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RyanH's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 7 Season Star Voter, 9 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 557 posts (3,037 including aliases). 2 reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 15 Pathfinder Society characters. 21 aliases.


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Grand Lodge

When do we need to start looking for, I dunno, tickets

Tickets are for sale now On the PaizoCon main page. You'll pick up your actual ticket at the door. Have your ID to prove who you are.

Rooms are also available through a link on that page. Banquet will usually sell out, and the room block rates (if not all rooms) will also sell out. It's handy to be in this hotel instead of elsewhere because morning sessions start early, and some sessions run until midnight. And there is often limited time between sessions if you schedule your day full.

schedules?, lottery-um-explanations?, um, event maps?

You won't see most of that stuff for quite awhile probably. I'd guess February - April time frame. The schedule will be posted and then you'll have a week or so to prior having to finalize selection of events you want. Here are a few types of events

1. Lotteried events, prized spots at the table with various Paizo personalities. You prioritize which events you want most and then using fairy magic and what seems to be rather fair process you get assigned events. Don't expect to get many of these, though my favorite things have been the more random, unexpected games.
2. Seminars and workshops- For the most part there are enough seats to get into most of these.
3. PFS and Adventure Card game. Most slots have plenty PFS and ACG games available, so, unless you need that "one last module" to round out the season, you should be able to fill up your schedule with these.
4. Friday and/or Sunday evening are usually a 7-Midnight PFS Event (playing the Aspis, or the whole room working together on a quest), Saturday evening is a banquet with Paizo News.

You'll want to pay attention for when the lottery happens (just watch these forums, it'll likely also be posted on the main blog, probably an email to signed up people), more information will be available when it comes out. The main thing is to ACTUALLY prioritize. Mark your number 1, then a couple of number 2's, etc. When they assign you an event, if you have 10 things marked #1, you'll get a random one. In any case, there's a great deal of good info here. here's more info on the lottery and other things.

Grand Lodge

I recommend the banquet too. Each table has at least one Paizo or Industry staffer, designers, tech support, editors, customer service, CEO, most everyone is there somewhere.

Grand Lodge

Painting... typically there's the Reaper Paint and Take in the Store which IS drop in. There have historically been one or two "learn to paint" workshops that you sign up for early during the lottery.

Leave some space in your schedule somewhere for - The Delve (20 minute RPG sessions in a deadly scenario with Paizo personalities - First come first served), perusing the store where there are 3rd party publishers, artists, etc, stopping by the Syrinscape booth (there again from Australia) and maybe get recorded for use in their sound-sets, Reaper Paint And Take in the store, MAYBE play some Pathfinder On-Line if that will be there.

Luckily I lived there in Seattle for a few years, and am close now, so I don't have to feel bad about not doing the sites!

For more detail, here are blog posts from the last couple years from two of us at GeekDad. I usually focus on Pathfinder Society RPG play, and throwing in a couple of non-Pathfinder games. The other writer usually focuses on the Adventure Card Game.

Grand Lodge

I'd call to check on frig availability. If the room doesn't have one, you have to get there pretty early (like days ahead) to get one of the few available.

Grand Lodge

Marc Radle wrote:

It's actually Monday May 29th, the last day of the con. According to thr Doubletree registration site, you can't check out on Monday May 29th, even though that date is part of the room block and is actually the last day of the con!

We have to be able to have a room for Sunday night - how can Monday May 29th already be sold out?

So you want Sunday evening or Monday evening. It shows Monday as "unavailable" but that's Monday NIGHT it's talking about. I was able to get through Sunday night no problem, with checkout Monday morning and nothing available Monday night.

Grand Lodge

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:


Can't seem to get a Monday night for a double queen and everything else is sold out...

Did you try Monday night at regular rate? Maybe it's just not available at Con rate?

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

Thanks everyone. Given that we had only one hour, I went with Ambush in Absalom. We played it today right after school.

Spoiler, added diplomacy potential:
I added three mites early in the sewers. They had recently fought the kobolds and lost some members. Because of this they were willing to talk with the players. They would have warned them of the ambush up ahead. The middle schooler's discussed possibly talking to them, but ended up being true Pathfinder murder hobos.

After finishing the adventure (and enjoying the funny twist at the end), they exclaimed how much they loved it and wanted to start an RPG club, or continue playing on their own. I let them know the Pathfinder Beginner Box was available in the library, and left my two pocket editions for the library to have.

A good day!

