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Sammy T's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,034 posts (1,304 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 13 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.


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Shadow Lodge

To answer your other question, Berserker of the Society specifically requires you to be a Barbarian, so you would not qualify for it.

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This thread:

NOT a candidate for inclusion in the Guide to Guides.

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Conjoy wrote:
Is there a guide for suggested AC for melee characters in PFS for various levels?

Generally, I've seen folks proffer the following wisdom:

Want to be an AC tank?
20 + Character Level

Are you a melee combatant?
15 + Character Level

Shadow Lodge

The problem with one level of Mesmerist is that undead/constructs/etc will be immune to your stare (which is usually remedied by taking Psychic Inception as a L3 Mesmerist). So, basically, you're looking for a situational swift action ability for a (basically) +2 DC at the cost of slowing your Cleric progression. Not worth it IMHO.

Shadow Lodge

VampByDay wrote:
Lock gaze gives everyone else concealment, allowing them to make stealth checks.

If you're pretty sure that you'll always be running with a couple of rogues or slayers every scenario then that's definitely a force amplifier...but given the nature of PFS, if you don't have those classes in party it's dead-ish slot.

I re-read Anticipate Thoughts and came around on it when I realized it would be better once you have your defenses-in-depth going and almost guarantee those misses. I would only be concerned about the Will DC of your foe (stare notwithstanding).

Otherwise, have fun!

Shadow Lodge

Avoid taking utility or situational spells in your very limited slots--Faerie Fire, Comprehend Languages and Share Languages would be perfect examples of that. Spells like that should be purchased on scrolls or in oils/potions.

Telempathetic Projection is very situational and not worth your slots--better to Aid Another on Diplo check than burn a precious slot.

Lock Gaze doesn't help sneak attackers (i.e. blinded for one round) unless the foe willingly leaves your line of sight. Also, most mooks don't live long enough for it to matter and most bosses will be out-action economied to escape (and if they have magical means to do so, they probably can make the initial Will save)

Avoiding DC-based spells for a melee mesmerist:

Anticipate Peril: A little better when you have more levels for the effect to last longer with a bigger bonus, but PFS for the most part telegraphs combats so it doesn't hurt too much at lower levels.

Expeditious Retreat: Ditto.

Grease: While your DC may not be spectacular, most melee mooks will not have great REF saves or acrobatics skills. This is a battlefield control spell to fight the battle on your terms--even if they don't fall, you've created an obstacle for the enemy to navigate around.

Ill Omen: No Save. Scales. Good for you vs a melee creature, good for party casters if you drop this on a focus fire target.

Silent Image: Rewards creativity and very flexible.

Vanish: Works on you or party member.

Anticipate Thoughts: Not hot on this one as it is vs one creature whereas Blur/Mirror Images is vs ALL foes. Also, with your limited number of slots, it's one creature per battle for maybe a battle or two.


False Life

Glitterdust: Most likely just have a few scrolls of this on hand.


Mirror Image



False Life, Greater

Invisibility Sphere

Jester's Jaunt

See Invisibility

Vampiric touch

Shadow Lodge

The Sensei only gets WIS to hit, not damage.

Shadow Lodge

Semi-related question: Given the confusion of these players thinking immediate actions interrupting like AOOs, do you folks in this thread think this is a common rules error?

Shadow Lodge ***

Christopher Rowe wrote:
Wai, are you saying most PFS players wait until they're at the table before deciding which of their characters to play? Because that doesn't map onto my experience at all.

Usually, there's the character I WANT to play, the character I CAN play and the character I NEED to play.

Using some of my characters as an example for a hypothetical 4-5 scenario:

I WANT to play my L4 Debuff Mesmerist.

I CAN play a L5 Summoner, a L4 TWF Slayer, a L4 Reach Paladin or a L3 Dirty Trick Barbarian.

Oh, the entire party is squishy casters and/or ranged? Looks like the L4 Paladin it is...

