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Saint_Meerkat's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 258 posts (303 including aliases). 9 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 4 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

Greetings. I just got my Alpha stress test invite, but I own a Mac. Is there a Mac client available?

Liberty's Edge

After searching the message boards, this came up a couple of times, but there was no definitive response.

In a PFS game I was running yesterday, an alchemist was rolling Craft: Alchemy checks to identify found potions. This morning, it was pointed out to me that he may have been interpreting that ability incorrectly.

RAW states: wrote:
In addition, an alchemist can use Craft (alchemy) to identify potions as if using detect magic. He must hold the potion for 1 round to make such a check.

The clause "as if using detect magic" seems to muddle what had been, up to that point, a clear rule. Detect magic doesn't allow you to identify a potion. It allows you to identify auras. I believe the phrase "As if using Spellcraft" would also have been easily understood.

I would house-rule this in favor of the player. But since this is PFS, I feel like I need to make sure I'm being consistent with the larger community.

Does an Alchemist's successful Craft: Alchemy check identify the potion? Or does it identify the potion's auras?

Liberty's Edge

I am willing to run a PFS scenario on Sunday night. There would be five spots open. If you're interested, post here, and we can start discussing what you'd like me to run.

Liberty's Edge

My friend and I are here at the hotel and have no plans for today, with the possible exception for Claimjumper at 5PM.

We are willing to play just about anything. Is anyone running anything today?

Liberty's Edge

I arrived late last night, and was pretty excited to see the famous Seattle skyline at long last. I've wanted to visit here for years.

Based on suggestions made in some earlier threads, I am staying at the University Inn, and headed for Space Needle, Sci Fi Museum, EMP, and Pike Market today. Tonight and tomorrow are still pretty fluid. Is anyone else here, and planning on something fun for tonight or tomorrow?

I have been living on an island in the Caribbean for the last year, and have not had any Indian food or Mexican food during that time. I'm jonesing for both in a major way. Any suggestions?

Liberty's Edge ***

Greetings, fellow stargazers!

Does anyone have a MapTool campaign file or tokens for Among The Living (or any in that series) they would be willing to share with me?


Liberty's Edge

Seattle people (or people who know a lot about Seattle) - I am thinking about flying up a few days early for PaizoCon and doing some sightseeing, including renting a car and driving up to Vancouver one day. Any suggestions for a first time visitor? Money saving advice?

I have wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest ever since I fell in love with the scenery in X-Files and Stargate SG-1.

Liberty's Edge

Hey, friends...

I am planning on flying to PaizoCon from the sunny Bahamas this year, and I am a little bit concerned about meeting the PFS criteria of having physical copies or watermarked PDFs of the novels in order to use the associated chronicle sheets. I am packing for a month, so I am a little reluctant to throw four or five paperbacks that I've already read into an already heavy bag. And I'm even more reluctant to purchase PDFs of books I've already read.

Does anyone have any advice in this area? Do I need to just forget using those chronicle sheets at this event?

Liberty's Edge

I would definitely pay $1.99 apiece for apps that were based on the Critical Hits, Critical Fumble, and Plot Twist decks. I would probably pay $2.99. I don't think I would pay over $5.

Has this been tossed about yet?

Liberty's Edge ***

Hello, friends. Spoilers aplenty.

In reviewing Silent Tide for tomorrow's game, I noticed a pretty stark difference between the way Grandmaster Torch is presented in ye olde venerable Silent Tide and the last of the First Steps module. In the former, he's presented as a no-nonsense, quid pro quo underworld information broker. In the latter, he's presented as the head of a group of benevolent watchdogs that seem to be Golarion's version of Anonymous. I've been trying to come up with some ways to make the difference a little less jarring, particularly for the player who instantly and enthusiastically embraced the Shadow Lodge after that encounter last week.

(I prefer the way ol' G-Pain was portrayed in Season 0, but I didn't start the thread to editorialize.)

In reviewing the messageboards, I found two people who'd made suggestions about this issue.

Matthew Morris wrote:
I decided that some Pathfinders had been abandoned by the Society during the original invasion, the Lodge needed the skull to try a hail mary 'speak with dead' to see if they knew the Pathfinder's remains.

This is good. I like this. However, I am reluctant to use it because it adds story to another author's adventure - something I do all the time in home play, but not in "living style" campaigns.

