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Lamashtu (symbol)

Saint Caleth's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter, 2014 Marathon Voter. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,526 posts (2,790 including aliases). No reviews. 7 lists. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters. 8 aliases.


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Stephen White wrote:
There are some talented creative people within the PFS community who could work to replace the GM Shared Prep drive maps with ones of their own creation, similar to these threads where members commission or share their character portraits:

I have several sets of tokens for scenarios which I have prepped which are mostly generic and should be ok. These are tokens I use both for VTT and print out to use physically.

Is there a compilation of which NPC portraits have been put in the blog? Otherwise I'll just double check and change all of the Paizo art for other pictures.

I'd take a crack at some maps, but I have no idea where the "substantially similar" line is and I don't want to waste a bunch of time only to find out that it does not comply with the license restrictions in the end.

You can see a staircase leading up through a doorway along the southeast wall of the room. At the southern point of the room there is a staircase going down. Alternatively you could climb the pillars and try to grab the railing of the balcony, but that would be pretty hard to do.


But people never actually forgot how to speak the language, they just forgot that hieroglyphics wrote Egyptian/Coptic.

Just like Coptic today is mostly Egyptian with a bunch of Greek in it, Modern Osiriani is probably basically Ancient Osiriani with a bunch of Kellish vocabulary absorbed into it along with whatever language they speak in Geb and Nex and maybe some Vudrani from Jalmarey. Just like I imagine that the dialect of Kelish spoken in Osirion is different from "proper" Kelish the way that Egyptian Arabic is relatively divergent from the other dialects.

On the other hand, they obviously did not put that much historical and linguistic thought into that sentence in the ISWG.

Boram creates a dense cloud of smoke in the doorway as the party's attacks fail to connect with the goblins.

The surrounded goblin stabs Manius again and then squeaks in surprise that it is completely surrounded.

Hrothgar's rhino runs into the room and collapses the scaffolding and other detritus pied between the floor and the balcony. Two arrows from the archers bounce off of its hide.

Round 2!
PC's turn.

DM Rolls:

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
1d100 ⇒ 30
1d100 ⇒ 99
1d4 ⇒ 1
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'd do a Gunslinger/Warpriest with your gun as your sacred weapon. That would be fun. Pistol and free hand to cast.

Take gunslinger first and you can even play a few times to get a feel for the character before the Warpriest comes out in August.

Takhisis wrote:
But chances are they won't actually do anything -mechanically- to enforce it. It will be 100% RP. NPCs will comment on how your character is a man in woman's cloths and a "pansy" and all that kind of stuff, without actually giving you negative diplomacy modifiers. They will coerce the other players into reacting to your character as if they where a man in woman's clothing. All of those are things that have -no- mechanical basis and can be used to force me to RP them as a cross-dresser.

Yea, you can take all of that to a VO as a violation of the "don't be a dick" rule and expect them to do something about it.

The chance of any of that happening is vanishingly small. No one gives a s!@% about what your character is wearing most of the time. They will be picturing your token or mini no matter what.

My advice will always be to stop being paranoid about bad DMs and just play the character that you want. Even if there is a DM who is that much of an a*%%!!* about fluff I bet that you will find out from the community with enough time to avoid them entirely.

Takhisis wrote:
EDIT: Ninja'ed yet again....If they are power tripping they can force me not to re-fluff the character's items and thus back me into a corner where I either MUST RP them as something I don't want to(a cross-dresser) or leave the game/table entirely.

You don't have to RP anything is my point. The DM can say whatever they want, just play your character the same way that you always would, ie wearing men's clothing. How are they going to make you RP something?

If the DM starts making up mechanical repercussions to back up their interpretation or really putting you up against the wall RP-wise then you have something actionable to take to a VO because it is pretty much axiomatic that the DM never tells the players how to play their characters.

turtle006 wrote:
Google image search "male corset". There are lots, and they are by no means (all) feminine.

If all else really fails, I am absolutely certain that none of the images that you find if you took turtle's idea would be outside the realm of possibility for how a fantasy character dresses.

Takhisis wrote:
But some people -do-.....and if my GM happens to be one of them.....yeah.....

What are they possibly going to do even if they are power tripping on fluff? Seriously?

