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Ryzoken's page

822 posts. Alias of Ryzouken.


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Hey! We hit the personal goal! Here's an album of pictures of the adorable Himiko, and one grumpy Zeus.

Remember, hit that team target, and images of baby Himiko could be yours, so keep donating!

Just want to shut me up? Donate!

"But, Ryzoken!" I hear you exclaim "What if I'm local to Sacramento, CA and want to join up or otherwise participate!"

Well, I'd say you should
come check out our facebook page
And that our games are typically scheduled on Warhorn
And that the Extra Life event specifically is scheduled to run Nov. 5-6 with full details available on the aforementioned Warhorn.

"But, Ryzoken! I don't want to drive to/don't live anywhere near/have never heard of Sacramento, CA! How can I help you guys make your initial Extra Life drive a success and, equally as importantly, score some pictures of that really cute cat?"


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jon dehning wrote:
Well hell. Don't this just beat the bends?

... Is that a local colloquialism? If so, what particular context pertains to it?

The nearest my Google search found was a marketing blog from 2010 pertaining to competitive advertising, particularly as regards car commercials by BMW and Mercedes Benz. Is that the context?

I don't normally do this, and I'm probably putting this in the wrong place, but I'm going to try it anyway. Apologies in advance.

So, I play PFS. So do a lot of people. This year, my local PFS crew has decided to try to raise money for Extra Life. Noble cause. Problem is, we're coming up a bit short on our goal, which isn't exactly a great start. So I came over here after pushing it around on Facebook to see if maybe some of you might be interested in boosting us up a bit.
Here's a link to my page for the greater Sacramento team's Extra Life drive.

"But what's my cat got to do with this?" you might ask.

If you click on the link, you'll be directed away from Paizo's site over to Extra Life, where you'll see a picture of my very cute cat, Himiko. She has no idea I used a picture of her for my profile picture in a frankly shrewd and calculated attempt at driving donations through cute cat pictures, which the internet loves for obvious reasons.

She is a very cute cat.

If we hit my personal donation goal (only $25 away!), I will put additional pictures of my very cute cat, possibly with witty captions, on the internet for people to see, linking to them in later posts.

If we hit the team donation goal, I will put pictures of when she was a kitten (and thus even more adorable somehow) on the net.

Donate to charity, see pictures of a very cute cat. It's a win-win.

Snowblind wrote:
There are people who are good at roleplaying, and there are people who are bad at roleplaying. There are also people who have good system knowledge, and people who have bad system knowledge. There are also people everywhere in between.

And a deficit in either skill set can be overcome as both are learned skills. Unless you (in the general sense, not Snowblind specifically) start to attach negative associations with one set of skills based on a personal bias, at which point you (again, general sense) erect barriers toward your (general) own development as a fan of roleplaying games and, in broader terms, a person.

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Mark Carlson 255 wrote:
Why do you find the two terms offensive?

Because it's incredibly reductionist and infers I am utterly uninterested or incapable of engaging with the game beyond whichever end of said spectrum I fall? Further, because neither label is particularly useful for discourse (the act of labeling one or more parties in a given debate does not actually further your position, and is incredibly likely to inflame one or more parties emotionally, presenting a barrier to a mutually beneficial decision), their usage is virtually always intended to provoke a party with whom you disagree but lack sufficient evidence to refute the claims of.

For starters.

And that's not even touching the fact that the term 'rollplayer' is almost unilaterally used as a derogatory term or slur.

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Is no one else at all curious whether the party includes a paladin or not?

Cause if it does, I imagine the paladin would know how best to fall...

With a meteor hammer:
Bludgeoner feat removes penalty for non lethal with bludgeoning weapons
Enforcer feat allows free intimidate with nonlethal melee attack

Note: the above is class agnostic, meaning it can be applied to any build or race by level 3. Fighter makes it possible as early as level 1, provided you obtain meteor hammer proficiency somewhere.

CoI wrote:
Thanks. although 2-3 feats might be a bit much for her. She's only got 4.

Use Slayer talents to get combat feats. Ranger combat style and rogue talent provide a pool of usable options.

I mean, you're looking to avoid a level of a class to obtain a class feature. Math says that costs two feats (Animal Ally, Familiar Bond, Eldritch Heritage, all cost two feats) with a third to bring it up to equivalency. Pick up a two hander and take power attack and you can afford the three feats. Take a couple of feat talents and you might still be able to afford the companion provided you're not deadset on archery.

