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Sammy T's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 573 posts (794 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Shadow Lodge

1) Has the MADness of the Shaman been toned down?

2) Previously, you had full access to ALL the other spirits via your wandering spirit. Is there a limiter in place now? (I'm blanking out if this has been discussed before.)

3) Purely selfish question--Does the Shaman use Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally?

Shadow Lodge

+1 Jiggy

Shadow Lodge **

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For casters, dumping a physical stat is the national pastime of Absalom as well.

Shadow Lodge **

Protection from Arrows, Wind Wall and Fickle Winds are great options for your scroll library.

Deflect Arrows is only once per round. At your level, a single archer will have high enough BAB and the feats for multiple shots per round...and odds are you will be facing multiple archers.

So, imho, Deflect Arrows usually isn't worth it.

Shadow Lodge

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Assassin with a heart of gold steel.

Shadow Lodge **

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Jiggy wrote:
DrDeth wrote:
in games with 6+ players, some rule no companions
Are you aware that you're in the Society section of the boards?

I personally just ask the players if they can minimize their companion use due to the number of people at the table.

Shadow Lodge **

Andrew Christian wrote:
Otherwise a wizard could stand in the 5' square behind his 2 fighter friends and not have to make concentration checks to cast defensively against an Ogre.

That wizard has cover and does not provoke while casting if there is a wall of PCs between him and the Ogre.

First two paragraphs of Cover rules::

To determine whether your target has cover from your ranged attack, choose a corner of your square. If any line from this corner to any corner of the target's square passes through a square or border that blocks line of effect or provides cover, or through a square occupied by a creature, the target has cover (+4 to AC).

When making a melee attack against an adjacent target, your target has cover if any line from any corner of your square to the target's square goes through a wall (including a low wall). When making a melee attack against a target that isn't adjacent to you (such as with a reach weapon), use the rules for determining cover from ranged attacks.

Shadow Lodge **


Shadow Lodge

Lormyr wrote:
Brigg wrote:

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Those Poor, Poor GMs....GMing those level 1 games...

GM: The boss attacks the barbarian *Rolls* "Critical Hit for 17 Damage"
Player 1: "Still Standing"
GM: "What? How many Hit points do you have!?"
Player 1: "27!"
GM: "Eew, okay. Sorcerer, you're up!"
Sorcerer: "I cast Burning Hands!"
GM: "Rolling Reflex. I assume a 16 Passes"
Sorecerer: "Nope! You take full damage of..." *Rolls* "22 Damage"
GM: ;_________;

Combine with 2 PP worth of combat trained tiger after your first scenario for maximum facepalm.

Meanwhile, the newbie with the Ezren pregen goes:

"Uh, I guess I use Hand of the Apprentice? On the corpse? Oh..."

Shadow Lodge **

After some consideration, I think I will:

1) Approach the player(s) I regularly GM and have a good relationship with, ask about their newest low-level character and use that as segue into build discussions. Instead of discussing previous characters which are retired or near retirement and beyond rebuilding, we are discussing a character who has a full PFS career and building options...and hopefully steer the newest PC away from the faults of previous PCs without explicitly calling them out.

2) For the player(s) I don't generally GM or don't have a good relationship with, I will simply post a general message on our sign up boards about how the game is much tougher in higher tiers, give some general advice and offer to be a sounding board (along with any other FLGS regulars) if anyone has questions about their character. If someone approaches me or anyone else for advice, they would be more open to receiving constructive criticism versus being defensive when receiving advice, no matter how obliquely delivered.

#2 won't seem out the blue given we regularly post tips and tricks in our sign ups like:

As you level your character in Pathfinder, you should make sure they are properly prepared for challenges they will encounter! If you've never played high level PFS, or season 4 of PFS, you could be in for a shock. Here's a basic guide for things you should keep in mind:


-WEAPONS: Do you have both a ranged and a melee weapon? You don’t always choose the range at which you fight.

-HEALING: Do you have self-healing? A Wand of Cure Light Wounds only costs 2 Prestige Points and has 50 charges--even if you can’t use it, someone else probably can. DO NOT expect other party members to provide healing for you.

-DARKNESS: Do you have a way to see in the non-magical darkness? Whether it’s a torch, a sunrod, a light cantrip or just plain darkvision, you need to be able to see in unlit areas.

