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Invulnerable is a +3 Enhancement cost but grants the wearer DR 5/Magic, but looking for Blunt attacks, from 3.0/3.5 there is Hammerblock* with a +2 Enhancement cost, but grants the wearer a DR of 5/(Piercing/Slashing), which basicly means a magic hammer/mace will still have 5 points of damage removed, but piercing/slashing weapons still do normal damage.

ok no feather fall, so take fall damage -5 from DR (unless falling on spikes, OUCH!).

*Magic Item Compendium

Wizard casts Simulacrum (of themselves) and sends it with the party...

Just a note, Smite Evil does Double Damage against Dragons, so it would be a bonus 16 for each use.

The boat sinks! Rescue by Pirate Sea Elves! Feed the survivors to the Kraken! The party wakes up from the nightmare of the bad storm to a peaceful landing on the island the next day...

I didn't know you can get a +1 from Cold Iron? Though isn't Cold Iron Waster Work already? I've seen posts about Tiefling with Over-Sized Arms for wielding larger weapons, though I'm wondering if Titan Mauler(?) archetype (if I have name correct) might be a possibility as well?

Sounds like a mix of Monk(or Brawler) and Bolt Ace(?)

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The sword cuts as normal but as the blade passes, the wound heals as quickly, leaving not a scar, but the process of accelerating days of healing in mere seconds leaves the target with a fatiguing effect, hence the Non leathal damage. Stealing the visual from Wound Healer from the Book of Swords there.

just as an example, check out Wound Healer from the Book of Swords series.

I've been looking at action economy for sorcerer and several of my friends have tried to give examples of what a sorcerer can do to support a party. One example is Twinned Haste, but thinking about it, the Sorcerer is giving up their action so two other PC's can each get an extra action from my understanding, but at the level a sorcerer can twin Haste, wouldn't a Fighter already get another action? Wouldn't a third Fighter be better than a Sorcerer Twinning Haste on two Fighters?
It's just been bugging me with how Action economy works and how it seems to favor Melee types over Casters.

Anyone else have an opinion of Casters vs Melee Balance?

Ah was reading differently way title read, didn't even think of a prison

*edit* while not in Pathfinder, you may consider Tiamat as a back ground visual as she is listed as making her home in the 1st plane of Hell and that devils steer clear of her when she wanders about. As an example, the party has a tough fight and manages to defeat a high CR Devil, only to see in the distance Tiamat wipe the floor with a half dozen of same Devils with out breaking a sweat, She really is that tough! She could rule the 1st plane but doesn't want to...

if you can find it, use 3.0/3.5 planar guides, just update the mobs to Pathfinder versions, but the special features of each plane should be roughly same with little to no conversions needed.

While the point of slower spell progression has been made, looking at it from just playing an Oracle 5/Sorcerer 5 you would have 2nd lvl spell access with both class, while an Oracle 3/Sorcerer 3/Mystic Theurge 4 would have access to 3rd lvl spells for both classes.
Mystic Theurge is an interesting choice if you want the ability to mix spells and at lvl 10 use the cast a divine and arcane spell at same time once per day ability, tossing in Quicken Spell if you want a 3rd spell in same round.

Another Down Side though, Mystic Theurge only adds to caster lvls for spell progression, Sorcerer bloodline abilities remain as 3rd lvl as do any Oracle abilities dependent on Class Level.

So we have slower spell progression with a lower ceiling on spell lvls, but we have significantly more spell casting in quantity and flexibility in what spells to cast when, again adding in Quicken Spell, for a quick heal or surprise damage cast or buff.

ever thought of playing a Gnoll PC with a Pugwampi pet? I recall reading some where gnolls are immune to pugwampi bad luck auras

is the cohort's name Kenny?

//weird comic relief on// a Goblin Druid/Oozamorph with Roll with it feat, if it ever misses an acrobatics check it simply goes splat...

Forget gaming that night and just watch the original Conan the Barbarian...

Kiba Kurokage wrote:
Scrapper wrote:
I'm trying to figure out why you took a drawback(trait) for an extra trait if you start out with two traits and only have two traits selected. I see the Race trait, but that is part of race and not part of the traits you select from what I can tell.

Because it's an alternate race trait. Dm's rule, and I forget where he showed me, but apparent;y it's part of either the rules somewhere, or houserule, that an alternate racial trait takes up a trait, because typically it gives you something more useful/specialized then the default.

trevor86 wrote:
I am very coincidentally also playing a healer in WOTR. Although my character is wisdom based and your's isn't, your oracle revelation of the healer's hands makes the below actually even more effective for you.

That's certainly very interesting! I'll have to look more into applying the heal skill as well especially since that fits in well with the theme of the character.

Found it, Blood of the Beast/Pg. 12/Superior Shapeshifter(Racial Trait), if your DM is charging you a trait pick for it, they are cheating you out of a trait because it's a Racial Trait that already trades out Kitsune Magic Racial Trait. It is Not a Race Trait. You should either drop the Drawback Trait or pick a third trait. You can check forums for more explanation, but Racial Traits and Race Traits are Not related, You can not use your two starting traits for picks on Racial traits as these are self contained adjustments to the character that include a balancing change. Also Racial traits are perhaps better explained in the Advanced Races Guide.

