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SD DM's page

545 posts. Alias of therealthom.

About SD DM

Wilam Tayhorn
Kuva Azul

Future Game Char Gen rules:

The Matrix. Or dumping below 8 only adds one point per point dumped.

Fighters: 4 skill points per level. Expanded Class skill list. Acrobatics (Dex), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Ch), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int), Knowledge (engineering) (Int), Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (history) (Int), (Int),Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str).

Monks: Flurry is not TWF; it is its own thing.

Rogues: All skills are class skills. Any knowledge.

Wizards: Spell books are fair game. (This does not mean that I will target the spellbook often, but that I may target it.) Take care of it. Keep it dry and away from fire. Reasonable precautions should suffice. Spellbook counts v. WBL. Spares are counted 50%. Spells can be cast like a scroll directly from the spell book. The spell is wiped from the spellbook if used this way.

Witches/Wizards/Sorcerers: d4 hit dice.

Hit dice: Roll for hp. Minimums -- d12 4, d10 3, d8 2, d4 1. There is also a mystery minimum by % of average class hit points.

Despite how characters are generated, the average population's ability scores more or less conform to a 3d6 distribution. People of up to third level are fairly common. Sixth level characters are worthy of popular notice and fame.


Zakya Rakshasa: {adaptations AC-2, no shield, +1 frost Greatsword 2d6+d6 19-20, x2}
Medium Ousider(native)
HD 7d8+35 (66 hp) Init +2
Spd 40', base speed 50
AC 27 (2 dex 9 natural 4 scalemail, 2 heavy steel shield) touch 12, ff 25
Saves F10, R7, W6

+1 bastard sword (upgraded to frost) +14/+9 (1d10+8, 19-20)
and bite +7 (1d6+2)


claw +12/+7 (1d10+8, 19-20)
and bite +7 (1d6+2)

SA: Detect thoughts at will, (3/day chill touch DC11, true strike, vampiric touch DC 13)

SQ: Change shape, DR 10/good and piercing, darkvision 60'. outsider(native) traits

Abilities : S20, D 14, Con 20, I 13, W 13, Ch 11
Skills: Bluff +14, Climb +9, Diplomacy +4, Disguise +14, Intimidate 12, Jump 13, Perception 11
Feats: BLind-fight, Cleave, Combat Refl, Ex.Weap Prof(bastard sword),Weap. Spcialization (bast sword)


E2. Labyrinth Entrance
Two statues, each depicting a tiger-headed man, stand in
alcoves to either side of the doors. Their arms are wide, as if to
usher visitors forward into the room beyond.
A DC 15 Search check is enough to notice the gap in
the floor, walls, and ceiling between this room and area
E3. The statues both depict Bahor Arkona in his true
form, and are thus recognizably the same figure from
area D24.
E3. First Lever
Two alcoves adorn either side of this otherwise empty room. In
one alcove, a long lever with an ebony handle protrudes from
the wall.
This lever is one of the four that trigger a partial rotation
of the four central sections of the Vivified Labyrinth.
E4. Corrupted Pool
A five-foot-diameter pool of crystal-clear water nearly fills this
small circular room.
Hazard: The “water” in this 10-foot-deep pool is magical—
anyone who drinks from the water is affected by a poison spell
(Fort DC 16, CL 7th). A permanent magic aura spell cloaks
the pool’s aura of conjuration magic. Liquid taken from this
pool in a container loses its magical properties immediately,
becoming normal water. If combat with Vimanda occurs near
this pool, she (knowing full well the pool’s properties) might
cast suggestion on a PC to force them to drink from it.
E5. Refreshing Pool (EL 7)
A five-foot-diameter pool of murky green water nearly fills this
small circular room.
Althoguh the water in this 10-foot-deep pool looks
fouled, it is in fact enhanced with potent curative effects.
Once per day, a creature that drinks from the pool gains
the effects of a heal spell (CL 11th). Both Vimanda and Sivit
know about this pool’s properties, and if badly wounded
or otherwise harmed, they could try to reach this pool to
drink from it. Liquid removed from this pool reverts to
nonmagical, gritty, foul-tasting water.
Trap: Sivit has placed a symbol of fear on the wall opposite
the entrance to this room. The symbol activates as soon as
it is looked at.
Symbol of Fear CR 7
Type spell; Search DC 31; Disable Device DC 31
Trigger sight; Reset no reset
Effect spell (symbol of fear; CL 14th, DC 21)
E6. Hall of Pain (EL 6)
Trap: Sivit has placed a symbol of pain on the floor of this
room. The symbol activates as soon as it is looked at.
Symbol of Pain CR 6
Type spell; Search DC 30; Disable Device DC 30
Effects: This spell functions like symbol of death, except that each creature within the radius of a symbol of pain instead suffers wracking pains that impose a –4 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks. These effects last for 1 hour after the creature moves farther than 60 feet from the symbol.