Takhisis wrote:
Still doesn't fix the -corset- as there is no equivalent masculine piece of clothing I can think of....and still, though, not every GM may allow the re-fluff.....because PF yeah....Still also looking for ideas for other classes to try...

I am still going to argue that you might have gotten a mistaken impression of PFS from the forums where a lot of the reskinning stupidity gets aired.

No one should care if your "corset" is actually a vest or waistcoat, both of which a nobleman might wear with his ruffly "blouse" shirt.

Just play the character you want if it is mechanically legal.

Takhisis wrote:
It is still, IMO, an issue...and as stated PF society won't let you re-fluff items.....and I have no desire to RP my character as a cross-dresser, even one in denial.

I still really don't see why this is a problem given that the "reskin rule" is probably the biggest misconception in PFS play. The rule actually says that you cannot reskin an animal companion or item to be something for which there are no rules. You can't have your club be a frying pan. You can't have your dog be a pig; etc. What it does not say is that you can never describe anything differently from what the fluff in the book is.

Even if you want to ignore that, there are plenty of blouses which were men's clothing especially in the medieval and early modern periods. In fact your typical Taldan nobleman's ruffly shirt (I assume that they all have them) is technically a blouse.


Seth Gipson wrote:
If either of you had played with Doug/other GM who says they are going to do the paperwork that way, that would be one thing, but from the way your posts are worded, you arent in that position. You are making assumptions about the play experience at a table you havent sat at.

They are not in that position becuase it is something they have stated that they are trying to avoid. I didn't read anything into it about them asuming that play would go a certain way. They are just pointing out that the several minutes per player has to come from somewhere, not to mention the time that players might have to spend getting their papers in order to the DM's satisfaction as Doug stated that he requires (which is more likely to come at the expense of paying attention in-game). They just don't want to risk that adversely affecting their single chance to play any given module.

I agree with them that it is a risk, especially when playing in a tightly scheduled slot like at most large events, which is probably where you are most likely to meet a DM who is a stickler for the chronicle filling out process.

Takhisis wrote:
and I don't think PF society will let you re-fluff items.

While there is a lot of stupidity surrounding fluff in PFS, this is completely ridiculous. Even in PFS it is not appropriate to enforce a flavor tax on witches.


Pirate Rob wrote:
nosig wrote:
Sorry, I would have to ask to be excused from the table...

I'm slightly unclear, and hopefully you don't read anything extra into my question,

but are you saying you consider the official process as outlined in the OP guide so horrible/stressful that you are only willing to play with GMs that do not follow the rules? (98%)

I wouldn't characterize it as horrible or stressful. Pedantic and unnecessary maybe since the way that everyone does it works perfectly adequately and does not waste a bunch of everyone's time. So I'm likely with noisg on this one.


It is on the chronicle for one module which I have seen, so don't give up too fast on finding one.

Dedicated Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

Anthony Adam wrote:
Ascension Rods

Most of what I have to say about this, Mikko beat me to, especially the bit about immoble rods.

On the topic of this item including both hand and foot components, you need to add language about whether all 4 need to be activated at once to work. Otherwise characters will try to use just the hands or just the feet in order to double their use of the item.

Lastly, get rid of the last sentence. You spend ~26 words basically saying that gravity works the way that the reader probably thinks it does. I generally think that if you are including something in an item which explains that a rule works normally, it is a clue that you are adding something superfluous. Because specific overrules general as a basic premise of the rules, that certain rules work normally in their usual context should be implicit.

What I really like about this item is that it is fairly elegant in execution, which is something that I think I value more than a lot of voters. I think that there are lots of elegant items which get somewhat unfairly tagged as boring or trivial (a trap which I fell into this last year with my entry). There is mojo in both an item with precisely the right bounds which uses no more words than absolutely necessary as well as a balls-to-the wall idea which is a bit of a mess technically.

Coriat wrote:
Teleportation magic as a replacement for conventional trade networks would suffer from a number of severe weaknesses. I suspect the availability of such would change the nature of trade in some ways, but it seems far-fetched to propose that it would eliminate conventional shipping.

Mostly because wizards who can cast greater teleport have better things to be doing with their time. Also far better ways to make money.


