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Sammy T's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 621 posts (847 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Shadow Lodge **

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L12+ PFS LEGAL MODULES, APs & Scenarios
Level: Title (AP part if applicable), amount of xp

10-12: Emerald Spire Level 14, 3xp
10-12: Emerald Spire Level 15, 3xp
10-12: Forest of Spirits (JR4), 3xp
10-12: Ruby Phoenix Tournament, 3xp

11-13: Ashes at Dawn (CC5), 3xp
11-13: Beyond the Doomsday Door (SS4), 3xp
11-13: Emerald Spire Level 16, 3xp
11-13: The Frozen Stars (RoW4), 3xp
11-13: The Price of Infamy (S&S5), 3xp
11-13: Tide of Honor (JR5), 3xp

12 : Eyes of the Ten, 5xp*
12+ : Race for the Runecarved Key (Special), 1xp

12-14: Academy of Secrets, 3xp
12-14: Fortress of the Stone Giants (RotR4), 3xp

12-15: Siege of the Diamond City (Special), 1xp

13-15: From Hell's Heart (S&S6), 3xp
13-15: Into the Nightmare Rift (SS5), 3xp
13-15: Rasputin Must Die (RoW5), 3xp
13-15: Shadows of Gallowspire (CC6), 3xp
13-15: Tomb of the Iron Medusa, 3xp

14-16: Empty Throne (JR6), 3xp
14-16: Sins of the Saviors (RotR5), 3xp

15-17: The Moonscar, 3xp
15-17: The Witch Queen's Revenge (RoW6), 3xp

16-18: Spires of Xin Shalast (RotR6), 3xp
16-18: The Dead Heart of Xin (SS6), 3xp
16-18: Witchwar Legacy, 3xp

*Series of 4 scenarios

Shadow Lodge **

Humphry B ManWitch wrote:

my real Fear here is when Certain mod writers decide to attach some non associated rogue and slayer levels to some random monster then get this feat to insta slay PC's

it is going to happen.

There are many many other ways mod writers can kill you. Think of all OP or broken builds and combos that existed pre-ACG. Campaign Devs kept those out of scenarios.

At L8 and beyond, death is just a speed bump anyways.

Shadow Lodge **

Mistakes happen. I've made 'em, still make 'em and will probably still make 'em in the future. You did your best to correct it.

Everyone's going to give you a different answer. Including me.

For sub-tier 1-5, instead of going offensive with a CR13 creature, why not just have her retreat or escape?

Available escape abilities: greater invisibility (self only), greater teleport, globe of invulnerability, wall of force, obscuring mist.

The advantage these give you as a GM: you can retreat but still be within parlay range. This allows the party to explain themselves and fix the situation. While going offensive might make sense for her as a creature, going defensive makes sense as a GM as this is party's story, not hers.

Shadow Lodge

Spell Study (Su) wrote:

At 2nd level, the sage's understanding of the spells of bards, clerics, and druids is so great that he can use his own magic in an inefficient, roundabout way to duplicate those classes' spells. Once per day, a spell sage can spontaneously cast any spell on the bard, cleric, or druid spell list as if it were a wizard spell he knew and had prepared. Casting the spell requires the spell sage to spend 1 full round per spell level of the desired spell (if the spell is on multiple spell lists indicated above, using the lowest level from among those lists) and requires expending two prepared spells of that spell level or higher; if the spell's casting time is normally 1 full round or longer, this is added to the spell sage's casting time. For example, if a spell sage wants to use spell study to cast cure light wounds (cleric spell level 1st), he must spend 2 full rounds casting and expend two prepared wizard spells of 1st level or higher.

Wouldn't the example Cure Light Wounds spell cited only take 1 full round as it is a level 1 spell?

Shadow Lodge

You would want to train your Oracle levels to/from something with synergy (5PP/level). So, you would do your level up as a syngergestic class.

L1 Fighter/L2 Oracle/L1 (synergy class)

10PP + (x)GP to trade 2 levels of Oracle to (synergestic class levels). Then another 15PP + (x)GP to backtrack the 3 synergy class levels to Oracle levels. 25PP total.

Shadow Lodge

Bigdaddyjug wrote:
I guess technically you could retrain your oracle levels for oracle levels and switch mysteries that way.

