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SarlinSpellweaver's page

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One of my all-time favourite miniatures


Superb miniature, totally characterful, and beautifully understated. Absolutely love the sculpt, and have attempted to find as many opportunities as possible to use it!

My copy had no flash and no casting errors. The scale is about right (probably more gnome-sized if you collect 28mm or 30mm) for nearly all other miniature lines.

List Price: $5.99

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Lovely miniature but a few details missing

****( )

It's always nice to have a decent gnome miniature, and this is definitely one of my favourites. Not only does it capture the spirit of the art in the Advanced Player's Guide, but it's characterful and easily adapted to any number of arcane gnomes.

Like most Reaper/Pathfinder miniatures, flash was fairly low and casting quality was very high. My only slight gripe is that the miniature I received was lacking a right-hand eyebrow, and it appears (from the unpainted picture on Reaper's site) that the goatee beard in the painted picture has been added. But nothing a little green-stuff can't fix.

Definitely worth getting ahold of.

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