Nicholas Gray wrote:

(edited for length) You can still have him in charge of the Shadow Lodge. You just have him present it as being loyal to the Society and wanting what is best of the individual Pathfinder agents. Going with the general fluff you find in the Field Guide.

You can present the Shadow Lodge agents the PCs have to deal with in Season 1 & 2 as rogue and rebel agents as well as outsiders trying to corrupt Torch’s vision and mission for the Shadow Lodge. ...Torch is not wild about this separatist faction of Shadow Lodge agents destroying everything he had built...

While clever, it is more complex than the previous. And far-reaching. Not only does it add story to many author's adventures, it also a campaign story arc. This would be a great idea for a home game, but not for Society play.

I was personally leaning toward having Torch warmly (heh, heh) greet and congratulate the PCs, ask them to open the safes as a favor to him, and provide the needed information regardless of whether or not they are successful. If they are unsuccessful, or refuse, their rewards would be adjusted accordingly. That seems to me to be the best way to keep the big picture, the world of the Pathfinder, consistent for the players with the smallest impact on Michael Kortes' most excellent adventure.

What do you guys think? Suggestions? Ideas? Comments?

Liberty's Edge ***

I ran a playtest of To Delve the Dungeon Deep tonight. It's a good little adventure. I particularly enjoyed the part about the huckster skulk prophet. However, I had difficulty with two portions of the module.

1. The first was the Suicide Well in Area 12. In the text for the room, it states that "...any creature that [looks down into the well] is subject to a suggestion that urges it to throw itself into the hole." However, the suggestion spell text states that "asking the creature to do some obviously harmful act automatically negates the effect of the spell." This is confusing. The wording should probably be changed. How would/did you handle this apparent contradiction?

(Also, because this is an introductory scenario, and the Haunt rules are found in the Advanced Player's Guide, they would make a good appendix -- with a note in the room description referring the GM to it. It's not clear that players are supposed to enter initiative when someone looks down the well unless you have the Haunt rules at hand.)

2. The second issue was regarding how I perceived two of the three factions introduced in this scenario were presented. Amara Li of the Lantern Lodge was a friendly, generous person. But Major Colson Madris of the Andoran faction was described as ostentatious and pompous, and dropped a mild insult on the party. And the brusque exchange with Trade Prince Aaqir al’Hakam (Qadira) made my players decide to only take him one of the many trade agreements they found in the structure.

This seems to me to be inconsistent with the stated purpose for the First Steps adventures. I am all for colorful characters, but I had to do some improvising in order to feel that I had communicated the aims and objectives of the factions involved. Am I making much ado about nothing?

Liberty's Edge ***

I am planning on running the First Steps series at a local store, and am thinking about using MapTool on my laptop's screen instead of using a mat.

Are the maps from those adventures available without the location keys and text? If not, has anyone photoshopped the existing maps? Recreated them in another program for use with a virtual tabletop?

Liberty's Edge ***

Pathfinder Society play will begin in Nassau, The Bahamas with a special holiday premiere session on Sunday, December 18th at 1PM. We'll be playing at The C.A.G.E. Club off Soldier Road near Marathon Mall.

We will begin regular weekly play on Sunday, January 8th at 1PM.

The contact at the store is Stan: (242) 393-4652. The store's website is C.A.G.E. Club

You can contact me (Ken Austin) here or at saint dot meerkat at gmail dot com.

More information will follow.

I'm very excited to be a part of launching PFS down here. Some of you may remember me being involved in PFS in the Knoxville, Tennessee; and convention play around the southern US. I have obviously relocated, and am looking forward to resuming my role as Paizo evangelist here in this beautiful new setting.

Liberty's Edge

I recently relocated to Nassau, and am interested in running or playing in a Pathfinder or Pathfinder Society game. My new job starts in a couple of weeks, and after that I anticipate being available any weeknight and any time on the weekends.

Are there any Paizonians on the islands?

Liberty's Edge

Google Drawings! Who's going to use it?

Google (Wave + Drawings + Voice + Chat) > OpenRPG?

Liberty's Edge

Persistent virtual spaces like Second Life and the late always seemed to me to have a lot of potential for the extension of a campaign setting. Why haven't they been more widely employed by authors, publishers, and homebrew GM's?

I was stoked when Never Winter Nights, with its DM tools for creating your own online adventuring space, was announced. And the sheer number of people who turned out their own reproductions of modules A1-4 in the months following its release tells me that I wasn't the only one. But it didn't take off.

