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Ryzoken's page

852 posts. Alias of Ryzouken.


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I had dogs, in those days. Now I keep cats, and profoundly enjoy having made the switch.

I do wonder if the big N couldn't have justified a slightly longer controller cord while at that $60 price point. I mean, the cost of cable isn't exactly astronomical and I can't imagine their manufacturing process for the classic precludes longer cables, this is a technology they figured out 30 years ago after all. I can only assume it was shortened to maintain the miniature aesthetic, forgetting the golden rule that form follows function.

I mean, there's $10 extension cords (hooray free market!) but 2.5 feet is just draconian. Which is pretty much Nintendo's tagline in the age of YouTube takedowns and upgrade fees for transferring digital content from Wii to Wii U...

Now to actually source a couple units for the old collection...

Sharoth wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

People just recently realized there was an internet up here.

So I'm guessing no.

What is an in-ter-net?

A series of tubes, filled with memes and cats that suffer from a language disorder, invented by Al Gore.

It's a mod for repair, not to circumvent copyright protections or other nefarious things. It literally changes the mechanical process by which you load the cartridge and nothing else. It violates the warranty for repair, but that ran out years and years ago. It does not, as far as I can tell, violate the EULA or applicable laws.

But this line of discourse is neither on topic nor particularly desirable, as I absolutely resent your implication.

I wonder if my brother in law might want a classic... not sure how big he is on classic gaming. Might need to line up for one for him.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Ryzoken wrote:
What is your stance?
That you are taking things way too seriously if you think I was scorning them.

That could well be. I tend to be serious in my solitude, and whimsical in company.

I'm working on it.

On the plus side, rumor is that Best Buy will be getting some stock for in store only around the 20th. So... maybe line up on the 19th if you're looking to get one in time for a Christmas present for a loved one?

TriOmegaZero wrote:
It's still a choice.

I'm not entirely clear what your stance is here. I'm arguing that the decision to stand in the rain for a hotly contested product is valid and not at all deserving of scorn given the realities of the situation (scalpers, low supply, no guarantee of restock after holiday season, dubious legal/ethical alternatives) and the possible familial traditions that may surround the practice. What is your stance?

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
Ryzoken wrote:
When the scalpers are using bots to obtain units, normal customers have little choice but to shop brick and mortar.
Or wait until after the holidays when more stock is available.

That assumes Nintendo intends to continue production, which could be true. They may decide to instead make it a limited print run and move on to the Switch or a SNES classic limited print run.

Point is: there's nothing wrong with people lining up at stores to buy a product for themselves or a loved one. Hell, in my household it was tradition to go line up on Black Friday. A bonding exercise where we sat out in the cold and whined so that we could get Mom the free snow globes at Macy's or that new tv to replace our broken one.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Dude, they're still shopping at stores instead of from home. Of COURSE they have no idea that emulations are a thing.

When the scalpers are using bots to obtain units, normal customers have little choice but to shop brick and mortar.

Then, too, there are the people who are uncomfortable entering into emulation due to not being familiar with copyright law and how it intersects with emulation. Is it legal to obtain an emulator and a bunch of roms if you don't otherwise own the games or devices being emulated? If so, is it ethical?

My answer was to just buy an actual NES and the handful of games I'd actually want to play. It cost more than the NES classic, but I have a 1:1 match for the machine in my memories (well, I did, until I modded the unit, replacing the spring tray and 72 pin connector with a straight load solution; the Blinking Light Win mod kit)

I'll still be keeping a weather eye open for an nes classic, because it'd make for a good portable solution when visiting the in-laws. Don't want to drag my 20 year old machine around, lest it become damaged. Let the cheapo emulation machine bear the brunt of travel.

Game of Thrones reference:
The Lannisters are one of the noble families of Westeros, notable in this context as one of their subplots involves an incestuous brother/sister pairing. Relevant given your thread title.

That said, my joke was poorly constructed, not of my normal comedic quality, and thus I must apologize. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
I think taks is reacting to the creepy joke in the title, personally. :P

It was a jest made in poor taste, to be honest.

Just what one might expect of a Lannister...

