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Claxon wrote:

So, for what it's worth if you're captured and stripped of your gear it's as simple as using detect magic on your tattoos (which is likely since it's a cantrip) to determine if they are magical. And if they find it is magical they're likely going to dispel/erase/destroy them.

In my mind it's not a viable plan.

A better plan is to convince your spellcaster to hide a backup spellbook in secluded grimoire and use secret chest once they're able.

Off topic, but I felt like I had to share

A dm let me do a similar thing in a 3.5 game as a warforged, and I had it on my arms,legs, chest, palms, etc. I don't know if it was by the rules, but we had previously established that as a warforged I would light up on a detect magic search, so when the exact event you described came about, I got away with it.

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Cavall wrote:

While we have so many swallowing fans here, let me ask this..

What's the limit? I had a huge plant eat my wife's human character. Could I have swallowed the gnome bard too? What about once she died? Don't worry, I'm still marred.

This is the best typo.

VargrBoartusk wrote:
Gulthor wrote:

I think UAE's point is more that the flavor text of the Inquisitor class is more appropriate as a PrC. Mechanically, the class known as "Inquisitor" is an incredible base class.

Personally, I'm a bit more 1E on this, I suppose, in the sense that I personally don't see you as fully being a member of your class until you reach like 3rd or 4th level (anyone else remember the level-based titles? Like, a level 1 cleric was an Acolyte, a level 2 cleric was an Adept, you weren't a Priest until 3rd level? A level 1 thief was an Apprentice. A ranger didn't earn the Ranger title until 8th level, and a paladin didn't earn the Paladin title until 9th level, etc?)

Classes, to me, are more abstractions compared to the much more fixed natures of prestige classes.

3.x in general seems to go back and forth on how ingame it wants class names to be.

For the most part my characters are never 'A member of their class' weather its a base class or a prestige class. The class is just a shorthand name for the collection of mechanical abilities that are appropriate to my theme. If the prestige class in question requires membership in a particular organization that's different but i also play games in Golarion so rarely it hardly comes up.

Hell back in AD&D I had a troll PC who introduced himself as a wizard because he used a greatsword instead of his claws and thus the other trolls thought his improved killing ability was the result of spellcasting. That his only spell was 'Whack 'em with shiney hurty stick.' in no way made him less of a mage in his mind.

As to the original question I loves me some rage prophet. Divine Buff and Bash has been one of my favorite ways to sling dice dice for the past several years and I'm just not super huge on the Warpriest.

On a similar note, I have a Gunslinger who claims to be a Wizard.

"I only know the one spell, and it has expensive components, but it's a good'un"

I don't think that's what he was asking. I think he was asking can the two bonded items be the same item, in this case an amulet of their deity.

UnArcaneElection wrote:

Mystic Theurge needs to have its own specific exception to the SLA FAQ nerf.

I can't remember the exact build for the pre faq MT, and I might have a chance to use it, how did it go? I vaguely recall Alternate aasimar,but that's about it.

Lakesidefantasy wrote:

When one of my players looted a headband of inspired wisdom off of an Urgathoan priest, I described the item as decorated with alternating skulls and fattened blowflies--he didn't like it so much after that.

My bloodrager in rise of the runelords wears Nualia's breast plate. He feels very sexy in it.

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Umbral Reaver wrote:
I misread the title as 'turning coins into bears'. Now that is a way to protect your money!

Let's see, so for the sword, armor and ring that will cost 5000 gp, after taxes of course.

So here are 50 bears. Keep the change.

Another item my dm made that I don't know if it's effed up yet. It scares me so I haven't tried using it yet. It is a crown made of bones

What I know for sure is that it keeps undead of 6 HD or lower from attacking me. It also allows for control of large numbers of undead (can't remember exact number right now).

What worries me the most about it, is that it is rumored to have been created by The Whispering Tyrant.

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I have never heard of this item before, but my dm often makes custom items. We found it in a room full of lot for kingmaker (kingdom building stuff primarily, building materials and a minting machine) but it's an amulet.

