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Boon Companion feat would compensate mostly

mix in 5 lvls of Paladin and take focus on weapon bond - lance, bless weapon spell, and smite evil on a charge, if the target is evil, crits are auto confirmed with Bless Weapon.

Doesn't good characters suffer negative effects while in a desecrated area? Wouldn't part of the adventure if not all of it at this point be in a technical Desecrated area? Ok Desecrate helps Evil creatures, but add in circle of protection from good, a few targeted dispel good effects, and a few unholy blights, all in an obvious Unhallowed area, that should off set quite a few bonus effects

I recall a Chelaxian Priest archetype that gained an imp familiar, but I can not recall the exact source.

Cross-blooded Draconic and Elemental has some good options as well, for a more utility cross-blooded mix, Sylvan and Arcane makes an interesting mix, get a familiar and an animal companion, but as a single line, really need to look at what spell mix you want and what theme fits the best, Red or Gold Dragon blood line for fire, Arcane if you want a familiar or bonded weapon, Abyssal or Infernal would fit a Tiefling, Celestial for an Aasamir. If your running with Rangers/Druids, Fey or Sylvan(mutated fey) might be a good theme fit for an elf or gnome.

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Cutting through the maze: "Hey! This wall is bleeding! That's not blood! It's a Gray Ooze!"

Enlarge Person is a bit iffy depending on rest of party as well because of the Humanoid limitation, it doesn't work on Native Outsider types, ie Tieflins, Aasamirs, Elemental Kin.

The original Dragonlance campaign modules should work converted over from 1st/2nd edition, save for draconians, it would be a mostly straight conversion Pathfinder, though there may have been a 3rd ed conversion. Starting range for that series was lvl 3-5 iirc, party of 4 to 6 could do DL 1-3 easy enough, starting out at lvl 3 and ending at lvl 5.

Said worshippers might not need to be evil, but could be Lawful Neutral, simply focused on a lawful environment and society, assuming I'm thinking of the same devil.

Your Eidolon is named Jarvis...

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Synthesist Summoner might be a good rout as well

could just go with base line and spend part of the resources by level on additional spells

There was an episode of SyFy's Killjoys last season similar to that.
Season 3, Episode 3 "The Hullen Have Eyes"

Advanced Players Guide, Blight Druid might be of interest, possibly mixed with pack lord if no conflicts, haven't checked, but having several diseased/poisonous companions would be a bonus.

ekibus wrote:

@Scrapper- huh I've seen gm's prevent players from rolling behind screens but never the gm. To me that would seem you don't trust the gm, who is running the world. Maybe it is just me, when I used to gm and I knew someone would be killed by that crit I just rolled...well I didn't roll that crit after all, not saying to abuse it, just keep things fun.

I would talk to the gm if you really want to keep the cleric. Maybe a npc frees him and now he is indebted. Or he renounces with every intent to reconnect with his god.

Me personally as a GM, having my players(four plus out of eight) want most of my rolls visible on the "Boss" or "Weird" encounters, but don't seem to mind my behind the screen rolls when it's common mob encounters they expect to take out like the trash.

Just suggesting that it's not always heavy handedness if the players, through their actions, have backed a GM into a corner.

At this time, not enough information to support a conclusion either way though.

ekibus wrote:
Really a good gm will move away from the dice when needed. I don't think there is any rule about detect magic blinding the person. Also "renouncing" will not effect your alignment. Sorry but I think the GM is playing everything loose except keeping your character around

Some times you'll get players that want to see most of the GM rolls rather than just hear them behind the screen, in those cases it's hard to fudge rolls in the parties favor, just guessing this may be a similar case. Still it's an interesting case, and from the sounds of it, it may have been the party that decided to venture there despite nudging against it and other DM warnings.

Order of the Stick #638
Sorry, not sure how to make links live...

dmitriR wrote:

According to the rules of Summon Nature's Ally, RAW seems to imply that you can summon any type of elemental

Including Air, Earth, Fire, Water... and Aether?

Rules as Intended, i'm sure that its supposed to only be the four core elements, but I was wondering, was there an official ruling on whether or not the Elementals that a Druid can summon is restricted to the 4 elements, or are Aether elementals included in the list?

This caught me by surprise as well when the party druid summoned Positive Elementals to deal with an Anti-Paladin Death Knight, which turned an epic battle into an epic fizzle, it wasn't until the next day I found out they were 3rd party, I try to keep to books I own, but with everyone using smart-phones to look up stuff, game would crash to an end if I questioned every thing my players, Eight of them at the time, were doing in the fight.

