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Sara Marie

Sara Marie's page

Customer Service Manager. Pathfinder Society Member. 8,459 posts (8,707 including aliases). 2 reviews. 2 lists. 2 wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.

Full Name

Sara Marie




Customer Carebear/14







Special Abilities







Seattle, WA


Paizo Customer Service Manager

Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Constitution 8
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 14
Charisma 12

About Sara Marie

Customer Service Manager of Paizo Inc.

What I do: In addition to general customer service work, I manage a team of 3 of the best customer service folks, Sharaya, Katina and Diego. Together we take care of issues that come up for people during shopping, order placement, processing or shipping. We are also the folks that answer the phone and direct calls to the appropriate department (if its not a call for us).

I also work on the PaizoCon event schedule and many other operational aspects of PaizoCon.

I like playing a variety of character types and classes, Cavalier is probably my favorite martial class and Witch is probably my favorite spell casting class, though I am eager to play some of the options from Occult Adventures.

Outside of Paizo I am busy taking care of my small child and two cats. I'm a huge Survivor fan.


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