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Sammy T's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 935 posts (1,198 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 12 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.


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Shadow Lodge **



Question you posed wrote:
Who's the genius that wrote this one?

I think we can all agree your tone and approach could have been more positive. Regardless, buy wands of Ant Haul and hopefully this will be addressed down the line. Enjoy your boon!

Shadow Lodge **

Just a little thread to chat about how things went down during actual gameplay in Core games (i.e. not theorycrafting).

In 8 days, I had 4 games of Core: 3 as a player, 1 as a GM.

Silent Tide / FLGS:

5 players. 3 brand new PCs (no PP), 2 PCs with 2 PP but played by folks new to PFS. I convinced both of them a CLW wand would be a good purchase.

L1 Reach Cleric of Desna (Me)
L1 Sorceror
L1 Sorceror (another one)
L1 TWF Barbarian
L1 Pregen Paladin

This was my first time ever playing Silent Tide. Yikes, it was a bit rough at times given the Sorcerors were reduced to firing light crossbows/casting ranged touch spells with tons of penalties at times and the melee folks occasionally dropping to negatives. Storming the tower(?) at the end was particularly nerve wracking for my true 0XP/0PP character. I'll admit we used the hell out of those CLW wands and all of us who used them promised to carry the healing burden the next time we played with those characters again.

To Scale the Dragon / CON:

4 Players. All pregens. Tier 5-6.

L7 Kyra (me, with a slightly more practical spell list)
L7 Seelah
L7 Merisiel
L7 Seoni

I've played this before and, like before, abhorred the whole sled mechanic. We muddled through it thanks to a nice GM.

The only fight I was pre-emptively worried about was the Remorrhaz. I figured it would spell the doom of 1 or 2 of the front liners and possibly be a TPK with the pre-gens.

Paladin hits, sword doesn't melt.
Remhorrhaz misses.
Sorceror magic missiles.
Merisiel moves to flank.
Remhorrhaz misses AOO.
Flanking Merisiel crits.
Paladin crits...but sword gets broken condition.
Remhorrhaz misses.
Sorceror finishes it off with magic missile.

Well, that was unexpected!

Frozen Fingers of Midnight / CON:

6 Players
L2 Elf Sword and Board Fighter (elven curveblade)
L1 Rogue
L1 Sorceror
L1 Rogue
L1 Reach Cleric of Cayden

and since I didn't want to basically play a clone of the other player's PC and step on their toes, I rebuilt my Reach Cleric into a

L1 Falchion Paladin

The only tricky fight was the warehouse scrum where, at various points during the fight, 4 of us went unconscious...including the lucky L1 Rogue who barely survived a great axe crit when they were taken from full to about -10 (remember kids, a CON of 12-14 is a great thing). Luckily the cleric and I were never out at the same time and we could do damage control as needed.

Crypt of the Everflame / FLGS:

5 Players
GM: me, pressed into service at last second due to too many sign ups/walk ins

L1 Sorceror
L1 TWF Barbarian
L1 Merisiel
L1 Kyra
L1 Valeros

Since it was basically a table of players new to PFS, with a possibility of 3 them not coming back (they were just dipping their toes into it) I did my best to make the experience RP friendly and rules-light as I could, only introducing concepts like take 10/take 20 or delaying when it gave them a distinct advantage.

The only fight I was worried about was the stupid shadow fight, which with much GM nudging and playing suboptimally on my part, they barely overcame with about 6ish STR damage between 2 players. They were about to breach the second level when time ran out.

Biggest thing, which is always true, but feels magnified so far:
-Less steamrolling at L1 since there's less tools in the toolbox.
-PCs are so fragile since encounters now last a bit longer.
-tactics, tactics, tactics

Personal Observation:
I feel less inclined to be experimental with my character build because every person must pull their weight until there is a pool of capable PCs for scenarios.

Shadow Lodge **

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I think we're getting off topic.


Seth has a ninja paladin.

