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Saint Bernard's page

287 posts. Alias of DougErvin.


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UnArcaneElection wrote:

^That's Blade Tutor's Spirit that I mentioned way upthread (first time in my debugged Mymidarch switch-hitter build post).

That is a nice spell, I will have to have my character add it to his spell book.

Rented it last night, pretty good movie. I had a problem with the isolated hideout. Given what it would need in supplies it would have come up in surveillance as a target of interest.

Just purchased and scanned through it. Wow, as a spell caster definitely better than the cleric or arcanist. If I get to play a cleric like character in a home game again I will try to talk my GM into allowing it. I wish Kobold Press had written the cleric and arcanist for Paizo, the priest is just so much better.

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Season 1 has been released on Netflix. Now I can binge watch them before season 2.

Snowlilly wrote:
knightnday wrote:
No, errata and/or FAQ are not somehow killing fun.
The magus community would like to speak to you about the Slashing Grace / Fencing Grace erratas.

The erratas to both have made a couple of magi concepts less appealing. A rapier using magus and probably the most interesting one, a magus wielding an Aldori dueling sword. Not exactly overpowering in my mind.

Half-elf ranger (Nirmathian Irregular).

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Too many fellow players trying to do some really cool thematic moves and getting hit with a critical attack for their efforts. Enough poison being used by the enemy that if it had been real it would have killed everything in the Great Plains. So a lot of times all of my cleric's self buff became cure * wounds. I got to the point where I would prepare raise dead and carry a portable altar in my handy haversack. Without a dedicated healer, there would have been a number of TPKs.

I have played a cleric up to 18th level, it is hard to resist turning into a dedicated healer. In many ways I wish the warpriest had been thought of as an alternative to the cleric when the CRB was written. I find it a more interesting class and nearly as good a healer as a cleric.

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Be gentle.

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You are guaranteed 1 sale on each of them. I look forward to each new set of 101 spells.

Any idea when or even if your next set of spells will be released?

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James Jacobs wrote:
Belltrap wrote:

You've said before that in Golarion, while paladins and inquisitors are often/almost always part of a deity's religion, only clerics require a god from whom to derive their magic.

It isn't hard to imagine what a paladin looks like without a religion, as they at least have their code to adhere to; what does an inquisitor that eschews religion look like?

Then, separately... I read somewhere that in your original setting that eventually became Golarion, Pharasma was originally conceived as LN. What led to changing her alignment to TN for Pathfinder? Did her behavior as a LN pre-Pharasma differ in anyway from how Pharasma has been described in Pathfinder?

The more a class's rules require you to have a deity in order to make build decisions, the more important it is for your character to worship a deity. Paladins don't pick domains or nmake deity-flavored choices, so they can get away with faiths in non-deity things. Clerics and warpriests DO choose domains and gain favored weapon abilities, and therefor they DO have to pick a deity (I'm aware that the core rules say otherwise but I consider that a home-game option for a GM to adopt and wish we said so in print; the concept of a cleric without a deity is a fragment that got left in the game when we were first creating it and were too timid on cutting certain compatibility ties with 3.5). Inquisitors also choose domains, but they have the option to also choose an inquisition so that means they can get away with following a non-deity religion.

But that said... ALL classes who gain divine spells SHOULD be deity worshipers, in my opinion, with the exceptions being relatively rare.

An inquisitor who doesn't worship a deity would still act as a sort of "police" force for her faith and beliefs. THAT'S what an inquisitor needs; faith and conviction in something larger than herself.

Pharasma was originally much more heavily inspired by/influenced by my favorite Greyhawk deity, Wee Jas, who is also lawful neutral. For Golarion,...

James, curious how you feel about the Green Faith? I can easily seem most druids, hunters and rangers worshiping it instead of a deity.

Second question: Which region most resembles pre-1900 Great Plains?