You can retrain your current class level into ANOTHER class level, but not the same class.

In general, it takes 7 days to retrain one level in a class into one level in another class. Some classes are more suited for this kind of retraining, as they have a similar focus or purpose—this is called retraining synergy. If your old class has retraining synergy with your new class, retraining that class level takes only 5 days instead of 7 days. Determine class retraining synergies according to the table below.

You're only option to wholesale reboot is to retrain all levels of X into Y and then back into X (with the alteration that isn't covered by normal retrains, like mysteries).

Shadow Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just providing a citation to back up Seth.

Pg 38, left column, last paragraph, first sentence: "A GM may apply credit for running a scenario, module, or Adventure Path in any of the same ways a player can, and must follow the same rules as a player when applying credit to a character."

Shadow Lodge

I don't think it's been addressed anywhere as I doubt anyone has noticed until now lol

Shadow Lodge

What did you say about my Mom? The Human born-of-Hobgoblin Oracle of Battle who disarms you and then terrifies you. (only spells and skills relevant listed)

Human Oracle 11
NE Medium humanoid (human)
Melee light flail +14/+9 (1d8+4/19-20)
Oracle Spells Known (CL 11th; concentration +18):
. . 5th (5/day)—(whatever)
. . 4th (7/day)—aura of doom (DC 21)
. . 3rd (8/day)—vision of hell (DC 20)
. . 2nd (8/day)—weapon of agony, weapon of awe (DC 19)
. . 1st (8/day)—cause fear (DC 18) (illegal for this challenge, left in as reference), doom (DC 18),

Str 18, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha 24
Base Atk +8; CMB +14 (+23 disarm); CMD 25 (27 vs. disarm)
Feats Dazzling Display, Demoralizing Lash[ARG], Disheartening Display, Extra Revelation[APG], Greater Disarm, Greater Weapon Focus (light flail), Improved Critical (light flail), Improved Disarm, Racial Heritage[APG], Taskmaster[ARG], Terrorizing Display[ARG], Weapon Focus (light flail)
Traits bully, reactionary
Skills Diplomacy +21, Intimidate +22, Survival +0 (+2 to avoid becoming lost)
Languages Common
SQ defiant mind, interaction bonus, mysteries (mystery [battle]), oracle's curses (legalistic), revelations (maneuver mastery - disarm, skill at arms, surprising charge, war sight, weapon mastery), vow to self
Other Gear light flail, belt of giant strength +2, elixir of thundering voice, gauntlet of the skilled maneuver (disarm), headband of alluring charisma +4, dusty rose prism ioun stone, wayfinder, 142 gp
Special Abilities
Dazzling Display (Light flail) Intimidate check to demoralize can affect those within 30' who see you.
Defiant Mind At 10th level, you can make a new saving throw each minute to resist mind-affecting effects as your subconscious searches for loopholes.
Demoralizing Lash If you hit a demoralized foe with a whip or flail weapon, extends shaken by 1 round.
Disheartening Display (Light flail) Increase the fear of Dazzling Display by one step.
Greater Disarm When disarming a foe, their weapon lands 15 ft away in a random direction.
Improved Disarm You don't provoke attacks of opportunity when disarming.
Interaction Bonus +3 bonus to one-on-one Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks.
Legalistic The shackles of Hell impose savage consequences should you violate a covenant, but also imbue you with remarkable guile. Whenever you break your word (either purposefully or unintentionally), you become sickened for 24 hours or until you meet your ob
Maneuver Mastery - Disarm +3 (Ex) Selected maneuver uses your oracle level in place of BAB.
Racial Heritage (Hobgoblin) You count as another race for the purpose of prerequisites.
Surprising Charge (2/day) (Ex) Move your speed as an immediate action.
Taskmaster Ally gains +2 atk, dmg, Will save vs mind effects, but -2 AC & skill checks.
Terrorizing Display Spur allies in 30 ft. as Taskmaster when you use Dazzling Display.
Vow to Self (1/day) +4 morale bonus to one role to keep a promise.
War Sight (Su) Take your choice of 3 initiative rolls. Always act in the surprise round.
Wayfinder (1 @ 0 lbs)

Take the elixir of thundering voice (+10 competence bonus to Intimidate for 1 hr), throw on weapon of agony if you want another +2 to intimidate for total of Intimidate +34

Cast Aura of Doom (which lasts 110 minutes) or plain Doom to get shaken status, then use Disheartening Display to make them frightened (using DD also triggers Terrorizing Display on allies).

