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Vidmaster7 wrote:
RickDias wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
However despite that just because a few of you feel they are bad design choices does not in fact make them bad design choices.

:Cornette Face:


Come on, man. Explain why locking playstyles behind LG-only is a good design idea. I've done my share of the work in showing why it's a bad idea, you need to offer a counter-argument instead of 'nuh uh!'

Your missing the point I actually don't care what they do with the alignment I'm not arguing that. I'm against your statement that says because you and a few others don't like the design choices they are bad design choices. you might view them as bad personally but that does not proof in and of itself that they are bad design choices.


I like power (power as in abilities granted to you) constrained by your morality and ethos and those of your Deity, it makes the Divine Classes infinitely more interesting to me.

Steve Geddes wrote:
Laird IceCubez wrote:
If what Paizo said is accurate, they plan on re-releasing every class from PF1E, so Anti-Paladin will exist again.

Are you sure?

I thought they’d pretty much said they were probably not going to go that route. It sounded to me that PF2 was going to focus on customisable classes, rather than repeating PF1’s approach of a steadily increasing number of classes.

Can't comment for sure on all the classes coming back (and would hope not on some of them without major overhauls) but they have stated there will be an Antipaladin in the Playtest Module.

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Likin the Code overhaul appealing to Good over Law, and liking Retributive Strike hehe.

Chance Wyvernspur wrote:
A Fallen Paladin sounds like a really cool character conception, as would be a disgraced Cleric. You'd have to build them using different classes, else you'd be stunted compared to the abilities of your peers.

Channeler of the Unknown from Antihero's Handbook (same as the Vindictive Bastard) is the fallen Cleric archetype, it and VB are both really kickass. And explicitly fallen archetypes. Sin monk is pretty nifty too.

Ron Lundeen wrote:
Rysky wrote:
[Illustration of two children falling to their death]
One of those kids doesn't die. Sadly, however, tragedy sometimes begets villainy.

I’d be a Villian too if someone tried to throw me to my death and f++$ed up >_>

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*starts sharpening many, many things*

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Rysky wrote:
Crystal Frasier wrote:
Bellona wrote:
Will the subjects of the childhood pictures be identified, will the placement make it obvious, or will it be a guessing game?
The images are generally self-explanatory in the context of the book. I will spoil that the first image is a much young Stavian III with his children.
Those 2nd and 3rd pics ;_;

I will end some m@@%$&%%~$@+s.

It's probably my second favourite paladin Archetype after Tortured Crusader (Faithful Wanderer coming in third).

Kalindlara wrote:
Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
Is this a new archetype? What does it trade out?

It's one of the ex-archetypes from Antihero's Handbook. You lose most of your paladin abilities by virtue (or lack thereof) of being an ex-paladin, but it patches it with a bunch of spiffy stuff.

I don't know if it's any good, but I'm certainly excited regardless. Then again, I like the phantom thief archetype, so my opinion is probably invalid.

I'm having a blast with mine ^w^

And I like Phantom Thief too (and I don't care for Rogues).

You get Find Friend, Smite A%~!@~%, no you don't get to keep Divine Grace, Diehard, Stalwart, Solo Tactics plus bonus feats for it, can grant allies some of your smite bonus, and as a capstone whenever an enemy kills one of your allies or knocks you unconscious you can add a disintegrate to your next attack.

And no, I'm serious. you don't get to keep Divine Grace. Or Lay on Hands.

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:

Really looking forward to the vindictive bastard. ^_^

"Yeah, I lied to protect my friends. Why shouldn't I?"

Is this a new archetype? What does it trade out?

Oh ho ho

(it modifies/replaces everything except spells and the early auras)

Kalindlara wrote:
That's pretty funny. Also, I guess I know how my vindictive bastard ex-paladin is going to come to be now. ^_^

*contemplates taking up lawn darts as a hobby*

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Product Description wrote:
to discover horrible machinations transpired in their absence, and they must now face the cunning secret society, the Immaculate Circle, to recover the soul of their departed benefactor.

M&!$&%$!$%%%s gone die tonight.


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I wouldn't think so, since both Animal Companions and Phantoms get the Share Spells ability. It's best to read it as "share spells on the Companion granting Class's spell list" I would say.

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shaventalz wrote:
Rysky wrote:
No, it's a fun ability, you just can't troll other players with it.
Or, presumably, other enemies. That's probably why it went in, so you couldn't say "that mook over there is now my ally, kill him!"

Even without the "willing" caveat the ability doesn't work like that, it gives a single opponent penalties against everyone but the scapegoat, it doesn't force them to attack anyone.

