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RuyanVe's page

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Yeah, can't find it either; HA!

The Pit by Daviot


There is actually a homebrew adventure called The pit which involves the Sandpoint devil and a tribe of Lamashtu-worshipping bugbears.

Have you searched the forums?


Wiggz wrote:
CeruleanSpirit wrote:
You know... In my game I removed the bridge trap. If the bridge break cuz too much adventurers are stepping on it, how the hell are the occupants of Thistletop going to go back on the other side and rebuild the bridge??! I can be done but throught a lot of hassle going by the exits on the floors below. Wasn't very logical!
Kinda makes you wonder how they got an unconscious warhorse across it, eh?


RotRL AE, p45 wrote:

A series of knotted ropes at the base of the northern posts allow one to tie off the trap so that it can support many

times the weight. (The goblins rigged the bridge this way recently when they hauled their unconscious horse hostage Shadowmist over the bridge.)



Bellona wrote:
On a side note, in the text it's not one end of the bridge that falls down, it's one side.

You wouldn't believe how long it took me to understand this--on hindsight--all so clear fact.


I'd have Ripnugget retreat to the lower chambers and join Nualia why would he stay in his throne room?

Nualia and Lyrie would definitely opt for revenge. How about you exchange the inhabitants - let Nualia and her gang occupy the upper level and have Ripnugget move into the lower level (with Erylium staying below); so no surprise attack bonus for the PCs any longer and a fully prepared party awaiting them.


The climb check at the beginning sounds reasonable. For the horizontal movement I'd use Acrobatics (DC 20: "ou can use Acrobatics to move on narrow surfaces and uneven ground without falling" + "Less than 2 inches wide"), have them make a Reflex save if they fail the Acrobatics check to keep holding onto the upper horizontal rope or so, failure meaning they not only couldn't cover any distance but also fall down into the water.
Further movement would need assistance by a PC already standing on firm ground and throwing them a rope.


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Nuff said.


Hehe. I was just going to reply with check your private messages, Paris...


EDIT: Replied to your email, too.

Anguish wrote:
Standard statblocks.


I'm also GMing for a group thus I'm quite familiar with them. Using them for my PCs was a natural move for me and I'm loving it.
Especially when doing some advance planning it's nice to see changes on a glance. Plus: they're short, consistent and well structured; in addition you get to see all important stuff on 1 page (including familiar/AC)!


Sooo. I just ordered some modules from Paizo but I'm not a subscriber at the moment--is it still possible they'd include my hard copy o WF #11 in the shipment?
Otherwise expect an email by me *smiles*


Misroi wrote:
I'm hoping for nuggets of Thassilonian lore. Belkzen was Zutha's stomping grounds, if I'm not mistaken.

That sounds even more like RotRL II...


I found nothing which hinted at Erylium knowing about the "mechanics" behind the runewell but what Tybid wrote can be found on p38 of RotRL AE.

Further notes about it can be found at Thistletop (Nualia's journal, p62 RotRL AE).
But as Kalshane wrote: as DM, in your game you're the final arbiter.


Kajehase wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Nëëds mȫrë ǚmläüts.
Or an "å" at least. Unless lack of umlauts is the main difference between Skald and the Scandinavian languages.

What would the Norwegian royal house say, I wonder...



Need to place a Paizo order to get it shipped all the way to the Infernal Empire...

Thanks to everyone who made it happen!


Adam Daigle wrote:
Shadowkire wrote:
Well, it takes place in Belkzen.
Technically, it starts in Belkzen.

TECHNICALLY? Great, inception worked...

Lord Snow wrote:
However, isn't "fight increasingly large humanoids" kind of Rise of the Runelord's thing?

My thoughts exactly, but still...

Even though this is only tiny bits of info it already got me thinking about re-subscrbing!


Concerning the amulet: yes you do.
Concerning the bracers: they cease to function.
For armor I'd get a ring of protection +2. Have you considered taking Dodge as a feat?


