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Samnell's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 4,773 posts (5,230 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 10 aliases.


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Gay Male Inhuman

Yridhrennor hasn't heard of Jeslyn at all, but Bunixil's name is vaguely familiar. He thinks it's the same glabrezu who tempted several important wizards over to the Abyss during the First Crusade. It's said he keeps them in gems he wears around his neck.

Gay Male Inhuman
Mariel Uth Kaldar wrote:
From my understanding from my father's people, the Forest of Wayreth could leave us very close to the forests of Qualinesti. Master of the Conclave, do you have any Solamnic or elven wizards here at the Tower?

"Wayreth has its own ways," Par-Salian said. "It may leave you where you wish, or may not. It often defers to members of the Order, but not always."

"There are few of us from the Solamnic Kingdoms," Justarius said. "And fewer still who care to go back. If I can oblige you without compromising my studies, I am at your disposal, Revered Daughter."

"Don't mind Justarius. He's always so busy," Ladonna said. "If you're bound for Qualinesti then I'm afraid we can't be of any help at all. There is an elf among us, but he would not be welcome there."

Gay Male Inhuman
Karek Redhand wrote:

Karek nods. "Yes, is there anyone we can ask about what he was planning?"

As he lives in Torch he must have a house, or rooms with his notes? Notes! Are any of us literate?

Dolga shrugged, "You can ask his little girl, but he wasn't the kind to keep secrets. The Torch went out eight days back. Khonnir went looking and found a mess of footprints around Weeping Pool while he was testing the waters. That got him to thinking, so he took a swim. Found some caverns down there, dry inside."

"Khonnir werne't no damn fool. He saw that and come straight back up. We put the word out and a gang of halflings signed up to poke around. They never came back. Bunch of troublemakers went in next; wasn't no loss when they didn't come out. But that's two sets of people and Khonnir's got some morals. He took it on himself to go back in."

"Them caverns had big bugs and such, and some kind of people that blend in the shadows. Weren't friendly one bit. Main thing, though, he found a metal wall. Glaucite like we mine up, but a whole wall of it and with a door in it. And there was a busted up robot outside. Khonnir figured maybe that's got something to do with the Torch gone out. Made plans to go back."

"Before he could a set of pilgrims on their way to Starfall come by to pay their respects. Thought they'd do a holy service by saving us. Nice of 'em. Never come back neither. So Khonnir went in again. That's just two days now. Only damn thing he had planned was savin' us all. Maybe them pilgrims too. Last anyone seen of him. I'd go myself if we weren't neck deep in it with people dumping their trash everywhere and these damn headaches. And the League coming middle of next month."

"You want to go, Joram'll spell you so you can get through the water without drownin'."

Gay Male Inhuman
Steave Rojerz wrote:
Steave looks up and replies, "Yeah, who is she? And what's she doing?"

"She's in charge, since Bunixil went off to join the fun. Thought them glabrezu were supposed to be reliable types. She's supposed to keep that chunk of wardstone save until Vorlesh finishes with it."

Gay Male Inhuman
Ljos wrote:
Ljos nods, "Ok, good to meet you Othirubo, I'm Ljos. Are Jeslyn and her demons all I need to worry about? Why were you trying to get up with her, strength in numbers?" He glances at the southern door and then turns to Steave, "We'll secure him and his gear separately and then go deal with this Jeslyn, any questions for him?"

"They're all that's left, and of course I wanted numbers. Nothing worse than a fair fight."

Gay Male Inhuman
Karek Redhand wrote:

If no one else steps forward to speak Karek will continue his role as party diplomat. "Greetings. Are you the Lady Dolga? My friends and I wish to speak to her regarding the missing Councilman."

Wipes a little sweat from his brow. Man being polite is hard work!

The elderly dwarf looked up.

"I'm Dolga, but I ain't no lady," she said. "Too damned old for that foolishness."

