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Ryzoken's page

335 posts. Alias of Ryzouken.


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Mark Stratton wrote:
A number of people had stamps made that say "Core Campaign" or some variation of that. Mine was about 30 bucks, but others have gotten theirs for much cheaper.

Vista Print sells custom stamps for $8.50

Of course... navigating their service without purchasing extra stuff or accepting their marketing stuff is a pain... still useful.

Kaapelikala wrote:
BigBadWolf wrote:
Don't see what being in/out of society has to do with this one
PFS is supposed to be played by the book and as such there shouldn't be any houserules for things (AFAIK).

I don't intend to be rude or demeaning with this question, but have you played a game of PFS?

While it's true that rules should be adjudicated by RAW where possible with the adjustments made by FAQ and campaign management, it is literally impossible to issue rulings on every corner case imaginable, and thus it is to the GM of any table to adjudicate grey areas of the rules and corner cases. This is what we call Table Variation, and is an unavoidable aspect of organized play.

So, your Mount spell will summon a non combat horse that you'll then need to ride/handle animal/other to get to do what you want it to do, based on the GM's call. As far as what happens after that, it's GM call.

Happy gaming!

Cap. Darling wrote:
There is no build in to summoning besides the School and conjuration can do other things. What feat are you talking about?

Whoops! I mixed threads up. Carry on!

Every way you can think of as adjudicated by the GM.
There are no specific rules against corner uses of the Mount spell (or any similar spell, for that matter.)


Well... it's a gemstone. In theory, you could do with it what you would with a gemstone. Spend some cash on jewelry and have it mounted ("That's a mighty shiny tiara, Mr. Bonecrusher"), or maybe a custom belt buckle with it stuck in there. Loop some leather or rope around it and hang it off your belt... fasten it into the hilt of your blade or on the end of your polearm...

I mean, there's nothing in the rules for or against the installation of magic gems in otherwise ordinary jewelry to my knowledge.

Scavion wrote:
Arachnofiend wrote:
Why can't we just get a Monk that can Fly. Monks should be able to fly if they try hard enough.
Because thats TOO anime. Next we'll have yellow haired, energy shooting, flying monks!

*adds to list of characters to make*

Mark Seifter wrote:
While I do agree with you that for most monks, Stunning Fist is a hail mary, am I missing something in the formula, or wouldn't a Stunning Fist from a 30 Wis monk have the same DC as the best spell of an equal-level 30 Cha sorcerer?

Feat support. At the point in time in which we're talking 30 casting stat, that's approaching at least level 15, so you can expect increased DC from Spell Perfection (possibly with Heighten Spell), Spell Focus, Greater Spell Focus for starters. Add in Elemental Focus and Greater Elemental Focus if the spell being cast is one that benefits. So we're looking at +4, +8, or more to spell DC with Spell Perfection in play. There's also boosts from class abilities like Bloodlines (Arcane Bloodline) or similar.

By contrast, Monk has... Ability Focus if they can take it, Mantis Style, Nightmare Striker if they qualify (pretty much never), and the martial artist archetype bonus. Grand total of +5 in an ideal world in which they play a martial artist taking Mantis Style and Ability Focus.

Essentially, in the end game where we have 30 <stat>, Monks get slightly less than half the potential bonus compared to a caster's Perfection'd spell. If we remove Spell Perfection from the mix, the caster still edges out the monk by a few points (1-3 depending on class features and other effects that may boost DC.) This, by the way, requires the monk to hit in melee, which may not always be possible or desirable. Caster casts a spell and forces a save. Monk moves in, attacks with X% chance of failure minimum 5%, then forces the save after doing damage.

This is relatively off the cuff, I'm sure others can elaborate further with more exhaustive studies.


ARGH! wrote:

For the GMs who are saying they audit in some manner before every game, I would recommend avoiding that because it just seems to be an attempt to take some power over their own characters away from the players and furthers the players versus GM "gotcha" trope that simply encourages hostility. Think about this, what does the game gain by you doing this before hand? If an issue comes up during the game, handle it after, or, if it is urgent, make a spot ruling and then come back after to discuss.

