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Sammy T's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 991 posts (1,259 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 13 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.


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Shadow Lodge **

I played a Rovagug worshipper all the way to L12. A good time was had by all.

Shadow Lodge

I'm looking at a building out a Mesmerist with the Spirit Walker archetype. I'm hoping for a little feedback for anything obvious I'm missing or overlooking.

His combat role would be debuffer/controller caster and his non-combat role would be face/skill monkey. In combat, I'll be looking to Hypnotic Stare my opponents, slip in an Intimidate and then hit them with a spell. Spirit Walker archetype lets me affect undead better and has the silly fun Continued Animation and Command Undead to help my frontliners (or give me a personal meatshield).

Doctor Phantasmos:

STR: 8
DEX: 12
CON: 14
INT: 12
WIS: 10
CHA: 18

Reactionary (+2 Init), Demoralizing Presence (+2 Intimidate)

I'm uncomfortable dumping STR any lower than 8. Even though I'm a full caster, DEX is low because I'll be using Noble Scion of War (+CHA to Init) instead of Improved Initiative. WIS at 10 because I'll get the Mesmerist Towering Ego (+CHA to WILL) at L2.

Feat: Noble Scion of War, (human bonus) Spell Focus: Enchantment
Trick: False Flanker
Initiative now scales with CHA. Can give an ally a temp flanking boost.

T: Fearsome Guise
Speeding up Intimidate Action economy...24 Disguise Self is just icing on the cake.

Feat: Intimidate Glance
Bold Stare: Psychic Inception
Speeding up Intimidate Action economy (can possibly have 2 shaken foes in round 2). Can affect mindless creatures with mindless/mind-affecting-immune creatures with stare and mind-affecting spells. The nasty Continued Animation comes online.

Stat: +1 CHA
Trick: Compel Alacrity
Give party member an emergency movement option.

Feat: Greater Spell Focus: Enchantment
Better DCs are a no brainer. Also, now can have 2 tricks up.

Trick: Mask Misery
I've been dilly-dallying picking this up until it could counteract more (and more debilitating) statuses. Command Undead comes online.

Feat: Extended Stare
Bold Stare: Disorientation
Now can stare from 40' away. Hypnotic Stare penalty of -2 (-3 at L8+) also applies to attack rolls of target! At L7, if I stare and get a demoralize in, my target would have -4 WILL & HIT, -2 FORT/REF/skills.

Stat: +1 CHA
Trick: Meek Facade
Hypnotic Stare: penalty increase to -3.
Making one of my frontliners a "must-hit" tank like in a MMO...helping keep the baddies away from me.

Feat: Spell Penetration
Spell Penetration is not sexy, but probably necessary by this point. Also, now can have 3 tricks up.

Trick: Mesmeric Mirror
Basically emergency Magic Mirror I can throw on a squishy or glass cannon.

Feat: Excoriating Stare
Bold Stare: Sapped Magic
If the target of my stare gets hit, must save or get the Sickened condition (on top of the Hypnotic Stare and demoralization). Also, Hypnotic Stare penalty applies to DCs of spells & SLAs and SR of target...basically the equivalent of giving allies +3 to saves and +3 stacking Spell Penetration.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ki Mystic Sensei monk. Always dispensing advice. If you're not married to human, make her a gnome and add Bewildering Koan into the mix.

Shadow Lodge **

Best option: Scale yourself as needed

You can build a combat beast or skill maestro, but you don't always have to use every ability for every encounter...and you don't always have to be the one who shines.

A combat beast can toggle off power attack, intentionally move so he only gets one attack instead of a full attack, set up flanks for others or aid another. If you hit THAT encounter and it's obvious it's go time, cut loose.

A skill maestro can, believe it or not, can aid someone else on their checks first. If it's plot important and they flub it, then you can step in, but you don't have to roll every time as the primary for every skill check you're eligible for.

I tend to do those options more with folks I don't know at Cons or at local tables with newer players. With my regular cohort or local tables with veteran powergamers, we enjoy cutting loose with our silliness.

Shadow Lodge

I basically went:
Ranger 6/Horizon Walker 3/Fighter 2

With good planning and feat retraining, you can almost have the full suite of Dervish abilities by L11.

Shadow Lodge

Titan Mauler barbarian if you want to use a 2h spear in one hand at a -2 penalty.