Unlike symbol of death, symbol of pain has no hit point limit; once triggered, a symbol of pain simply remains active for 10 minutes per caster level.

Note: Magic traps such as symbol of pain are hard to detect and disable. While any character can use Perception to find a symbol, only a character with the trapfinding class feature can use Disable Device to disarm it. The DC in each case is 25 + spell level, or 30 for symbol of pain.

Trigger sight; Reset no reset
Effect spell (symbol of pain; CL 14th, DC 18)
E7. Three Flavors of Venom (EL 7)
Three large wooden chests, their lids decorated with carvings
of cavorting tigers, sit against one wall of this room. Some sort
of message seems to be carved on each lid. The wall opposite
the chests is carved to depict hundreds of tigers marching in
widening circles around a single green gem the size of a fist, set
in the wall and itself carved to resemble a tiger’s head.
This is one of several rooms Bahor designed to give
prisoners put into the Vivified Labyrinth a chance to
Sivit’s Symbols
The darksphinx presents an unusual situation for adventure
design—her ability to create and maintain up to seven
different symbol effects at a time, and to do so at CL 18th
and relatively high static DCs is pretty ruthless for a CR
10 creature. I’ve lowered the caster level to 14th to match
her other spell-like abilities, and have made the save DCs
follow the standard rules for determining spell-like ability
save DCs. I’ve also taken the liberty of removing symbol
of death from Sivit’s available symbols; this symbol is a bit
too over-the-top even for this admittedly already deadly
environment. If you’d rather keep this symbol on her list,
I recommend placing it in the secret room in area E14 so
that it triggers once it is seen.
Still, symbols can get old fast, especially if there’s no one
in the party who can dispel them, disable them, or fix the
damage they do. Too many symbols can start to feel like
arbitrary damage and penalties handed out by a lazy GM.
You know your group better than I do—if you think that
one or two symbols (or none at all) are your group’s upper
limit, you should adjust the number of symbols that appear
in this part of the adventure.
—James Jacobs #933582, Tom Kinnare <>, Sep 15, 2012 #933582, Tom Kinnare <>, Sep 15, 2012
Escape From old Korvosa
provide him a bit more entertainment than simply
avoiding Sivit or the various active obstacles. The three
chests are identical in appearance except for a short phrase
engraved on each lid. This phrase is written in Vudran,
a hint from Bahor to at least give some small bit of aid to
those who speak his native tongue—of course, since these
hints are at a certain level misleading, they’re more like
threats to those who dare speak his native tongue.
The left chest says, “By gentle caress shall truth be
known.” The right chest says, “Breathe deep your salvation.”
The middle chest says, “Life within but Death without.”
Creature: Inside the middle chest are several potions
(see Treasure) and a relatively cranky blood-red cobra.
Bahor periodically feeds the cobra, but not nearly enough
to keep it happy. The snake is furious, and immediately
attacks the first person it sees.
Blood Cobra CR 1
hp 9 (MM 280; see Medium viper)
Trap: The left chest is coated in terinav root venom and is
empty. The right chest is air-tight and filled with insanity
mist and nothing else—opening it exposes everyone in
the room to the effects of the poison. The airborne poison
fades after 1 round.
Terinav Root Chest CR 7
Type mechanical; Search DC 25; Disable Device DC 25
Trigger touch; Reset no reset
Effect poison (Fort DC 16; 1d6 Dex/2d6 Dex)
Insanity Mist Chest CR 6
Type mechanical; Search DC 25; Disable Device DC 25
Trigger touch (opening chest); Reset no reset
Effect poison cloud (affects all creatures in room; Fort DC 15;
1d4 Wis/2d6 Wis)
Treasure: Bahor generally keeps a helpful item or
weapon in the central chest to provide those exploring
his dungeon a glimmer of false hope. The middle chest
currently contains three potions of cure serious wounds and