Of course, I have only been audited once (someone at the store was caught cheating so everyone got audited by our VL at the time) and have never audited anyone myself.

By discussing things before the game begins, the flow of play is interrupted less. Players absolutely have power over their characters, within the rules of the system. Part of my role as GM is arbitration of rules, so yeah, I feel it necessary to act when I believe rules are potentially being broken (willfully or not.) As far as conflict and adversarial-ism, I maintain a respectful tone and work with players to correct rules issues to minimize hurt feelings and hassle.

Audits aren't personal. Don't make them be.


Tarma wrote:

Finding another table is not always an option, especially if you have a smaller turnout. If there are only three people at the table and you tell someone to go find another table, you're out a table.

And pre-gens don't help the situation if you're playing a 7-11 scenario. Since the highest level pregen is level 7, you don't gain anything by swapping out for a pre-gen.

It was my understanding that you calculate table subtier before considering pregens (so as to determine which version of pregen to use in, say, a 1-5 scenario.) Am I mistaken?


Dorothy Lindman wrote:
Oh, Ryzoken--that's a really good point. I'm going to be running a couple of Core tables at PaizoCon, and I'll need to watch out for that.

The trickiest part is the traits, at least for me. I haven't the foggiest which of the APG traits are in the web enhancement off the top of my head, and my core builds are pretty much using the same two traits for the most part...


If the table I'm running is a Core table, I will audit to ensure the table remains Core. Generally this consists of a quick glance at classes, feats, traits, and stat spread. It's not intended to be punitive, but rather a quick glance through to protect the people who intend to play a Core game.

The only other times I audit are when I get the sense that not everything is on the up and up. I ask folks who use Herolab to show their folder with their sources, but won't check title by title based on every option used in their character. Just a simple display that, yes, they did buy books generally suffices. This is simply because people don't always know that Herolab sources do not constitute proper digital sources. If a player sits at my table who is a known cheater (my area sadly has one or two, as I'm sure many areas do), I audit the entire table to both address any cheating and to avoid the drama caused by singling someone out. I do this every session in which a known cheat sits at my table, even during cons (at which I strive to audit swiftly and as the players filter in.) I almost never look at Chronicles.

Thankfully, I read quick.


1. What class is your primary character?

I have 30 ish characters, but of them my recent mains are an Alchemist, a Dragon Disciple, an Occultist Arcanist, and a Core Druid

2. What duties do you consider your responsibility within the group?

My responsibility, regardless of character, is to support the group's attempt at completing the mission with any and all resources and skills at my disposal. If I can heal, I do. Similarly, if I can provide niche skills or abilities, I do.

3. What gold-based resources are you willing to expend for other characters in the group without the possibility of repayment?

I don't think about it much. If it's a thing the character needs to survive, I provide it if I can. PFS includes a consumables slush fund in its gold payout per scenario, so I should skew toward WBL or higher regardless of consumable expenditure. That said, resurrections are more scrutinized: if you died because of random or because the scenario was seriously stacked against you or because you screwed up and got burnt for it, I'm generally willing to contribute to a res unless I'm running super tight on my budget. If you died due to willful stupidity despite warnings and recommendations... less so.

4. What do you expect other members of your PFS session to do to support you?

Anything in their power, increasingly at higher levels. No less than I ask of myself.

5. Do you expect them to expend gold-based resources on your behalf?

If need be.

6. Do you expect them to risk their character's lives on your behalf? If so, do you take this into consideration before you get yourself into dangerous situations?

Yes and yes. Pathfinding is a dangerous business, yo. I don't expect them to provoke an OA on 1 hp to provide a buff, but if I'm one round from dying and the activation of a cure wand would save my rear, I really hope they'd step in to save me if their action economy would allow it. I usually make my characters worth saving :)

The point of the game is to have fun, and it's really hard to have fun if you're dead, particularly in the first half of a scenario (where you can't really leave til you get a chronicle but can't continue to play cause you're a corpse.) Therefore, safety is priority one. Character wealth accrual, while tangentially contributing to priority one, is ultimately of far less importance.

