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Dalviss Crenn

Scott Young's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 49 posts (3,587 including aliases). 51 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 16 Pathfinder Society characters. 15 aliases.

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Wow, what a great issue! Flipping through quickly to see my own (first ever) article, I had to stop half a dozen times to read the awesome stuff that caught me eye. I'm incredibly proud to have been able to contribute something amongst such illustrious colleagues.

(And my article got ART! SQUEE!)

Ahem. Yes. Well done, Wayfinder folks!

Wealday, 12 Desnus, 4715 A.R.

Last night's message was short and to the point. "Venture-Captain Valsin wishes to see you in his office, tomorrow at 8 bells." Arriving at the Grand Lodge, you make your way to the familiar waiting room which sits outside the Venture-Captain's office. Waiting with you are five other individuals, presumably Pathfinders, of varying description.

Go ahead and describe yourselves and handle introductions. Please include a description of what you look like that anyone would see.

Here are a few notes on how I run PbP games, and the expectations for everyone (including me). You can see more on my GM Lamplighter profile.

1. Posting frequency - post as often as needed, but once a day. If you don't respond to my post after 24 hours or so, I will NPC you so we can keep things moving. If you're going to be away, let me know and I can do this as well.

2. Combat - I will roll Perception, initiative, and Knowledge checks automatically. Once I post the initiative order and list the PCs who are "up" next, you can post your actions in any order. I will go through and resolve the actions in initiative order, so don't assume someone else's action has occurred just because they posted before you. If people don't post within a day when they're up, they'll go on delay until they do post.

3. Actions - when posting your actions, please include your movement plans - "2 squares W and 3 squares NW" or similar. I will move the icons in initiative order as well. I find this less confusing than having everyone move their own icons on the map - it's hard to tell what path PCs take that way.

4. Maps - I'm using Google Docs for maps. Make sure you can access Google Docs.

Here are some hints on PbP etiquette:
Doomed Hero's Guide to PbP
Painlord's Guide to PbP

Now recruiting! Submit your character here.

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–5.

Rumors of a lost shrine in the Segang Jungle draw the Pathfinder Society’s attention, but the prohibitive cost of sending a team into the wilds of Jalmeray threatens to shut down the expedition before it even begins. Fortunately, a wealthy patron has offered to fund the PCs travel expenses in return for their help in his decades-old quest. Can the Pathfinders balance this new obligation with their exploration of the archaeological site?

Content in “The Segang Expedition” also contributes directly to the ongoing storyline of the Sovereign Court faction.

Hi folks,

I'm just looking at my play record to see if I qualify for 5 stars. One of the requirements is having GM'd ten "special scenarios". This includes both the multi-table specials, and the 4/5-star GM Exclusives. The problem is, as each exclusive gets released as a general scenario, it is being reported under the general scenario code rather than the exclusive code, no matter when it was run. So, for example, I have two plays of 3-16 The Midnight Mauler, despite the fact that I ran them when they were the exclusive 2-EX. This is the case for all -EX scenarios.

For me, it may not matter since I have GM'd lots of the convention multi-table specials, but for other GMs this makes it hard to see if they qualify for their 5th star based on their play record. I realize there is likely a problem with tracking 2 versions of the scenario (with regard to player replay, etc), but it would be great if there was a way for the online reporting system to record how many specials have been GM'd.



With the introduction of Thornkeep and the Emerald Spire, we have seen a series of scenarios which take one session to play, but which are worth the same credit as a full module or sanctioned AP requiring at least and likely three sessions. This creates the potential for GMs and players to "maximize efficiency" by only playing or running Thornkeep and Emerald Spire. As more Free RPG modules are released, this problem gets worse.

I propose that the XP and PP rewards of Thornkeep, Emerald Spire, and all Free RPG Day modules be reduced to 1XP, 2PP, and 1 GM star credit - in other words, the same as PFS scenarios. This is more in keeping with the actual time spent and experience gained by playing these scenarios, which with few exceptions occur within a single game session like PFS scenarios do.

Sanctioned modules and sanctioned APs would remain at 3XP, 4PP, and 2 GM star credits as they currently are.

I would suggest that this would not be retroactive, but confess I don't know all of the issues surrounding this as far as the reporting system goes.

