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Rynver's page

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I must say...

****( )

This is one of the grandest books I have ever bought for a game.

Mind you, I actually dislike computer based rpg's and many other rpg systems. The odd thing is, I cannot fully fathom why but I actually enjoy this form of the DnD role playing game and how fluid it is, while actually getting Annoyed at 3.5 which is suppose to be the best. As well as being somewhat distraught with Advanced DnD.

It actually is a wonderful book, for wonderful imagination. A few balance issues as any system will have, is easily overcome by adjustment of value in only slight areas and that is mostly because of how some people like to play.

If I were to have One complaint, is that the art while lovely seems slightly scarce on some situations like "tables". While it often is good to keep it simple on some of these pages there is absolutely "no frills" not even a faded background picture somewhere. However the pacing of the art "every 4 pages roughly" is decent enough to make this not fully a textual experience, but also a wonderful eye candy pleasure as well. Which, is important for it helps memory and indeed assists you to find what you are looking for without the need of a index system.

Having said that, what it Actually could have used is a Splash of different color "based on section" lightly used so that one can Easily reference "where they are". As most of the pages are a light brown with no variance on the pattern.

"Grandeur!, Bravo!, and must I say completely wonderful!"
If you enjoy both social interaction, and conceptual rendering of ,"fun scenarios" this kind of game is a beauty to behold.

*Edit: Though upon further use of this book and examination.

I must say that Construction of this book is Cheap.
The paper is Reallly thin, but it must be because of How many pages there are.
Though the quality of the paper is rather low end and tears easily, similar to comic book paper. The weaving to the bind of the book is loose and not very many strands secure the book to it's hard cover. All in all that is the only quality that I have come to be upset about is the actual physical quality of the book it's self. Water easily damages any page, holes get poked through by resting even a slightly solid object in it to hold place "by the weight of the book alone no other weight put on top". It also is really easy to rip the pages out on accident while turning the pages. They were really going for a Glass cannon design when they made this book.

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