"You'll want to hear about the reward, I'm sure. Don't deny it; no harm in being paid to do good. Simple enough. Bring us back Khonnir, dead or alive. He's dead, Brigh bless him, we'll set it to right. Just be sure you've got the important bits of him, if it comes to that. If he's alive, you'll get the coin and Joram'll throw in the holy apparatus we'd use to bring him back."

"Any other questions?"

Gay Male Inhuman
Ljos wrote:

Procuring a rope from his pack Ljos began binding the prisoner, as he did he began to question him. "First question, your name? Second, if I kick open the doors here is there anything nasty going to come out to greet me?"

[dice=Sense Motive]1d20+6

"I'm Othirubo," the tiefling said. "And that's a barracks down at the end. You killed all of 'em that slept there. I was trying to get to that b!+$~ Jeslyn upstairs, but she locked that door."

Othirubo nodded at the door immediately south of the stairs.

"She's probably up there with her bullman, Dreadnu. Maybe some other demons she called."

Gay Male Inhuman

The Town Hall was an imposing building, its walls cut from blocks of stone that would come to the waist of a tall man. Seamless black pillars that seemed to eat light stood between it and the square, a bronze mask of a woman's face hanging from each. On the face of the building itself, large bronze gears slowly turned.

The largest of the gears had four metal plates in a flat gray hammered to it. They depicted a glowing sun (the one currently highest), a leaf curled at the edges, a snowflake (the lowest), and a seedling just sprouted. Second to it, another gear interlocked and bore the signs of the twelve gods of the months in their right order. The Stag God's antlers stood highest, though the Dead God's eye was poised to take the position. That gear joined another marked with with the names of the week's days, and more marked with numbers.

None guarded the hall, nor paid much mind as the sworn band passed within. From the front they went along a hall that seemed far longer than it needed to be, almost the width of a fair hut, under archways of gray metal with wide edges but narrow middles, which had regular holes pierced through, each large enough to fit a fist. Something to either side, behind the walls, made noise at a fixed pace, like a child striking two stones together.

The hall gave way to a large room with a dais on the distant end and hard benches facing it. A dwarven woman, her hair white, sat at one of the pews looking over a heavy book.

It's Erastus 19 and about twenty minutes until noon according to the clock.

Gay Male Inhuman
Ljos wrote:
"Lose the armor, gear, and any weapons you have on you. I'll bind you and question you. Depending on your answers, I may be able to help you." Ljos's voice is firm but gentle, his golden eyes piercing.

The tiefling sighed and followed orders.

Gay Male Inhuman
Rikal Elkhorn wrote:
Wait, I thought we were speaking Hallit. Otherwise, I can't actually communicate with locals. I don't speak Taldane.

The convention is that it's Hallit amongst yourselves, unless otherwise specified. Ulfar spoke Hallit. The locals in towns mostly speak Taldane, but there would be translators available if necessary. There's enough congress between the settled types and the barbarians for bilingual people to be reasonably abundant.

Gay Male Inhuman
Izzak Strongbrow wrote:
I didn't want to start planning in character how to make this a thing if the team wasn't behind it. I don't want to take away from others fun by doing some politics

For the record, replacing the Black Sovereign is something that would fit very smoothly in the AP.

Gay Male Inhuman
Theran, Clan Silverlight wrote:

[dice=Sense motive]1d20+5

Is he honestly surrendering?

Theran thinks so. He's very interested in not getting pounded again.

Gay Male Inhuman
Thistletorp Babblebrook wrote:
Thistletorp perks up from where he was looking inside a vase. Explore!? We can explore?!

"It may not be safe for you, small one," Ladonna said. "We all take great care in our researches, but we are accustomed to making things safe only for Wizards. You may not know the signs of danger when you see them."

If Jakun does want to do some research, we can handwave picking up a few spells or something. Say it would take a day per new spell acquired.

Gay Male Inhuman

Red Guy ACs: 23, T14, F20, 20% miss chance

Round 4
Theran's mighty blow staggered the man in red armor. He reeled as Ljos demanded he yield.

