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Scrapper's page

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a Famed adventurer wanders into town and over hears the party in a local bar, get's into an argument that they shouldn't get in his way, fight breaks out and he wipes the floor with the party. Next the party, while recovering, hear that the same Famed adventurer was found in pieces in the remains of a building near the dock next evening...

Secret Wizard wrote:
sorry i came to this thread by accident thought it would be about a build for someone who wants to slay gnomes


Daspolo wrote:

Scrapper, I'd think that would be considered open ended as per everyone else's ideas. They seem to have the geas be a way to either force you to do a specific task (slay x, find y) for indeffinite, but geas's that enforce behavior (don't do this, always do this) would be temporary. So yours likely would be temporary.

Also, you don't prevent them from eating when not a slave, just give them additional permission to.

I'm still trying to get a handle on Geas or perhaps I'm looking at the wrong effect. Looking to this thread for some guidance on an effect on a slave with it's removal being the challenge to a PC party.

how would the following be viewed? "As long as you work as a slave, you may eat." looking at a triggered condition on a run away slave.

I wouldn't call it fire each round, but Acid Arrow does extra damage over a duration. Some of the area effect entangle spells have damage effects for their duration, then Wall of Fire would do damage every round a target is in it's effect.

My absolute Favorit, Night's Dark Terror, B10 Mod from the old basic set D&D, originally for a party with an average of 4000-5000xp, but completely doable with a lvl 1 party given feats and skills didn't exist back then, and on average, party members should have about as much HP at lvl 1 as a lvl 2-3 did in basic set!
But more to the point, the adventure starts out as a simple work for hire that evolves into an adventure, area's and NPC personalities develop around at a good pace as the world and story come to life.

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I have a 6 inch base pawn I made for the Tarrasque, and on the base I wrote "Thou Hath Angered the GM!"

Would gathering information/supplies/personal development be exceptions?

Andoran, oddly enough. Kobolds with good trap building skills can find work with many who wish to secure valuables and monies.

I don't recall who produced it, but I'll try to find the box, but I am still painting a set of Ratling Skirmishers I picked up years ago.

Put her on Trial, let the locals decide her fate, and if condemned, then the paladin's duty is to execute her for the good of all, not an evil act if she was given a fair trial.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Diplomacy is specifically called out as being only for NPCs. A good diplomacy score might change how you present the encounter, but you need magic to force the PCs to act a certain way.

Hmmm, thinking, say diplomacy used to negotiate and the NPC rolls exceptionally well against the PC's, yet they refuse? If there were witnesses to the deal where the NPC negotiated what should have been an acceptable deal and the PC's cant come up with a counter argument as to why they refuse, I'd consider talk of the encounter getting out, putting them in a bad light, perhaps even having rumors spread making future negotiations more difficult. If the PC's decide to later eliminate all witnesses in future negotiations, that in turn could give them an even worse reputation should some one escape...

Something that keeps bugging me, either a red herring or possibly something important, Snarts ring that Heatwave has from when Snart sacrificed himself blowing up the temporal eye, Snart mentioned that as long as he had that ring, he always had a sixth sense of when something wasn't right. I'm wondering if something might happen were the ring and spear come in contact.

Well there goes the summoned wish granting genie...

Feral wrote:
Regrowing Harold's finger didn't seem unreasonable. Whatever magic the Hand uses was smart and powerful enough to remove his cancer for his first resurrection. Restoring a lost digit didn't seem like a huge leap from that.

We saw some thing similar in DD, though burns didn't heal well. That villain was also a Resurrected...

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Just think, under earlier editions of D&D, they'd be d4 classes...


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Java Man wrote:

RAW I think not. Summoning celestial woodchucks is a [good] spell, but their natural attacks are not good aligned, holy water and celestial woodchucks are the products of a [good] spell, not the spell.

At my table it would probably work however.

Depends on how many HD those Celestial Woodchucks have, if enough to qualify for DR/Evil, then yes

the NPC class's Expert(skills), Adept(magic), and Warrior(fighting) also work as good starts, just pick a focus, skills/magic/fighting, and at lvl 2 or later, convert into a full fledged class that best fits play style.