When worn it amplifies abilities. For instance our mage cast light to test it out. Suddenly every object in the room had the spell on it.

Another person has aspect of the Falcon as an sla, and when they cast it, they turned into a falcon and couldn't get out of it into we went to our local magic shop where we know a very high level mage operates. The magic shop was days away.

Said mage used his detect magic glasses and they broke. He then used his identifying glasses while holding it and the glasses upgraded. You can use them to look at anything and get info, even class levels and feats, confusing our characters as they don't know about these in character.

He warned my barbarian against trying to use it for my rage.

What is everyone else playing if they have decided, pick something I like that can keep the group somewhat balanced, are there any specific mechanics I like/recently found out about?

Also for my kingmaker campaign, I used the character builder and really enjoyed the back story that resulted.

He's a half orc, 4th child of 7,royal bloodline, struck out to find his own glory, currently the leader (can't remember what rank kingmaker starts you as, baron? ) and he's a barbarian. He was kidnapped by slavers as a child, and took the vengeance story feat, so the GM made the boss of the first book that slaver.

Oh also since I didn't mention it in my last post, mammoth rider is my favorite. I love the flavor and mechanics of it fit my barbarian king character (kingmaker).

Like not being intimidated by larger creatures just because they are large and getting an appropriately sized mammoth (until I get into the prestige class, my mammoth will be the same size as the parties horses)

Oh my bad, I've never seen that enhancement, and I'm used to seeing both people incorrectly enhancing the Boulder helmet and people trying to put the armor enhancement on things it doesn't work on.

The initiate looks cool, I really like classes that easily move into prestige classes like that, Dragon Disciple and Winter Witch.

Is there a bloodrager version of the rage power that shares rage powers with your mount? If so it could grow large, but I don't think that exists.

Ooh mammoth rider could get a big enough mount.

I didn't go over your build too much, but you can't have a brawling boulder helmet. Brawling can only be on light armor and the helmet is a weapon (and even has a specific clause stating you cannot enhance it as armor)

It is a 3 year old topic, so I don't know if the original poster is still around, but I see at least one attack you are missing, none of the attacks you posted used the two weapon fighting(full bab at level 11 gives 3, two weapon fighting gives another) , and maybe he was counting spiked destroyer giving a bonus attack? Or perhaps he thought he only needed one two weapon fighting feat?

I'm really glad you brought this post up, because I was just thinking about how to make Pwent.

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I like the concept of alternative entry prestige classes, while admittedly it doesn't always work out mechanically.

Like oracle/ sorcerer mystic theurge sounds cool and both use the same casting stat allowing you to be less MAD, but you're way behind on spell casting then.

Or the Eldritch Knight in the NPC codex (I think) who is a barbarian/ sorcerer and he's a half orc wearing a polar bear pelt, and it just screams flavor to me, but you lose out on the bloodline and rage powers.

As for prestige classes that actually work, I love the mammoth rider for flavor and mechanics, particularly from the barbarian entry.

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Not a new one, but I would like the treant companion to be better. It bothers me that of the 3 (I think it's 3) in the archetype, the one with skin made of bark has the lowest AC.

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A developer clarified that at this time the FAQ applies only to what it covers (explicitly mentioning levels no less) so currently they are unnamed bonuses, which stack. We can spend days arguing whether they should or not, but as is thems the rules.

Think it shouldn't? Make a FAQ and I'll gladly hit it.

Personally I see no reason why they shouldn't.

The confusing part is that "natural bonus" is the named part, and a lot of people forget that. It is specified. If it were a +1 bonus to armor granted by race it would stack, but "natural bonus" is a type just like "deflection" or "shield".

dragonhunterq wrote:
Turtle wrote:
Master gains a +1 natural armor bonus to AC
Nagaji wrote:
Nagaji have a +1 natural armor bonus from their scaly flesh.