You can probably tweak the feats but the central concept is shaken condition via spells and then bump that to frightened with Disheartening Display. With the crazy amount of spell slots left open, you can cherry pick your secondary role (most like buffed disarm/dps skirmisher).

Shadow Lodge

Grab: Limited to your size or smaller.

Constrict is problematical in that in the monster ability write up no size limit is stated. However, the Final Embrace says, "Normal: You can grab and constrict creatures one size smaller than you." (which is not stated in the write up)

Regardless, the reason people suggest Final Embrace to you is that using WHW's constrict ability is a swift action (1/rd) whereas the FE ability is a free with every successful grapple check in a round. This comes into play when you have multiple attacks: you attack/grapple/constrict/release the grapple (free action) and repeat with each remaining attack.

The other thing to be aware of is that if you are a creature with reach and you successfully grapple a creature, you must move it adjacent to you. This can be dangerous if you're not built for face-to-face combat.

Shadow Lodge

You are misunderstanding lifelink. Furthermore, and muddying the waters, the Shaman Lifelink does not work like the Oracle lifelink. I would suggest skipping it.

Shadow Lodge

Another one I whipped up quick. I tried a Rage Prophet Martyr of Asmodeus, but the DCs were too low (but the HP was sooooo high). Here is a just a plain ol' Martyr of Asmodeus:


Human Cleric (Separatist) of Asmodeus 11
LE Medium humanoid (human)
hp 152 (11d8+94)
Speed 35 ft.
Special Attacks channel negative energy 3/day (DC 15, 6d6)
Domain Spell-Like Abilities (CL 11th; concentration +18)
. . 10/day—rebuke death (1d4+4)
Cleric (Separatist) Spells Prepared (CL 11th; concentration +18):
. . 6th—heal, height prstnt shared sacrifice (2, DC 23)
. . 5th—breath of life (DC 22), height prstnt compel hostility (3)
. . 4th—cure critical wounds, greater infernal healing (2), prstnt shared sacrifice (2, DC 21)
. . 3rd—blood rage (2), cure serious wounds, height shared sacrifice (2, DC 22), prstnt compel hostility (2)
. . 2nd—cure moderate wounds, shared sacrifice (6, DC 21)
. . 1st—compel hostility (6), cure light wounds
. . 0 (at will)—
. . D Domain spell; Domains Conversion Inquisition, Healing
Str 8, Dex 8, Con 22, Int 8, Wis 24, Cha 10
Base Atk +8; CMB +7; CMD 16
Feats Antagonize[UM], Greater Spell Focus (necromancy), Heighten Spell, Persistent Spell[APG], Spell Focus (necromancy), Toughness, Tribal Scars
Traits fiendish confidence
Skills Intimidate +22
SQ aura, forbidden rites (healing), healer's blessing, swaying word
Other Gear belt of mighty constitution +4, boots of the earth, headband of inspired wisdom +4, 150 gp
Special Abilities
Antagonize Use Diplomacy or Intimidate to goad creatures
Aura (Ex) The character has a strong aura corresponding to his deity's alignment.
Boots of the earth Move action to gain fast healing 1 and +4 to CMD vs. bull rush, reposition, trip.
Cleric Channel Negative Energy 6d6 (3/day, DC 15) (Su) Positive energy heals the living and harms the undead; negative has the reverse effect.
Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy) +1 to the Save DC of spells from one school.
Healer's Blessing (Su) Your cure spells are empowered for free.
Heighten Spell Increases spell level to effective level desired.
Persistent Spell Foes must succeed at 2 saves or suffer the spell's full effects.
Spell Focus (Necromancy) Spells from one school of magic have +1 to their save DC.
Swaying Word (1/day, DC 22) (Sp) Spoken word of divine wisdom dominates one person for 1 min (Will neg).

Cast Shared Sacrifice. Cast Compel Hostility. Use Antagonize. Toss on Greater Infernal Healing. For giggles, take Greater Stunning Barrier. Folks who hit you will take half their damage back and potentially be stunned for a round.