So What Elementals can a Druid summon? Does a DM have to set limitation before a campaign begin? That is a lot of material to cover...

have the assassins hire on as ship's crew, make sure all the auxiliary boats are unusable/will sink on use, poison the ships stores, if they survive poisoning, set the boat on fire, break the rigging, and otherwise make sure the assassins delay the PC's attempts to escape the sinking ship, the "You may be stronger than us, but we're taking you with us to a watery grave! HA!"

The One Ring...

It may be an intelligent but evil item that serves the Villain because they have the same goals or the Villain is actually under the items influence/control. The item in question may be the true Villain, a cursed intelligent item or enchanted to Magic Jar the spirit of a powerful Villain back into it's self when the host dies, waiting for it's next victim/host. PC's may decide not to use it if it detects as Evil, but if they are reckless and decide to use it regardless, it may slowly attempt to take over the possessor and turn them on the rest of the party. Just a note, Even Useable by Evil might not be enough with enough Use Magical Device skill available.
*edit* Laillia from "Record of Lodoss War" anime was under the influence of a Tiara possessed by the spirit of the powerful witch Karla, She was a villain of sorts, but one of the heroes personal quest was to rescue her from it's control...

Unless you are in a world setting that allows it, ie Dragonlance, you maybe out of luck

I'm looking at a likely party wipe, the mistress of thorns was generous to let them retreat, but now they are considering just skipping lvl 9 and hopping to lvl 10, current party consists of a human investigator that took Azlanti for a language at lvl 1, a half-elven Hunter with bear companion, a half orc brawler, a human arcanist, and a human cleric(2nd character, their war priest died in a bad encounter on lvl 7), party is around lvl 7 due to 5th party member...

I was thinking of Limbs, but it's a 2pt Evolution.

You could use the 9th lvl feat for an evolution, that might allow for wand use

Aberrant Bloodline for Sorcerers (Long Limbs, Ex) grants a +5ft reach at 3rd lvl, +10ft at 11th, and +15ft at 17th, should stack with Beast Form, unless I'm missing some thing.

Feat: Spell Mastery is one exception, and a feat that may be taken multiple times.
You have mastered a small handful of spells, and can prepare these spells without referencing your spell books at all. ... Prerequisite: 1st-level wizard Benefit: Each time you take this feat, choose a number of spells that you already know equal to your Intelligence modifier. From that point on, you can prepare these spells without referring to a spell book.

I can Sympathize with the original poster on this, I had a Dragon Bloodline Sorcerer planning to go into Dragon Disciple and a new player joined playing a Paladin of St George the Dragon Slayer, this has left my planned build in question now...

Have you already taken traits? there is one that reduces ACP by 1

Holy Falcata of the Stormlord: Falcata(+1 to +5) with Holy, Shocking Burst, and Thundering.
Just a theme build, but rather potent.

Now kinda curious, why a Were Wolf? Not a Were Bear or Were Tiger?

Doesn't Divine Health prevent Lycanthopy?
Is there an archetype that trades out Divine Health?

It's a Rysky Trap!

Ravingdork wrote:
WhiteWeasel wrote:
FiddlersGreen wrote:

They're doing it wrong.

As a full attack when you are wielding four or more identical small arms, you can fire them all simultaneously to duplicate the effects of an automatic weapon. You use all of the ammunition in all the small arms used, and you treat this as an attack in automatic Mode. Add all the ammunition expended from all of your small arms when determining the maximum number of creatures you can hit.
automatic weapons wrote:
When you make a full attack with a weapon in automatic Mode, you can attack in a cone with a range of half the weapon’s range increment. This uses all the weapon’s remaining ammunition. Roll one attack against each target in the cone, starting with those closest to you. Attacks made with a weapon in automatic Mode can’t score critical hits. Roll damage only once, and apply it to all targets struck. Each attack against an individual creature in the cone uses up the same amount of ammunition or charges as taking two shots, and once you no longer have enough ammunition to attack another target, you stop making attacks.
Oh, I see, they don't make 60 attacks, but rather they could have up to 60 simultaneous targets as they can only make one attack against each target as stated by automatic. So it's kinda like Face-Off, but in a cone. Still good for crowd control, but not surprise one-shotting the boss good.

Though the damage will be low, being small arms that only get half the specialization bonus to damage, the range is REALLY good.

Azimuth laser pistols have a range of 80 feet, which means you can "autofire" in a 40-foot cone.

Contrast that to more than half the automatic weapons in the game, which are limited to 60 ft. range (or 30-ft. cones).