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Latrecis, are you actually playing in my group? *grins* We must have very similar players...

As to your question, Samuel Penn:
I see him as an embittered (grumpy old) man and far removed from daily, normal down-to-earth life; he's a scholar: theory, books, religion, philosphising--that's his world.
Nualia was his "once in a life time project"; sent to him by his goddess and he was given the assignment to groom her for priesthood and send her to Windsong Abbey (my musings, dunno if supported by "canon").
And over time... everything falls apart:
His ward, at first not accepted as a divine exemplar but mocked at by mere children, then she expresses reluctance, even aversion of being sent to Windsong, rebels at the thought of being brought up by him, a priest of Desna, and finally she's "soiled" by pregnancy.

Think about it, if my assumption about Tobyn are true, this will confuse/shock him mightily.

An analysis by him of what went wrong might look like this:
A) Did Desna fail (in choosing him as foster parent, or Nualia as her "chosen")? Unthinkable.
B) Did he fail? Surely not.
C) Did Sandpoint fail? Might be... Reaction: multiply efforts in preaching Desna's way to the community (and Nualia, too!)
D) Did his ward fail? ... must be the case as all other possibilities are wrong or too elusive...

I think, he opted for C): indoctrination! (Repent your sins, Nualia, prove your worth..., etc.).

He's totally blind and insensitive to what Nualia needs: a loving, caring (foster) parent unreceptive to what she might actually want: making her own decisions.


See what graystone did? *grins*


Any update on the shipping details concerning heavy orders being split (I live overseas)?
Background info: I wanted to purchase Emerald Spire and associated maps yesterday but only got US Priority Mail; at a whopping $60 extra I decided against it...


So cool! Customs will kill me though...


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How about orcs vs. dwarves for the next AP? War for sky!
Here's hope for some Droskar love then, too!


Callum wrote:
Are you talking about the first scenario or the second, RuyanVe? (Thanks for the PRD quote, either way.)

Was talking about the first, sorry for the confusion; considering the second example: I can only add my voice to the consesus already reached (hehe) here: +1 to Jiggy.


Per PRD: wrote:
To determine whether your target has cover from your ranged attack, choose a corner of your square. If any line from this corner to any corner of the target's square passes through a square or border that blocks line of effect or provides cover, or through a square occupied by a creature, the target has cover (+4 to AC).

So: yes, B provides cover to A.


Just to add: do you know how the other players feel about her/his behaviour?
If they're OK with it this becomes a whole new thing.
Otherwise I agree with David C Smith and Treantmonk, the characters need to adress her/his behaviour in game.

BTW, have you tried to have one of the opponents fake death and have him attackt the looting character? Or have a trap built into a backpack/pouch/pocket, say a poisoned needle like trap (dunno if that works, but just an idea). Might make for a nice surprise.


Dawn is a natural for the players' forray into Magnimar; I'll use it myself.
Another one I will use can be found on and can fit in easily while traveling to Magnimar.
These fine guys have written yet another one called Chopper's Isle. You'll need to up it for your group but their's a haunt challenge in there so fits perfectly as introduction to chapter 2, IMO.


ARGH. Stupid browser...

OK, will respond in detail later to your re-write-up.

Just to point you in the direction from where I got some of my inspiration:
neothelid and charda; both are mentioned in the black blood article on pathfinderwiki.


Maybe the new classes would fit here?


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Storm Sorcerer Arcturus wrote:
It's awesome to finally see that people other than myself actually like Griffons! Definitely dotting.

Are you kidding me? Griffons (variants with different spelling included) are great and make cool mounts for rangers, paladins, and cavaliers!

It's just that most GMs are afraid handling the--from their point of view--ensuing increase in player/PC power (beware! A martial character that can fly! M-u-s-t p-r-e-v-e-n-t.) that makes it such a rare thing to happen in the first place.
Not too happy with the addition the Inner Sea Combat book and the associated feat tax for monstrous mounts (which doesn't help making a mounted flying martial character happen IMO).