Animal Ally feat
Boon Companion to fix the -3 to effective druid level.


I cannot wait for Tuesday. I'm going to have to, but man. The waiting...

Urban barbarian or savage technologist


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Shifty wrote:
and last time funds were raised by selling their delicious biscuits to a captive audience consisting of a hall full of gamers.

Clever girls... /JurassicPark

Magic vestments and greater magic weapon handle your armor shield and weapon enchantment bonuses, so maybe don't spend cash on those beyond +1 weapon early on (incorp foes suck at low level). Pearls of power are your friend. Boring stuff otherwise: cloak of resist, amulet of nat armor, ring of prot (shield of faith does this, in theory so can be skippable)

RE Arcane Trickster: yes, you don't get new spells added to your book when you level. This is surmountable with gold, in theory, but you shouldn't need a new spell until you cap out the benefits of snowball or want to switch to battering blast, at which point you could just quickly intersperse a wizard level if you find yourself with a spell stingy GM.

Attack bonus is a minor issue, but you're going to be aiming at flat-footed touch most of the time (which hovers right around 10, usually) So the question becomes: how easily can you hit AC 10 with a ranged attack. Small size helps, your 1 BAB until level 5 sucks, but it's something. After that you have dex (probably 3, might be higher) and you're looking at a +5 to hit AC 10ish. If you go Wayang and grab the Shadow Speaker alternate racial trait and Wayang Soothsayer feat at 1st level, you can add another +3 to hit four times per day. Hitting on 2's sounds good to me.

You can tune an Arcane Trickster to be pretty gross, with the right set up. Accomplished Sneak Attacker allowing early entry is super nice in this regard.

RE Kineticists: Aether if you want slightly weaker blasts but all the fun utility of telekinesis, Air if you want to fly as early as possible (and you generally do), I hear good things about Fire for blasting, others have viable builds as well. I've seen an earth kineticist tank that was pretty impressive. The thing to look for is, you want to pay attention to the elemental defense for each, whether the blasts are physical or energy or both, and what utility talents are available. Infusion wild talents are separated by blast, but are of lesser concern than the aforementioned three factors because, ultimately, the basic bread and butter blast works great with a metakinesis effect applied.

Or wayang. They're like halflings, but with more awesome!

I... may have a wayang unchained rogue 1 wizard 3 arcane trickster. Sneak attack snowball is fun. Once I get my improved familiar at level 7, a wand of tiny hut or vanish = sneak attack all day every day.


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BigNorseWolf wrote:
"sorry, we're negating your investment in skills by having your skills just plain not work"

Very much this.

And then, even if you took the feat (instead of sensibly ignoring it), your payoff was a bunch of items that had a chance of exploding in your face and that had limited charges and required additional feat investments to use. "Want to interface with Season 6 content? Devote half of your feats and several skill points, and we'll let you play with some broken laser guns that only shoot about 4 times before running out of juice. Oh, but there's chronicles that will fix that, but don't you dare go looking for them, as that would be chronicle fishing, which is analogous to cheating in the eyes of the community."

There are lots of ways tech can be integrated into a fantasy setting in awesome ways. That is not at all what happened, so many of us, who are nominally fine with sci-fi in our fantasy having been brought up on Final Fantasy and similar games, ended up looking at a set of rules that was actively hostile to players interested in playing with something as simple as a laser pistol.


The closest thing to improving your wealth earned by chronicle is by doing things to improve your Day Job roll. Commonly this is done by selecting classes that greatly increase a single skill, selecting vanities that allow you to use atypical skills for day job checks, or obtaining boons such as Prosperity. There are also specific chronicles that increase Day Job check benefits, but I am obligated to refrain from identifying which ones do so. In effect, it's entirely possible to earn an extra 500gp or more on chronicles, provided you select the perfect storm of things.

Most people don't bother, and instead are content with what is listed on the sheet, with maybe an extra 20-100gp kicker if they happened to be int based and have Crafter's Fortune, or similar low opportunity cost mechanics by which to improve their day job check.


One time, my kineticist's party entered a room with a pool of opaque liquid. I, being the cautious genius I am, elected to lift the liquid out of the pool. The GM was... surprised by this, but recovered quickly and had everyone roll initiative. On the creature's turn, it created a pit to try to harm our team, but found no success in it. On my turn, I used Foe Throw to hurl him into the ceiling above the newly created pit. Bam! Into the ceiling for blast damage. Bam! Into the blades of my allies as he fell past. Bam! Into the floor of the pit for falling damage.