"I give! I give! Just keep the big one off me!" the horned man said, throwing his hands in the air as Steave and Blink closed in on him.

"Wirod o ddŵr terfyn ar y golau sy'n llosgi fy ffrind," Yridhrennor intoned. Water fell down and quenched the flames engulfing Theran.

Rules Stuff:

I did forget the AoO. Bad GM.
Miss chance on Theran's AoO: 1d100 ⇒ 37 hit
And that's half his hit points.

Gay Male Inhuman
Rikal Elkhorn wrote:

"Perhaps we should speak with Old Dolga, then. She seems to be a leader of the town, and may be able to tell us more of what has happened. Could you give us directions to the Town Hall?"

I do not have Diplomacy yet. Versatile Performance will help with that.

"No problem at all. You just need to go down this road here," she pointed to the road leading off to the east across the plateau. "Take the first left. You'll go on a ways past Jhestine's Tonics. She's a strainge one, but don't pay her any mind. Then it's over the bridge. The Hall's the biggest building at the square. If you get up on the gravekeeper's shrine or the orchard, you've gone too far."

Gay Male Inhuman
Owen Ninefingers wrote:

"Underhill? Owen asks, glad to hear that somebody has already started investigating recent events but saddened to hear the results. "Did he bring anybody with him?"

In Owen's experience, most underground mysteries aren't the kind of places a man should explore alone.

"Did he?" one woman asked the other. She shrugged.

"Think he went on his lonesome."

Gay Male Inhuman
Karek Redhand wrote:

He turns back to the local women. "Thank you for your help. Is there anyone we could speak to regarding this Councilman?"

"I think you'd want to ask Old Dolga about that. She's probably in the Town Hall this time of day. Saves her mornings for the forge."

Gay Male Inhuman
Karek Redhand wrote:

Karek strives to remember the advice Ulfar gave him on talking to people from the more urban places. "Excuse me ladies." He starts off. "Who is Councilman Bhaine, and what is the problem with him?"

'That was good.' Karek thought, relaxing with a puff now he had managed a civil Question.

Does anyone in the group have diplomacy?

If needed? [dice=diplomacy (Untrained)] 1d20 + 1;

"Oh, you must not be from around here. Everyone knows Councilman Bhaine. Khonnir Bhaine. Wonderful man. He's the owner of the Foundry Tavern. Uses it to show off his inventions. He and Old Joram are always talking about those things. Properties of the skymetal. That kind of thing."

"But...he's gone missing. The Council don't say much about it, but he's gone. Went poking down underhill. People would be in an uproar -you know how people are- but the fire's gone out so there's worse that's happened just now. Poisoned waters too, you know."

She looked over the newcomers.

"Don't suppose it would matter much to your kind, but there's a reward to bring him back."

Gay Male Inhuman

Going to push ahead. If you still want to say something about receiving your ring, etc, we can retcon it in.

Their oaths witnessed by Ulfar, if not a wise woman, and rings taken, the sworn band took their leave. The plains of Numeria stretched out before them, all flat save where the plateau and Black Hill rose up at Torch. No trail joined Blackhands' hut to the town, but the level ground made for quick travel all the same. After a mile, the road crossed the band's path, making for a steadier pace still.

The band passed by a dozen or so farmsteads at the foot of Torch's plateau. All clung to the banks of the Seven Tears. Many of the houses were wood, but often with odd sheets of gray metal incorporated. The farmers looked warily at the band as they passed, eventually crossing a bridge at the foot of the noisome cascade of water falling from above in a narrow, silver band. Just to the other side of the bridge, opposite the cliff, the water gathered in several large ponds.

The road climbed the side of Torch's plateau in a smooth curve, lifting the band more than fifty feet above the plains and affording them a view of the surrounds to Blackhands' hut and beyond. It only became truly steep in the last stretch, where the road turned and drove up a wide defile to reach Torch itself.

