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The problem I have with Grenadier is that it trades out brew potion, and iirc I can't just pick it back up with a feat since I don't have a caster level. Then again I could just take infusion, so maybe not such a loss, especially since we don't often take the time to craft.

I sorta convinced myself mid post, so yeah Grenadier sounds pretty good.

Edit: As for what I want to do, I guess being useful in and out of combat. I've got some good combat things down, plus I have 10 skill points a level so that should be useful.

I took most of the knowledge skills along with perception, and craft alchemy.

I was considering going into the Brewkeeper prestige class, but can't do that if I am trading out brew potion.

So I guess most of the advice I'm looking for is feats discoveries and extracts at this point. I am going to probably take the Hellfire bomb since I like playing up the Tiefling aspect of the character

Hey all, I'm working on an Alchemist build and when I checked out the guides, they looked like they seem to only go up to Ultimate Magic, so I wanted to see if there was anything newer I should keep an eye out for.

The character is for Hell's Rebels and we've played one session so the first level stuff is already locked. But I rolled pretty good for stats (4d6 drop the lowest reroll 1s)

Tiefling Vanilla Alchemist 1
Attributes post racial adjustment
STR 11
DEX 16
Con 16
Int 22
Wis 16
Cha 10

The dm let me trade out the SLA to roll on the variant chart and I got the +2 to int explaining the 22. I know I could have put the 18 to something else like Dex to have 2 18's but it just felt fun to go with int.

My plan is currently to go the bomber route, so I expect my first discovery will be precise bombs so I don't kill any party members (I can 1 shot the wizard with splash damage), and my first level feat is improved initiative.

Favored class bonus at level 1 was hp.

The dm is probably okay with me reworking somethings like archetype or my first feat, but race and attributes are pretty much dead set.

So besides precise bombs, any suggestions for where I should go with this?

slitherrr wrote:
It occurs to me that Mummification might not stack with any polymorph spells, since it's an ex ability that arguably depends on form ("making yourself into a living mummy" and whatnot). That severely cuts down on its use for a natural attacking hyde that depends on polymorph spells. Has anyone played with this at a table to have any input how GMs would typically swing with that? It seems to make beastmorph even more of a no-brainer for that build, if mummification was something the alchemist wanted to pick up.

I see what you are getting at, but I've also never seen anybody rule it that way, and it's one of my favorite discoveries so I've seen it a lot.

Sandal Fury wrote:
You think that's bad? Half-orc brawlers can add 1/4 to their effective level to determine damage dice. Which adds up to LITERALLY NOTHING until level 16.

What are you talking about, at 7th level they would count as 8th (since they are already 1 level up) at 10th they would count as 12th (2 levels up) and at 13th they would count as 3 levels up getting them to level 16 damage dice.

CaptainDrake wrote:
_Ozy_ wrote:

Identify serves as the detect magic. If you cast identify (or use an extract) you don't need a separate detect magic.

From the spell:

This spell functions as detect magic,
How the "f" did I miss that?

If it makes you feel better, I didn't notice that clerics get a second domain until level 5.

On my 3rd cleric.

Interestingly enough, on a short film I worked on, a stuntman was playing a double hand crossbow wielding bounty hunter, and he could in fact reload them without dropping one. He basically did it with his last two fingers. Wasn't the fastest, but I mean just the fact that he could do it is something.

I'd say it took him about 3 seconds per crossbow, so half a round per, not exactly free action territory.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

For a long time our campaigns started with the same fight (practically).

The group is lost in the woods, when they come across goblins.

Though tbh,I kinda ruined it the very first time we played d&d. Gm let us pay any race and I wanted to be a minotaur. He said "So you guys are lost in the woods- "and I cut him off and said "no I'm not. "

3.5 minotaurs had a special ability, they simply cannot be lost, and know exactly where they are. Less than 2 seconds before I argued with my gm.

In a level 1 game, orc barbarian, crit eh a great axe for max damage plus power attack (I think it was 26 str? So 12+12+3=27 *3 would be 81 damage? )

It's not that he would have died to it (he had 100 hp) but it qualified for massive damage and he rolled a 1.

So, I bought the special edition of Rise when it came out, and after many false starts, some gm switching, and a lot of time, last night the party ended the session standing on Karzoug's doorstep.

I think I might cry, because, besides the fact that we've never actually finished a campaign, this one is the one that we've tried the most. I'm the GM, so I've already started writing epilogues for the surviving characters, and I'm just so giddy!

I just had to talk to somebody about it.