I'm trying to figure out why you took a drawback(trait) for an extra trait if you start out with two traits and only have two traits selected. I see the Race trait, but that is part of race and not part of the traits you select from what I can tell.

if your running into AC's over 35 at lvl 7, some thing is seriously wrong! I can see a boss mob in the 26-35 range, but 50 seems more like late teens to epic.

Sorcerer(2) dip for True Strike(V,F), then Paladin(3) for armor, smite, and Lay on Hands(swift action self heal), then Dragon Disciple. Grab Fey Foundling at 1st lvl for the +2hp/die on any healing done to you. Can also Cross-Blood Draconic with another if you want to pick up some thing extra, Karmic(Wildblooded) would add a nice defense, or Celestial for a light ranged heal.

I Just had an Evil Idea inspired by this spell I'd never heard of until now! So the head master of the local academy of magic, who acquired the position by forging a copy of his late brother's will, the former head master, and has been "cooking the books" to embezzle from school and students. He has begun having portraits painted of him and students of noted aptitude (parents are wealthy), arcane marked, and labeled "Noted Graduate of Year XXXX", and given to the parents. He keeps tabs on the wealthy, and some of the poor "working" students get used as scape goats in odd events surrounding the school.

the BBEG swaps places with a bodyguard and plays dead early into the fight with a high perform skill, party moves on and fights his highly skilled double and barely wins, then notice a beard and wig, and in dramatic reveal, stands in the door way, trips a lever and seals them into their doom, should the depleted party manage to get out they still catch him and beat him down, only for him to laugh and shed all wounds off for the big reveal that they had their chance to run, turning into an ancient dragon/demon hybrid that can only be truly harmed by +5 or good weapons, with clerical magic focus and a few heal spells for self...

Smite Evil helps for one attack, but you do get that defense bonus for rest of fight, plus Cha to all Saves is a nice perk.

One advantage to Divination specialty is the initiative bonus 1/2 your caster lvl and always able to act in a surprise round. I'd recommend going with Warrior of Old(Elf Race trait) and improved initiative, then focus on buffs/defense spells to nudge party into less of a disadvantage those times they get surprised. Magic Missile with Toppling Spell more screams for the Evoker specialist tbh. Caster Lvl 7 spell(4th lvl) to recall would be Globe of lessor invulnerability, Stone skin, Resilient Sphere, or Greater invisibility, as a suggestion for those surprise round situations, though Haste(3rd lvl) can also be a good call. As to abilities for the ring to imbue it with, several options from existing rings come to mind, Ring of Wizardy III or IV would be good for spells per day, Ring of Spell Storing, Ring of Sustenance, Ring of Force Shield, Ring of Feather Fall, and Ring of Evasion are also good choices for effects to imbue a ring with, or if allowed, mix two or more effects into one ring.

Light, Daylight, Continual Flame can all be Heightened with the metamagic feat, their lvl is equal to the spell slot lvl assigned to the castings, a 10th lvl sorcerer using up a 5th lvl spell slot can cast any of those as a 5th lvl spell, and unless Deeper Darkness is Heightened as well, should over come it.

Mysterious Stranger wrote:

My vote would be Paladin. This would also allow you to use wands on the paladins spell list without having to use UMD. Smite evil also give you your CHA to hit which for a sorcerer is pretty useful. You also get diplomacy and sense motive as class skills so you can be the party face.

Don’t forget that a 2nd level paladin also get lay on hands. The healing is only going to be 1d6, but you also get additional uses equal to your CHA modifier.

And as a bonus, swift action self heal with Lay on Hands, if you had Fey Foundling(inner sea guide), you would get an added +2hp/die in healing on self.

Cthulhu in Power Armor...

lemeres wrote:
And here, I was just taping explosive rune kick me signs to my zombies...

Brains... *zombie wanders about in tattered clothing and a new brightly dyed T-shirt that reads: "Hi! My Master spent a fortune animating Me and all I got was this *EXPLOSIVE RUNES* T-shirt!"

Boon Companion feat would compensate mostly

mix in 5 lvls of Paladin and take focus on weapon bond - lance, bless weapon spell, and smite evil on a charge, if the target is evil, crits are auto confirmed with Bless Weapon.

Doesn't good characters suffer negative effects while in a desecrated area? Wouldn't part of the adventure if not all of it at this point be in a technical Desecrated area? Ok Desecrate helps Evil creatures, but add in circle of protection from good, a few targeted dispel good effects, and a few unholy blights, all in an obvious Unhallowed area, that should off set quite a few bonus effects

I recall a Chelaxian Priest archetype that gained an imp familiar, but I can not recall the exact source.