The village was one of stone, frequently augmented with metal. Even the stable that greeted them at the moment of their arrival had heavy metal doors to go with its stone walls and tile roof. It was a crowded place, with buildings blocking vision in every direction save out across the plains, and full of people, mostly humans and dwarves. They must number in the hundreds, at least, despite the town's troubles.

The people about paid the band no more mind than the occasional glance before going bout their business. A pair of women stood just outside the stable, conversing loudly.

"I'm telling you, it's the water what's the cause of these headaches. My man's cistern's set us right and we've not had a one yet. Someone's done up the works at Crowfeather Palace, they have."

"You think? Don't seem so likely. Old Joram blessed it for The Whisper in Bronze, he did. And Councilman Bhaine put the magic and machines into it. He's never been one to steer any wrong. Uses the water for that little girl of his, no less."

"Well it's none of their doing! No fault of there's if we've got a poisoner. Probably come from the League; that's what I say. And Bhaine's a good man, but the gods only know what's become of him now! That's all our troubles. First the flame, then the headaches, then Bhaine went to poke about. Haven't seen him since, not even when the Council put down that reward."

"You talked to him just four days ago! I saw it myself! It's only later he's gone and they made the reward."

Gay Male Inhuman
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:
I was hoping for a day or two to study here on combat tactics against Dragons and perhaps access to new spells.

"You are welcome to stay as long as you wish," Ladonna said. "Our libraries and laboratories are open to you. Though I do ask you to consider your companions and their interests. It is far too easy to become lost in our Art and neglect our personal obligations."

"Ladonna speaks the truth," Par-Salian said. "What passes between you and your friends is your own business, but do not allow it to slip from your mind unwittingly."

Jakun Stormhoof wrote:
What aid will you give us in these troubling times? These Dragon and their Spawn, if that is what they are, threaten all things."[/b]

"It is not the Order's custom to become part of the wars of the world. What a Wizard does there, he does on his own," Justarius said.

Gay Male Inhuman
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:
Jakun blinks at the temporary disorientation and looks around the room, he looks down to see what color Robes he is wearing or if he is wearing the clothes that he entered the Test in.

Jakun was wearing the clothes he entered the test in.

"It is tradition for initiates to receive their robes by the hands of the Master of their order,"[]/b] Justarius said. He made a complicated gesture and Jakun's clothes came to life, smoothing into robes and turning red.

Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

At Par-Salian's words he bows to the Council, [b]"I thank you Master of the Tower". He then pats the book in his pack with an odd look on his face.

He frowns but speaks, "If I am here in this Hall now, I take it that my Companions have informed the Council of the troubles we have faced?"

"We are fully apprised of your exploits," Par-Salian said. He gave Jakun a tired, regretful look.

"Your friends have been most informative," Ladonna said. "You have had a very eventful time. We would offer you every hospitality, but the Revered Daughter has impressed upon us the urgency of your errand and we understand that any time here at all is a special trial for Caitlyn." She gave Caitlyn a respectful nod.

"You must not wait on formalities. If you wish to be off, you may part from us directly. But know that Wayreth always has a place for you, Jakun."

"As it does for all Wizards," Justarius intoned.

Gay Male Inhuman
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

The Test

Jakun will turn around and try to walk backwards towards the door.

Jakun and Jakun both turned their backs and walked forward. He felt a moment of disorientation and then stood in a dark, large room with many thronelike chairs. Par-Salian, Justarius, and Ladonna greeted him with smiles. His traveling companions stood to one side.

"It is my honor to welcome you to our Order, Wizard Jakun," Par-Salian said.

Test over. You're all back together. Jakun's a legal wizard...and he still has his night-blue spellbook.

Gay Male Inhuman

Ulfar listened to the oaths carefully, then nodded.