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No, it's a fun ability, you just can't troll other players with it.

Just it point out, the scapegoat abilities only work on a willing ally.

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the Queen's Raven wrote:
QuidEst wrote:
Hunter archetype throws willing allies under the bus with something of a challenge ability, but directed at somebody else. Fun if you've got a cavalier or kinetic knight in the group, because those penalties stack. Includes a small spell failure chance, too. It's limited uses, but as much as you want on your poor, poor animal companion, you heartless jerk.
I'm playing a Hunter in Hell's Vengeance right now and we are about to finish book 1. Would this archtype be a good fit for that campaign. Would it be worth retraining into? What abilities does this archtype swap out?

There's nothing in the archetype that would make it more or less compatible than any other archetype for a Hunter in HV. It's usefulness would depend I guess on if you have other tanks in the party.

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It'sLyz wrote:
Craig Tierney wrote:
It'sLyz wrote:
Rysky wrote:

But seriously, that's an awesome archetype, it's up there with the Tortured Crusader for my favourite Paladin archetype.

Thankies to whoever wrote it!

You're welcome! It was my favorite of the ex-classes.

Seeing as you're in this thread, I have a few questions about the design of the archetype, if you don't mind answering (feel free not to):

Why does the ex-paladin have limited duration solo tactics? Tactician or some variation thereof feels like it would make more sense to me.
Is Gang Up supposed to work if you haven't already smote the target?
Should you be able to have multiple uses of Gang Up simultaneously active?
Is the vindictive bastard supposed to receive spellcasting?

Well, let's see what I can do. I'll note that this is only the design/writing perspective, and the details of specific rules concerns are subject to your GM and decisions from developers and organized play staff.

We wanted to preserve the subtle difference between tactician and solo tactics, in that tactician grants your allies the benefit of the feat (for a longer period of time), and solo tactics does not. Ex-archetypes are specifically intended to be slightly less powerful than typical members of the class (if not, what's the benefit of all that moral quandary?) and so we opted for the less powerful version.

Vindy gains a smite bonus only while she has a smite in effect herself, so if the hasn't smote (smited?) anyone yet, she has no bonus to grant via Gang Up.

As for multiple uses of Gang Up, it would depend on whether you can have multiple uses of smite active at one time. I defer to the standard for whether a typical paladin can have multiple smite effects in place at one time. (I'm sure that conversation must have happened somewhere.)

If an archetype doesn't specifically replace or alter a class feature, it's still there; so yes, as written Vindy still has her spells.

Cool, thankies for chiming in again ^w^

"Fallen" Antipaladin of Nocticula would be freaking sweet.

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The Raven Black wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Paladinosaur wrote:
Rysky wrote:
14 sided die wrote:
Yeah, ex-barbarian would be cool, but I think that'd be really out of place in this book, but maybe in a future one
How so? All the other ex-Archetypes are in this book.
the others imply losing faith or discipline. The barbarian most likely would go the other way.
I guess, yeah, but still.

I must say that, though at first I concurred with the other side, I am definitely with Risky on this after reading the ex-class archetypes' section.

An ex-Barbarian archetype would have fit the section perfectly

However, what delights me to no end is that they actually introduced here a new type of archetype, namely the ex-class archetype, with its specific rules, and the archetypes provided here only illustrate SOME of the ways a fallen PC can drift from their proper path.

We can now imagine (or get in future books) TONS of new ex-class archetypes. I hope we will

And I wish fervently that these rules make it to the PRD one day


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It's the "not it!" archetype, they can designate a foe and an ally and the foe takes increasing penalties against anyone that isn't the designated ally, including spell failure.

I don't know about WBL penalty but you do have to spend more when it comes to certain things.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:

If someone can provide some information: what is the "Channeler of the Unknown" archetype like? And what is the "Insatiable" drawback like?

Just some hints would be appreciated.

For the Channeler instead of getting Channel Positive or Channel Negative they get Channel If It Has HP It Dies, plus some other neat stuff.

Insatiable you're used to living the good life and therefore have to get more to maintain yourself.

Yep, the only caveat is that you did indeed fall.

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QuidEst wrote:
Duskblade wrote:
Must...know more...about archetypes...pretty please :)
** spoiler omitted **

Just to point out the Sin Monk does not prevent you from being resurrected. It just has a rider effect if you are resurrected.

CorvusMask wrote:
Isn't Jubilex about being lazy and not raging? :D

He does other things.

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Yep ^w^

(but no, really, it's an excellent book)