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STR Ranger's page

2,195 posts (11,394 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 30 aliases.


Shoanti Fighter
Aden of the Shield

Male Human Cavalier 3(Honor Guard, Stratagist)AC 20/13/17 HP: 25/30 and 1 non-lethal (200 posts)
Adriel Mistleaf

M Elf Hexcrafter 5 (AC18/12/16), 51/51HP, F7/R4/W7+9vs enchantment, Per+10/ +2Thrasher, Init+4 (736 posts)
Angus Coldforge

M Dwarf Witchunter Inquisitor (Init +1,AC18, F4/R1/W4+5vs spls/poison, HP10) Witchunter Inquisitor (58 posts)
(2 posts)
Legion Archon

Movanic Diva Init +7, AC24/13/21+4vs EVIL, HP126/126 DR10/evil, F12/R11/W9+4vs EVIL,+4vs Poison, Perception+26, Immune Acid, Cold, Electric, Fire, SR21 (87 posts)
Villamar Koth

Male Half-Orc Wild Rager 2/Witch Hunter Inquisitor1 HP: 42/42 48/48 raging AC18/12/16-2 for Rage , F9/R4/W6+2 Fort/Will while raging Perception: +7, Init:+2 (537 posts)
(66 posts)
Daniel Arrisen

Male Half-Orc Sacred Servant of Iomedae HP128/128, AC30/17/27, F17/R14/W14, Init +3, Perception +12, CMB18/CMD34
Blessing of the Watch, Protection Aura in 20ft Azreal, Spl Imun3BAB+23+2 AC/+1 Saves Azreal
(1,736 posts)

Daniel Hewitt 378
(0 posts)
Davkas Gellantara

Male Human Sorc/Evoker 5 HP: 28/28 | AC: 16 | T: 13 | FF: 12 | Fort: 3 | Ref: 5 | Will: 8 l Perception:7 l CMB+3 l CMD+16 (44 posts)
Baron Galdur Vendikon
Deacon Nasser

Male Human Wizard Foresight School, (AC17/13/10, HP8Current 8Conditions: Nil) (90 posts)
Jhofre Vascari
Deacon Nesser

Male Human Cleric 7 (26 posts)
Dugald Paladinson
(6 posts)
Duncan Redhammer

Male Dwarf Expert 1/Inquisitor 4 (Witchunter) Int+4, F6, R1, W4, +4 vs Spells/PoisonAC19/T12/FF17, HP46/4663/67 when raging (1,589 posts)
Initiate of Flame

Dwarf Inquisitor 10 (Witchunter) Int+6, F11, R6, W12, +2 Fort, Will in RAGE, +5 vs Spells/Poison, +1 per adjacent allyAC25/T15/FF23, -2 when raging HP93/93, 113/113 RAGING , Perception +16 (7 posts)
(1 post)
Kaigon the Miscreant
Grimm Sharpest

M Dwarf Inquis 10, Init +5, Percep+13, HP72/76 AC25/12/23+3 w/Judge, Saves F10/R6/W11+4 Spells/Poison(race), +3 w/Know Def, +3 w/Judge , Attk: +13 +2 w/RAGE, +3 Judge, +2 Trip, CMD+23+29vsTrip,+27vsBull (914 posts)
Jin Takashi

Male Elf Hexcrafter Bladebound Magus 6, Init+3, F8/R6/W8+2vs Mind Effecting,AC19/T14/FF16, 45/45HP (336 posts)
White Grotto Student
Kenji Jehu

Male Human Admixture Wizard1/Crossblooded Tatooed Sorcerer (139 posts)
Artemis Entreri
Marcus Whiteshae

Male Half-Elf Wild Stalker 7 (479 posts)
Ostog the Unslain
Nathaniel Wyvrensting

M Human Wild Stalker (5 posts)

Animal Familiar Perception +13, HP 29/29, AC 24/15/20, Saves F5/R9/W7, Bite Attack +7, 1d3-2 damage, doesn't provoke when charging (5 posts)
White Dragon

Adventure Buddy! AC 20/14/18, Saves 4/5/4, Perception +6, Blindsense/Darkvision 60ft, Immune Sleep,Paralysis (10 posts)
Sunji Suzuki

M Tian Human Crossblooded Orc/Draconic Tattooed Sorcerer (4 posts)
Swamp Barracuda

Male Dino Familiar AC22/15/19, HP22/22, F4/R7/W8, Evasion, Sudden Swoop, Spd 10/Fly 40ft, Bite +6 (1d3-2), CMB+4, CMD+12, Perception+10/Alertness+12 (6 posts)
Toshio Kaijitsu

Male Human Samurai2 AC 18/11/16, HP 19/19Conditions: Nil, F5/R2/W1+2vs Mind Effecting (298 posts)

Male Elf Magus 7 AC 23/13/21, HP75/75, F9/R5/W6, Init +4, Perception +13+2 Alertness,
Perception +13, HP 29/29, AC 24/15/21, Saves F5/R9/W7, Bite Attack +8, 1d3-2 damage, doesn't provoke when charging
(1,171 posts)
Thorn's End Guard
Varrel Thrunebane

Male Elf Magus 11 AC27/T16/FF23,+4 spell, HP23/81, F14/R11/W12 +2vs Enchantment, Init +4, Perception +22 (104 posts)
Warden Rogard Hammerfell

Dwarf Warpriest 6 Int+2, F8, R5, W9, +5 vs Spells/PoisonAC21/T12/FF19, HP55/55 (16 posts)
Baron Hannis Drelev
Xavier Longsaddle

Male Human Warpriest 8, AC21/T10/FF21+2 if using Shield, HP74/74, F10/R4/W12, CMB+10/CMD+20, Perception +5 (527 posts)

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