It is mid-morning when the messenger approaches you. "Venture-Captain Dreng requests your presence - please convene in meeting room 12." Even those of you who are still Initiates undergoing final training have heard of Drandle Dreng before. Stories of his midnight summons, and the convoluted adventures which spring from them, have attained near-mythic status in the Society. The idea that he has summoned you to a meeting during regular working hours strikes you as... odd. Perhaps it is due to your junior status within the organization.

As you head through the gates of the Grand Lodge, you cannot help but be impressed by the Society's home base. The imposing tower of Skyreach dominates the view, its upper levels supposedly where the masked Decemvirate charts the organization's course. Training areas, classrooms, and residences dot the rest of the campus, but your eye is drawn towards a lush forest growing against the western wall. Within those centuries-old trees stands the Wall of Names - the place where fallen Pathfinders are memorialized. It is perhaps telling that the wall was built on such a scale, and even after four hundred years, there is still plenty of blank space on the wall for incautious Pathfinders.

Arriving at Skyreach, you are ushered in to a well-appointed meeting room to wait for the Venture-Captain.

Go ahead and post a description of your character, and feel free to introduce yourselves in-character.

Discussion thread - will get game play thread in a moment.

Recruiting now! Before you express interest, please consider the following:

* I am looking for people who can, and will, post at least once a day. People who routinely coast for days at a time and only check in for combat will be dropped from the game.

* this is a Core Campaign, Pathfinder Society (PFS) scenario. If you don't know what that means, you'll want to visit the Pathfinder Society page and look at the information there. "Core campaign" means that only rules from the Core Rulebook are allowed in character creation.

* For this game, I'm looking for players who make actual Pathfinder characters - characters who are ready, willing and able to fulfill the Society's mantra of "Explore, Report, Cooperate". I don't really want no-skill barbarians or "all I can do is watch my tiger play" characters. I love me a slug-fest as well, but I prefer those in-person and using different scenarios. This one is a roleplay-heavy scenario, and play-by-post really lets that come out.

In exchange for all this, I promise I will try and provide an awesome gaming experience for you.

If you're interested, please post with a full character sheet before Wednesday, March 11 at 11PM Central Time. I'll take the most interesting and cohesive six characters that we have at that point. (I hate "first to post gets in" games, because I never get in to those... hence the timed deadline.)


3 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 6 people marked this as a favorite.

Given the unbalancing nature of combat-trained animals in PFS, be it resolved that no combat animals should be allowed in PFS unless they are class features. PFS should be about individual heroics, and the more animals at the table, the less each PC contributes to the group's success. This is especially true at low levels, when out-of-tier animals are available for very little money.

This would mean that animal companions, familiars, and bonded mounts are allowed, but no character could buy a combat animal other than a horse, riding dog, camel, (perhaps other typical mounts?)


I am running several PbP games, and have discovered that I have a small number of players who are not actively participating in the games (and who haven't told me they'd be away/busy/unable to check in/whatever).

At first, my stance was to leave them wherever they were standing, and essentially treat them as if they were on delay until they checked back in, but this is unfair to the other players (especially when the non-participating player can bump the APL up and affect the difficulty). I could similarly NPC them, but I feel that shouldn't be the case for large portions of the game.

My "common sense" solution would be to not give gp/XP/PP credit for the encounters they were absent for, but that seems somewhat harsh. And, there are also players who are 'participating' by choosing to do nothing at all, sometimes not even entering the building with the rest of the party - what about them? Of course, sometimes there are in-game reasons for this (I'm looking at you, Mr. Paladin asked to break into a place illegally!), but I don't know how I can justify giving a character rewards when they aren't even in the building.

I have flagged the non-participation to the player in some cases, and not (yet) in others. I thought I should have a policy in place before I go much farther.

Precedent? Comment? Opinion?


VERY cool stuff, John! Can't wait to see what the other factions have in store!

I have room for 1 more PC in this table. If interested, submit your 1st or 2nd level PFS-legal PC here. This is a RP-heavy, team-based scenario, so please don't submit a DPR monster or silent, loner-type who isn't a team player. (Those are fine choices, but not for this scenario and the existing group.)