three potions of lesser restoration in addition to the cobra.
The gem embedded in the wall is a third eye bloodstone
worth 750 gp.
E8. Hall of Madness (EL 9)
A lever to rotate the Vivified Labyrinth protrudes from the
wall of this room.
Trap: Sivit has placed a symbol of insanity on the lever in
this room. The symbol activates as soon as anyone triggers
the lever.
Symbol of Insanity CR 9
Type spell; Search DC 33; Disable Device DC 33
Trigger touch; Reset no reset
Effect spell (symbol of insanity ; CL 14th, DC 23)
E9. The Biting Tigers (EL 7)
Both walls of this twenty-foot-long corridor are decorated with
row upon row of tiger heads. Each head appears to be that
of an actual, once-living tiger. The heads are remarkably well
preserved—their gaping mouths and glaring eyes even appear
to be moist.
This room is the first in a series of four rooms that
serve as a perilous obstacle course. All four of these
chambers were designed and created by Mapras, Bahor’s
father. Although Mapras died at Bahor’s hands, Bahor
never rebuilt these four rooms—they remain Mapras’s
only legacy in the Arkona dungeon, chambers too
ingeniously cruel in their creativity for even a murderous
son to ignore.
The secret door leading to area E10 can be discovered
with a DC 35 Search check. If the biting tigers are slain,
they no longer effectively hide this door, and it can be
discovered with a DC 15 Search check.
All four of these obstacles can be temporarily deactivated
by a hidden bypass switch. A switch is located on the wall
Ev olving the Revolving Du ngeon
Running this section of the adventure can be complicated,
for not only does the dungeon itself move about, so too
do its two primary guardians. The following tips can help
make running this dungeon a bit easier.
Tip 1: As the PCs explore the Vivified Labyrinth, have
them roll initiative as they trigger the first rotation in area
E3. Roll initiatives for Sivit and Vimanda as well, and track
their movements through the dungeon secretly on their
turns on your copy of the dungeon map.
Tip 2: Before the PCs reach the dungeon, prepare four
8-inch-diameter circles of paper and sketch out a grid on
each so that you can place them on your gaming table. As the
PCs explore the dungeon, sketch in the map of the dungeon,
but since they’re on separate pieces of paper, you’ll be able to
rotate each of them 90º each time the dungeon rotates.
Tip 3: If the PCs get completely trapped in an area where
they can’t access the levers, have an NPC elsewhere pull one.
Tip 4: Finally, don’t be afraid to toss out the rotating gears
aspect of the dungeon entirely if you think it’ll just frustrate
your group. It’s an easy thing to attach areas E3 and E4, E14
and E15, and E17 and E18 with tunnels, at which point there’s
no need for confusing rotating dungeons at all. #933582, Tom Kinnare <>, Sep 15, 2012 #933582, Tom Kinnare <>, Sep 15, 2012
Curse of the Crimson Throne
next to each entrance to room E9–E12; locating the switch is
a DC 30 Search check. Once pressed, the trap or guardian in
that room does not activate for the following 3 rounds—on
the 4th round, the trap or guardian reactivates (but may be
deactivated by again pressing the hidden bypass switch).
Creature: The tiger heads lining the walls animate and
attack one round after the first person sets foot in the
chamber, writhing out of the walls on long serpentine
necks in a horrific storm of scales, fangs, and fur. Treat
the biting tigers as a single Gargantuan animated object
that has a speed of 0 feet and hardness 0.
The Biting Tigers EL 7
hp 148 (MM 14—Gargantuan animated object)
E10. The Fangs of Diomazul (EL 8)
A ten-foot-wide, two-foot-tall well rises from the center of this
circular room. Inky water fills the well nearly to its rim, obscuring
its depths. A stone statue of a rearing snake rises from the
center of the well. Along the length of the serpent’s body are
carved dozens of arms crossed over the creature’s belly—each
arm grips a long curved blade. The statue’s serpentine head
rises ten feet above the surface of the water, gazing down coolly
to the northeast with amethyst eyes.
