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Sammy T's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 832 posts (1,077 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 10 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Shadow Lodge **


Shadow Lodge **

Oh, I absolutely understand that, but since it has pre-req of BAB +6, you had to take something until you qualified for it, which could not be the EK since it requires the martial training. Sorry if it seems like we're picking on you, but your build is outside the norm and since it's hard to piece together, it sets off the Hmmmmmm alarm. How the heck did you build your snowflake?

Shadow Lodge **

I don't the particulars or timeline of your rebuild, but you can't retrain a base class into a prestige class. And once you trained out of whatever class qualified you for Eldritch Knight, you no longer qualify for it.

Like I said, I don't know the time line of your build but it looks illegal and would need to be corrected.

Shadow Lodge **

I am also intrigued by how you got the all Martial weapon requirement for the EK without a martial.

I'm suspecting some boons are being leveraged to meet the requirements but I could be wrong.

(eta: I'm guessing from his profile he has a Shard of Greed to meet his spellcasting requirement)

Shadow Lodge **

1) If you need a motivation or backstory for why your PC can't craft an item, it is he simply chose to focus his talents elsewhere and lacks the temperament/skills/ability to do so.

2) The PFS society is a neutral organization with agents of all alignments. You cannot attack/kill a creature who's minding its own business, let alone a fellow pathfinder, simply for being evil.

3) The VC would simply investigate the claim, interview the pathfinders and determine magic was the cause for their (involuntary) hostile actions.

Finally, bringing up OOC rules restrictions IC in a knowing manner is a bit meta and not always appreciated as it can be a bit immersion breaking for others. YMMV depend on your table mates.

Shadow Lodge

By the time you can afford a 53K breastplate, odds are your wizard/sorceror is already throwing up Stoneskin on a regular basis (or you are via UMD). If you have a slotted Orange Prism Ioun Stone, you're getting 1d4-1 CL on all your spells, not just your cure spells (and you should definitely be casting more than cure spells on a regular basis).

So, you're purchasing a 3/day personal mobile globe of invulnerability that disappears when you take an offensive action. Depending on your party and playstyle that may be worth it, but 53K is very expensive for a limited use item.

Shadow Lodge

L16 PFS Dual-Cursed Life Oracle here

What you want depends on your party because odds are that post L12 you are adventuring with a small dedicated group.

At higher levels, I dumped my phylactery and went with a +6 Headband. The extra spells and boosted DCs make the difference.

I'm a Life-Link/Shield Other-style Life Oracle--I LL the entire party and SO the wizard (and sometimes the bard).

Aegis of Recovery
Belt of Con +6
Cloak of Resist +5
Handy Haversack
Headband of Cha +6
Ioun Stone, Saves +1
Mnemonic Vestment + situational scroll library
Page of Spell Knowledge

+1 Determination Breastplate

Banner of the Ancient Kings

If I seem light on gear, I'm sitting on like 80K gp and waiting to see what the next adventure & exact party comp will be. The wizard has an Orange Prism Ioun Stone we share when doling out typical all day buffs the night before we go to sleep and any situational 1 hr/level or 10 min/level buffs we discover we need during the day. I've been putting off picking a Ring of Freedom of Movement but that's pretty high on my list -- since my group has a kitted out mounted ranger archer, a pouncing barbarian and a high initiative conjurer I've kinda slacked as they rocket tag the hell out of encounters.

Shadow Lodge **

Heck, I theorycrafted a dual Repeating Handcrossbow wielding Barbarian on a dare (Savage Technologist 9/Alchemist 2)--one version focused on dual shooting with his third arm pressing the reload levers and the other version focused on firing until empty and then beating you to death with the empty weapons.

Shadow Lodge **

For anyone who thinks buying a Wayfinder with gold is a given (if they don't wan't to spend PP), there's only a 75% chance that a city of Bloodcove's size would have one available.

Shadow Lodge

@tels, no idea why you quoted Kinetic Blade to me when I was asking about Ride the Blast specifically ;)

Shadow Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Acadamae Graduate is a delicious feat.

Shadow Lodge

If you are in a foe's threatened space, you provoke an AOO for using your Kinetic Blast...but does the movement out of a threatened space in the form of energy from Ride The Blast also incur an AOO?

Shadow Lodge

From further in the thread

mark Seifter wrote:

If we did a FAQ, it'd be possible to separate out gaining a fraction of a new thing you don't have any of yet from modifying something you don't have.

For instance, with this hypothetical FAQ, gaining 1/6th of a revelation and then using that to at level 7 pick up a revelation that requires level 7 would be fine, but giving yourself bonuses preemptively with the revelation you don't have yet wouldn't.

