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I just remembered another one, from when we played kingmaker. One of our DMs didn't like the Imperious bloodline's written explanation (descendant of various rulers) so I explained it as being descended from various Sorcerer rulers.

This evolved when my character referred in Character to his cousin, a lawyer. This was a reference to another campaign we had played where I had played an Infernal bloodline tiefling, who was LN and tried to be a Contract Devil.

This progressed even further when a high level Sorcerer showed up in the campaign, and was explained to be one of my cousins, who I later played as to give him some backstory in a chronologically earlier campaign.

Back to topic, I have had a couple half orc cavalier characters who chose Order of the Dragon, which I refluffed to "Order of the Bro." The Order of the Bro often act like a group of Frat boys and we almost got into some PvP when my character wanted to help out his fellow Bros before helping out another PCs sister and mother, on the grounds of "Bros before Hos."

I made a beastmorph alchemist with an Egyptian theme. His mutagen turned him into a Scarab man, and I reflavored his shield extract as his carapace hardening and becoming iridescent, among other spells, that one just stands out vividly to me.

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
The clear winner is Casanova Frankenstein. The rest of you are just plan wrong. :-)

He did this thing with his eyes...

I have to back the sentiment of any villain that you totally get.

For a specific villain, I have to point out classics like Vader, or overwhelming beings of evil like Tiamat/Takhisis. Villains that in truth the heroes can't go toe to toe with. Sure eventually Luke beats Vader, but the rest of the party in a straight fight with him? Not happening.

I also am fond of mercenary villains, just zero f's given, doing the job and not caring.

Isn't there a feat which makes your cavalier mount equal to your class level when multiclassing? I think it requires 4 levels of cavalier or something gained from the class at level 4?

Krell44 wrote:

Curious....would a Dire Wolverine be an option? Basically select Wolverine as AC, and then make it Large sized and flavor it as Dire.

Admittedly, I have an issue with bringing a TRex along. It just feels wrong. However, a Velociraptor might be interesting. My question revolves around the requirement of having four legs as its basically bipedal. Granted, A Trex is as well so not sure how this would be ruled in PFS play.

T-rex is specifically allowed by the archetype so no worries there.

I really hope that the answer comes out to be that it advances the bloodrager ability, I would really like some of the abilities for my blood rager. Stat bonuses are pretty great in this case. FAQ'd

The third party psionic race half giant has powerful build which gives some of the benefits of being large while still being medium. Like you can use large weapons and count as large for stuff like grappling, but medium for armor pricing, fitting into areas etc.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If it is only with punches would it work with a punching dagger?

I'm gonna have to go with the Irish Bare Knuckle Boxing example. I think my next character might be a brawler with that, because it is part of my heritage.

Isn't their a cavalier archetype that switches when you get the banner and mount? If you are focusing on your gore attack your hands could be free to carry it.

After watching the d&d cartoon for the first time I found stats for the light bow one character uses. Our dm hates it and it has subsequently been banned. Also when he is not dm he says he will try to kill the user and destroy the bow.

Artanthos wrote:

The eidolon winks out. There is no way to prevent this short of avoiding/destroying the AMF.

Eidolon wrote:
Eidolons are treated as summoned creatures, except that they are not sent back to their home plane until reduced to a number of negative hit points equal to or greater than their Constitution score.

AMF wrote:
Summoned creatures of any type wink out if they enter an antimagic field

Doesn't the bolded section mean that they would not be sent back by an amf?

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One game we played as something like a prehistoric campaign with only certain classes allowed (no wizards since nobody had had the time to learn such things yet, to be a fighter you had to start as a barbarian etc.) And my character was an older dwarf who was training the nearby humans as he was a barbarian. At one point an evil career showed up with an army of slaves controlled by magical rings. Defending a ransacked tower one of the slaves (a player who had just joined the campaign) yelled out that the rings were controlling them. So my dwarf targeted the ring on one of the charging minotaurs horns ran down the hill and leaped rolled a 20 and sliced only the ring (I later learned cutting the minotaurs horn would have made him kill me.) We were able to fight off the bad guys and my dwarf struck an alliance with the minotaurs. The campaign later jumped forward a free hundred years, and the dwarf and minotaurswere still allied and one if the most powerful nations. The dwarven palace is protected by minotaurs and an ever shifting maze only minotaurs can navigate. The minotaur palace is guarded by dwarves with a series of hidden stone work passages only dwarves can find. The character I initially made was a guy who liked charging things (rhino hide armor) but ended up being one of the most significant people in the worlds history.