-DAMAGE REDUCTION: Do you have a backup weapon with a different damage type? Some monsters have DR that can only be overcome by slashing, piercing or blunt damage.

-SWARM/OOZES: Do you have anti-swarm weapons or anti-ooze options? Older seasons are notorious for swarms. Even a flask or two of Alchemist’s Fire, Acid Flask, etc. can make a difference.

-DID YOU KNOW: …that a knotted rope reduces a climb check to DC 5? Always have a rope handy!


-HEALING: Do you have emergency self-healing? A single potion of Cure Moderate Moderate or Cure Serious Wounds can get you back in the fight…or keep you alive long enough to run away.

-DARKNESS: Do you have a way to counter magical darkness? An oil of Daylight or the ability to cast Daylight will help counter Deeper Darkness…very important as not even darkvision will penetrate supernatural darkness.

-DAMAGE REDUCTION: Monsters may have damage resistance that can only be overcome by cold iron/silver/adamantine. Oil of Bless Weapon or Align Weapon are helpful for alignment based DR.

-INVISIBLE/INCORPOREAL: Monsters with these abilities begin to appear. Glitterdust, Faerie Fire and See Invisibility are hard counters to invisibility. Archers should invest in the weapon blanch Ghost Salt for some of their arrows for incorporeal foes.

-DID YOU KNOW: …third level potions or oils such as Fly, Daylight, Remove Blindness, Water Breathing, Gaseous Form, etc. are only 2 PP away. While you can only make a 2 PP purchase once a scenario, you can slowly build up a cache of situational potions!

If you have out of combat healing, emergency combat healing and ways to counter darkness/DR/abilities, you are *generally* prepared for most combats at high level. Here are other things to be prepared for:

-FLYING: Melee characters need the ability (by potion, spell or item) to combat flyers that prefer to stay at range.

-GRAPPLING: Caster and ranged characters need options to avoid or escape grapples.

-DID YOU KNOW: …a level 1 Protection from Evil flat out prevents domination by an evil spellcaster. This is very important because it’s one thing when your friend’s MurderDeathKill Machine is attacking foes, it’s another thing when he fails his save against Dominate Person and attacks the party.

Be ready and be flexible!


How does your character contribute?:

PFS is a team game -- each week you'll sit down with 3-5 other characters and you will depend on each other to survive to the end of the scenario. Here are 3 simple questions to think about during character creation!

1) How does my character contribute in combat?
2) How else can they contribute in combat if they can't do #1?
3) How does my character contribute outside of combat?

1) How does my character contribute in combat?
Pretty straightforward: when diplomacy breaks down or you are beset by beasts, what do you do in combat? By default, your class or build will dictate your answer--melee will facesmash, ranged will pincushion and casters will buff/heal/OMFGWTFBBQ as needed. Odds are you will already know what will you do and how to do it well.

2) How else can they contribute in combat if they can't do #1?
In PFS, you don't always dictate the terms of the battle. If you melee, what are your options if you can't reach (or even hit) the monster? If you heal, what do you when no one needs healing? If you cast spells, what's your plan when your spells don't work or, worse yet, you're out of spells?

Don't end up hiding in back delaying every turn because you didn't have a back up plan. Every Pathfinder is needed in the fight!

3) How does my character contribute outside of combat?
By the very structure of scenarios, you are guaranteed 3-5 combats a scenario...however, very few scenarios are pure combat affairs. There will be socializing/investigating/role-playing and you don't want to be sidelined for a chunk of the game, unable to assist your party. Pick a skill (or two) that allows you to contribute in these situations. Traits are a good way to pick up skills to round out your character and give them out-of-combat options.

1) Kills things dead with a big two-handed weapon.
2) Has a bow in case it's ranged combat. Has a shield if he needs to go toe-to-toe with something he can't really hurt but wants to keep from his weaker pals.
3) Drops a few points in Knowledge: Dungeoneering so he can help both in and out of combat with relevant checks.

1) Buffs early in combat. Heals as needed during combat.
2) Uses high Intimidate skill to demoralize opponents when casting not needed.
3) Spends skill points on diplomacy and intimidate so he can be a party face.