Shadow Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Scroll of Raise Dead--if your adventure is in a remote location, you're out of the scenario.

Potion of Cure Blindness/Deafness--being made permanently blind mid-combat/mid-scenario is a bad thing.

Shadow Lodge

Eryx_UK wrote:
Did they tone down the kineticist from the playtest? We had one in our PFS group during the playtest and it was extremely overpowered.

I would chalk that up to A) low-level play & B) perhaps your group composition. I playtested a kineticist all the way to L9 in PFS--if you play a turret-style ranged kineticist in a game where the enemies are never in your face and you can move action gather then fire off an empowered blast, you will seem OP to the melee who are constantly moving and only getting a single attack. Once iteratives and haste/blessing of fervor comes online for martials, depending on the group's charbuilding skills, you will be at par or behind DPS-wise.

Shadow Lodge **

My worshipper of Rovagug was originally Sczarni and then flipped to Liberty's Edge when the faction switch happened.

He treated the Society as a way to strengthen himself, test his abilities and prove himself worthy of being destroyed last by Rovagug. Thanks to PFS' 3-4 combats a scenario structure, it was a fun RP opportunity to have him revel in the carnage that party often caused and praise them for hastening the arrival of the Rough Beast.

His best "friend" is a Paladin Stonelord of Torag. They have had some great adventures together.

Shadow Lodge **

What Steven said: it's part and parcel of the game. Sometimes the dice are with you and sometimes they're not.

What if that player had been on the receiving end of a power attacked Great Axe critical?

Do critical hits add to Pathfinder Society play specifically? Do you think they have the potential to drive players away? Do you think they are fun? Do you tone them down some way in your own home games? Do you feel good about killing players with critical hits as a PFS GM? How do you feel about being killed by one as a PFS player?

Shadow Lodge

DEX > URogue, Swashbuckler

STR > Slayer, Ranger (use Combat Style to ignore TWF pre-reqs)

DEX/STR > Fighter (with TWF or Mobile archetypes) -- with a high crit weapon (like kukri) they can focus on crit fishing and crit-based debuffs

Shadow Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.
claudekennilol wrote:
Whenever I see mounted NPCs I always go for the mount first.

And I always go for the rider first.

Shadow Lodge

15 + (Kineticist Level/2) x 2 = Cast Defensively

L9 Kineticist example

15 + (9/2=4.5, round down 4) x 2 = DC 23

Shadow Lodge

Do racial class bonuses for the original classes still apply for Unchained classes? Or are we stuck with (1 HP or 1 skill point)?

Shadow Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Unaware Combatants: Combatants who are unaware at the start of battle don't get to act in the surprise round. Unaware combatants are flat-footed because they have not acted yet, so they lose any Dexterity bonus to AC.

That means aware combatants are not flat-footed once they have--

nah. i'm not even gonna derail.

Shadow Lodge **

I'm not sure what we're saying?

Are you saying that until a creature acts in the surprise round, if it can, it is flat footed?

Or that regardless if it acts, it is flat footed for the entire surprise round and until it acts in the first round of combat?

Shadow Lodge **

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I know this is a slight derail but I often point to Michael Carpenter as a great example of how to play a paladin.

Shadow Lodge **

4 people marked this as a favorite.

The leadership of this organized play community assumes

that you will use common sense in your interpretation of
the rules. This includes being courteous and encouraging
a mutual interest in playing, not engaging in endless rules
discussions. While you are enjoying the game, be considerate
of the others at the table and don’t let your actions keep them
from having a good time too. In short, don’t be a jerk.

You want to fireball the gaggle of goblins.

I'm in the middle of the gaggle of goblins.

You want to cast Fireball.

You ask if you can Fireball me too.

I do not want to be Fireballed.

You decide to Fireball anyways.

I hope the GM stops that action as that violates the "don't be a jerk" rule. If the affected player does not want to be affected, then as courteous players we should defer to their request.


The goal of Pathfinder Society Organized Play is to provide

an enjoyable experience for as many players as possible.
Player-versus-player conflict only sours a session. While
killing another character might seem like fun to you, it
certainly won’t be for the other character’s player. Even if
you feel that killing another PC is in character for your
PC at this particular moment, just figure out some other
way for your character to express herself. In short, you
can never voluntarily use your character to kill another
character—ever. Note that this does not apply to situations
where your character is mind-controlled by an NPC and is
forced by that NPC to attack a fellow Pathfinder.