Who else has gotten through, and was there anything notable you changed?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

There was a weapon in a 3.5 book that had a misprint, I think it was the ninja-to, and it said it had a crit range of 19-29. Obviously a typo, but that didn't stop people from trying to use keen or improved critical on it to get a crit range of 9-29, then add vorpal.

I don't think I ever saw someone actually argue this one outside of theory crafting but it amused me.

While admittedly a sub optimal prestige class, I found it useful for a mystic theurge, since they often want to avoid asf, but since haramaki and silken ceremonial armor exist, that's less useful.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Cevah wrote:

Shaggy is the druid, and Scooby is the druid's Animal Companion [dump stats: Con]. Fred is a rogue, creating many traps [dump stat: Int]; Daphne is the inquisitor [dump stat: Dex]; Velma is an investigator, of course, with a dash of oracle (blind curse) [dump stat: Cha].


I'm calling that a silly argument, because those boys could eat anything with only the lightest of ill effects, I'd say they have great con.

On the other hand they were terrible against fear effects, so maybe somehow low wis on a druid.

Any update on this?

For ROTR, classes with spell books make out like kings in terms of loot. I know you are trying to get away from magus though, and leaning towards martial, so how about add something conflicting to the aasimar and be a tiefling warpriest? Good martial stuff, decent divine spells, can really focus on one weapon.

It still gets you above 10,so goal achieved!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If the army of undead is mindless, you could attempt the reroute idea from walking dead, build walls that lead them in a different direction.

Otherwise, try the tower defense game set up. Build walls in a spiral around the town, requiring the undead to walk through a narrow corridor around the city giving much more time to attack. With only a week to plan this might not work, but choke points are key.

Alternatively, build the same winding path inside the town using existing structures by blocking off road streets in town leading in a spiraling or winding path to the keep,allowing you more time to attack them from above (on buildings and walls) and ensuring maximum aoe damage.

TimD wrote:

Also, Urban Barbarian Halfling:

+10 / +12 when raging / +14 on a raging charge, I guess...
BAB +1 (Halfling urban barbarian)
+1 size
+5 dex (+7 when raging)
+1 weapon focus
+1 masterwork small rapier
+1 trait bonus with masterwork weapon (ancestral weapon trait)

Wouldn't that require weapon finesse?

Also yes thank you I don't know how I forgot bab.

Let's see, human barbarian for rage, starting 20 str (18+racial) gives 24 strength while raging (+7), weapon focus(+1) mwk weapon +1 and a charge for+2 would be +11 (but only on a charge plus raging.

Using a full orc would get it up to 12 using the same set up.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I can't remember her name but the kobold barbarian should have been nothing to my party, but the players just rolled so terribly that I'm leveling her up to be a new fight.

Nobody passed the perception check to find her (which is amazing because some of them have +20 or more to perception) everybody rolled low with a couple 1s when she went last in initiative, the alchemist accidentally tangle Bombed the party, then she got to go.

Natural 20,20 to confirm, almost takes the magus out in one hit. Next time alchemist goes he rolls triple 1s (we use the triple 20 is an insta kill and triple 1s is instant death rule) and blows himself up, splash damage hits the party.

They finally start hitting her, and she runs down small tunnels, but nobody pursues.

A few rooms later, paladin notices a necklace on the ground, magus remembers identifying that the kobold had a necklace of fireballs, and that's when the paladin gets hit by one of the fireballs. She rolls the save since she is holding the necklace, and rolls a 1 causing the rest to explode, paladin dies.

No other monster in the game has successfully killed 2 members of the party, and the single kobold managed to, and almost got a 3rd and 4th.

To the best of my knowledge, he never played 3rd edition, it was honestly just baffling to me when I heard it.

Anyone else got anything silly?

I recently saw someone argue that you shouldn't be able to multi class paladins and monks because both require them to be lawful, and that got me thinking, what is the strangest argument you have seen for our against something?

I want it to work, but I think the fact that you could only get 9 levels might hinder it somewhat, I guess you'd still get all 10 levels in the end if you take 1 level in the prestige first, but if you take 2 or more, what happens? Dead levels?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Bonus points, take adopted (half orc) to pick up the tusked race trait, flavor your bite attack as having smilodon-like teeth.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

My Dwarf swashbuckler character (haven't had a chance to use him, but written out) uses a Dwarven war axe. One handed slashing weapon, yay slashing grace.

We use 3rd party items on a case by case basis, I'm open to 3rd party suggestions, though I'd prefer to use these classes.