Sho Kosugidin, The Mountain That Hides

Shadow Lodge **

Do you prefer Ninjadin or Paladinja?

Shadow Lodge **

Honestly, it depends on the party--if you have a regular group you play with, then it's something they can work it. If you're constantly playing with new tables of different people, explaining your schtick and getting folks to buy into it will be an uphill battle.

I have 12 characters. Only 1 ever invested in stealth. He's never used it to scout. Any all ambushes came from either sending an elemental ahead to scout (if it died, who cares?), sending someone slightly ahead of the party to scope doors with Gloves of Reconnaissance and keeping enemies alive and diplomicizing/intimidating them for more info about upcoming rooms.

While stealth is good for certain skill challenges or avoid encounters, I rarely see it used to bypass encounters or ambush baddies...although I suspect in may come back into vogue with Core campaign tactics.

Shadow Lodge

Looking for a second set of eyes to make sure I'm parsing the damage die FAQ correctly.

Bloodrager (Rageshaper)
Abyssal Bloodline
Orc w/ Toothy

Bite: 1d4 (base 1d4)
Claws x2: 1d6 (base 1d6)

Bite: 1d8 (1d4 + Enlarge)
Claws x2: 2d6 (base 1d6 + Enlarge + Increase from Rageshaper*)

*(assuming "increase by one die" = "increase by one step")

Bite: 1d8 (base 1d4 + Enlarge)
Claws x2: 2d8 (base now 1d8 + Enlarge + Increase from Rageshaper)

Bite: 1d8 (base 1d4 + Enlarge)
Claws x2: 2d8 (base now 1d8 + Enlarge + Increase from Rageshaper)
Hoofs x2: 1d8 (base 1d4 + Enlarge) (Monstrous Extremity x2) (secondary attack)

I think that should all check out.

Shadow Lodge

Aelryinth wrote:
Of course, it also helps when you have CAGM and kill the enemy on their turn.

CAGM + Dazing Assault = Full Attack stopper

Shadow Lodge

Your Will save will be atrocious, so invest in boosting it. L4 should be Demonic Bulk, L8 should be Arcane Bloodrage.

I'm not sure what Bloodline Familiar is as that doesn't appear to be an option for the BR.

Shadow Lodge

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rorek55 wrote:
Matthew Downie wrote:
One thing I found playing a low-AC martial is that you're more likely to get hit by creatures with grab abilities. If you depend on a two-handed weapon, that's a problem. So make sure you have a plan for what to do if grappled.
surge of strength and break free?

Rings of FoM for everyone!

Shadow Lodge

At high levels, miss chance and good saves are what matter. You might be able to avoid a few iteratives, but things that want to hit you will hit you. Also, you will be a party with (hopefully) synergized tactics so that while you chunkify the Balor Lord, the wizard has Mazed the lord's major domo, the archer feathered the lord's friend and dual-cursed cursed oracle Reach Plane Shifted the guy hiding in the corner.

Shadow Lodge


Shadow Lodge

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Nothing happens.

1) It can't initiate a grapple as you both are already in a grapple. 2) You both already have the grappled condition. 3) You still remain the controlling grappler and it still remains the victim of the grapple.

Shadow Lodge

Yeah, that crossposter is such a jerk. ;)

Shadow Lodge

@skyler, this is what I was thinking


Str - 18 (16 + 2)
Dex - 11
Con - 14
Int - 7
Wis - 8
Cha - 16

Indomitable Faith

L1 Power Attack, Human: Weapon Focus-Falchion
L3 Toughness
L5 Arcane Strike
L7 (burner feat), DD: Improved Initiative
L8 Retrain Burner to Arcane Armor Training
L9 Lunge
L10 DD: Blind Fight
L11 Improved Critical-Falchion

I'm willing to live with 15% arcane spell failure (mithral full plate + Arcane Armor Training) as I would try to use somatic-less spells in-combat or buff spells pre-combat.

