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Saint Bernard's page

241 posts. Alias of DougErvin.


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I found a couple of editing errors last night. The spell list have a reference to the spell, Wooden Dragon, which does not appear in the spell section. Also several spell reference greensight, which is not in the PDF.

Overall, I am pleased by the quality and balance of the spells. The concept introduced in 101 Swamp Spells of being able to define your allies and summon them to you has been artfully introduced to a forest setting.

I'll keep reading.

Vrecknidj wrote:
Saint Bernard wrote:
This sounds great. Once you go live I will check it out. After this how about 1001 Environment Spell expanding on 101 Swamp Spells?
Working on it. 101 Forest Spells is available. Two others are on the editor's desk and I'm working on the 5th now.

Picked it up, I'll look over it this weekend.

Just picked this up. I'll review it over the weekend. Initial glance looks good.

Owen, excellent product but we really need one for spells.

This sounds great. Once you go live I will check it out. After this how about 1001 Environment Spell expanding on 101 Swamp Spells?

I was looking at the Complete Hunter book and it is missing the Spells Known table.

FrodoOf9Fingers wrote:

I guess I'll get people's thoughts here... Several people have voiced their opinions in turning the Kensai Magus guide into a more generalized Magus guide (though, a specific Kensai adaptation would still exist).

How many people are fine with Walter's work, and how many would like to see a more comprehensive work done, with more in-depth coverage of the archetypes (especially the ones no one talks about, the Myrmidarch and Skirnir especially)?

If there's enough interest, I'll start working on it. If not, then well that just means Walter has done an excellent job that has lasted even when outdated!

I would love for you to write a more generalized Magus guide. Walter did a great job but the newer material changes some of the assumptions.

Saint Bernard

These are awesome. I really appreciate the effort you put into these documents.

So far I like what I am seeing. I am trying to use the Occultist to substitute for the Psychic Warrior. So far so good.

Are there any good bard stuff in the Advanced Class Guide?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

DirkSJ - Don't forget about the Aldori Dueling Sword.

Reviewed as promised. Now when to we get the next 100 spells of an environment?

I checked out the preview and immediately purchased it. I will post a review as soon as I finish reading it. The preview looked great.

I loved the 101 spells series so does this mean we will be getting a set of 101 spells for each terrain type.

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kestral287 wrote:

There are some questions floating around about Precise Strike-- a subset claims that it doesn't work because of Spell Combat, and it's also been noted (more reasonably) that a Magus 20 with Precise Strike still has a Swash level of 0, so by a /really/ strict reading you add +0 damage.

For the other 90% of GMs though, yes, Precise Strike is insanely good. It's two feats/arcanas... but given that I'd yet to find a 6th-level Arcana that I like, I'm totally fine dropping that and a feat into it. If you really wanted you could get it at 3rd level, just like the Swashbuckler... but personally I like Arcane Accuracy too much to just give up.

While I'm in the thread, what are some spells of choice that people like to grab with Spell Blending/the 19th level ability?

The cost of two feats and two arcana does make picking up Precise Strike reasonable. It is not an option, which a character can have without a cost. Also put me in the camp where Precise Strike works with Spell Combat and either Dervish Dance or Slashing Grace.

Glad to see the Hero Lab files are out. They are third on my purchasing list after Inner Sea Gods and Advanced Class Guide. Just a matter of time. Looking forward to playing a theurge.

I need some advice on whether an elemental master arcanist can make a good substitute for a fire elemental wizard. I actually prefer the spell casting of the arcanist but love the class feature of the elemental wizard. I would appreciate some suggestion about exploits and feats.


Pupsocket wrote:

The Elementalist Wizard Schools could use a little love; maybe a blog post or something.

The issue: The Elementalist schools are closed lists. New, very appropriate spells are not "in school" for elementalist wizards.

I never realized the Elemental schools were closed lists. I just assumed a fire spell in a later book was a Fire Elemental school spell and elemental spells were also automatically added.