1) Summons monsters to do her dirty work
2) Has a longspear so she can attack from the second rank (or AID ANOTHER to give someone else +2 to hit).
3) Has ranks in various knowledges to be the party knowledge-monkey.

1) Flanks creatures for Sneak Attack damage and to provide +2 to her allies
2) Has a ranged or hard-hitting weapon to use when fighting enemies immune to precision damage
3) Has ranks in disable device and perception to help her party avoid deadly traps

Finally, being good at what you do is an important part of being a Pathfinder...but overspecialization can lead to you becoming dead weight in unfavorable conditions. Always have a backup plan!

Explore! Report! Cooperate!

Shadow Lodge **

Pirate Rob wrote:

Probably a slight misunderstanding of:

CRB wrote:
Friend: You can move through a square occupied by a friendly character, unless you are charging. When you move through a square occupied by a friendly character, that character doesn't provide you with cover.

Did not know friendly characters didn't provide you with cover when moving through their squares. TIL.

Shadow Lodge **

@lamontius, both.

Let's assume I have enough system mastery to help folks with their characters. I'd rather not talk about these characters in specific, but rather on the general thoughts on approaching (or not approaching) players underpowered combat builds (like 10-12 average damage round at L10) or tunnelvisioned tactics for their character concept.

Shadow Lodge

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(shakes fist at Paizo)

You're running the Shaman last aren't you?


Shadow Lodge **

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(sidesteps any discussion of my table last night)

As most folks here know, as you transition into higher tiers tactics or builds players relied on in lower tiers can prove suboptimal in higher tiers. While tactics and preparedness are easily addressed, character builds are a bit more of a personal issue and players may have tunnelvision about their character's contributions at the table.

@brigg, I have no problem with builds that need a few levels to come online as low tiers are much more forgiving (I've played a few slow starters myself). I'm speaking of L7+ characters.

@jiggy, I'm just putting this out there for general discussion to see if there are any tactics I can steal. Lord knows I steal enough good stuff from the other GMs as it is ;)

Shadow Lodge **

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Kyle Baird wrote:
Thanks Nosig! Totally picking that one up for Garble.

Dead Garble or Confused Garble.

Not sure which is worse.

Shadow Lodge **

Fromper wrote:
Hmmm... Now I'm sitting here wondering if Sammy's motivation to start this thread has anything to do with the high body count at the table he GMed last night. I was playing at a different table, so I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I heard only 1 out of 6 PCs escaped the Storval Stairs alive.

Well, it was a 5-top, but if you want to credit me with an extra body, I'll take it ;)

While Storval Stairs is a known meatgrinder, the issues I refer to would have appeared in any 7-11 scenario with solidly built combats.

Shadow Lodge **

Usually on these boards we discuss how to handle optimized/min-maxed/OP characters and their players. I'd like to turn the discussion to approaches to helping those players with sub-optimal builds that actually make combats more difficult.

While I understand there's no wrongbadfun in designing and playing a character you enjoy, just a like hyperoptimizer can hog the spotlight by finishing combat almost solo, a suboptimizer can drag combats out and drain the party of limited resources. Just like you might ask a min-maxer in a side conversation to possibly tone it down, have you ever (or would you ever) let a player know they could tweak their build or concept to be less of a liability?

Shadow Lodge

Brigg wrote:

Do you prefer creating your own storylines and canons between your characters and figure out the schematics later?

Or do you prefer to research strategies and make characters based on them?

Sometimes one, sometimes the other. Sometimes a mix of both as little choices add up and twist the execution during character creation.

My characters and their genesis:

1) Concept first: Wanted to be a older retired militia man who was the ultimate team player. As I always loved playing a Discipline Priest in WoW, the Life Oracle with Life Link, Shield Other and Channels was the perfect fit.

2) Concept first: Wanted someone who was melee-centric and the exact opposite of character #1. I enjoy pro-wrestling, so I decided a big dumb (but handsome and beautiful) wrestler would be fun. Tetori monk.

3) Concept first: Little girl, big stick. Character concept from the old anime trope of massively oversized weapons wielded by petite schoolgirls. Oracle/Paladin (perhaps to be Oracle/Skald depending on ACG).

4) Mechanics first: Wanted to play bad ass Zen Archer. Zen Archer/Inquisitor.

5) Mechanics first: Wanted to theorycraft and play a halfling grappler. Halfling Tetori.