Shadow Lodge

Immediate Actions =/= Attacks of Opportunity

An attack of opportunity "interrupts" the normal flow of actions in the round. If an attack of opportunity is provoked, immediately resolve the attack of opportunity, then continue with the next character's turn (or complete the current turn, if the attack of opportunity was provoked in the midst of a character's turn).

There are clear parsings of the rules upthread, so the players should take care they are not using the "interrupts" angle as that would not apply IMHO. The Sorcerer waited until after the BB resolved to act--he does not interrupt the BB spell, however, he can cast a spell right after BB to create the EFS.

Shadow Lodge ***

I read the blurb. I also read the reviews (avoiding any spoilers) to get the general player-base reception to the scenario. That's usually it.

Shadow Lodge

For pure simplicity, STR-Fighters:

River Rat Trait
L1 Weapon Focus: Dagger, Power Attack
L3 Deific Obedience Pharasma
L4 Weapon Specialization: Dagger
L5 Weapon Training: Dagger. Feat: Advanced Weapon Training: Focused Weapon--Dagger (gain Warpriest weapon damage die w/ Dagger)

After this point: Gloves of Dueling, Improved Weapon Focus/Specialization, Improved Critical, etc

Optional, at L6 start the Sentinel Prestige Class. Pick up above mentioned feats along way.

Shadow Lodge

Just making sure I'm parsing these abilities correctly:

Savage Dirty Tricks (Barbarian Rage Power):

Once per round while raging, the barbarian can attempt a dirty trick combat maneuver in place of a melee attack. This attempt does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If successful, the target takes an amount of damage equal to the barbarian's Strength modifier and must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 the barbarian's level + the barbarian's Strength modifier) or take an additional penalty from the dirty trick based on the type of dirty trick performed and the following table.

Initial Penalty / Additional Penalty
Blinded / Staggered
Dazzled / Dazed
Deafened / Staggered
Entangled / Anchored in place and unable to move from that square
Sickened / Nauseated

On a failed Fortitude save, the opponent takes this additional penalty on top of the dirty trick's original effect. The additional penalty lasts for 1 round (though the initial penalty lasts as long as normal), and can be removed with a move action. The initial effect cannot be removed via mundane means until the additional penalty is removed (though magical effects like remove blindness/ deafness work). Removing the initial effect also removes the additional penalty. If the target is immune to the initial penalty, then it is unaffected by the additional penalty.

For example, a barbarian using this rage power attempts a dirty trick combat maneuver against her opponent to blind him. She succeeds and her opponent fails his Fortitude save, so he becomes staggered as well as blinded.

Regardless of whether he had succeeded at his saving throw, the opponent still takes an amount of damage from the barbarian's combat maneuver equal to the barbarian's Strength modifier (unless he has damage reduction or would otherwise be able to prevent this damage). Likewise, if her opponent were immune to blinding effects, he would not suffer from the blindness or the staggering effect, regardless of his saving throw.

This power can only be used once per opponent per rage.

Kitsune Style:
While using this style, you can attempt to perform a dirty trick in place of an attack at the end of a charge.

Kitsune Tricks:
While you are using the Kitsune Style feat, you can apply two different conditions with a single dirty trick combat maneuver check. Removing both conditions imparted in this way requires only one action.

1) Once per rage per opponent, I can use Dirty Savage Tricks to use DT in replace an attack.
2) While I am using Kitsune Style, I can inflict 2 conditions on that DST attack.
3) One of those conditions will have (potentially) an additional penalty if the foe fails their FORT save.

Am I reading that correctly?

Second Bonus Rules Theorizing for Fun That Don't Affect Me But I Was Wondering:

DST: "The additional penalty lasts for 1 round (though the initial penalty lasts as long as normal), and can be removed with a move action. The initial effect cannot be removed via mundane means until the additional penalty is removed (though magical effects like remove blindness/ deafness work)."