Just because your attack won't kill me immediately, I would still consider it PvP as you intentionally damaged me against my wishes.

I honestly can't get onboard with anyone who thinks it's ok to intentionally damage another PC against their player's wishes.

Shadow Lodge **

LazarX wrote:
If it's a 6 player table the APL of the table is raised by 1. So your 2.6 table is in actuality a 3.6 APL table, which means tier 4.

That hasn't been true for a while.

Shadow Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Muser wrote:
I had a half-elven Harry Dresdenesque occultist prepped and ready, but no games to play in.

I have the opposite problem, I will have a L10 kineticist by the time the book is available.

Shadow Lodge

Thanks to a little GM credit, my geokineticist is level 9 and this is my last pre-release adventure.

brief recap of main stats:

DEX 20 (+2 belt)
CON 20 (level ups, +2 belt)
HP 111 (toughness, favored class bonus)
AC 25
DR 9/adamantine

+16 to hit (+17 Point Blank)
5d6+13 damage (10d6+18 for composite blast)

+Hit Breakdown:
3 Feel The Burn
1 Weapon Focus
1 Ioun Stone (competence)
1 Point Blank
(+2 from Reduce person: +1 Size/+1 Dex)

Because Snaking form has come online, I never had to deal with cover--I simply maneuvered my blast as needed.

L9 Geokineticist
L9 Sorceror
L9 Paladin (Sword & Board)
L8 Investigator (Empiricist)
L8 Monk
L7 Tower Shield Specialist (Switch Hitter with Chakrams)

Fires of Karamoss, Subtier 8-9

I missed most of the briefing as I was running muster and there were late arrivals and a missing GM. In fact, I'll stick to the combat lowdowns as I can't do the narrative justice.

Combat One:

After traversing some of the dugeon, finding a new mechanical friend and picking up some spiffy tech items along the way, we entered a scrap yard were 3 mooks and a boss with a chainsaw awaited us. Luckily, we had heard them before entering and I had chugged a potion of Reduce Person before entering.

The Inquisitor tossed a Zero Grenade and laid a hurting on the 3 clumped and fire-vulnerable mooks. The Tower Shield specialist moved in and tossed a chakram. The sorceror threw out an Ice Storm that caught all the bad guys, dropping the mooks. I Gathered/Empowered/Snaked one the boss (Hit 36, Damage 45) and dropped her unconscious.

I got a little side-eye for 45 points of damage on one shot (and having DR 9 and having 100+ HP pre-burn). However, considering the other damage dealers are a Tower Shield Fighter who switch hit with a Blinkback Belt and Chakrams, a Sword and Board Pally who has accuracy/DPS issues, a monk, a sorcerer who wasn't built for blasting and an investigator who primarily is based for out-of-combat, 45 damage in one round at L9 might seem like a lot.

Combat Two:

We head to a forge/computer core (?), where we do some skill checks to turn off some nodes. Thanks to my UMD skill (& Pragmatic Activator), I Take 10 and contribute 3 (out of 4) times while the other martials struggle. The investigator crushes his node checks and the sorceror manages 3 out of 4.

Then a huge robot attacks us and I'm just a move action away :(

The Investigator/Sorceror tag team on deactivating the nodes, while the Pally, Fighter, Monk and I hold off the robot.

The Fighter manages to get between me and the robot and throws a chakram. The robot moves up, hits him and succeeds on a grab. The Pally double moves up and the monk moves in and tosses a shuriken along the way. I Gather/Empower and blast the 'bot (Hit 30, Damage 47).

The next round the fighter flails at the robot. The robot lets the fighter go then attacks me for 10 points of damage (DR eats 9) and misses its grab. The pally misses his attacks and the monk lands one. I delay...because I know I can end the fight with some blasts and want the other players to get their licks in.

The other players cycle through their attacks and the robot goes again, grappling the paladin. I Gather/Empower blast (Hit 34, Damage 40ish) and finish off the robot.

So far, I'm 3 for 3 on shots and right about the calculated average damage for empowered blasts for me of (45.75).

Combat Three:

The sorceror and investigator finish off the nodes. I toss up kinetic covers in front of a Stargate-looking portal.

So, naturally, when all the nodes shut down, the bad guys come flying out of the ceiling.

