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Samish Lakefinder's page

78 posts. Alias of TavisG.


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Liberty's Edge ***

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It is well documented that chaotic evil souls are rendered into evil stuff and used to make demons that have no trace of the people they were made of. Seems to me that I am doing those poor souls a favor by press ganking their souls for Besmara.

Liberty's Edge ***

Go to my account at top of this page and sign in.
Under Pathfinder Society click make changes.
There is a tab for GM/Event Coordinator
On the bottom of the GM/Event Coordinator page there is a button to reserve 10 Pathfinder Society Numbers.

Good luck getting your group running.

Liberty's Edge ***

4–19: The Night March of Kalkamedes

You escort a sleepwalker to his destination to try and remove his curse. He keeps trying to sleepwalk into bad places.

5–11: Library of the Lion

Infiltrate a secret library and retrieve information while an opera is providing a distraction.

Liberty's Edge ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I feel the pain of dumping mental stats more society play than in a home game for a few reasons.

-In a home game you are with a consistent group of people so you can coordinate character development to cover each others weak points.

-PFS missions often require skill checks to complete successfully.

-There are several social scenarios where the low charisma is a huge hindrance.

If the player of the low intelligence character has not used up much table time before the puzzle I would be happy for him to solve it, as it is nice to give multiple players the spotlight during a scenario. If the player had already made most of the decisions I may ask the low int player to either give the other players 5 minutes to solve the puzzle before helping, or say your character can not complete the puzzle but you can pass on one piece of insight/comment a minute. Either way if the party reaches a point where they are stuck let all the players loose on the puzzle.

What I have found works well with low charisma characters being played by charismatic players is either have them make their roll at the beginning and then have the conversation, or when it comes time for the social role and they get a bad result I will say "In your head you had a great speech but you had a hard time putting it into words and it came out as (something appropriate for the role)"

Liberty's Edge ***

Besides the volleys of arrows mentioned above, deflect arrows is nice to have at higher tiers when your party's alchemist or archer fails a will save. When GMing I have killed almost as many people in high tier with the party's confused archer as with enemies.

Liberty's Edge ***

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Here is a list that I hand to people playing Confirmation, some items may not apply. It is never too early to worry about harpies, swarms, animated objects, and dr silver/cold iron.

Mundane Items
Make sure you can see in a dark area
· Torches (1 cp, 1lb)
◦ Sunrods (2 gp, 1 lb)

· Tindertwig (1 gp,) standard action to light fire
· 50’ Rope (hemp 1gp/10lb, silk 10gp/5lb)
· Grappling Hook (1 gp, 4 lb)
· Air Crystals (50 gp PSFG ) – get two!
· Traveler's Any-Tool (250 gp, 2 lb, UE) the swiss army knife of
· Antitoxin (50gp;) +5 vs poisons
· Antiplague (50gp; APG/UE) +5 vs disease, or make 2
saves that day without bonus
· Vermin Repellent (5gp, AA/UE) vermin swarms dc15 Fort to enter
· Alchemist's Fire (20 gp, 1 lb) – SWARMS!!!! (get a few)
◦ Acid Flask (10 gp, 1 lb)
· Tanglefoot Bag (50 gp, 4 lbs)
· Thunderstone (30gp, 1 lb) – most effective protection against
harpies I've ever used
· Earplugs (3cp; UE) +2 to saves vs sound, -5 to hearing checks,
· Smelling salts (25gp, APG/UE) new save vs unconcious/staggered,
wake up dying
· Skeleton Key(85GP, UE) key opens lock like it has +10 Disable
Device, 1try per lock
· Cold Weather Gear (8gp, 7lbs)
· Hot Weather Gear (8gp, 4lbs, AGP/UE)
· Sleeves of Many Garments (200gp, UE)

Damage Reduction
· Alchemical silver weapon (bludgeoning avoids -1 dmg penalty)
· Cold iron weapon (x2 cost, backup main weapon) Your basic
arrows should be this
· Oil of Bless Weapon (50gp)

Nifty Weapons
· Dagger (2 gp, 1 lb) – in case of grapple/swallow whole (needs a
light weapon)
· Have something ranged!!
◦ Sling is free, and adds STR to damage

Potions/Oils (scrolls are ½ price of potions, if useable) (*Potions can be faster for some spells)
· Cure Light Wounds (50gp)
· Protection from Evil (50gp)
· Enlarge Person! (50 gp, faster than spell – GREAT for
fighters, stops large trample!)
· Potion Lesser Restoration (300gp)
(Get a potion – scroll has 3 round casting time!)