6) Concept first: Wanted to play an old stuffy british colonel who had a companion. Made a Taldan summoner with a walking castle ("fort courageous") as his eidolon.

7) Mechanics first: Wanted to play a guy who only used a shield as his only weapon. Ranger/Horizon Walker

8) Mechanics first: Playtesting a Shaman (who is the daughter of character #1). Shaman of the Heavens.

In the bullpen:

9) Concept first: Al Pacino is the master of all magic...HOOAH! Mystic Theurge who worships Asmodeus.

10) Mechanics first: Superstitious Spell Sundering Pounce barbarian with Spellcraft and Knowledge Arcana as class skills. Barbarian.

Thing to note, all my characters are A) Mechanically sound and B) have solid RP foundations (mannerisms, motivations, etc).

Shadow Lodge **

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redward wrote:
If I go and eat 12 McRibs because it's the last day they're available the only person I'm hurting is myself.

If I'm sitting next to you at the table, I'm sure I'm getting blowblack from those 12 McRibs.

Shadow Lodge **

So, to revisit the errant Heal spell on Formoch's list (he has it memorized as a L5 spell when it is a L6 spell):

Since he has also memorized 2 CLW, 2 CMW and 2 CSW and an erroneous Heal, I'm simply having him memorize Breath of Life instead as it is the biggest healing spell available at L5.

Shadow Lodge **

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Shadow Lodge **

The WHW's hair does the grappling and she remains grapple condition-free per the ability.

Shadow Lodge **

Ring_of_Gyges wrote:
Spring load wrist sheaths to draw potions as swift actions and Accelerated Drinker to drink them as move actions. Also very useful in using Breath of Life scrolls in a timely manner.

1) Expect Table Variation with Spring Loaded Wrist Sheaths

2) Not that you said it could be done, but just putting this out there before someone makes an assumption: You would not be able to use a Spring Loaded Wrist Sheath and Accelerated Drinker in the same turn ("You may drink a potion as a move action instead of a standard action as long as you start your turn with the potion in your hand.") As the potion was not in hand at the start of the turn (it was in the table variation sheath), Accelerated Drinker would not apply.

Anyways, back to reading this thread for stuff to buy on the cheap.

Shadow Lodge **

I'm guessing that if that dev errata never made it into print, FAQ or prd--hero lab played it conservative and stuck with what is officially in print.

Shadow Lodge

Between Sacred Summons and Acadamae Graduate, you can pump out Standard Action summons every round. Fun.

Shadow Lodge

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I literally just posted my burgeoning MT build elsewhere.

Short version: All in one Summon/Control/Buff/Condition Removal with the character basically RPd as composite Al Pacino

Aasimar (Emberkin)
Thassilonian Specialist (Egorian Infernal Binder) 2 / Cleric of Asmodeus (Separatist) 1 / Mystic Theurge X

Inspired by tales of the Runelords, Dagvaar Inkalde chose magic as the vehicle to his future greatness. In his search for magical mastery, he attended the Academae in Varisia and is an adjunct professor of conjuration at Egorian Academy of the Magical Arts in Cheliax (gaining a fierce appreciation for the power and guile of Asmodeus at the latter).

Thassilonian Specialist will let me carry an double up my conjuration specialist bonus spell so I have two of it (Summon Monster X naturally). Egorian Infernal Binder grants I get Assume Control instead...which is totally in line with the conjuring Cult of Personality that is Dagvaar.

I will take Acadamae Graduate, so I can fast track summons at the cost of possible fatigue (or exhaustion).

On the Cleric (separatist) side of things, I will take the domains of Trickery (for Copy Cat to qualify for MT) and Restoration (because Asmodeus will reward my service by removing my fatigue from Acadamae Graduate).