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I have used with an archer bard and found it great at lower levels and from 5 to 9 it helped keep up with the fighter's weapon specialization. The next magus I plan to build for PFS will take it at 1st level. Despite what the guides say a magus doesn't have that many uses for swift actions at lower levels.

Started watching it on Netflix, I am liking it but the graphic body count is a little much.

James, how do you pronounce Ymeri? Is the Y like my or yellow? Personally I think it sounds better when it is the I sound.

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Reviewed and I highly recommend this.

David: When you get to the 101 Grassland Spell, one thing to remember about the grasslands is the amount of wildfires during the dry season. I live in Denver and we go from nearly at flood stage to extreme fire danger in only a couple of weeks each year. Spell caster in the grasslands will develop a number of spells to quench fires, divert the wildfire around a dwelling or on a higher level an entire village. There will be spells to predict where a tornado will touch down. Grasslands are not a boring place at all.

I also hit the FAQ button.

Jason Nelson wrote:
Saint Bernard wrote:
Why no Theurge in the additional classes?

The backers voted on the additional base classes they wanted to add, and we went with the ones they selected.

Makes perfect sense. I will purchase your books once they are generally available. You have given me faith that mystic levels can be playable.

Why no Theurge in the additional classes?

Initial scan looks good. I really like the side bar for Argentine’s Grace. Finding someone to sell you a scale off of a 600+ year old silver dragon could make for an interesting side quest. I will review it as soon as I finish reading it.

I hope we don't get too much less J'onn J'onnz. One of the great things with the show is take two of DC's most powerful characters and set their power levels to a more reasonable level. In some of the comic variations if Supergirl and J'onn J'onnz showed up then it was game over for any non-cosmic level foe.

In the real world if a humanoid from the largest planet that could allow a two legged humanoid to exist came to Earth he/she would act more like John Carter of Mars. A very scary fighting force but not the planet destroying potential of Superman.

My problem with the end of the season final episode is what are the writers going to do with the event. Barry should know by now that messing with the time line is very risky. The Flashpoint movie is a good example of that. I expect a lot of bad things to happen to Barry due to his rash act.

Saw a commercial on CW for Supergirl this fall. I am looking forward to the second season and hope Hank will remain a major character. I would love to see Green Lantern in a episode or two.

Thanks for the update, looking forward to 101 Hills and Mountains Spells.

For one of your future spell books I would like to suggest a spell.

Prismatic Sword
Magus 6
School: Transmutation
Component: V, F (sword)
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 rnd/level
Savings Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
This spells function similar to Prismatic Spray except the target is the sword. The sword constantly shifts through the colors associated with Prismatic Spray. The enhancement bonus of the sword remain but all special abilities are suppressed for the duration of the spell. Additionally, Spellstrike is suppressed. With each successful attack, roll on Prismatic Spray chart to determine the additional effects.

Would have fit in with 101 Shadow and Darkness Spell but hopefully you can find a place for it.

What is your next offering?

This is an excellent guide. I am building my first half-orc character since 1ed.

N. Jolly wrote:
Guess who's working on a new project?

Awesome start, I can't wait to see it finished.

Real life has not permitted me the time to do a proper review. However, 101 Urban Spells is as excellent as others in the series. Of the typical terrain types, urban is my least favorite but I could see the value and use of almost all the spells. While I did not see any game changing ones like the Ken series of spells in 101 Swamp Spells I would recommend this to anyone whose characters spend most of their time in an urban setting.

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I found The Lost Lands: Fields of Blood to be an excellent addition to my collection. I have lived in Denver for the past 22 years and traveled the Great Plains extensively and never imagined the depth of adventure that a temperate grassland had available. This is a must have book for anyone needing to either run or design an adventure/campaign in a grass land.

Excellent job.

One minor comment about the construction, while excellent as expect from FGG the paper feels different and comes across as cheap.

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Imbicatus wrote:

Dawn of Superfriends

It looks better than the actual movie.

That was great.

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Just purchased this. Looking forward to receiving the hard copy.