...I felt a little dirty after that one.

Most of the time, I just re-enact the fighting style of the Railgun of Tokiwadai, using shuriken instead of coins to avoid the grey area involved in drawing the things.

So you know you're in trouble when you get to the table and are greeted with the question "How much does your character and all his gear weigh?"


And that is why I love my aetherkineticist. I leave the dungeon much like I leave my enemies: in pieces!


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Serisan wrote:
It's almost always to prevent loss of control of the character to bad guy dominate attempts or something similar. I've never seen a player use that aspect of the black blade for anything but helpful actions.

Yes, that would be normally true, however, as Jason Wu alluded to, there is sufficient evidence to suggest an alternate possible motivation for so doing. Thus, my post; If a player is rerolling a successful save in a bid to avoid other mental domination, great. If they're trying to subvert the no pvp clause or otherwise sabotage the efforts of the table, that doesn't fly.

We now return you to your regular light-hearted entertainment thread.


It depends on your motives for attempting to fail the check. If you're trying to fail the check to benefit your fellow pathfinders, it would be allowed. If you're trying to subvert the no pvp rule by having your class ability do the dirty work, I'd issue a verbal warning, escalating to kicking you from my table and all my future tables if you attempted to persist in spite of that warning.


Note that striking sheets down to 1st nets you the appropriate level 1 gold for a sheet of that type (scenario or module) and opens up items listed on the sheet for purchase, but boons on the sheet are only accessible once you reach the level indicated by the chronicle's tier.

So were you to knock the last sheet of Emerald Spire down to a level 1, standard rewards would be 1398 gp 3 exp 4 prestige, access to items listed on the sheet, but the boons would be locked until you reach level 11.

Archeologist Bard 1, Divine Hunter Paladin 2, Id Rager Bloodrager 1, Lore Warden 1 (or Scaled Fist Monk 1), Dragon Disciple 4, ???

Lots of buffs with Luck, Smite, Rage; strong saves thanks to Luck, Rage, and Divine Grace; decent AC thanks to Dragon Disciple and Smite; pick up a two hander and power attack for gross damage output. Best used on a nagaji.


Kata Master Monk 1, Scout Underground Chemist Thug Unchained Rogue 4, Noble Fencer Swashbuckler 1, Urban Bloodrager 1, Snakebite Brawler 1, Divine Hunter Paladin 2, Archaeologist Bard 1

Pick up Dragon Style and Enforcer. Charge a guy, dealing a sneak attack to them that also inflicts shaken (from Enforcer Intimidate), sickened (from the Thug's Brutal Beating), and a debilitating injury. Next round, either pummel them into the dirt if you have a flank or charge someone else, parrying and riposting the opportunity attack caused by your charge movement. Play pinball, bouncing around the battlefield, debuffing foe after foe. Also, you have the usual stack of dumb buffs from rage, smite, and luck to your attacks and saves and whatnot.

Did I mention they're both PFS legal? They're both PFS legal. And really fun to play, if you line everything up just right.


At the risk of this exploding in my face:
You only ever get 1 exp for completing a scenario, 3 exp for a module. You need 3 exp to level up, regardless of your actual level. Do not use the standard Pathfinder ruleset to determine your leveling and exp gain, they have been abstracted out in PFS play.

Flying Blade swashbuckler?

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Gulthor wrote:

Well, if you're going a natural attack build, then BAB doesn't really matter - you're gaining a STR bonus that pretty much compensates for the BAB loss.

On the other hand, if you're not planning on always using a natural attack routine, it certainly is a hit.

Yes and no. It's ultimately +2 to hit, but it's also entry into feats and the like that may have BAB prerequisites.

I will say, however, that my DD is using a polearm for most fighting, switching to a bow if tactically needed. BAB helps all of that. I generally expect to use my claws and teeth only if grappled.

And now I kind of want to build a natural weapons DD that dips Scaled Fist Unchained Monk in that Lore Warden Fighter spot to gain Dragon Style and monk stuff.

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My entry was Divine Hunter Paladin 2, Archeologist Bard 1, Id Rager Bloodrager 1, Lore Warden Fighter 1. Strong saving throws, strong self buffs from rage, smite, and archaeologists luck, reasonable skill points to cover that pesky know:arcane 5 along with the basics, spontaneous casting from bard for entry. Also managed to snag a couple of nice bonus feats, opening up bow use in a pinch. Oh, and only 1 lost BAB.