Wands of cure light wounds for 2 PP

Liberty's Edge ***

It seems to me that Pathfinders should be well trained in tolerance. You have necromancers hanging out with clerics of Pharasma, pirates from the Shackles and Hellknights, and barbarians from the Land of the Linnorm Kings and Irrisen witch all managing to work together. But that one noble kid manages to ruin everything.

It would be funny if the NPC in 5-08 Confirmation was played like many of you handled the prince. Anyone who was uppity for a low level character gets knocked out and the rest get to carry him.

Liberty's Edge ***

Tarma wrote:
Samish Lakefinder wrote:

For 5,000gp you could buy a goblin fire drum,60 pellet grenades and a sack.

Even the goblin fire drum only gives you pyrotechnics once a day, compared to a guaranteed magic missile with no UMD check required. Wands have a limit and can't easily be used by martial classes, but this staff can easily be beneficial to them.

I was thinking of the 10%+5% per round that when you play the drum it causes unattended alchemical items to catch fire. That is about 6 grenades on the first round and 8 on the second.

Liberty's Edge ***

I do not think this item will cause problems. You need 18 fame to make it available, which means you should be at least 4th level. There should be better options for your character than 2d4+2 damage a round at level 4. For 5,000gp you could buy a goblin fire drum,60 pellet grenades and a sack.

Liberty's Edge ***

It is safer when the whole party scouts. Go stealth synergy.

Liberty's Edge ***

Read that section again. The food flavor is affected by points but I don't see them getting a point there.

The spell should remove the poison, but I would leave the different flavoring in.

If you wanted you could use the second part of the spell to have the food they purify spoil and rot in front of them. That may cause some fun RP as the worshipers wonder why the visitors just did horrible things to their food.

Liberty's Edge ***

0time wrote:

However, I thought of some spells that might make this doable, and since Zey is the Master of Spells, I assumed he would want characters to have the tools they thought they needed for the mission and could assist with the process.

I would not count on too much help from Zey. There is a season 5 scenario in which it mentions that you are the 17th group he has briefed for the tapestry that day. Between the meetings to determine which Pathfinders are sent where, preparing his own spells, and sending off the PF teams that seems like a full day.

I have used the rule if you can carry it you can take it.

Liberty's Edge ***

Dame Kerline wrote:
i retrained crane series to janni style feats. now prestons even more annoyed by my trip every opponent i see lol, ohh and leaping charge attacks

Look into a Lion Cloak. Now you are a large monk with pounce and leaping charge attacks

Liberty's Edge ***

It is easy to end up with the free feat reward by accident if nobody in the party has spellcraft. Pathfinders often remove unfamiliar magic gear from foes and use it to fill a free item slot. I have seen several people take potions off defeated foes and drink them assuming they will be cure potions. Most of the time they are right.

Liberty's Edge ***

Well lets look at the disadvantages of being neutral.

1. Role-playing: Given the episodic nature of PFS you have to sometimes have to change your characters behavior as a GM will warn you that your character is being too evil. Perhaps you are playing one of only 3 scenarios actually triggers your characters darker side in the 33 scenarios it takes to get to 12 level, but because that GM doesn't realize that in the other 30 scenarios you are good you do not get to express the range of your character.

2. Mechanical Disadvantages Neutral characters are subject to Unholy Blight and Holy Smite, at times in the same round. When targeted my a holy smite will they will often let the no pvp clause of pfs slide and get hit because it does more damage to the opponents. You do not get a Holy Word/Blasphemy that does not affect you.

3. Morally Questionable Orders A neutral character on the good/evil axis is more likely to follow their law/chaos alignment and not be able to accomplish faction mission if role played correctly that good characters could find it in their hearts to accomplish. When asked to acquire an item from an organization that legally owns it a lawful neutral character will likely disregard that the item will save many lives and have to leave the item behind if the organization is unwilling to part with it. While a could character will see a greater benefit to society in ignoring the law.

4. Lack of Adventure Rewards I have seen several Boons that slide your character one step closer to evil if your character takes it. These boons are very powerful (i.e. free feat). In game you do not know that acquiring the Boon shifts your alignment, so neutral characters need to atone to not be removed from PFS play and get an evil act recorded on their character sheet. Good characters can get a free boon and are neutral or can chose to atone and stay good.

Liberty's Edge

Large sized items are always available. So why don't you buy some large arrows and drop them after being enlarged. That seems to get around the weapon shrinkage problem.