Grand Lodge

Here's the Everflame set-up I could take them through... tempting.

Grand Lodge

Phantom Phenomena looks good... sadly I have them for just one more hour. I'll look at Phantom to see if one of the quests stands out as a stand-alone.

The school library has the Beginner Box, so maybe they'll take off on their own after getting a taste.

Grand Lodge

I'll check out Emerald Spire's first level. Crypt of the Everflame is a pretty extensive two level dungeon. More like multiple four hour sessions. They advances from level one to two I think in the adventure... though I could gut a few rooms and lower the power of the baddie. I DO have a Hirst Arts 3D representation of the final crypt! BUT I also didn't want to make playing look like it required more than paper and dice... don't want to suggest you need to go building crypts!

Grand Lodge

Thanks, yeah, Ambush in Absalom is one of the PFS Quests, and my current plan is to play that. I was just wondering if one of the other PFS Quests has more of a dungeon crawl feel (without reading all of them.)

Grand Lodge

Lady-J wrote:
do one of the beginner boxes a simplified 1-4 campaign thing

I have one hour only, total, ever for this intro. Are the beginner box scenarios completable in an hour?

Grand Lodge

I am part of an after-school gaming club that is meeting for our last session and they wanted to try Pathfinder.

Seven kids, five of which have never played (the two that have played are my kids). I have about an hour and fifteen minutes. They've already picked some 1st level pregens and their homework was to read the character sheets, so we should be able to hop right into it.

I want to give them somewhat of a dungeon crawl experience and am currently thinking of running Ambush in Absalom. Boosting the number of baddies due to having 7 characters.

Are any of the other quests a better dungeon experience? Any other recommendations? Probably has to be a quest given the time limit and being the last session.


Grand Lodge

5 people marked this as a favorite.

I'd get frustrated with everyone taking free attacks on me every time I take a drink, pick something up, walk away...

Grand Lodge

The druid is great... I love the mount having an animal companion. A sorcerer or the like could be cool (also with a familiar)

Though you could make him a cavalier and the mount would have a mount.

similar situation/playing a familiar:

My son had been playing the witches familiar in Carrion Crown, an awakened rogue monkey. Had some awesome skills, stealth, climb, acrobatics, and insane Dex. Sucked at damage at first, but was just coming into his own, but then he died last session. Two rooms before the end of the tower of module two.

Now we're dealing with the lack of familiar and lack of rogue, just before boss fight.

He was a great character though. I love the idea of a familiar with a real "mind of its own."

Grand Lodge

Character options was and is the main draw. But I also love PFS (as my secondary mode of play, will always prefer the home game), I love the community, Paizo staff are awesome and available, PaizoCon is awesome, Play-by-post on the boards here allow me to play a little every day... again, community. So, Character options and community.

Grand Lodge

I like the idea of trying to solo society scenarios. Non-PFS of course. Let the character be a little higher level than he should be, 25 point buy, some other boosts. There's many though that require splitting up to do everything you need to do.

I also like the idea of throwing a society character into a dungeon and having them run into the adventurer. Likely end up dead from lack of trust.

Oh, and I'd pick inquisitor. Has spells/healing/buffs, swift spells for action economy, melee and ranged with a repeater, excellent skill list and things like sift to search areas without taking risk. I love the inquisitor.

Grand Lodge

Cool, thanks!

Grand Lodge

We are doing an after-school table top gaming program (a few days of gaming after school for an hour). One of the middle-school students, who has been reading the beginner box rules (that we have at the library), wants to play some Pathfinder. We will likely only do this one of the nights, so I am hoping for a 45 minute scenario.

Are the PAX (or other convention) scenarios available anywhere?

Grand Lodge

Inquisitor definitely ended up looking the most interesting while maintaining strength and usefulness (and minimal rebuilding)

Grand Lodge

Will build him up as an Inquisitor, and a Warpriest... will also check out Spiritualist... thanks!

Is true that I don't want to nerf him too much, he's likely going to run a seeker arc next.

Grand Lodge

Have been thinking inquisitor could add some interest and keep the cleric feel already added (would retrain the cleric)...

... or 5 of cleric. Spells would add lots of options. Or 5 Wizard levels could be interesting, but would need to retrain some intelligence up.

Other wis based classes though... Ranger (keep BAB), Hunter, Shaman, Warpriest, Kineticist, Spiritualist ... don't know enough about each of those though...

Oooh.. it might be fun to go back through his prior adventures and find someone he killed, and have that be the phantom of some spiritualist levels...