I'm not finding any rule that treats natural armour differently to any other type of stat.

I'm not seeing a named bonus. I'm seeing two untyped bonuses from different sources. They should stack just fine.
(unless I'm missing something obvious - wouldn't be the first time :) )

It's because they are named bonuses, to ac. The bonus type is natural armor.

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I only see one trait there (correct me if I'm wrong) so add fates favored and the luck bonus goes up by 1, so 101.

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Gulthor wrote:
Menacing Shade of mauve wrote:
zainale wrote:

just what the subject says.



An expert.

if a person is proficient with a weapon type then shouldn't that cover any feat requirements?

I assume that your question is as follows:

IF the prerequisite is "Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bohemian Earspoon", AND IF I am already proficient with the Bohemian Earspoon, but without having taken the feat,
THEN I should be able to take the feat, yes?

It certainly SHOULD work that way, and some writers and a lot of players think it DOES work that way. I don't think I've ever seen a gunslinger burn a feat on Exotic Weapon Proficiency before taking Rapid Reload, for example.

Not to derail the thread here, but who would use a Bohemian Earspoon after they just released the Ukrainian Thimbletack? Doesn't the Thimbletack do everything the old Earspoon did, but better?

Kinda, but the bohemian earspoon is blunt or slashing, while the thimble tack is both piercing and bludgeoning (generally better, but you might need slashing for some reason)

Ranishe wrote:


Now, take the same thing, except when entering any given room you're thrown in a situation: The room starts filling with water from some device, or gas; A mold starts creeping along the floors that hurts if it touches you; Lights flash in an (eventually) identifiable pattern that burn on contact, etc. Now the party gets to make a...

It cut off part of it, but the problem with such puzzles is the disconnect between player and character with puzzles like these in a role-playing game. Which I believe is what swoosh was getting at (correct me if I'm wrong)

For example, I suck at these sorts of puzzles, but I'm playing a 20+ int Wizard, who should be able to figure out such things easily.

Meanwhile my buddy who is, irl, great at such puzzles is playing a 5 int Barb, and as such should have trouble solving it.

Now I'm not saying your view is invalid, or wrong, I'm just pointing out why some people, myself included, dislike such things.

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On the flip side of kitchen sink settings I've run into the how could this planet have these environments together?

I was like dude, earth has environments of all the planets in this setting (it was Aliens vs predator homebrew), and Hawaii alone has like 9 of the 11 on earth.

All the examples that are ex that don't have a specified action, nor a time limit (nails for instance) would fall under require a standard action to activate by RAW. They just don't have a limited duration so you keep them after that one standard action. The flight hex lasts one minute per use, so must be activated with a standard action each time.

Imperious bloodline sorcerer fits really well for Ruler in my opinion.

While Cavalier and ranger seem obvious for Marshal, we are using a Musket Master and it feels right.

Name: Arkis
Race: Half orc
Classes/levels: Paladin 2
Location: Bandit Ambush
Catalyst: Axe to the face

Found the bandit ambush with the two pulling the stuck cart, battle begins with an arrow to the Arcanist making him want to run, barely helps in the fight. Fight starts to go sour Goblin rogue wants to surrender.

Paladin kills two bandits thanks to an attack of opportunity, demands bandits surrender.

Axe wielding Bandit (can't remember her name) crits a thrown axe at max range, killing the paladin instantly.

In the end, we only killed 5 bandits (including the axe wielder) so we took his ear as well to get the 6 bandit bounty.

Ok Aelryinth, how do you rationalize the fact that it can't harm objects with your view? (explicitly stated in the crunch)

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DR 20/Women.

It goes away when enlarged because dwarves only hate things because they are short and jealous of the long legs.

I don't see how it could be read as anything other than

Round 1: Cast BCS
Round 2: Full attack or Flurry of blows with the increased range and fire/negative energy damage.

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So I took the vengeance feat after making my character using the ultimate campaign character builder, after being kidnapped by slavers as a child.