Liberty's Edge ***

ArmouredMonk13 wrote:
David Haller wrote:
Gnomes are really just more-socially-accepted versions of goblins, really: small and crazy.
And pyromaniacs.

And have a Prankster bard archetype that would love to fool people into thinking they were a goblin.

Liberty's Edge ***

Generally you do not add percentage discounts together before applying them, you apply them separately.
Discounted Price = Price x (1-.25) x (1-.1)= .675 Price = 67.5% Price

Liberty's Edge ***

Belafon wrote:
Here's what worries me: if all scenarios have an "exclusivity period" it could easily have the effect of drawing many of the most active players from the local level to the convention level. They stop going to FLGS.

I find that the most active players in my area are willing to GM. A large con lets us play the newer scenarios before running them at FLGS. It actually increases the quality of the local games as the GMs are able to take what they liked from their play experience and incorporate it into the game at the scenario at the FLGS.

The last couple years after PaizoCon we have had to tell people they can not GM for a couple of weeks as too many people would volunteer in order to run their favorite scenarios from PaizoCon.

Liberty's Edge ***


I think your worry about splash damage with large level differences is only an issue at low levels, as the splash damage doesn't scale much and the HP you get per level at low levels are huge percentage increase to total HP. I suppose if the low level characters are still playing in their tier and the alchemist is playing below tier the alchemist can hand out infusions and do actions that will not hurt the party on a failure. If however the low level is playing up, then I think the low level melee should grab a ranged weapon rather than have a damage dealer not be able to function.

I am not advocating that a bomb alchemist should not get precise bomb. I have been in a party where a 9th level alchemist bomber did not have it and my tank would routinely take more damage from the alchemist than the opponents. I am saying that when an alchemist has taken precautions to avoid friendly fire damage on a success, you should not force them to get permission for their actions because of the possibility of unintended damage on a failure.

Liberty's Edge ***

I do not think that we should force people to ask for permission to do actions that could have negative affects on failure. As it raises the question of how responsible are you for bad rolls? If an alchemist should ask before throwing any alchemist bombs because of damage on a failure, should people have to ask to perform any of the following actions

-Using diplomacy on an unfriendly npc? Failure can cause combat.
-Climbing up a narrow space with players below you? You may fall on them.
or even
-Buying a helm of brilliance, lesser? failing a couple saves can result in over 100d6 fire damage.

I think the cut off point needs to be at the intent of the player. As long as the player does not intend to harm the PCs the action should be fine. I also think that alchemists should be prepared to heal any damage their bombs may cause with their own resources. It is annoying to tank an encounter not receive any damage from the foes and over half you health from alchemists and then when you ask to be healed they ask for your wand of CLW.

Liberty's Edge ***

I'd say only worry about implanting after it kills itself a meal. Any animal can be a host, but intelligent meals are tough to catch.

Liberty's Edge ***

Reading the WISC entry in the Misfit Monsters Redeemed it seems like the WISC would secure a meal first then worry about reproduction.

Liberty's Edge ***

John McConnell wrote:
Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment

I like this guy as well. I think he may be influencing the Society already. I have seen half a dozen Barbarians saying they worship a deity and getting the tenants all wrong. The worst was the barbarian that played the Temple and said "Hey wait. I follow Korada." That barbarian found the temple very welcoming.

Liberty's Edge ***

2a. You can scribe scrolls into your spellbook that you find during the adventure. While this expends the scroll it does not reduce the gold you receive at the end.

4. You can pay 1/2 the scribing cost to a generic NPC to gain access to a spell to scribe per the rules in the Players Handbook.

Liberty's Edge ***

Deanoth: I understand what you are saying but I think it is different when the GM is trying to pick scenarios which his players will have fun with vs a player cherry picking certs. This post is in the GM forum and is asking for scenarios that will be fun for rogues, not asking for scenarios that will have items for rogues (i.e. poison for a poisoner rogue).

When I played 5–04: The Stolen Heir (1-5), we had great fun with 3 rogues that had stealth synergy.

Liberty's Edge ***

You could run the quest "Ambush in Absalom". Takes about an hour. It gives players a choice of boon 0exp, 0gold and is a free download.
3-19 The Icebound Outpost (1-5) tends to run quick, especially in the 1-2 tier. I think it often runs between 2.5-3 hours at low tier.

Liberty's Edge ***

In the scenario there is a crazy NPC you meet that is very sleep deprived. The party wanted to rest before entering the dungeon after taking some fall damage. The NPC kept waking people up until they bound and gagged him. They found out that they did not want to sleep as that is when she gets you. After they "rested" and were now fatigued and having other penalties, the faction that wanted to leave leaned heavily on the guy that was a different faction. This was ok as we were all friends playing at a home and watched a movie to pass the rest of the evening.

