are super grandiose.

And others well they all have a opportunities, except perhaps Enchantment Spellcaster.

The campaign is undead and resistance energy heavy. Always be prepared to whip something up for incorporeals.

Its difficult depends on what you want to convey the most, from my perspective he is mainly a Wizard Transmuter (Enhancement School).

And perhaps has Craft Construct and several signature spells from his authorship.

Thank you! :)

What are the new spells come on peeps new spells!!!

Yeah, as I said above I think all the comments fall in the "no fall" camp and I now agree with that.

It's not that I hate paladins, I think the question was important because as a GM I'm supposed to arbitrate and wanted to get feedback or risk doing something overtly arbitrary and ultimately not justified.

I'm guessing this kind of questions come up a lot here?

Champions of Purity has Celestial Rage Powers.

GeraintElberion wrote:
The very best way to do it. Possibly the only way.

How? rejecting it and then blaming him for everything wrong in my life and then following it to the north pole and not killing it?

For Scorching Ray:

Intensified +1 (nothing)
Empowered +2 (add 2 damage dice 6d6 instead of 4d6)
Maximized +3 (free for rod) (24 flatdamage)

Gnome Pyro (Archetype) - didnt find it, is it core?
Magical Lineage (-1 to metamagic)

- At level 12th: 3 rays
- Each ray: 24 +2d6 level 4th slot

Empowered and Maximized act separated.

Hope that helps!

But if I recall correctly the bladebound magus cant get any bonded object or familiar of any sort.

King_Of_The_Crossroads wrote:
Cyrad wrote:

Yes, that's the standard magus thing, but there's other ways to spice it up. You can try other touch spells, like frostbite. I honestly played my magus more like a tank or a stealthy person than someone that shocking grasp people to oblivion. It's why I like Strength magi better. I don't really need shocking grasp if a good Power Attack can do the job, so spells like Vanish and Shield are much more useful and interesting to use.

I noticed all of your party members are front-line fighters. Maybe something that sits in the back, then? I'll throw a few suggestions:

1) Spellslinger Wizard
A wizard that uses a gun. You can go straight spellslinger or pick up one level in gunslinger.

2) Whip Magus
Spellstrike those shocking grasps with a whip! Pick the kensai archetype, select whip as your weapon, and take Whip Mastery as your 3rd level feat.

3) Cardslinging Bard
Be a swashbuckling, cardslinger! Be an arcane duelist and pick up ranged feats. At 5th level, get the Deadly Dealer feat and make a Harrowing deck be your arcane bond.

All of these might fit a pirate campaign.

The whip magus sounds intriguing, but just how effective is it? I can see the appeal of using spell combat from a safe distance, but using kensai would lower the number of spells you have, and a magus is already low on magic. What happens when you run out and are forced to rely on the rather small damage a whip deals?

Whips are not entirely for damage output, you can trip without provoking and do a lot of other maneuvers with them and also full attack.

Lamontius wrote:

so uh are you highlighting amusing roleplay or just uh basically mocking one of the players in your group

Both! No matter how many times we explain what will happen he still tops himself lol

Share your Jackass style stories!

Some minor Carrion Crown spoilers ahead. Please beware.

So, current Carrion Crown adventure path is being too much fun with one character that has been giving comic relief to the party. During module 3 Broken Moon. This player had a Urban Druid and as we entered a hunting lodge we faced three boars in the process of being hunted by plot central party.

So the druid, says, oh no my wild animal friends. I will help you. And casts Fog Cloud in the Boar's area.

And then <<Jackass background music>> something like this should have happened:
Hello this is Balar Ebony, and this is Boar rescue: Pathfinder style.

But what really happened was Incident 1:

DM says: are you fully aware of what you are doing?
Dumb Player: Yes I'm rescueing my friends from being hunted
DM: Right, well how are you going to do that
DP: I'm a druid they know Im here to help.
DM: Did you cast Speak with Animals?
DP: No
DM: Did you prepared it today?
DP: No
DM: Ok roll initiatives. What do you do?
DP: I tell the boars to come to me.
DM: Oh indeed the boars are coming to you...

And then by some miracle and the intervention of our powerful dwarf figther we rescued him in negative hitpoints and just about to die.

ZOMG so dumb.