A DC 30 Knowledge (religion) check identifies the
many-armed serpent as a statue of the obscure Vudran
deity Diomazul, the Serpent of Eighty Blades, a god noted
particularly for its ruthless fury and cruelty in battle.
Trap: The well is in fact a shallow pool; the water is
only four inches deep, but is dark enough to hide the
fact that the lower section contains the workings of a
deadly trap. Two rounds after the first person enters
the room, a loud hiss issues from the statue as dozens
of curved blades spring out of the well’s base and spin
furiously around the room, striking anyone standing
on the ground within 5 feet of the well. As long as the
blades continue spinning, this region around the well is
considered difficult terrain.
The Fangs of Diomazul CR 8
Type mechanical; Bypass hidden switch (Search DC 30);
Search DC 25; Disable Device DC 25
Trigger location; Onset Delay 2 rounds; Reset automatic
Effect falchion blades spin around fountain (all targets on the
ground within 5 feet of the room’s walls; 8d6 damage per
round; Reflex DC 15 negates one round of damage; blades
continue spinning for 1 minute)
Treasure: Each of the statue’s amethyst eyes can be pried
out of the statue as a full-round action; each is worth 500 gp.
E11. The Wailing Maidens (EL 7)
Eight alcoves line this long, narrow hallway. Inside each
alcove stands a human-sized upright iron casket, the image
of a sobbing woman decorating its lid. The hallway’s floor is
smeared bright red, a mosaic of tiny red stones giving the
appearance that the hall is awash in blood.
Trap: This is a cruel, two-stage trap that activates 3
rounds after someone steps on a square flanked by a pair
of the iron maidens. When the trap activates, the fivefoot
squares not flanked by iron maidens suddenly rise,
tipping up to a 45 degree angle that slopes to the south. Any
creature on one of these squares slides back into a square
between the iron maidens if he fails a DC 12 Balance
check. A creature that slides into an occupied square falls
prone. At the same time, the western iron maidens begin
shrieking and wailing. Any creature adjacent to a wailing
maiden must make a DC 15 Fortitude save to avoid being
stunned and deafened for 1d4 rounds. On the round after
the western maidens wail, the eastern maidens open to
reveal an interior lined with spikes. These spikes shoot out
on long shafts, nearly reaching the opposing iron maiden
and impaling anything in the way. The spikes retract and
re-fire once per round for the next 4 rounds, at which point
the hall returns to normal. The trap takes 5 rounds to reset,
during which time the area is filled with ominous clicking
and grinding noises.
Wailing Maidens CR 7
Type mechanical and magical; Bypass hidden switch (Search
DC 30); Search DC 25; Disable Device DC 25
Trigger location; Onset Delay 3 rounds; Reset automatic (after
5 rounds)
Effect stunning wail (stun and deafened for 1d4 rounds,
Fortitude DC 15 negates); spike barrage (Atk +12 melee, 1d6
spikes per target for 1d6+5 damage each); multiple targets
(all targets flanked by iron maidens)
E12. The Stinging Wasps (EL 7)
The walls, floor, and ceiling of this chamber are decorated with
a complex mosaic depicting an immense swarm of wasps.
Trap: This trap activates 1 round after someone enters
the room. At this point, thousands of 6-inch-long needles
stab out of the walls, floor, and ceiling of this room,
jabbing in and out of tiny holes several times each round.
The needles jab in waves, creating a beautiful rippling
effect as they stab and stab. Any creature walking or
climbing walls in this room is targeted by the needles.
The needles continue stabbing as long as anyone remains #933582, Tom Kinnare <>, Sep 15, 2012 #933582, Tom Kinnare <>, Sep 15, 2012
Escape From old Korvosa
in the room; as long as they’re stabbing, this room is
difficult terrain. Each time a creature takes damage from
these needles, he must make a DC 15 Fortitude save or
take 2 points of Dexterity damage as magically generated
toxins numb his arms and legs.
Stinging Wasps CR 7
Type magical and mechanical; Bypass hidden switch (Search
