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Karzoug the Claimer

Salazar's page

61 posts. Alias of Scott Maynard.


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Goblin Squad Member

The account has been sold.

Goblin Squad Member

With work hours increasing and other events taking up my time, I don't have any time left for a MMO. So I have a Pathfinder Online account for sale if anyone is interested. I'm asking $100.00.

The account has these extras.

New Player Pack 2
Destinys Twin 1 (Active)
Daily Deals 1
Alliance Pack 1
Early Enrollment 1
Soundtrack Download 1
Regional Trait Pack 1
Class Pack 1
Head Start 1
Shield Mate 1
Behind the Scenes PDF 1
Character Name Reservation 1
Twice-Marked of Pharasma 1

I have created 2 characters with Destiny's Twin so they would have the maximum experience, but neither have been trained, so they are a blank slate to train as the buyer wishes. The account is active until April 1st then would need to be extended.

Sara Marie wrote:
One item (the GURPS book) is still on its way from our distributor would you like me to move just that to March, move everything to March or have this order wait and see when it comes in?

Please go ahead and move the GURPS book to March and ship the rest. Thanks.

Order 3421577 for February has not shipped. Will it be combined with my March order or will it ship soon?

Still here.

wraithstrike wrote:

Do the maps for this product use 5 foot squares or 10 foot squares? I have not purchased it yet.

Also did anyone get an answer on when the PC's should level up? I can probably wing it, but I would prefer not to.

There's recommended level up points in a post by MikeMyler under a spoiler tag on Dec 5.

When I opened my package, the Pathfinder- City of Secrets #6 had the cover and first few pages torn off the bottom staple. Could I get a replacement? Thanks.

James Sutter wrote:
I'm not sure when exactly it'll be announced, but very soon we'll be able to tell you about the comic plans. Which is good, because this is the most excited I've been about a comic project in... well, ever. :)

On Bleeding Cool, they have the new Dynamite solicitations up. The new Pathfinder mini-series is listed there. Just as a teaser : Valeros meets Amiri.

Could you cancel Order 3259117 and I will reorder the CDs? The items were supposed to go in my sidecart and for some reason they did not. I also did not get the correct discount on the CDs.

I ordered the newest issue of Gygax Magazine and it was supposed to ship with my next order to save on shipping. Instead, it seems to be shipping on its own. Can that be changed to ship with my next subscription order?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tsoli wrote:

Two friends yesterday, for whom I have a great deal of respect in their system mastery, seemed to agree on something that I had never heard, and recited it like it was Gospel.

As I understand it, you cast summon monster/ally spells at close range, and Voom! the creature appears, and then can go do whatever task you desire, and could conceivably just run as far and as fast as it can until its summoning time is up.

They both believe that there the second a summon monster goes beyond its caster's close range, it is unsummoned. As though there is an invisible desummoning field that surrounds each caster that the creature must be aware of and never stray too close.

Other than the creature appearing at close range, is there any credence to there being any distance limit on summons? My cursory googlefu did not get me any obvious hits.

Thank you.

No. Core Rulebook Page 209:

A creature or object brought into being or transported to your location by a conjuration spell cannot appear inside another creature or object, nor can it appear floating in an empty space. It must arrive in an open location on a surface capable of supporting it.

The creature or object must appear within the spell’s range, but it does not have to remain within the range.

Can you set these items in this order to ship with my main order rather than separately?

1x Pathfinder Module: Risen from the Sands (PFRPG) Print Edition, $4.25 (in sidecart)
1x Ultimate Battle (PFRPG) Print Edition (in sidecart)
1x Ultimate Rulership (PFRPG) Print Edition (in sidecart)
1x Pathfinder—City of Secrets #3 ( Exclusive), $3.99

I saw this new game on Kickstarter. Looks like a fun game for when you want a quick break or to relax without a lot of preparation. ive

This is the creator's second attempt and it's off to a good start.

Lilith wrote:
Paizo does not own the content of the Dragon/Dungeon magazines—that's Wizards of the Coast. Such a compilation is unlikely to happen, if ever.

I don't believe he's talking about articles from Dragon. I think he means the articles on Regions, Cities and the like from old Paizo Adventure Paths in books of their own.

Finally, Premise 5 is already an effective certainty, as it is true even if historicity is true, and is so well verified in background evidence that its prior probability is as near to 100% as makes all odds.

On the Historicity of Jesus - Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt by Richard Carrier

My Kickstarter Pathfinder Module: The Emerald Spire Superdungeon was originally shown to be shipping with my June order, but now it's been moved to my sidecart. Is this an error or has it been delayed for some reason?