Shadow Lodge

While this is in the PFS section, it was clarified with the design team.


Related Point: Can I apply the aasimar or elf oracle's favored class bonus to a revelation I do not yet have? Can I do so for the aasimar bard’s favored class bonus?

No, when choosing which class feature’s effective level to increase, you can only select a feature that you already have. For example, an aasimar flame oracle cannot choose to improve the wings of fire revelation with her favored class bonus until she actually gains the revelation at 7th level or beyond; she could not start augmenting it at 1st level.

This isn’t actually a new rule. It’s just a clarification that I confirmed with the design team because it seemed that some folks were assuming otherwise.

Shadow Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Your Wizard is sooooo dumb that when he wants to heighten a spell......:
....he casts Levitate first.

Your Lore Warden is sooooo dumb.....:
......he washes his hand after using Dirty Trick.

Your Magus is sooooo dumb that when he joined the Dark Archive......:
......he asked how to turn on the lights.

Your Fighter is sooooo dumb that when he was told he was out of tier......:
......he asked where he could buy some more.

Your Rogue is sooooo dumb......:
......he falls unconscious when he Feints.

Your Sorceror is sooooo dumb......:
......he tried to clean the Dark Tapestry.

Your initiative is sooooo low......: have the paralyzed condition.

Hey Paizo, this scenario is sooooo deadly......:
......that GMs issue chroni-kills.

Your GM is sooooo out of shape......:
.......he needs to catch his breath after a chase scene.

Your rules knowledge is sooooo basic......:
......we call you Red Box.

Shadow Lodge

My PFS Playtest Geokineticist will most likely hit L7 by the end of the month. Merry GeoChristmastist!

My gameplan is to get him to L8 or L9 and park him until the book comes out and then slowtrack play him for 9-12 scenarios.

I really do hope some of the current changes (Acrobatics, skill points, FTB bump) could be implemented into PFS play.

I also hope that when the book is released, retraining rules and costs for the abilities are released simultaneously--not a month later like in the case of ACG.

Finally, Mark, how will composite blast be handled? As it stands, there are only certain viable combos of blasts.

Shadow Lodge


How did I miss that. Womp womp.

Shadow Lodge

Thanks all, I'll toy around with a few builds to see what strikes my fancy!

eta: Arcane Deed to grab Precise Strike and Targeted Strike seem interesting.

Shadow Lodge

@imbicatus: sadly a bladed scarf is not a reach weapon. However, Longarm is a L1 magus spell and easily put on a wand.

@mathwei: 1) I keep going back and forth on 18 Dex/16 Int and vice versa. 2) Yep, am aware. 3) I'm used to playing casters with low strengths, so I'm ok playing the encumbrance game (and like Imbicatus said, if I see Shadows or creatures with STR damage poison, RUN!)

@papazorro: hmmm, very interesting. I would have to devote some resources to becoming a trip build, but that's a pretty fun combo.

Shadow Lodge **

Victor, may I quote you from a different thread about a similar issue?


Look, as PFS GMs, we're expected to stick with the Rules as Written. Even though it's dumb that a dwarven longhammer isn't in the hammer weapon group, it's rather disrespectful to expect the GM to make a special exception to the rules for you.

A GM is well withing their rights to invalidate what is probably a core part of your build. Save this build for a home game where you're GM can make a reasonable ruling, and play something else for PFS.

when the rules say something like "For the purpose of the fighter class's weapon training ability, weapon groups are defined as follows (GMs may add other weapons to these groups, or add entirely new groups)", in PFS the GM are not allowed to adjust things like it suggests. Because you're not going to have the same GM every time, there are some sacrifices you are going to have to make in order to be able to play your characters at any PFS event in the world.

I'm just trying to play on the straight and narrow here. PP costs are a built in limiter when it comes to retraining and also can adversely affect a possible Raise Dead if gp is in short supply.

Shadow Lodge

I'm toying around with the idea of playing a Kapenia Hexcrafter Magus in PFS. However, as I am not all that familiar with the Magus or the Witch, I was hoping I could get some build advice from you fine fellows.

I understand some of my choices are not OMGDAMAGEPEWPEWPEW. I'd like to play a skirmisher who can debuff and does respectable DPS in combat. Out of combat, has knowledges and one decent utility skill (Diplomacy or Disable Device)

Kapenia Dancer / Hexcrafter Magus

STR: 9
DEX: 18 (+2 Human)
CON: 14
INT: 16
WIS: 10
CHA: 7

Traits: (Disable Device or Diplomacy trait) + Magical Lineage
FCB: +1/4 Arcane Pool

L1: Magus: Weapon Focus (Bladed Scarf), Weapon Finesse, Human: Slashing Grace (Bladed Scarf)

Note: Have Brand as a cantrip via Hexcrafter for Spell Combat / Spell Strike

L3: Hex Arcana: Arcane Accuracy, Extra Arcana: Flamboyant Arcana

L4: +1 Int, Hex: Flight

L5: Bonus: Arcane Strike, Intensified Spell

L6: Hex Arcana: Evil Eye

L7: Feat: (Extra Arcana: Accursed Strike?)

