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Jakaw Razorbeak

Safety Hawk's page

6 posts. Alias of Arachnidus.


Thanks so much guys.

I'll think twice before letting players play a fresh race from a new book with only one page of description to go on.

In regards to aging, a player in a game that I'm running right now is an android character and insists that since androids do not listed age limits his character will live until killed. It doesn't matter much since the campaign will probably end before his character is officially 2 years old (at the first session he was a month old, and its been two months since then), but I don't want him to assume that he's a Highlander or otherwise immortal.

So I decided to add an existing race's age template to android. In the spirit of Bladerunner I thought it would be appropriate for them to have the shortest one which is 60 max, but he still gets the extra 12 years that any other race would have to spend being a child. The Player did not take the suggestion well, so I counter offered the long lived template from the native outsider races (270 max).

He's arguing that I only want to add an age limit to 'nerf' androids and add a new way to kill him and that if androids age there is no point to playing one and that I should let him reroll.

I need advice before this gets out of hand and I have future assassins come to kill him and rest of the party.

sorry, I saw new batman, just got up, crunch/fluff coming up soon.

Lawful Neutral

That's fine, I know there will be jousting or something later on according to the players guide. And that's also why I wanted to have a samurai instead of a cavalier, no charge or teamwork(F Synergy!) to get in the way. Also I'm probably going to go with order of the Cockatrice or Sword.

Hey there, count me for consideration. I was thinking of making a Samurai (or Paladin if you don't want to allow samurai)

Races: Human, Half-Elf, Aasimar

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