Could you please cancel order number 3080519?
I have the items in order number 3080519 coming from my Kickstarter Pledge and don't need more copies.

I also need these items from my June subscription order cancelled.

1x Pathfinder Battles—Reign of Winter: Standard Booster Case, $279.99
1x Pathfinder Battles—Reign of Winter: Gargantuan White Dragon, $10.00

My Pathfinder Battles subscription was supposed to start with Lost Coast, not Reign of Winter.

You may want to look at Thunderscape: The World of Aden by Kyoudai Games. It's a Pathfinder setting book. One of the classes in the book is called the Golemoid, which is very similar to what you are working on.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If you are recollecting the battle correctly, your characters got cheated. Prismatic Wall cannot be cast on top of characters as an attack. If a character is in a space that the wall materializes in, the spell is disrupted and wasted. Greater Dispel Magic also could not have been used on the cleric and Maze could not have been used on the Paladin during the Time Stop . Karzoug would have had to cast the Dispel Magic and Maze after the Time Stop was over.

Chemlak wrote:

Oddly enough, it's not wrong in Ultimate Campaign. Sean K Reynolds has responded and pointed out that one of the problems with the kingdom rules in Kingmaker was that settlement magic items allowed for runaway economies, and this was one of the major problems with those rules. To counteract this, two things were done:

1) It is not possible to "sell" settlement magic items for BP.
2) The value of magic items rolled for the settlement are capped at the settlement's base value.

There are a number of people (myself included) who feel that doing both of those things is too much. One or the other would have done the job (and the first one really kicks it to the curb).

It is a completely reasonable house rule to allow the rolled items to exceed the settlement's base value (I do it that way and haven't noticed any problems so far), but it is definitely a house rule. The Ultimate Campaign rules override the CRB if they're in use (and don't forget that a large number of the items rolled will be potions or scrolls,which tend to be vastly under the base value), so don't be afraid to revert to the CRB method, but the wording in Ultimate Campaign was absolutely intentional.

In other words, major magic items slots might as well not exist since most major magic items are over the price range of even Metropolises?

The Rot Grub wrote:

In the Core Rulebook, when rolling magic items for a settlement, it states: "Reroll any items that fall below the community's base value."

In Ultimate Campaign, when rolling magic items generated by buildings, it states: "[The magic] item's price cannot exceed the base value for the settlement (reroll if the item's price exceeds the settlement's base value)."

Can someone explain this to me? Thanks in advance.

While I haven't seen any official FAQ, I think that the Ultimate Campaign version is wrong. There is already a 75% chance that any magic item under the base value is available by those rules. In the Kingmaker path where the Kingdom rules come from, you roll for special minor, medium and major items with no reroll. That would be the rule I'd use. While there may some duplication of minor items under this, once you get to the higher value settlements, there are no minor items of high enough value to try to roll for.

KainPen wrote:

Is their two storm of blades spells because I am only seeing one and it does not do what you describe?

Storm of Blades

The spell on d20PFSRD is not correct. The casting and effect sections are from Acid Arrow. The spell description is from Daybreak Arrow.

Monkplayer wrote:

two Miniatures lot, Dwarven Forge Terrain, and medieval feast gear are all for sale;

Thanks for the quick and easy trade. I'm still looking for some of the other minis you want.

Neo2151 wrote:

I wouldn't be against doubling-up for Fighters too: Bonus Feats go from even levels to all levels.

Probably something similar for any class that gets "Bonus Feats" as a main class feature (Rangers, Monks, etc.) ;)
I think the easiest thing for classes like the Ranger, however, would be a "pick two instead of one" approach, rather than trying to change the levels you gain them at.

As for "Fixing Fighters," I don't know that I even want to tackle that, lol.
Fighters aren't necessarily a bad class - it's just that the system doesn't do them any favors. The only way to fix the class is to redesign it, which is WAY beyond the scope of anything I'm aiming to do.

If you do give every class a feat at every level, you may want to look at Monte Cook's Collected Book of Experimental Might from Malhavoc Press. While it does suggest giving a character a Feat at every level, it also gives Feats that are chosen by a Fighter boosts since that is their main ability. It is for 3.5, so would require some adaptation for Pathfinder.

Mystically Inclined wrote:
The entry doesn't indicate that it's a single use item. Getting temporary wings to grant you flight seems too good to be true for 450gp.

All Feather Tokens are single use items.