"I have heard your words, if you spoke them aloud or not. They are here," he produced bone rings, one for each of his guests. "These come from the thighbones the bull moose. He is slow to anger, not like the white bear or the knife-tooth, but fierce when roused. He is heavy and the thigh carries his weight. His strength is there. But remember that a pack of wolves will take a moose."

That said, Ulfar gravely handed over the rings.

Gay Male Inhuman
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

The Test

Jakun will chuckle and head towards the door walking, not flying.

Full defense, he does not wish to fight himself if he can help it! Displacement still active just in case.

Jakun, both of him, walked forward. They met in the middle of the corridor, each blocking the other's way.

In the interest of expediting things a mite: He'll mirror you if you try to fly over him too.

Gay Male Inhuman
Karek Redhand wrote:
Can't seem to control my token?

You should be able to now.

Gay Male Inhuman

Ulfar watched Izzak closely as he spoke his oath.

"I hear your words," he said.

Gay Male Inhuman

Red Guy ACs: 23, T14, F20, 20% miss chance
Demon ACs: 19, T12, F17; DR5/cold iron or good; SR 15

Round 3
Steave slashed at the surviving demon, then maneuvered to flank it.

Blank dove between the demon's legs in a roll, coming up on the far side of the cloven hooves and driving her blade home. It pierced deep, but again seemed to do far less than it ought to have.

Galin had better luck, sending a pair of cold iron arrows straight into the schir's chest. Or roared and cursed. Then Ljos cut it down with a heavy, two-handed stroke of his blade.

Theran strode forward, pushing up next to the horned man in red and swinging. His earthbreaker flew just above the curved horns as the armored man ducked. He fell back a step and hurled another vial, striking Theran's chest. It burst there, burning him and catching his clothes on fire.

Yridhrennor chanted a spell and a small pit opened beneath the armored man's feet. He stepped clear of it, but the surprise left him momentarily off-balance.

Rules Stuff:

bomb throw: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19
Damage: 3d6 + 2 ⇒ (5, 4, 4) + 2 = 15
Ref DC 14: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7 He'll take 1d6 fire damage on subsequent rounds until he re-saves (which is a full round action) or is otherwise doused.

Talked to Y. He wants to cast stumble gap on the alchemist. That happens now.

Ref DC 17: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27 no fall, but -1 on his everything for the next round.

And the party's up.

Gay Male Inhuman
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

The Test

Is there a door past this Jakun or is it too dark for him to see?

There's a door past Other Jakun.

Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

"Stand aside or join with me that we may pass beyond and claim what has been sought for so long. The Art is everything and yet nothing without true companions at one's side.

At least that is how I always interpreted Magius' sacrifice for Huma and Kaz..."

Jakun's other self said the words just as he did, their voices melding together.

Gay Male Inhuman
Mariel Uth Kaldar wrote:
Are we done in the Hall of Mages?

Unless you have more to say. Jakun's nearly done too.

Gay Male Inhuman
Rikal Elkhorn wrote:

Rikal looked at the black-eyed Orc, thinking of the stories that had reached them of a large gathering of the Orc tribes in the land. They were led, it was said, by a tribe called the BlackEyes, and had in their midst it was said one touched by Gorum. He was surprised to hear one such advocate for saving the people of the village. Those Orcs he had fought in battle were vicious and fierce, and not ones to show mercy.

[dice=Knowledge (history)]1d20+5

As the two seers spoke to each other, Rikal thought back through the legends of his tribe. Had such portents been seen before? If so, what had the warriors done in this situation?

Rikal has heard of such things. To ignore the omens would surely bring disaster. The way of things was for young warriors to swear oaths before a wise man and wise woman that they would go forth and set all to right. They would be tested. They may go and never return. They may return changed, dark things that must then be destroyed. Or they may return as heroes, their names remembered in song. The only sure course was to do nothing, lay down and accept ruin. But the bold and strong could prove mightier than the omens, turning destruction to come into newfound glory. The first Black Sovereign did that, long ago.