Incident 2: Animal Rescuing!
The master hunter has animals trapped in the cellars. Oh well so they can hunt game and stuff? Yeah
Dumb Player: I will free them.
DM: Ok you find a pack of wolves, 5 of them it seems. A dire bear, a ettercap, and some more dangerous stuff.
Dumb Player: This outrage cannot be happening! I will free them. I cast speak with animals.

After several attempts of diplomacy and handle animal the caged animals just one wolf is indifferent to him and he then proceeds to start freeing them. And he almost dies thorn to pieces by the dire bear.

Incident 3:
He, now scared of animals. Perhaps thinks that plants will be much better.

DM: You find a three with the bodies of several werewolves in hibrid form hanging in his branches.
Wizard: That looks weird, if I recall correctly werewolves turn into they human form once they died, either that is something else or they are still alive and they dont seem like it.
Dumb Player: Worry not, its just a three.
Wizard: Wanna roll knowledge nature on that one Mr Druid?
Dumb Player: No, I trust my forest friends.
Wizard: Hummm, I'm pretty sure he will be you "Happy Tree Friend".

10 rounds of combat later, we managed to pull him out of the three because it was a freaking Hangman's Three and swallowed him whole.

Oh so so so funny. Oh and he still wanted to save the three...

Kinda weird that the god of Lawful Contracts would want retribution when you acted to protect yourself from unfair verbal agreement stated with his seed.

You mentioned his son betrayed you doesn't it?

Go Team Jacob!!

Wow they sound pretty cool, thank you very much :)

Can we get a small spoiler of the new spells added please pretty pleaseeee

Depends on your Spellcasing Style:

For an enchanter Still, Silent, Heighten, Persistant, Threnodic are good choices, Spell Focus & Greater Spell Focus

For a elemental/blasty type: Elemental, Focused, Dazing, Empower, Selective, Maximize, Rime, Intensified Spell

For Save or Suck: Heighten, Persistant, Focus and Greater Focus

For Controller type: Rime,

For the Magus: Intensified & Empower, (and get close range arcana for that 10d6 Snowball and Empowered/Maximized/Quickened with posibility to crit Ennervation can you say 8 levels in a crit BOOYAH!)

For Everyday uses:
- Extend for buffs
- Selective to protect your allies, etc
- Varisian Tatoo (or Spell Tatoo): For +1 to CL to a particular school

Preferred Spells: For Caster Level variable dependant spells, you cast often. Stack a +6 for a particular spell with

Spell Perfection: For almost everyone, as it doubles practically everything you ride on Caster Level and DC. Get 3 other Metamagic Feats to plan for Spell Perfection at 15th level.

That's the beauty of your different mages, you can build something quite diverse everytime you take the class.

I did characters very badly until my gm gave us Hero Lab now we now things like encumbrance and have exact numbers in it. Highly advisable.

You can go to the excel spreadsheet and filter through casting time.

Your spell would translate into creating an area of difficult terrain around yourself and making yourself inmmune to it.

Like Entangle + Freedom of Movement (personal).

Sounds interesting.

Ah thanks!! Sounds adecuate ;)


I want to crafting a Ring of Consecrate (cleric level 2) can you help me with its cost?

ClxSlx2000 = 12000

For duration i think its 1.5 x 12000 = 16,000

Between 1.66 (tree times per day use) = 10,843

Is this adecuate? Feedback please.,

Actually blind fighting is a good idea. Specially a good warrior, you have 50% chance of pummeling the wiz. As the wizard has other options. Remember in higher levels Mirror image is useless but resourceful and the warrior should have a wizard in his party to help him overcome the other.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think Virtue Magic would be mechanically the same as Sin Magic, it would just be used into a different purpuse

Instead of transmuting lead into gold it would turn garbage into food and spoiled water into purified one to drink to feed the needy etc,etc.

I started trying to do that but instead I went for a Magaambyan Arcanist wich is a goodytwoshoes super cool Prestige Class

I think Virtue Magic would be mechanically the same as Sin Magic, it would just be used into a different purpuse

Instead of transmuting lead into gold it would turn garbage into food and spoiled water into purified one to drink to feed the needy etc,etc.

Scarred Witch Doctor (Con as primary casting attribute), one level in martial class that allows entry to Eldritch Knight and Prehensile Hair.

Damn it I hope the gay iconic is either Valeros or Ezren they are both so hot!

I played a Dirge Bard in Carrion Crown and they are awesome. The undead affecting enchantment spells are sweet and helpful.

Also you can combine that archetype with Sound Stryker and dish out good damage (weird words counds a bludgeoning).