Even if you get one of the higher ranged automatic weapons (120 ft., or 60-ft. cone), they tend not to have nearly as much ammo and thus can't hit nearly as many

if the cone effect is on a hex map, hmmm... [n x (n + 1)]/2, so 50ft is 10 hex, that would roughly be 55 targets assuming 1 per hex?

Druid should work as a new class, there is a feat that allows casting in a beast form, though I can't recall name at the moment.
*edit* Reincarnate would now be on your spell list, so who ever was responsible for your current life, as well as party members poking fun, just remind them that if they have an unfortunate accident, you'll be able to bring them back *grins*

Plain and Simple, if there is a Lawful Ward vs Chaos any where in town, He Can Not Summon. Period. No Summoning Chaos with a block radius of a Church of Asmodeous, or any warded government establishment. The Rule of Law in Cheliax is The Rule of Law. A Hell Knight on patrol may take note and start an investigation, with help, they are not stupid after all. It's not railroading if the player intends to be a visible disturbance, they should expect a harsh response. Cheliax didn't become the power it is pulling punches.

quibblemuch wrote:
If you can grapple and pin them, Form-Fixing Gauntlets can do the trick.

I do like the effect and use of those Gauntlets, unfortunately when I gave them as part of several awards to my party, they were more interested in a weapon to beat down a shape shifter than controlling one...

Yossarin wrote:

I would open a plane to a terrible place with horrible monsters and a timeline that moves much more slowly than ours. Then, I would manufacture evidence that makes it seem like my entire cult fled the hideout into the portal and took a bunch of awesome treasure with us. The adventurers will jump into the portal chasing valuable gold, xp, and vengeance; then we come back from the cantina around the corner, close the portal, set up shop again, and have a few centuries to cement our dominion over the local communities before the adventurers return.

But I'm sure someone else has a more fun and fair suggestion!

That is one of the most sadistic idea's I've seen in some time and I'm tempted to steal it!

Page(CRB)565: Spell Resistance prevents a spell from disrupting another spell.
I'd view that as if the Spell Resistance isn't bypassed, then the Mirror Image isn't effected as any normal targeted spell would have a chance to disrupt an image.

a Falcata maybe? APG

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Black Dougal wrote:

Lol..I loved Lexx and first wave.

I love that forever knight is defined as really old stuff..

Ok, here's a few:

Sweating Bullets
The misadventures of Sheriff Lobo
Its you're move
Herman's Head
Wizards and Warriors

Loved Wizards and Warriors, there was also Covington Cross, which sadly, never saw the last episodes aired in the states...

It's Your Move! Yes! "The Dregs of Humanity!" Remembered!

And I remember Sheriff Lobo, was a semi-villain on BJ and the Bear, but as a spin off, we got to see him as a hero instead.

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You Need Bruce Campbell!

Otherwise you would be dropping the weapon as a free action, leaving it open to be lost, kicked, sundered*, picked up and used against you. *while Sundering provokes an attack of opportunity from the holder, I am not sure that would apply to a dropped weapon...

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Heather 540 wrote:
Reboot Reboot! Seriously, there's a cartoon called Reboot.

By Main Frame Entertainment IIRC, same company that did Transformers: Beast Wars.

There was that attempt to reboot "Lost in Space" last 90's that didn't go anywhere. There was talk of a "Space 1999" continuation, 2099 I think, but never saw much more on it. Knight Rider retries came and went, Viper was similar but good, Time Trax seemed unfinished, Invisible Man left off for a possible additional season that never happened.

Cliff Hangers was a good series that ran 3-4 short episodes of different series, Kolchak the Night Stalker was better than the reboot it got last decade.

Sadly, a lot of great classics I just can't see reboots of simple because of settings that don't exist any more.

I've had goblins get back to back crits and wipe out half a party in what was supposed to be an into to the adventure...
I've tried fudging dice rolls, but my players usually expect 75% of my rolls in the open, in front of screen rather than behind, though those usually play out badly for party then...

Fire Breathing Dire Bunnies...
May have to combine a few templates, but 3-4 critters of around CR 4, but scattered about the cave so they only encounter 1 at first, but hear the others in the distance, think Aliens...

When the party is setting up an ambush, that single standard action for surprise round would be the time to cast it.

hmmm, still sounds interesting

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1st Rysky was the 1st reply,
2nd, why do I feel this should be attached to "Succubus in a Grapple" thread?
3rd, Congradulations! You Summoned Rysky on the 1st Reply!

There may be a reference some where in forum for a time line of AP's, Early 3.5 modules have certain dates/years listed and given nation books usually have time lines in the opening pages. Inner Seas Guide may be worth a look at as well. It's just a matter of how you wish to build a campaign.

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