KT: "Removing both conditions imparted in this way requires only one action"

Assuming you don't have Greater Dirty Trick and didn't pick conditions that precluded move actions, how would handle clearing the conditions on the next round?

Barbarian's turn: Barbarian uses Savage Dirty Tricks to DT as an attack. He uses Kitsune Tricks to inflict two conditions (Blinded and Deafness). Furthermore, the foe fails his FORT save and gets the second tier penalty of Blinded, which is Staggered.

Foe's Turn: He has a move action and decides to clear a condition.

What is legal to clear? I believe it is:

He can clear Staggered with a move action.
He can clear Deafness with a move action.

Normally, he could clear both Blinded and Deafness with a move action per Kitsune Tricks, but the DST-inflicted Staggered condition "shields" Blinded for the 1 round it is in effect.

Shadow Lodge

Dirty Trick Master is not legal in PFS, so that's a no go.

To begin the Kitsune Chain, I would need to take Dirty Fighting.
Kitsune Style is slightly redundant since I would be able to use DT with a charge from Savage DT from the Barbarian Archetype. Kitsune Tricks, however, is very nice giving 2 tricks for the price of 1 (and with Savage DT, one of them would be boosted with another rider). Kitsune Vengeance would be of questionable value since I would already be plopping 2-3 conditions from Savage DT/KT and GMs don't often let you get multiple AOOs on different opponents for too long (if they're smart foes).

However, thanks for pointing out the Kitsune chain, definitely more to mull over because by L9 I could be using Kitsune Tricks.

Shadow Lodge ***

Tomos wrote:

I just ran a WWE style Knockout Bout encounter with a pro-wrestler Brawler bad guy that specialized in Dirty Trick and Grapple.

It was a riot.

If you watch a few of those matches, you will come up with tons of inspiration for dirty tricks.

Eye poke, fish hook, stink face, bell clap, groin kick, hair pull, etc.
Useful link: Pro wrestling attacks

I don't need an IWC smark showboating and putting himself over in my thread, MAGGLE!

Shadow Lodge

I'm toying around with an Untamed Rager Barbarian. Primary focus: Reach weapon controller using Dirty Tricks, Tripping & Intimidation. Secondary focus: 2H damage.

I'm trying to keep it pure barbarian.

If I don't go Intimidating Prowess/Cornugon Smash/Hurtful, I would consider Dirty Fighting/Imp Trip/Grt Trip, Dirty Fighting/Superior Dirty Trick/(1 open) or the boring-but-expected extra rage feats for Beast totem into Pouncing.

STR 18 (+2 human)
DEX 14
CON 16
WIS 10

Trait: Bred for War (+1 CMB/Intimidate), (+1 open trait slot)

FCBs: Superstition

Raging Vitality
Combat Reflexes

Rage: Superstition
Bonus: Improved Dirty Trick

Power Attack

+1 STR
Rage: Strength Surge

Intimidating Prowess
Bonus: Greater Dirty Trick

Savage Dirty Trick

Cornugon Smash

+1 STR
Rage: Unexpected Strike


Rage: Reckless Abandon

Dazing Assault

Rage: Come And Get Me

Shadow Lodge ***

Fromper wrote:
But I'm thinking of gods like Lamashtu and Rovagug. Why would anyone non-evil worship them? And why would those worshipers join the Pathfinder Society? And the same for many other evil deities.

Someone on Reddit asked for help roleplaying a Lamashtu worshipper in PFS, here was my reply:

General Lamashtu Fluff:

Lamashtu and her deranged faithful hold creatures of deformity, monstrosity, and virility in high regard.
RP'd as finding the beautiful in the monstrous and powerful beasts you encounter. While it is kill or be killed, you admire the mighty beasts that you destroy (and assert your dominance over).

Lamashtu's followers seek out deformity in themselves and in others, and perform scarring and mutilation on themselves and others.