Cross-blooded Draconic and Elemental has some good options as well, for a more utility cross-blooded mix, Sylvan and Arcane makes an interesting mix, get a familiar and an animal companion, but as a single line, really need to look at what spell mix you want and what theme fits the best, Red or Gold Dragon blood line for fire, Arcane if you want a familiar or bonded weapon, Abyssal or Infernal would fit a Tiefling, Celestial for an Aasamir. If your running with Rangers/Druids, Fey or Sylvan(mutated fey) might be a good theme fit for an elf or gnome.

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Cutting through the maze: "Hey! This wall is bleeding! That's not blood! It's a Gray Ooze!"

Enlarge Person is a bit iffy depending on rest of party as well because of the Humanoid limitation, it doesn't work on Native Outsider types, ie Tieflins, Aasamirs, Elemental Kin.

The original Dragonlance campaign modules should work converted over from 1st/2nd edition, save for draconians, it would be a mostly straight conversion Pathfinder, though there may have been a 3rd ed conversion. Starting range for that series was lvl 3-5 iirc, party of 4 to 6 could do DL 1-3 easy enough, starting out at lvl 3 and ending at lvl 5.

Said worshippers might not need to be evil, but could be Lawful Neutral, simply focused on a lawful environment and society, assuming I'm thinking of the same devil.

Your Eidolon is named Jarvis...

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Synthesist Summoner might be a good rout as well

could just go with base line and spend part of the resources by level on additional spells

There was an episode of SyFy's Killjoys last season similar to that.
Season 3, Episode 3 "The Hullen Have Eyes"

Advanced Players Guide, Blight Druid might be of interest, possibly mixed with pack lord if no conflicts, haven't checked, but having several diseased/poisonous companions would be a bonus.

ekibus wrote:

@Scrapper- huh I've seen gm's prevent players from rolling behind screens but never the gm. To me that would seem you don't trust the gm, who is running the world. Maybe it is just me, when I used to gm and I knew someone would be killed by that crit I just rolled...well I didn't roll that crit after all, not saying to abuse it, just keep things fun.

I would talk to the gm if you really want to keep the cleric. Maybe a npc frees him and now he is indebted. Or he renounces with every intent to reconnect with his god.

Me personally as a GM, having my players(four plus out of eight) want most of my rolls visible on the "Boss" or "Weird" encounters, but don't seem to mind my behind the screen rolls when it's common mob encounters they expect to take out like the trash.

Just suggesting that it's not always heavy handedness if the players, through their actions, have backed a GM into a corner.

At this time, not enough information to support a conclusion either way though.

ekibus wrote:
Really a good gm will move away from the dice when needed. I don't think there is any rule about detect magic blinding the person. Also "renouncing" will not effect your alignment. Sorry but I think the GM is playing everything loose except keeping your character around

Some times you'll get players that want to see most of the GM rolls rather than just hear them behind the screen, in those cases it's hard to fudge rolls in the parties favor, just guessing this may be a similar case. Still it's an interesting case, and from the sounds of it, it may have been the party that decided to venture there despite nudging against it and other DM warnings.

Order of the Stick #638
Sorry, not sure how to make links live...

dmitriR wrote:

According to the rules of Summon Nature's Ally, RAW seems to imply that you can summon any type of elemental

Including Air, Earth, Fire, Water... and Aether?

Rules as Intended, i'm sure that its supposed to only be the four core elements, but I was wondering, was there an official ruling on whether or not the Elementals that a Druid can summon is restricted to the 4 elements, or are Aether elementals included in the list?

This caught me by surprise as well when the party druid summoned Positive Elementals to deal with an Anti-Paladin Death Knight, which turned an epic battle into an epic fizzle, it wasn't until the next day I found out they were 3rd party, I try to keep to books I own, but with everyone using smart-phones to look up stuff, game would crash to an end if I questioned every thing my players, Eight of them at the time, were doing in the fight.

So What Elementals can a Druid summon? Does a DM have to set limitation before a campaign begin? That is a lot of material to cover...

have the assassins hire on as ship's crew, make sure all the auxiliary boats are unusable/will sink on use, poison the ships stores, if they survive poisoning, set the boat on fire, break the rigging, and otherwise make sure the assassins delay the PC's attempts to escape the sinking ship, the "You may be stronger than us, but we're taking you with us to a watery grave! HA!"

The One Ring...

It may be an intelligent but evil item that serves the Villain because they have the same goals or the Villain is actually under the items influence/control. The item in question may be the true Villain, a cursed intelligent item or enchanted to Magic Jar the spirit of a powerful Villain back into it's self when the host dies, waiting for it's next victim/host. PC's may decide not to use it if it detects as Evil, but if they are reckless and decide to use it regardless, it may slowly attempt to take over the possessor and turn them on the rest of the party. Just a note, Even Useable by Evil might not be enough with enough Use Magical Device skill available.
*edit* Laillia from "Record of Lodoss War" anime was under the influence of a Tiara possessed by the spirit of the powerful witch Karla, She was a villain of sorts, but one of the heroes personal quest was to rescue her from it's control...

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