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I wish it wasn't an elf only archetype, so you could be a halfling, and ride into Isengard in style.

BLIB wrote:
Whiskey Jack wrote:

Yowza. Thanks. It sounds like "and comedy ensues" should be part of the announcement a player should have to tack on when saying they are firing this bad-boy up.

I can't help picturing two barbarians slapping each other in turn over and over again.

I've a barb L12 and would interrupt this dance with an Improved Vital Strike attack to deal more damage and end the fight...

Can you AoO vital strike?

My gm had a series of events for a festival, that allowed the characters to meet each other, focusing on attributes the characters might be good at. For instance, there was the keg throwing contest for the strong characters, hide and seek for the sneaky, tug of war, balancing on a rope, intelligence games the cup game you mentioned.

There was also different tents for food, drink, performing etc.

IIRC, Iron Gods has some Kasatha using two two handed weapons. Now, that doesn't mean the average character can do so, but there is precedent.

A creature used blink on itself, then proceeded to miss because of it on every attack except one. None of the party missed him. He dealt a grand total of 6 damage to the level 5 party.

And he was the final boss of the dungeon.

I see why people would think that you can't AoO with the vestigial arms, but I disagree. The arms can't be used for extra attacks sure, but you have the ability to AoO at least once per turn (so its not extra).

Wait even from different sources? I thought that was just a black blade specific thing.

Glych wrote:

In a game I was in we had a goblin "cleric" (read: alchemist) who worshipped the great god K'Boom. The guy was awesome to play with, as he fleshed out pantheon to contain K'Boom's brother, K'Blam, and his son, K'Blooie. The universe was started when K'Boom and K'Blam came together and created the first bomb, resulting in the Big Bang. K'Boom is the god of things that violently explode, and K'Blam is the god of the things that explode violently.

While that particular pantheon probably won't fit into your game, it probably wouldn't be too hard to justify a goblin god of fire having his favoured weapon be some form of bomb :)

I already favorited this post, but I just really want this to be a thing.

Alright so looking at the list linked The Arachnid robot doesn't have hardness (and is fragile), nor does the mannequin robot, or rust risen.

The rest had hardness 10 except I think Observer and Scrapyard who had hardness 5. It seems to be the thing with Robots to give them hardness over DR.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
Protoman wrote:
Check out the robots in Golarion.

That doesn't provide any sort of proof that they're any separate from Constructs. That page actually says they're Constructs, but of a separate sub-type, which means they're still constructs. That's like saying Elves aren't Humanoids, because they have the Humanoid (Elf) subtype. And that sub-type doesn't provide any mention of them receiving Hardness, meaning it would be a creature-specific subject, such as Animated Objects.

Now Animated Objects, I can understand having Hardness, because they count as both a creature and an object for all intents and purposes. But full-on Constructs as a whole? Unless they're powered down, then they can't be treated like Objects, which means any Hardness rules would not apply unless they're specified, as is the case with Animated Objects. And last I checked, Hardness doesn't have an entry in the Universal Monster Rules, so I don't know how you're pulling all of this out of thin air. Perhaps you should use a step-by-step process.

If you look under robots defense section (idk if it's all of them, but all I ran into while dming iron gods) you find they have Hardness instead of dr/ there.

I don't know why, but it was definitely problematic for the low level melee characters.

Yeah, but back then our group didn't really look for errata, we just had what was in the books we had on hand.

I think it was the ninjato that had been printed with a crit range of 19-29. Useless extra numbers by itself but by doubling the crit range (keen) it was 9-29, before any other shenanigans.

One of my favorite characters that I have never had the chance to play is an old man who thinks he is a wizard, but is actually a gunslinger.

"I only got the one spell, but it's a good one. Abra cadabra *bang*"

I just remembered one of our first 3.5 parties. We never finished the campaign, but the GM incorporated the characters into the world in later campaigns.

The aquatic elf Swashbuckler (me) became king of an underwater kingdom in the area.

The wizard became the Archmage of a Wizarding college.

I can't remember the class, but one player ran the tavern we owned in a coastal village where the campaign started. With the help of the trap maker he made a cannon that fired exploding kegs to defend the town.

Gek, the npc trap maker Kobold (he joined when my elf captured him after the group he was with was defeated) turned out to be amazing (dm kept rolling 20's with him to his own frustration) became so revered amongst Kobolds that his connections with us made it possible for Kobolds to become a regular part of society, and when he died at the ripe age of 30 (ancient for kobold in this campaign) he ascended to God-hood.

John the Bastard was the only npc town guard to survive the first encounter, named so for his Bastard sword and his incredible luck (including surviving a balista bolt fired through a door he was checking) that he too ascended to God-hood, as a God of war.