L8: +1 Int

L9: Hex Arcana: Accurate Strike, (Lunge?)

L11: Bonus: (Weapon Specialization?), (Improved Critical?)

I'm really just trying to wrap my mind around balancing debuffing and DPSing. Slumber is off the table because I hate it as a player and GM.

Any advice?

Shadow Lodge **

LazarX, normally I would agree with you, HOWEVER as we run RAW, unless it specifically states to use the same rules as clerics, it doesn't count for a Warpriest. The linked post only refers to clerics.

Shadow Lodge **

On the past gameday, one of my players asked about changing gods for his Warpriest. He said as far as he could tell, he would only need an Atonement. I and a couple of other GMs asserted it would most likely involve PP costs as well as he would be changing his Blessings. I told him I would look into it on his behalf.

Currently, PFS has no official rules for changing gods for Paladins, Inquisitors or Warpriests. There is an almost 5 year old post from Joshua Frost about Clerics changing gods. However, that post technically A) only specifically covers Clerics and B) is problematic post-Ultimate Campaign.

Ultimate Campaign:

A LN Cleric of Torag (LG) has seen the diabolic light and wishes to follow Asmodeus (LE). Per the linked post, he would pay 8 PP OR 3000 gp for an Atonement to switch gods. His Cleric powers would be restored and he would then get to choose 2 new domains and recalibrate his Channel from positive to negative.

The same LN Cleric of Torag has decided law and order is bunk and Groetus (CN) is the way to go, he would pay 2 PP OR 500 gp to switch to a legal worshipper alignment on top of the 8 PP OR 3000 gp for an Atonement to switch gods. He would then get to choose 2 new domains and could opt to recalibrate his Channel from positive to negative.

However, if his fellow Cleric of Torag had an epiphany and simply wished to change his both his domains while still worshipping the same Torag it would cost (10 × his level × 5) gp AND 5 PP per domain.

Assuming the clerics in the above examples were level 5:

Cleric switching from Torag to Asmodeus.
Gains: 2 new domains, changes channel
Cost: 8 PP OR 3000 gp

Cleric switching from Torag to Groetus, changes alignment
Gains: 2 new domains, can change channel
Cost: 10 PP OR 3500 gp

Cleric changing domains, keeps god
Gains: 2 new domains
Cost: 10 PP AND 500 gp
(if they worship a neutral god and want to change the channel, add another 5 PP and 250 gp for a total 15 PP AND 750 gp)

It is actually cheaper to abandon your God than shift your focus within their portfolio!

Unless I've missed something (which is possible), I believe we need an UPDATED explanation/ruling of how to switch Gods as a divine caster (and the associated costs) in the era of UC and ACG.

Shadow Lodge **

Because my group of friends plays a lot of PFS, we try different things to mix it up (other than simply not playing PF). We play by PFS rules in a non-credit/non-sanctioned set up to try new things.

A couple of months ago, we played an "Ugly Sweaters" game. Each person made a level 5 PFS-legal one-trick pony character. The hook? We randomly drew someone else's Ugly Sweater character to play! The party featured a Stink Bomb Alchemist, a Wizard who only had various Metamagicked Magic Missiles memorized, a Bard who fought with his guitar (el Kabong) and a wizard who only used a bow to attack.

PRO: By switching characters, you're forced to play a type of PC or playstyle you normally wouldn't. CON: By playing someone else's wonky Ugly Sweater, you don't quite have your mind wrapped around how its trick(s) work.

Next month, we're trying a "kick the tires" game. Everyone creates a L5 PFS-legal character that they've considered creating. I will run them through a third-party/retired scenario so they can test drive it and see if it is actually a PC they'd actually want to play.

PRO: You can see how a build will operate once it comes online. CON: I'll let you know once we play ;)

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A home game is not better than PFS.

PFS is not better than a home game.

They are simply different modes of play of the same game.

Some prefer one, some prefer the other and some, believe it or not, actually like both for their own merits.

PFS prevents the lows of a home game (scheduling, wonky house rules, capricious GMs, etc) but in turn limits the upper boundaries (player-centric games, campaign-altering decisions, flexibility).