You can describe your PC as scarred and might even have him hope/wish his wounds leave scars when he is being healed. Obviously you cannot scar others (torture is evil in PFS), but you can definitely play up in combat that you are a gory/merciless/cruel fighter.

They detest traditional forms of beauty and seek to destroy or kill it whenever possible.

This will be trickier, but you can always have fun with it. You can ask the GM which opponent is the prettiest/handsomest/most virile and make them a priority in combat. Out of combat, while you can't wantonly destroy items as you work for PFS, you can make a point of noting where they are or where they're going in-character. A Lasmashtu-worshipper working for the Dark Archive or Scarab Sages gives you a fun character motivation and texture to your RP because while you work tirelessly for the PFS to find and bring back items or save people, it's only because some day in the future, you will destroy them and it's much easier to do so if you know where the items are or what the capabilities of the people are.

Some intentionally make themselves more beast-like, with her non-human followers do the opposite to better blend in with the more civilized races.

Easily done by buying mundane items (like furs), magical items (that have beastly appearances) or using transmutation spells in combat.

Now let's crib from her Antipaladin code:

All things are monstrous, and only the weak hide their marks. I show the world as it is.

You are proud (perhaps overly so?). You are a blunt speaker.

I will bring the outcasts in from the cold and teach them the taste of victory.

You will not only seek to help the oppressed (weak villagers) or enslaved (slaves), but arm them and encourage to take up arms. Why not buy some cheap daggers or simple weapons to give to folks like these you find on your travels in various scenarios?

I fill the wombs. I birth the children. I teach our enemies why they fear the night.

Perhaps your character believes that by proving his martial prowess and saving/uplifting the outcasts, one day he will be judged worthy to be Lamashtu's consort?

I bring madness to the cities, that in their blood and fear they may understand the chaos of the world.

While you humor the strictures of society (and Society), but you know eventually it is for naught.

I will spread the Mother’s seed. If the blind cannot be taught to see, their children can.

You simply evangelize or praise the positive tenets of Lamashtu.

1) Remember, your character thinks he is the hero of his own story. Find the positive twist on Lamashtu's tenets that would inspire a character to follow her.

2) The fact that the Society regularly sends you out to face and defeat Big Bads and find things of power gives you a motivation to work with them.

3) By showing your prowess to party members and those NPCs you save, you are showing them the grace of Lasmashtu.

Source: Guy who played a shield-bashing CN Rovagug worshipper to L12, made everyone laugh with him and cheer on his antics...and almost earned a few converts when he saved them in clutch encounters. Favorite memories: anytime he partied with a Stonelord Paladin of Torag, his "friend" who he was so impressed with that he promised Rovagug would kill the Paladin personally when the Rough Beast returned.

Honestly, for me, the trick for any worshipper is determining WHY they follow that god, WHAT tenets they hold above the others and HOW they honor/enact those tenets.

Shadow Lodge ***

I'm considering a Dirty Trick using character but am a little leery of possible table variation in PFS.

As a player, I've never used DT but I've done lots of tripping, bullrushing and grappling (which included explaining the grappling rules on a regular basis since most folks aren't familiar with those).

As a GM I've only had two players ever use DT on a regular basis and I only thing I required was that they explained how they were enacting the DT (i.e. if they said "I blind it with DT" and I would simply ask "how are you blinding it with DT?" and 99% of the time accepted the explanation unless it was undoable against the creature)

For players who use DT, what are your experiences using DT in PFS? Any tips on minimizing table variation?

For GMs, any thoughts on how you adjudicate DT?

Shadow Lodge

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"So, what's the deal with that guy over there?"

"Oh, 'Books' Bellingham?"

"Yeah, he doesn't seem all that...y'know..."

"Ha! Booksy ain't the smartest. That's for sure. But throws himself at a stack of dusty scrolls and moldy tomes as hard as he does at a orc bandit. Sure, it takes him a little longer for facts to stick and numbers to figure, but once ol' Booksy gets it, he gots it. ...mostly."