Vrischika111 wrote:
one of the rogue talent is ninja trick... (but can be done only once)

Actually, that rogue talent has a proviso allowing the talent be taken multiple times.

Pathfinder Guide to the Guides

Everything you need to know about how to build and play Druid (or most classes for that matter) can be found at the above link. Specifically, I recommend Treatmonk's guide as it is Core and contains excellent advice in an easy to consume format.

I've gotten good mileage out of Weather Domain.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Go, play, have fun, don't stress.

If your character has an inaccuracy, it can easily be fixed. If the error is something super systemic that necessitates a full rebuild from the ground up, you can grab a pregen for the session and try again (this is probably never going to happen.)

Read through the Guide to Organized Play, at minimum the chapter on building characters. Ask questions. Everyone starts somewhere, and there's no shame in being new. Quite the opposite, in fact, as a fresh face helps keep things interesting and dynamic!

Two caveats: You do need to own any supplements your character uses; Hero Lab sources isn't enough. Watermarked PDF's work fine, hard cover books also work fine. It's one of the major reasons I don't use HeroLab, as I'd have to buy my rules supplements twice and I use a lot of rules supplements in standard play.

Additionally, Paizo recently started up the Core Campaign initiative, which restricts rules sources to just the core book, the traits web enhancement, and the guide to organized play. I recommend double checking to see the games you're attending are standard games and not core games, or possibly making a core character up to play if you do get surprised.

Welcome to the society!

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I shall stand, or I shall fall. I shall not kneel.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

I've been fairly disapointed with mine. Besides the parry riposte the swashbuckler class doesn't do a lot thats... swashbucklery. It doesn't enhance movment, and the poor saves have been a problem on the front lines to the point that I think I'm going to mix in a few levels of paladin.

Derring-Do does a fair bit to enhance mobility in that it gives you the extra oomph you need for Climb and Acrobatics checks. Outside of that, you'd probably want to look into ways to enhance your land speed, if only by using UMD and a wand of Longstrider. That said, it is easy for a Swashbuckler to end up not moving around a lot.

The saving throws are the larger concern, which is where the bulk of your build attention should probably go. By all means, grab dex to damage, but after that I'd work hard at those saves. Half Elf with Dual Minded for an extra 2 to Will, Additional Traits for an extra 1 each to Fort and Will, prioritize your cloak, consider making room for Iron Will and or Great Fortitude, use Antiplague/Antitoxin, consider Battle Cry if you're still a Charismatic Swashbuckler, dip into strong save classes like Paladin or Monk... Heck, build up a half orc with Fate's Favored, Sacred Tattoo, and mix in two or more levels of Warpriest for Fervor'd buffs.

My Swashbuckler Magus definitely does feel the sting of low Fort and Will. At 8, my saves are floating around 6/10/6, definitely not helped by my being an Emerald Spire character and thus being poorer than normal. Heh. I may have been focusing too heavily on damage dealing til now, and am scrambling to put together defenses. Hazards of playing an archetype that trades away Intensified Shocking Grasp, I suppose.

RocMeAsmodeus wrote:
Make a slayer instead. My swashbuckler died at level 2, after I was unable to change her to a better class. More like swashsuckler.


My current Emerald Spire group is level 8 ish with two of us having Swashbuckler level(s). We're... uh... destroying things. Specifically, my character's a Swash 1 Eldritch Scion Magus 7. While not the optimal build path (that'd be Inspired Blade Swashbuckler into any other flavor of Magus going Int based instead of Cha based), I still provide strong damage to the group off of spell strikes in combination with the Precise Strike deed gleaned off of Arcane Deed. In this build, Swashbuckler provides strong defensive capability, with my being able to stop attacks before they hit my secondary layer of defensive buffs (Mirror Image, Blur/Displacement, AC.) It also enables finessing with a katana, but that's just a thematic selection.