Shadow Lodge

Herald of the Lantern King


Human Cleric (Theologian) of The Lantern King 10/Sorcerer (Crossblooded) 1
CN Medium humanoid (human)
Special Attacks aura of madness (DC 24, 12 rounds/day), bloodline arcana: undead, channel negative energy 6/day (DC 20, 5d6)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 11th; concentration +14)
. . 6/day—grave touch
Domain Spell-Like Abilities (CL 10th; concentration +18)
. . 11/day—vision of madness (+/-6)
Sorcerer (Crossblooded) Spells Known (CL 1st; concentration +4):
. . 1st (4/day)—charm person (DC 16)
. . 0 (at will)—daze (DC 15), ghost sound (DC 13), haunted fey aspect
Cleric (Theologian) Spells Prepared (CL 10th; concentration +18):
. . 5th—height confusion (3, DC 25), nightmare (DC 23)
. . 4th—confusion (DC 24), confusion (5, DC 24)
. . 3rd—height murderous command (5, DC 23), rage
. . 2nd—calm emotions (2, DC 22), height murderous command (4, DC 22), touch of idiocy
. . 1st—lesser confusion{super}D{/super} (DC 21), murderous command (6, DC 21)
. . 0 (at will)—
. . D Domain spell; Domain Madness
Str 8, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 26, Cha 16
Base Atk +7; CMB +6; CMD 16
Feats Eschew Materials, Extra Channel, Greater Spell Focus (enchantment), Heighten Spell, Improved Channel, Persistent Spell[APG], Selective Channeling, Spell Focus (enchantment)
Traits elven bitterness (kyonin), indomitable faith
Languages Common
SQ human cleric, aura, bloodlines (serpentine, undead), domain secret, domain secret, focused domain, variant channeling (madness variant channeling)
Combat Gear ring of invisibility; Other Gear headband of inspired wisdom +6, 150 gp
Special Abilities
+8 vs. Spell Resistance of Outsiders Add a +1 bonus on caster level checks made to overcome the spell resistance of outsiders.
Aura (Ex) The character has a strong aura corresponding to his deity's alignment.
Aura of Madness (12 rounds/day, DC 24) (Su) 30' aura confuses opponents.
Bloodline Arcana: Undead (Ex) Formerly humanoid corporeal undead are humanoids for your mind-affecting spells.
Cleric (Theologian) Domain (Madness) Granted Powers: You embrace the madness that lurks deep in your heart, and can unleash it to drive your foes insane or to sacrifice certain abilities to hone others.
Cleric Channel Negative Energy 5d6 (6/day, DC 20) (Su) Positive energy heals the living and harms the undead; negative has the reverse effect.
Domain Secret (Bouncing Spell) (Ex) Murderous Command permanently modified with metamagic.
Domain Secret (Focused Spell) (Ex) Confusion permanently modified with metamagic.
Elven Bitterness (Kyonin) +2 to spell DC when the target is a chaotic evil outsider.
Eschew Materials Cast spells without materials, if component cost is 1 gp or less.
Focused Domain +2 to cleric level for domain powers.
Grave Touch (1 rds, 6/day) (Sp) Melee touch attack leaves target shaken for 1 round or frightened for 1 round.
Greater Spell Focus (Enchantment) +1 to the Save DC of spells from one school.
Heighten Spell Increases spell level to effective level desired.
Madness Variant Channeling (±3 Profane) Bonus vs confusion, insanity, etc./become confused
Persistent Spell Foes must succeed at 2 saves or suffer the spell's full effects.
Ring of invisibility By activating this simple silver ring, the wearer can benefit from invisibility, as the spell.
Selective Channeling Exclude targets from the area of your Channel Energy.
Serpentine Your mind-affecting and language-dependent spells can affect animals, magical beasts and monstrous humanoids as if they were humanoids who understand your language.
Spell Focus (Enchantment) Spells from one school of magic have +1 to their save DC.
Undead Some undead are susceptible to your mind-affecting spells. Corporeal undead that were once humanoids are treated as humanoids for the purposes of determining which spells affect them.
Vision of Madness (11/day) (Sp) With a melee touch attack, target gains +6 on attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks and -6 on the others.

