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Sati's page

124 posts. Alias of Hadley.

Full Name

Princess Sati, daughter of Khemet I




Summoner 2 | HP 20/20 | AC 15 (T 12, FF 13) | CMD 11 | F +2 | R +2 | W +6 | Init +2| Per +7






71; appears to be about 18


Neutral Good




Common, Celestial, Elven, Draconic, and Osirioni, Ignan



Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 15
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 16
Charisma 20

About Sati


STR 10
DEX 14 +2
CON 15 +2
INT 14 +2
WIS 16 +3
CHA 20 +5
HP: 20
AC: 15 Touch: 12 FF: 13
Fort: +2 Ref: +2 Will: +6
BAB: +1
CMB: -1 CMD: 11
DR 2/Evil
Move: 30ft

Initiative: +2
Perception: +7

Light Crossbow +3 Attack 1d8 (20)x2 80ft
Sickle +3 Attack 1d6-2 (20)x2

Class Abilties:

Claws (1)
Pounce (1)
Improved Damage (Claws/1)
Improved Natural Armour (1)
Life Link
Bond Senses
Summon Monster I 8x Daily


Class Skills:
Diplomacy +13 (2 Rank)(+1 Trait/+2 Racial)
Fly +2
Handle Animal +5
Knowledge: Arcana +6 (1 Rank)
Knowledge: Planes +6 (1 Rank)
Linguistics +7 (2 Rank)
Ride +2
Sense Motive +9 (2 Rank)
Spellcraft +6 (1 Rank)
Use Magic Device +10 (2 Rank)

Other Skills
Acrobatics +2
Appraise +2
Climb -2
Bluff +5
Disguise +5
Heal +5
Intimidate +7 (1 Rank) (+1 from Trait)
Perception +7 (2 Rank)
Slight of Hand +2
Stealth +2
Survival +3
Swim -2

Racial Abilities:

Type: Native Outsider
Size: Medium
Base Speed: 30 ft
Languages: Common, Celestial, Elven, and Draconic.
Celestial Resistance: Acid Resistance 5, Cold Resistance 5, and Electrical Resistance 5.
Darkvision: 60 ft
Skilled: Add +2 to Diplomacy and Perception.
Variant Aasimar Ability: DR 2/Evil (This replaces the spell-like ability)
Alternative Physical Features: Unearthly Beauty, Metallic Silver Hair, Metallic Silver Lips.

Traits and Feats:

Princess - +1 to Diplomacy and Intimidate, and Diplomacy is always considered a class skill.
Missionary - +1 to Sense Motive, and Sense Motive is always considered a class skill.
Extra Evolution

Spell Casting:

Level 1: 4 spells per day, DC 16 save.
Spells Known:
0: Messege; Mage Hand; Acid Splash; Light; Daze
1: Rejuvenate Eidolon, Lesser; Magic Fang; Mage Armour

Favoured Class:
Summoner: Always Skill Point


Carrying Capacity
Light: 33 lbs. or less
Medium: 34–66 lbs.
Heavy: 67–100 lbs.

Studded Leather
Light Crossbow
Quiver with 24 quarrels
Explorers Outfit
Flint and Steel
5 days rations


Height: 4'11
Build: Whispy
Hair: Long Metallic Silver
Eyes: Silver

Sati is a diminutive woman whose appearance is as exotic as it is captivating. She bears an unearthly beauty coupled with delicate, perfect proportions. Her hair, eyes, and lips shine with the colour of polished silver. Despite her size, she stands confidently, and can meet anyone's gaze without a hint of weakness.


Sati was born to one of the many wives of Khemet the First; Khemet the Great, Prince of Osirion. Soon after her birth, it became very evident that there was something different about her than his other children. While her father was a powerful cleric of Abadar, it was clear his daughter carried celestial blood. This led some to speculate that Khemet himself might be an Aasimar, and that this might be one of the reasons for his exceptional ability as a cleric, and favour with Abadar. The child immediately garnered the attention of the churches in Osirion. The child also appeared to be developing very slowly, her celestial blood extending her life more to the scale of an Elf than a normal human being. Knowing that it would be many decades before she reached maturity, and because giving her into the charge of the church of Abadar would have fueled the speculations about Khemet’s dealings with the supernatural, she was quietly given into the care of the rapidly growing, popular church of Sarenrae. Among the priestesses of the new temple was an Elf named Illiria. More familiar with how to rear such a slow growing child, she took charge of the young Sati and became something of a surrogate mother to her.

Though raised within the church, it was discovered that Sati’s talents lay stronger in Arcane fields than in Divine service. Perhaps it was her outsider blood, but she was immediately drawn to the art of summoning, and was bringing creatures in from other planes almost by instinct with only a little magical training. She continued to serve the church of Sarenrae throughout her childhood, which continued for decades, as it was suspected it would.

Through her work with the church, she had the opportunity to travel about the country, and abroad, seeing Qadira, Thuvia, Katapesh, Absolom, Taldor, and Cheliax. In many places, she saw greed and poor governance combine to inflict terrible ills on innocent people and children. But it was in Katapesh where she saw some of the greatest injustices. In the free market system of Katapesh, anything could be sold, from pesh and drugs, to human misery and sentient lives.

It was on a missions trip to Katapesh that she had an encounter that galvanized her feelings; by chance she and her mentor encountered a group of human slave traders as they were attempting to offload poor merchandise, a group of the young and elderly culled from more valuable groups of slave. The price the slaves were worth was not worth the cost of feeding and caring for them to the traders, and so they were selling them off cheaply to a group of gnolls. When she asked what the gnolls would want with children and seniors, she discovered that they were not purchasing them as slaves, but as food stock. She did everything a young woman could to argue the immorality of this action and get the merchants to reconsider, even threatening to report them, an act that might have cost her her life had they been afraid. However, they informed her that their actions were perfectly legal under the laws of the Pactmasters; slaves were the property of their masters, and if the gnolls chose to cull their stock, that was their choice. In horror, she retreated from the place where the deal was being made, and sent her Eidolon, freshly made and untested, in to attack the soldiers guarding the slaves, hoping that he would be taken for some sort of wild beast. He was. Unfortunately, the gnolls and merchant guards banded together to attack the beast. Sati held on to her connection to her eidolon as long as she could, feeding it her strength as her mentor begged her to give up, until she was forced to surrender by the cold embrace of unconsciousness. It was fortunate for her that she was not there to see what followed. When she awoke, the merchants and the gnolls were gone, and only the remains of the slaves could be seen. Raw bones, stripped of flesh, and cracked open for the marrow lay everywhere, and many were very very small.

Since that time Katapesh has been of special interest to her, the rampant immorality abhorrent to her.

In the years since, she has grown more and more distant from the royal family in Osirion. She is still considered to be of royal birth there, and accorded every courtesy, but her nephew, Prince Khemet the Third is as unlikely to listen to an obscure aunt, only half sister to his father, than he is to anyone else.

When she heard that a mission was being organized to retake an abandoned village from the gnolls she was intrigued. When she discovered that there was an abandoned monastery of Sarenrae there, she made up her mind. She intends to help see the town liberated, the gnolls dispersed or killed, and the monastery resanctified. Every foothold good can take in Katapesh must be reinforced and protected.

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