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My example is kinda different. The player intended it to be a bad character but it ended up being amazing instead. He decided to play a one armed Goblin Commoner. But somehow he ended up with the highest climb and swim checks in the party. He also single handedly (I swear I did not intend that pun) took down a Wizard that was supposed to be above APL with grappling.

James Jacobs wrote:
andreww wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Sah wrote:
Valrydus wrote:

What makes any of you think that a Spell-like Ability qualifies as a spell? It does not. It clearly states In the requirements that the character must be able to cast third level spells. Not have a third level spell-like ability.

A fairly recent FAQ has determined that SLAs do count for stuff like this and arcane strike.
Which is, in my opinion, breaking the philosophical point of the nature of the prestige class...

What on earth does this even mean? Since when did classes have a "philosophical point"?

As things stand, with the change, things like the Mystic Theurge and Eldritch Knight make potentially decent choices. Remove it and they go back to being traps for the unwary.

What it means is that I disagree with the FAQ that spell-like abilities should qualify for spell requirements, since they're not spells. They're spell-like. The "philosophical" element is that I've always felt prestige classes should be, well, prestigious. They should be things you work your way into, and, for example, using an aasimar's daylight spell-like ability to qualify for a class at 1st level or whatever feels like cheating to me, and diminishes the prestige of the class.

(Whether or not a prestige class is a "trap" or not [I personally don't feel like they are] isn't something I'm really interested in arguing.)

That's all. I should have appended my standard, "Here's how I see it but you should play the game you want" disclaimer to my comment, I suppose.

I agree, I always felt prestige classes should be prestigious or relevant story wise (like joining a group giving you access to their specialist abilities, like hell knights or gray gardeners) I just was pointing out what people were taking about. My first experience with prestige classes was KotOR 2, and three fact that only the main character could take one read significant to me. I personally don't like people using the loophole at my table and prefer some dedication (story wise) and reason for taking the prestige class.

Valrydus wrote:

What makes any of you think that a Spell-like Ability qualifies as a spell? It does not. It clearly states In the requirements that the character must be able to cast third level spells. Not have a third level spell-like ability.

A fairly recent FAQ has determined that SLAs do count for stuff like this and arcane strike.

You would need to mythic coup de grace the creature and then since the reincarnate from the monk acts as the spell, you would then need to find him and kill him again with a mythic coup de grace I believe. Reincarnate gives 2 permanent negative levels right? so he would effectively be level 18 and thus would not have the immortality any more.

You could always go the Thibbledorf Pwent Style from the Drizzt books. Spiked armor and gauntlets, hug them and shake furiously to kill. Don't forget to get drunk to be a true battle rager

Gherrick wrote:
redward wrote:
Official response on medium Beast Rider Cavaliers: the mounts listed are options you get at level 4 but can't select until level 7.

Sigh. I REALLY like the beast rider concept, but this issue drives me nuts every time it comes up. Why not just have the mount use the medium stats until 7, which it then gets the large stats. RAW, I simply CANNOT play a concept that has the same mount from 1 to 20, unless I choose a small character. Who ever could think this was a good idea!?

Well, for a home game where our whole team played some variation of mounted character, the dm let me use the medium stats but have a large wolf for my mounted fury barb. I really don't see a problem with it in a home game. Does anyone have any particular reason against this? What I mean to say has anyone had any experience where this made things unbalanced or had some mechanical problem to it?

Why on earth does the one that seems to have the thickest skin have the lowest natural armor? I can understand the tree being less dexterous than the vines or the floating puffball, so 10 dex seems fine, but tied for the lowest Natural Armor bonus with the ball of fluff?