@chbgraphicarts: my big concern is the lack of Raging Vitality in Core and SBDS (Sudden Barbarian Death Syndrome), which pretty much mandates going 1/2 orc.

Shadow Lodge

For the PFS Core Campaign, which only uses the CRB, I'm considering a Dragon Disciple as I've never played one before.

My current inclination is a beatstick Paladin 4/Sorcerer 1/DD X, primarily for the CHA to saves, 2 smites and CHA synergy.

I'm also considering Barbarian 4/Sorcerer 1/DD X for the sheer "moar str plz" aspect.

Both options would use a 2H weapon, although I'm not sure if going reach would be advised.


Shadow Lodge **

What should people who've always had options expect from playing mid- to higher-levels of PFS using the CRB only?

Shadow Lodge **

Standard Campaign: Classes legal. Optional subsystems not legal.

Core Campaign: Nothing legal.

Shadow Lodge **

thejeff wrote:
But none of that, other than survival, comes back to the Core campaign with him.

That's a pretty big caveat considering it's more likely you as an individual will use less resources & have easier encounters in the standard campaign if you're being carried by folks with the newest, shiniest synergized options.

Let's say you were a L6 core barbarian and you fought the same encounter in with a Core party and a Standard party--I think we can generally agree that the Standard party will have an easier go of it on average. The Core character will start to accrue subtle advantages when they return to Core--maybe they have more charges left on their CLW wand thanks to a Life Oracle, maybe they didn't have to use an Oil of Daylight because there was an Aasimar, maybe they never used their Ghost Touch arrows because a caster used a Mnemonic Vestment to use a Mass Ghostbane Dirge, when that character returns to the Core game, he has a material advantage over those people who maybe had to use up more of their wand charges and burned another 2PP, used their oil of daylight and spent 750 gp for another, or bought Restorations because they struggled with Shadows who ambushed them.

Shadow Lodge **

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The core character benefits from being at a non-core table both directly and indirectly:

Directly: Can have non-core spells and effects cast on him (Vanish, Greater Infernal Healing, Family Subdomain ability Community Ties, etc) as well as use items given to him by party members ("here's some ghost blanch arrows").

Indirectly: A core backline squishy never is threatened because the super-reach abyssal longarm bloodrager (who was hasted by the early-haste Summoner) never let anyone near the rear.

Shadow Lodge

Naturally, I was looking in the wrong section. Many thanks, Gilarius!

Shadow Lodge

You are a reach cleric.

You begin casting a 1 round spell (Enlarge, Summon, etc).

An enemy moves in to attack you, passing through your threatened reach.

You take your AOO.

Does this interrupt your spell casting and waste the spell?

Shadow Lodge

3 people marked this as a favorite.

You just need to be...
( •_•)>⌐■-■
...tidy with your placement.

Shadow Lodge

Oath of Vengeance Paladin

Str 14, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 14

Take a trait to make up for the -1 to Will saves

L1 Point-Blank
L1 Human: Precise
L3 Precise Shot
L5 Deadly Aim
L7 Clustered Shots
L9 Manyshot
L11 Improved Precise Shot

Not having Point Blank Master will rarely be an issue. And if you get hit, you can just LoH, 5' step back and let loose.

Shadow Lodge

To all those saying, "Detect Evil should have worked" -- we don't know what the door was made of other than the OP's description of "some brass stone door stuff"

Detect Evil wrote:
The spell can penetrate barriers, but 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood or dirt blocks it.

Shadow Lodge **

Well, the answer to your question/concern is basically the same as the Wish issue at higher levels...which has not been addressed.

Shadow Lodge **

Duiker wrote:
If you are playing PFS at level 17 and the best thing you can think of doing with wish in one of the last couple of times you'll ever get to play this character is bumping attribute scores, then I'd let you do it out of pity for your dead imagination.

And what would you Wish for?