It is mid-morning when the messenger approaches you. "Venture-Captain Dreng requests your presence - please convene in meeting room 12." Even those of you who are still Initiates undergoing final training have heard of Drandle Dreng before. Stories of his midnight summons, and the convoluted adventures which spring from them, have attained near-mythic status in the Society. The idea that he has summoned you to a meeting during regular working hours strikes you as... odd. Perhaps it is due to your junior status within the organization.

As you head through the gates of the Grand Lodge, you cannot help but be impressed by the Society's home base. The imposing tower of Skyreach dominates the view, its upper levels supposedly where the masked Decemvirate charts the organization's course. Training areas, classrooms, and residences dot the rest of the campus, but your eye is drawn towards a lush forest growing against the western wall. Within those centuries-old trees stands the Wall of Names - the place where fallen Pathfinders are memorialized. It is perhaps telling that the wall was built on such a scale, and even after four hundred years, there is still plenty of blank space on the wall for incautious Pathfinders.

Arriving at Skyreach, you are ushered in to a well-appointed meeting room to wait for the Venture-Captain. Around you are five other individuals of varying descriptions.

Go ahead and post a description of your character, and feel free to introduce yourselves in-character. We will start Monday morning.

Discussion thread for table 3.

Still room for 2 more PCs!

Discussion thread.

I have room for 1 more player in my second table of this game, starting ASAP. Post your PFS-legal 1st level PC here, with more than just stats but including some background. This is a roleplay-heavy, team scenario; please don't submit a silent loner-type or murderhobo sociopath. Preference given to a PC that fits the existing group and GM best.

Still room for 1 player!

Discussion thread.

Recruiting for the new evergreen scenario, #6-10 The Wounded Wisp. PFS-legal PC's of level 1 welcome to express interest. We'll start when we have a party of 6. Lots of roleplaying in this scenario, not just a slugfest.


JimCon in Winnipeg is this weekend, and we have 30+ tables of Pathfinder Society running all weekend! We have the exclusive Bonekeep scenarios, the multi-table special "Blood Under Absalom" on Saturday night, and lots of prize support from Paizo - hardcover books, boons, and other great stuff. Winnipeg is the home lodge of Myron "NoStrings" Pauls, who won a Campaign Service Award for his 3-D terrain at PaizoCon - come play on a full-scale model of the Storval Stairs! We also are pleased to have Andy Christian, V-C of the Minnesota-St. Paul region, as our special guest.

You can sign up now at . Weekend pass is only $25; Friday Pass is $10, Saturday Pass is $15; Sunday Pass is $10. Join us in Winnipeg!

Welcome, folks! We will get started asap - again, sorry for the delay but it's a con weekend here.

Go ahead and post in-character to introduce yourselves - you are sitting in the anteroom of Ambrus Valsin's office in the grand Lodge in Absalom, waiting for Ambrus to call you in. V-C briefing will be posted this evening.

Hi folks! We have a con this weekend and so the start will be a little slow - apologies for that.

Please make sure your online profile is up-to-date so I can refer to your character details. I will get the gameplay thread going first thing tomorrow morning.

Now recruiting for PFS PbP GameDay 3! Game starts Nov. 1. Please post your character details here - I'd like to see the PCs before accepting the group. This is a scenario that benefits from well-rounded PCs, so you probably don't want to sign up with your one-trick smasher or shooter.

Current line-up:
Hailey (aasimar cleric-7)
Todric - Lore Warden 5 or 6
Curraigh - ??
Galdur XXI - ??

Two open spaces.


As the title suggests: why is a 3-hour combat mission worth 3 times the experience of a 5-hour Pathfinder mission?

Alternatively, why is a 3-hour combat encounter worth the equivalent of a sanctioned AP chapter, which takes 8-12 hours, has more combats, and also social encounters, puzzles, traps, etc? Isn't all the non-combat Pathfinding worth XP and PP?

This affects both sides of the GM screen. As an example, Thornkeep level 2 is 8 single-sided pages of material, of which 1 is a full-page map and one is a full-page of fluff text/artwork. So, six pages to prep, versus 15-30 for a regular PFS scenario, to get 3 times the Chronicle for GM credit and double the GM star credit. (This last part also applies to the Free RPG "modules", which count double for GMing for some reason.)