Asserting a home game is better than PFS is like saying independent coffee shops are better than Starbucks. I've had both great and horrible cups of coffee at whatever indie shop I've stumbled across, but I get consistently decent-to-good cup of at any Starbucks across the country. If you're lucky, you have a great indie coffee shop nearby that's nearby and convenient to you. If you're unlucky, the indie coffee shop is the only one around and it serves a meh cup of joe and has crappy pastries.

Shadow Lodge

As it is a melee weapon, you would use STR. It can be wielded with Weapon Finesse.

As noted in the description, "The weapon deals the same damage type that your kinetic blast deals, and it interacts with AC and spell resistance as normal for a blast of its type."

Shadow Lodge **

As former Downriver resident (moved to Chicago in 2000), it warms my heart to see PFS games back home.

Shadow Lodge **

Sign Ups:
About midway through the current month, the VL posts the schedule for for the next month of Mondays at our store (example page). Typically, 1 scenario for low tier, mid tier and high tier are offered. GMs and players begin sign ups and we use the comments for announcements, inquiries and adjustments as needed. Currently, sign ups are first-come, first-serve.

Game Day:
If its a light day (1 table of each scenario), no real mustering is needed as the GM claims a table at the store and people self-filter to the correct game. On busy days, if there are 5ish tables or multiple tables of a single scenario, someone will direct traffic the best they can. This will be the VL, me or one of our awesome veteran players.

If we have too many players, from last second sign ups or random walk ins, we do our best to accommodate them. If we can't, we direct them to the website to sign up for the next available game day.

If the VL is there, he will hand out $5 store credits (or owed store credits for previous games) to the GMs that night.

On good nights, we start right about 7pm. On rougher nights where mustering is a pain because of no-shows, late GMs or random walk-ins, games may not start until 7:15ish. The store is open until midnight, but we typically get the "wrap it up fellas" around 11:30pm. On average, you can get a solid 4ish hour scenario, including paperwork.

Shadow Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

How do you handle sign ups and communication with your local gaming populace? Do you use Warhorn, a simple Facebook posting, a forum, etc.? Do you post specific scenarios or simply that there is a game night for PFS?

How do you handle muster? Do you already have breakdown of who needs to sit where? Do you just figure out who hasn't played what and a GM cold runs a scenario? What happens with walk-ins or overfull tables?

Afterwards, do players need to pay the store for the table? Do you need to hand out GM credits?

Basically, can you take me through a typical game day from the initial announcement to the end of the night at your location?

Shadow Lodge **

Suffered through a hot mess of a run last night.

7 person table, but APL put us at sub-tier 4-5 with 4 person adjustment (which was fine).

Three caveats: It was the GMs second game as a GM. This person stepped up to GM when no one else did. When the VL is not around, I act as a gameday coordinator and help muster, explain PFS stuff, etc


I got the impression that since the GM had played it before, that he could relax on prepping. He didn't pre-draw maps, forgot the the statblocks, had problems running many of the monsters/combats, couldn't effectively communicate the adventure background or the import of what we were seeing.

Once we mustered and everyone was there, since he was a new GM, I made sure he knew about the 4-person adjustments for encounters...which he did not.

After the first combat (where he forgot a monster and I had to pull up the stats on my tablet mid-combat and he had trouble running just 3 gnolls), I asked the GM for a 10-minute had taken 1hr15min to get to just this point.

I had one of the other players (who had previously GMd this) to draw the temple(?) map ahead of time once I found out that it was a large-ish map that the GM had not drawn yet. Meanwhile, I showed the GM where he should look for the 4-person adjustments for the upcoming encounters and gave him time to read (re-read?) ahead.

The remaining adventure basically devolved into me pulling up creatures and explaining how they work to the GM, whose forte is not combat to begin with, and the other player (who GMd previously) occasionally asking guided questions to prod the GM to provide info about what we were seeing.

Now, had this been a simpler, basic scenario (like early low tier seasons), this would have been fine. But once we got the final encounter where the GM was misunderstanding/misremembering who was attacking who and then throwing in a mythic Allip on top of that was a huge mess (all the while, I'm pulling up tons of stat blocks, explaining the options of the various NPCs/Allip AND trying to run my character).

I'm so befuddled about exactly what we saw and the import of which that I asked the VL to give me a copy of part 2 so I can read it and synopsize it for the part 3 table (like, we got mythic powers? from something that happened after the allip died?)

I immediately volunteered to GM part 3 while at the table (even though I had just played the first 2 parts and wanted to play the 3rd) to end the trilogy on solid note...and then when I got home and looked it up online I just about died. Mythic stuff? Can run 5ish hours? Sigh.