STR 9 / DEX 10 / CON 14 / INT 19 / WIS 15 / CHA 9
Bump INT at L4, WIS at L8

Magical Knack (Cleric), Clever Wordplay

Out of Combat:
Knowledge Monkey, Party face

L1 Feat: Acadamae Graduate (usable only with arcane summons)
L1 Wiz Feat: Spell focus: Conjuration
L3: Augment Summons
L5: Improved Spell focus: Conjuration
L7: Superior Summons
L9: (Theurgy?)
L11: tbd

Spell Progression:
L1 Wizard 1 (L1 Wiz Spells)
L2 Cleric 1 (L1 Cleric spells)
L3 Wizard 2
L4 MT 1 (L2 Wiz spells)
L5 MT 2 (L2 Cleric spells)
L6 MT 3 (L3 Wiz spells)
L7 MT 4 (L3 Cleric spells)
L8 MT 5 (L4 Wiz spells)
L9 MT 6 (L4 Cleric spells)
L10 MT 7 (L5 Wiz spells)
L11 MT 8 (L5 Cleric spells)

Shadow Lodge **

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If she does it right, he'll never know.

Shadow Lodge **

I don't do it.

I probably won't do it.

I've had mediocre-to-poor experiences with under-prepped/non-prepped GMs and don't ever want to inflict that on 4-6 other people.

Shadow Lodge **

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Nosig, super simplified version:

We run 4-6 tables each game night.

We post the scenarios a month ahead of time online, where folks can sign up to GM or play ahead of time.

Like any game store, there are folks who regularly GM on a rotating basis.

Like any game store, there are folks who will never, ever GM.

Right now, there is a table of EoTT running that is locking up 6 of our regular GMs.

So, you have a smaller GM pool and players who aren't stepping up and occasional walk-ins.

(Most of the time it works out because the regular GMs will sign up to cover tables ahead of time and most folks exercise common sense ("Oh, there's 16 people signed up for this game but only 2 GMs and the game is in 2 days...hmmm...well, I don't want to GM, so I won't sign up.") but some folks seem to lack that critical thinking skill.)

We have an awesome rock star who usually will run a pick up game if worse comes to worst with walk-ins and overflow. That awesome person is Fromper.

Fromper is a GD superhero who repeatedly and consistently will drop out of a game as player to run a new table if there are walk-ins or a GM pulls out at the last second. He deserves like a million medals of PFS service for his sacrifices.

However, when the regular GMs want to play, have signed up to play well ahead of time and are there specifically to play, they deserve that time and shouldn't have to worry about having a back up scenario pre-prepped to run and losing out on their playing time.

Shadow Lodge

No Clustered Shots? That's almost mandatory for an archer.

Shadow Lodge **

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Rorary Prisock wrote:

Well at least a Separatist Cleric with Domains Fate Inquisition and Trickery still meets the 2nd level arcane/divine requirements for Mystic Theurge at 1st level regardless of race. 2 Ranks of wizard and BOOM mystic theurge at level 4. I'm betting the new races will allow new ways to min/max to the hilt and build different abominations than the ones that already exist.

Respectful correction: that hasn't been the case since September of last year.

"For spell-like abiities gained from a class, use the spell type (arcane or divine) of that class to determine whether the spell-like ability is arcane or divine. If the class doesn't cast spells, use the above rule for spell-like abilities from race or type."

Shadow Lodge **

By RAW, everything but adamantine gear would get the destroyed condition and would require Make Whole spells to restore--but having all your WBL destroyed pretty much cripples a character into unplayability and I could see almost every GM handwaving the swarms eating a TPK'd party's gear.

Shadow Lodge

BigNorseWolf wrote:

Its a matter of legitimate table variance. Get the spring loaded wrists sheaths (2) just in case


Shadow Lodge **

The message cantrip is a neutered choice in this scenario given the distances between locations and the duration of the spell. At best it can cover the distance between the general store and inn or tent city and beer garden and, in tier 4-5, would only cover the initial 50 minutes of a investigative phase.

Shadow Lodge **

GM'd another go round tonight, this time a 4-person party, low sub-tier party: Paladin of Ragathiel, Gnome Prankster Bard, War Priest (sling) & a oracle/fighter/bard mutt. Another 3 1/2 hour game, with the first initiative (Encounter 4) at around 2 1/2 hours.

Off-book locations:
Murder Victim's 2 (Skinned Victim) House: Had crying teen girls out front for the PCs to interact with.

Murder Victim's 1 Crime Scene: Had pilgrims praying for the soul of the nameless bard from another town for the PCs to interact with.

Murder Victims' 3&4 bodies (the frame victims): Clerics of Abadar passing through town are preparing the bodies for burial as a favor the sheriff. While the PCs couldn't inspect the bodies, they got more rumor info from the Clerics who were also starting their own investigation.

