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Saint Bernard's page

220 posts. Alias of DougErvin.


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I received my copy on Saturday and have been reading it when I could over the weekend. Very well done and I am working on a review of it. A couple of surprises, the concept of the Geomancer seems perfect for the Theurge but is wizard only. The second is the spell Elflord's Battle Armor is not available to the magus. Very good book overall.

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Wolfgang Baur wrote:

To be fair, that was a copy sent to a Kickstarter backer within the Seattle area. Books outide the metro area, not to mention outside the United States, will take a bit longer to arrive.

But yep, first print books trickling out. We're shipping a big stack to backers every day this week (and probably shipping the last of the backer copies next week).

Great to hear, I am looking forward to receiving mine. One question, when do we, backers, get the PDF?

Owen, I would really like some lower level versions of Shadow Evocation and Shadow Conjuration.

So are you up to 4 books now or still 3?

I received my copy of the hard cover. Now I just need to get through the work day.

Jeremy - I assume the rest of my physical kick starter items are coming in a second box?

I pre-ordered 1001 Spells here on Paizo and at the time the PDF and file were included with the hard cover.

Order # 1853208
Placed November 11, 2011
Purchaser Douglas Ervin

If I need to purchase the file from Hero Labs I will.


I purchased 1000 Spells as a pre-order years ago and got the Hero Labs file with the PDF. The file no longer works with Hero Labs due to it also being a product from them. Is there a way to fix the problem or do I need to purchase the file for Hero Labs?

Saint Bernard

silverhair2008 wrote:
My copy comes from my pledge on the Psionic minis Kickstarter. So I have no idea when it will be shipped.

I ordered mine through the Ultimate Psionic kick starter so I am in the dark also when I will receive mine. In the meantime I have the PDF to read.

Reviewed as promised. Marc, please keep up the good work.

After listening to review on Know Direction I will have to put this on my wish list.

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Sorry to hear the Pathfinder market has collapsed for you. Your material for the River Nations was awesome. Next payday I am going to order a copy of the Book of Beasts: Legendary Foes just so I can have one before they disappear. I hope sales improve.

Chris Ballard wrote:
Finally, I got my color book today. Just a few minutes ago.

I am so jealous. :(

Actually that is great and gives me hope that the waiting is almost over.

Anguish wrote:
Jeremy Smith wrote:
It looks like there may be some scratch & dent stock available soon. I'm still working through it, but signs are pointing to "yes."

Ughhhhh. You're a horrible person. Know the thing about "must not buy another copy"? Crap. Crap. Crappity crap crap. I just kind of want this too much to wait (entirely) for my KS limited edition.

/me watches the thread like a hawk.

I know exactly how you feel.

Jeremy, does this mean those of us who supported the kick starter should start expecting a huge box at our doors?

Saint Bernard

Theurge from Kobold Press New Path Compendium is also a very good arcane/divine caster. One interesting and unique ability is the theurge has the ability to learn and prepare arcane spell other than just sorcerer/wizard and divine spells other than just cleric. So he/she could eventually have access to all spells.

Saint Bernard

I would rule 2. 6d8 points of damage.

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I have to second the praise of the Thurge. This is a great class for those of us who prefer not using prestige classes.

Jason, did you get the feed back you needed from the ACG playtest? As a group that was a very well thought out and diverse character classes.

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Jim convinced me, I backed at the $30.00 level.

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When you think it is proper, please preview the theurge. I have always been intrigued with the concept of the mystic theurge but the implementation has always been lacking.

Pre-ordered here on Paizo.

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Captain K. wrote:

My 2p.

Arcanist: Miss. This sounds like a recipe for over-flexible abuse. There's never enough love for straight Sorcerers.

This is the one I am most interested in. Might be the answer to what I have always felt was a problem with both classes. I am hoping for a class where you prepare a number of spells per day and then can spontaneously cast them as you need.

Looks like the kick starter made the second stretch goal.

I also backed at the Questor level, always on the lookout for great adventures.

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Aleron wrote:
Sooo...Rite Publishing...when do we get the 1001 Mythic Spells? I mean, I love using a good deal of these in my games and having mythic versions available in a new book would be an insta-buy from me.

You got at least one other purchaser in me.

Are we there yet? I am very much looking forward to this book. I have been a fan of half-elf characters since OD&D.

Jeremy, just downloaded it and managed to glance over it. Very impressive work, there are some things I don't understand yet. I suspect much of it is my out of context problem. I can't wait until I finally get the hard cover.

The season ending was a huge let down for my wife and I. I think it was rushed into production due to getting a contract for a 2nd season. Now I get to wait until next summer to see how they resolve everything.

1. Should President Obama have committed forces without consulting Congress, such has been done in most conflicts since World War II?

No, consulting Congress is a valuable safeguard to minimize excessive use of force. Unlike the President, we have better access to our Representatives and Senators. As such, the general feeling of the voters can be taken into account. A number of polls show the majority of citizens do not support an attack on Syria and that needs to be taken into account.

2. Should the United States intervene on the basis of the alleged use of Chemical Weapons?

I am against intervening in Syria unless it is part of UN action.

3. Does the lack of international support impact the validity of United States pending intervention?

Absolutely, without UN support if we attack we are doing the same thing as any of the rogue nations we condemn.