Shadow Lodge ***

Avatar-1 wrote:
It might help if you can tell us a few scenarios you think don't work well online, and why?

Personally, and speaking only for me, I abhor RP-heavy scenarios online. Why? Because it becomes fantasy conference call staring at a static computer screen. While at the table RP can be engaging and immersive, online RP feels stilted & boring (think the difference of attending a play or musical versus watching one on Youtube). I would not want to play Blackros Matrimony, Fortress of the Nail, Hellknight's Feast or Scars of the Third Crusade online.

Again, to re-iterate, RP-heavy scenarios don't work well online for my sensibilities.

Shadow Lodge

No--he is suggesting that during his normal attack routine he would vital strike, giving himself an edge in DPR by having one big attack on his turn versus the CAGM Barb's one normal attack.

Shadow Lodge


TL;DR: there was a FAQ that allowed that but it was then rowed back.

Shadow Lodge ***

Not all scenarios are suited for playing online via chat and virtual tabletop. In your opinion, what scenarios work well online and why?

Shadow Lodge

I'll be carrying Pots of Remove Fear and picking up a rod along the way.

@Arutema, I've played other casters so I'm making sure that I'll have one or two bread and butter spells, then a nice swath of varied back up spells/scrolls.

@plaidwandering, my thinking was I could have Fearsome Guise implanted on one martial and use Intimidating Glance on another creature if there were multiple creatures (unfortunately, parties don't always focus fire the same target). Also, it would give me a back up if I had to go: Round 1 Stare (move/standard open for something else that trumps Intimidating). Round 2: Intimidating Glance > Standard cast.

However, I'm not sure on that yet. Any suggestions for a replacement feat? I could go with the classic Improved Initiative or maybe Ready for Battle or Ready for Pain feats.

Shadow Lodge

Can you flank an enemy if you cannot see the ally opposite you?

How might the situation change if the enemy you're attempting to flank can or can't see one or both of you as well?
It doesn't.

Does it make any difference if you are aware of your ally's presence and position (but still cannot see him)?

Relevant snips:
Flanking: "When making a melee attack, you get a +2 flanking bonus if your opponent is threatened by another enemy character or creature on its opposite border or opposite corner."

Flanking: "Only a creature or character that threatens the defender can help an attacker get a flanking bonus."

Threatened Squares: "You threaten all squares into which you can make a melee attack, even when it is not your turn. Generally, that means everything in all squares adjacent to your space (including diagonally)."

Shadow Lodge

Whelp. Been a couple months, hoping folks have a little more experience with or thoughts about the Mesmerist.

Shadow Lodge

You would get your CHA mod to both AC & REF, but only once (the source doesn't matter as you can't double up on the bonus).

Shadow Lodge


Shadow Lodge

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Make it a +1 furious amulet. And considering you'll shred most non-DR creatures, it's just one of the reasonable trade offs you'll have to deal with.

Shadow Lodge

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Ergo, if you have 5 BAB, you can make up to three attacks with the feat; once against your initial target, then up to two "bounces." At 10 BAB, you can make up to two "bounces." At 15 BAB, you can make up to three "bounces." And at BAB 20, you can make up to four "bounces."

Shouldn't this be:

...if you have 5 BAB, you can make up to three attacks with the feat; once against your initial target, then up to two "bounces." At 10 BAB, you can make up to three "bounces." At 15 BAB, you can make up to four "bounces." And at BAB 20, you can make up to five "bounces."

Shadow Lodge

Holy smokes! I have no idea how I missed that trait!

Shadow Lodge

Not sure how you're entering MT at L5--you're missing 2nd level arcane spells to qualify.

Shadow Lodge

Okee dokee, using the power of the Cracked Opalascent White Pyramid Ioun Stone, I can retrain the EWP Whip feat, leveraging the Human bonus feat.