DC 30); Search DC 25; Disable Device DC 25
Trigger location; Onset Delay 1 round; Reset automatic
Effect numbing needles (Atk +5 melee, 1d6 damage plus 2
Dexterity damage); multiple targets (all creatures in contact
with walls, floor, or ceiling)
E13. Meditation Chamber
A six-inch-tall bronze dais on the floor in the middle of this
otherwise empty room supports a polished column of black
marble. The black stone seems to be vibrating softly, filling the
air with a faint hum.
This pillar of black stone is another Vudran import—a
large magic item known as a sonorous stone. The stone’s
magic is as much tied to its hexagonal chamber as the
stone itself, and once created, requires a year to attune
itself to its surroundings, at which point the stone begins
to vibrate and hum softly. This vibration is soothing
and relaxing—a creature that spends a minute standing
within 5 feet of an active sonorous stone receives the
benefits of a calm emotions spell. In addition, a creature
that touches an active sonorous stone is targeted by a
restoration spell that also allows him to recall up to three
levels of spells he had prepared and then cast—the spells
are then prepared again, just as if they had not been cast.
A sonorous stone can be activated in this manner up to four
times per month, after which it becomes dormant for one
month while it rebuilds its charge.
E14. Hidden Lever
The floor of this empty room is strewn with bones and patches
of mold.
The secret door in this room can be found with a DC 30
Search check. The alcove beyond the door contains a lever
to rotate the Vivified Labyrinth’s chambers.
E15. Threatening Murals
The walls of this oddly shaped hallway are decorated in a
complex mural depicting a jungle brimming with hungry life.
Predators of every sort stalk and maim and feed on dozens
of hapless men and women. In the canopy above, monkeys,
snakes, and birds seem to chatter and mock the victims below.
Those who examine these murals swiftly find themselves
among the victims represented. This relatively minor
illusion has no further effect—it was created merely to
unsettle and frighten any who view it.
E16. Transport Room
Four alcoves in the walls of this room contain floating spheres
of mist, each floating three feet off the ground. Each sphere
is a foot in diameter—one is black, one white, one green, and
one gold. Just north of the strange floating spheres, two levers
protrude from opposite walls.
This chamber serves as a way to relocate to one of four
specific areas in the Vivified Labyrinth; to someone who
knows the dungeon’s pattern, it allows increased mobility,
but to characters who don’t, it could well trap someone in
a room with no exit.
Each of the four spheres are in fact teleporters—merely
touching a sphere is enough to send that person (or object
thrown into the sphere) into another area of the dungeon,
as if by greater teleport. The white sphere teleports anyone
who touches it to area E2. The black sphere teleports
anyone who touches it to area E13. The green sphere
teleports anyone who touches it to area E20. The gold
sphere teleports anyone who touches it to area E5.
The eastern lever allows for a rotation of the Vivified
Labyrinth’s chambers, but the western lever alters the
destinations of the teleporters. When the western lever is in
the up position, the teleporters work as detailed above. When
the western lever is in the down position (as it is when the PCs
enter the room), all four teleporters instead transport anyone
who touches them into a random unoccupied cell in area
E21; if there are no unoccupied cells, these teleporters simply
won’t function when this lever’s in the down position.
E17. Disposal Room
The floor of this chamber is covered by a thick layer of rubble,
bones, and other debris.
After victims succumb to the Vivified Labyrinth, Sivit
generally disposes of the bodies in this room. Some time
later, the remains are carried away by the Arkonas—
typically for meals. There’s currently nothing of interest
in this chamber.
E18. Hall of Slumber (EL 6)
Trap: Sivit has placed a symbol of sleep on the floor of this