I haven't had the time to really read it in depth but so far I think the new spells are excellent. Once I get some time I will review it and write a review.

Just looked over the 14 page full sized preview of 101 Urban Spells. This is a must buy for me next payday.

Just checked out the full sized preview of 101 Urban Spells. On my to buy list for next payday. The 14 preview is perfect.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My sci-fi loving son is coming in on the 26th so I will probably be going to see it soon after. The trailers are interesting.

I am enjoying reading this series of spells. These are some of the best spells I have ever seen. Can't wait until you do mountains, plains, and aquatic. Are you planning on a final compilation of these spells similar to 1001 Spells with Hero Lab support?

Just got it, looks good at first glance. I will review it over the weekend.

I have 101 Swamp Spells, 101 Forest Spells, and the underground one. What's next?

Ravingdork wrote:

Some of my personal builds:

Alleunti Dilesi, 6th-level elf demonologist
Bumiahma Britoris Orpheus, 12th-level human master enchanter
Sandalphon, 14th-level human arcane fiend slayer
She'er Falen, 15th-level ifrit fire mage

More characters can be found in my Crazy Character Gallery.

As for basics: You should ALWAYS take dimensional slide, potent magic, and quick study as your first class ability selections. These three together along with your other spells and abilities are what puts you above even a wizard in terms of potency, survivability, and versatility.

I really like the She'er Falen build. Very well done.

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Kazmüd Khazmüd wrote:
School Savant sounds pretty cool, we'll have to look into it. Also, I cannot not imagine a less necessary class than the Warpriest.

Thanks for being willing to take another look at the Arcanist. I think the Warpriest is a case of missed opportunity. It would have made a great substitute for the Cleric in the PFCRB. Closer in concept to the AD&D Cleric.

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Probably beating the updates to the items. I checked Inner Sea Gods and it is discounted.

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Listened to the Hybrid Classes episode. Pretty intense review of the 10 classes. I think the arcanist is better than you make it out to be. The arcanist archetype, School Savant, allows it to substitute for a wizard and the casting mechanic is better than either a wizard or sorcerer. I prefer blockbusters over god wizards so in my opinion the arcanist works better for it.

I have been trying to love the warpriest as an alternative to the paladin and like you found it kind of boring in comparison.

Saint Bernard

Just got this today and I am pleased with what I am finding. My favorite spell so far is Echoing Bell. A wonderful solution to dealing with monsters with blind sense and tremor sense. The other spell that grabbed my attention is Vampire Destroyer Weapon. My initial concern with the spell was that it is not cumulative with other weapon enhancing spells. Being very literal this means that the paladin weapon bond, magus arcane pool will not mesh with it. However once I understood how powerful the spell really is I decided the author found a good balancing point.

I highly recommend this PDF.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

When do you think you will get to the Warpriest?

FrodoOf9Fingers wrote:

Dex to damage will be harder to come by. I guess they really wanted it to be a rogue thing, as can be seen with the unchained rogue. Agile weapons are still a thing if you want something other than a scimitar and you want Dec to damage.

As a heads up, the guide is going to be replaced by a broader scoped guide in just a little bit.

Looking forward to your new guide.

I found a couple of editing errors last night. The spell list have a reference to the spell, Wooden Dragon, which does not appear in the spell section. Also several spell reference greensight, which is not in the PDF.

Overall, I am pleased by the quality and balance of the spells. The concept introduced in 101 Swamp Spells of being able to define your allies and summon them to you has been artfully introduced to a forest setting.

I'll keep reading.

Vrecknidj wrote:
Saint Bernard wrote:
This sounds great. Once you go live I will check it out. After this how about 1001 Environment Spell expanding on 101 Swamp Spells?
Working on it. 101 Forest Spells is available. Two others are on the editor's desk and I'm working on the 5th now.

Picked it up, I'll look over it this weekend.

Just picked this up. I'll review it over the weekend. Initial glance looks good.

Owen, excellent product but we really need one for spells.

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