The boss is Salamander with a blaster and a jet pack and he has a posse of 4 mephits.

The first two-ish rounds, we spend clearing out the mephits, during which we eat an anemic fireball from the boss. I hit twice with a 30 and 23, helping finish off 2 mephits that have been damaged by the switch hitter fighter, shuriken throwing monk and magic missiling sorceror.

We turn our attention to the jetpacking Salamander, who is 50' in the air. The sorceror fails on 2 glitterdusts to blind him and then shadow conjurations a dire bat for the paladin to ride. The Paladin rides the bat, gets one smite hit in and then the firey aura of the Salamander burns away the shadow dire bat, leaving the paladin mountless and 50' in the air....KA KLANG...5d6 falling damage.

The inquisitor readies an action and interrupts one of the salamander's spells. The monk is spending actions to climb the walls to get in shuriken range. The fighter can't reach with his chakram, so he chugs a potion of levitate.

So...I stall for one round to see how much of a threat the boss is and to let other folks maneuver/act. I raise a kinetic cover to protect the investigator and scope how effective our party tactics are (turns out, not very). I ask the party if I should go nova. They say yes.

I Gather Energy and let loose with an Empowered Maximized Mud Blast (hit 33, damage 118) and take 3 burn for 27 HP, ending the fight.

Oh wait, I calculated the Burn cost wrong. Crap. Too much Burn (5 burn - 1 from gather = 4...when I can only take 3/rd).

I Gather Energy and let loose with a Maximized Mud Blast (hit 33, damage 79) and take 3 burn for 27 HP.

I severely damage the Salamander and the rest of the party finishes him in the subsequent round of attacks.

I was 100% on 6 attacks and hovered at average damage on the empowered normal blasts (45ish) and obviously capped out on the maximized blast.

Because this was dungeon crawly and we had a skill monkey, my biggest contribution was via UMD when taking care of my node.

I'm sure redward can throw some other table feedback.

Other than that, my kineticist is officially parked until the book comes out and I do the Ruby Phoenix Tournament Module at L10.

Shadow Lodge

@mark, I know I should be reserving a headband slot for a kineticist-specific item, but is there any chance for an approximate gold quote so I know how much to save? My PFS kineticist is L9 and will probably be L10 when the book comes out and I want to make sure I have enough $$ budgeted for any items in the final release book.

Shadow Lodge **

For your first question, I'm gonna quote myself from a different thread:


PFS scenario design has the same issue that Guild Wars 2 (a MMO) has.

GW2 did away with the trinity (tank, heals, dps) so people were not forced into roles in a 5-person party. Initially, the playerbase still created tanky-type and support-type characters, but players realized all those builds did was extend fights and give bossess/mobs/etc more time to do more damage to the party. The community switched over to all DPS parties to burn through encounters--while players still had support abilities, for the most part, parties were based around damage-dealing and damage-boosting abilities first and healing/condition-cleansing skills second.

The PF system itself does not allow mmo-style "tanking" and generally, except in dire circumstances, in-combat healing is not the best use of resources. (And, with the easy access to CLW/IH wands, classes with CLW/IH on their spell lists and/or the UMD skill, post-combat healing definitely does not require a healer in-party for PFS.) For PFS scenarios, a competent six-person party primarily focused on combat ability or boosting combat ability with a secondary foci on skills or support abilities spread throughout the party is going to handily cakewalk through most PFS scenarios and use less resources than a "balanced" party by dint of ending encounters quickly. This has a snowball effect as it is assumed prior encounters tax the party's resources, but the party actually saves resources and can go full tilt in later in encounters.

This puts PFS in an awkward position: to change the meta-game of PFS scenarios would unfairly punish players with fair-to-middling system mastery or tables with problematical party composition, yielding a poor experience and driving away potential customers. Leaving it as is can lead to disengagement from their most involved players who grow bored from the lack of challenge, again losing players. While PFS has made strides in increasing the challenge in recent seasons (switching to the 6-person party assumption, Hard Mode), it is still hampered by the CR system and the necessity of one-size fits all encounters.

For your second question, if you keep healing downed party members at the feet of enemies and the revived party members attack/cast/act/etc, the enemy has two options: eliminate the threat at their feet beyond healing or attack the healer. Depending on the boss and situation, they will tilt one way or the other. I often make a point of trying not to heal unconscious PCs at the feet of the boss because all you've done is made them a very vulnerable low-HP target (unless they have a specific way to end the fight other than "swing from prone with a -4 to hit").