For the record, I strongly urge campaign organizers to start labeling scenarios with a simple system for GMs to know how much prep is required and level of system mastery expected to avoid novice or time-short GMs from ending up with a prep-/rules-heavy scenario.

Again, I absolutely commend the GM for stepping up to begin GMing at our store, but he was put in a bad spot by this particular adventure and it really soured the experience of the people at the table. It was a combination of a new GM not understanding general prep required in running a scenario AND getting hammered by Destiny 2.

Shadow Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

L12+ PFS LEGAL MODULES, APs & Scenarios
Level: Title (AP part if applicable), amount of xp

10-12: Emerald Spire Level 14, 3xp
10-12: Emerald Spire Level 15, 3xp
10-12: Forest of Spirits (JR4), 3xp
10-12: Secrets of the Sphinx (MM4), 3xp
10-12: Ruby Phoenix Tournament, 3xp

11-13: Ashes at Dawn (CC5), 3xp
11-13: Beyond the Doomsday Door (SS4), 3xp
11-13: Emerald Spire Level 16, 3xp
11-13: The Frozen Stars (RoW4), 3xp
11-13: The Price of Infamy (S&S5), 3xp
11-13: Tide of Honor (JR5), 3xp
11-13: Warden of the Reborn Forge 1, 3xp

12 : Eyes of the Ten, 5xp*
12+ : Race for the Runecarved Key (Special), 1xp

12-14: Academy of Secrets, 3xp
12-14: Fortress of the Stone Giants (RotR4), 3xp
12-14: The Slave Trenches of Hakotep (MM5), 3xp
12-14: Warden of the Reborn Forge 2, 3xp

12-15: Siege of the Diamond City (Special), 1xp

13-15: From Hell's Heart (S&S6), 3xp
13-15: Into the Nightmare Rift (SS5), 3xp
13-15: Rasputin Must Die (RoW5), 3xp
13-15: Shadows of Gallowspire (CC6), 3xp
13-15: Tomb of the Iron Medusa, 3xp
13-15: Warden of the Reborn Forge 3, 3xp

14-16: Empty Throne (JR6), 3xp
14-16: Sins of the Saviors (RotR5), 3xp

15-17: The Moonscar, 3xp
15-17: Pyramid of the Sky Pharoah (MM6), 3xp
15-17: The Witch Queen's Revenge (RoW6), 3xp

16-18: Spires of Xin Shalast (RotR6), 3xp
16-18: The Dead Heart of Xin (SS6), 3xp
16-18: Witchwar Legacy, 3xp

*Series of 4 scenarios

Shadow Lodge

As a Wiz 2/Cleric 1/MT with Acadamae Graduate & Sacred Summons, I'm having a fun time. Looking forward to the post-MT section as I can see this being someone I make the effort to take past L12 in PFS.

Shadow Lodge **

Thanks, John and Brock!

Shadow Lodge

James Jacobs said, RAI, 3 Grapple checks in one round would allow you to grapple, pin and tie up in one round.

Mark Seifter clarified in a PFS scenario thread HERE that you couldn't.

Shadow Lodge

4 people marked this as a favorite.

The Devs made it legal--that means it is RAW and RAI.

Shadow Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

It is legal.

Shadow Lodge

It's too late for this edition, but they should simply push rapid grappler back to L11 so the number of grapple checks you can make in a round is limited to the number of number of total attacks a full attacking martial would get (so 1 for L1-5, 2 for L6-10, and cap out at 3 at L11+)

Shadow Lodge

The problem is grappling doesn't scale well.

A certain beautiful and handsome tetori has some friends he plays with:
A L16 Pounce 2H barbarian
A L16 Mounted Archer Ranger
A L16 Wizard

If the martials have to move and attack, we are all on the same playing field with one attack action (oh, unless the barb has a charge lane or the archer's mount only has to move once...oh, wait....)

If we get a full round action, the other martials simply click their boots of speed and get 5 attacks (barb) or 6 attacks (Archer), with the first doing double damage. Meanwhile, I would still only get one action in the first round.

I didn't even mention the wizard because at this point a caster far outstrips a martial, and if it is a save or suck wizard, it can drop two of those spells a round with quicken, even if it has to move.

ETA: it is a Dazing Assault barbarian, so you're most likely daze-locked once he starts hitting you and the wizard can do the same except as an AoE.

Shadow Lodge

it was buried in a gm thread

Shadow Lodge

Holy necro.

No, you would not be able to grapple a creature outside your reach because Turtle clutch does not override the threatened square rules

Shadow Lodge

Rules heads up for players and GMs:

Unless you start the round grappling someone (like via Turtle clutch or an AOO with grab), you cannot one round grapple and pin--Mark Seifter clarified that in scenario discussion in the GM forum.