Here are 3 builds: DEX-based Swashbucker 1/Lore Warden 10 & Lore Warden 11 (both heavily invested in battlefield control) and a STR-based Lore Warden 11 based on using Cornagun Smash/Hurtful to boost his damage when not tripping (1d10+19ish at L10 before any buffs or weapon enchants). I didn't have time to do a 1/2 orc STR Lore Warden, but the feat progression would the same basically, just a level delayed starting a L5 since I'd have to pick up Combat Reflexes in a normal feat slot.

Linky for easy viewing

Shadow Lodge

The DEX build doesn't need an agile weapon thanks to Slashing Grace. In the DEX build's favor is the high AC and better skill selection for out of combat, but it develops a level slower and lacks a little oomph when it comes to hitting things.

I'll probably go STR to keep things simple.

Shadow Lodge

I only take the 1.5 multiplier on Power Attack damage as that seems, as far as I can tell, RAW legit.

Thanks for the feedback!

Shadow Lodge

Imbicatus wrote:
Smash from the Air isn't PFS legal unfortunately, if that's a concern.

Blerg! That's what I get for not checking!

*shakes fist at self*

Shadow Lodge

I'm leaning DEX-based simply because of the skills, the naturally higher AC and the option to wear a buckler to boost AC even more and couple that with Stylish Riposte:

Stylish Riposte wrote:

Additional Prerequisite(s): Combat Reflexes, base attack bonus +4

When your AC exceeds the result of a foe's melee attack against you by 5 or more, that foe provokes an attack of opportunity from you. Once you make such an attack of opportunity against a foe, you can't again use this trick against the foe that day.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm noodling around with Weapon Master's Handbook and I'm struggling between two different builds.

One is a DEX-based Swashbuckler 1/Lore Warden 10. Using the Swashbuckler Mysterious Avenger archetype and Slashing Grace gives me DEX to damage, some nice class skills and, with the DEX focus, a good AC. The damage (such as it is for a battlefield tripper) is meh.

The other is a STR-based Lore Warden 11 which does about 50% more damage overall thanks to 2H Power Attacking with the whip, meaning I can help mop up as needed or harass spell casters with a readied action. However, its AC is lower and has a less robust skill selection.

Both use Cut From the Air and Smash from the Air because the idea of whip-cracking projectiles and ranged spells out of the air is just too fun an idea not to have on a battlefield controller.

Also, both have atrocious Will saves and I'll have to invest in fixing that ;)

Any feedback would be welcome!

DEX Whipper: Mysterious Avenger 1/ Lore Warden 10:

STR 13 (for Power Attack)
DEX 18 (+2 Human)
CON 14
INT 13 (for Trip)
WIS 13

Whip Specialist (+1 Damage)
Bred for War (+1 Intimidate / +1 CMB)

L1 Swashbuckler: Mysterious Avenger (proficiency & finesse with whip)
Feat: Weapon Focus: Whip
Human: Slashing Grace

L2 (and beyond) Fighter: Lore Warden
Bonus: Whip Mastery

Feat: Power Attack (needed for “Cut/Smash from Air” feats)
Bonus: Improved Trip
Lore Warden: Combat Expertise

+1 Dex

Feat: Combat Reflexes
Bonus: Improved Whip Mastery

Weapon Training: Flails

Feat: Greater Trip
Bonus: Cut From Air

+1 Dexterity

Feat: Fury’s Fall (might be overkill)
Bonus: Smash From Air

Advanced Weapon Training: (Armed Bravery? Versatile Training (Flails)?)

Feat & Bonus Feat: Stylish Riposte? Greater Weapon Focus? Dazing Assault?