Alright, so I have the cleric side set up, what I need now is wizard stuff. Few of the archetypes appeal to me so I'm thinking vanilla wizard, does anyone have any favorites they think I should check out?

I'm not too well versed on wizards (I usually play spontaneous casters or martial characters) so what schools do people suggest? I'm thinking maybe universalist for flavor, but I worry I might lose out on something that works well for this that I haven't considered.

As is, I've got 3 levels of ecclesitheurge 3 of wizard, half elf with multi disciplined and bifurcated magic for traits.

Oh and I just remembered, my dm will allow my bonded holy symbol from ecclesitheurge also be my bonded object for wizard of I choose that, but I've often heard people advise against a bonded object on wizard, so thoughts? If I did I was thinking am amulet that is Nethys' mask. Any better bonded objects?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

For the sake of already dealing with a less than optimized group, I'm going to avoid any early entry shenanigans, and I'm thinking ecclesitheurge cleric 3/wizard 3 (haven't considered any archetypes for wizard, any I should consider? )into MT at 7th.

Sheepish, I hadn't even thought about rave, but your suggestions look great thank you so much.

Neils, I think he was suggesting using wizard spells for non-somatic, and Cleric spells for everything else, though I could be wrong. I don't know when I'll be able to start this, but I'll try to keep you guys updated.

Also, school suggestions for the wizard side?

Oh yeah, just remembered two things I was considering for it. One I was thinking Nethys for his deity, seemed thematically appropriate.

Two, normally I don't like the Ecclesitheurge, but since I need to not wear armor anyways for the arcane spellcasting, Do you think it would be good for it?

Alright, so I'm going to preface this by saying that I know that mystic theurge isn't great, but this is for a character who would be focused on being a support/ buffer, and I'm going into this knowing that the party he's joining is not very optimized so I was trying to pick something less than optimal, but optimized within that restriction.

So basically, how might you build it, and how might you build something similar in flavor who isn't a mystic theurge, preferably single classed. I'm looking for both, not just one or the other.

It was a while back and I was just on the sidelines watching for a bit at the local gaming store, so I don't have the stats, but I watched a dragon hunting party (home brew campaign), and clearly number one was the Trophy Hunter Ranger. I don't recall everything, but he did have dragons as his highest favored enemy, and big game hunter as a trait. Touch attacks out to two range increments vs dragons? Yes please.

Madokar Valortouched wrote:
My Self wrote:
If either of you two are GMing and aren't in an organized play setting, you could agree to let the archetypes stack.
So it's something that can be left to GM discretion, then?

Literally everything can be left to GM discretion, so it doesn't help by the rules. These two unfortunately don't stack.

Wouldn't the feat stop working as soon as you took a level in a class that grants an animal companion? Maybe not from the way it's worded, but I was under the impression that's how it worked.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I didn't forget it, it's right here.

Jokes aside, I've found that the earth breaker has been a fine weapon, and I'm regularly the highest melee damage dealer with my bloodrager. I mean I'm a Shoanti Bloodrager, the only time I'm not using it is when I got so angry I turned into a dragon.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
How many cans can a cannon golem fire in a full attack, if a cannon golem can shoot cans?

Do you mean canonically?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Scythia wrote:
The Sideromancer wrote:
Also, I now want a golem made of plotlines.
I'd prefer a golem made of accepted holly writings. All the paper cuts + extra damage to opposed alignment.

Very festive with the holiday season coming up.

But on topic, I agree that it shouldn't be able to use the cannon arm to fire and slam.

Honestly, I would be fairly disappointed in a party with an anti slavery theme, as you said, if they offered up a slave in exchange.

Have you considered the idea of the Efreeti being a shrewd business outsider, and have him explain that he needs something in exchange for his time, and if it's not the children, something else? I mean know it's not a devil, but it seems in line to me that an Efreeti would be great for a deal with the devil type thing.

Doesn't have to be souls, could be favors, a percent of future acquisitions (ie, party loot, cut of a business ventures etc.) Or just money, that could be a great moral situation, what's more important you're wealth, or 3 children. Maybe have them make an offer, so he can balk if it's too low, or if it's higher than what he would accept, still balk to try to negotiate higher.

Now I want to put an Efreeti in a dungeon in a business suit, just looking for deals it can make.

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Kalindlara wrote:

(Full disclosure: I have actually used Adopted for Tusked before. I wanted a "saber-toothed tiger" catfolk.)