Kolokotroni - I tend to agree with you the arcanist may have a significant effect on arcane casters. Personally, I really like the hybrid casting mechanism. It all depends on the final class features. The ability to convert spells and magic items into arcane points may put the class over the top as the best arcane caster class.

The_Lake - the dex to damage feat may be a game changer.

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@Endzeitgeist I had not thought of the spells having different levels for different classes. That does change my opinion and now I am in agreement with your review. If the class only had access to Sorcerer/Wizard and Cleric/Oracle spells it would be better in a more main stream campaign.

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Endzeitgeist wrote:
Reviewed first on, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here and on OBS. Cheers!

As usual a great review, but I have some comments. I think you may be a little too critical on the theurge, while I agree it has the potential to be one of the most powerful classes it is dependent on the campaign setting. If the campaign setting is on the lines of the World's Largest Dungeon, where acquiring new spells for its spell book and prayer book are extremely limited, the class is going to be limited to the 2 arcane spells and 2 divine spells gained each level mostly. If the character is part of a rebel alliance campaign and constantly on the run from the evil empire, access to spells to buy may also be a problem.

Given a campaign setting where spells are readily available I agree the theurge will be great crafter.

I received my copy on Saturday and have been reading it when I could over the weekend. Very well done and I am working on a review of it. A couple of surprises, the concept of the Geomancer seems perfect for the Theurge but is wizard only. The second is the spell Elflord's Battle Armor is not available to the magus. Very good book overall.

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Wolfgang Baur wrote:

To be fair, that was a copy sent to a Kickstarter backer within the Seattle area. Books outide the metro area, not to mention outside the United States, will take a bit longer to arrive.

But yep, first print books trickling out. We're shipping a big stack to backers every day this week (and probably shipping the last of the backer copies next week).

Great to hear, I am looking forward to receiving mine. One question, when do we, backers, get the PDF?

Owen, I would really like some lower level versions of Shadow Evocation and Shadow Conjuration.

So are you up to 4 books now or still 3?

I received my copy of the hard cover. Now I just need to get through the work day.

Jeremy - I assume the rest of my physical kick starter items are coming in a second box?

I pre-ordered 1001 Spells here on Paizo and at the time the PDF and file were included with the hard cover.

Order # 1853208
Placed November 11, 2011
Purchaser Douglas Ervin

If I need to purchase the file from Hero Labs I will.


I purchased 1000 Spells as a pre-order years ago and got the Hero Labs file with the PDF. The file no longer works with Hero Labs due to it also being a product from them. Is there a way to fix the problem or do I need to purchase the file for Hero Labs?

Saint Bernard

silverhair2008 wrote:
My copy comes from my pledge on the Psionic minis Kickstarter. So I have no idea when it will be shipped.

I ordered mine through the Ultimate Psionic kick starter so I am in the dark also when I will receive mine. In the meantime I have the PDF to read.

Reviewed as promised. Marc, please keep up the good work.

After listening to review on Know Direction I will have to put this on my wish list.

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Sorry to hear the Pathfinder market has collapsed for you. Your material for the River Nations was awesome. Next payday I am going to order a copy of the Book of Beasts: Legendary Foes just so I can have one before they disappear. I hope sales improve.

Chris Ballard wrote:
Finally, I got my color book today. Just a few minutes ago.

I am so jealous. :(

Actually that is great and gives me hope that the waiting is almost over.

Anguish wrote:
Jeremy Smith wrote:
It looks like there may be some scratch & dent stock available soon. I'm still working through it, but signs are pointing to "yes."

Ughhhhh. You're a horrible person. Know the thing about "must not buy another copy"? Crap. Crap. Crappity crap crap. I just kind of want this too much to wait (entirely) for my KS limited edition.

/me watches the thread like a hawk.

I know exactly how you feel.

Jeremy, does this mean those of us who supported the kick starter should start expecting a huge box at our doors?