That fighter level could probably be something else.


BigNorseWolf wrote:

Can a magus Dervish dance with spell combat/spellstrike/the magusflurry interaction between the two?

Until it gets hit with the same errata that Fencing Grace and Slashing Grace got, yes it functions.


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Jared Thaler wrote:
Mage of the Wyrmkin wrote:

I think that a store incentive plan is a good idea. The Harder to Kill boon seems to be overpowered IMO. I like the thought that PC can be killed if they dance around the front lines with low hit points instead of strategically withdrawing. If the bonus was divided in half say 2/5 it would serve the same purpose without unbalancing the game.

Speaking as a player whose high hit point character who could survive to -19 Hp ate a x4 crit and died by 4 hit points, I say it probably wouldn't.

For context, I was a level 8 playing low tier in a tier 5-9, and had more hit points than most of the other PCs there, and almost as high an AC. And the GM's dice rolled 3 20's in a row on the first round of combat.

If its the occasion I'm thinking of, it was only a x3 crit. Halberd. Very messy. Took weeks to get the blood out. Of the floor. Only took a few seconds to get the blood out of the mage.

If not, carry on.


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BigNorseWolf wrote:
The minmaxer is trying to dial back the carnage but Gorum keeps sending them natural 20's anyway...

I have (just recently) seen a player use a reroll to cancel a possible crit to spare an NPC we wanted to bring in alive.

It was amusing.


2 people marked this as a favorite.'re embarking on a heist mission with a fighter and a zen archer who have zero ranks in stealth.

And yet we still managed to get through the scenario with both prestige without rolling initiative thanks to the wonders of invisibility sphere and a history of playing video games like Tenchu or Deus Ex. Man, those two were the proverbial fish out of water though.

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LucyG92 wrote:

Okay, thanks.

So players can be told the spell 'dominate person' is in use?

Spell craft will tell school of magic. Sense Motive can tell under mental influence/control


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ChaosTicket wrote:

Those are some general tips, but many of them are not related to the Pathfinder Society Campaign. The limitations are major. You cannot sleep to regain spells/special abilities(by choice), run away from encounters, use diplomacy to avoid fights or acquire loot permanenetly.

Thats why its railroading.

Literally none of this is true.

I believe this was a component of the peasant railgun expounded upon in 3.5 D&D theoretical optimization.

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Greater teleport.

Or take magical lineage (enlarge person) and still spell. No somatic components = no arcane spell fail


Thomas Hutchins wrote:
id rager cannot be combined with urban bloodrager as both alter yours spells. Mark


It'd be really great if class abilities would explicitly indicate when they modify or replace abilities. Like, if adopted magic made mention in the line pertaining to replacements that it also modified spellcasting, I wouldn't have had this gotcha sprung on me.

*removes Urban from his Id Rager*

This entirely aside from the frustration of not being able to combine archetypes that modify the same ability even though the modifications are in no way contradictory, as in the case of Urban and Id Rager.

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World's Okayest Fighter wrote:
Ryzoken wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Ryzoken wrote:

"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."
-Martin Niemöller

{marks "Godwin" on bingo card}

While that is the historical context, the quote seems more apropos as regards abuse of power and why you should care even if you are not the group being oppressed.

Or you can choose to be reductionist and assume I'm invoking Godwin when I'm really not. Either way, the post I responded to reminded me of this quote, so I posted it. I'll now be leaving this thread, because in the grand scheme of things, what Paizo does with their forum doesn't concern me overmuch. Its fun to post here sometimes, but then there's threads like these and posts like yours; just more people looking for reasons to be upset, jumping at shadows. know this is a message board, right? And that someone was stopped from post on it. That is what happened. You literally invoked Godwin, that's no 'second way of seeing it.'

Maybe you need to step away from the keyboard for a bit, get some perspective before you compare a user being banned from a message board to one of the greatest tragedies in human history. And in the spirit of this thread, pretty sure this post will be removed, and for good reason, since this entire chain is inane.

I give up. Enjoy your echo chamber.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Because obviously two situations need to be perfectly the same in terms of scale in order for any parallel to be drawn.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Ryzoken wrote:

"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."
-Martin Niemöller

{marks "Godwin" on bingo card}

While that is the historical context, the quote seems more apropos as regards abuse of power and why you should care even if you are not the group being oppressed.