While James Jacobs has said the opposite, he's not a rules guy and Mark is.

Do I agree with Mark? No--especially since the level you can Grapple/Greater Grapple/Rapid Grapple (L9) is the same level full casters start getting their L5 spells and at L11 full martials are full attacking 3 times a round.

But the rules are the rules.

Shadow Lodge

Straight STR-based Tetori, pivoting into damage via Anaconda's coils and Final Embrace line and Pinning KO.

Strangler Brawler build

Shadow Lodge

kinevon wrote:
Nasty monster

I remember him well.

Shadow Lodge **

Prethen, I'm on my phone and can't find that in my tiny pdf--could you point me to where it says that?

Shadow Lodge

Random thoughts:

Buyer's Remorse, Greater: Pushing Infusion
While I really didn't have many options available to me in the playtest, I'm really regretting picking up Pushing Infusion. I toyed with swapping it out at L6 to Kinetic Weapon and picking up Weapon Finesse at L7 so I could switch hit as needed, but I didn't pull the trigger and I'm stuck with it for now. I hope the one time I ever do use it successfully that it is the most amazing gameplay moment ever.

Buyer's Remorse, Lesser: Kinetic Cover
Perhaps it's just the parties and scenarios I've been in, but KC isn't cutting it for me in combat. However, I hold out hope I can use it outside of combat to good effect. Unlike Pushing Infusion, I feel like it's more a failure of my creative thinking than the ability itself.

I Want That: Utility Shot / Targeting
I hope there is a Wild Talent equivalent/variant of those gunslinger deeds.

Amazon Wishlist pt 1:
-Magic item that lets me add riders to my main blast (Seeking, Holy, Merciful, etc)

Amazon Wishlist pt 2:
-Magic item that increments Feel The Burn (i.e. if your current FTB bonus max is +2, this item will increase the cap by +X)

Eyebrow raising:
I wonder how many GMs are going to see unlimited blasts doing OK-to-Good numbers once a round and thinking that's too much and ignoring good-to-great numbers of full attacking martials/archers?

Am I The Only One Who:
Would want a Kineticist-only supplement?

Shadow Lodge

Weapon in the Rift

L7 Investigator (Empiricist)
L6 Geokineticist (Ranged)
L5 Oracle 1/Sorceror 4 (Awesome Display/Color Spray)
L5 Monk (Vanilla)

I picked up some potions of Reduce Person and Protection from Evil. Since Reduce doesn't affect my Blast and boosts my DEX, +hit and AC I will probably try to use it when I can prebuff.

I'll be very honest, I've been half-assing much of my utility gear purchasing—-in the crunch of playing 8 (9?) games in 5 weeks with this character (and playing another character and GMing a high level mod in that same time), I've only focused on the essentials. Usually I drop 2PP per adventure for utility pots (fly, daylight, etc), but because retraining is so expensive*, I'm hoarding my PP and don't carry a full suite of adventuring gear. That may come to bite me in the ass.

(As folks noted in the PFS feedback thread, playtesters don't like eating full retraining costs on a class that will change upon release....myself included.)

Newest Toy:
Now that I have Snaking infusion, I can just snake around cover and allies...but at the loss of using Empower on my blast (2 base burn cost, -1 Form specialization, -1 gather energy). Using Snaking and Empower would incur 1, using that would have to be for the OMG MUST HIT SITUATIONS.

Relevant Stats:
HP 57
AC 21
DR 6
+13 to hit with a Point Blank Blast (+15 with Reckless Aim)
3d6+9 damage in Point Blank range

A secret holy weapon in the World Wound is hidden in a tower in a demon-infested area. We are sent to study and activate it as needed.

I activate Stone to Flesh, take 3 Burn for DR 6 and transfer 1 Burn to a student follower of mine (playtest boon).

We head to the tower where a camp of crusaders prepare for a demon attack.

The Investigator self-buffs and then crushes all the perceptions and trap disables. Along the way we find an item and the Sorceror identifies it as holy hand grenade.

We work our way through a combination puzzle and find a room with 2 deranged Hound Archons.

Encounter 1:

From the get go, the Sorceror pits one.

Not having the angle on them, I move action Gather and then ready a Blast. The Archons teleport into our faces, triggering my Empowered/Point Blank blast for 31 damage (reduced by DR10/evil).

The Monk melees and misses. The Investigator steps back, studies, shoots and misses. The Sorceror casts a defensive spell on the Monk...but steps into my shooting lane while doing so.

Because of the DR issue, I forgo Snaking and go with Empowering. I Gather/Empower/Point Blank/Reckless Aim and hit on a 20 for max damage of 40! Again, their DR eats a chunk of it.