Depending on race I've just run it as being a social thing. Like Elves are mature at the same age as Humans, but in Elf culture you spend almost a century partying as hard as possible non stop. This explains why Elves don't care much for drinking and think the habits of the other races to be beneath them, they view any sort of partying as childish.

Construct limb with something like an Iron Cobra seems like a good idea. It is normally worn on the limb, but it seems reasonable to extend it to prosthesis in this case. It is fairly pricey though 27000 gp on top of the construct's cost. It also retains the melee attacks and you can use it's special attacks, and it acts as a heavy steel shield.

The game is tonight, in about an hour so I am trying to finalize it now. All the races in the advanced race guide are available, and I am not feeling the Synthesist to be honest. I will likely be able to change up the character later (as this is the first game and we are relaxed about such things) so please continue suggestions if you like.

The rest of the group is a Tiefling Slayer (from the play test, we have already decided to refer to him as Buffy), a human cleric, and a human sorcerer (I think he is going to be an elemental or genie bloodline).

I keep wracking my brain, but all I am getting is characters I have played or characters that don't sound like they would work out too well. Grippli Barbarian, Orc Slave (fighter? monk? not sure).

I feel like a skill monkey is needed, but I can't think of a good one.

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insaneogeddon wrote:

Reflavour one of the curses

Perhaps the Tongues curse, but the language is actually just him laughing maniacally?

I can't for the life of me think of what to play in an upcoming campaign, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. It is going to be a mythic campaign, and nothing is decided yet, except that I have already rolled my stats with 4d6, drop the lowest.

In no particular order they are 19, 15, 13, 10, 12 and 12. They can be placed anywhere and this is preracial. (The 19 came from rolling 4 6's. the dm gave me a bonus)

So yeah, any suggestions? Also any suggestions for when you can't think of what character to make?

There is also some argument about whether that allows you to use enlarge person on yourself with that ability, since it says you get the "ability to affect other ifrits" though I feel it should work on themselves.

Well see I think the big mistake is that it is not the Aura of Courage granting immunity. The bonus against fear from Aura of Courage is +4. Fearless Aura grants immunity. As a result, Dragonbane aura gives a +4 against dragons' breath effects whether you have Fearless aura or not

At least that is how I read it and would rule it in a game.

Isn't the slayer a ranger/rogue, wanderer? I had not yet thought to make my own hybrids to be honest, though the alchemist/barbarian does come to mind.

The very first game of d&d I ever played, the dm started with "So you guys are lost on the woods-" and I interrupted him saying no I'm not. He had let me play a minotaur, and they have a racial ability that says they can't be lost. One sentence into the first game and I had surprised and won an argument with the dm.

I saw the ad on the forum for the playtest. It seems to lead to the right page, but it is just empty right now.

Multitalented Mastery claims that all of your classes are considered favored classes, does that over ride the usual rule about prestige classes not being a choice for favored class?

It could be better than Mage armor though at higher levels since you will be able to upgrade the bonus to +5 and add up to +5 worth of bonus abilities. Aren't the Bracers limited to a cumulative total of +8 as opposed to this +10?

I too would like this FAQ'd. I assumed that Kobolds had the 20 ft move speed associated with many small races, but if not, having the racial trait means the feat by itself is worthless doesn't it?

ZanThrax wrote:
Taku Ooka Nin wrote:

AND that it is inferior to all finesse weapons if you are going weapon finesse because you don't get the +1.5 bonus from 2-handing it like if you were strength.

It is inferior to most finesse weapons in that you can use a shield with most of them.

Where is the text that indicates that the ECB would not get 1.5 Str mod to damage? It's not in the text of either the weapon or of Weapon Finesse.

Yeah, I want to second this one, I can't find any reason to believe that the ECB doesn't get 1.5 str. Was this just a group mistake or is there a rule somewhere that I am missing?

While I will admit it is probably not RAI, I cannot deny that it quite clearly and in no uncertain terms says that it stacks with the existing enhancement bonus, and that the masterwork bonus is an enhancement bonus, resulting in an inexplicable +2 to hit, and +1 to damage enhancement bonus.