Azaelas Fayth wrote:
Rome had surprisingly strict laws against abuse to a slave, well save Gladiatorial Slaves.

The above statement is a load of Donkey droppings. Apologetic history books and popular culture may state this, but it is no way true.

Slaves were the absolute property of their masters and could for the most part be killed, raped and sold with impunity. The slave had no rights to resist their master's use of their bodies in any way he wished, including sexually. The only part of the above statement that is somewhat true is that during the Principate, some laws curbing the absolute rights of masters to kill or castrate their slaves were passed, but they were rarely enforced.

Good books on what slavery was really like in Roman society are Slavery in Early Christianity by Jennifer A. Glancy and Slavery in the Roman World by Sandra R. Joshel.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Diekssus wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
Diekssus wrote:
At this point the only way you can intentionally create intelligent items is using mythic rules...

That's just not true. Mythic rules let you make ARTIFACTS. Anyone with the right feats, skills, and resources can make an intelligent magical item.

If you really don't want them to be easy to make, re-institute the level 15 rule.

I was talking about the mythic anvil, it states rules for making an intelligent item for failing on the last day of crafting, it sucks your soul in, the crafting process succeeds and the item is intelligent, before criticizing read the actual material

See my reply above.

Also Ultimate Equipment Page 352

All (Intelligent Items) must have an alignment, mental ability scores, languages, senses, and at least one special ability. These statistics and abilities can be improved during CREATION, increasing the items overall cost.

You can't say the Mythic Anvil is the only way you can create an intelligent item since the Ultimate Equipment Guide clearly says they can be created by crafting.

Diekssus wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
In other words, they probably are relatively common (for magical items at least).

the books says 1% at most. I'm pretty sure you didn't even roll a d100 and see if you condemned your husbands soul to oblivion because you failed the small chance of binding him properly. Or the option of it not being the husband at all but a devil who will literally kill you when you don't expect it.

Since there is no way to intentionally create them (never mentioned anywhere in the rules) you can only go by the fact that they are rare. if everyone with gold could get them, they would not be called rare.

Ultimate Equipment Page 356

''The following are examples of specific intelligent items that CAN BE CRAFTED or found in treasure hoards.''

Two missing episodes, believed to be from Troughton's era, will be made available digitally on iTunes on Wednesday according to the Radio Times. Its not been announced which series they are from except that they are from different stories. Whether BBC has more missing episodes they have chosen not to release yet is still unknown.

DeathQuaker wrote:

I never believe unnamed sources. It's a holdover from my (few) days as a journalist, when my editors wouldn't let me quote anyone I didn't get the name of, because they wanted us to be able to trace back our facts to a definitive source. "An unnamed source tells the readers that you made it up." Based on what I read of the internet "journalists" who often cite "an unnamed source" or "rumor" usually that turns out to be true.

But I hope my cynicism is wrong. It would be nice if they would find more--especially Troughton episodes, since so very many are missing.

Cynicism can be wrong. Two missing episodes, believed to be from Troughton's era, will be made available digitally on iTunes on Wednesday according to the Daily Times. Its not been announced which series they are from except that they are from different stories. Whether BBC has more missing episodes they have chosen not to release yet is still unknown.

Aelryinth wrote:

That's a good point, but it still doesn't prevent you from meta'ing a spell uselessly. Used with and used on are actually different things. The feat would actually have to say which spells it can't be used on...i.e. personal-only spells, non-instantaneous spells, etc.

Empower, maximize, etc, don't have that language. So, yeah, you can meta spells they do absolutely nothing for.


I think that there is room for honest disagreement on this and would like a FAQ answer because none of the metamagic feats use your specific phrasing. Instead they all have phrasing such as spells without the x are not affected by this feat. Why have that line if all Metamagic feats could be used with all spells, just to no effect?

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.
Aelryinth wrote:

Metamagic feats stack with one another unless specifically noted that they do not.

So, yes, you can Maximize an Intensified Burning Hands from 5d6 to 10d6 and get 60 damage. You can then Empower it and get an additional +5d6 out of it.

No, you aren't going to be able to accumulate clusters of damage independently with this spell. Spells don't work that way. The damage from the Mythic Feather Fall is all going to be considered 'one source', not multiple sources. You either have to stagger them out so the people affected have time to avoid them (effectively 'attacking' with the pebbles) or they are simply going to be counted as one 'object' whose force gets released when the first hits. Thematically, I'd just have them all hit bam-bam-bam with cumulative blasts that add up to the standard damage, as opposed to the BIG boom when something substantial happens.