Grand Lodge

I have a Sylph Gunslinger 7/Cleric 1 (for travel domain). I don't want the next 4 to be gunslinger as he's getting pretty one-hit wonder like. Willing to retrain the cleric, what would be an interesting next 4-5 levels?

I'm looking for more options and things to do besides his shooting, so not just enhancements to that.

relevant selections so far:

Sylph - Pistolero 7/Cleric 1
Str 12, Dex 20, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 8
Feats Gunsmithing[UC], Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Reload, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus (double-barreled pistol)
Traits magical knack, never stop shooting
Skills Acrobatics +12, Bluff +3, Climb +2, Craft (alchemy) +4, Heal +8, Knowledge (planes) +4, Knowledge (religion) +4, Perception +12, Sense Motive +12, Sleight of Hand +9, Spellcraft +4, Stealth +6, Survival +8, Swim +2, Use Magic Device +0; Racial Modifiers +4 Stealth
Languages Auran, Common
SQ agile feet (7/day), breeze-kissed, caging strike, gunsmith, pistol training, variant channeling (envy variant channeling[UM])

Grand Lodge

I have a PFS Gunslinger 8 and he's getting pretty boring ... just shoots a lot. His next 4 levels are going to be something to add interest. Not sure what yet...

A dip into brawler can spice up a fighter. Getting to pick feats on the fly adds lots of options.

Grand Lodge

We WERE fortunate enough to have one of each last year. I think GenCon will see both. It IS certainly a treat to play the bad guys, don't get me wrong!

Grand Lodge

Here's my review on GeekDad

Everything was superb. I love the con.


- As already stated, put the lower level musters further down the hallway so everyone isn't all bunched up at the main entrance.
- Post instructions on how mustering is going to happen. Always seems a little different each year. Would save the poor door person from explaining dozens of times.
- I prefer an interactive special, where all 250 characters are actually in the same place, working towards the same goal. It is cool to play Aspis, and further that story, but it's not the one-big-happy-cooperating-family vibe.

Again though, nothing major here, I've only got good to say (see article). PaizoCon is a well run, extremely entertaining con. Keep up the good work!

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

There is an abundance of celebrities playing and online live games being played right now that mostly use 5e. That will be a draw towards 5e

Acquisitions Incorporated the Series, Critical Role, etc.

Grand Lodge

This reminds me, for the PFS Special at PaizoCon, I was handed an 8th level pre-gen brawler to play... at any time he can pick ANY two combat feats to use. Man that's hard! So many times I spent the whole round looking for a good set of feats, only to have it come my turn and just do a default action because I had not found something right for the situation. By the end of the session I had a good list of feats I could grab, but the brawler is something you have to have many pre-built contingencies for!

Grand Lodge

Do you count out loud? That would make me unable to think, even if I was prepared.

Having all dice you may need and rolling everything at once also helps, It's amazing how many people are still rolling one dice at a time... like when a player has a character with a companion and he's rolling one d20, checking his bonuses, then rolling damage, checking his bonus, then the next attack, etc.

My son plays a druid with a cheetah, he's been playing PFS at conventions since he was nine. I remind him to be ready as his turn approches, we have color coded dice for each attack blue d20 with blue d3 for one claw, and yellow d20 and yellow d3 for second claw, etc (with dice with 1-3 on them so that we don't need to calculate 1d3 out of 1d6)

We also write down all of our current bonuses (based on all current conditions etc) for each attack so I can glance down at my notes for each attack.

At PaizoCon in our last session we were trying to finish the boss battle and time was up. I was even prerolling everything so when it came to my turn I could just say what I got, and if it was a hit, say damage.

One thing I will say is that as I'm looking up spells so I can be prepared it makes it harder to follow the combat. It's easy to miss things.

Grand Lodge

Yes, thanks Majuba for the bonus brain! I was at your last game on Monday and got to sample a brain... I will be reserving next year!

Some pictures on flickr

Grand Lodge

Season 3 of RWBY by Rooster Teeth shows an arena where a competition/combat happens. For each bout random terrain is selected... half the arena is one type/the other half is another type.

RWBY Season 3 Episode 1 You can see an assembled arena at 2:25 and one being selected and assembled at 14:50.

Would be interesting to have say 8 different "halves" and randomly select two haves for each bout.

I'd say one inch foam board for the base and build up from there...

Grand Lodge

About how many attendees? How many tables of PFS, ACG?