I don't think that is how it is intended to be used, I don't think anybody thought of it while they were making the ability, but if we want a straightforward RAW answer? I have to say yeah it stacks with the masterwork bonus.

ngc7293 wrote:

I suppose I could just think of things on my own using Indian terms after watching too much old Loan Ranger episodes or other B&W shows,

A tee hee

Random person: "Oh Loan Ranger how can we repay you?"
Loan Ranger: "With Interest."

Jokes aside, the Wayfinder PDFs are free aren't they?

I like the tieflings but I understand the previously stated fear of "Drizzt syndrome". On the other hand I have only played a tiefling once and he was a lawful neutral devil sorcerer who was all about making contracts with people.

I am going to try to stick with Pathfinder Originals (or at least as far as I have seen/ in this incarnation)

Class: Alchemist, the can create such a wide variety of characters with a single character. In one campaign another player and I both played the class but were so far off from each other that it did not feel like there was any overlap.

Monster: The Pathfinder version of planetouched races are really cool to me, all of them. I don't know which to choose.

Deity: Hands down Cayden Cailean. He is the God of one of my favorite characters, and many of the things I hear or read about him reminds me of good times in my life.

If you use mythic you can get some crazy ones early (I know that is kinda obvious, but still). Like using mythic persuasive and the display of charisma path ability my Half Orc auto rolls a 56, and he is level 3.

Besides that though the above are the highest I have seen.

I FAQ'd it just for Renen's sake, I hope the dm sees the error of his ways quickly though. That is one of the most inane things I have ever heard.

Had it been a blunderbuss, I would suggest a Vuvuzela.

I am really fond of the Alchemist because it seems really able to go places by itself. Like in one Campaign, I was playing the big heavy melee fighter of the group and my friend was playing ranged skill and knowledge guy, but we were both Alchemists. Granted we had different archetypes, but it still gave me a great deal of respect for the class.

Same class and I am a man who transforms into a giant beetle who stabs you in the vital spots, while he is a goblin who specializes in fire and skills? Love it.

I only used the Inquisitor once, but I enjoyed it using it as a progression from my cleric, showing she had become more combat oriented by multiclassing into it (not optimal I know but the retraining rules were not out yet and I was not that concerned with it)

gourry187 wrote:
What happens if the original form is larger than the polymorphed or larger than the building you're in like a dragon in "human" form?

On the flipside to this, our group discussed the downside to permanent true seeing. Imagine you have it permanently on you, when a druid wildshaped into a T-rex comes out and attacks. What do you see then?

Like imagine the iconic druid gnome. What does she look like right now? Is she stomping around gnashing her teeth and look like Calvin playing in his imagination? And when she steps does she just lunge forward, equal to the saurian step? Or is she floating in the air about center mass for the T-rex?

Either way, the true seer is going to be in for a nasty surprise when the gnome bites down really hard.

I am interested, as I have never done PbP here, and the only other pbp I ever experienced was without a system. I will look into these posts more and when you figure it out I will try to think of a good character for it.

I am up for either RotRL or WotR btw.

Hookshot? I now want to make one of my characters a similar item, as thhe gauntlet idea sounds really cool.

Yeah, it was one of my go to feats for my most recent build for battle herald.

If you go from cavalier you can get the Horsemaster feat that just makes your AC equal to your character level.

BigDTBone wrote:
Peachbottom wrote:
I roleplay my halflings with Mexican accents.
That's funny, because I do the same thing with dwarves.

Interestingly, my group refers to the halfling language as sounding like a Texan accent.

Elven in my mind just sounds like it does in the LotR movies, Dwarven sounds like Gaelic, but Orc to me varies in between Maori, Hawaiian and Southwest Native American dialects.

The Shaman almost sounds like it trades out its spell lists (or maybe like patrons or domains?) daily and that sounds pretty cool.

I am a little confused about what a Warpriest is going to be. It sounds like its role is already filled by Paladins and Battle Clerics. Maybe a middle ground, like a 6 spell level progression? But if it has full BAB, it just sounds like an upgraded Paladin, and Clerics already have 3/4 BAB.

I hope that all of the classes, while being mixtures, will be more than just combining features. They mention the Magus being the first sort of Hybrid class, so I hope they all feel as unique as that.

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