Spell: Page Bound Epiphany. Boosts your skill check by caster level up to 10 if you have time to concentrate on it.

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Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:

I have absolutely no interest in the adventures of:


What about Law and Order: Planar Victims Unit?

MichaelCullen wrote:
Ryzoken wrote:
MichaelCullen wrote:
Ryzoken wrote:
Emergency force sphere from Cheliax Empire of Devils is very nice, provided you can escape your own box after casting. Life Bubble also very nice for everything you don't want to inhale.
EFS is a beauty of a spell, even nicer when combined with spells that do not require line of effect.
I am hard pressed to think of an offensive spell that does not require line of effect. Even summoning spells require LoE to the summon's point of summoning. Which spell(s) were you thinking of using?

Magic Jar explicitly doesn't require line of effect (one reason why it may be the most abuseable spell in the game).

Possession is similar to Magic Jar.

Create mindscape implicitly doesn't require line of effect. (Spell says it does not require line of sight, but then gives an example of working through a door without line of effect)

Ah. Right. Magic Jar.

Guess I need to re-examine posession and mindscape. Didn't realize the latter is potentially offensive.

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Even if your fighter is better at fighting than my class feature, my class feature is the superior choice because your fighter (and this has been true of every single fighter ever put in front of me over 15 years of playing D&D 3.x and Pathfinder) is in no way as useful as what could've replaced your fighter in your player slot. If I can have 75% of a fighter and a full caster or a 2/3 caster with 4-6 skill points per level versus your fighter, I would rather not take your fighter 99.9% of the time.

No skill points, no magic, no ability to interact with anything beyond "swing sword, survive the experience." Literally no better than a trained dog.

And the dog cuddles and plays fetch.

MichaelCullen wrote:
Ryzoken wrote:
Emergency force sphere from Cheliax Empire of Devils is very nice, provided you can escape your own box after casting. Life Bubble also very nice for everything you don't want to inhale.
EFS is a beauty of a spell, even nicer when combined with spells that do not require line of effect.

I am hard pressed to think of an offensive spell that does not require line of effect. Even summoning spells require LoE to the summon's point of summoning. Which spell(s) were you thinking of using?

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If I need a speedbump I'll buy a trained combat animal or roll a druid. That way my "fighter" has pounce and multiple swings that might actually hit. Oh, and if they eat it, the raise spells are cheaper.

And occasionally Mr Bitey likes to snuggle. Fringe benefit.

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Emergency force sphere from Cheliax Empire of Devils is very nice, provided you can escape your own box after casting. Life Bubble also very nice for everything you don't want to inhale.

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Arbane the Terrible wrote:
Lemartes wrote:

This shirt is made of light, gossamer-thin fabric embroidered with arrangements of winged feet.

Once per day as a swift action, the wearer can take an additional move action to move and then immediately end his turn, losing any unspent actions.

A character must wear this shirt continuously for 24 hours before he can activate this ability.

Have they nerfed the similar-to-the-old-version-but-better Battle Oracle power, Surprising Charge?

* Looks it up on *

Not according to the PFSRD, they haven't. CASTER SUPREMACY 4EVAR, even at things martials SHOULD be good at!

*Tactfully refrains from pointing out how spell combat and bladed dash can be combined for pseudo pounce as early as Magus 4.*

*Also doesn't mention how one can combine a 4500 gp wand of bladed dash with spell combat using the wand wielder arcana to do this without spending spell slots*
Fighters, amirite? They're... special! My, look at the time...
*Shoves stack of spellcaster character sheets into a drawer for later, being sure to leave a druid on top, as it should be.*

Freehold DM wrote:
TimD wrote:
ryric wrote:
Edit: TimD, I don't see the relevance of a post about the second amendment.

The Clintons have always been opposed to the 2nd Amendment. Trump, at least, is arguably less of a threat there.

For a less moderate point of view, for those who think Trump IS the next Hitler, here you go.

... and no, despite being a Republican, that author is not really a fan of Trump, either.

then why didn't Clinton make guns illegal or what have you when he was in office? What did he do with guns while he was president? Or for that matter, what did Hilary do when she was secretary of state or when she was a NY senator?