Can Channel to cause Confusion; has a Confusion aura; can cast Focused Confusion 6/day (DC 24) and Focused Heightened Confusion 3/day (DC 24) that will affect animals, magical beasts, monstrous humanoids & corporeal undead that were humanoid. Also a bunch of bouncing and/or persistent Murderous Commands to keep foes fighting amongst themselves...all the while sneaking around with a Ring of Invisibility to keep out of the fray.

I'm sure I could have done better, but I'm sleepy.

Shadow Lodge **

Huzzah to all!

Shadow Lodge

I was summoner/buffer/controller. We went from the Cleric spell list which had Summon Monster and robust buff options to the Druid spell list which had Summon Nature's Ally to the new spell list which has no summoning at all. While I could pick up a Wandering Spirit Nature/Wandering Hex Friend to Animals for Spontaneous SNA (or use Spirit Talker to snag that hex), it's an investment in a spell I'm not a fan of to begin with.

Shadow Lodge

My Heavens got walloped by the ACG changes pretty hard (specifically the spell list). I would have approached certain things differently given the final Shaman class, but so are the dangers of playtesting in an Organized Play environment. Here is my tentative rebuild for discussion:

Level 5 Shaman

STR 7 / DEX 10 / CON 12 / INT 12 / WIS 22 (2 human, 2 item) / CHA 15

L1: Feat: OPEN
L1: Human Feat: OPEN
L3: Extra Hex
L5: Feat: OPEN (burner feat)

Main Spirit: Heavens
Hex: Heaven's Leap (Jester Jaunt myself or ally)
Extra Hex: Enveloping Void (lower relative light levels by 2 for individual creature)

At level 8, I will gain darkvision 60', will have See In Darkness, will have continual Endure Elements and don't need to breathe.

Step 1, augment my spell list with Favored Class Bonus:
Shaman got a lackluster spell list and are heavily dependent on their Spirits to pick up flex spells...which can be very situational. Using the Human Favored Class Bonus, I can pick up 2 L1 Cleric spells and 1 L2 Cleric Spell to be on my list.

L1 Cleric spells: Sanctuary, Shield of Faith. L2: Burst of Radiance, (then Grace). The goal will to pick up utility or group buff spells.

Step 2, augmenting my spell list with a Feat:
At L6, retrain the temporary burner feat into Spirit Talker. This allows me to take 1 hex from ANY spirit. I would most often choose the Arcane Enlightenment Hex. This gives me the option to choose CHA MOD # of wizard spells to my spell list with DCs based on WIS (hooray)...but I need to have the requisite INT to cast them (boo). Since my INT is 12, I would have to improve my WIS +2 Headband to a WIS/INT +2 eventually.

Step 3, refocus build with an archetype & feat
I will take the Animist archetype. Long story short: I can make a standard action Diplomacy check to "speak" to a condition someone has and ask it to leave. This saves me from buying or memorizing situational removal. The DCs are:
DC15: Fatigued, Shaken, Sickened
DC20: Dazed, Staggered
DC25: Exhausted, Nauseated, Frightened
DC30: Blind, Deaf, Paralyzed, Stunned

If I fail by 5 or less, I can voluntarily take the condition. If I fail by 10 or more, the condition stays on target AND I get it as well.

So, time to boost my Diplomacy. Currently +10 (5 ranks, 3 class skill, +2 CHA). Deific Obedience Iomedae grants me a +4 Sacred bonus. I can pick up Skill Focus: Diplomacy for another +3. I can use a cracked Ioun stone for +1 Competence (until I can afford the +5 one). Finally, there is a L2 Shaman spell that will grant +10 Diplomacy (untyped) vs 1 creature that lasts 10/min I could cast it before going into a dungeon and burn it on the first nasty spirit I need to clear (or use a scroll/wand situationally). So, +18 Diplomacy at L5 with the potential for +28 vs one creature. (I would take a +3 Diplomacy spirit animal but you are stuck with spirit animal you originally chose per Shaman spirit animal rules...and I didn't think I would be going the "need high diplomacy" route...)

I don't want to dip Inquisitor or Cleric for diplomacy/wisdom shenanigans from inquisitions or domains as to keep my (crappy) spell list from being stalled out.