Also nicely placed diplomacy checks are going to help you lots in certain encounters and knowledge religion and arcana are sweet to have all over the modules.

Paladin will help but he has to be really, really "open minded".

With the Archaeologist available I dont know why anyone would consider playing a rogue. Archaeologists are the awesomesauce!

I'm building a Magaambyan Arcanist but I'm having trouble finding good combos with the Good Descriptor spells and feats for a Magaambyan Arcanist Conjuror Specialist, anyone have builds or recommendations on what to pick and how to synergyse?

The only good use for the Good Descriptors seem to be Holy Word for a nice abuse of Spell Perfection (grin: Varisian Tatoo, Spell Specialization) in higher levels,

My suggestions for druid spells are the following.

1: CLW
2: Barkskin, Lesser Restoration
3: Cure Moderate Wounds
4: Freedom of Movement, Atavism, Cure Serious Wounds
5: Wall of Thorns, Awaken
6: Antilife Shell
7: Heal

Anyone has done a build for the Magaambyan Arcanist?

You is the overreacting panda. You let him play with anything he likes. Also Negative Channel can be taken out with alternate racial traits if I recall correctly.

Hey guys thanks for the replyes,

Due to MAD I think I need to roll my stats to consider the best path to follow either str or dex.

As magi shine when using a wide crit scimitar is always agood choice.

As mentioned before I dont mind losing spell recall as mystic theurges rarely are without spellcasting options.

Right now I'm looking for strategies to raise my to hit and my AC.

I think the cleric spells help and also adding Greater Heroism from the witch Via Samsaran Mystic Past Life is a win/win (I'm adding Ill Omen, Enervation and Greater Heroism, dunno anything else that stands out that is arcane witch not present in the cleric spell list)

I'm pondering at this idea for a while. And I want your opinion on how to optimize this concept. We are starting a Planescape campaign and the GM proposed us 240,000 gps wealth level no crafting feats.

1) What race combos better with this? (Samsaran comes to mind for MAD)
2) Strength or Dervish dance? Second one is feat intensive
3) Any new magic items I'm missing? And which ones should I get first?
4) Archetipes for either magus and cleric?
5) Arcana suggestions?
6) And what combos and gameplay do you guys suggest for this particular combo?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think you are a sad boring panda. ¡Nuff said! Spellcasters are da bomb playboy!

I would seriously consider splitting your group, it starts to sound unmanageable

Blight Druid, is an archetype I think. They are curators of nature corrupted, defile and natural disasters.

They are perfect for druids that want to destroy civilizations and humans to let nature reclaim the land.

Also you can think as an ecoterrorist.

Permanent Detect Magic...and if you are against a should know better that he will be buffed if you dont hit. With a high number.

Professor Q wrote:
Crysknife wrote:

On PRCs:

the mystic theurge works a bit better mixxing wizard and cloistered cleric: you give up a few spells from the cleric but you cast all using INT. Still red for me, orange at best.

Are you talking about the UM Cloistered Cleric? I looked it up on the OGC and I'm only seeing wording that suggests you still use Wisdom.

I think you are suggesting Empyreal Sorcerer + Cloistered Cleric (for additional domain powers) which is still kinda red... Y would much prefer Pathfinder Savant.

You can play fighter/wizard which is the archetypical elven knight...or wait a sec wait a MAGUS! :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.




Wasnt scalable items a big thing in the Midnight RPG?

If you want to use a continuos use item, you need to use the 2000 modifier.

Then you have to multiply the cost by 2 because of the 1 min/per level duration.

If you want it to be a slotless item you have to multiply by two again. Like using a Ioun Stone.

So the price would be

1 Spell Level x 1 Caster level x 2000 Continuous use x 2 Duration x 2 Slotless = 8000 gps.

Hope that helps!

LazarX wrote:
Vasantasena wrote:
Oh I didnt knew that! Is it errataed?

You can reason it by inference.

Cap on abilites for non epic weapons is +10 total. Of that a maximum can be a +5 in enhancement bonuses. By extension the total cap of what you can put on a weapon is +5/+5 in enhancements and abilities. Bladebound magi after 4th level would then be fully free to spend all of their arcane pool on weapon abilities. (as would any other magi who get their hands on magic weapons)

I guess that could be the case, as the Magus and Paladin specifically state that the weapon bonuses stack. It should apply the same to the SpellSlinger.

damn it what happened!!!

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