Or you can choose to be reductionist and assume I'm invoking Godwin when I'm really not. Either way, the post I responded to reminded me of this quote, so I posted it. I'll now be leaving this thread, because in the grand scheme of things, what Paizo does with their forum doesn't concern me overmuch. Its fun to post here sometimes, but then there's threads like these and posts like yours; just more people looking for reasons to be upset, jumping at shadows.

4 people marked this as a favorite.
noretoc wrote:

I'll add an opinion. What is the point of this discussion. Someone got banned. If that person has an issue, then they should discuss it with the mods. Why should I care, it has nothing to do with me. His rights weren't violated. He doesn't have a "right" to state his opinion on this forum in any way he wants. This isn't a street corner. His Ban doesn't affect me, and it doesn't really affect anyone else here that wasn't involved in the situation. If I have a post deleted, or I am banned and I have an issue with it I will contact the mods to find out why.

The whole purpose of this public display seems like it is an to rile some people up into making some bad decisions. My opinion, is to see to your own house. If you have an issue take it up with the mods. If they don't listen, find another playground, this is the internet, there are plenty our there. It is not like you are getting kicked out of your house. Stop trying to gather the peasants to grab pitchforks and go after you perceived adversaries. Be an adult, handle your business, let people handle theirs.

"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."
-Martin Niemöller


Decorpsed wrote:
It works how everyone hoped.


Elaboration: because bloodline abilities are only active during bloodrage for a bloodrager whereas some are always on for the sorcerer (resistances, nat arm increase), if your character only takes a dip in bloodrager (thus lacking in rounds of rage) as my character has, this FAQ is actually detrimental to the character. Happily, I was able to add the id rager archetype, trading away bloodline, to my dip of urban bloodrager, causing dragon disciple to default back to sorcerer progression instead of bloodrager progression, a solution which I fell upon entirely through serendipity.
Now my nagaji dragon disciple can enjoy the full benefits of his prc even when not raging, and can activate claws independent of bloodrage.

For the curious, his entry into dragon disciple ended up being archeologist bard 1, divine hunter paladin 2, lore warden fighter 1, urban id rager bloodrager 1. He fights with a merciful halberd for the glorious victory of Apsu over the foul Dahak when not serving the Pathfinder Society.

swoosh wrote:

That sounds pretty lame to me to be honest.

"Oh congratulations you defeated the big bad threatening to destroy the world! Now you're all dead/trapped and suffering for eternity so we can maintain the status quo of the game world. Cheers."


Everyone dies eventually.

Were I looking to conclude an AP, it would be with the PCs ending the tale in no condition to adventure further. Stranded in pocket dimensions without possibility of escape, permanently dead, their wealth and gear destroyed leaving them destitute albeit high leveled. A true end to the characters' stories.

And how awesome would it be, if a meta AP were woven, with an assassin of high level PCs showing up at the end of various APs, perma-killing the party each time but revealing bits and pieces of how to defeat it, until a final AP is launched where the party investigates where all the heroes have gone and discovers the secret truth: that there's something out there that hunts heroes in their hour of victory. And in the end, they confront the foe: The ultimate challenge, the hero slayer.

I guess I just feel like pyrrhic victories are more interesting than overwhelming ones...


Majuba wrote:
You could write that on the chronicle if you wanted to, though as mentioned it's not a huge deal.

I don't believe you can, actually. Changing chronicles is a no-no.


d'Eon wrote:
Ok. First scenario I've run, so wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

Nope, seems like you're fine!


Welcome to the Pathfinder Society, where everyone's a murderer and the items don't always show up on the chronicle.

It's pretty par for the course, honestly, and once you hit five ish prestige it ceases to matter, so mostly we don't sweat it.


Blackbot wrote:
Wendy Bryan wrote:
There are no healers or rogues of any kind...and everyone is arguing about who is buying all the cure light wounds potions...
Why the rogue? To UMD?

Well, someone's gotta be the comic relief and I'm hard pressed to think of a bigger joke than the rogue class...


Magabeus wrote:
The Masked Ferret wrote:
Ryzoken wrote:

"Welcome to Thornkeep, here's a shovel, start digging."

"What are we digging, Mr. VC?"
"Your eventual graves."
Oh. You are all dwarf and half-orcs. You should be fine.
That's for Emerald Spire if I recall correctly


Thornkeep cares not what race you are, you will die.

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