The druid is naked in a forest somewhere.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

One of my characters I'm playing is a dragon bloodline Bloodrager, so he plans on retiring with a hoard.

Another is a cavalier devoted to Cayden Calien, so he's probably going to be the one opening a bar.

I kinda want my witch to become something like Baba Yaga, some sort of mythical witch traveling from place to place.

My barbarian is a sailor, so probably a captain.

The prerequisites have an alternative to being a divine spellcaster, and the benefit does not say divine spells so yes, it works with arcane casters.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

My male Draconic Bloodrager realized that Nualia's armor was better than his. He feels very sexy in his new armor.

I would allow it to create a burst, but certainly not 15 feet, in a game I dm. You would also definitely take damage though.

I know you said you wanted to avoid sorcerer, but I just have to say that Imperious bloodline is very flavorful for this AP.

Fourshadow wrote:

It's a trait and it has to do with race: ergo, a racial trait. I know of no GM who would nix that tiny distinction. I mean this would be the nit-pickiest nit to pick I have ever seen.

Blood of Dragons should work.

Except they are entirely different. Let's change the names, We have a series of elephants you get for choosing a race, and there is a list of seals you can choose from. Some of the seals are elephant seals, they are not elephants, they just have a similar name.

The zoo I used to work at had an albino alligator and they needed to keep him shaded otherwise he would get sunburns. I don't know about fur though.

As I understood it, the vows do not trade it still mind the same way other archetypal abilities do, so ninjas and other ki users can use them, even monk archetypes that trade it out. But Ymmv, and it does seem odd that only one (two counting unchained) class gives something up for it.

Besides the fact that this faq came out after the crb, I feel that the Devs consider the different Banes to be separate abilities.

Doesn't Pathfinder have its own Bahamut? Apsu isn't it?

I've always been fond of the imperial forest dragon, because nobody ever expects the breath weapon to be piercing damage. Sure, elemental is probably better, but it's a hilarious surprise to energy resistant characters.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I was under the impression that unchained monks couldn't use archetypes? If so then no master of many styles.

Polymorph any object (is that still a thing? ) into a dragon that would match for permanent, then wait a long time?

I feel that it is not its own thing as much as variant arcane.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Malwing wrote:

Kithkin (Halflings)
Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex, +2 Cha,
Replace Halfling Luck and Surefooted with;
Hive mind: As a swift action...

I always liked the Kithkin, but in addition to the Hivemind I think it would be cool if they had the Ratfolks Swarming ability.

Or maybe a racial archetype or prestige class that eventually got them two cohorts for a Thoughtweft trio style ability.

I don't think my group has ever gotten someone raised. I've only had one of my characters die, IIRC, and that only happened because my character sacrificed himself to help break the team and others out of an evil prison. I feel it would most definitely have cheapened his sacrifice if he had been raised.

Decided to test my luck, used the wotc deck generator and I drew Key, Gem, and Knight. So now I have a major magic weapon, a 4th level fighter, and 50k worth of gems or jewelry. I remember we ran into the deck at like level 2 once for a campaign, and I got the knight then too, which made him the strongest member of the party.

The Scepter of Ages. I've always been fond of time travel, and the devastating effect it has of aging anyone hit by it (1 year per hp, 2 years per hp on a crit) just makes it so cool. It is a +4 heavy mace with an 18-20 crit range, meaning minimum aging is 5 years, maximum 48 years per hit not including bonuses.

Plus its a time machine, so yeah.

Lune wrote:

I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

To me (and apparently others), when it says "At first level, you grow claws." I believe that it means that at first level, you grow claws. To me it is specifying that you grow claws at first level. It does not have the verbiage that the other abilities (both within that bloodline and in other bloodlines) have.

I guess we could ask for intent of the Devs but I doubt we are likely to get a response. Until then I am thinking disagreements on this will be rampant.

This difference you list is irrelevant because of the rule pertaining to all bloodlines.

"Unless otherwise specified, he gains the effects of his bloodline powers only while in a bloodrage; once the bloodrage ends, all powers from his bloodline immediately cease, and any physical changes the bloodrager underwent revert, restoring him to normal."

Power of Wyrms explicitly states that you get the ability even while not bloodraging, the draconic claws ability has no such language.

I see no such wording that says they have it all the time, it just doesn't say while bloodraging. The specific rule of it only applying during bloodrage should apply.

In my most recent campaign I noticed that the Aldori Swordlord Fighter archetype doesn't give aldori dueling sword proficiency so I just gave it to the player. Then I was talking to another player and I suggested the sawtooth sabre for dual wielding. So I gave him proficiency too.

It was at that point that I realized MWP and EWP are terrible feats, and I just give out proficiency for story purposes.