Note: this is not just a style complaint - I can choose to not run/play Thornkeep levels if I don't like them, and I know lots of players do like them. But why is the in-game reward for killing higher than that for exploring, reporting, and cooperating?

some pre-emptive thoughts, spoilered to avoid wall 'o' text:
* I recognize consumables factor into it, but that alone isn't enough to make up for the rewards disparity - conumables are also used outside of combat. My 1st-level party bought 7 scrolls of comprehend languages last night and used other consumables outside of combat in the half of an AP we got through. The Thornkeep table next to us left 90 minutes earlier and got paid more.

* I also recognize it's not just about time spent at the table - if everyone has fun at whatever pace they play, good for them. I think rewards should be equalized for different styles of play, though.


Now recruiting for PFS PbP GameDay 3! Game starts Nov. 1. Please post your character details here - I'd like to see the PCs before accepting the group. This is a scenario that benefits from well-rounded PCs, so you probably don't want to sign up with your one-trick smasher or shooter. (Although there are lots of other games running - check out this thread for links to other events.


Very cool - these are great for introducing new players to the game! I've only just scanned them, but I know they'll see heavy use at our upcoming cons. Thanks for these!

I am a bit surprised to see so little tie-in to the Society... I am guessing it was intentional, and the "explorer" is easily cast as a Pathfinder, but I am interested in why this link was not made explicit? Is the background considered too much information for a novice? Or should we amp that up when running them, to build the expectation of "Explore Report Cooperate" from the outset?


one of the quests requires robbing one grave and destroying another to "succeed",
which sets an odd precedent for the rest of the campaign... Anyone who ran these at PAX have any insight to share?


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We just ran 6-00 for our local Lodge this weekend, as part of our annual Convocation game days and GM recognition event. As we run enough tables to qualify for prize support (thanks Mike and Paizo!) we are left with the task of fairly distributing boons. For most games, we did the usual "roll a d20" system you see at cons, but for the Special we did something different.

There is a point in the scenario where players are instructed to record as much info as they can (as Pathfinders often do off-camera). We decided to get the players to actually do this, and the best Pathfinder Journal at each table would get a boon. I was frankly floored by the quality and quantity of material which was turned in!

We had pages of text with description; information on NPCs and events; results of Knowledge rolls; annotated maps; storyboards and timelines; straight factual info, and also those who "embellished" using their meta-knowledge of Golarion or various monsters. There was so much material it was hard to decide who would get the boons! It was especially gratifying that several folks did this for the entire scenario, even before we announced there would be a prize. Even the usually-combat-focused murder hobos got in on the fun.

Inspired by Kyle's idea in the Convocation scenario, I think I will turn this into a regular event at my Lodge (perhaps with spoiler-free and spoilered versions). It really got players into the "explore, report" aspect of the Society, and gave GMs both the incentive and the requirement to up their descriptive ante. Win win!


Awesome, thanks, John! I'm starting The Half-Dead City next month as a multi-session PFS game, but maybe I'll just keep going now!


Members of the old Osirion faction could take "The Risen", which allowed them to pay 8PP for a raise dead (instead of the usual 16 PP), at the cost of not ever being allowed to change factions.

When Amenopheus was on the outs with the Ruby Prince, this started to bother me, since if the Ruby Prince didn't want to be involved in Pathfinder business, why is he allowing his personal guard to go gallivanting off with them? Now, of course, the Ruby prince supports *no* factions in the Society, and so even those former Osirion members who stay in the new "Scarab Sages" faction have no connection to the Ruby Prince. Are they still not allowed to change factions?


I'm sure this is already decided, but I would just like to throw out a few thoughts on the coming r/evolution of factions.

tl;dr: The Sczarni and Cheliax factions are evil and self-serving entities that violate the fundamental team basis of the campaign, and should be removed as legal player options.

(Expecting a bunch of flames from members of those factions, of course. All I ask is that you read my arguments and think about them from a campaign perspective before writing.)