L11 (No Magic Items):
Trip CMB: +33 (11 BAB + 5 Weapon Finesse + 5 Fury’s Fall + 4 Lore Warden + 4 Feats + 2 Weapon Training + 1 Weapon Focus + 1 Trait)
Will save: +4

STR whipper: Lore Warden 11:

STR 18 (+2 Human)
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 13
WIS 11

Whip Specialist (+1 Damage)
Bred for War (+1 Intimidate / +1 CMB)

Feat: EWP: Whip
Bonus: Power Attack
Human: Weapon Focus: Whip

Bonus: Whip Mastery
Lore Warden: Combat Expertise

Feat: Improved Trip

+1 STR
Bonus: Combat Reflexes

Weapon Training: Flails
Feat: Improved Whip Mastery

Bonus: Weapon Specialization: Whip

Feat: Cut from the Air

+1 STR
Bonus: Greater Trip

Advanced Weapon Training: (Armed Bravery? Versatile Training (Flails)?)
Feat: Smash from the Air

Feat: Advanced Weapon Training: (Armed Bravery? Versatile Training (Flails)? Focused Weapon (whip jumps to d10)?)

Feat: Greater Weapon Focus? Dazing Assault?

L11 (No Magic Items):
Trip CMB: +28 (11 BAB + 5 STR + 4 Lore Warden + 4 Feats + 2 Weapon Training + 1 Weapon Focus + 1 Trait)
Will save: +3
Whip Damage: 1d3 + 19 (5 STR + 9 2H Power Attack + 2 Weapon Training + 2 Weapon Specialization + 1 Trait)

Shadow Lodge

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Toying around with a vanilla fighter that TWF with Kukris (or Daggers) that then takes Advanced Weapon Training: Focused Weapon for boosted damage dice.

STR-based whip & trip/disarm Lore Warden who gets Cut From Air and Smash From Air who is not only a battlefield controller and can help defend pals, but can do decent-ish support damage (approx +20ish per hit).

Anyone else have some ideas?

Shadow Lodge ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

PFS Mesmerists should strongly consider taking Bold Stare: Psychic Inception at L3

Psychic Inception: The hypnotic stare and its penalty can affect creatures that are mindless or immune to mind-affecting effects (such as an undead or vermin). The mesmerist can also partially affect such a creature with his mind-affecting spells and abilities if it's under the effect of his hypnotic stare; it gains a +2 bonus on its saving throw (if any), and if affected, it still has a 50% chance each round of ignoring the effect. Ignoring the effect doesn't end the effect, but does allow the creature to act normally for that round.

Or take the Spirit Walker archetype which specifically deals with undead:


Undead Inception (Su)

At 1st level, a spirit walker can affect undead creatures with his hypnotic stare as the psychic inception bold stare ability. This allows him to affect only undead; he must actually choose the psychic inception bold stare improvement if he wants to also affect other mindless creatures. At 3rd level when the spirit walker uses this ability, undead targets don't receive a saving throw bonus (if they did to begin with), have only a 25% chance of ignoring the spirit walker's mind-affecting spells and abilities, and no longer need to be under the spirit walker's gaze to be affected. At 5th level, when the spirit walker uses his mind-affecting spells and abilities, they affect all undead normally, with no chance of failure.

Shadow Lodge ***

redward wrote:

Oh, and the Spell Warrior Skald I'm playing in RoW is surprising everyone with how useful he is. I totally underestimated that class.

I was considering an improvised weapon Spell Warrior Skald (especially now that you can buy an adamantine chain from the Giant Hunter's Handbook).

Shadow Lodge ***

Jeff Merola wrote:
...a whopping -4 Initiative.

"You wouldn't believe how fast I am...when I'm not wearing this stupid armor."

Shadow Lodge ***

How are newer classes and archetypes (Unchained, Occult, ACG, etc) faring in actual at-the-table gameplay? Playtesting and theorycrafting only go so far, so I'd love to hear tales, both good and bad, with your experiences in PFS play!

Shadow Lodge ***

I played a Rovagug worshipper all the way to L12. A good time was had by all.

Shadow Lodge

I'm looking at a building out a Mesmerist with the Spirit Walker archetype. I'm hoping for a little feedback for anything obvious I'm missing or overlooking.