room. The symbol activates as soon as it is looked at. #933582, Tom Kinnare <>, Sep 15, 2012 #933582, Tom Kinnare <>, Sep 15, 2012
Curse of the Crimson Throne
Symbol of Sleep CR 6
Type spell; Search DC 30; Disable Device DC 30
Trigger sight; Reset no reset
Effect spell (symbol of sleep; CL 14th, DC 20)
E19. Hall of Stunning (EL 8)
Trap: Sivit has placed a symbol of stunning
on the floor of this room. The symbol
activates as soon as it is looked at.
Symbol of Sleep CR 8
Type spell; Search DC 32; Disable Device
DC 32
Trigger sight; Reset no reset
Effect spell (symbol of stunning; CL 14th,
DC 22)
E20. Sivit’s Throne
A great green throne sits atop a dais in
the northern end of the room. To either
side stand statues of a tiger-headed
man—each holds aloft a pair of chains
from which manacles dangle. Dried blood
spatters the walls, floor, and even the throne and
statues, filling the room with its stale reek.
This chamber is where Sivit the darksphinx spends
the majority of her time, languishing on her green marble
throne and daydreaming about the day she escapes her
binding and sees her revenge on the Arkonas. The manacles
can be unlocked with a key that Sivit keeps hidden under
her throne’s well-worn cushion (Search DC 20 to find), or
opened with a DC 30 Open Lock check.
Creature: Often when a prisoner is placed in the
Vivified Labyrinth, Sivit captures them alive and brings
them back here, shackling them to one of the two statues
of Bahor. She does her best to keep her playthings alive
as long as she can—once they expire, she dumps the
bodies in area E17. Her current victim is manacled to
the western statue—dressed in tattered rags, his body a
display of bruises and partially healed cuts and scrapes,
head slumped, Vencarlo Orisini has languished here
for days. He is currently unconscious, suffering from
starvation and exhaustion, but wakens as soon as anyone
heals enough damage. Although beaten and in pain, his
expression brightens immediately upon seeing the PCs,
and he even manages a smile as he says, “I see you got
my note…” He eagerly tells the PCs that the key to his
manacles is hidden under the throne’s cushion if they
haven’t discovered this already.
Vencarlo is in a rough state. Badly wounded and without
his gear, he is little help in a fight. Yet he still demands
to help in every way he can. If the PCs can equip and heal
him, he can be a valuable ally in the adventure’s remaining
fights. While Vencarlo is certainly curious to hear the PCs’
story, he knows this isn’t the best time to get caught up. If
the PCs haven’t already rescued Neolandus from area
E21, Vencarlo suggests this should be their first
priority. Having spent some time himself in the
torture chamber, Vencarlo can show the PCs
where illusory walls hide the entrance to the
lower level.
If the PCs confront Vencarlo about his
alternate identity as Blackjack, he laughs
and plays off the concept as if it were a joke.
If the PCs present proof (such as by being
dressed as Blackjack), he grows serious, then
says, “Looks like you caught me—well done.
But we don’t have time to talk about this.
Let’s rescue Neolandus and get the hell out
of Korvosa first—we’ll have plenty of
time to talk this over later.”
Vencarlo Orisini CR 9
Male medium-age human rogue 2/fighter
5/duelist 2
CG Medium humanoid
Init +4; Senses Listen –1, Spot –1
Aura info
AC 14, touch 14, flat-footed 10
(+2 Dex, +2 Int)
hp 48 (9 HD; 2d6+7d10) (currently at 11 hit points and 43
nonlethal damage)
Fort +4, Ref +9, Will +0
Defensive Abilities evasion
Spd 30 ft.
Melee unarmed strike +10 (1d3–1 nonlethal)
Special Attacks sneak attack +1d6
During Combat Vencarlo’s favored melee weapon is the
rapier, and his favored ranged weapon are thrown daggers.
In combat, he prefers to fight with Combat Expertise to full
effect, both to aid in protecting his own hide and to draw
out the thrill of the fight itself.
Morale Vencarlo never abandons an ally in a fight, but if alone,
flees to safety if brought below 10 hp.
Str 9, Dex 15, Con 11, Int 15, Wis 9, Cha 15
Base Atk +8; Grp +7