Off-book skill use:
Prankster bard using his juggling/comedy skills to entertain the townfolk.

Fun fact:
Just like the last table I ran, the group self glitterdusted to reveal Torvil.

Fromper and Redward were at my table, so I'll let them chip in with any thoughts they had. I know that as a GM I was a little toasty by the end and should have taken a personal break (whereas the players took mini-breaks when their investigation location wasn't live).

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Will Paizo's new WCF Reference Guide have new archetypes and feats?


Shadow Lodge **

I'm looking at running the sanctioned content (Runeforge pt 3-10) for a party of high level PFS characters.

Would anyone have an eyeball figure for how long it would take to run for a party of four well-built PCs (all L15)? How much quicker if it were a party of six? Any things to be aware of?

Shadow Lodge

I'm dying here. Every week I hope a Shaman preview and every week I cry Shaman tears.

I invested a chunk of time playtesting a Shaman and currently have it parked at level 5 until I know the changes.

Shadow Lodge **

Kyle Baird wrote:
As someone who's written for Seasons 3, 4, 5, and 6. I much prefer season 6th method. :-)

Finally, I can join the Garble Facechomper faction.

Shadow Lodge **

I would forgo using or handing out the 'lure' letter Jorsal hands out.


While flavorful, it is chockful of red herrings. Omar. Pulura. (Another) farm. In a scenario full of false rumors, there is absolutely no need to confuse the investigations any further.

Shadow Lodge

"Metagaming" has a different connotation in RPGs than MOBAs and MMORPGs. "Min/Max" or "optimizing" would be the more apropos term.

Shadow Lodge **

Doug, I am aware of the site. However, sometimes the only way to learn something is to work through it yourself versus using someone else's notes ;)

Shadow Lodge **

Not elegant whatsoever but here is my my hacked together cheatsheat.

Shadow Lodge **

Ran this last night. From briefing to me walking out the door, it ran 3 1/2 hours.

L5 Rogue
L4 Cleric of Saranrae
L4 Zen Archer
L4 Rogue Pre-Gen (forgot personal L4 Rogue at home)
L2 Fighter/Paladin of Abadar

Adjustment: Jorsal took a moment to lay out the mindset of the populace. "They live next to the Worldwound, Nerosyan was recently attacked and demons roam the countryside...they are afraid. It is easier to judge someone guilty than prove them innocent."

Adjustment: Although not explicitly called out, I made sure Jorsal handed them the letter so they could refer to it later.

Investigation Prep:
I simply brought 4x6 index cards and jotted down the names of the main locations (Tent City, Inn, etc.) I made clear that these were not the only locations they could visit, but simply the most obvious upon their arrival. I left a stack of blank cards on the table for them to name other locations they'd like to visit during the course of their investigations. When PCs investigated, they would simply put their mini on the note card of the location they were at.

Day 3:
I took a moment as GM and explained that it would be in their best interests to split up into teams to cover more ground. Once or twice, I really had to convince to split up and/or NOT assist (since it's better for each PC to individually roll during investigation).

Upon arrival, some folks went and visited the accused. They easily turned the Sheriff helpful and got the basics of the evidence (and quickly realized the handwriting samples were the same). Others hit up the town and got the basic rumors.

Day 4:
Adjustment: Instead of waiting until after the phase one to roll to reduce the first town sentiment track progression (which is mechanically weird), I had them roll at the beginning of each day.

At the end of the day, they had a bunch of conflicting rumors, but had gotten much of the basics. At the end of the night, one of the rogues almost broke into Ekira's room at the inn, but thought better of it.

Day 5:
This blends together as many things hit the fan at once. The PCs, whose town sentiment track had been ridiculously low, started using intimidate. Also, the Opposition track started kicking in which fed into the party using intimidate. Pretty much in short order, they hit all the encounters, culminating with Encounter 4/5 at the end of the night.

Dalton got off one sneak attack by climbing outside the house and sneaking up from behind before being non-lethally pummeled into submission. The PCs convinced both Luin and Ekira of their innocence, leading Dalton to attack with Torvil's assistance. One of the PCs heard the invisible Torvil and the party agreed to eat a Glitterdust so no innocents would get hit but the invisible creature would be revealed. So, naturally, 3 of the 5 PCs failed their save vs blindness. They quickly recovered and defeated Dalton but Tovril squirmed into the crowd, turned invisible and escaped.