Liberty's Edge ***

On a side note we have a party in the area that all have darkvision and includes a couple tieflings. This means when given a choice we adventure at night, cast darkness and punish humans with it.

NPCs are much worse equiped to deal with this than PCs.

Liberty's Edge ***

This isn't a new situation. Back when each faction had two missions I had a group that was primarily one faction decide they were finished with the scenario before they even entered the dungeon as they had finished both their faction missions outside.

Liberty's Edge ***

I noticed that many people are making the assumption that you are casting Death Knell on an intelligent creature and basing their arguments on that.
Does it change your mind if death knell is cast on an animal?
What about a cow you are slaughtering for food?
How about when my cleric of Besmara cast it on a sea serpent?
Would it not be an evil act if my cleric carried a big banner saying "If you attack me with lethal force, you are agreeing to have your soul shanghaied for Besmara."? Then it is arguably a concentual act.

Liberty's Edge ***

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Artanthos wrote:

The solution is available, even in PFS.

You just need a player willing to take Heightened Spell and apply it to a Continual Flame spell for you.

No players willing? That is not the games fault.

You need to be 7th level to pull that off though. In ties the darkness spell wins, so it has to be a 4th level spell.

In ties the natural lighting condition wins not darkness. If you are in a place that is naturally dark you can argue that your sunrod is the tie breaker. The light spell negates the dark spell, so a non-magic light sources should work.

I would have put my wizard on slow track at level 7 if I had realized how great passing out heightened continual flames would be. I could then play in 1-7 scenarios and give cheap darkness counters to low level characters. If you really hate darkness level a wizard and do that in your local area.

Liberty's Edge ***

It is talking about spell level not caster level. That is why my wizard took heighten at 5th level. He offers to sell scarves for his blood pig team with heightened continual flame 4th on them. My other characters have often benefited from someone else who has a scarf my wizard enchanted.

Also the Silver Crusade has a PP item that casts daylight 1/day.

Go Gelatinous Cubes.
Couch Sigi

Liberty's Edge ***

I believe it is possible to re-flavor your spells as long as it doesn't change the mechanics by picking the Trait(Magic)-Magical Flair from Quests and Campaigns. This trait says your spells manifest strangely and increases the DC to identify them with Spellcraft.

Liberty's Edge

I asked for the clarification because I didn't see anywhere in the rules that the default location for any discard, recharge, bury, or banish is from your hand. Banish shows up all over the place and you have done a good job of almost always calling out exactly what is banished.

The example isn't a very good one as that operation is mechanically redundant like recharge the bottom card of your deck or banish any card in the box. I could see an affect the discards from your buried cards though(spell Make Whole maybe).

Thank you for the responses.

Liberty's Edge ***

The other thing you should know is that while the Volunteers were mostly from the pathfinder society (PFS) player base the scenarios are not PFS scenarios.

PFS scenarios are targeted to be between 4-5 hours long and different scenarios provide very different experiences. The experiance can range from dungeon crawls, like 4-18 The Veteran's Vault traveling through the sewers of Korvosa, to the heavy roleplaying, 4-09 Backros Matrimony guests at a wedding making allies, to some wacky adventures, 4-19 The Night March of Kalkamedes where you escort a person cursed by sleepwalking through the wilderness to try and remove the curse.

Liberty's Edge

Playing a card is defined at the beginning of that section (p.10).
"Playing a card means activating a card's power by revealing, displaying, discarding, recharging, burying, or banishing the card"

Since you are choosing and recharging a card based on a location's when permanently closed ability you are not playing the card being recharged.

I am not sure if recharging a card from your discard as a benefit of closing a location is against the spirit of the rules. You just cleared out the town square, it would make sense that you could recover a dropped holy relic and receive a gods blessing or find blacksmiths shop to quickly sharpen a dulled sword.

I really like how some of the mechanics of the game mesh with the cards. By the end of the convention I pointed out that most boons with banish make sense to have banish, like healing potions or the guard that valiantly sacrifices himself to save you.

Liberty's Edge

Doing a search for recharge in the downloadable rulebook doesn't cover the situation where a card that is not the card to be recharged calls for the recharge.

Liberty's Edge

I ran the demo at Pax Prime for around 40 hours and had one person try something nobody else tried when closing the town square.

I don't have a copy of the demo deck any more as my copy disappeared when cleaning up the Paizo area, but I believe the town square closing text reads like this.