Shadow Lodge **

I would also like to point out, somewhat heartlessly, there are the rare times that you may have PCs who don't contribute enough in combat to be worth spending an action on healing when they're downed. A rare occurrence to be certain, but between using an action to bolster/support/flank with a still-standing 2HW raging power attacking barbarian or heal a small-sized TWF rogue who's been missing regularly, I'm choosing the barbarian unless the rogue is going to -CON next round. On the flip side of the coin, I've been the character that's gone down and had to talk the healer out of healing me so they could go and finish the fight by attacking/flanking/etc.

Shadow Lodge **

Good tactics by the party (or bad tactics by the enemy) decreases the need for in-combat healing. I'm not saying in-combat healing is never needed, but it is not inevitable in every combat.

Healing should never be the one and only shtick for a character. It should be an option a character possesses. My life oracle is a buff/debuff/summons-style character. Even when I play a pregen Kyra, I swap out her spells to be buffs or offensive spells so she can contribute during combat.

At high levels, proper preparation (resist energy, stoneskin, blur/displacement, boosted ACs, alpha striking, etc) combined with rocket tag means a dedicated healer better find a way to contribute during combat other than healing because otherwise they risk being a bored bump on a log as the party SWAT teams through a dungeon.

Shadow Lodge **

My L17 life oracle had 150K gp or so to spend before the current adventure.

Shadow Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Re: Paying Attention Box text

I feel like there's a confluence of factors here.

1) Players may be still be settling down and dialing into their full-on gaming mode and may not be 100% mentally present.

2) Some GMs are atrocious box text readers (droning tone, mumbling, etc).

3) Some box texts are overly long and overstuffed with information.

As a GM, I make a point to have the NPC recap the main takeaways at the end of the briefing ("Just to be clear, Pathfinders, find the Foozle, save Sir Wooble and DON'T HARM THE NATIVES.")

As a player, I make a point to ask the GM if I understood the briefing correctly ("So, we need to find the Foozle, save Sir...uh...who again? Wooble. Gotcha. And don't kill the natives. Oh, "harm"? What exactly does "harm" entail?")

Shadow Lodge **

joe kirner wrote:

My players and in area are 99 percent murder hobos.

They diplomacize with greatswords.


Shadow Lodge **

GM Lamplighter, I actually work in CS for a large online company so I am familiar with delayed responses to systemic issues.

I understand the issue not being resolved quickly...but not receiving any acknowledgement after 3 weeks is a bad experience on my end. Obviously, my e-mail (or their reply) could have been eaten by the e-grues of the internet, but since I've received other Paizo correspondence, I'm guessing that's not likely.

Shadow Lodge **

Submitted an inquiry to Paizo CS 4/1, have not heard back. Submitting a follow up inquiry today.

Not an ideal experience dealing with this issue so far.

Shadow Lodge

If DR stops all damage, then riders like trip and grab would be negated.

From Mark Seifter in my Geokineticist playtest thread, after I posted an AAR of my Kineticist who's DR ate all the damage from a wolf's bite but still got tripped.

Shadow Lodge **

ZenQuisitor, +17

Dex +2
Wis +8
Reactionary +2
Imp Initiative +4
Ioun Stone +1

(Add a Gauntlet with Dueling and that would be +21)

Shadow Lodge **

ARGH! wrote:
My first post wrote:
This is not a discussion about whether it's a positive or negative thing to audit (and definitely not a discussion about whether you are a good or a bad GM if you do or don't audit), but a discussion on what your routine is when you do check someone's stuff.

Shadow Lodge **

How often do you inspect character chronicles or character sheets? How often do you ask for resources?

This is not a discussion about whether it's a positive or negative thing to audit (and definitely not a discussion about whether you are a good or a bad GM if you do or don't audit), but a discussion on what your routine is when you do check someone's stuff.

My routine at the FLGS--

Ask to see their chronicles. I glance to see if they're keeping the right side columns filled and noting purchases on the sheet. People who don't have their chronicles or aren't tracking get a friendly heads up that they need to do so. Repeat offenders get the hard warning.