Shadow Lodge **

There is no clear player/GM consensus about what happens with Wish and inherent bonuses. Some say it carries forward while others cite the permanent spell rules and extrapolate from there. As for manuals/tomes, which exist in the same realm of inherent bonuses, I believe everyone is in agreement that you would need to purchase the item.

Buying a tome or manual is actually cheaper than comparable number of Wish scrolls. Having the party Wizard cast Wish is slightly cheaper than the scroll. Summoning a Wish-granting creature (or capturing one) is even cheaper.

With the amount of higher level AP sanctioning, I hope Mike Brock and John Compton would offer some guidance or a ruling.

I would honestly be fine with the following:
A) PC casters may use Wish or Wish scrolls for granting inherent bonuses per the spell description. Wish(es) may only be cast during a game session.
B) PC-cast Wish inherent bonuses granted carry over from scenario to scenario.
C) Wish-granted inherent bonuses gained from Summoned/Gated creatures or NPC casters only last the duration of the scenario.

PC Wishes require a significant investment of wealth-by-level. NPC Wishes do not.

Shadow Lodge **

Only the L1, L4 & L7 pregens are legal.

Shadow Lodge **

Related question:

If you have a 4-person table and 1 person had to leave early (and a pre-gen replacement is not an option)--can the remaining 3 players continue to try and finish the remaining encounters or is the session auto-ended?

Shadow Lodge

I've been invited to join a home game and looking for some suggestions on what I should play.

Starting at L1
15-point buy
(not sure on # of traits yet)

Chaotic Evil
Master Summoner or Synthesist Summoner

Ranger (melee)

I believe most of the players are fairly new to PF and may not have much system mastery, so I'm looking to create a character that A) will not overshadow them and B) boost their abilities.

Current options I've been messing with:

  • Oradin (halfling, archer) - can Lifelink, LoH, Shoot, Face
  • Evangelist Cleric of Erastil (archer) - Inspire, Buff, Shoot
  • Bard (archer) - Inspire, Shoot, Face
  • Hedge Witch (no slumber as a personal preference)

Shadow Lodge

At L11, you would be doing 8d6 (6 base + 2 Phylactery) w/ DC 19 Will (10 + 1/2 level + CHA), 8/day (3 base + 5 CHA)

8d6, DC 19 Will, 8/day.

On average, at L11, your channel will do 28 damage (8 x 3.5)--or 14 if creatures save--and since it's PBAoE, you are easily in attack range. The Will Saves for CR9-11 creatures varies from +8 to, they can make the save 50% of the time or more.

Without a way to empower or maximize your channel, even with a phylactery, it just doesn't scale well.

Shadow Lodge **

Maybe you botched building a character?

Maybe reality didn't match theory?

Maybe you built it TOO good?

I semi-retired my Zen Archer/Inquisitor because I built it to survive the worst S4&5 could throw at him. He was way too easy to twink out, so much so, that once I hit L10 it was too easy. I decided to semi-retire him, only pulling him out if absolutely necessary to help anyone else get to L12 for EoTT (or other Seeker play).

I have a L2 halfling agility-based tetori, which was more for theory crafting, that haven't touched in forever and probably will never get around to playing simply because I've played to the mid-teens with a grappler and it would be more of the same.

What character do you regret making and why?

Shadow Lodge

Just watch Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins and copy down everything Chiun says ;)

Shadow Lodge **

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joe kirner wrote:

cover and concealment

I.E. shooting at target with friend or foe between you and your target (target gets partial cover)

Technically, you get "soft cover" -- "partial cover" is a different, lesser degree of cover.

Shadow Lodge **

With the folks I play with at the FLGS, it's often a race to see who can lay out the Condition Card first.

Shadow Lodge **

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eternallamppost wrote:
Diagonal movement.

I'm surprised how often this comes up in mid-tier play (5-9).

Shadow Lodge **

Silbeg wrote:
  • ITS use and need
  • For a moment, I thought I misused "its" or "it's" and doublechecked my post!

    Shadow Lodge

    Pirate Rob wrote:

    Here is the build skeleton for my Aasimar PFS bard.