Deadmanwalking wrote:
I believe there was also a serious thematic issue involving whether the Eidolon on a Synthesist was semi-transparent, and a lot of arguments over that.

I don't know how much that factored into the decision compared to power concerns and rampant rules mistakes. The translucent thing was just your typical PFS stupidity regarding flavor.

I bet an oread would make a great warpriest. They make good inquisitors, which is the closest established analogue for the warpriest. The -2 CHA will hurt, but the class might become less MAD in the final book.

I would take Weapon Focus (Shield Bash) and chose a god with a good 1 handed weapon in order to make a sword and board warpriest who can use their main weapon or shield bash without losing any effectiveness. I advocate that only becasue I find the image of just two-handing a shield to be very silly.

It's fine, as long as it is there in your posts it will work.

Dedicated Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

You have an excellent point. I didn't anticipate the potential hole between the activation and setting the resistance and DR.

I might just be better off making it 1/day as an immediate action, and maybe add a small constant effect which turns off for the day when you use the activated power.

Dedicated Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

Here is something I came up with while waiting for the next combat round in the Jade Regent PbP I am playing. I feel really good about it, even though it is just a first draft. I hope it is not too convoluted; it is one of the longest items I have written yet at ~240 words.

Bloodshield Amulet
Aura moderate abjuration and necromancy; CL 7th
Slot neck; Price 35,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.
The rough gem set in this matte steel gorget pulses in anticipation with bloody light whenever the wearer faces danger.

Three times per day, the wearer may call on the fury of the amulet for protection. While the amulet is activated, the first time that the wearer would take weapon damage, she gains DR 10 effective against the type of damage taken (taking bludgeoning damage grants DR 10/piercing or slashing and likewise for slashing or piercing damage). The first time that the wearer would take energy damage, she gains resistance 10 against the type of energy damage taken. Once these protections are set, they cannot be changed until the amulet is used again.

The protection lasts for as long as the wearer is embroiled in battle. In any round in which the wearer does not deal more damage than in the previous round or reduce an enemy of at least half of her hitdice to 0 hit points, the energy resistance and damage reduction granted by the amulet are each reduced by 5. When the energy resistance and damage reduction are both reduced to 0, the effect ends.

The amulet can be activated as an immediate action in response to taking damage, but doing so expends all three daily uses.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, deadly juggernaut, resist energy; Cost 17,500 gp.


Pirate Rob wrote:

Please, please, please,

stop offering cash/minis/books etc. for Boons.

Trading minis or books is completely reasonable for someone who has not had the chance to attend events with boons and therefore has nothing else to trade in this thread.

It is only the outright purchase of boons which should be frowned on.

The game ticking along smoothly is more important than RAW. So is common sense.

Welcome. We will not be starting until April 5 as part of PbP Game Day 2, so until then just post here so that I know you are ready and hang out.


nosig wrote:
In other words - he's ok at some tables and not at others? This is not going to work in PFSOP...

Its not like this is a new problem. There has always been an extent to which you have to avoid certain tables with certain characters due to how much table variation we allow around here.

I should probably get this show on the road, even though it will be a week and a bit until we actually start.

I am going to take:

So you guys can head over to the discussion thread. Revvy, since you have not played this before, if you post a character alias you can join too.

It looks like I will be taking 5 people from this thread, so feel free to post a character.

I will make a choice by monday or tuesday since we have plenty of time before it is time to start.

Dedicated Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

Thanks for the critique. I just want to explain my design process for a few points.

Christopher Wasko wrote:

Most items are activated with swift actions, not free actions. Doesn't make it wrong, in this case, just unorthodox. Making it a swift action might balance the price slightly too.

I got the free action activation and 10 rounds/day from the way that boots of speed work since I think that the two items would be used comparably in battle, for a round or two at a time.

Christopher Wasko wrote:
Unless I'm mistaken, most creatures would need at least four attacks in a full attack action in order to utilize the item's second function, and that's only against a Medium-sized foe. Again, doesn't make it wrong but it may limit its utility a smidge (dual-wielders will have a field day).

You only need three attacks to flank with yourself on the last one since you can 5' step diagonally. I thought of this ability being more useful for setting up lots of flanks for allies (since it lasts for one round), I just took the wording from the Dimensional Savant feat.