Grand Lodge

Should make 3D terrain modular battlefields for this, that'd be fun. Maybe RWBY-arena style where you randomly pick different terrain types and connect them up.

Grand Lodge

Steve Geddes wrote:

I went to a few things and then couldn't remember all the details. Would it be possible (for the 'future of...' sessions and similar) to have a one-page, bullet point summary handed out at the end (or better yet, put up on the webpage somewhere after it has finished so that people not at the con can catch up).

I wouldn't envisage anything huge - just a bullet point list of products to be announced at that seminar, highlights of the AP being revealed there - that kind of thing.

The handouts Liz, Ashley and Owen gave at the 3rd Party Publishing seminar were stellar (and way more than I'm picturing as a general rule). It meant I could browse over 'what I did today'.

This does not solve your bullet-point reminder request, but for those that could not attend a session, don't forget about Know Direction podcast. Knowing that most sessions are recorded, I attend things that you must be there to participate in and then listen to all the sessions I missed after the fact on long drives.

Grand Lodge

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Sun Orchid Scheming this morning. It was fortuitous that the Raptor Squad could not get seated, as our silly tengus would have flubbed the mission hard. My cleric of Shelyn has been doing her best with a measly 2 skill points per level, by the heist is going well. Later, I'll be bidding for Alabastrine.

We played in this game as well. We pulled off the heist to great-ish success. Only a couple "unnecessary" deaths... sorry guys! Taking the afternoon off until banquet. Already died in the delve, will likely hit the other table for more death. Been easily getting through the scavenger hunt boon.

Some pics so far...

Grand Lodge

So tired after just one day!

Started the day off with a harrowing game of the Blakros Connection where we ran right up to 1:00 and then straight into the Anger of the Old Forest with Greg Vaughan. After losing a few hobbits to the excellent GMing of Mr. Vaughan, fellow player Elizabeth finally solved the puzzle. We almost lost Bilbo... twenty-years before he found the ring, it could have been catastrophic!

Now food...

Tomorrow morning we start with the Sun Orchid Scheme!

Grand Lodge

Dotting... my son and I took a quick jaunt to Claim Jumper. Stocking up on a meal prior to four days of gaming without much schedule-time for food (well, except for the PaizoCon Banquet!)

Cool Trick: Carry snacks people! And Water!

We start bright and early tomorrow with The Blakros Connection.

I'll try to post pics here...

Grand Lodge

@TriOmegaZero maybe you'll get a chance to kill my kid again in The Sun Orchid Scheme!

Friday, May 27
08:00 AM – 01:00 #7-09: The Blakros Connection
01:00 PM – 06:00 PM The Anger of the Old Forest
07:00 PM – 11:59 PM #7-17: Thralls of the Shattered God

Saturday, May 28

08:00 AM – 01:00 PM #7-21: The Sun Orchid Scheme
02:00 PM – 06:00 PM Pinocchio: Wood Golem Gone Wild
07:00 PM – 11:00 PM PaizoCon 2016 Preview Banquet

Sunday, May 29

08:00 AM – 01:00 PM #7-05: School of Spirits
02:00 PM – 04:00 PM Celebrity Gaming with Greg Vaughan
07:00 PM – 11:59 PM #7-98: Serpent's Ire (PaizoCon 2016 Pathfinder Society

Monday, May 30

08:00 AM – 01:00 PM #7-13: Captive in Crystal

Grand Lodge

"Benefit: While using this style, when an opponent makes an attack of opportunity against you for moving through a threatened square, you can spend a swift action to make a retaliatory unarmed strike attack against that opponent. Your attack is resolved after the triggering attack of opportunity."

Some people in other threads are claiming that since it says "unarmed strike attack", that it means specifically that.

Grand Lodge

I was looking to create a character that could cinematically enter combat, provoking AOOs, disarming is opponent, and clobbering the opponent with his own weapon. (or tripping him, or whatever)

Originally I planned to use the Panther Style chain to get attacks on the AOOs, but it looks like Panther Style only allows a strike, not a maneuver.

Is there other way to be able to perform a maneuver against an AOO. Or something where if maneuver is successful then get attack?

Until I discovered the problem with Panther Style, the build was

1- Combat Reflexs, Improved Unarmed, Panther Style
2- Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm
3- Improved Trip
4- Panther Claw Wis 15 (for snake)
5- Panther Parry
6- Vicious Stomp

Grand Lodge

Jeff Alvarez wrote:
the Haunted Jester wrote:
What are the vendors for this years con?

