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RyanH's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 7 Season Star Voter, 9 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 519 posts (2,862 including aliases). 3 reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 14 Pathfinder Society characters. 21 aliases.


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Grand Lodge

@TriOmegaZero maybe you'll get a chance to kill my kid again in The Sun Orchid Scheme!

Friday, May 27
08:00 AM – 01:00 #7-09: The Blakros Connection
01:00 PM – 06:00 PM The Anger of the Old Forest
07:00 PM – 11:59 PM #7-17: Thralls of the Shattered God

Saturday, May 28

08:00 AM – 01:00 PM #7-21: The Sun Orchid Scheme
02:00 PM – 06:00 PM Pinocchio: Wood Golem Gone Wild
07:00 PM – 11:00 PM PaizoCon 2016 Preview Banquet

Sunday, May 29

08:00 AM – 01:00 PM #7-05: School of Spirits
02:00 PM – 04:00 PM Celebrity Gaming with Greg Vaughan
07:00 PM – 11:59 PM #7-98: Serpent's Ire (PaizoCon 2016 Pathfinder Society

Monday, May 30

08:00 AM – 01:00 PM #7-13: Captive in Crystal

Grand Lodge

"Benefit: While using this style, when an opponent makes an attack of opportunity against you for moving through a threatened square, you can spend a swift action to make a retaliatory unarmed strike attack against that opponent. Your attack is resolved after the triggering attack of opportunity."

Some people in other threads are claiming that since it says "unarmed strike attack", that it means specifically that.

Grand Lodge

I was looking to create a character that could cinematically enter combat, provoking AOOs, disarming is opponent, and clobbering the opponent with his own weapon. (or tripping him, or whatever)

Originally I planned to use the Panther Style chain to get attacks on the AOOs, but it looks like Panther Style only allows a strike, not a maneuver.

Is there other way to be able to perform a maneuver against an AOO. Or something where if maneuver is successful then get attack?

Until I discovered the problem with Panther Style, the build was

1- Combat Reflexs, Improved Unarmed, Panther Style
2- Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm
3- Improved Trip
4- Panther Claw Wis 15 (for snake)
5- Panther Parry
6- Vicious Stomp

Grand Lodge

Jeff Alvarez wrote:
the Haunted Jester wrote:
What are the vendors for this years con?

The following is a list of publishers/partners/guests that will be on site either in the store, in the PFS room, or out in the common area (and are listed in no particular order).

Tyler Walpole (Artist Guest of Honor)
Nicolas Logue (RPG Guest of Honor)
Kobold Press
Frog God Games
Legendary Games
Necromancers of the Northwest
Dragondyne Publishing
Drop Dead Studios
Littlest Lovecraft
Obsidian Entertainment (Pathfinder Adventures app)
Trapdoor Technologies (Playbook for Pathfinder)
Pathfinder Online
Kurtis Weibe (Rat Queens)
Reaper Miniatures (Paint & Take)
Pathfinder Chronicler

There will also be a smattering of gaming luminaries and designers wandering the halls (including several from Lone Shark Games for example) so keep your eyes peeled! There's no telling who you may run into.

No Lone Wolf?

Edit: Found this, "In addition to Paizo staff, we also invite many of our business partners to attend PaizoCon: Lone Shark Games, Lone Wolf Development (Hero Lab, Realm Works), Obsidian Entertainment (Pathfinder Adventures), Reaper Miniatures, and Syrinscape—these are just a few of the people you'll find wandering the convention! Many of our third-party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game publishers are also on-hand, including (but definitely not limited to) Frog God Games, Kobold Press, Legendary Games, and Zombie Sky Press!"

Here so looks like they will be there!

Grand Lodge

What maps are used for this? What's the arena?

Grand Lodge

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Oh, boy. I loved the Crayon of Vecna event last year, but I also really want to make it to the Horror Roleplaying panel. Marrrrgh. :I

KnowDirection podcast records many of the sessions. I'll usually pick the session that you have to be there for, over the one that I might be able to listen to later. They aren't able to catch them all though.

Grand Lodge

Steve Geddes wrote:

A large part of going to paizocon for me is meeting the staff and putting faces to names - is there a good chance of bumping into people just by kind of "milling around" as a fan (whilst trying not to look too stalkery)?