Step 4, Maximize Utility of Spell List

Here's my default spell list (Spirit spells not included):
L1 Burning Hands (AoE, REF)
L1 Hydralic Push (CMD)
L1 Obscuring Mist (AoE)
L1 Sanctuary
L1 (flex)
L2 Burst of Radiance (AoE, REF)
L2 Hold Person (WILL)
L2 Sickening Entanglement (REF & FORT)
L2 Spiritual Weapon (AC)
L3 Blindness/Deafness (FORT)
L3 Stinking Cloud (FORT)

(Bless and Ant Haul on wands)

Once I get the Lore Hex via poaching with Spirit Talker, I'll pick up Wizard Control spells (like Pit or Wall) and Buffs (like Haste)

At L7 I'll probably pick up Battle Cry so I can swift action buff the party--the reroll on a failed save for the party is too damn good not to pick up as a support character.

Anyways, thoughts?

Shadow Lodge

Theorycrafted pure healer

L4 Human Shaman (Witch Doctor) w/ Life Spirit

WIS > CHA > CON (if you plan to Shield Other)

Feats: Extra Channel, Fey Foundling, Selective Channel

@L4 you will:
Channel as Cleric of your level: 1 + WIS MOD/Day (& +2 from Extra Channel)
Channel as Cleric (Level - 3): 3 + CHA MOD/Day

Pick Hex Vulnerability spell and Healing Hex. Normally, Healing Hex only works 1/day on a creature. Hex Vulnerability makes the targeted creature become susceptible to a repeat use of your hexes, even if you could not otherwise target that creature with a particular hex for a certain time period. With a duration of 1 rd/lvl, at mid-levels and above, you can use this to fill up L1 slots and use healing hex repeatedly on a creature after fights if pots or wands are low.

After this, you can dip paladin for 2 or 4 levels, and return to Shammy...or just stay straight Shammy.

edit: Heavens Shaman Playtest

Shadow Lodge

pauljathome wrote:
Don't forget that only the rage powers you get at level 3, 6, etc can be given to allies. The others only affect the skald


Shadow Lodge

I was looking at superstition, beast totem, and first 2 (abyssal?) bloodline to make everyone enlarged pouncing mage killers by L10 (with a retrain of a burner feat at L10). Of course, the elemental fire or air bloodlines make strong case as the extra movement makes your pouncers faster or give them flight. Battle cry is nice to have in the mix.

The only issue I had was making my skald have decent contributions with his own DPS after trading away all my feats for rage powers

Shadow Lodge **

Lormyr wrote:

On the matter of PvP, it's a very simple affair at my tables:

1). No PC may willfully choose to negatively effect another PC without consent from the player who's PC may be negatively affected. The only exception to this is when a PC might become dominated or similar.

2). If a player consents to their PC being effected by a fellow PC's ability, then rolls bad or otherwise fails and something awful happens, the result stands. I would also make certain to the caution any player who appeared to be consenting to something that would likely be very bad for them, just so they would know what they might be getting into.

Concur. I proceed in the same manner.

In a recent scenario with an evil Knife Master Rogue and his invisible ally, the party agreed to be glitterdusted by the the party caster in order to ferret out the invisible baddie. I warned them them that being blind would make them susceptible to the Knife Master's d8 sneak attacks and they all agreed to be 'dusted.

3 of 5 PCs failed the save...

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Take a sentence or two and share what half-formed thoughts are percolating in your head. This is not a forum for in-depth discussion and analysis, but to brainstorm builds and share observations.

Wizard w/ Spirit Whisperer Archetype: Select Life Spirit. Channel as a Cleric your level 1+INT MOD/day.

Oracle (Life) w/ Spirit Guide Archetype: @L7 Channel as Cleric your level (1+CHA/day)x2 (one pool for Oracle, one pool for spirit)

Shaman w/ Animist Archetype: Pump WIS, dip 1 level Inquisitor to add WIS to Diplomacy, Skill focus: Diplomacy, +1 Diplomacy trait = goodbye Conditions

Monk (Maneuver Master) 2/Brawler X: High STR + Dragon Style Feats + Pummeling Style Feats.

Shadow Lodge

Kneejerk reaction after a very quick skim: Underwhelmed by the Shaman spell list.

Shadow Lodge

You cannot take Extra Channel multiple times. The rest of what you said I had problems parsing.

Shadow Lodge **

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Do hybrid classes use their parent classes to determine retraining synergy?