The Investigator repositions and snipes. The Sorceror pulls out his Awesome Display/Color Spray trick...only to fail the SR check.

I go for the throat and Gather/Emp/PB/RA...


Knowing that it would do 36 damage to the poor monk (we roll hit&dam at same time), I burn a GM reroll to prevent friendly fire. Unfortunately, I miss on the reroll.

The Monk slips back and flurries with his shuriken...missing with every one. The Investigator likewise misses on her ranged attack. The battle has shift and I have to move before taking a shot. I PB Blast for 15 damage--DR soaks up 2/3rd of that shot :(

One of the Archons teleports behind us! The Monk melees and misses. The Investigator hits on a ranged shot and sickens one. I Gather/Emp/PB/RA and hit for 33 damage (23 after DR).

The Archon slashes me for 16, but my own DR stops 6 of that. The Monk grapples it. The Sorcerer pings a Magic Missile, but fails the SR check. I PB Blast for 25 damage, killing one. The Investigator feathers her foe and finishes it off.

The first combat tells me pretty much how the rest of the dungeon will go--I will shoulder the DPS burden, the monk will most likely Flurry of Misses, the Investigator will plink with her arrow once a round and the Sorceror, when not Magic Missiling with a wand, will be dropping control spells.

I go 5 for 7 in the first combat, eating a hefty DR 10 on every blast. I'm thankful my type of blast was not affected by the Hound Archons' SR 15.

We do some more exploring, finding powerful crystals. We gather them as we explore, enlarge the monk before opening a door and then we run into...

Encounter 2:

...a unique Allip.

The Sorceror and I fail our Babble saves, and become fascinated. At L6, my WILL is a piteous +3...I need to rectify that ASAP.

The Allip whomps the Investigator and does WIS damage to boot. The Investigator engages the Allip while the Monk shakes the Sorceror awake.

The Allip hits the Investigator again, dropping his WIS to 2, then flies into a corner of the room. The Investigator understandably retreats into another room. The Monk enters and readies an action to wail on the Allip. The Sorceror shakes me out of the fascination. I Gather/Emp/PB/RA and hit for 30 damage...but only half goes through because it is incorporeal.

blerg. Back to back battles with damage reduction to the my blast.

The Allip fly-by attacks the Monk. The enlarged Monk takes his readied and AOO attacks while the Allip misses. The 2 WIS Investigator hangs out in the other room to avoid getting WIS damaged into unconsciousness.

The rest of the fight is pretty much the Sorceror wanding MM, me Gather/Emp/PB/RA blasting and the Monk missing/getting a kama oiled up while the Allip fly-by attacks and WIS damages the monk. I finally drop the Allip with one of my gimped 1/2 damage blasts.

I go 4 for 5 on blasts this fight, but every blast only did 1/2 damage. Uff, I feel the pain of DR I can't counter dulling my one combat ability. I'm 9 for 12 overall and have yet to do a full damage blast or use a Snaking Blast.

The Allip's spirit tells us there is a weapon in the next room and the GM gives a us a quick primer on what we need to do--basically, we need to get the gathered crystals into a control panel and turn on the weapon to defeat the demons attacking the tower. We hear a ruckus in the next room and quickly buff up. I drink my potion of Reduce Person, the Monk gets enlarged, the Investigator drinks a defensive something and away we go.

Encounter 3:

We open the door and see a huge apparatus (the weapon) and 2 demons, demondee and demondum, wrecking it. A stairway wraps around the room and ends at a platform with the control panel.

I move in and onto the stairs then PB Blast demondee for 18 damage.

The monk double moves in all the way to the far side and next to demondum. The Sorceror Pits the demondee. Meanwhile, the Investigator quaffs an expeditious retreat extract and begins the long run up the exposed staircase. The demondum roughs up the Monk a little bit.

And then a gargantuan CR 16 demon bursts through the wall...basically almost on top of the Monk and underneath the stairs where the Investigator must pass.

Well, @#$%@$%&@.

From behind us runs in one of the major NPCs from earlier (a paladin) and her 2 pally mooks.

The Monk goes Total Defense, spends a Ki Point to boost his AC and moves away to the other side of demondum. The Shemhazian wallops him on the AOO but at least the Monk is no longer standing next to it in full attack range.

The Sorceror silent images a fake mist near the control panel so the Investigator can hide in it when she gets there. Speaking of which, she keeps hustling up the stairs.

The Shemhazian drops a Mass Inflict Light Wounds on the pally pack, nicking the Sorceror as well. The NPC Pallies move in and engage.