His combat role would be debuffer/controller caster and his non-combat role would be face/skill monkey. In combat, I'll be looking to Hypnotic Stare my opponents, slip in an Intimidate and then hit them with a spell. Spirit Walker archetype lets me affect undead better and has the silly fun Continued Animation and Command Undead to help my frontliners (or give me a personal meatshield).

Doctor Phantasmos:

STR: 8
DEX: 12
CON: 14
INT: 12
WIS: 10
CHA: 18

Reactionary (+2 Init), Demoralizing Presence (+2 Intimidate)

I'm uncomfortable dumping STR any lower than 8. Even though I'm a full caster, DEX is low because I'll be using Noble Scion of War (+CHA to Init) instead of Improved Initiative. WIS at 10 because I'll get the Mesmerist Towering Ego (+CHA to WILL) at L2.

Feat: Noble Scion of War, (human bonus) Spell Focus: Enchantment
Trick: False Flanker
Initiative now scales with CHA. Can give an ally a temp flanking boost.

T: Fearsome Guise
Speeding up Intimidate Action economy...24 Disguise Self is just icing on the cake.

Feat: Intimidate Glance
Bold Stare: Psychic Inception
Speeding up Intimidate Action economy (can possibly have 2 shaken foes in round 2). Can affect mindless creatures with mindless/mind-affecting-immune creatures with stare and mind-affecting spells. The nasty Continued Animation comes online.

Stat: +1 CHA
Trick: Compel Alacrity
Give party member an emergency movement option.

Feat: Greater Spell Focus: Enchantment
Better DCs are a no brainer. Also, now can have 2 tricks up.

Trick: Mask Misery
I've been dilly-dallying picking this up until it could counteract more (and more debilitating) statuses. Command Undead comes online.

Feat: Extended Stare
Bold Stare: Disorientation
Now can stare from 40' away. Hypnotic Stare penalty of -2 (-3 at L8+) also applies to attack rolls of target! At L7, if I stare and get a demoralize in, my target would have -4 WILL & HIT, -2 FORT/REF/skills.

Stat: +1 CHA
Trick: Meek Facade
Hypnotic Stare: penalty increase to -3.
Making one of my frontliners a "must-hit" tank like in a MMO...helping keep the baddies away from me.

Feat: Spell Penetration
Spell Penetration is not sexy, but probably necessary by this point. Also, now can have 3 tricks up.

Trick: Mesmeric Mirror
Basically emergency Magic Mirror I can throw on a squishy or glass cannon.

Feat: Excoriating Stare
Bold Stare: Sapped Magic
If the target of my stare gets hit, must save or get the Sickened condition (on top of the Hypnotic Stare and demoralization). Also, Hypnotic Stare penalty applies to DCs of spells & SLAs and SR of target...basically the equivalent of giving allies +3 to saves and +3 stacking Spell Penetration.

Shadow Lodge

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Ki Mystic Sensei monk. Always dispensing advice. If you're not married to human, make her a gnome and add Bewildering Koan into the mix.

Shadow Lodge ***

Best option: Scale yourself as needed

You can build a combat beast or skill maestro, but you don't always have to use every ability for every encounter...and you don't always have to be the one who shines.

A combat beast can toggle off power attack, intentionally move so he only gets one attack instead of a full attack, set up flanks for others or aid another. If you hit THAT encounter and it's obvious it's go time, cut loose.

A skill maestro can, believe it or not, can aid someone else on their checks first. If it's plot important and they flub it, then you can step in, but you don't have to roll every time as the primary for every skill check you're eligible for.

I tend to do those options more with folks I don't know at Cons or at local tables with newer players. With my regular cohort or local tables with veteran powergamers, we enjoy cutting loose with our silliness.

Shadow Lodge

I basically went:
Ranger 6/Horizon Walker 3/Fighter 2

With good planning and feat retraining, you can almost have the full suite of Dervish abilities by L11.

Shadow Lodge

Titan Mauler barbarian if you want to use a 2h spear in one hand at a -2 penalty.

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