Does everyone get rostered on to some booth/stall/etcetera over the weekend?

Many of them take a turn at DM'ing a delve... a short 20 minute neigh-impossible Pathfinder encounter. Always fun, and easy to squeeze into your day. (Just show up, you can usually find a time when you just have to wait for a group to finish)

Last year they did man a table for signing and mingling... don't know if they are doing that again.

You will see them all con as you move about. (it's a small area)

If you do the banquet you'll be able to sit with a staff member (first come first seated.)

Grand Lodge

I have someone looking for a good RPG intro (all the beginner box stuff is full). Would this be a good session for that

Pathfinder Society Quest: Phantom Phenomena

Are there other good complete-beginner sessions? (still available)

Grand Lodge

Silbeg wrote:
Here's something interesting -- Serpent's Ire doesn't show up for me when I click on "looking for players" in the filters... maybe there's something going on there?

Did you see Sara's comment... "ok, there are 7 people who are in serpent's ire that won't see it displayed on their events page. The system appears to be counting them in the total number of attendees. The tech team found what they are pretty sure caused it and it appears to not be affecting any additional people signing up. The bug means that for those 7 people, the button does not do anything (but please do not keep clicking it). Tech team is working on getting the data causing the issue back into the state it needs to be so it will display correctly on your events schedule."

Grand Lodge

There's some events that I signed up for and would have been ecstatic to get, but I'd never set my heart on any of them. When there's six spots and a few hundred people on average ahead of you, it's not called the lottery for nothing.

My weekend is so full of things right now though that I am worried about sleep. I will like drop a couple of afternoon spots to deal with that.

@ Paizo Scheduling/Tech team... thanks and good work! Everything seems to have gone off with minimal issues. Just all us idiots hitting refresh right at 2:00 pm... DDoS attack!

Grand Lodge

@Caio: sorry, for your disappointment... may I recommend ...

1. Crayon of Vecna - Drawing, was a fun diversion with great subjects (I think Valeros will be there as a model?!)
2. Either Celebrity game - Live Pathfinder played by Paizo Staff. Very funny. Nice diversion.
3. Many of the sessions interest me.

I also hope to have time to talk with the artists in the store, do the Reaper Paint N' Take and play some delves.

I'm sure there'll be afternoon pick-up games. OR take the afternoon off, and then play society in the evening.

Grand Lodge

While we're all sitting here waiting, may as well start downloading our Humble Bundles... right?

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for the heads up Sara. No matter what happens, just know that you're all doing great work, and people's anxious posts are just indicative that they're excited to participate in all the awesome gaming Paizo has lined up.

Everyone else, good luck in the draw! If you've never done this before expect maybe 1 item per day (or less) from your lottery choices (depending on how many things you listed). But also know that no matter what I've ended up with on my schedule in past PaizoCons, I've always had an excellent 3-4 days of fun!

In addition to the lottery and first-come schedule items, there is a Reaper Paint N' Take, rpg delves (20 minute challenges DMed by awesome Paizo staff), and more.

Let the games begin!

Grand Lodge

Thanks everyone... I'll have to compile my choices for the Wednesday open scheduling! Thanks!

Grand Lodge

Marc Radle wrote:

This may have been discussed and I just missed it, but ...

Once the Lottery sign up closes today, how soon do we know what (if any) events we got? In other words, how soon after the sign up ends today will we actually see our event schedule?


But if I remember correctly, the plan is that we find out what we got at the same time as Paizo opens up the non-lottery events for scheduling ... Wednesday, 12:00 pm.

Grand Lodge

OMG, I almost didn't link with my son as a buddy. I matched up our schedules, etc, but we weren't buddies! Geesh!

Grand Lodge

In scheduling for PaizoCon, what are the must-see/most-enjoyable season 7 society scenarios to sign up to play?

I do quite a bit of PFS pbp, but PaizoCon is pretty much the only place where my son and I play society together.

Grand Lodge

Yeah, I never have time to do anything but game and sleep.

Grand Lodge

RyanH wrote:

I could probably loan an H2 Handy recorder.

I do not yet know my schedule, so can't volunteer for that yet though.

