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Ryzern's page

124 posts. Alias of PoorWanderingOne.

Full Name

Ryzern the Jonah




Universalist Wizard 2








Common, Aquan, Auran, Cyclops, Ignan, Infernal, Terran


Supercargo, bum.

Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 13
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

About Ryzern

Background, Appearance and personality:

Personality and Background.
Born to the flotsam and detritus of the port Ryzern seemed destined for a life at sea. Apprenticed to a respected riddleport trained mage his path was smooth and easy.
Except for his luck.
Soon after being apprenticed the great man found a better connected prospect and dumped his "half-trained mistake". Since then Ryzern has made something like a living serving as a ships mage and supercargo. He might have even made a life of this.
Except for his luck.
In his short career Ryzern has had one ship sink under him, one burn down in port, lost half his right leg to a tigershark, spent some time imprisoned as a smuggler and, just now, had his captain and shipmates abandon him.

You can see where he gets his nickname.

All this had made his bitter. He owes the world nothing, and that is what he is going to give it. He can be petty and cruel when he feels safe. But then he is paranoid enough to only rarely feel safe. A barracks-room lawyer of the worst kind. A malingerer and goldbrick who only exercises his mind to show his superiority. All in all a lost cause.
Except for his luck.

Thrown into a strange place and forced to act this rat might just grow into a hero, or at least something that could be mistaken for on in bad light.

Ryzern always appears unkempt. From the odd set of his shoulders to the strange scar on his jaw there is something off about the man. Currently he wears a simple leg made of blond ash.

Combat stats:

Perception +5

-Fortitude, +2
-Reflex, +2
-Will +4

AC/Flatfoot AC 12/10
Touch AC 12

CMB +1
CMD 13

Hit Points: 12

BAB +1
Initiative +2

Speed 30


Spells per day.
Arcane bond: Plain copper ring.

~Ray of frost
~Mage Hand
~Detect Magic

First level 3
~Color Spray 15
~Mage Armor
~Sleep 15

Second Level
Third level
Fourth level
Fifth level
Sixth level
Seventh level
Eighth level
Ninth level

Spells known.


First Level:DC 15
Air Bubble
Color Spray (will)
Enlarge person
Mage Armor
Sleep (will)
Silent Image (will)
Unseen servant

Traits, Feats, and special abilities.:

Peg Leg: None of the normal penalties from having a peg leg.
+1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves. +1 trait bonus on
damage against sharks and other animals with the
aquatic subtype.

Suspicious, +1 trait bonus to Sense motive & SM is a class skill

Human, Cosmopolitan, Perception and Bluff

First level, Cypher Magic. You cast spells from scrolls at +1 caster level higher than the scroll’s caster level. This benefit extends to scrolls that you have created. In addition, you gain a +2 bonus on caster level checks made to activate a scroll with a higher caster level than your own.

Wizard 1, scribe scroll

Special abilities
Hand of the Apprentice (Su): Make a single attack using a melee weapon at a range of 30 feet add your Intelligence modifier on the attack roll . You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.


{2base +4 int +1 human} 7 ranks/level
Acrobatics, +2
*Appraise, I +8
*Bluff, I +4
Climb, 0
*Craft Alchemy, +4
Diplomacy, 0
Disguise, 0
Escape Artist, 0
*Fly, +2
Heal, +1
Intimidate, 0
*Knowledge Arcane, II +9
*Knowledge Dungeon, +4
*Knowledge Engineering, I +8
*Knowledge Geography, I +8
*Knowledge History, +4
*Knowledge Local, +4
*Knowledge Nature, I +8
*Knowledge Nobles, +4
*Knowledge Religion, +4
*Knowledge Planes, +4
*Linguistics -
*Perception, II +6
Perform (keyboard), 0
*Profession (Sailor), II +6
*Sense Motive, II +7
Slight of Hand -
*Spellcraft II, +9
Stealth, +2
Survival, +1
Swim I, +1
Use magic Device -


Hand of the Apprentice, 7 uses per day +5 to hit 30' range.

Touch spell +1 melee/+3 ranged


Armor and Shield:


Expendable items:

Magic gear:

Steadfast Grapple
Aura faint transmutation; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 5,000 gp; Weight 9 lbs.
This iron grappling hook is attached to a 50-foot length of silk
rope. When a steadfast grapple is thrown, it automatically hits
and attaches to any targeted object or structure within range
of its rope. Against creatures, the wielder must make attack
rolls as normal. Once attached, a steadfast grapple can only be
removed with a DC 30 Strength check, the command word, or
magic such as dispel magic.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, animate rope, true strike;
Cost 2,500 gp

Mundane gear:

Silver Ring
~Bag, waterproof
~2 Candles
~Flint and tinder
~Shaving kit
~Scroll case
~~Scroll of enlarge person
~~4 sheets of parchment
~~2 ink pens
~~vial of black ink

~Spell components


Waterproof bag Stored in peg leg.
~Traveling Spellbook: Read magic, Detect magic, dancing lights, Mage hand, Mage armor.



Unassigned party loot, xp and notes


Level by Level:

1st: Extra skill rank. Skills: Appraise, Bluff, Kn. Arcane, Kn. Engineering, Perception, Pr. Sailor, Sense Motive, Spellcraft. HP (6+1con=) 7

2nd: Extra skill rank. Skills: Pr. Sailor 2, Sense Motive 2, Perception 2, Spellcraft 2, Kn. Nature, Kn. Arcane 2, Kn. Geography, Swim. Added Spells: Sleep, Air Bubble. HP ({4 base +1 con}+ 7 previous HP) 12


Scroll notes:
time: 2hr if cost<250g. 1day/1000g otherwise.
cost: (lvl spell x lvl caster x 25)/2 for self made.

Notes on the Wormwood:

Captain Barnabas Harrigan:Mountainous looking garundi man, garled muscle, deep bass voice, dark skin, bald, long black beard held together by golden rings, aura of authority and confidence. Immaculate blue coat.

Mr. Plugg Second in command? Balding man, black ponytail, cutlass and cat of ninetails, black and tattered clothng.

Mr. Scourgre? Enforcer. Sadist

Unnamed Bosuns mate: female gnome, tanned, dark purple hair turned nearly pink by the sun, teeny voice, heavy axe,necklace of human ears, curses ever other sentence.

Unnamed red headed crew-woman: Tricorn hat. Holy symbol on choker(assuming this) Cast something like CLW.

Fishguts Cook, pudgy man about 5 foot tall, apron stained in blood, thick shackles accent, stubbled fat cheeks, bleary gaze, drinks heavily, large black cockerel on his shoulder. (familiar?)

Hostile? Pirates:
Jaundiced Jape
Fipps Chumlett
Slippery Sy Lonegan
Aretta Banson

Middle deck: A large iron box with a strong lock. Several strands of thick rope wrapped around the main mast. The rope still has dried bloodstains. A small jolly boat that could fit 4 people comfortably.

GalleyDirty dishes, piles of food, live chickens, and random refuse, three+ goats, two stoves are along one wall, worktables piled with stuff, very sharp knives, meat cleavers, other sharp implements, pair of shortspears, fresh fruit and vegtables in cupboards.

Officers get food via cabin girl who tastes all the food. The food delivered by the quartermaster.

Use of sweatbox
No talking to captain

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