When closing, each character at this locations recharges a card and then draws a card.

The unique player recharged a blessing of the gods from his discard pile and then drew a card.

I am not sure if the card works like that but the chapel in the demo set mentions recharging from the discard so I allowed it.

Liberty's Edge ***

I am not sure I can recommend a pearl of power 1 for a monk. I bought one on my monk, but now days most casters I encounter do not prepare spells. I receive more mileage out of my wand of mage armor, though I sometimes don't get to have it up.

Liberty's Edge ***

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I think it would be funny playing an oread with some of the GMs that have responded in this thread.

Oread "Excuse me, but there is a hoard of ghouls heading for this town you should prepare or leave the town"

NPC *Fails Knowlege Planes check* "What do you really want stone man. I have heard that you are all liars."

Oread "I am just trying to save you, if you look behind me you will see that the ghouls have entered the street."

NPC "I know better than to believe anything you say, stone man, just take off your mask and we can talk. Those ghouls are probably an illusion."

Oread turns and leaves.

NPC "That is right leave. I am no mans fool. What?.. oh no the ghouls are real. Why didn't anyone warn me! AHHHhhh."

Liberty's Edge ***

Thanks for the appreciation, my voice is still recovering.

You could skip the fight in masks by using sleight of hands to steal the gem from the thief. The fight only happens if the thief believes you are trying to stop it.

Liberty's Edge ***

I think a lot of your experience will depend on your who you play with, not how optimized your characters are. Don't play with someone that will get bored during puzzles and have their character wonder off.

Liberty's Edge ***

Some regions also have forum sites were they organize games. I am sure your regional Venture Officer would know if there is a site like that for your region.

Liberty's Edge ***

When I played it low teir, half the players got bored after we identified, but did not attempt to disable the runes and started the end encounters. I thought the first round wall of stone, quickened empowered cloudkill was bad until I realized he could have killed me in the first round with a maximized empowered horrid wilting. The damage on it was high enough that making the save with full con would have still killed me.

I should have been worried when the con table I was sitting at had people excited that they were going to die to Thune before we even left the briefing.

Liberty's Edge ***

The map shows the pillars that will not raise.

Liberty's Edge ***

Majuba wrote:


My big problem was the water room - how can they possibly escape after the room floods? 5 minutes to drain? Maybe I need to re-read the areas on that level.

I was thinking this would kill people that relied on air crystals until I realized that it is five minutes to drain the room. There is going to be air at the top of the elevator that is breathable much earlier. If the elevator is 15' tall like it says all the rooms are it emptys at 3'/10 rounds. For characters that can swim to the top of the elevator room there is easily enough air at the top after only a couple rounds.

Liberty's Edge ***

I loved the water room. The insidious part of it is you can not immediately get to air. When the party realized they needed to leave NOW a member of the party was across the room and when he tried to swim back was terrified that his touch of the sea potion had just expired. The party thought they were leaving him behind to drown as they closed and activated the elevator.

When I prepared the scenario I was initially confused that the trench under the Vault Lock only extended 30' under the room. I then realized that if you look at the 1 square=10' map it would be easy to think the lock room was 30' long and made the trench extend 60' back. The party I ran for also wanted to explore in the trench under the room, so I made the trench area under the room slightly larger than room.

This scenario ran long for me as well, over 5 1/2 hours, and that is after I had all of the pathfinder ghouls trapped by stone.

Liberty's Edge ***

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Kintrik wrote:

Ya my Andoran Dwarf Inquisitor of Cayden heard tea party. Told everyone "to hell with that, I'll be outside with a real drink." Then proceeded to try and get drunk off the gallon of ale and wine he brought with him. He never got drunk and was pissed off the rest of the scenario. :D

When a westerner started mocking tea, my lantern lodge character kindly informed him that tea was such an important drink in the east we included it in the continent's name.

Liberty's Edge ***

When some players pointed out that Koth'Vaul should have been affected by fade I had him respond in two different ways with different groups. In one he said "It is a matter of discipline. I haven't looked at my left hand for months. Tomorrow i am going to look at my left pinky I cann't wait to see what amazing changes have taken place." In the other I had his hair change to a very light pink and had him say "I use my illusion magic to keep my color. I know it is not real but it keeps me marginally happier."

If we don't get clarification on the negative level for Gamin, I would explain the difference to the PCs by having Gamin say he was checking out the PCs before and wanted to make sure Kalkamedes was safe, but refuses to travel with a non-good character as he decided he didn't like them.

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