Thank you for giving me my next character idea.

zainale wrote:
you do get a feat at third lvl and again at fifth lvl from Character Advancement these are not class based bonus feats but they are bonus feats everyone gets. so in a sense a fighter does get a bonus feat at 3rd lvl and 5th lvl as does everyone else. just look at Character Advancement you will see the feats they are talking about.

I'm sure we are all aware of the fact that you get feats at those levels, however they are not bonus feats, nor are they affected by class.

Honestly, I feel like his abilities are really simple. Just be a ninja and you take vanish (decieve), invest in traps, invest in poisons (the knife throw ability is called Two-Shiv Poison, and has a passive alongside the knife throw) just throw the knife as normal (since it has a pretty short range in game). For his ultimate, take the shadow clone trick. Sure it can't attack, but flavor wise this gets you Shaco. His passive is called backstab, and is of course handled by sneak attack.

I feel like it will never quite work properly, because I just feel that traps aren't really worth it in pathfinder, and getting an entire new character to flank with seems really powerful, but I mean the abilities are all found in one class.

Hmm, maybe its just us then, there are certain things we got that I know were powerful magic items, but we haven't sold them.

I am a player not a DM, and I was looking for in character ways to work on wealth. As amusing as I found the WBL suicide machine, not quite what I was looking for.

I'll discuss some my concerns with the DM and probably deal with some BP, thanks guys.

We're in book 2 now and it seems like everyone is behind on gear, any one else have this experience? Any good ways to acquire wealth or should we bite the bullet and draw more out of BP?

Ragechemist is a trap, don't do it. As for Krieg, I would change the decisions based on how you play him in Borderlands. Each tree would play differently, but as Sundakan said, Alchemist would probably do well for it. He morphs in one tree, throws a lot of explosives in the next and fire fire fire in the last one.

However, I feel I should note, Master Chymist would not be ideal, though it might look good at first, because Krieg as portrayed in the games is always the psycho. He just has a sane voice in his head. Master Chymist switches between the personalities.

This also means that Barbarian could actually work well for it, it would just be a matter of fluffing your character and abilities to match Krieg. Don't really get explosives, but personally I don't feel thats really core to the character.

Reading this topic, I realize I have no idea what's more common here in Los Angeles. I play pathfinder with a group that is 5 people I went to high school with, 2 who went to my high school after I graduated (but went with the younger classmates that I did) and 1 person who was recommended to us by friends of friends.

We play pathfinder because we have the stuff, we know it, and for what we don't have there's the prd/d20pfsrd/archives of nethys.

Antidotes for poison. Usually doesn't come up, but it just did for us and almost killed 3 of the party.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
d'Eon wrote:

Also, it slightly bugs me that they called the three-section staff a sansetsukon. Yes, it's an accuratetemr for it, but Golarion doesn't have Japan, why are things given Japanese names?

Golarion doesn't have an England, why are things given English names?

Ok so this one isn't equipment, but recently found out that the party paladin forgot about feats. This wasn't her first game or character, so I didn't think I needed to audit, but a friend who wasn't playing in this game was visiting and saw she wasn't doing well and offered to help.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Non- magic: Barbarian, I love the variety rage powers give (granted some are definitely better than others)

Arcane: Sorcerer, again variety is a huge bonus, and an offhand remark referencing another sorcerer I played snowballed and now all of my sorcerers and bloodrager characters are related in our games. Mechanically this does almost nothing, but flavor wise it's been great.

Divine: This one is tough for me, but I think I'm gonna go with cleric, they've got what you need just a day away at most and can be combat and support.

Nature: Gotta be druid, but I haven't played hunter yet. I really like animal companions, so hunter is definitely interesting.

Occult: Haven't played any, but I'm going with Kineticist, because I like avatar.

GeneticDrift wrote:

Arcane: i use my vote to lure the bard class into a dark room and kill it. Arcane classes just have lame options. I can have fun once in a while but i wont play any particular arcane class over and over.

I get not liking arcane, but can I ask why Bard deserves such ire?

Can you even take tattooed with sage? Don't they both alter the first bloodline power?

It says that they MUST select Dire Bat or Giant Vulture, so this seems like one that doesn't have a way around it. That said, I don't think its entirely unreasonable, unless Rocs have something else limiting their use.

Here in Los Angeles it got to 95 degrees F on Christmas a couple years ago, so sub 100 never really seems too hot to me (I also grew up without air conditioning, so even here I know that's not entirely the norm).

But even I was able to go up north and acclimate pretty quickly to working in the rain without a jacket in Washington on the Canadian border. Maybe it's just a matter of assumed lack of acclimation time.

Or just an abstract of assuming adventuring is more strenuous?

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