Gay Male Inhuman

The two Jakuns bowed and disappeared. Jakun stepped forward and found himself in a new chamber, facing himself just as he now stood. When he moved, the other Jakun moved the same, but reversed. Like an image in a mirror. Together they occupied a narrow, low corridor.

Gay Male Inhuman


Gay Male Inhuman

Jakun warded himself and launched forward, his hooves leaving the ground as he few near the skulls. The bones roiled and lashed upward, a dozen skulls passing so near that he felt them brush his fur as he flew. Jakun reached the red door and heard the bones churning behind him, rising up still further. A great tendril massed skulls slammed into the wall just next to the door, where his illusory image stood.

"Lies! the skulls snarled.

And then Jakun was through the door. He found himself in a room evenly divided into red, white, and black sections. Each formed a wedge, the point of it just where he stood. In the white and black sections stood two of himself, each robed to match their section.

"You are attainted," white-robe Jakun said, full of sorrow. "The magic of the black moon will make you into its slave. Turn your back upon it. Abjure it. Cast aside that cursed volume. It will bring weakness to you ere long. That is the way of Nuitari."

"He lies," black-robe Jakun said. "Magic is a thing of beauty and a tool to rehspae the world. It is neither good nor bad. If it were, why would the orders keep their peace so well? He only wants you to join the white robes. His concern is himself, not you."

Rules Stuff:

Miss?: 1d100 ⇒ 65 nope
Attack: 1d10 + 8 ⇒ (5) + 8 = 13 miss

Miss?: 1d100 ⇒ 39 yup

Gay Male Inhuman
Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

Hmmmm, I thought I bypassed the gate with the skulls and went for the gate with the Mosaics...

Maybe you read my post wrong DM? Well I'm here now, time to crack some skulls!

You went through the mosaic gate. These are skulls in front of three doors in the area beyond it. :)

Gay Male Inhuman
Owen Ninefingers wrote:

Owen sat stone still as Ulfar recounted the portents. He could feel the weight on his shoulders pressing down harder with each new revelation. It had been a long time since he had received a premonition. He had hoped to speak with Ulfar and hear that his concerns were groundless. That he should go home to his family.

He wondered how long it would be before he saw them again.

Owen waited for the others to finish speaking before adding his own observation.

"This morning a flock of meadowlarks flew over my camp. One tumbled from the sky and landed at my feet. It had a third wing growing from its back."

Ulfar nodded, "Something stirs."

Gay Male Inhuman

Bavmorda knows that Torch is a village near to here, on a plateau at the foot of a high hill. There, a purple flame rises from the earth. Sometimes it flares bright, seen for miles around. The people of the village use it to forge the sky metals, with which they pay their heavy tithes to the Technic League. In turn, it leaves them be. It is a town almost like the free people would have, but larger and in places built of metal. A wyrd-woman lives there, an elf called Jhestine, but also a worker of the Dark Arts and a slave to the Mother of Gears, She Who Whispers in Bronze.

She also recognizes Ulfar's omens as grave, but cannot specifically match any of his visions to what she knows of the strange creatures save that the woman who is not a woman may be one of the lies of skin. They appear from a distance to be flesh and blood, but are in truth made things that rise up when that which should not be disturbed is roused. The metal men may be similar creatures, without the semblance of flesh, or those who control them. It's hard to say in Numeria what metal men serve the Technic League and which have their own purposes.

Gay Male Inhuman
Chotka, Last of the Blackeyes wrote:
Ah.... just tried to access Roll20, but looks like I can't use it from my phone. I usually end up posting during the day while I'm out and about, but I'll only be able to see or update the map in the evenings once I get home.

We can work around that. I don't mind moving your token when necessary.

Gay Male Inhuman
Rikal Elkhorn wrote:
That would be me. I changed the name to Rikal.

You should be in control of Rikal now.

Gay Male Inhuman

I've mated Chotka with the Chotka token over at Roll20. If I've got everything right, that means he, Owen, and Bavmorda should be in control of their tokens. I know one more of you has signed in, first initial P, but I'm not sure which token belongs to you. Let me know here, by PM, or you can say something in the chat on Roll20 and I'll get you attached.