Let me first declare my allegiance to the Society above any political allegiance (even the Grand Lodge, which is after all dedicated to a political organization - the Decemvirate). I lobbied for the minimization of faction missions as soon as I realized Paizo actually listened to its audience. So overall, I have been very happy with the turn of events so far. But, over the past year I have had several issues related to factions, despite their less-dominant role in the rewards earned by characters. These issues revolve around two specific factions which will surprise very few:

On the Sczarni: Why are they a legal player choice when an evil alignment is not? The Sczarni faction are a group of people who basically are telling us, "I'm just here to make money, screw you guys." This is the textbook definition of a neutral evil outlook. I understand why they want to be in the Society, and even why (in-game) the Society allows them in (because of their vast intelligence network). I fail to see why they are a legal player option, though, given the group nature of the PFS play experience. They were accomplices in the biggest betrayal of the Society we've seen in five season of play. Their older faction missions are about stealing from the Society, extorting people while on duty as a Pathfinder, and lying and cheating their Society comrades at the table. Now, many factions have secrets, and many occasionally ask their agents to do questionable things, but the Sczarni routinely top the list in terms of "un-Pathfinder-like behaviour".

On the Paracountess and Cheliax: First, fanboi out of the way: one of my favorite NPC's ever! BUT - her stated goals for Season Five should get her executed for crimes against Golarion, and any agents that actually help her advance them should be thrown in irons as traitors to the Crusade and the Society. I don't really see how any non-evil PC can willingly be a member of her faction anymore. (I know John and Mike must see this, too, so I can't wait to find out what they've got in store for us... )


While both of these are great in-game story lines, I suggest that by their nature the Cheliax and Sczarni factions pose a major problem for Organized Play. As PFS grows and new players join without knowing the setting or the campaign background, they see these legal player options and are totally misled about the nature of the campaign. The Guide tells us "..when you find yourself doing everything in your power (...) to undo everything [another] character is trying to accomplish, you’ve probably lost sight of the purpose of Pathfinder Society Organized Play". Both the Sczarni and the Cheliax faction missions in past years, as well as the Paracountess' goals for Season Five, do exactly this, and tell their followers to do it, too.

This is not just theoretical: Of the four new-ish players I've had to talk to about alignment, PvP, and team-play recently, both FtF and online, three have been Sczarni and one has been a Cheliax faction member. I've had Sczarni players argue that since "no PvP" specifically defines itself as "don't kill another PC", that it is legal for them to intimidate, punch, or knock out other PCs, so they can do some Sczarni stuff without being caught. I've had Sczarni (and one Chelaxian) argue about the exact line where things become "evil", and use faction goals as evidence about what "must be legal" since it's a faction goal. I've had members of both factions withhold healing from anyone who disagrees with their Neutral Evil-style actions. I've had to invoke "don't be a jerk" several times on these characters.

I contend that, no matter how much "fun" they are to the members of these two factions, the in-game goals and outlooks of the Cheliax and Sczarni factions are at odds with the stated campaign goals of no evil PCs and no player-versus-player combat. We are setting up new players to run afoul of the campaign rules by giving them in-game permission to be evil (usually spelled "chaotic neutral" on the character sheet). To work in the PFS OP campaign, both factions need to be completely revamped or removed.

I hope that some of these issue can be resolved before Season Six. I'd love to find a way for both factions to become more in keeping with a group-based game, but given the Paracountess' recent actions I can't see any way for her to live except as a fugitive.

I'd love for someone to change my mind with additional evidence or show me what I'm missing in my thought process here!

I am wondering how the "player-friendly" nature of these books interfaces with the knowledge skill checks to identify creatures? By RAW, to identify a creature in combat and to know specific information, I would need to have and make the appropriate Knowledge skill check in combat. But what about the more general information? For example, can my PC already be assumed to know "Five things everyone knows about demons" from the Demon Hunter's Handbook if I have that book? What about the list of demons in the "Know your demons" section of the book? Can I "know" for example, that a babau's slime will damage my weapons because it is in the designed-for-players DHH, or do I need a Knowledge check for that?

As a GM, I usually allow players to "know" that stuff for free, since I am a huge proponent of the "more lore" idea. My question is really a general one, but I'd like to know the implications for PFS as well.

Assuming this AP gets sanctioned for PFS, I would urge the PFS team to consider sanctioning the first section, Ankhetepi's tomb, instead of something deeper into the book.

In my mind, Anketepi's Tomb is a *perfect* introduction to the Pathfinder Society and its creedo of, "Explore, Report, Cooperate". There are combats, traps, and puzzles, a huge amount of history and discovery, and rewards for being well-prepared and balanced characters (in other words, realistic Pathfinder Society members).

It also lends itself well to the approach in The Confirmation where players/characters are expected to take notes. There could be even a minor boon for people who put together all of the tidbits of history into a coherent report, or who decipher a set number of nuggets of history.