Millions of people quest and do the XP grind that Poppa Gary and Uncle Dave popularized, shelling out $10/month or more to explore online worlds despite their lack of Vancian magic. Everquest and World of Warcraft have been the source of hundreds of hours of enjoyment for me. But my personal impact on those massively multiplayer worlds isn't profound, like is at my Thursday night Pathfinder table.

We are spending a lot of resources and energy on turning the monitor into our game table. And we've gotten pretty good at it. Fantasy Grounds, RPGTools, Map Tools, d20Pro, are getting better and easier to use. I enjoyed playing Living Greyhawk and Blackmoor online. Tough on the arse, but it beats eating a mod, right? Maybe it has been difficult to develop a thriving online TT RPG community because we are forcing a 1970's analog on potential participants. Most of us have a supercomputer in our hands at the tabletop now, but all we use it for is a high tech book bag and dice cup.

Why hasn't something intermediary arrived on the scene? Where is the online equivalent of the neighborhood haunted house, where everybody chipped in, decorated for a week, and let the whole community have a great time enjoying their efforts? One part True Dungeon, one part Pathfinder Society, one part Second Life, one part Dungeon A Day?

I challenge everyone and anyone reading this post -- authors, publishers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists -- to begin thinking of a way that I could learn about and participate in your stories and share with you my own in a totally new manner.

Let's take the participatory tabletop story telling and role playing game into the 21st century.

We're overdue.

Liberty's Edge ***

Josh (or those who might know),

Are there any flip-mats or map packs suitable for use with this adventure? I really enjoyed using the flip mats I already owned with the first adventure in this series.

BTW, JJF: My group loved the first part

Liberty's Edge

Is anyone familiar with Brian Lumley's Titus Crow novels? I always thought they would make a good jumping off point for something like this product -- whatever happened to Arkham, etc.

Can't wait to see it.

Liberty's Edge


My order was missing item PZO9215 - City Map Folio Print Edition. Can you send that to me with my next subscription shipment?

Many thanks,


Liberty's Edge

I'd like to have some Pathfinder themed Firefox personae. Is something like that worth the time and energy it would take to produce?

Liberty's Edge ***

Good news and bad news:

Good news: We are adding Star Wars SAGA to the con! Even if you generally avoid media tie-in games, this is a must try. It's a real winner.

Bad news: It appears Shadowrun Missions is not going to happen due to conflicts with the gentlemen who were going to run them. So, unless you hear from me again, SRM is off the docket. If you are am SRM enthusiast and would like to run even a couple of slots to spread the Shadowrun gospel, contact the store owner.

Witch Hunter: Dark Providence is a go! One of the GM's is a contributing author to the core book and new expansion! He's top notch at running a scary game, even when sunlight is still streaming through the store windows. FYI: A regular contributor to these boards, Sean Molley is part of the production team for WH - and if you remember Arcanis, some of that creative team are also on board for WH.

Several people have contacted the store owner about running a slot or two of PFS. We would LOVE to have you help out. (We would waive the registration fee, but there isn't one!
One more thing: At our last mini-con, we offered participants the opportunity to order food from (very) nearby restaurants at a special con discount. The food was delivered to the store so that all our slots could start on time. This was a huge success. Lunch on Saturday was sandwiches and chips from a wonderful bistro across the street for $5 (which included tax and tip). Supper was pizza by the slice from a locally owned pizza place for $2/slice or $8/all you care to eat. Again, that included tax and tip.

We can't guarantee those prices or offerings will be the same, but we do plan to provide a similar deal if there are enough people that would like to take advantage of it.

Finally, not only is OpieCon FREE, FREE, FREE; but all Pathfinder, Witch Hunter, and Star Wars SAGA merchandise will be available at a discount to anyone playing at least one slot.

See you there!

Liberty's Edge

What do you guys think? Did the sycophantic sponge of the infamous O.J. mansion inspire the god who wants his priests to stay drunk all the time?

You decide.

Liberty's Edge

Does anybody know what happened to Lorraine Williams of TSR infamy? The last I heard, she had left the country.

Liberty's Edge


For some reason, I ordered two bestiaries. I think it's because I preordered it and later added that subscription.

Can you pull that off my sidecart and adjust what I owe you?


Liberty's Edge

P.S. Players of all levels of gaming experience are welcome.

Liberty's Edge


I need to change the payment method on this month's subscription shipment. How do I go about doing that?