Canadian Bakka wrote:

You could have Nettles rising from the waters, his rasping voice, barely a whisper, yet clearly heard by all, uttering the following : "These waters be my domain. You carry the offal miasma of he who has given me rage beyond death's embrace. So long as he breathes and escapes my vengeance, my powers shall continue to stretch the length and span of these waters, denying all who seek to cross over. Until the blood toll is paid in full, I shall know no respite. If you are his by oath, your lives are mine to reap."

Then give the PCs a chance to use Diplomacy or Bluff to either convince him that they're not men of the Stag Lord or to cause a diversion so that they can flee before Nettles brings the battle to them.


Well Done! The group I play with sadly, half would miss take that as a challenge and attack, likely a campaign ending encounter...

You could look at one of the realm type classes, like Eagle Knight, Grey Corsair, Hell Knight, Ect. or those presented in the inner sea guide, while they may be weaker in some aspects, there are social gains and some spells/feats may have those as required, just depends on setting and characters background.

If the target is wearing armor and/or using a shield, the Brilliant Energy weapon will ignore all AC, including Enhancements, from that source, but all other types still count

Matthew Downie wrote:

All AC bonuses apply except for Armor and Shield bonuses.

So the Mage Armor and Shield spells would provide no protection against a Brilliant Energy weapon. But insight, luck, and the other things you list would all work.

I'm sure it's regarding AC enhancement on Armor and shield, Mage Armor and Shield spells are force effects and would count against Brilliant Energy as would bracers of defense. An AC enhancement on a Robe would not.

Unless a feat states it alters a unique ability, in this case, it should only affect spell slots, but is GM's final call.

I'm sure it's #3, as the con mod should only affect the base roll. It shouldn't negate options to increase hp on lvl up. Toughness and Favored class bonus should simply adjust the min hp value up.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Fey in Space? I'm fairly certain they explode when kicked out the airlock...

Gamble? wagers on Darts? Arm Wrestle? Typical Bar room brawls? Shop in the local market, seek out a reasonable smith to fix dents in armor and sharpen blades? Lift up a passing wagon that had a wheel just break, be a hero before a crowd? What is your strong suit stat? is there a carnival in town? get a temp job as a Strongman(str), Trick shooter(dex), deep diver(con/str). Dashing type?(dex/cha).

Personally I had a Sorceress in an Eberron game a few years ago that was part of house Vadalis, I used my house status to make contacts with other houses that had favorable dealings, scoring reduced rates on lodging and travel services, as well as getting the party part time work as caravan guards to get places when we needed to not arouse suspicion. I had the social interactions that the rogues(npc roguge, PC rogue/wizard, PC rogue/ranger, PC rogue/fighter) in party did not have, though they tended to be the steal shiny things types when in town...

Felix Danger wrote:
Am I the only one who seems to see these types of mats as consistently problematic at or near the folds with minis falling over. I've attempted to reverse fold and leave out for a bit but they've never lain completely flat.

I picked up a 2.5 x 3.4ft art portrait carry case just for flip mats, have kept them flat and they store nice under/behind a couch. But yes, constant folds do cause a problem, and a hot iron and moist towel are not always handy to smooth one out.

So she has moved up in rank? well, those under would like to move up as well, and one decided to cause trouble, but direct the blame to get her eliminated, so now it's prove her innocence as well as unmask the real culprit! Even worse, this new succubus has seduced one of the ranking church members inclined to put the aforementioned Succubus and child to the sword!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Shrink Item on a burning caldron of oil, use as sling ammo?

Brandt Welles wrote:

I apologize, but I'm just confirming that you're saying all of her stat block factors in all of the correct bonuses/penalties and I should just roll with what it says and go:

1st attack: Main hand: +18
2nd attack: Off-hand: +13
3rd attack: Main hand: +8

I agree, for someone who's supposed to be so good at manipulation and smart enough to orchestrate the whole Turtleback Ferry/Skull's Crossing scheme, she's awfully bad at planning her own survival. In my campaign she managed to escape to Hook Mountain, so they will be encountering her alongside Barl and a few Stone Giants (my players are running through the enemies, so I've beefed up most encounters).