Our other Swashbuckler took 5 levels in the class, setting up a support melee build centered around Butterfly's Sting. He doesn't do a great deal of damage per strike, but each swing gives a potential crit 30% of the time, which he forgoes per Butterfly's Sting to give one of the rest of us (two Strength beaters and my magus) a crit. Oh, and it procs Outflank. Which gives us AO's. One of which crits, triggering Outflank again.

Note: these are a pair of esoteric Swashbuckler builds, but are incredibly effective in play. Our team started building around the critbuckler once he came online, and now we're rolling though many encounters in single rounds, more if the terrain is unfavorable. I've also seen two other Swashbucklers who each provide solid offensive capabilities while maintaining good defense again non casters. The trick to building a Swashbuckler, it seems, is shoring up your Fort and Will. If you can do that, you're pretty much golden, or so I've seen. I'd say that they're in the top three classes introduced in the ACG, alongside Warpriest (which is good, but incredible with the Sacred Fist) and Hunter (which is bonkers.)

tl;dr: I vehemently disagree with your assessment that Swashbucklers are weak.


I built something on similar lines, but settled on a Titan Mauler Barbarian as I wanted to shoehorn in other classes before Dragon Disciple. Specifically, I took Archaeologist Bard (with Fate's Favored) and Lore Warden Fighter for a bonus feat and Combat Expertise without 13 Int. DD progression advances Bard casting.

You could do similar by trading the Titan Mauler levels for Phalanx Soldier levels and keeping two levels in Archaeologist Bard for spells, their luck ability, and skill points. You wouldn't get Rage, but also wouldn't take a -2 to hit when one handing the polearm.

In the long run, I'm questioning whether you'd want more than just 4 levels in Dragon Disciple. Those levels get you +3 to natural armor, +4 to strength, and some nice additional benefits while accepting only one drop to Base Attack and spellcasting. Afterward you could easily go back into either of your base classes or look into a different PrC. Continuing on in DD gets you Con, which is nice, and some ancillary benefits, but aside from the wings at character level 13, PrC level 8... it's pretty meh.


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N N 959 wrote:

I'm actually just matching the tone that seems to have been directed against me when I disagreed with those here: Let's look at the inflammatory and baiting remarks by others.

kinevon wrote:
So far, you seem to be the only person who has a problem understanding that the rules work as written
Jeff Merola wrote:

If by "everyone" you mean "N N 959" then yes, you are correct.
I'm confused at how it's "100% clear" when you're the only one in this that's arguing that it doesn't work.
Nefreet wrote:
This really isn't unclear, and I suggest you reconsider your position.
Ascalaphus wrote:
Also, none of the things you mentioned is actually a feat.

Completely irrelevant to the discussion.

My initial question and response that this should not work was neither inflammatory not directed at any individual. Nor was I trying to dictate to others, but simply expressing how I would rule. I'd much rather a good faith friendly discussion, but I have no problem fighting fire with fire. If others want to leave out the snide comments and innuendos, I'm happy to discuss it. Otherwise, I leave everyone to their own judgment.

Those posts questioned your understanding of the issue, and urged you to reconsider your stance. Your post attacked the character of those who oppose you. Do you see how the two are different?

The issue we have with how you would rule the issue, aside from how you've chosen to express your argument, is that you intend to rule this way in organized play. This causes an issue, because it is possible that a player could show up to your table with something the overwhelming majority of the OP Campaign has no trouble allowing, only to be denied. This creates conflict and a negative play experience.

As far as Dye Arrows and Explosive Missile in combination: Explosive Missile checks for three conditions when used:
The item must be a piece of ammunition (non two handed firearm)
You must be proficient in the weapon you're using
The projectile must hit its target.
If all three are satisfied, Explosive Missile delivers its payload in addition to the ammunition's payload. In the case of a Dye Arrow, the payload is not damage, but dye.
This is simple, logical, and clear.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
N N 959 wrote:
Jeff Merola wrote:
I'm confused at how it's "100% clear" when you're the only one in this that's arguing that it doesn't work.