Shadow Lodge

Parsing the best way I can:

Life Oracle: Is target hurt for more than 5 HP? Yes, they heal 5 HP, you lose 5 HP.

Shaman: Is target hurt? They heal 5 HP and you lose 5 HP. Are they at -6 HP or more? They do not heal and you do not lose HP.

If the Life Oracle's case, you have a ceiling of when it operates (at least 5 damage) but no floor. In the Shaman's case, there is no ceiling but there is a floor (-5 HP or fewer).

If that is not the intent, the Devs should definitely clarify. Because if the Shaman's life link is only meant to work at -6, -7, -8 and beyond, it has become a super niche stabilization ability that will most likely not be chosen by most players.

Shadow Lodge

Any thoughts on the Bloodrager or Shaman spell list?

Shadow Lodge **

roll4initiative wrote:
I'm surprised, after all these years, that nobody ever said anything about how the Chelaxian symbol is the exact same as the symbol for the KKK/white power. Kinda disturbing they never caught this.

T-shirt discussion

Shadow Lodge **

Sensationalist headline is sensationalist.

Shadow Lodge **

Tiefling Troop wrote:

Where the PCs begin this encounter depends on how

they approach the cliff top. Allow each PC to attempt a DC 5 Stealth check. The PCs begin 150 feet away from the trap door but are able to approach 10 feet closer for each point by which the lowest Stealth check exceeds the DC (minimum starting distance of 40 feet).

So, would the PCs get a surprise round at Distance X or is it assumed they are spotted at Distance X and a normal combat begins?

Shadow Lodge

That trait is valid for clerics only. So, neither class qualifies.

Shadow Lodge

Atavisk CN Human:
Ranger (Freebooter) 6/Horizon Walker 3/Viking 2
Dimension Door Shield Basher of Rovagug

Martinus NG Human:
Oracle (Lore) 1/Bard 13
Archer / Buffer Bard

Cyrus LN Dwarf:
Zen Archer 9/Inquisitor 1
Ranged MDK

Shadow Lodge **

Many of our local melee types with low will saves will slot a clear spindle--they are all too aware of their own self-TPK potential if they are dominated.

Shadow Lodge **

SCPRedMage wrote:
More importantly, will wearing said t-shirt grant a reroll?

The proposal has been forwarded to Samzo Campaign Development. We can't promise anything with SamCon on the horizon, but keep an eye out on for an updated Samditional T-sources in the near future!

Shadow Lodge **

Glen Shackleton wrote:
Sammy T wrote:
If it helps, here is some supplemental art I just made if you fall behind schedule.
I now want this as a t-shirt. When will you be taking orders?

The Samzo store is currently down for maintenance! Please check back again later!

Shadow Lodge

Apparently Shaman do not have Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally on their spell list, which pretty much obviates my current L5 Spell Focus: Conjuration/Augment Summon/Superior Summon PFS Shaman character. Here's hoping there is a Shaman archetype I like...

Shadow Lodge

Exocrat wrote:
Sammy T wrote:

First off, kudos to the designers, my mind is whirling with character concepts.

Couple of quick questions:
1) Does Shaman use Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally?

2) Are there any summoning-archtypes for the Shaman?

3) Does a Nature Spirit still grant Nature's Whispers (use WIS instead of DEX)? Does this mean a Monk can dip 1 level in Shaman and get WIS (replaces DEX) + WIS (monk) to AC?

1) Unless I'm missing something, the answer is no. Just summon swarm.

2) No.

3) Don't see it on the list.

Thank you, Exocrat. No summon spells whatsoever? Sadface :(

Shadow Lodge

First off, kudos to the designers, my mind is whirling with character concepts.

Couple of quick questions:
1) Does Shaman use Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally?

2) Are there any summoning-archtypes for the Shaman?

3) Does a Nature Spirit still grant Nature's Whispers (use WIS instead of DEX)? Does this mean a Monk can dip 1 level in Shaman and get WIS (replaces DEX) + WIS (monk) to AC?

Shadow Lodge **

Absolutely go ahead and use it! It totally falls under the Sammy T Inc Community Use Policy.

Shadow Lodge

If you want to be a DEX-Based control grappler, you could go Brutal Pugilist Urban Barbarian (Controlled Rage bonus to DEX). At L2, you only take a -2 DEX penalty when grappling and at L5 you take no penalty. As a Barbarian, you'll have a wider range of weapons available to you and go the Spell Sunder route to smash enemy enchants that might prevent you grappling them.