Cuz I live here, and have no problems getting weapons of any sort.

Brady Bill and Federal Assault Weapon Ban.


Serisan wrote:
Fromper wrote:
Emotion Component: If a spell has listed that it requires a somatic component, for a psychic spellcaster that instead means that is has an emotion component. All this component really does is restrict when a psychic spellcaster can cast spells. If the psychic spellcaster is under any kind of non-harmless effect with the emotion or fear descriptors, then the psychic spellcaster cannot cast a spell with an emotion component at all as the effect interferes with spellcasting. Yes, this includes having the shaken condition from an intimidate check to demoralize.
And this is why all psychics, spiritualists, occultists, and mediums that focus on casting should walk around with potions of Remove Fear (50 gp). Mesmerists have a class ability to deal with this, I think starting at level 3.

At higher levels (8+), Intellect Fortress 1 is very handy. I also use talismans on my psychic, including Warrior's Courage to reduce any fear I fail the save on to Shaken, allowing me to Int Fort for the team.

Or your improved familiar (gained through feats usually) can pop a wand of remove fear with a UMD check if of appropriate type of improved familiar.

CBDunkerson wrote:
Diminuendo wrote:
Fencing Grace was altered to not work when using Flurry of Blows
Unless you also take the new Two-Weapon Grace feat from Villain Codex.

Oh hey, another instance where Paizo releases an FAQ that restricts an option only to turn around and put out a product that includes rules options that immediately reverses said FAQ restriction.

If you'd like to know what other instance I might be speaking of, it's the fairly contentious SLA spellcraft FAQ and the immediate release of Ultimate Intrigue with the Conceal Spell feat.

Not cool.

Emergency force sphere from the Cheliax Empire of Devils sourcebook. Immediate action cast to summon a wall of force bubble around you. 4th level spell.

Otherwise, mirror image and displacement will keep you alive for the most part. Windy escape can help at low levels as it gives DR 10/magic. Basic flight and positioning can go a long way towards keeping you un stabbeded.

Shame you're a wizard, as wings of cover from the 3.5 sourcebook Legacy of Dragons or whatever does similar to EFS for sorcerers. Clever contingencies can get you a long way, if you take craft contingent spell you can even get more than one! I recall a buddy of mine doing some convoluted stuff with plane shift and astral projection at super high level.

Ascalaphus wrote:
Why you'd want to put it on a javelin is beyond me.

I know, right? It's clearly meant to be put on a longsword to be wielded by an elf.

But I'd houserule it to only function when you're full on hearts hp... maybe.

Lady-J wrote:
you only get the 50% power attack mod on offhand because its normally your weaker hand(thus you cant put as much power into the power attack) double slice basically just makes your offhand another main hand for the purposes of damage so you get full str with the attack and full power attack

Double Slice does not state this, nor does Power Attack.

What Power Attack does say is: "This bonus to damage is halved (–50%) if you are making an attack with an off-hand weapon"
I have not yet seen a rule that contradicts this statement.

Woof. Double ninja'ed.


Let's see...
I know of four kineticists in my area, one spiritualist, and maybe one other character.

Problem is, the drawbacks to psychic casting are harsh. I argue they're harsher than arcane casting's drawbacks. The SLA spellcraft FAQ greatly minimizes the benefits those drawbacks are intended to mitigate. End result is that doing something like taking the psychic bloodline on a sorcerer ends up being a net negative compared to any other bloodline in terms of overall efficacy. So unless your concept really begs for a psychic class or you decide "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" you're unlikely to select psychic spellcasting options.

Thus 4 to 1 ratios of kineticists to every other psychic class instead of the reverse.

Diminuendo wrote:
I'm still frustrated about needing to buy the Agile enchantment instead of taking Fencing Grace for a Caydenite Sacred Fist

Why can't you take Fencing Grace?

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Guang wrote:

Two people enter. One person leaves.

Come to think of it, maybe just lock the gate so they both have to stay in there forever and let us get on with our lives.

James Jacobs for President 2016!

I still can't believe Dwarves For Jacobs is a real political movement! Have you heard the elf supremacist rhetoric that candidate has uttered in the last year alone?