Should be

1st attack: Main hand: +18
1st attack: Off-hand: +18
2nd attack: Main hand: +13
3rd attack: Main hand: +8

Yah it does seem a special circumstance, in the bury zone all take 8d6, save for half, and in the slide zone, take 3d6 or NO damage on save. It's likely meant as an affected area too large to effectively escape from, though considering making the first save in the bury zone saves you from the secondary effect as well, which also makes this different from most Evasion reflex saves, that there is a secondary effect tied in. Really since this is an Environment hazard, it's the GM's call.

I'd rule the roots must share the same soil/earth, be it 12ft away or 20,000 miles. Still, I'd expect some one to try transplanting a tree on a far off world with enough soil to qualify...

Summoner with a dire-rat based eidolon? Rat empathy might give some limited control over a summoned rat swarm, then can just theme the summons around rats. Alternately try druid with the Pack Lord archetype.

Fly is 60ft, can descend at double that speed, 120ft, and can charge(double move) for double that, for a total of 240ft, if I am reading the descend speed as a single move action correctly. Not sure if this helps any.

Fly spell grants a speed of 60, with a full out dive being 240. I'm not sure what falling speed would be and haven't found any thing in CRB currently. It does seem odd, though as the caster, they should be allowed to end a spell prematurely.

Snowlilly wrote:
SuperUberGeek wrote:
+3 furious falchion bypasses DR/Evil. It counts as a plus 5, which bypasses alighnmebt.
Bypassing DR is not the same thing as negating regeneration. You need to actually inflict one of the stated damage types to kill a creature with regeneration.

I agree with Snowlily on this.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

could use a poker chip or other disk around 2 inches under the base to represent the new size/space the character take.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Trap finding and disable traps was a main thing for rogues in 3.0, now I want to throw traps at the party to give the rogue a moment to shine and the wizard wants to disable them because they have the higher intellect...

Was looking up Pugwampi and Gnolls are immune to the un-luck effect. Also, wouldn't a Pugwampi as a familiar have better hit points?

Looking at the idea of a Gnoll caster, either Adept or Arcane Bloodline Sorcerer with Improved Familiar Feat, Caster Level 5-8. Would a Pugwampi be fitting as familiar? Would this be a worth while challenge for a lvl 8 party?

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Bracers of Armor are actually created with the spell Mage Armor as part of it's creation, so in effect it's a permanent AC set Mage Armor spell, so only the better of the two effects function.

One of those Heroic moments where you catch the arrow and fire it right back at the enemy archer...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

*throws a Pugwampi at Darksol*

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Be a Gnoll and throw Pugwampis at them...

Bless Weapon is a good spell for bolts, and are deadly to Rakshasa!

Fleet feat under valued? as OP. I recently came across a note that Fleet was an Un-typed effect. We have all been discussing movement, but ground movement only, yet from other posts about base speed modifiers, that +5ft of fleet may be possible to add to flight and swim if those modes are naturally available or provided by magic, ect...
Any thoughts?
Would this change the value of Fleet(feat)?
I am looking at a Witch with Fly Hex, Would Fleet add to Fly Base Speed?

You want ruin? don't just remove the BP, have Monty talk the other party members into starting projects with the resources on hand, get the people involved with a grand project while slowly making funds disappear! Not only are all the funds missing, but now you have Debt for all the IOU's starting the projects have added!

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Oh Great Cthulu?

GM Eazy-Earl wrote:
Scrapper wrote:
I believe they gain the vulnerability after they take damage, so any following attack(s),before the end of your next turn, gets the +50%, not the original attack
The description of the power states the vulnerability is gained when the save is failed. That would be before any damage is taken from the initial elemental blast, yes? I'd be of the opinion that a failed save for the elemental blast would result in vulnerability to the elemental blast.

So basicly Save for Half or take 150%? That really sounds absurd!

If they are standing, they are frozen in place, if flying, they hold their last pose, but would possibly fall to the ground depending on mode of flight, say wings flapping vs spell. Also swimming might cause some one to drown if movement was required to tread water.

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