Saint Bernard

Theurge from Kobold Press New Path Compendium is also a very good arcane/divine caster. One interesting and unique ability is the theurge has the ability to learn and prepare arcane spell other than just sorcerer/wizard and divine spells other than just cleric. So he/she could eventually have access to all spells.

Saint Bernard

I would rule 2. 6d8 points of damage.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I have to second the praise of the Thurge. This is a great class for those of us who prefer not using prestige classes.

Jason, did you get the feed back you needed from the ACG playtest? As a group that was a very well thought out and diverse character classes.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Jim convinced me, I backed at the $30.00 level.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

When you think it is proper, please preview the theurge. I have always been intrigued with the concept of the mystic theurge but the implementation has always been lacking.

Pre-ordered here on Paizo.

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Captain K. wrote:

My 2p.

Arcanist: Miss. This sounds like a recipe for over-flexible abuse. There's never enough love for straight Sorcerers.

This is the one I am most interested in. Might be the answer to what I have always felt was a problem with both classes. I am hoping for a class where you prepare a number of spells per day and then can spontaneously cast them as you need.

Looks like the kick starter made the second stretch goal.

I also backed at the Questor level, always on the lookout for great adventures.

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Aleron wrote:
Sooo...Rite Publishing...when do we get the 1001 Mythic Spells? I mean, I love using a good deal of these in my games and having mythic versions available in a new book would be an insta-buy from me.

You got at least one other purchaser in me.

Are we there yet? I am very much looking forward to this book. I have been a fan of half-elf characters since OD&D.

Jeremy, just downloaded it and managed to glance over it. Very impressive work, there are some things I don't understand yet. I suspect much of it is my out of context problem. I can't wait until I finally get the hard cover.

The season ending was a huge let down for my wife and I. I think it was rushed into production due to getting a contract for a 2nd season. Now I get to wait until next summer to see how they resolve everything.

1. Should President Obama have committed forces without consulting Congress, such has been done in most conflicts since World War II?

No, consulting Congress is a valuable safeguard to minimize excessive use of force. Unlike the President, we have better access to our Representatives and Senators. As such, the general feeling of the voters can be taken into account. A number of polls show the majority of citizens do not support an attack on Syria and that needs to be taken into account.

2. Should the United States intervene on the basis of the alleged use of Chemical Weapons?

I am against intervening in Syria unless it is part of UN action.

3. Does the lack of international support impact the validity of United States pending intervention?

Absolutely, without UN support if we attack we are doing the same thing as any of the rogue nations we condemn.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
ErrantX wrote:
Ssalarn wrote:
ErrantX wrote:

Well, it just seems that it's a play style difference vs rules then. I had a DM of mine once limit me when I was playing in his game once similarly, basically saying, "Hey, I know you're good. I know your toon will be powerful. Stahp." And that's fine, but that's limits that are imposed on a game by game basis. Not all DM's feel that way. I've had and let PC's take down a big bad in a single spell (I wasn't thrilled but the players were cheering and that made me happy for them). Escalation of power is important, but in this sense I think it makes sense to not limit the rules to a single play style. Tell me if I'm way off base here, please.

YuenglingDragon wrote:
What if Deadly Strike added a bit to base damage for weapons with a multiplier higher than 2? This could incentivize a broader range of weapons used.

This intrigues me. Give me an example? :)


What about changing the die size based on your weapon's crit multiplier, kind of in the thread of Thundering or Icy Burst weapons, but scaling in size instead of number? If you use a x2 crit weapon, Deadly Strike deals d6's, x3 d8's, x4 d10's? That way, if you're running on a lower crit chance / higher crit multiplier weapon, your damage is scaling up with the class feature to net you similar returns without requiring a more complicated mechanic or changing the way the basic ability works too much.

That's quite the simple and elegant solution there. Gives reasons for the scythe wielding stalkers to exist. Because tell me that doesn't sound cool to you! :P

What say the rest of you?


Sounds like a great solution.

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