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5 people marked this as a favorite.

If it helps, here is some supplemental art I just made if you fall behind schedule.

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Not a fan of Dragon Style, and to a lesser extent, Monkey Style for a ZA.

If you have a full action to charge someone, then you have a full action to flurry+ki point with your bow. Why would an archer charge for pitiful unarmed damage instead shooting a foe full of arrows? Also, entering Dragon Style is a swift action, so that's burnt swift action in the first round that could have been used spending a ki point for an additional shot on your flurry. While the save bumps are nice, your saves will already be redic as a monk.

Even though you are a backliner, your AC will be extremely respectable with Mage Armor, Barkskin, DEX, WIS and monk bonuses...and that's before you add magical items. Monkey Style is not that great of an investment in the early going as ranged monsters aren't as common as melee monsters and your AC will be solid. Once you can almost auto-make the stand-as-free-DC-20-acrobatics, it has greater utility.

You have Combat Reflexes at you plan on meleeing on a consistent basis? Why? It's better to spend that on Improved Initiative so you can go high in the order and feather flat-footed folks with your bow (or position yourself not to be in melee).

Your Level 9 feat should be Clustered Shots.

If you don't want to go full ZAM, you can exit out of ZAM at L7 or L9 and pick up a few levels in a synergestic class if you wish.

Shadow Lodge **

There are two options:

A) High Perception, no Disable Device. The party relies on either a disposable creature (Summon Monster) or a high saving throw PC (monk, paladin, superstitious barbarian, etc) to trigger the device and will curative magic to deal with the aftereffects.

B) High Perception, Disable Device. The party relies on a skilled trap finder to eliminate traps.

Option A is extremely viable but drains the party of resources (cures, summons, rage rounds for superstitious barbarians). Also, at higher levels, traps are more than likely to have nasty status effects that can hinder a PC for the rest of the scenario.

Option B is makes everyone happy when your skillset is present.

I just ran a scenario that had 10 locked doors and 4 traps (3 damage, 1 status). The party had a Rogue/Pathfinder Agent that opened every door and cleared 2 traps--the other 2 he barely missed percepting. While the dungeon was eminently doable without him, it would have been much more a slog and a heal-drain.

Shadow Lodge

whip wrote:
The whip is treated as a melee weapon with 15-foot reach, though you don't threaten the area into which you can make an attack.
AOO wrote:
An enemy that takes certain actions while in a threatened square provokes an attack of opportunity from you.

Since you don't threaten the square, you can't make an AOO.

Shadow Lodge **

Let's hear tales of triumph and tragedy of adventuring parties with unusual compositions!

Tier 1-2, 4-person party: 1 Flurry of Misses Monk, 1 Baby Grappler Monk, 2 Musketeers who misfired almost every combat. Near TPK every encounter as there wasn't enough consistent DPS overall and the monks had solid AC but mediocre HP.

Tier 7-8, 4-person party: 1 Zen Archer, 1 Fighter Archer, 1 Gunslinger, 1 Pre-Gen Kyra. We steam rolled the scenario as my Zen Archer would "tank" and we all started our turn with "I 5' step away and full attack..."

Shadow Lodge

Combat Reflexes is a dead feat until just before you qualify for Improved Whip Mastery. I would suggest pushing it back and moving other items up. As for you CMB issue, you will just have to alleviate it with the standard CMB boosting items and +Hit spells.

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redward wrote:

Far too often I see players present these things like they're getting one over on the GM. Remember, the GM is not your enemy. They're there to run the adventure as written. They want you to succeed*.

*if they don't, get a new GM.

I will always be your sworn enemy.

Shadow Lodge **

Blink is a personal range spell and ineligible for potions.

Shadow Lodge

If a spell requires a Material component to cast and it was lost with the spell pouch, then the caster is unable to cast that spell.

Shadow Lodge

1) Has the MADness of the Shaman been toned down?

2) Previously, you had full access to ALL the other spirits via your wandering spirit. Is there a limiter in place now? (I'm blanking out if this has been discussed before.)

3) Purely selfish question--Does the Shaman use Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally?

Shadow Lodge

+1 Jiggy

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