Feats Combat Expertise, Dodge, Improved Disarm, Mobility,
Skill Focus (bluff), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (rapier),
Orisini #933582, Tom Kinnare <>, Sep 15, 2012 #933582, Tom Kinnare <>, Sep 15, 2012
Escape From old Korvosa
Weapon Specialization (rapier)
Skills Balance +11, Bluff +12, Climb +4, Craft (weaponsmith) +7,
Diplomacy +11, Disguise +7, Hide +7, Intimidate +9, Jump
+8, Knowledge (local) +7, Move Silently +7, Perform (oratory)
+7, Profession (teacher) +8, Sense Motive +6, Tumble +11
Languages Common, Elven, Varisian
SQ canny defense, improved reaction,
Ad Hoc Experience Award: For rescuing
Vencarlo, award PCs experience points as
if they had defeated a CR 10 creature.
E21. Torture Chamber (EL 9)
This large room is lit by a heartily burning
firepit in the room’s center. Cages hang on
chains dangling from hooks in the ceiling, while
racks, strappadoes, gibbets, and other
implements of torture fill the floor
space. A pair of immense wooden
doors stand in the wall to the north,
while to the south stand several
narrow cells.
Creature: This well-stocked
torture chamber is where the
majority of the Arkonas’ prisoners
end up. Although prisoners are allowed to
languish for a time in a cell, the chamber’s mistress
eventually gets around to spending some quality time
with each and every prisoner kept here. This being, named
Senshiir, is a cruel outsider known as a beatific one.
Senshiir struck a bargain with Bahor several years ago,
agreeing to serve him as a torturer as long as he keeps
her in a regular supply of fresh victims to work upon.
Although the majority of her kind seek enlightenment
through brutal combat and mastery of life-ending
weaponry, Senshiir has narrowed her focus a bit—she
seeks enlightenment through the observation of pain
and its effects on the mortal mind. She approaches her
role with a sort of detached and emotionless curiosity
that only a creature born in Hell could foster.
Currently, Senshiir has only one guest—since the
quarantine and the Arkonas’ resulting introversion, no
new prisoners have come to this chamber. This, combined
with Bahor’s demand that the current guest not be
subjected to any pain, has angered the beatific one, and
she has recently decided to try her hand on some torture
that doesn’t leave any obvious marks on the exterior flesh.
As the PCs arrive, she’s just finished placing a sobbing
Neolandus Kalepopolis into one of the stretching racks,
but hasn’t quite begun her sadistic work.
Senshiir, Beatific One CR 9
hp 85 (see page 82)
Neolandus Kalepopolis CR 5
Male human aristocrat 3/ranger 3
LG Medium humanoid
Init +5; Senses Listen +11, Spot +11
AC 11, touch 11, flat-footed 10
(+1 Dex)
hp 26 (6 HD; 3d6+3d8)
Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +6
Spd 30 ft.
Melee unarmed strike +4 (1d3–1 nonlethal)
Special Attacks favored enemy (giant +2)
During Combat Although Neolandus
trained as a ranger, he realizes his true
skills are in diplomacy. As such, he
only fights when there is no other
choice, in which case he prefers
to do so with the longbow.
Morale Neolandus won’t
abandon an ally, but if alone,
flees to safety if brought below
15 hp.
Str 8, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 14
Base Atk +5; Grp +4
Feats Endurance, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative,
Negotiator, Rapid Shot, Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Track
Skills Bluff +8, Diplomacy +19, Handle Animal +8, Knowledge
(geography) +8, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +8, Listen
+11, Ride +9, Sense Motive +10, Spot +11, Survival +11
Languages Common, Shoanti, Varisian
SQ wild empathy +7
Development: If Senshiir is defeated, it’s a simple
matter to release Neolandus from the rack. He does
not recognize the PCs (having been holed up in Old
Korvosa during their entire rise to fame), and unless
Vencarlo is with the PCs, he avoids revealing his true
identity, instead claiming to be a thief named Velak
who was captured by the Arkonas for robbing one of the
merchants under the family’s protection. As Velak, the
seneschal begs to be rescued but also tells the PCs “a