I plan to vote for the candidate promising to endorse aasimar interests on the prime material plane. I know they don't have a snowball's chance in the City of Brass of actually winning the ticket, but I feel like putting my vote there says something about the current dwarf v elf politics as usual.

I miss Aroden. Now there was a candidate you could really get behind.

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There we were, negotiating with a creature whose presence defied logic. Wanting to ferret out any active spells that might enhance lies (glibness), conceal identity (polymorphs or illusions), otherwise undermine our investigation, my grippli casts a detect magic on a hunch. This prompts an ultimatum: "Drop your spell or I leave." Immediately a new plan coalesced in my mind, and I leave the tent and my allies to further the discussion. They chat and as they do, I begin a walk around outside to check for anything untoward when a guard intercepts my path, attempting to prevent me from accessing a sheltered spot right next to the tent. The gm asks how I intend to respond to the guard and my response is "bull rush."

Cue a nat 20.

The guard gets shoved aside, my grippli walks past with a smirk and catches the spellcaster on the other side of the tent red handed and the guard never is able to admit to having been bodily shoved aside by a two and a half foot tall talking frog.

Might be one of my favorite moments in Pathfindering.


TimD wrote:

Permanency is also weird in that it creates a permanent effect which requires gold which can also be dispelled off of you.

That's a weird corner case issue that might be more trouble than it's worth to track.

ITS page. Record "Permanent <spell> x gp" record chronicle purchased in appropriate box. If/when dispelled, record chronicle # in expended box.

Zero trouble.

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
Thank you for the summation and for the wonderful wild life example.

I mean, I assume it's illegal to strap rockets to cattle. Maybe I need to go collect signatures outside the local Wal-Mart just to be sure.

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
I'm going to have to look into the California thing. .

Well, the idea is, a common citizen can make an end run around the political gears by getting enough signatures on an initiative, resulting in a proposition being put up to vote each electoral cycle. These propositions can't be altered by politicians once drafted, and can only be overturned by the judiciary, basically. So we end up with dudes standing around outside our shops asking if registered voters would sign their nth attempt to legalize sheep rocketry or whichever inane initiative they've drafted, then get to deal with it again when our ballot informationals roll into our mailbox and we've forgotten that the "Safe Squirrel Sanctuaries and Schools" proposition is actually the thing that says it's cool to strap rockets to farm animals.

In 1964, as a result of Direct Democracy Initiatives, we attempted to ban cable television. It failed.

In 2008, we attempted to do the same thing to same-sex marriage, through Proposition 8, which was enacted via, you guessed it, Direct Democracy. It passed, and was eventually struck down by SCOTUS, if I recall correctly.

Now we're looking at prop 57, which decriminalizes things like certain forms of rape (by intoxication, or of an unconscious victim) as they do not meet the legal definition of violent crime.

For starters. Lots of reading up to do on it. Pay special attention to stuff like Prop 8 of 2008, and 57 of 2016 for sterling examples of why this system can really suck.

Hey! We hit the personal goal! Here's an album of pictures of the adorable Himiko, and one grumpy Zeus.

Remember, hit that team target, and images of baby Himiko could be yours, so keep donating!

Just want to shut me up? Donate!

"But, Ryzoken!" I hear you exclaim "What if I'm local to Sacramento, CA and want to join up or otherwise participate!"

Well, I'd say you should
come check out our facebook page
And that our games are typically scheduled on Warhorn
And that the Extra Life event specifically is scheduled to run Nov. 5-6 with full details available on the aforementioned Warhorn.

"But, Ryzoken! I don't want to drive to/don't live anywhere near/have never heard of Sacramento, CA! How can I help you guys make your initial Extra Life drive a success and, equally as importantly, score some pictures of that really cute cat?"


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jon dehning wrote:
Well hell. Don't this just beat the bends?

... Is that a local colloquialism? If so, what particular context pertains to it?

The nearest my Google search found was a marketing blog from 2010 pertaining to competitive advertising, particularly as regards car commercials by BMW and Mercedes Benz. Is that the context?