I honestly am not looking at boons or exact purchases, I'm just making sure they have their sheets and they're being properly being filled out.

Ask to see their character sheet. I glance to see if the stats (ability, saves, skills) seem generally in-line for the level we're playing. I do a quick look at their weapon and armor to make sure they're about the power level for the tier. Finally, I once over the feats/traits to make sure it looks like they have the right number and none of them are illegal. If they have an unusual build, I ask them what their shtick is and have them quickly explain it to me.

VERY RARELY (only a handful of times)
If they have a very specific feat or item from a rare source, I ask if they own it/brought it. If they don't own it, I let them know they need to own the source and should have it by the next game day (not everyone has the smartphone or resources to make the purchase then and there).

All this is done in a very amiable, efficient way. If there is an issue that needs to be resolved, I try to work with the player to find a solution. I've only had to flat out deny a player their character once (and they were a problematical player for many other reasons).

Shadow Lodge

Wanderer Ammon wrote:
Presenting the "Health Tank" barbarian.

How does he TWF with such high +hit bonuses if he doesn't have TWF?

Shadow Lodge

Defender of the Society

You also commented in this thread ;)

Shadow Lodge

Paladins get LoH at L2.

Shadow Lodge

You must be a fighter for Defender of the Society.

Shadow Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

And I would like to reiterate that for #4 we have no context and calling out the GM is in poor taste. Taking 2 AOOs sounds like an intentional move to give the party a chance to win on AOOs versus standing still and killing the alchemist anyways...

...because if the previous channel had knocked the alchemist to -8 HP, that means he was ALREADY in range for the next channel as the previous one dropped and left him in range of the cleric's channel, and no AOO-provoking movement was required.

Shadow Lodge

I will be perfectly blunt with the friendliest and most well-meaning of ways ;) --

SKR gave the RAI how it's supposed to work. PFS uses RAW. As this is could be considered a gray area (or just confusing) by some GMs, GMs would defer to RAI straight from a Dev's mouth to help them adjudicate this situation.

You are combining 4 different classes and pushing towards a fringe-type build. If you want to play in that conceptual build space, you'll have to decide for yourself if you want to spend the time and effort building and playing a character that is subject to table variation every single time you play them.

And even if you said yes to that, do you want the reputation of a player who builds a character on potentially shakey rules grounds that constantly tries to prove it is legal?

I always consult with local GMs when something veers towards a gray area to get their read on it. If half of them would rule against it (and these are folks who know me and know I've done my homework), I kibosh the build.

I'm sure other folks will have very good rules references for you, but I'm just putting out what could potentially happen when you put theory into practice in PFS.

Shadow Lodge

3. SKR on mixing UAS with NA RAI by Paizo Dev that mixing is not intended.

Shadow Lodge **

For scenarios as OP specifically asked about those wrote:
You may not apply a Chronicle sheet earned with a pregenerated character to a character that was already at the level of the pregenerated character or higher, as you should have used this character for the scenario instead.

edit: dang ninjas

Shadow Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.
thejeff wrote:
I think you're being a little too harsh on him and reading too much into his posts as well.


Shadow Lodge **

Jtaylor, if you take this much umbrage at your pretend character dying in a make-believe game, you should re-evaluate why you feel "anger, hurt, and confusion" since character death can happen at any level. Also, if you are making assumptions about the other GM's motives (that you are unwanted at the group), then you may be reading too much into things.

I know everyone here on the PFS boards wants folks to have a good time every time they play (I know I do), but ups and downs are part of the game and you need to be prepared for that. Was this an ideal first experience? No. But you seem to be taking this way too hard for a game.

Shadow Lodge

The Sipping Jacket would not work with an Enlarge Potion.

A Holy AOMF should be on your shopping list as well as well as any +hit boosters.

Shadow Lodge **

Looks like I got bit too. Shooting CS a line.

Given how quickly this issue can affect others (unknowingly as well), there needs to a quicker/easier way of resolving this other than bogging down CS.

Shadow Lodge **

After a quick once through, I'm definitely missing the Blackros Matrimony as well.

Shadow Lodge **

Lost a table or two of credit, will audit later this morning.

Shadow Lodge **

I use a Combat Pad as it allows me a macro view of initiative. It lets me call out who's on deck and eyeball the upcoming flow of battle. I simply keep track of debuffs or total damage taken on an unused part of the map.

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