The following is a list of publishers/partners/guests that will be on site either in the store, in the PFS room, or out in the common area (and are listed in no particular order).

Tyler Walpole (Artist Guest of Honor)
Nicolas Logue (RPG Guest of Honor)
Kobold Press
Frog God Games
Legendary Games
Necromancers of the Northwest
Dragondyne Publishing
Drop Dead Studios
Littlest Lovecraft
Obsidian Entertainment (Pathfinder Adventures app)
Trapdoor Technologies (Playbook for Pathfinder)
Pathfinder Online
Kurtis Weibe (Rat Queens)
Reaper Miniatures (Paint & Take)
Pathfinder Chronicler

There will also be a smattering of gaming luminaries and designers wandering the halls (including several from Lone Shark Games for example) so keep your eyes peeled! There's no telling who you may run into.

No Lone Wolf?

Edit: Found this, "In addition to Paizo staff, we also invite many of our business partners to attend PaizoCon: Lone Shark Games, Lone Wolf Development (Hero Lab, Realm Works), Obsidian Entertainment (Pathfinder Adventures), Reaper Miniatures, and Syrinscape—these are just a few of the people you'll find wandering the convention! Many of our third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game publishers are also on-hand, including (but definitely not limited to) Frog God Games, Kobold Press, Legendary Games, and Zombie Sky Press!"

Here so looks like they will be there!

Grand Lodge

What maps are used for this? What's the arena?

Grand Lodge

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Oh, boy. I loved the Crayon of Vecna event last year, but I also really want to make it to the Horror Roleplaying panel. Marrrrgh. :I

KnowDirection podcast records many of the sessions. I'll usually pick the session that you have to be there for, over the one that I might be able to listen to later. They aren't able to catch them all though.

Grand Lodge

Steve Geddes wrote:

A large part of going to paizocon for me is meeting the staff and putting faces to names - is there a good chance of bumping into people just by kind of "milling around" as a fan (whilst trying not to look too stalkery)?

Does everyone get rostered on to some booth/stall/etcetera over the weekend?

Many of them take a turn at DM'ing a delve... a short 20 minute neigh-impossible Pathfinder encounter. Always fun, and easy to squeeze into your day. (Just show up, you can usually find a time when you just have to wait for a group to finish)

Last year they did man a table for signing and mingling... don't know if they are doing that again.

You will see them all con as you move about. (it's a small area)

If you do the banquet you'll be able to sit with a staff member (first come first seated.)

Grand Lodge

I have someone looking for a good RPG intro (all the beginner box stuff is full). Would this be a good session for that

Pathfinder Society Quest: Phantom Phenomena

Are there other good complete-beginner sessions? (still available)

Grand Lodge

Silbeg wrote:
Here's something interesting -- Serpent's Ire doesn't show up for me when I click on "looking for players" in the filters... maybe there's something going on there?

Did you see Sara's comment... "ok, there are 7 people who are in serpent's ire that won't see it displayed on their events page. The system appears to be counting them in the total number of attendees. The tech team found what they are pretty sure caused it and it appears to not be affecting any additional people signing up. The bug means that for those 7 people, the button does not do anything (but please do not keep clicking it). Tech team is working on getting the data causing the issue back into the state it needs to be so it will display correctly on your events schedule."

Grand Lodge

There's some events that I signed up for and would have been ecstatic to get, but I'd never set my heart on any of them. When there's six spots and a few hundred people on average ahead of you, it's not called the lottery for nothing.

My weekend is so full of things right now though that I am worried about sleep. I will like drop a couple of afternoon spots to deal with that.

@ Paizo Scheduling/Tech team... thanks and good work! Everything seems to have gone off with minimal issues. Just all us idiots hitting refresh right at 2:00 pm... DDoS attack!

Grand Lodge

@Caio: sorry, for your disappointment... may I recommend ...

1. Crayon of Vecna - Drawing, was a fun diversion with great subjects (I think Valeros will be there as a model?!)
2. Either Celebrity game - Live Pathfinder played by Paizo Staff. Very funny. Nice diversion.
3. Many of the sessions interest me.

I also hope to have time to talk with the artists in the store, do the Reaper Paint N' Take and play some delves.

I'm sure there'll be afternoon pick-up games. OR take the afternoon off, and then play society in the evening.

Grand Lodge

While we're all sitting here waiting, may as well start downloading our Humble Bundles... right?

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