It's 100% clear that this is rules lawyering. The EM description says the attack does "normal damage" which which means they weren't contemplating simply touching the target with something. Apparently I'm the only one in this discussion who has enough integrity to acknowledge that this is bogus and an exploit. Everyone else is simply deluding themselves and looking the other way trying to pretend there's nothing to see here.

You know what? Do whatever you want.

You're getting pretty insulting here, insinuating the people who disagree with you have little integrity, are deluded, or are being disingenuous. I recommend taking a step back and re-examining the situation with a clear, calm head.


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I'm also pretty sure Liberty's Edge faction characters would frown on buying 5th level clerics... hehehe


Drogon wrote:

Nope. Different times. Different dates. Different locations. No mixing.

I'll highlight that part of my last post. d-:

This accurately reflects my local scene, except we don't divide by venue fully. One venue has become defacto core, but our primary venue mixes the two, albeit on different date/times.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I suppose I should note that my standard pfs characters are pretty optimized, my most recent being a weird conglomeration of Barbarian, Archaeologist Bard, Lore Warden Fighter, and Dragon Disciple. The reduction of options is neither a pro or a con for CORE to me, it's Pathfinder, so I'll play.


I play CORE because it's Pathfinder. I like playing Pathfinder, so I look for opportunities to play it. My CORE characters currently are a Druid 2, a Fighter 2 (archery focused), a cleric 1 (first pfs dwarf for me!), and a bard 1 focused on smacking dudes in their faces.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I theorize dragons hoard treasure to attract adventurous idiots to their lairs.

It's like the draconic equivalent of ordering a pizza, except the pizza tries to kill you, providing entertainment AND a meal! Double win!

My PFS tengu gunslinger ended up a warpriest/savage technologist/gunslinger. Dex rage, firearms training, Wis synergy with Warpriest, swift action Divine Favor... eventually grabbed improved snap shot and... yeah. Rage, fervor for favor, unload with musket, snap shot survivors as they approach. Kinda gross. Better Will save too...

Works almost as well as a bolt ace, but cycling out of musket master meant losing the snap shot line because rapid reload is a thing.

Errant Mercenary wrote:

Example. With 10 ft Reach you hit. They 5ft step and full attack you.

With 10ft Reach and Lunge, you hit from 15ft. They need to move 10ft, cant full attack you, and provoke an AOO for moving in.

Bolded added. Lunge gives tactical benefits. It's worth a feat if you've got reach.

Scott Wilhelm wrote:
Haberd: Brace, Trip, Slashing, and Piercing, a veritable Swiss Army Knife.

Minor nitpick: Halberds aren't reach weapons.

For reach, you're looking at something like a Bardiche for brace or a Guisarme for trip.


ARGH! wrote:
The sorcerer, cleric, druid, and bard get no expanded spell access.

Not true


Exguardi wrote:
It's still not a character a monstrous "minmaxer" would bring to the table

I really wish people would refrain from dehumanizing others over a difference in how a game is enjoyed...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Everything you need to build a good druid is in these guides

15 people marked this as a favorite.

*reads OP's premise*

I've been toying with the idea of making a fighter/familiar duo that abuses Outflank and Butterfly's Sting. Fighter uses a keen 18-20 weapon, triggering the combo, then the pair pass swings back and forth until they run out of Opp Attacks or the target dies. It's a four feat investment, but if your chicken maintains decent dex, it might be adaptable to your MBC

My Bardbarian Dragon Disciple should do about that much on average at about that level in three (two base plus haste) swings so... yeah, sounds about right.


Nili'Merithas wrote:
Ryzoken wrote:

My dwarf's a cleric.

I also have a human druid with velociraptor pet and a half elven monk focused on quarterstaff flurries with Shillelagh wand and maxed UMD.

It's a winning combination for getting started as a Pathfinder!

Not going to lie, I believe I got the idea from one of your posts. Looks gross, can't wait to try it.


Jiggy wrote:

Oh! Maybe I could make a quarterstaff-wielding TWF paladin... Maybe into Dragon Disciple later? Hrm...