Christopher Wasko wrote:
the price seems quite low for an item of this caliber. I like the way you toy with the movement rules, but factor that into your pricing a bit more.

You are probably right, I originally priced it at 13K which might be more correct.

Now that I think about it though, this idea would be better as a feat or a rage power or ninja trick rather than an item.

Dedicated Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Here is a quick first draft. I will try to pop into this thread every once in a while, but I am focusing on writing an adventure at the moment, so my item participation might be a little sparse to start out.

Battledancing Slippers
Aura faint transmutation; CL 4th
Slot feet; Price 9,000 gp; Weight 1 lbs.
These soft slippers embroidered with gold and mithral allow the wearer to effortlessly slip through the chaos of battle. As a free action, the wearer may activate the slippers to take a 5 ft. step after each attack while full attacking for one round. This ability operates for up to 10 rounds per day. These rounds need not be consecutive.

For one round while the slippers are active, any square which the wearer moves out of counts as being occupied by an ally for the purposes of flanking (this effectively allows the wearer to flank with himself or with multiple other allies). Activating this second ability expends 5 rounds of use.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, bladed dash; Cost 4,500 gp.

I will be taking 4 or 5 people, so post with your character and make sure to include your PFS number in the alias.

I will try to pick a balanced party since this module can be pretty hard.

Looks like it's time for another PbP game day.

Thornkeep: The Accursed Halls
Beneath Brokenhelm Hill and the weathered walls of Thornkeep lies an ancient maze of magic and madness. Once the workrooms and summoning chamber of a rebel Azlanti lord, these subterranean chambers were forgotten thousands of years ago after the eradication of the evil lord and his followers. Over the centuries, adventurers have found their way into these twisting passages and magnificent chambers, only to discover that the fading magic of the ancient Azlanti still lingers here. The people of Thornkeep call this dungeon the Halls Under the Hill, but those heroes who have dared its depths know this place by a different name: the Accursed Halls.

This is a tier 1-2 module which can be replayed with 1st level characters.

This module contains encounters potentially very deadly for first level characters. You have been warned.

One, maybe two spots are reserved. So I will be taking 4 or 5 players to start, but there is a chance that one or both of the other slots will open up.

We will begin on April 5 and will need to keep up a pace of at minimum 1, preferably more, posts per day in order to finish on time.

Matt Thomason wrote:

The GSL is based more around references than rules, there's no real "open content", just the right to reference certain terms from 4e, making it near impossible to construct a new game from it. All you can really do is create a module or a set of add-on rules with references back to things in the main D&D rulebooks.

It's also closer to a hybrid of the previous OGL and d20 licenses in that you are tied into putting a "D&D compatible" logo on a licensed product.

I'm not knocking it, because they don't have to allow any kind of license at all. However, given the choice the OGL + d20 SRD seems to be the more attractive option for most 3PPs. For Next to get decent 3PP support it needs to provide an incentive to tempt 3PPs away from the 3.5 ruleset. Maybe that means OGLing Next, or maybe a new type of license. Of course, they could just decide they don't want 3PP support, just like most other non-OGL games.

The real misstep was that using the GSL prevented a publisher from continuing to use the OGL IIRC. If WotC had not included that, they could have benefited from having a parallel (although likely smaller) 3PP community around 4e instead of everyone flocking to PF.

I suspect that whatever type of license they come up with for 5e, they probably will learn from their mistake, and not try to kill the OGL again.

I remember when 4e came out that my friends and I played for a while but then grew tired of the (at the time) limited and relatively homogeneous character options. So my entire group moved over to using PF/all our old 3.5 books together and gradually phasing out the 3.5 as more PF material came out. I know that I certainly will not shell out for 5e until there is a good amount of material or unless it truly is modular and backwards compatible and even then only if there is an option to purchase PDFs separate from garbage like DDI.

Dedicated Voter 2013, Marathon Voter 2014

It begins again. I will hopefully be in this thread more than last year. I already have an idea for an entry but it's a secret. Shh....

No need to resort to silly things like that. You can make your axe a consecrated weapon so that it among other things, can act as a holy symbol. As a bonus you even get a s#$!ty Channel Smite if you want.