I know some of the later stuff might seem "sexier" for PFS as well, but I really love the first tomb for this. Just a suggestion.


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Sharing best practices for the other side of the screen...

As a player, I am impressed when a GM gives permission to roleplay. Many players will roleplay if the tone is set, or play "d20s and Simpsons quotes" if that's the direction things start. A GM who sets the tone and roleplays gives the players permission to do the same, and generally leads to a very immersive game.

I am also impressed when the GM has made maps, handouts, or terrain ahead of time. Even a simple map, pre-drawn so the lines are straight, makes a big impression compared to sketching it on a battlemap room-by-room. (Caveat: as long as the rest of the game is also good... I have been at (and perhaps run) tables with great terrain but where the GM has barely prepped the actual scenario!)

Finally: I am impressed when the GM is willing to be corrected on rules mistakes, and when they are willing to tell rules lawyers to sit down once they've heard the arguement and rejected it. It is a fine line between being open to examining a mistake, and letting an arguementative player try to get their way after you've alrady said no. I am always impressed when someone can draw that line in the right spot.

What can GMs do to impress you?


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To catch the other side of the coin from this thread, how about some ways for players to impress their GMs? Not just by knowing the rules or whatever, but ways that help streamline the GM's job?

One of our players plays a drunken master/white-haired witch/something else that basically has 5 attacks, each with grab and constrict, on a full attack. (Don't ask me about the build, I don't know.) I've seen builds like this take five minutes for a player to resolve all of the attacks, rolling each attack and doing the math one-by-one.

Rene is different. He's gotten one of those segmented plastic boxes, and put each die, colored-coded, in the grid of little boxes. Every attack, damage, CMB, and constrict damage are in its own column. To make a full attack, he shakes the whole box and plops it down on the table. All the dice are visible, with the appropriate damage, CMB for grab, and constrict damage all laid out. It takes him perhaps 20 seconds to resolve all 10 damage rolls (less once he knows roughly what the "hit" numbers are from a previous round). *HUGE* time-saver.

What other ways can players help the GM?


1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Following discussion on the FB page... it looks like vehicles in Ch. 4 of Ultimate Combat are not called out as illegal for purchase in PFS. Now, siege engines are NOT legal, so the vehicles would be unarmed, but as it stands a PC could buy an airship (say). Correct? And if so, how should GM's handle players who want to use said vehicles at the table? Just as flavour, or are GM's required to utilize the vehicle combat rules in the situations which would allow them?

Shadow Lodge

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Ranzak WRITES?! Get rope... and torches. LOTS of torches! Some for Ranzak, but some just for fun.


Is that Nefti and Kafar on the right?

Available for dotting... but please don't start until April 5th, I don't want to chance violating the prize eligibility!

Hi folks,

My name is Scott Young, and I'll be running this "table" of Pathfinder Society scenario #3-01, The Frostfur Captives. Thanks for signing up!

A few housekeeping things:
* if you're new to Play-by-Post, take a look at this excellent post to tell you everything you need to know.
* Since this is an official Pathfinder Society game, all characters need to be PFS-legal as outlined in the Guide to Organized Play. I will assume your Chronicles are in order, but I may ask to see them at some point. Please send me a list of scenarios that this PC has played, though, so I can make any appropriate tie-ins to previous events.
* please make sure the alias you're using has a complete character sheet on it, including gear, spells, the whole enchilada.
* I will post combat maps when needed, and everyone can declare their round's actions before I resolve the round. Don't assume that just because someone else has posted their declarations that is has happened yet - events will be resolved in initiative order all at once.
* I tend to do my main posting after 9PM Central time, although I will check in throughout the day as well. Please let us know if you aren't able to post daily, and I will discuss with you a way to NPC your character until you can come back.

We'll start on the 5th or slightly before (if we're allowed to by the PbP powers-that-be).

This game is part of the Official Pathfinder Society PbP Game Day. For more information please visit:

Tasked with escorting a group of goblin prisoners from their camp to civilization for interrogation by the Pathfinder Society, you must protect them not only from the beasts and hazards of the wilderness, but themselves. Written by Jim Groves.