    Quick Math at level 9:

    Initiative: +13 +2dex, +4 feat, +4 banner, +1 ioun stone, +2 trait

    Round 1 Accelerated Drink Enlarge Potion, Cast Haste

    Banner of Ancient Kings wrote:

    As long as the longspear or pole to which the banner is attached is firmly wielded in two hands, its carrier gains a +4 circumstance bonus on Initiative checks.
    Accelerated Drinker wrote:
    You may drink a potion as a move action instead of a standard action as long as you start your turn with the potion in your hand.

    Either you get the Enlarge Potion as Move Action in the first round or a +4 to initiative, but not both as you would need 3 hands ;)

    Shadow Lodge **

    2 people marked this as a favorite.

    When GMing a PFS table, what rules most often need to be explained or briefly revisited to make sure everyone is on the same page? I'm not talking about Table Variation, but the normal PF/PFS rules.


    The Grappled condition...what can and can't I do?

    Readying an action--you can't ready an action outside of combat and you can't ready a full-round action (and, sometimes, the initiative consequences of a readied action triggering in the next round)

    Owning Herolab/consulting a website does not equal owning the material


    Shadow Lodge

    Thanks for the reminder about rogue talents

    +1 to Weapon Focus and Arcane Strike

    Shadow Lodge

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    human archaeologist bard

    heirloom weapon: composite longbow
    fate's favored

    14 STR
    24 DEX (18 start, +2 level bumps, +4 belt)

    Precise Shot
    Rapid Shot
    Deadly Aim
    Lingering song
    (Clustered shots at L11, or earlier at L9 instead of Manyshot)

    Use Masterwork Transformation on your bow and then begin upgrading it as necessary. Archaeologist Luck at L9 with Fate's Favored is +3 to hit and damage.

    Assuming a +2 Bow and a +4 belt and haste (or divine fervor or allegro), your second round full attack is:

    +15/+15/+15/+10 1d8+9

    of course, you could be less selfish and do a standard bard and inspire everyone, losing the +1 stuff from Fate's Favored.

    If you're good with your money, you might be able to go with a +1 Holy bow by L9, with which you then begin to wreck face.

    Shadow Lodge

    2 separate pools. Talk to your GM.

    Shadow Lodge

    You cannot place the brawling enchant on Bracers of Armor.

    Shadow Lodge **

    You should have had an initial +4 since you knew there was an illusion (from the briefing).

    A character faced with proof that an illusion isn't real needs no saving throw. Once the swarms appear out of nowhere (emerging from unseen buildings) and the derakni shoot their enervations, that is enough proof that the illusion is not real.

    In fact, you teleport onto a fountain, so immediately, your party is interacting with the illusion because they're on stone but the mirage arcana is of grass, boom, immediate will save to disbelieve with +4.

    eta: mirage arcana--"Still, it can't disguise, conceal, or add creatures (though creatures within the area might hide themselves within the illusion just as they can hide themselves within a real location)." The derakni would be subject to stealth & sniping rules at the very least.

    Shadow Lodge **

    That is current work around we plan on using for players; I was looking for something for the GM side of things

    Shadow Lodge

    I have a bag of holding. I didn't include my consumables list because it's long and situational.

    Shadow Lodge

    Rune stones are legal but dang pricey.

    Shadow Lodge

    A dueling weapon (which must be a weapon that can be used with the Weapon Finesse feat) gives the wielder a +4 enhancement bonus on initiative checks, provided the weapon is drawn and in hand when the Initiative check is made.

    Shadow Lodge **

    3 people marked this as a favorite.

    I would be willing to pay $1 more for the most current and recent content. Prices would decrease depending on the age of the season. When a new season starts, everything bumps down a price tier.

    Season 6
    Season 5

    Season 4
    Season 3

    Season 2
    Season 1

    Season 0

    Shadow Lodge

    Whelp, Kimono for sure then. Any suggestions for L7/8 spells?

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