Gay Male Inhuman

Ulfar Blackhands lived in a hut three miles from Torch; he did not like to get closer than that. Where sunset burned in the earth, atop Black Hill, none should walk. Those who did would carry its curse and come to bad ends.

The hut, which Blackhands had made large over many years, sat in the midst of a rowan grove that also held his goats. All along the edge, he made his mark on the trees and hung the skulls of rats, squirrels, deer, and other wildlife to warn those who came unasked. Ulfar stood apart, respected by many but loved by few.

More skulls, together with bones, stones, and fetishes of sticks tied together hung from the overhanging hut's branch and bough roof. They would stir in the wind, sometimes in the other direction from how it blew. Sometimes they seemed to speak, but only Ulfar knew what they said.

Those who came inside found the walls hung with skins. In the winter, the skins would have fur. In the summer, now, Blackhands hung tanned hides. No hide of a speaking race ever marked Blackhands' wall, except for one in the shape of swollen hand. Many stories said how the hand came to Ulfar's hut. It came from a man who asked of him what only flesh could pay. It came from a child, a thief, who tried to slit his throat in the night. It was all that remained of a son or daughter. He took it from the wise man who taught him. The Blackhands would not say. He let the hand speak for itself.

Just now, Ulfar stood over his firepit, stirring the coals with his much-carved staff. A ram's skull hung from the other end, swinging as he did his work. Blackhands was a very old man, thin so you could count his ribs. His hair and beard hung down to his waist. He wore little in the summer, nothing at all when he stood on his cloud rock and read the sky. Now a breechclout covered him and he wore twine in rows down his wrists, each piece with a kind of charm hanging from it. Teeth, fingernails, bits of bone, gems, berries. His hands were as black as his name promised, the color of coal with red cracks that glistened.

Ulfar stirred his coals firepit for a long time, not speaking. He called you here and waited for all to come in silence. Then proceeded in further silence. The Blackhands would not be rushed.

"The sunset that burns the earth has died," he said, finally. "If only that happened, it would be good. In my dream, I saw seven-and-ten ravens devour a man. The ground shook with his screams. A white goat was born with two heads. It died. The clouds make signs and move away. The bones whisper; they are very awake now."

"I said to myself 'what do these things mean?'. The sunset in the hill is gone. The men and women of Torch have no livelihood. The metal men will come for their tribute and find none. In Torch, they know this. They will fine the tribute or they will be it. None want to slave for the metal men. They will go looking, and go soon, to find slaves to replace them. They will take their bad people, but it will not be enough. They will look to the free people. They must do this thing, whether they want it or not."

Ulfar stared into the pit for a while, not moving.

"It is not good that they touch the sunset in the hill. It burns their spirits. But they are not the metal men. Where the metal men go, all become slaves. They work the Dark Arts and put metal things into you, then you are them. You become a thing. If Torch does not come for us, then they will. They may dig what must be left buried; it is their way. Torch does not do that."

Ulfar fell silent again, turning his head to look at Torch through the wall of his hut.

"My dreams tell more. I see a woman who is not a woman, holding the sunset in the hill. She is smiling. I see a metal man, his body rust and flame. He screams and people run. I see a dead man breathing smoke. I see another woman who is dead and not dead, and broken in many parts; with pieces of her missing. I see a spider and a night that hates and has skin. I see a man made of lightning that goes in straight lines and cannot turn. I do not know what those dreams mean."

Gay Male Inhuman

Right then, I said big, important stats up in the bar under your name and forgot to specify most of them. The main purpose for that is to let me check things I'll need to reference often when the inevitable carnage erupts. Lots easier to scroll through the thread than to click through six profiles.

