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Samaritha Beldusk

Sasha aka DM Stephen's page

20 posts. Alias of terok.


Nim, they are also a religion, following a god like many others. I imagine a number of groups may try to kill you to get the notes or stop you from getting to Saventh-Yhi first. The Mantis haven't kept me in the loop on all of the information they have been gathering though. I am sue they will reveal themselves soon, they don't want to be too late getting to the dinner table.

@ Mihai, Until you pose a direct threat to the Mantis they probably will not bother you. They would rather you ally with them so they can get to the city first but they can almost as easily follow you to the city and then try to get what they want. At this point I would be more concerned about groups that are less...subtle.

They are not just an assassin' s guild my Nim

I plan to stay with my family...but that doesn't mean that I can't spend some quality time with my friends! Let's go Nim!
She slips her arm in Nim's and leads him out. Her other statement picks up from there...

Well, looks like you all have got yourselves in a pickle. The whole city is now talking about you and your potential discovery. I would watch your back.
You too Jask. Someone might decide the Sargavan government is getting to close and off you.
Anyways, let's go get some real food, we should enjoy ourselves and I have a little Nim or Nimmess to feed. At least you don't stink anymore.
as she punches Nim's arm, It was fine in the jungle now we are back in the civilized world I am expecting you to smell like roses if you expect me to touch you!

Sense Motive DC 21:

You sense she is wary about saying anything at the moment.


That night Sasha is not in her usual playful mood.
I must find the local order of the Mantis. If they find out I am here before I find them...they may become your enemy. You are all very capable but that is not in your best interest at this point if you want to stay alive. I will return to you when I can my love but I must leave first thing in the morning. Now kiss me and hold me...
This is the most vulnerable that you have ever seen her...

Yes, the Red Devil was sitting there watching us the entire time. We expected him to attack at any must be planning something more...sinister. We should be on our guard. I have expressed this to Nim before, we should destroy it before it decides to eventually attack know it is only a matter of time.


After a especially "active" love-making session...Sasha lays tangled in your arms, That thing is smarter than I originally gave it credit for.
It knows how to manipulate people! It's not directly lying to us, but you know it isn't telling us everything either. What are we going to do about it? I get the feeling we are going to regret dealing with it in the end. Can we kill it without the others knowing? Can we kill it without the others?
It looks like a Demon, but every day it spends with Gelik and Jask it tries to appear and act more like one of us...I don't like it one bit!

How can we trust that as soon as you go into this mouth that the damned Devil won't attack us? I don't trust him, I trust Nim's instincts.

Captain's Journal Additional Entries:

An examination of this log reveals that the Jenivere’s captain seemed to be suffering from some sort of madness that grew over the course of the ship’s final voyage.
Earlier entries from previous voyages are precise in recording progress and events along the way, as are entries from the first two-thirds of this last trip. Yet as one reads further, the more recent the entries get, the less common they become—in some cases, several days are missing entries. What entries do appear are strangely short, focusing more and more on one of the passengers—the Varisian scholar Ieana, with whom the captain seems to have become obsessed. Several entries are nothing more than poorly written love poems to Ieana, while others
bemoan Captain Kovack’s inability to please her or catch her attention. Near the end, the entries begin to take on a more ominous tone with the captain starting to complain that other members of the crew are eyeing “his Ieana.” In particular, he suspects his first mate is in love with her, and writes several times about how he wishes Alton would just “have an accident.”
The final entry is perhaps the most disturbing, for in it the captain writes of how he’s changed course for Smuggler’s Shiv at Ieana’s request. He hopes that the two of them can make a home on the remote island, but also notes that the crew are growing increasingly agitated at the ship’s new course. The captain muses that “something may need to be done about the crew” if their suspicions get any worse.

Looks like you have all of it so far but read the journal.
XP Award: 725 each level up!!!!!

You sit around the fire the next night looking over the Journal and discussing what you have discovered from the temple and the things you have pieced together.

We should kill the b+##&! She sent us here, let's find her and kill her!

That evening... Nim, you and the others should check out the hole in the ground to make sure nothing will crawl out of it and attack us.
It looks like we have plenty of weapons now and some provisions.
Hopefully it will be a quick in and out and you can confirm the camp is safe.
What do you think?

After some passionate kisses with Nim, We should go to this tower. While I can survive in the wilds some can not. If it is more defensible then even better.


We all play our part Tragershen. You have magics that I can not understand, I have skills to survive in the wilds. You have Nim and Anton with you so you don't have to worry about those sorts of things. You will prove you own worth!

Sasha walks up to Nim looking at the prisoner, casually putting her arm around his waste and quite matter of fact telling the rest of you...We should torture the man for information then feed him to the shocker lizards.
If the situation was reversed, we would be in his belly by the morning.

Anton, let a few of them up the stairs, we can handle those!

Sasha runs up and embraces Nim, We were worried about you, we heard some kind of explosion and figured you must be behind it.
What was it?


After a passionite night re-united, Sasha seems more uncertain than you have seen her in the past, Every time you leave I think this may be the last time I will see you. The jungle is a death trap. I don't see how you so look forward to going out each morning.
The rest of us see it as some beast, waiting to eat us...keep youself safe Nim, remember the rest of us are counting on you to get us off this island!

That morning...Is there anything we can try to craft while you are out looking around the jungle? I was just thinking we might be able to be more helpful. Let us know.
It is fairly obvious to the 2 newcomers that Nim and Sasha are more than just castaways together...

You guys can retcon any feedback to her.

You brought me the egg! Thank you thank you! I will make sure it stays out of your way, let's get it situated over here. This is so exciting...


Later that night you are aproached by Sasha, she whispers to you.
Thank you Nim, you have shown me favor, I would like to return it. Can I show you something? Follow me.
Assumes you follow her....she suddenly draws her blade and has it to your throat, take off your are going to enjoy this stoic one! her manner seems more playful than threatening, do you play along?


You notice later that evening that Sasha and Nim disappear quietly into the woods...sometimes your own keen eyes tell you too much...

I didn't go hunting in this damned jungle to come back to hearing you fools arguing...I am going to just steak out on my own, I have a better chance by myself than trying to feed and keep you fools alive!

Sasha realizes that she has been acting foolishly and helps to build the camp as well.


Sasha approaches you late that day. You notice that she is missing the pinky finger of her left hand. You also notice that she bears a tattoo between her shoulder blades—the symbol of the Red Mantis, [b]I am also one who is in tune with Nature. Since we may be here a while it might be useful for me to bond with one of the local wild-life. I find much of the local wildlife adorable—particularly the flying dimorphodons. I would dearly love to have a baby dimorphodon as a pet, and I promise to
keep it under control if you can find one for me? Eventually it might be useful as a scout.

We are probably dead already...I escaped Ilizmagorti just to end up a prisoner with a death sentence here...

She seems almost on the verge of tears...

Give me that extra rapier! I need something to defend myself with...

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