The cleric and paladin easily showed Ekira the error of her ways, putting a button on the the end of the night.

'Offbook' investigation locations:
Some PCs decided to visit Daniel's Farm (Daniel = skinned victim from Otto's farm). To make it a viable rumor site, I simply had some pilgrims/mourners out front praying for the recently departed Daniel that chatted with the investigating PCs.

Other PCs also chose to visit the site of other murder victim (a bard on his way to Dawnton that was killed by the side of the road). At this point, the PCs had villagers escorting/watching them constantly, so had the PCs succeeded on an interaction roll, I would have let their escorts slip with some rumor info--but the PCs were at -4 for interactions and failed their rolls.

The party almost decided to go looking for Devil Circles in the woods, but a 'lucky' true rumor roll debunked that notion ;)

'Offbook' skill use:
The pre-gen Rogue used acrobatics to entertain the tent city crowds and make friends (and advancing opposition track).

The Zen Archer held an archery contest with 20 cold iron arrows as the prize. He easily won the contest...but still gave the arrows away, earning him admiration and friends (and advancing opposition track).

Fun facts:
3 of the PCs got haircuts at Orug's barbershop.

Am initiative wasn't rolled until Encounter 4 2 1/2 hours into the scenario.

Post Game:
The players really enjoyed the scenario, even if at times as a GM I had to bend logic to make the scenario work/be less confusing.

With the amount of GM feedback and workarounds in the thread, it feels like this scenario needs one more pass before it is truly finished.

Shadow Lodge **

New error found:

Town Sentiment Track on pg 6 indicates that Town Sentiment 10 you begin encounter 2.

Encounter 2 on pg 12 indicates that it occurs when Town Sentiment reaches 6.

(Doing this from my notes, not the PDF, so hopefully I got that right.)

Shadow Lodge **

Not exactly correct, DM Beckett.

"Should the PCs learn all of the true rumors, each additional true
rumor instead debunks one of the false rumors that PCs have already heard. If you roll a false rumor that the PCs have already heard, repeat the rumor with minor changes to the details to cast doubt as to whether or not it might actually be true."

So, additional True rumors auto-debunk while, while additional False rumors muddy the waters.

Shadow Lodge **

Yeah, do not run this if you can't sink your teeth into it and wrap your head around it.

I'm also working on a master cheat sheet because there's so much to juggle.

Shadow Lodge **

Thank you for volunteering to GM and I'm sorry you (and potentially the other players) had an unfun time.

I usually have a spiel I say at the top of the game, something along the lines of:

"Hi, I'm Sammy and I'll be your GM for the next 4 hours. I'm really looking forward to playing with everyone and having fun. If you've never played with me before, just a couple things you should know:

If I ask how you got a bonus or how a power works or how you did something, I don't think you're cheating. I just honestly don't know and need clarification--Pathfinder has so many rules that there's no way I can know them all. So, just be ready to explain if I ask.

During combat, know what you're going to do on your turn. I'll let you know when you're on deck. Let's keep things moving. If you can, roll your damage with your attack roll.

If there is a rules thing that takes too long to resolve, I'll just make a ruling so we can move on and not stop the game. We can look it up during the break or after the game.

Finally, this is a game, so let's just play and have fun!"

I like to upfront the rules thing with players so they know I will adjudicate fairly, but if it stops the game cold, I'm going to rule and move on...but they'll still get their day in court during a break or after the game. That tends to pre-emptively squash most prolonged rules arguments. However, it also forces me to be honest--I've sent e-mails a day or two later with links to forum posts/FAQs, regardless if I'm right or wrong, to clarify a confusing rule interaction for both parties.

Anyways, specific to your issue, after a certain point you either say at the table "Gentlemen, we only have X amount of time for this scenario--we can argue over every rule and not finish or I can make a ruling and we move on." That puts more on them (or the specific player) to pick and choose their rules battles rather than argue every single thing they disagree with.

Shadow Lodge **

I welcome difficult scenarios like this. If only to keep myself honest about my own personal combat preparedness and team player contributions.

Shadow Lodge **

My only question is if the scenarios will be available for download before Friday (as I print scenarios at work).

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