This is the exact same reasoning why Wall of Fire does 2d6+1/level. If you pass through the Wall of Fire, you take the same damage as if you stand in it for one round. Same rule of effect would apply.

And Salazar, you can apply metamagic feats to a spell that can't use it, it just doesn't do anything. There's no rule requiring a spell to have variable components to Empower it...the Empower just doesn't do anything and costs a higher spell slot.


On page 112 of the Core rulebook, it says that Metamagic feats cannot be used with all spells. See the feat description for spells a feat cannot modify. The way I read that is if a metamagic feat cannot actually modify a spell, it can't be used on that spell.

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edduardco wrote:
Not sure if in Pathfinder this work this way but let me explain, concussive damage is or can be interpreted as bludgeoning damage therefore you can apply damage reduction and since every rock inflict their own damage you apply the DR to each rock, still a lot damage pass but is something.

Another flaw is that Intensify, Empower and Maximize feats are not legal feats for Feather Fall. If the base spell cannot use these feats, I would not allow them to be used by the Mythic version since the Feats must be added to the spell first. You don't memorize Mythic Feather Fall, you have a Feather Fall spell that you know how to add Mythic Power to if you choose.

Cthulhu Wars

From the designer of the Call of Cthulhu RPG.

Great miniatures in 28mm scale so very useful for RPGs as well. Many of the best known Great Old Ones and servitors are already included in the base game and expansions are adding many more.

Already funded and heading for some great sketch goals. I'm looking forward to the Dreamlands expansion.

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Chris Lambertz wrote:
Announced for August!

Will the Goblin miniature incentive also be available from Paizo or would we have to get it from a comic shop?

Erik Mona wrote:
Salazar wrote:
Any chance of having individual boxes for sale for previous map packs? That is one item I have had a problem finding a good storage solution for.
We are definitely looking into this. If we do it, it'll probably be a "generic" box that you can write on, since producing new boxes for 40+ products isn't likely to be very cost-effective.

I don't have any idea how expensive it would be, but one possibility would be to have plastic pockets to slip the front and back covers of the map packs into.

Any chance of having individual boxes for sale for previous map packs? That is one item I have had a problem finding a good storage solution for.

Zenogu wrote:

Oh, that's right. I misread that entirely.

What an astounding ability!

I forgot to mention that you get all avaliable 'pluses' for 1 point from the Arcane pool, not 5.

Zenogu wrote:

1st post!

I've been buzzing around the Magus class and I want to be fully aware of everything it has to offer. So I have a bit of a nitpicking question.

When using the arcane pool to enchant a currently wielded weapon, can the magus (assuming he is high enough level and has the arcana points to spend) enchant his blade with multiple abilities in one action?

i.e. If a 17th level magus is packing a masterwork longsword, could he spend 6 points to suddenly wield a +5 Vorpal Longsword?
(1 arcana for the enhancement, 5 more for the vorpal property)

Yes and No.

The Magus can add multiple abilities at the same time. For example, a 17th level Magus could add both Frost and Keen as well as a +3 bonus to a weapon using all 5 'pluses' of his Arcana pool (3 for the bonus, 1 each for Frost and Keen).

However, a Magus cannot add Vorpal to a nonmagical weapon. A 17th level Magus has a max of 5 'pluses' to add. To add any weapon properties to a weapon, it must be at least +1. If the +1 is added using the Arcane Pool, that only leaves 4 'pluses'. Since Vorpal uses 5 'pluses', the Magus would not have enough. The weapon must already be at least a normal +1 to add Vorpal and no other abilities or bonuses could be added thru the Arcane Pool.

Mandreth wrote:
Any word on when this will be available? :)

I doubt that it will be available again unless there happens to be a warehouse find. This is the first version that Studio2 did of Deadlands Reloaded. The current version is split into a Player's Handbook and a Marshal's Handbook.

Talwynor wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Zakur Opzan wrote:
Reaper has said that once it is over, it is over.
You sure?
Yep - I see the info on whats available - just don't see where I can select it after contributing. Too soon?

You will be able to increase your pledge when the Pledge Manager comes online for around 30 days.

From the Reaper Forums

Knight Magenta wrote:

So I am playing a Half-Giant Psychic Warrior and I am having some trouble visualizing how big my character is when I use the Expansion power (Psionic Enlarge Person.) This is my first time playing in the Large and Larger size categories and some things don't make sense to me.

