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Baron Galdur Vendikon

Samant Blath'tan's page

403 posts. Alias of TheChozyn.

Full Name

Samant Blath'tan




Barbarian 1 (favoured)







Special Abilities

Rage 6 rounds/day 6/6 remaining








Common, Varisan, Azlanti, Tien, Kelish


Scribe - Aspirant Pathfinder

Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Samant Blath'tan

HP - 14 (D12+2)
CHP - 14/14
AC - 16 (FF 14, T 12)
Speed 40 (40base)
BAB +1
Fort 4
Ref 2
Will 0
CMB +2
CMD 15

Dagger +3 1d4+2 (19/20x2)
Great Club +3 1d10+3 (x3)

Skills (9-ponts)
* Climb (+6)
* Handle Animal (+6)
* Knowledge (Nature) (+7)
Knowledge (History) (+7)
Knowledge (Local) (+4)
Linguistics (+4)
* Perception (+4)
* Survival (+4)
Profession (Scribe) (+1)

Feats: Power Attack; Skill Focus (Knowledge (History))

Load LT/Md/Hvy- 58/166/174
TTL Weight: 52
Greatclub (5gp) 8 lbs
Dagger x3 (3gp) 3 lbs
Chain Shirt (100gp) 25lbs
Explorer's Outfit - 8 lbs
3 Vials of Ink (16gp) ---
5 Inkpens (5sp)---
10 cases, map and scroll (10gp) 5 lbs
10 Sheets of paper (4gp) ----
10 Sheets of parchment (2gp) ----
Backpack (2gp) 2 lbs


Character Questions:

1: Barbarian / Scholar - Historian - Scribe
2: Gentle, Soft spoken man until he feels those close to him are threatened and then he becomes a brute. He strives to be accepted by his peers after a tough childhood

3: Samant hates bullies, as someone who was mistreated for being poor growing up, he had to deal with the richer kids in school tormenting him until one day he snapped, seeing red for the first time. After this he was ignored completely. He will go out of his way to help those that are less fortunate if he has the means.

4: Touched on some of the back story above, but born of poor parents who struggled to get him into school, and an apprenticeship with a historian/scribe. After his apprenticeship was over he decided adventuring is the best chance he has to make a name for himself, and what better way to discover new histories.

5: Friends: Armen Jessup - Scholar/historian, Armen is the one his parents paid for his apprenticeship, after they passed he kept him on to finish his training.

Brother Dumpling (Tsaoting Wang) - Owner of a small food stand this aged Tian Xia'ian has always been an ear to talk to, and helps Samant battle what he calls his karmic imbalance. Some evenings they walk the park and discuss meditation and how to keep the inner fire burning small. He is also the one who taught Samant about nature, hunting, and the ability to survive with little to no money.

Foes: Dradge Neva'ar - An old schoolmate of Samant's who tormented him as a child until the day Samant snapped on him. Ever since he's been quietly festering a hate for him, and now that they're both adults he tries to undermine Samant's growth and customer base.

Hugh Locklorian - Samant's parents landlord, also unbeknownst to him the reason for their death... a plugged chimney will do that. He realized that as long as Samant's parents lived they could eventually get enough money to pay him off with the son's help. He's made it clear to Samant that he holds him responsible for paying off his parents sizable debts (Mostly forged "loan documents" for Samant's school fees)

Woes: Samant desperately wants to find his true love so is more easily swayed by women who show him a romantic interest.

6: Short Goals
Get his first piece of historical significance
Find a rich sponsor
Be able to support himself without having to rely on his outdoors skills

Pay off Hugh
Be able to start his own library

Long Term:
Be able to fund a Public School for the poor

7: Temperament: Shy
Mannerisms: Bookish
Quirk: Distracted by new knowledge easily, if he has a new book he'll try to sneak peeks and end up missing things.

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