We were level 3 when the Staglord attacked Olegs, the night after he said he would attack in 3 days and did fairly well in the battle. Auchs's head was blown off second turn when our musket master crit, Devon died in one hit when I crit with my orc Skull ram crit during a rage, Akiros surrendered after disarming his opponent, and knocking out the rogue sneaking up on him because he saw the others go down.

That's when the Staglord took the field, and my character recognized him as the slaver who had taken him as a child. He was the last one standing, so we all rushed him. My barbarian hit him first, and hard, but he laughed it off.

The Party hunter and his wolfhound got to attack him but didn't do much damage, and everybody else was still moving to position.

That's when her dropped what was in his hand.

It was a glass orb with a spell that created a duel. The Hunter and his companion were pushed out, leaving just me and the Staglord, and he stepped up and crit me, taking most of my health.

The Musket Master got in range and fired, but it bounced off the spell, and the Arcanist's magic missile couldn't get through, making it clear I was totally alone.

I dropped the orc skull ram (not enough room for a reach weapon in the dueling area) and pulled out this weird magic axe Bokken had given me. I wasn't sure what it did, but previously when I hit it made the wound look rotten and maggots appeared in the wound.

I hit and rolled minimum damage and said out of character "Welp, I'm about to die. "

Then the Staglord missed.

I attacked again 20, but no confirm, then he hit me.

And rolled minimum damage, leaving me at 3 hp.

I attacked, hit him and the DM asked for a luck check, which is very rare. I rolled well, and he told me I suddenly felt like I should say "Doom".

When I did the Staglord's wounds exploded.

I passed the reflex save, but with only 3 hp still went down, my rage stopped and I dropped to -11 hp, but Staglord went negative too.

The dueling spell fell, I was healed, and got to coup De grace the man who had enslaved me.

I've never really liked story feats before, but the dm suggested it when we were making the character. Honestly, it was probably the best night of gaming I've ever had and I just had to share it.

We generally plot level (no xp, level when appropriate to the campaign)

I'm with everyone who said don't bring them in lower level, it's not punishing just them, but the party. The punishment for dying is losing the character you have invested in (both emotionally and time) so there isn't a need to punish further.

Late to the party but i feel there is a simple way that it doesn't even have to ignore any of the movement rules of a normal charge.

You are charging in a straight line directly at your opponent through the shortest distance. It's just that line is drawn through a portal (or however you want to fluff the teleport effect) and as such I believe it is completely a charge all benefits and drawbacks included.

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The Mortonator wrote:
What would be hillarious is playing a dedicated aristocrat in a game with hidden character sheets. Then, the chips are down, the heroes are out, only you are left cowering in the corner. And for the first time in the game you transform.

I'm working with my gm to do this sorta. My aristocrat will run from every fight and he will have an npc that shows up from time to time that I will secretly control(hooray texting).

I expect to be found out by the other players fairly quickly, but it should be fun.

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I can understand the ruling for the Thunder and Fang, sure. Edit: I mean by RAI. RAW you can do it separately.

But Dorn Dergar master, absolutely not. it lets you wield dorn dergars as one handed weapons. You can absolutely wield two of them then.

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thaX wrote:

See, that is the other side of the coin. It depends on what you think of the weapon, being wielded or staying the same.

This is why I brought up the smaller weapon. If it worked like that, then one could not wield the smaller Two Handed weapon Two Handed, as being able to one hand it would make that a light weapon. This is the same as wielding a larger one with two hands.

You can wield two One Handed Weapons (Or a One Handed and a Light weapon to lessen the penalties) to TWF with, or to use with your iteraves at higher level. One side of the coin is that the weapons change to One Handed, and everything goes off of that, double wielding the suckers, wielding the huge one, and unable to wield the smaller with two hands. The other is that the weapon is as it is, and wielding a second one is not possible, as a One Handed or light weapon is needed in the second hand.

Yes, this is where the issue is.

There is no issue you are making up an issue, you are making up rules to back you up that don't exist.