I don't normally do this, and I'm probably putting this in the wrong place, but I'm going to try it anyway. Apologies in advance.

So, I play PFS. So do a lot of people. This year, my local PFS crew has decided to try to raise money for Extra Life. Noble cause. Problem is, we're coming up a bit short on our goal, which isn't exactly a great start. So I came over here after pushing it around on Facebook to see if maybe some of you might be interested in boosting us up a bit.
Here's a link to my page for the greater Sacramento team's Extra Life drive.

"But what's my cat got to do with this?" you might ask.

If you click on the link, you'll be directed away from Paizo's site over to Extra Life, where you'll see a picture of my very cute cat, Himiko. She has no idea I used a picture of her for my profile picture in a frankly shrewd and calculated attempt at driving donations through cute cat pictures, which the internet loves for obvious reasons.

She is a very cute cat.

If we hit my personal donation goal (only $25 away!), I will put additional pictures of my very cute cat, possibly with witty captions, on the internet for people to see, linking to them in later posts.

If we hit the team donation goal, I will put pictures of when she was a kitten (and thus even more adorable somehow) on the net.

Donate to charity, see pictures of a very cute cat. It's a win-win.

Snowblind wrote:
There are people who are good at roleplaying, and there are people who are bad at roleplaying. There are also people who have good system knowledge, and people who have bad system knowledge. There are also people everywhere in between.

And a deficit in either skill set can be overcome as both are learned skills. Unless you (in the general sense, not Snowblind specifically) start to attach negative associations with one set of skills based on a personal bias, at which point you (again, general sense) erect barriers toward your (general) own development as a fan of roleplaying games and, in broader terms, a person.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Mark Carlson 255 wrote:
Why do you find the two terms offensive?

Because it's incredibly reductionist and infers I am utterly uninterested or incapable of engaging with the game beyond whichever end of said spectrum I fall? Further, because neither label is particularly useful for discourse (the act of labeling one or more parties in a given debate does not actually further your position, and is incredibly likely to inflame one or more parties emotionally, presenting a barrier to a mutually beneficial decision), their usage is virtually always intended to provoke a party with whom you disagree but lack sufficient evidence to refute the claims of.

For starters.

And that's not even touching the fact that the term 'rollplayer' is almost unilaterally used as a derogatory term or slur.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Is no one else at all curious whether the party includes a paladin or not?

Cause if it does, I imagine the paladin would know how best to fall...

With a meteor hammer:
Bludgeoner feat removes penalty for non lethal with bludgeoning weapons
Enforcer feat allows free intimidate with nonlethal melee attack

Note: the above is class agnostic, meaning it can be applied to any build or race by level 3. Fighter makes it possible as early as level 1, provided you obtain meteor hammer proficiency somewhere.

CoI wrote:
Thanks. although 2-3 feats might be a bit much for her. She's only got 4.

Use Slayer talents to get combat feats. Ranger combat style and rogue talent provide a pool of usable options.

I mean, you're looking to avoid a level of a class to obtain a class feature. Math says that costs two feats (Animal Ally, Familiar Bond, Eldritch Heritage, all cost two feats) with a third to bring it up to equivalency. Pick up a two hander and take power attack and you can afford the three feats. Take a couple of feat talents and you might still be able to afford the companion provided you're not deadset on archery.

Animal Ally feat
Boon Companion to fix the -3 to effective druid level.


I cannot wait for Tuesday. I'm going to have to, but man. The waiting...

Urban barbarian or savage technologist


2 people marked this as a favorite.
Shifty wrote:
and last time funds were raised by selling their delicious biscuits to a captive audience consisting of a hall full of gamers.

Clever girls... /JurassicPark

Magic vestments and greater magic weapon handle your armor shield and weapon enchantment bonuses, so maybe don't spend cash on those beyond +1 weapon early on (incorp foes suck at low level). Pearls of power are your friend. Boring stuff otherwise: cloak of resist, amulet of nat armor, ring of prot (shield of faith does this, in theory so can be skippable)

RE Arcane Trickster: yes, you don't get new spells added to your book when you level. This is surmountable with gold, in theory, but you shouldn't need a new spell until you cap out the benefits of snowball or want to switch to battering blast, at which point you could just quickly intersperse a wizard level if you find yourself with a spell stingy GM.

