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Karzoug the Claimer

Salazar's page

98 posts. Alias of Scott Maynard.


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Sharaya wrote:

Hi Salazar,

I'm sorry to hear that! I've added replacements to your sidecart. And please do email us some pictures.


Pictures were sent with the same header as this post.

Two of my items from this order have miscut pages.

The damaged items are:
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Villain Codex
Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of the Beast

Photos are available on request.

Could you hold Pathfinder—Worldscape #2 to ship with my next regular order? It is silly to pay almost $4.00 shipping for 1 comic.

Could you check and see if my Pathfinder Battles Subscription is set to 1 or 2 cases? If it is 2, please set it to 1. I only wanted 2 of the last case.

Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello Salazar,

It looks like when you tried to move the items out of your sidecart they got stuck trying to get into an order. I have given them a nudge all the way in. You will be receiving an email confirmation, please look it over and let me know if any changes need to be made.

Please remove the two Rifts books from my order. I'm waiting to see if they are going to release the revised conversion book 2.

Salazar wrote:
Why is my current order including subscription items in my sidecart rather than in an order?

While checking my side cart out, I accidently deleted it. Can my October order be checked on.

Why is my current order including subscription items in my sidecart rather than in an order?

Sharaya wrote:

This has been done.


Are you sure it has been removed? It is still showing in my sidecart.

Please remove the regular edition of Curse of the Crimson Throne from my side cart. I've upgraded to the Limited Edition.

HeHateMe wrote:
I can't seem to find any information on the Savage Worlds Rifts release date. Anyone have a clue about this?

Digital copies of the Players Guide and GM Guide have already been sent to Kickstarter backers. Print copies from the Kickstarter are estimated to be released in Nov 2016. Wide release would presumably be shortly after.

Sharaya wrote:

Hi Salazar,

I'm sorry to see that hasn't shipped yet. It looks like the goblins got confused and the book
Rifts Conversion Book Two: Pantheons of the Megaverse isn't actually ready to ship yet (we're still waiting for it to make it to us from a supplier).

I can either move that to the sidecart, to get the rest of the items on their way now, or I can move everything back to the sidecart and items will get combined with the August order. Please let me know what you prefer.


Just put everything in the August order. Thanks.

My July order still hasn't shipped. Can you see why? Since August's order will soon be up, can July and August just be combined?

This month's order has not yet shipped. Do you have an estimate of when it will?

Kevin Mack wrote:
Havent said which pathfinder characters are gonna be in it have they? (Still holding out for more Lini.)

Not in the post I read. I'm assuming it will be the same group we've had in the others.

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RiffWizard wrote:

With Hollow Mountain now wrapped up, and perhaps I just missed the announcement, are there plans for a next series?

According to the Know Direction podcast, the next series will be Pathfinder Worldscape which will be a crossover with Red Sonja, John Carter from Mars, Tarzan, and possibly other Dynamite Fantasy titles. It will have character builds for characters like Red Sonja.

My Pathfinder- Hollow Mountain #3 had one of the staple missing and the cover ripped where the staple was. Can I get a replacement copy?

Please return my Pathfinder Battles subscription to 1 case per Release.

Is the price on the subscription Pathfinder Battles correct? It looks like it is taking the 30% discount from the list price rather than from Paizo's price like it is supposed to. It would seem to be cheaper to cancel the subscription and order it straight.

Katina Davis wrote:

Hello Salazar,

While there's no easy way to do that on your end, I've marked your Battles subscription to have a quantity of two, so it should spawn doubles of the set and the incentive into your upcoming subscription order. Once that order has been fulfilled, just remind us either via messageboard, email, or phone, and we can bring the subscription back down to one copy of each product.

Please don't hesitate to ask if there are any further questions or concerns that you may have in the meantime, and I'll be glad to help.


I had gone ahead and placed an order for another set and premium. Can you make sure that order is removed from my account? Thanks.

Order 3803247

How do I add a second case and second premium of the Rusty Dragon Inn to my Pathfinder Battles subscription? I would like two cases of this set only.

The Pathfinder Battles—2015 Promotional Figure: Red Dracolisk from this order was broken off the stem when I recieved it. I've tried to reglue it, but have been unable to.

Can you remove the miniatures from this order? They shipped with this month's items. They were still in my order list and I couldn't delete them.

Here is the FAQ

Sharaya wrote:


You should get another updated email. :)

I've got too many Duergars on my order. I only want 4. When I looked before, I might have looked at the order wrong.