friend” has been sent to the Vivified Labyrinth, and that
before they leave, they must rescue him as well.
Of course, even if the PCs don’t know who he is initially,
the rags and grime Neolandus wears are not an effective
disguise. With a DC 15 Knowledge (local) or Knowledge
(nobility & royalty) check, anyone can recognize him for
Kalepopolis #933582, Tom Kinnare <>, Sep 15, 2012 #933582, Tom Kinnare <>, Sep 15, 2012
Curse of the Crimson Throne
who he really is. In this case, Neolandus comes clean, but
continues to insist that the PCs rescue his friend Vencarlo
from the labyrinth. Neolandus offers to help the PCs in
any way he can, but can certainly be a greater help if he’s
first healed and outfitted with gear.
Once Neolandus is sure that the PCs aren’t agents of the
queen and that they can be trusted, he grows quite excited;
here are the exact people he’s been hoping to find—heroes
who can act on the information he has about Queen Ileosa.
Consult “Concluding the Adventure” to see what he can
tell the PCs about the true peril facing Korvosa.
Ad Hoc Experience Award: For rescuing Neolandus,
award PCs experience points as if they had defeated a CR
10 creature.
E22. Torturer’s Home
A narrow bed, stool, and table are this room’s sole furnishings—
none appear to have been used in some time.
This room once belonged to a vile man who served
Bahor’s father as a torturer, but he was put to the sword
not long after his previous master. The room has gone
unused since, with the periodic exception of Senshiir, who
sometimes retreats here to meditate on the floor.
E23. The Gizzard (EL 11)
This vast cavern stretches into the shadows, the true extent
of its area difficult to discern due to a thick maze of wooden
timbers that rises up to support the roof. A ledge winds along
the eastern and northern sides of the cave, with the floor
dropping away to a depth of thirty feet. Four immense stone
pillars support the ceiling ten feet above. Where these pillars
connect to the ceiling, a network of wooden braces and timbers
radiate out in a wheel shape, forming four forty-foot-wide discs
flush against the roof. Dozens of chains hang down from these
beams to attach to the pillars themselves, many of which are
decorated with rows and rows of bells.
The maze of support timbers is not shown on the map
of this room, for the lowest 10 feet of the area are left quite
open to give the chamber’s denizens plenty of room to
toil. Above the 10-foot-mark, though, a creature can move
through this room on these tangled wooden beams with a
DC 10 Climb check.
Creatures: This room is the source of the Vivified
Labyrinth’s power—the four pillars are in fact axles
attached to the four large gears above—the Gizzard. Each
of these pillars is attended by a single horrific beast,
undead elephants known as rajput ambaris. Each rajput
ambari is chained to a pillar, and as the levers in the
Vivified Labyrinth above are triggered, chains affixed to the
labyrinth’s workings cause the bells to ring and unlock the
four gears, signaling the rajput ambaris to walk a quarter
circle around each pillar—and in so doing, causing the
immense gears above to grind and rotate. Once a rotation
makes a 90-degree turn, the gears lock back into place and
the rajput ambaris once again become motionless.
As long as no creatures attempt to damage them or damage
the surrounding structure, the rajput ambaris remain
passive. Once either of these conditions ends, though, the
rajput ambaris trumpet and immediately move to defend
the Gizzard. Each rajput ambari can move up to 15 feet
from its pillar to attack intruders; as they fight, the chains
that attach them to the pillars move and shake, causing
the rooms above to shake as well, but as long as the gears
remain locked, the rooms above won’t shift. If at least two
of the rajput ambaris are destroyed, the remaining rajput
ambaris are not strong enough to rotate the chambers of
the Vivified Labyrinth above and the rooms remain stuck in
their current configuration.
Rajput Ambari (4)

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