Attack bonus is a minor issue, but you're going to be aiming at flat-footed touch most of the time (which hovers right around 10, usually) So the question becomes: how easily can you hit AC 10 with a ranged attack. Small size helps, your 1 BAB until level 5 sucks, but it's something. After that you have dex (probably 3, might be higher) and you're looking at a +5 to hit AC 10ish. If you go Wayang and grab the Shadow Speaker alternate racial trait and Wayang Soothsayer feat at 1st level, you can add another +3 to hit four times per day. Hitting on 2's sounds good to me.

You can tune an Arcane Trickster to be pretty gross, with the right set up. Accomplished Sneak Attacker allowing early entry is super nice in this regard.

RE Kineticists: Aether if you want slightly weaker blasts but all the fun utility of telekinesis, Air if you want to fly as early as possible (and you generally do), I hear good things about Fire for blasting, others have viable builds as well. I've seen an earth kineticist tank that was pretty impressive. The thing to look for is, you want to pay attention to the elemental defense for each, whether the blasts are physical or energy or both, and what utility talents are available. Infusion wild talents are separated by blast, but are of lesser concern than the aforementioned three factors because, ultimately, the basic bread and butter blast works great with a metakinesis effect applied.

Or wayang. They're like halflings, but with more awesome!

I... may have a wayang unchained rogue 1 wizard 3 arcane trickster. Sneak attack snowball is fun. Once I get my improved familiar at level 7, a wand of tiny hut or vanish = sneak attack all day every day.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
BigNorseWolf wrote:
"sorry, we're negating your investment in skills by having your skills just plain not work"

Very much this.

And then, even if you took the feat (instead of sensibly ignoring it), your payoff was a bunch of items that had a chance of exploding in your face and that had limited charges and required additional feat investments to use. "Want to interface with Season 6 content? Devote half of your feats and several skill points, and we'll let you play with some broken laser guns that only shoot about 4 times before running out of juice. Oh, but there's chronicles that will fix that, but don't you dare go looking for them, as that would be chronicle fishing, which is analogous to cheating in the eyes of the community."

There are lots of ways tech can be integrated into a fantasy setting in awesome ways. That is not at all what happened, so many of us, who are nominally fine with sci-fi in our fantasy having been brought up on Final Fantasy and similar games, ended up looking at a set of rules that was actively hostile to players interested in playing with something as simple as a laser pistol.


The closest thing to improving your wealth earned by chronicle is by doing things to improve your Day Job roll. Commonly this is done by selecting classes that greatly increase a single skill, selecting vanities that allow you to use atypical skills for day job checks, or obtaining boons such as Prosperity. There are also specific chronicles that increase Day Job check benefits, but I am obligated to refrain from identifying which ones do so. In effect, it's entirely possible to earn an extra 500gp or more on chronicles, provided you select the perfect storm of things.

Most people don't bother, and instead are content with what is listed on the sheet, with maybe an extra 20-100gp kicker if they happened to be int based and have Crafter's Fortune, or similar low opportunity cost mechanics by which to improve their day job check.


One time, my kineticist's party entered a room with a pool of opaque liquid. I, being the cautious genius I am, elected to lift the liquid out of the pool. The GM was... surprised by this, but recovered quickly and had everyone roll initiative. On the creature's turn, it created a pit to try to harm our team, but found no success in it. On my turn, I used Foe Throw to hurl him into the ceiling above the newly created pit. Bam! Into the ceiling for blast damage. Bam! Into the blades of my allies as he fell past. Bam! Into the floor of the pit for falling damage.

...I felt a little dirty after that one.

Most of the time, I just re-enact the fighting style of the Railgun of Tokiwadai, using shuriken instead of coins to avoid the grey area involved in drawing the things.

So you know you're in trouble when you get to the table and are greeted with the question "How much does your character and all his gear weigh?"


And that is why I love my aetherkineticist. I leave the dungeon much like I leave my enemies: in pieces!

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