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ErrantX wrote:
Ssalarn wrote:
ErrantX wrote:

Well, it just seems that it's a play style difference vs rules then. I had a DM of mine once limit me when I was playing in his game once similarly, basically saying, "Hey, I know you're good. I know your toon will be powerful. Stahp." And that's fine, but that's limits that are imposed on a game by game basis. Not all DM's feel that way. I've had and let PC's take down a big bad in a single spell (I wasn't thrilled but the players were cheering and that made me happy for them). Escalation of power is important, but in this sense I think it makes sense to not limit the rules to a single play style. Tell me if I'm way off base here, please.

YuenglingDragon wrote:
What if Deadly Strike added a bit to base damage for weapons with a multiplier higher than 2? This could incentivize a broader range of weapons used.

This intrigues me. Give me an example? :)


What about changing the die size based on your weapon's crit multiplier, kind of in the thread of Thundering or Icy Burst weapons, but scaling in size instead of number? If you use a x2 crit weapon, Deadly Strike deals d6's, x3 d8's, x4 d10's? That way, if you're running on a lower crit chance / higher crit multiplier weapon, your damage is scaling up with the class feature to net you similar returns without requiring a more complicated mechanic or changing the way the basic ability works too much.

That's quite the simple and elegant solution there. Gives reasons for the scythe wielding stalkers to exist. Because tell me that doesn't sound cool to you! :P

What say the rest of you?


Sounds like a great solution.

For anyone who does not have the book/PDF, pick it up. It is a treasure of spells that enhance all of the spell casting classes. Just the curses pay for the book.

zergtitan wrote:

Have each paladin take a different archetype that works well in the AP. then when you get to your mythic moment.

Your combat focus paladin becomes champion.
Your defense focus paladin becomes guardian.
Your divine caster focus paladin becomes hierophant.
Your commander/teamwork focus paladin becomes marshal.

There should be an archetype that helps each of these.

One of my ideas for this AP if I get to play it was for a paladin with the trait Magical Knack going for Hierophant with Mystic Spell casting and the path powers which gives you bonus slots.

I have not had a chance to really study the legendary item rules yet but my first thought was that a mystic black blade would be cool. I FAQed the first post.

By RAW, nothing prevents that. It is actually a great feature in isolated situation to get new spells.

When do we get see some previews of this?

Can we expect weekly progress updates?

There is a benefit:
•iPad, iPhone, and Android reference app for all Deep Magic spells

Is there any chance a similar app could be made for the Microsoft Surface RT?

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Endzeitgeist wrote:
Damn, I need to somehow scrounge the money together to join this

End, I know exactly how you feel. I can't afford it but I am up to $80 due to all of the great things coming from the stretch goals.

Saw it last night, and I did not have any real problem with any of the acting. Kevin Costner portrayed a pretty typical Kansas farmer, my late father in law was a Kansas farmer, and Kevin did a really good job showing that kind of stoicism. The other highlight was the Kryptonian female warrior, I really appreciated the respect she showed the Army Colonel even though he was physically her inferior. She recognized him as a fellow solider and faced him as an equal. How Lois and Clark developed their relationship made a ton more sense than either the comics or previous movies.

The problem with the movie is the acting is only 10% of the movie. The sheer amount of violence, destruction, and noise detracted from all of the good parts of the movie. They could have cut 45 minutes of the fighting out and it would not have made a difference to the plot line of the movie. They should have given the 45 wasted minutes to Kevin Smith to do character development.

Doubt I will buy the DVD.

Thanks for all the great responses. The RT was my father's day present so no going for the next model up. At the very least it will run the PDF of my character for a game.

I just upped my pledge from Arcanist to Wizard. I want the second book.

With 16 days to go, you may end up with more material than will fit in 296 pages. This is only my second kick starter but this one has gone nova. More than anything else I want lots of elemental spells.

Really excellent work, I have a question. How does the trait Magical Knack for either a paladin or ranger affect their spell points? Thanks in advance.

Can Hero Lab be installed on a Microsoft Surface RT? If not, are there any plans to port to it?


My wife and I just saw it last night, we really enjoyed it. Having seen the original episode and the Wrath of Khan and her not, she did not understand why I laughed at time.

One thing I did not see was support for Hero Labs. Will there be a file for it?

I just backed at the $40 level. I just could not resist the addition to my spell casting classes.

Just picked up Ultimate Campaign and there are some interesting magus specific traits in it. Three I have found interesting so far are Arcane Revitalization, Arcane Temper, and Bladed Magic. Part of the new rule subsystem is your background determines which traits you have access to, no more cherry picking. I will post an analysis of the new traits later in the week.

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Picked this up on Friday and all I can say is wow. I wish you could have been part of the initial discussions with Paizo when they are developing PFRPG. If you could have presented this material then we might be using spell points as core.

Still studying it but I have not found a problem point yet.

Can you give us some information on how and how often you plan on playing. Will this be interactive or everybody posts once per day? If interactive are you going to use one of the applications to assist play?

Depending on what kind of committment you are looking for, I would be willing to play a magus, bard, or cleric.

I looked at the rules on both last night and while the combination would be a bit unusal I could see someone role playing it. It would take a bit of planning and restraint to pull off. The Sould Forger gets a weapon arcane bounded object at 1st level. The weapon must meet the criteria to be a black blade and the Soul Forger can't enchant it using the arcane bound rules. At 3rd level, the Bladebound kicks in and it is now a sentient black blade. The ability to enchant the weapon would be lost but it can still be used to spontaneously cast a spell known.

From a role playing standpoint I can see a dwarf or a half-elf/orc trying to be more to the community than just a warrior blendng the two paths.

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