While I'm not weighing in on the wielding a large one debate, the simple fact is that dorn dergar master allows dual wielding, its the point of the feat. That's why two weapon fighting is a prepreq.

Please explain this to me, if you can't use anything in the second hand what is the point of the feat dorn dergar master? Please explain this feat to me, what it does and why you would use it according to your rules. Because as far as I can tell all your idea of how it works would do is intentionally make you do less damage.

It's not a flip of the coin, you're just wrong.

You can wield two one handed weapons when two weapon fighting right? You agree this is how two weapon fighting works?

Then how could wielding two weapons that you treat as one handed weapons not be possible?

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I just had the visual of going into peace talks with the leader sieging our castle, and saying we offer this gift *hand him box, he opens it, balista hits him in the face. *

Alright I see What Thax is saying clearly now, he is simply wrong.

The dorn dergar feat absolutely will let you use two dorn dergars (albeit at the higher penalty for using two one handed weapons) in two weapon fighting.

I'm confused by what the point of the feat would be by Thax's view. For both doing dergar master and thunder and fang.

Both require two weapon fighting, are you suggesting that they can't be used in conjunction?

Am I misinterpreting your statement ?

Nipin wrote:

Half-Orc with Toothy racial trait to gain bite

2 level of ranger natural weapon style to gain claws
2 levels of Barbarian to gain Gore(when raging) and Rage
1 level of Sorcerer to qualify for Dragon


This one reminded me of my bard/cavalier/battle herald/dragon disciple.

Half orc with their mount feat, the feat that let's your AC level based on character instead of cavalier level, take pteranodon mount. Never got to finish it, but I loved the character concept.

Oh and he was mythic, so he was able to get like a +80 to intimidate at level 4 or something.

Half orc General, riding above his troops giving bonuses, plus a little casting.

We've played the game before but never finished, and this time since my character is a viking prince who struck out for his own glory (4th in line for the throne back home) I'm considering just challenging him to a fist fight. Don't think it will go over well with the Populace, but it would be so satisfying.

I don't like these sorts of puzzles in my games because it creates a disconnect between character and player. Lets say this was in my mummy's mask campaign. I couldn't figure it out, but I feel like my 20 int alchemist could. On the flip side, the party barbarian has 8 int, but the player gets these sorts of puzzles amazingly fast.

Sirmyself wrote: apon-property---guided

This feat seems to act pretty much like the "guided" weapon property. It explicitly says a two-handed weapon damage bonus is not adjusted. Therefore, I would say this feat does the same for the attack bonus.

The fact that one explicitly calls it out while the other doesn't suggests the opposite to me, along with the fact that guided is actually a 3.5 rule isn't it?

So I would say the guided weapon property, while clearly being related, is irrelevant.

If the GM used the flavor and agreed with it then thems the breaks. If you are the gm and disagreed, thems the breaks. While flavor is not rules it is not irrelevant in every case.

Also why the disingenuous lead in with the question about skeletons if your real question was about the moon beast?

So the answer is not so simple as the skeleton one, I'd like to know how the dm ruled.

Yeah, that was my point. There is, like Carl said, nothing but fluff for most creatures to be able to see. The skeleton is not called out as being blind outside of darkvision, so it's not.

You might be able to argue the moon beast because it has no mention of blindness in its stat block, but most people would probably disagree.

So to answer the original question without snark, skeletons can see in normal light.

Dwarves have just darkvision and no other mentioned vision can they see in normal light? Half elves have low light vision, guess they can't either.

While the blindness of the moon beast may be debatable, the skeleton can see as normal in normal light, because regular vision is not called out, just assumed to be there.

I agree with David Knott, connecting it to the overreaching story helps a lot. Like I took the vengeance feat in Kingmaker and my dm made the guy who enslaved me also be the boss of the first book.

I don't know this in character, but when we fight him, I'll realize it, allowing me to complete that story arc for my character without having to go off solo or derailing everything else.

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