EDIT: Or maybe a dwarven druid, to be the only not-a-Gimli-clone in the entire Core Campaign.

My dwarf's a cleric.

I also have a human druid with velociraptor pet and a half elven monk focused on quarterstaff flurries with Shillelagh wand and maxed UMD.


Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
Undone wrote:
Disk Elemental wrote:
No more Emergency Force Sphere. Rot in pit you unnecessary piece of rules bloat. You are the worst designed spell in all of PF, and that's an accomplishment. Arcane casters DO NOT need a get out of jail free as an immediate action.
I'm sorry I couldn't hear you over blood money and simulacrum creating magic bane bandersnaches, demiliches, and mini Cthulhu's to ride to the tune of my neighbor totoro.
Simulacrum and limited wish are still legal.

Restricted to Seeker level PCs due to being 7+ level spells, ne?

Eigengrau wrote:
Check out Thunder & Fang feat for your build.

Not really grasping the core campaign bit there, eh? :)

But yeah, two handing better than two weaponing.


Imbicatus wrote:
Ryzoken wrote:

Choice of domain is curious, dependent of what you intend to do with your casting. I like the Travel domain, since short range teleporting isn't in the druid spell set, and a mobile warrior is a winning one.

Travel isn't a legal domain for the druid. Core druid is limited to Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water, or Weather.

Very true. A fact I only recently learned and that has not, it appears, sunk in.

I prefer the animal companion option in 90+% of cases.


Caster druid: probably the domain.
Fighty druid: probably the companion.

Choice of companion, for me, boiled down to big cat, wolf or velociraptor. I went with the latter since my last two animal companion characters went with the former two. Lost a little dpr, gained hp and speed.

Choice of domain is curious, dependent of what you intend to do with your casting. I like the Travel domain, since short range teleporting isn't in the druid spell set, and a mobile warrior is a winning one.

Bear in mind the touch ac thing is only in first range increment and that pistols are 10ft range. If it's a musket, it is at best a move action to reload until level 3, at which point it can be a free with cartridges. Also, each shot can be pretty expensive. As far as damage goes, 1d12 with no bonus at low level isn't all that good. He'll get dex at 5th and deadly aim, but this isn't more than a similarly built archer or two hander can do, the latter with paying per swing and the former out to a hundred feet or more.

Having had a gunslinger in a Legacy of Fire AP run, don't worry too much. Some fights he'll wreck face, some he'll spend drooling on the floor to a blown fort or will save. If you really need to throttle his output, removing alchemical cartridges might be an avenue to explore.

Buri Reborn wrote:
Gnaw on 0 level wands. At only 375 gp, it's extremely nice to have 50 points in your pocket when you need them.

Does not work.

Consume Magic Item gives Spell Level /2 points. You get nothing for spells of 0th or 1st level. This is called out specifically in the exploit.

Why did I think Clairvoyance/Clairaudience was 2nd level? Blerg.
Yeah, Tengu or witch.

Scryer subschool gives Clairvoyance/Clairaudience SLA which satisfies the arcane 2 requirement. Divine requirement is slightly more challenging, but Trickery domain qualifies. Thus, a Cleric 1, Wizard 1, XYZ 1 qualifies for MT at 4, with appropriate selections and is the traditional early entry without using an SLA race.


Walter Sheppard wrote:

I think that you're forgetting about one of the races. Probably halflings. Everyone forgets about halflings.

Nah, it was one of those other ones that start with a g.

Bloody things are lawn ornaments, not people... *grumbles*
Nonetheless, I stand corrected. 7 core races. If you must play one of those... things.


Tsriel wrote:
I got an aasimar that I could branch into being an eldritch knight. Other options include an arcane archer, cleric, or wizard.

Any race boons from the existing campaign cannot, as i understand it, be used in the core campaign. Further, if you have a non core chronicle applied (so as to grandfather from when aasimar was a legal race option), that character cannot be a core character. Given this, I do not believe it is possible to play any race other than the core 6 at this time.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


Halfling Cleric...
I can make that work...

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