So yeah, you can (potentially) get one via Leadership--good luck with that one.

So congrats to Angry Wizard!


[Edit] After re-reading my post it sounds a little rant-y, sorry for that.

Who got into the cooky jar again?
Not me! *poof*


So sad it's unavailable in print. Mine is falling apart from heavy use... should've picked up the PDF first. Still a great read!


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Greetings, fellow traveller.

If you're already following TM's guide you will find that he also gives advice on the standard magic items for a spirit of the beast-type druid. Stick with it and you'll be fine.

As for how to play your druid this is a rather difficult question. I assume you've picked druid for a reason (general nature theme, full caster, animal companion, ...) which will have you headed in a certain direction already.
Maybe each of you should write down in one or two sentences what one expects from the others after getting told race/class/background of each character. It might give you an idea what the general role of your character could be, how you might benefit your group most; although this is, of course not set in stone. If you don't like the ideas/views regarding your character, you're free to disregard them!

Be sure to always remember rule #1: EVERYBODY should have fun when playing!


Concerning the bloodline: I like it so far!

Some comments:

Feats: Great Fortitude, Improved Bull Rush, Lightning Reflexes, Spell Focus (necromancy),

endure elements (3rd), detect thoughts (5th), poison (7th), charm monster (9th), cone of cold (11th), hold monster (13th), eyebite (15th), fire storm (deals cold damage) (17th), time stop (19th)

Your arcana is contradictory. First you say the black blooded sorc is immune to all and any effects caused by black blood then they gain a bonus of +1 CL for necromancy. I'd drop the first sentence and leave the rest as is.
Nitpick: name of lvl 1 power needs to be changed.

For lvl 3 I'd pick something like this:
At 3rd level, you gain resist cold 5 and a +2 bonus on saving throws made against poison. At 9th level, your resistance to cold increases to 10 and your bonus on poison saving throws increases to +4.

For lvl 9 I'd center the power on the sorc. Instead of Con damage it could bestow negative level(s).

For lvl 15 I'd add the ability to equally breath air as well as any liquid (including black blood but not magma/lava).

Random musing:
How about a -2 Wis, +2 Con stat trade-off?


It's from the Darklands; I believe Orv?

Black liquid, freezing cold, enhances necromancy-related spells (powers)?

The charda live in it. And I believe the exiled Drow house which took refuge down there is using it, too.


In my game, Nualia succeeded... no, let me rephrase that: every single player in my group failed his Will save and Nualia managed to escaped via sanctuary.
They didn't find M and are sure to leave with the big helmet next session.
This leaves me with all the interesting options you just mentioned and some more of my own design. *evilGMgrin*

To the OP: I like what you did and how it played out for you. Concerning Orik and Lyrie: I'd have them team up with Lyrie in the lead. She's planning her revenge and I'd send them south to Magnimar, let them advance a couple levels and have the PCs meet them in book 3 when passing through Turtleback Ferry or on another occasion when visiting Magnimar; maybe use Dawn of the Scarlet Sun as scaffold?


Well, it's like another spell slot as you can replace any spell you've learned for that day with a spontaneous SNA; no wizard or cleric can do that.
And as most summoned creatures have an alignment of N you don't need to worry about the proctection from xyz line of spells to render your summon useless.


Timitius wrote:

So, I've been kind of busy this week, but I wanted to point out to all contributors attending PaizoCon this year that we are going to have a smaller Meet and Eat for Wayfinder participants of #10 & #11. I've posted it as an event on the Wayfinder Facebook Page. If you aren't on Facebook, but would definitely be interested in attending, say so here, and I will post more details.

After our Wayfinder dinner, many of us will join the larger Meet and Eat event at the AFK.

Too bad, I'll be at the wrong side of the Pacific at that time, would've loved to meet some of the fine folks helping in making WF the success it is!

Maybe next time. Enjoy!


This miniature may or may not be in the original bag, and may or may not include the stat card.

Has anybody an idea what determines whether or not it comes w/ bag and stat card?