I mean I don't know what sessions I will be in with regard to volunteering to record, but I'm happy to let my recorder see use.

Grand Lodge

I could probably loan an H2 Handy recorder.

I do not yet know my schedule, so can't volunteer for that yet though.

Grand Lodge

Ah! ... the PFS Special on Sunday night has always been scheduled after the lottery. Last year it started as a lotteried event, but then people asked for it to be moved to post-lottery and it was changed prior to lotteries being locked in.

The problem with the way it is is that if you want to do it, you'll have to mark it as your #1, and miss out on a chance to sit in a high-demand lottery table.

Has there been any issue in the past with having the special non-lottery?

Grand Lodge

Do we even know about this yet!? "Paizo Publisher Erik Mona's upcoming Pathfinder Worldscape comic from Dynamite Entertainment!"

Grand Lodge

Ooh, thanks! That's a start!

Huh, Seelah and Ezren scored their faces on a coin!

Grand Lodge

Here's a good list of the various coinage of Golarion.

Is there any official images or text about what the other side of a Korvosan gold sail looks like? One side has a ship, what's the other?

Are there any other coins that we know what both sides look like?

I'd love to know the imagery of at least one copper, silver, gold, and platinum.

Grand Lodge

Alex Trebek's Stunt Double wrote:

I've been a PC in The Curse of the Crimson Throne, one of 6 PCs and my "party" is full of such lone wolfs.



Just make up names for each of them... Little Bobo, Pinky, Poopy Pants, Whizzy, He of wretched smell. Introduce them to everyone that way.

Grand Lodge

bookrat wrote:
RyanH wrote:
Well, I pan to use feats and that adds some complexity, but there aren't so many.
Unless they're a variant human or you're houseruling something, they won't have to worry about feats until level 4. :)

We're switching to D&D 5E with existing characters in module two of Rise of the Runelords, so they're all level four already. We're not starting fresh. Then probably switching back at some point to compare and contrast.

Grand Lodge

Well, I pan to use feats and that adds some complexity, but there aren't so many.

Grand Lodge

hmmm... it looks like you deleted the one were I said I got my copy (from Amazon, for $25) ...

It's sad Herolab doesn't have all the material in it, just one feat. Not sure if I'll be able to get some of my casual players to go through the physical book for character generation.

Grand Lodge

I'd keep AOO's the same for now. If you leave a threatened square you provoke... but can counter with an acrobatics roll. However, that reduces speed by half AGAIN... so that'd give 30' movement/reduced to 15' for full-round action, if you avoid one AOO in a square that puts you at 10' of movement. STILL would make it more dynamic.

The other aspect I'm going to change to make combat more dynamic is to change it so if you do a combat maneuver you can either 1) Take the AOO 2) Take disadvantage (ala 5e) or 3) have the appropriate feat. I think this would make people be much more likely to try a maneuver still with a significant cost.

Last, adding advantage/disadvantage for quick rulings on anything the players want to try, the old "yes you can, but..."

Grand Lodge

I am reading through the D&D 5e PHP right now to get a feel for it and it got me thinking out action economy and Pathfinder.

One issue with Pathfinder action economy is that iterative attacks, two weapon fighting, etc are all full round actions. This makes combat pretty static as everyone is stuck with 5' steps.

One thing I like about 5e is that movement can happen before/after/between attacks.

As a simple solution to the static combat inherent in full-round actions. What would be the implications in Pathfinder of ...

1) Allowing movement before/after/between attacks.
2) Instead of killing all movement for full round actions, allowing half-movement.

There's probably a couple of feats that would be invalidated/useless (something that allows an attack during movement). But what other implications does the above have?

(Note: I already looked at the action economy in Unchained, and it had some undesirable consequences on classes such as the Magus, that rely on swift actions.)

Grand Lodge

The iconics are far from optimal (they aren't even a 20 point buy!), but they hold their own, and are fun, whenever I have to play one.

... And fun for who? The super-optimized player may be fun for you, but suck for everyone else.

Grand Lodge

Library... Good idea!

Grand Lodge

@hiiamtom: Thanks for the suggestions. We're already playing Rise of the Runelords, and starting the second module, so I think I will continue with that. I just want to see how we like the rule-set. I plan to try 5e, see what we like over Pathfinder, then switch to Pathfinder for the second half of the module (maybe with some house rules mimicing aspects that we liked), and see what we enjoyed more.