Salazar wrote:
I am trying to complete an order and when I get to the confirm your order page and press place your order, nothing happens. Is the site having issues?

Could you go ahead and add 3 more Duergar and 3 more Fire Beetles and 1 Albino Wererat to that order? Thanks.

I am trying to complete an order and when I get to the confirm your order page and press place your order, nothing happens. Is the site having issues?

Why is this order being split into 2 shipments? My account is supposed to ship everything in one order to save on shipping. This happened last month as well.

My order for August (Order 3636142) has not shipped yet. Is one of my items delaying the shipment?

Lord Snow wrote:

On the other hand I am equally sad seeing Guardians of the Galaxy winning the movie category. The movie was good times and fun to watch, but it beat Interstellar, which I consider to be maybe the finest SF film of the 21st century (so far...) and I can't help but viewing it as a serious missed opportunity.

In my view, Interstellar is 2/3 Good SF, 1/3 third 'What were the writers thinking?'. I went in expecting a fairly hard SF, but got... Living Ghosts from Space? The third act diminished the movie so much, I haven't even thought about buying the DVD.

thejeff wrote:
Mr.u wrote:
Nicos wrote:
Mr.u wrote:

Jesus was more forward thinking than anyone else in his time. The effect of Jesus on history

Taking into account that many of the new testament is a later invention, that is probably not true.

The new testament is a collection of all jesus's teachings and known life and gospels of the disciples and paul the apostle letters.

98 percent of all historical scholars in academia agree that the new testament is a historically reliable source.

The New Testament is a collection of 4 Gospels, Acts and the Letters. The Gospels are essentially histories of the life of Jesus, written starting around 30 years after Jesus's ministry and attributed to several Disciples, but almost certainly not written by them. Based apparently on oral traditions of the sayings of Jesus and of his ministry. Later Gospels were influenced by the first and by other sources.

Acts is an account of the early years of the church. I'm less sure of its composition.
The Letters include some believed to be from Paul, some attributed to Paul, but not currently thought to be written by him and several known to be from other early church figures. They're the oldest parts of the New Testament and provide quite a bit of insight into the early Church.

I have no idea where the claim that 98% of anybody considers the New Testament a reliable source or what they actually meant by it. If the claim is that 98% of historians think the Gospels are primary source accounts of Jesus's life, it's nonsense. If it's that they think there is useful historical information about the early church in the New Testament, it's probably true.

The only historical information about the early church that can be found in the Gospels is to be found in Paul's letters (and not much of it). Acts has long been known to be fraudulent. Even Paul's letters have been altered by Christian apologists over the centuries that it's impossible to get back to the original letters.

Mr.u wrote:
Nicos wrote:
Mr.u wrote:

Jesus was more forward thinking than anyone else in his time. The effect of Jesus on history

Taking into account that many of the new testament is a later invention, that is probably not true.

The new testament is a collection of all jesus's teachings and known life and gospels of the disciples and paul the apostle letters.

98 percent of all historical scholars in academia agree that the new testament is a historically reliable source.

98% of Christian apologists may say that, but historical scholars do not. They can't even agree if a historical Christ was a cynic, revolutionary or a dozen other competing theories. it has long been recognized there is nothing definite that can be determined about a historical Christ in the 4 gospels.

Gullyble Dwarf - Lvl 7 DM wrote:
What AP is Malagus Kreeg from? Or is he even from an AP?

In case anyone doesn't want spoilers:
Rise of the Runelords 3 The Hook Mountain Massacre

Marc Radle wrote:

What is countdown? I'm a big Star Trek fan but I don't know what this is ...

It is a comic book prequel by IDW to the 2009 Star Trek film.

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Ziggy Sprinkles wrote:
I am going to be playing a Halfling or Gnome Hunter with a Dinosaur Companion. I am looking for a dinosaur miniature preferably feathered that I can paint myself. Also if you have suggestions for a hunter looking Gnome of Halfling miniature that would be pretty sweet too.

Here's a page with a six pack of 15mm Deinonychus that would work as 28mmm Velociraptors.

Slaughterville is the second game from RubiOh! Games. Their first game District-Z is a Zombie Card Game that routinely gets a place in my game rotation. In Slaughterville, a horror genre card game, you are trying to prevent the villain from succeeding at his evil plans. With 12 heroes to choose from, multiple locations and 4 different villains in the base set, it has a high replayability factor.