Liberty's Edge

I'm starting a Pathfinder game in a campaign world of my own creation, and I am eager to use, and allow use of, all my Arcana Unearthed/Evolved, Arcane Might, Divine Might, etc., with it.

Does anyone here have enough experience with the Malhavoc Press products to make a knowledgeable guess or a first-hand observation that might help me out?

Liberty's Edge ***

If you can't make it this Saturday, but you're interested, contact the store owner at the link above. Or post here and I can pass your info along.


Liberty's Edge ***

I just noticed this con on WarHorn.

GameCon Memphis
September 25th- 27th

I am posting this because of Josh's thread from a few weeks ago about how can we promote PFS. Some suggested getting motivated volunteers to cons.

According to WarHorn, they still need judges for
Saturday at 2PM: MIsts of Mwangi

Sunday at 8AM: Murder on the Silken Caravan
Sunday at 2PM: Frozen Fingers of Midnight

It doesn't look like the Sunday at 2PM is going to make unless someone charismatic goes to the LFR mustering area and nabs the extras.

Any Paizonians in the greater Memphis area?

Dude, who let the girl in?

Don't let her use your dice. You'll get girl cooties on them.

What's that, Lisa? But you're cool. You're honorary boy, or something.

/Lisa can use my dice anytime.

Liberty's Edge

I read on a blog of a Paizo employee that you could swap a Pathfinder item card for a kiss. Somebody at GenCon demoed this, I understand. I gave my wife an item card tonight and she stared at me like I had grown a third eye.

I want a refund.

Or pictures. Of the card. And the young lady in question.

(He's out of town, right?)

Liberty's Edge ***

Is there anyone on these boards who is planning to go to DragonCon?

Liberty's Edge


I placed this order on August 7th, and it says the items below are "pending." What does that mean? Are they backordered?

Earthdawn Player's Guide—3rd Edition
Earthdawn Gamemaster's Guide—3rd Edition


Liberty's Edge


I'd like to add my order 1206517 to my regular monthly shipment, if that's possible.


Liberty's Edge

Is anyone running anything tonight?

Liberty's Edge

Is anyone working on a comprehensive index for the Pathfinder setting books and adventures? Is that something the fan website guidelines would allow?

Liberty's Edge

I hope this is the right discussion thread.

I would be interested in purchasing posters or t-shirts with the iconic class portraits on them. I know full color t-shirts are expensive, but I would love to have an Ezren shirt and a Harsk shirt.

Or, on a lighter note, wouldn't it funny to have a t-shirts that say:

I thought I hated Lorraine until I met Hasbro.

Liberty's Edge

Is there any way, after the fact, for you to combine my two orders to save shipping? If not, I understand. The numbers are:


Thanks for your great products and customer service. Satisfied customer here.

Liberty's Edge

Hello, fellow gamers!

I'm an experienced gamer who is interested in getting into any play-by-post game, but I prefer Euro-fantasy and Lovecraft/C.A. Smith weirdness.

I would like to learn and use the current Pathfinder rules as a show of support for Paizo, but I am open to any system. (I don't own 4E books yet.)

My writing and spelling is decent, I play well with others, and I don't try to drive or wreck the plot trolley.

Give me a shout back if you have a game I can join, or if you're willing to run a Pathfinder game for me and any others we can press-gang into service.

S. Meerkat

Liberty's Edge

On the CY Timeline for Greyhawk in Oerth Journal #1, there is an entry for 580 CY stating that the Magnificent Talking Goat Party was formed in Greyhawk. Can anyone point me toward more information on this organization with a peculiar moniker? Any PDF I can purchase? Or maybe someone just knows what it is and can post here?

Liberty's Edge

I'm excited about the Dragon Compendium product, and plan on getting it. However, I am really, really pumped about the Best of Oerth Journal Hardback. I hear the original editor-in-chief is coming back to head the project. Is this true?

That was one great periodical.

Liberty's Edge

Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for good play-by-post Dungeons and Dragons games?

If you don't mind a plug, my current favorite is the Realms of Adventure game(s) hosted at I won't go into a great amount of detail, but the best part about it (from an experienced play-by-poster's point of view) is that they have a large community of DM's from which a replacement will come if your DM has to quit mid-campaign. You don't have to start over.

They use 3.5 and they do a really good job with the Forgotten Realms setting. Players start at 3rd level, and they're looking for DM's and players now.

The URL for their OOC forum at is: 467

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