Try the other SRD sites; I find them to be perferable to the PRD for most purposes. d20pfsrd or Archives of Nethys.

I have never had a formatting problem cut/pasting from d20pfsrd and Archives of Nethys has a great search function.


reika michiko wrote:
My two cents? Special boons for one time conventions? No ty. I find it incredibly rude to base a reward off of the ability to rearange your schedule and money just for the small hope you are one of a slim few to win. If your gonna do it as a boon.. do it at the local level.

This again, really? I don't know why people are still complaining about this since now between online events and the boon trading thread the problem of barriers to access are largely solved. I think that race boons should be replaced with other things like RPG Superstar Top 32 items, but that is less of a quibble now than it ever was.

Yea, it sucks if you don't live in a place with enough of a gaming community for there to be anything besides PFS around, where there are no real campaigns for you to participate in. But I also see an opportunity to advertise your own campaign by allowing options not allowed in PFS.

PFS gets dull because all the combination of characters have pretty much been made. Its time to throw in a little goblin chaos, a little drow underhandedness, and little druegar racism.

No, we really don't. Goblins were a terrible idea to start with. They are just a way to troll tables while hiding behind the fact that you are a goblin and have a super-exclusive boon and I am glad that they are for the most part gone by now. The other two races are evil and in Golarion designed to be solely antagonists. The idea that all the combinations of basic characters have been made is completely ridiculous.

I'm a little surprised that Nephthys made the list. I know she is one of the big ones, but it seems too close to Nethys*

I assume is it just a coincidence from the fact that Nethys' name was originally made up to sound kind of Egyptian, but it would be kind of neat if there were some kind of in-world reason.

*YMMV based on pronunciation. I say it with the ph as f, so Nephthys and Nethys wind up sounding really similar

The City of London has a Rememberancer.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Saint Caleth wrote:

I think that the determining factor is more that there are "pop culture" versions of many ancient deities as distinct from both what archaeologists know about their actual ancient forms and to a lesser extent also different from their reconstructed neopagan worship today. That is why ancient deities from a wide variety of cultures are seen as fair game for fantasy unlike the deities of modern religions like Christianity which lack that "pop culture" incarnation.

I don't think that it has anything to do with the number of worshipers there are to offend.

That's an interesting idea, and quite possibly partially correct...though I'd argue there actually are pop-culture versions of a variety of Judaeo-Christian stuff, just not ones that are commonly seen in Western culture. Ever sen any Anime involving portrayals of Christianity? That's a pretty good example of the same kind of thing.

That's my point. While in the West we have our "pop culture" ideas of Shinto, they do the exact same thing in reverse in Japan with our religious traditions.

We also even have our own pop-culture versions of Judeo-Christian things as well. Mostly the Angels and Devils as they generally appear in fantasy. In PF specifically, the empyreal lords Salathiel and Uriel come from archangels. Essentially all of the demon lords and archdevils are drawn from Christian myth. The fact that there are 9 levels of hell and 7 of heaven is lifted wholesale from Dante with even most of the names and order intact.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Fourthly, I never objected to statting deities worshiped by real people. Just for the record. I was simply saying that it seemed to me that Paizo were, in fact, avoiding statting, say, Jesus because it would be unpopular and cause problems, not because it was morally 'okay' to stat Ra, but not Jesus.

I think that the determining factor is more that there are "pop culture" versions of many ancient deities as distinct from both what archaeologists know about their actual ancient forms and to a lesser extent also different from their reconstructed neopagan worship today. That is why ancient deities from a wide variety of cultures are seen as fair game for fantasy unlike the deities of modern religions like Christianity which lack that "pop culture" incarnation.

I don't think that it has anything to do with the number of worshipers there are to offend. LazarX does have a point that neopaganism represents a modern reconstruction and not an actual ancient religious tradition, not that that makes it any less legitimate of a religious belief. Even the ancient religions with continuous practice to the modern day are generally considered fair game for fantasy, since they, as mentioned above, have distinct "pop culture" representations different from their actual practice.

pH unbalanced wrote:

What about things that aren't quite divine?