Stretch Goals if reached include new villians, locations and special heroes such as Herbert West and Sherlock Holmes.

If all stretch goals are reached, the game will end up with over 700 cards.

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shadram wrote:
Except they are. Hell's Vengeance is the AP after Hell's Rebels, and is for evil PCs.

Nice. I'm looking forward to comparing this to Way of the Wicked.

Turin the Mad wrote:
Hell's Vengeance? A sequel to Council of Thieves perhaps?

I'm thinking it's probably the name of #101. I can't see them using Devils or Cheliax as the main focus of 2 Adventure Paths in a row.

Goblin Squad Member

The account has been sold.

Goblin Squad Member

With work hours increasing and other events taking up my time, I don't have any time left for a MMO. So I have a Pathfinder Online account for sale if anyone is interested. I'm asking $100.00.

The account has these extras.

New Player Pack 2
Destinys Twin 1 (Active)
Daily Deals 1
Alliance Pack 1
Early Enrollment 1
Soundtrack Download 1
Regional Trait Pack 1
Class Pack 1
Head Start 1
Shield Mate 1
Behind the Scenes PDF 1
Character Name Reservation 1
Twice-Marked of Pharasma 1

I have created 2 characters with Destiny's Twin so they would have the maximum experience, but neither have been trained, so they are a blank slate to train as the buyer wishes. The account is active until April 1st then would need to be extended.

Sara Marie wrote:
One item (the GURPS book) is still on its way from our distributor would you like me to move just that to March, move everything to March or have this order wait and see when it comes in?

Please go ahead and move the GURPS book to March and ship the rest. Thanks.

Order 3421577 for February has not shipped. Will it be combined with my March order or will it ship soon?

Still here.

wraithstrike wrote:

Do the maps for this product use 5 foot squares or 10 foot squares? I have not purchased it yet.

Also did anyone get an answer on when the PC's should level up? I can probably wing it, but I would prefer not to.

There's recommended level up points in a post by MikeMyler under a spoiler tag on Dec 5.

When I opened my package, the Pathfinder- City of Secrets #6 had the cover and first few pages torn off the bottom staple. Could I get a replacement? Thanks.

James Sutter wrote:
I'm not sure when exactly it'll be announced, but very soon we'll be able to tell you about the comic plans. Which is good, because this is the most excited I've been about a comic project in... well, ever. :)

On Bleeding Cool, they have the new Dynamite solicitations up. The new Pathfinder mini-series is listed there. Just as a teaser : Valeros meets Amiri.

Could you cancel Order 3259117 and I will reorder the CDs? The items were supposed to go in my sidecart and for some reason they did not. I also did not get the correct discount on the CDs.

I ordered the newest issue of Gygax Magazine and it was supposed to ship with my next order to save on shipping. Instead, it seems to be shipping on its own. Can that be changed to ship with my next subscription order?

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Tsoli wrote:

Two friends yesterday, for whom I have a great deal of respect in their system mastery, seemed to agree on something that I had never heard, and recited it like it was Gospel.

As I understand it, you cast summon monster/ally spells at close range, and Voom! the creature appears, and then can go do whatever task you desire, and could conceivably just run as far and as fast as it can until its summoning time is up.

They both believe that there the second a summon monster goes beyond its caster's close range, it is unsummoned. As though there is an invisible desummoning field that surrounds each caster that the creature must be aware of and never stray too close.

Other than the creature appearing at close range, is there any credence to there being any distance limit on summons? My cursory googlefu did not get me any obvious hits.

Thank you.

No. Core Rulebook Page 209:

A creature or object brought into being or transported to your location by a conjuration spell cannot appear inside another creature or object, nor can it appear floating in an empty space. It must arrive in an open location on a surface capable of supporting it.

The creature or object must appear within the spell’s range, but it does not have to remain within the range.

Can you set these items in this order to ship with my main order rather than separately?

1x Pathfinder Module: Risen from the Sands (PFRPG) Print Edition, $4.25 (in sidecart)
1x Ultimate Battle (PFRPG) Print Edition (in sidecart)
1x Ultimate Rulership (PFRPG) Print Edition (in sidecart)
1x Pathfinder—City of Secrets #3 ( Exclusive), $3.99

I saw this new game on Kickstarter. Looks like a fun game for when you want a quick break or to relax without a lot of preparation. ive

This is the creator's second attempt and it's off to a good start.

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