Falcon Hollow. The beauty about it: you can expand it into a mini campaign going up to lvl ~8 using the other adventures taking place in the Darkmoon Vale area (some are free like this one); just look for Darkmoon Vale campaign.


I have a cleric of Sarenrae who grew up in Sandpoint in my group and Vosk was his mentor; made for some nice roleplaying.


Sorry, too lazy to edit...

Have you checked the Inner Sea World Guide? I seem to remember, they're in there as well.


The Pathfinder Wiki also holds some information.


Maybe, we should aVOID calling it #13...

A void, the void, the great beyond, beyond the stars, distant worlds...


Timitius wrote:
We may even Choose the the theme, based on the conversation.

#13... must be special, like, more special than the usual WF!


Greetings, fellow traveller.

Couple of ideas/questions here:

Did you run the concept of a pally/bard multiclass by your GM? With what you revealed about your GM's thinking I'd actually thought a pally/oracle would keep your char much more character-centric than the pally/bard stuff would...

Synergy with pally and bard are: (high) charisma; also, it's the most important stat for the pally (IMO).

Fighting with a 2handed weapon also means, e.g. Str 14 will give you +3 to damage.

High Cha means, you can be the face; up Int to get a couple more skill points to boost that general area.

Have you thought about an archer char? Smite Evil works with ranged weapons and bard make great archers, too (also helps armor and hp issues you mentioned).

Stat wise I'd go with:

Str 13; Dex 14; Con 12; Int 12; Wis 8; Cha 16

For archery you'll need all of the feats starting with Point-blank shot; grab Deadly Aim asap (Power Attack for bows); go to town & profit.


From the Paizo Blog "A Day in Bastardhall" Friday, May 23, 2014

Good luck, guys!


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ShoulderPatch wrote:
Treantmonk wrote:

Generally speaking, when you are playing a caster, Fog clouds and obscuring mist aren't about the 20% miss chance, they are about the total prevention of vision over 5'. For a caster, this can be monumentally useful in a number of ways, I'll list a few of the most common here:

First let's explain how a fog cloud doesn't screw you over (this is the most common complaint I hear, "The fog cloud hurts me as much as the enemy!")

If you have a variety of spells, there are likely many choices you have that don't require you to see your target. Fog cloud blocks line of sight, but not line of effect. This is an important distinction. You may not be able to see anyone, but you can still summon creatures, lay down walls, throw area of effect spells, etc. Keep in mind that with things like summoning - you don't even need to know where the enemy is, you can summon the monster, it runs out of the fog, and locates the enemy. Some creatures (like Dire Bat) can locate creatures within the fog as well.

Now let's discuss how it can be used to foil the enemy:

1) Archery: Wizards and Sorcerers don't like being attacked, that's why they hide behind the big stupid fighter types. Archery can eliminate that advantage, so making yourself effectively invisible by fog eliminates their ability to target you.

2) Enemy casters: Some casters use dirty tricks like actually targeting your character with spells. The nerve! Fog forces them to play on your terms, eliminating nasty rays and other targeted spells. By the way - most spells that provide a Fortitude save (you don't like making fortitude saves) require line of sight.

3) Enemy melee attackers: Not seeing you is basically invisibility, it prevents charges, and also makes them need to hunt through the fog to find you. Maybe they find the fiendish dire wolf you summoned instead...

4) Summoning: My favorite trick is summoning, but the 1 round casting time is a vulnerability I don't like. Summoning in Fog reduces that

Welcome back, Treantmonk. :)


PRD wrote:
Special Attacks: A lich gains the two special attacks described below. Save DCs are equal to 10 + 1/2 lich's HD + lich's Cha modifier unless otherwise noted

Emphasis mine.

Seems to be the easiest/laziest explanation. Otherwise: since you're the GM change it to suit your needs.


Cool stuff!
Thanks a lot, CJ!


Animal companions are rules-wise not animals as they have their own mechanics. Otherwise I handle such situations similar to what Gauss wrote.



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