Grand Lodge

I had some time with a home 3D printer (LulzBot Mini), this article shows the quality you get. I think it would be fine for making mass armies, etc, but it's not yet up to the quality of Reaper/Wizkids.

Look for the lizard men in this post

The printer was super simple to use btw.

Grand Lodge

Will do!

Grand Lodge

Thanks everyone. I think I'll do th PHB ($25 on Amazon), and nothing else. I can wing poisons and such (plus the conversion on the fly stuff I read gave some info on that.)

I want the PHB to get as much of the options and capabilities as I can from the player side. We'll be converting 4th level Pathfinder characters. I want to see if the characters can be as interesting, diverse and fun to play,.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm about to run the second chapter of Rise of the Runelords. I'd like to try 5E for kicks to see how my players like it compared to Pathfinder.

Wizards STILL doesn't offer PDFs, so I have to buy physical books.

What books do I NEED to buy to try it out? I figure the Player's Handbook so that we can recreate the characters. But Do I NEED the DMG? Does the PH cover most combat, etc?

I plan to do monster conversion on the fly (or ahead of time, but using these ideas.)

I don't want to invest a bunch of money into it yet. It'll have to be a pretty amazing experience to pull me from Pathfinder ...

Grand Lodge

So may good adventures.... I need to be playing weekly!

Grand Lodge

The next one is probably Super-deadlifying the PaizoCon Delve.

This is a great brainstorming trick though.

"What should we make next?"
"Let's start a 'we're working on something secret' rumor and get some ideas!"

Like they lack ideas...

Grand Lodge

I hail from Paizo's homeland... Washington, USA... the great Pacific Northwest!

Grand Lodge

Knowdirection podcast site also has articles...

Grand Lodge

Welcome aboard Mailak! There is a lot of great information on these boards, and constant supply of either virtual table top games, or play by post available.

Grand Lodge

"Fizzle" ... lol!

Keep up the great work Paizo!

Grand Lodge

LordTrevaine wrote:
my problem is the delivery charge...$50 to $60 for the beginner box! are you serious?

My shipping looks like it'll be $8.68

... just to belay any concerns! LordTrevaine must be international. Again, see Vic's post ... they pay what it costs.

Grand Lodge

Khelreddin wrote:

I expect the schedule is still very much taking shape, but I'm trying to figure out travel plans and hoping to get a teeny sneak preview of the schedule. To wit, is there likely to be a Special on Friday night and Sunday night like last year?

I'm trying to decide between having my son go to school the whole day on Friday and flying in Friday early evening or pulling him out of school at lunchtime, so we can make it in time for a Friday Special.

So - will there be a unique PFS opportunity on Friday night, to justify damaging his educational prospects?

Really, what could possibly happen in that one day of school. From what I hear whenever I ask what they learned each day, "nothing", "same stuff"...

He's good. Take him out, the con is an education too.

Grand Lodge

OMG guys! Canvas bag, plastic bag, bag made of goblin feces ... this is the best damn swag bag ANYWHERE.

Keep on being awesome Paizo!

Besides, I still have that awesome canvas bag (two really, I bring a minion)... I'll just bring that and fill it with all my good loot!

Grand Lodge

Rei wrote:

I built a bloodrager during the playtest and boy do I regret it. He's one of my worse ideas (kids, don't touch the flying blade, just don't - not even with a full-BAB class)

My kitsune...

I don't know, if you can gain the proficiency somehow, I think it's a good option for a reach cleric that is expecting to mainly use it with those AOO bonuses.

Grand Lodge

interested... will come back and read this thread tonight.

Grand Lodge

Thanks, having the right lingo helps!

Grand Lodge

Darkrose50 wrote:
RyanH wrote:
RyanH wrote:
The Rusty Dragon in introduces 51 figures... does that include the Bar, or is it 52 with the bar?
Never mind, duh, I just looked at the singles page ... and it looks like 53 minis, but the product page says 51, so that's odd.
50 minis + bar + 2 special repaints of fixed sculpts that had messed up faces that resulting in sub-par paint jobs (1/each per case).


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