First my understanding of size:

A medium creature takes up a 5ft cube. You are treated as Large when you take up a 10ft cube. You are treated as Huge when you take up a 15ft x 15ft cube, and so on.

However, going up a size category (with powers or just by the table) makes all your dimensions double.

So when I am Large, I take up 16ft (vertically at-least). But this means that, logically, I should be Huge since I need a 15ft cube to contain me. However, this is obviously not how PF works. Why is that?

The character actually takes up a 5ft square, not cube. After all, some people could be 6' tall and using your scale would acually take 4 squares and be large. The character does not actually take up all the space in the square. This is a representation of the area that it needs to be able to effectively move and fight.

Marc Radle wrote:
Robert Hawkshaw wrote:
Short Historian wrote:

I'm very interested in this project since the minis look great and the deal just gets better and better. However, I'm hesitant because I've never painted minis before. To all the people with experience, is it something beginners can pick up? I'm no artist (as my players have told me time and again).

I see that paint sets are offered as an option. If i picked up the basic set paints along with my minis could I make a go of it? Some of the figures look very complicated, but I guess I could start with the rats.

Thoughts? Experiences?

There are a lot of really good tutorials out there for new painters. I'm terrible at art stuff and I can knock out a mini that looks better than the wotc prepaints.
Any chance you might provide some links to a few of these really good tutorials? :)

I've just started getting into painting miniatures and two DVD sets I like are 'Masterworks Miniature Painting with Jen Haley and Anne Foerster' who I believe are Reaper Staff painters and 'Hot Lead' by Laszlo Jakusovszky. Both are avalible at FRP Games.

Greg A. Vaughan wrote:

Hi all,


As Bill has indicated, anyone who purchases this full subscription gets their hardback signed by himself and me plus some special bonus material. He has also indicated that once ST14 goes up for sale, the subscription option will no longer be available. ....

I purchased this yesterday, but for some reason the shipping was not included in the price. Should I just send it to Bill seperately or wait to be contacted when it is time to ship?

Brambleman wrote:
What made the book so expensive?

There is a discussion of this in the Cerulean Seas product thread. But one major factor was probably the art. It was all original and in full color. In terms of art, I would place it on a level with the art from Paizo itself.

Brambleman wrote:
Those sound awesome! Ive been wanting to try Aquatic setting for a bit now.

Cerulean Seas is a great book. The art is excellent, in full color and includes minis for the various races in the back. The underwater civilizations described give you enough detail to get a sense of the setting, but there is still a ton of room for expansion. Unfortunately, the book was so expensive to produce, it seems making it drove the company out of business. The PDF is avaliable here at Paizo and has a full color softbound version you can order.

memorax wrote:

I always like getting more campaign settings and beyond converting 3.5 ones to PF and the Galorion and Midgard has anyone else released or will release a camoign setting using PF rules?

checked the Kobold Quarterly website yet see no real update to Midgard. Anyone else know more?

Two settings that I'm currently using.

Cerulean Seas (Alluria Publishing)- Underwater adventuring. All characters are either of an aquatic or an amphibious race. Has a lot of underwater monsters, new aquatic classes and feats, and a fairly developed setting in one book.

Freeport (Green Ronin)- Pirate Adventuring. There is one generic book that describes the setting (Pirate's Guide to Freeport). Green Ronin then published various conversions for mutiple systems that contain characters stats, new feats, and new classes. The Pathfinder version is Freeport Companion: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Edition.

Grimcleaver wrote:
Jeff de luna wrote:
The old, out-dated articles in early Dragon Magazine (#28) did in fact stat-up Satan. They explained that he had been deposed and was attempting to regain power from Asmodeus (who had himself replaced Satan's successor, Baalzebub).
That's interesting. I'll look that up. Thanks.

Tome of Horrors Complete has stats for Lucifer, Lilith, and many other named devils from Mythology.

slade867 wrote:
I would assume it's only up to a level you can cast, right? So a 1st level wizard can't use any metamagic because he can't cast 2nd level spells. Or am I wrong?

He could use +1 Metamagic feats such as Still or Silent Spell on o-Level spells, but they would use up one of his first level spell slots.

Liz Courts wrote:
Salazar wrote:
If this set turns out to be as popular as I think it will, perhaps sets for each Adventure Path could be worked on, including the major NPCs and creatures in that path. An all-in-one box for the Adventure Path like the Items cards are.
Might I introduce you to Pathfinder Paper Minis?

I've already got several sets. As a stopgap measure, they're fine. I just tend to like the art in the actual modules better and think they would be great as pawns.

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