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Torbyne wrote:
*Cleric of cayden cailean spilling some beer during/after the fight.* "good enough boys, lets roll out!"


No but really, I agree, I could see Cayden Clerics pouring a 40 on the curb as a way of laying someone to rest.

The AoO happens before the shot goes off, seems perfectly clear to me that you won't have the AC bonus yet. I suspect the ability is more thematically appropriate when dealing with two people trying to shoot each other in close quarters, and thus would not really deal with AoO's too much.

From running one path, I got the idea for single monster encounters to have dual initiative, even if they aren't mythic. Helps with action economy.

3.5, Warforged Warblade with 20 con was often the last man standing (or at least standing when the cleric wasn't). Well we got a bunch if potions for healing, but since he never liked letting enemies escape he did hit and run healing. The trick is to hope the damage of the glass shattering (and thus opening wounds where the potion could get in to the body, I know house rule) was less than the damage healed.

This was mostly for stabilizing purposes. I like that it was a Warforged, because then it can be written off as him not understanding living creatures.

I have to throw another vote for Tongues for two reasons.

1. How often do you talk during combat? I don't know about you but it's fairly low for me.

2. You don't even need the whole party to learn the language, one (or two in case the one gets knocked out) can translate for you. Not to mention some of languages come up fairly often on my experience, so then it's not even a skill point cost (if they pick it at first level or they already were going to get it)

Similar to Stabbity Doom's, my favorite was Beastmorph+Vivisectionist(CN), with very similar discovery choices. Preserve Organs, mummification Feral Mutagen, Vestigial Arms, Wings (maybe later I would take parasitic twin)

But the flavor of mine was different from his. Mine was an somewhat Egyptian themed Alchemist who believed he had done something that had angered the Gods and as such was trying to do everything to not die. He transformed into a Scarab with his Mutagen, as it was sacred to his people and could keep him alive in combat. He used the shield extract to harden his carapace in that state (purely fluff tbh). After being jumped by a goblin rogue he started taking preserve organs, and eventually mummified himself to try to prolong his life. The Wings were insect like (as that was one of the available options) which allowed for the scarab flavor as well as combat stuff. His endgame goal was to get the Immortality discovery, but his Mutagen self was less self serving, and might have led to him going into Master Chymist (alter ego LG).

I may be mistaken, but I think the Roc ac entry mentions rangers being able to have them.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Errant Mercenary wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:
Pummeling Style is not only exclusive to unarmed strikes, there is a FAQ, just to remind people of that.


Here it says only Unarmed. What faq am I missing? Itd make me very happy.

Um, that's what I said.

Um, what you said was that it isn't exclusive to unarmed strikes, did you mean the opposite?

Tangent, but in the wanna bet topic, the first game I ever played the dm let me play a minotaur, and started by saying "You are lost in the woods..." and I said "No I'm not." Wanna bet moments are some of my favorites.

More on topic, the spell Chill Touch came up when we fought some ice caster, and that's when I found out it worked despite his immunity.

Also most of prestidigitation's every day use abilities, plus shields magic missile negation.

Even from a meta game standpoint it can be unclear. A friend and I played alchemists in the same campaign, and two of the players were unaware we were the same class (granted they were new to pathfinder, and did not know of the alchemist).

He was a goblin alchemist focused on bomb throwing, whereas I was a vivisectionist focused on mutagens.

I saw it mentioned but what is the official ruling (or general consensus) on Dragon style with pummeling strike? Just the first virtual attack or the whole thing for the str bonus?

Out of curiosity, because I've not really been 100% sure how it works, can you vital strike if your mount is the one charging? I ask because the mount move and attacks seems different, like how you can full attack with a bow from horseback while the horse moves.

In the Dragon lance novels, it is purported by the mages that you can't alter the timeline too much, your actions in the world are like throwing pebbles in a stream, sure ripples are created,but the river flows on.

It should also be noted that pathfinder has a time travel device, the artifact is called the scepter of ages (I think) and it allows specific or random time travel. It is also a badass weapon that causes each point of damage to age the person hit.

My favorite mammoth rider build is pure mounted fury barb. Boon companion to get it to your level, beast totem line along with the mounted rage powers gives any mount pounce and claws, plus the massive str bonuses. Why hello there huge gore/slam/claw/claw (plus the rider's lance) mammoth charge.

(Can't remember if I got the natural attacks right, but the point remains) I am always hesitant to use any caster class because the mammoth rider doesn't get the bonus to saves vs divine or arcane if you cast that type.

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One of my players has Aspergers, and she seems very pleased to play an android, as it suits her personality fairly well. I don't think I have seen her ever get into a character so much.

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