I have an Aasimar Celestial-blooded Sorcerer that's planning on making a trip to Rahadoum soon. Golden skin, wings, permanent halo, the whole nine yards. And has Bless as an Arcane spell. Is, for lack of a better word, "holiness" a problem, or just actual worship.

(This ignores the whole working-towards-Mystery-Cultist part, which would be kept secret, of course. Even then, I'm planning on playing it much more like extreme respect for an ancestor than actual worship.)

I imagine that the average Rahadoumi citizen would not know the difference, but as someone pointed out earlier, it's not like Rahadoum is backwards. I bet that a lot of aspects of arcane magic and alchemy are more advanced there than anywhere else since they have to pull double duty and cover for divine magic.

You won't have to go all that far to find someone smart enough to tell the difference between arcane and divine magic. You are probably going to have more problems for being descended from outsiders, although as with the magic, lots of people would have enough ranks of Knowledge(Planes) to tell the difference.


Jeff Merola wrote:
hotsauceman wrote:
my friend told me mostly GMs get them
GMs get a special boon for showing up to GM, but everyone who plays at a con gets a shot at the other boons.

Your friend might have meant that you have to DM to get a race boon specifically, since as far as I am aware that has generally been the case.


hotsauceman wrote:
This may sound stupid, BUT how does one typically get boons?

Attend events like cons and game days. Including online, which helps if you don't live in a place with lots of gaming options.


TriOmegaZero wrote:
Saint Caleth wrote:
So how many are there actually and how are they given out? I assume that larger conventions get access to more of them, but are they always given to cons in order or is it random.
PaizoCon had 18 different boons when I attended.

Doesn't Paizocon have its own set of special boons like Gencon does? I was wondering about the regular old Season 5 Player Boons which you can get at a regular con or regional event.


Ahmose Setenheb: Undine Watersinger Bard. It's a fun archetype but Undines don't really make very good bards.

I have a triple race boon which I want to use to make a kitsune Swashbuckler/Ninja but I am waiting for the final version of the class first.


Lormyr wrote:

Mystic_Snowfang is refering to an actual game mechanic, not just an rp choice (though it is that as well). The code of conduct for that particular archetype is as follows:

Code of Conduct: Never suffer an evil outsider to live if it is in your power to destroy it. Banish fiends you cannot kill. Purge the evil from those possessed by fiends.

I ma aware of the mechanics of the archetype. Hiding behind mechanics is still not an excuse to push the limits of explore, report cooperate. The bit about penance applies in this case and gives the paladin an in game way to avoid being a source of party conflict.


Oh good god, not this again.

Just like last time, you have to avoid PvP and you should keep in mind that the first rule of the campaign is explore, report,cooperate. It is your job as a player to not engage in PvP, no matter how fanatical your character is.

If if you are playing a character who you don't think can follow that rule, it is probably not an appropriate character concept for PFS.

Iomedae wrote:

If you see an opportunity to right a wrong and fail to

take it, you have sinned against Iomedae and must perform a penance that fixes the original situation. If that’s not possible, you must find three others like it and make those right instead.

If you insist on the concept, Iomedae allows threefold penance to make up for a wrong that you cannot right immediately. This was probably specifically included as part of her faith in order to make paladins less disruptive. Even if your paladin is ordered by the Pathfinders to work with someone who summons evil outsiders, you can kill three diabolists between scenarios to make up for it and you don't fall.


I was referencing when he impaled the prisoners from the first Turkish army along the road into his territory where the second army could find them.

Fun, mostly useless fact: the punishment for failure if you were an Ottoman general was to be killed by being strangled to death with a silk cord by eunuchs.


The Beard wrote:
The question, then, would be what alignment someone would actually assign to a character based on Vlad Tepes; one that does unspeakably bad things yet accomplishes the greater good they sought after in the process.

Definitely Evil. Evil people can still accomplish things which benefit others, specifically when defending their homes by brutally murdering waves of invading armies.

Sometimes to get things done, you just need Evil allies who will impale the first invading army where the second invading army can see them.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It has letters on it instead of numbers, except the Greek alphabet is 24 letters long. I wonder which letters they left out to get it to fit on a d20.

I guess a d20 is easier to envision than a d24.

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