From the stairs, I Gather and use a Snaking Blast to arc over the enlarged Monk to avoid cover, doing 25 damage to demondum.

Demondum hits the monk and takes him to 0 HP. Disabled, the monk 5' steps back and pulls a CMW pot out, intending to drink it next turn. The Sorceror readies a color spray near the pitted demondee, in case it manages to climb all the way out. The Investigator, against all odds, is missed by the Shemhazian's AOO and is at the control panel!

Demondum drops the monk into the negatives.

Then, the Shemhazian shakes and stones fall onto us.

I make my REF save and my DR 6 eats the stone damage...however the unconscious Monk failed his save and is on the cusp of death. The original pit spell ends, bringing up demondee. The Sorceror tries to repit it, demondee makes its REF save.

Both demons are but 5' steps away from the downed Monk.

I 5' step off the stairs, make the Acrobatics check for the 10' drop, swift action use my spring-loaded sheath for my CLW wand, and cross my fingers that my +13 UMD skill will work.

I get 32.

The monk is now stable...but now I have 2 demons in full attack range of me.

Across the room, the Investigator begins doing stuff at the panel.

Thanks to Reduce Person boosting my AC, the 2 full attacking demons only
hit once...and my DR eats that attack. I 5' step away from one, but still am in melee of the other. I chance the AOO and Gather/Emp/PB Blast Demondum. I get hit by its AOO but only take 1 point of damage after DR. I easily make the concentration check and drop that ugly mofo with 33 damage.

The Sorceror tries to color spray demondee, but it makes the save.

The Shemhazian kills 2 of the pally mooks and gravely injures the main pally. We all know time is running out on us.

Demondee goes for me but misses his attacks. I 5' and Gather/Emp/PB his face with with confirmed crit...but roll low and only do 35 damage. Womp Womp.

Luckily, it's still enough to drop him.

The Sorceror moves over to the unconscious Monk and rolls low on his CLW...only 2 HP are healed. The Investigator keeps doing panel stuff and, with nothing else to do, I toss off a Snaking Blast across the room at the BBEG. Even though I miss, it's pretty much the only thing I can do at this point.

The Shemhazian finally drops the NPC paladin that has been plot-tanking it.

The Investigator almost maxes an inspired UMD check to pump up the panel before activating the weapon.

For my temerity in attacking him, the BBEG flies across the room and goes for me. I cringe. He hits for 30 damage and 4 STR. My DR takes the edge off.

Toe to toe with a CR16 Demon, I go for it. I make my cast defensively check...but miss with my blast. Damn. It would have been a great story.

The Investigator activates weapon. It drops a high level Holy Word and destroys the demon! Hooray us!

I go 4 for 6 this fight...but to be fair, I was 4/4 on the mooks. Landing a shot on the BBEG was most likely not going to happen.

I'm 13 for 19 overall, with 9 of the connecting shots on creatures that had DR 10 or took 1/2 damage.

I'll have to sit down and try to math it out, but my blast typically does 3d6+8 now. If a target has cover, is it better to Empower for the 1.5 damage or to Snake for regular damage without the (effectively) -4 penalty to hit?

Forum wisdom is that +1 to hit is worth approx 2 damage.

If my blast does and average of 17.5, an empowered blast would do an average of 26.25 while a snaking blast would be the equivalent of a 25.5. I know that's not the official math, but I wonder how much of a difference there is at this level and if Snaking should only be used when facing improved or total cover (or when a target is around a corner) instead of trying to ameliorate partial or normal cover...basically just try to muscle through with your regular +hit.

Anyways, its 1:30 am, I'm rambling and it's time to sleep.

Shadow Lodge

Mark, IF there are items for the Kineticist that are analogous to a Amulet of Mighty Fists or Bodywrap of Mighty Strikes, any chance of letting us know what slots they might take up (for long term planning)?

Shadow Lodge

I might be able to squeeze in one more playtest at L6 if the forums are still open later tonight.

Trying to mitigate the action economy of having to chug potions of Reduce Person, someone on the forums directed me to: Spelunker's Mail

Unfortunately, it caps out at +5 DEX for AC Bonus, which means most Kineticists will be close to outgrowing it when they can afford it (if they're concerned about their AC). For home games, not an issue as you can improve it with the GM's permission; for PFS, you're out of luck.

Shadow Lodge

Thank you, Gwen.

Shadow Lodge

Brf wrote:
When you do Grab, that does a normal Grapple, which ends your attacks, unless you take a -20 on the CMB check.

Rule citation?

@Ooze Licker, the bigger danger isn't when you do this to a monster, it's when the GM gets a high CR monster and what's-good-for-the-goose-is-good-for-the-ganders your party.

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