After three years and three months of wearing the red shirt, I have announced my retirement as the Venture-Captain of the Manitoba Pathfinder Lodge, effective Monday, January 27. It has been a wild ride, and I have learned a huge amount about so many things, in-game and out of it. I'll spare you the long speeches here; you can find them on our Manitoba Pathfinder Lodge Facebook page if you want.

Thanks to the folks at Paizo who I've gotten to work with over the years: Hyrum and Josh, my first two bosses, before I even had the title; Erik Mona, whose Eyes of the Ten installment is still the best scenario I've ever run; Mark Moreland, developer extraordinaire, from whom I learned to love Golarion lore (and also learned, a moment too late, to rein in my big mouth and not bash developers when I disagreed with them... ;), John Compton, from whom I learned deviousness of plot and character; and of course, Mike Brock. It was Mike who first offered me the job as V-C, doing what I was doing already; Mike who expanded PFS to be the huge campaign it is, reaching around the world with active groups everywhere; Mike who believes in this campaign so much that he keeps things on track sometimes through shear force of will. I hope Paizo realizes what a great team they have running PFS now, and how much promise the campaign still has ever after five and a half seasons.

I will still be around, just as "GM Lamplighter" instead of the formal title. If you're ever in Winnipeg, drop by, and we'll run a game for you.


I'm very pleased to announce that James Hood has accepted the position of Venture-Lieutenant for Brandon, Manitoba. Brandon is about 3 hours west of Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, Canada and my region. While it's a small city, it hosts the largest gaming con in the region every June, and has a very active PFS scene. I'm looking forward to working with James in the coming year.


11 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

BACKGROUND: Some Chronicles have adjustments that need to be made by GMs before they can be given to players, because the item as listed doesn't exist.

For example, Season 0 Chronicles have some old v3.5 items. Per this post (by an old campaign coordinator but recently confirmed by Mike), if the old item has a PFRPG equivalent, the GM crosses out the item listed and write in the PFRPG item instead. Any item that no longer exists under PFRPG is crossed off and not replaced.

For most things, this is fine: the 3.5 cloak of charisma +2 becomes a headband of alluring charisma +2 - same effect, same price, so you swap the old one with the PFRPG version. (So it is now a headband slot item and not a shoulder slot item.) Items like the old gauntlets of ogre power are functionally and price-wise the equivalent of a belt of giant strength +2, so they get replaced on the Chronicle as well.)

Now, there are items on Chronicles that don't exist in the Pathfinder rule set; however, in most cases these are called out as unique, or have their full item description printed on the Chronicle. These are clearly intended to be special items available only through that scenario. (Side note: I love Chronicle access to unique items!)

However, there is a recent Chronicle which lists a +1 keen longbow. This not only does't exist in the Pathfinder rule set, it *can't*, since the keen weapon property can only be applied to slashing or piercing melee weapons. The item is either a mistake by the rules, or an exception to them. It's also not covered by the post in the "Examples" above, since it's not a Season 0 conversion issue. So, the short-term question is, what happens to that item on the Chronicle?

Rather than case-by-case rulings, it's probably better to have an overall policy for GMs to refer to, so here's an idea.

PROPOSAL: Any item listed on a Chronicle sheet that does not conform to the Pathfinder RPG ruleset must be removed from the Chronicle sheet. If the item has a Pathfinder equivalent (same function, same price) it is replaced by the Pathfinder item. Items which do not have a Pathfinder equivalent must have their full item description printed on the Chronicle sheet. Any item which does not meet one of these two criteria is crossed off the Chronicle sheet without replacement.

Even if an item is "available" via a Chronicle sheet, if it breaks the rules it isn't legal to use at the table, unless the Chronicle actually provides the rules for that item. RAW, I could buy the keen longbow, but it would not work at the table because it violates the rules. It must be a mistake - if it were intended to work, it wouldn't be called "keen", but a new weapon property which is the equivalent for ranged weapons, which would be stated out on the Chronicle. OR, it would have a note calling it out as a unique item.

(There's probably an extension that if an item like the +1 keen longbow can't go on the Chronicle sheet because it's illegal, then it probably shouldn't be used against the players in the scenario, either... but that's a development question and not a "how do I as GM fill out the Chronicle?" question.)

Please FAQ this so it can get some official attention. The current example of the longbow is a pretty big game-changer that shouldn't be subject to table variation.

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