So I'd best specify and be helpful for a change: The main things I need up there are your ACs (please mark which is which; T and F are fine as abbreviations for touch and flatfooted), your saves, and your perception mod. You can track more there if you like, but those are the things I'll be using a lot.

Also the Gameplay thread is up.

Gay Male Inhuman
Owen Ninefingers wrote:
Howdy! Let me know if I have too much/little in the bar. Also, should we actually do something with roll20 right now?

Your bar is great. I'd only ask you to mark which AC is which so I can tell at a glance. I always forget which is the standard order for the things.

With Roll20, just click the link in the second PM (the one that says it's correct) and you should be set. The remainder of the setup is on my end, paring your account with your token.

I've either just done that for Owen, or given control of him to Karek. Let me know which. :)

So here we are then. It's 12:21 by my clock. I also had 12 submissions, so symmetry. But I really can't do more than a party of six and I'm pretty sure I'm not crazy enough yet to be up for four PBPs to run, ideas or no. Here goes.

The Party is:
Izzak Strongbrow
Karek Redhand
Owen Ninefingers
Rikal Elkhorn

The discussion thread is up. Please hie over there at your convenience.

Gay Male Inhuman

Hello there, players. I am the machine that you stick posts into and make fun come out. But we are all a part of the machine. It is around us and inside us and doing strange things to our houseplants.

If you haven't already, please get your alias set up and toss the big, important stats like ACs up in the happy gray text under your names for ease of reference. I'll be cobbling together some dice roll macros in due course as well. They're mostly for my convenience, but will be right up on the campaign info page if you want to have your saves or whatever pre-typed.

I will be sending you each a PM with the link to set you up for the Roll20 thingabob quite shortly. It should take no more than a handy little click to get you set.

So, while I'm doing that everybody can say hi and all that weird social stuff that humans are supposed to do. Or so I am told. I would not know. I am a parasite that burrowed into Samnell and ate his insides. But also he didn't know either.

There is a chance that I will not have the Gameplay thread up tonight due to feeling slightly under the weather, but if not it'll be around tomorrow.

I have probably forgotten something, but if I have not then I am wrong. If I am wrong about being wrong, please set me wrong. Or right. However that works.

Aaaaaand I mistakenly sent you all the wrong map link. That'll get you to the page but not make you a player. Sending a new round of PMs now.

Bavmorda and Izzak go on the list.

Almagafor wrote:

Here's my submission, trying for a Last of the Mohicans vibe.

** spoiler omitted **...

You're on the doc now.

Just a few hours left.

JonGarrett wrote:
I'm planning on taking an overlarge greatsword using Titan Fighter, because big swords are cool. Would you allow me to take the Giant-Blooded trait as a feat? Obviously, since it's a campaign trait, it would normally not be usable as a for this build it's pretty damned powerful. But wielding a huge slab of Spaceship hull as a sword is too fun to pass up.

That sounds very fitting to me. Go for it.

D-Kal wrote:
I agree this looks like an awesome game. I'm not certain I can love another concept though. Still thinking. Say Samnell, or shell of, what would you say to Shillelagh + greatclub? Not raw, of course, but kinda makes sense. Plus, rule of awesome.

So a medium greatclub would go up to a Huge, 3d8+1 damage. Plus 1.5x your str bonus. That's pretty good, but it also eats up one of your spells.

Ok, go ahead.

Gay Male Inhuman

The Test

Jakun Stormhoof wrote:

"You should let this one pass because none before me have come and once I pass through many, many more of my kind shall come. So many that you will no doubt add skulls similar to mine to your collection".

"But we have you now," the skulls said together. "Others might or might not come, but you are here for certain. We are eternal; you must eat and drink. We need only wait to have from you all we ask. It is so very long; be reasonable."

The skulls turned as one to follow Jakun's gaze, the pile shifting constantly. It was hard to judge, but he felt confident that they could easily reach each door.

Which was the fire and which was the ice? I still have the Resist Elements operating to eat the first 10 points of fire damage.

Call it half each, so 5 points fire.

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