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RuyanVe's page

2,128 posts (2,142 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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No worries. My Woe sits at CR 5 and the Weal at CR 3,respectively.
Since I've done the CR 12 serpentfolk necromancer for WF #9 I exactly understand what you mean. This also why I usually stick to CRB and APG for the most part.
It's just that I like seeing careful (N)PC planning come to fruition and that's usualy (for me) at around lvl 8+.


Paris Crenshaw wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Remember, though, that "half off" thing only applies until your class levels equal your monster hit dice.
Good point. That could matter if you're using low-HD monsters.

Trying very hard not to scratch the CR7 ceiling here...


You think I should buy it? Naah, I've too much fun browsing the PRD back and forth and always finding new tidbits of information I didn't even know I had forgotten.


Sounds interesting...


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Paris Crenshaw wrote:

kevin_video is correct. The CR for each NPC should be 7 or less. Remember that if you are applying levels in a class that is not "key" for that monster, based on its role, then the CR increases by 1 for every two class levels. class-levels

Applying that rule right now...


Greetings, fellow traveller.

Not exactly what you're looking for, but there's a class called the Wolf Shifter in Wayfinder #5--a fan-made mag that's available for free here and made purely by fans for fans. Quality is excellent, if I might say so. It might give you a good starting point.
The class goes from lvl 1 to 20 and is based off the barbarian.


Just get rid of the innards, I'd say.


Elvirais wrote:
I was even debating having her be pregnant with a quickly growing fiend, that might make the party explode with discussions... could be interesting, or it could be much more horrible than we are prepared for.

Alien style. Me like.

I'm with Peet here. But then again, it's your and your players' story. If they come up with a genuine way of redeeming her: let them. If they want to bring her to justice in Magnimar (sorry for the pun): let them and have her "escape" and join the fun later as a fully transformed demon; the stone giants led by Teraktinus (spelling) look like a good fit.


Nice minis.
I hope the large dungeon dressing is a door/portal or similar.
The red has a nice pose, though the head seems way too small when compared to the rest of the body (look at the big neck!).


F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Luthorne wrote:
F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Berselius wrote:
Will we get specific half-fiend (devil) templates for each core devil in this manual?

Have we done that for any of the outsider races? I would kind of hate to lose the flexibility of the half-fiend template by saying "You're related to an X so you always have to have Y."

I think there's more magic and possibility relating to the offspring of planar beings than simple genetics.

Yes, in Demons Revisited, half-demon templates were presented for some of the main demons, which basically acted like archetypes for the half-fiend template, granting alternate spell-like abilities and usually a few other abilities to reflect the particular demon parent; that said, it did say that it doesn't always happen, though rituals can help assure the creation of a half-demon over a half-fiend, and that it might be specific to demons because of compatibility. Not that that stopped people from wanting particular half-fiend templates for devils and other such, of course.
So noted! That sounds like a great fit for a "Devils Revisited" book down the road.

Fact check: there's going to be a "Devils Revisited" published by Paizo.

And it bears the question: how far down the road?


Timitius wrote:
Snorter wrote:

The best way to format any article is to look at previous issues, and how they were done. In the case of Weal or Woe, the statblocks should follow the format used for NPCs and non-standard monsters in APs.

That should give you a feel for how long a statblock is too long, as you have to be able to include two creatures, and still have space left over to explain their rivalry, and set up a conflict that the PCs could stumble into.

Great advice...and I will add that many, many questions I have received so far have been about formatting, and article styles, etc.

Please download some Wayfinders (well, OK....ALL THE WAYFINDERS!!), and review the article types, checking out the formatting styles. Our past issues, especially the most recent ones, are great examples of how articles should be structured and formatted. It's easier for me to point at Wayfinder #11 or #12 and say "like that", than to explain it in a post.

[shameless plug]

I did a Weal or Woe in Wayfinder #9 involving a mongrelman druid 11 and a serpenfolk necromancer 8 which might help here.


[/shameless plug]

FatR wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
I wonder what the victory condition for this could be? I realize that the endings of APs are not generally canon, but there is still a reason they have tended toward 'prevent villain from upsetting the status quo'. Does anyone actually think that issue 6 will involve unseating the House of Thrune?
I'd hope, but going by the track record of Paizo's OP it is more like at the end of issue 6 you'll just about reach the point where the House of Thrune starts taking you as a big threat instead of an inconvenience.

I think I remember James Jacobs stating (found it: post #251) that tackling House Thrune will NOT be the official end of Hell's Rebel. The AP will have Kintargo as centre.


Greetings, fellow traveller.

You're right, seems to be an(other) error.

There's a suggestion in the errata document:

Page 143
Vale Temros: Does not qualify for the Double Slice feat and includes an iterative attack for his offhand weapon. Statblock should read “+1 battleaxe +10/+5 (1d8+7/x3), +1 handaxe +10 (1d6+3/x3)”. Replacing Double Slice with Weapon Specialization (handaxe) keeps the damage in the statblock accurate. He still can’t make the offhand iterative.

Maybe that works for you.


Is there any information about urdefhan in this book?



Sorry for that, Bardess. I'm a bit behind with the books that come flooding out of Seattle.

Anyways. I'd be interested in doing a Weal or Woe: (half-fiend) urdefhan with class levels vs. a harbinger archon with class levels.


Bardess wrote:
So my Feats for familiars are out?

I like the idea, but familiars do not get feats in the first place, Bardess. And with the Familiar Folio in the works you might easily get in danger of violating canon.


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Brother Fen wrote:


Hi there, fellow traveller.



zylphryx wrote:

RAWR, huh? Maybe it's an acronym ...

"Really Awesome Written Results"?

"Recently Available World Resources"?

"Razmirans Are Woefully Represented"?

"Really, Aroden's Whereabouts Revealed"?

"Requesting Another Watery Region"?

The possibilities are endless!!! ;)

Please note I am assuming the extra four "A's" are merely there to throw us off...

EDIT: AH! Based off that other clue, it can only be one thing ... GNOMES! Look out Sanos Forest, here we come! ;)

"Rules as written, really!"?

Do halflings count as monster? *ouch* Who bruised my shin?


Edit: Crossbreeds of a white and a red dragon are mine! Just sayin'.

Another review!

Deran Castillian wrote:
Giuseppe Capriati wrote:
Good job Paizo, this Player Companion was in my wishlist from long ago. Now we only need a Pathfinder Pawns: Summon Monster and Summon Natural Ally box!
Or even a Pathfinder Battles: Summon Monster and Summon Natural Ally Case

There are all ready exquisite paper minis out there for the chosing.

Am I right in guessing that this will also include classes using SNA for summoning critters?



zylphryx wrote:
I can't wait either! I ... oh wait a second, I've seen the final version. ;)

Mind invaders! Gogogogo!

Looking forward to release date.


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Yeah. Don't tell them it's THAT medallion. Call it something else and give it the abilities you wish them to "see"--except when they succeed at the Spellcraft check (DC30?).


I tried that bait but Tim didn't bite.

Maybe it's an audio book on monsters revisited.


Never noticed Sjohvor actually made it! I might buy this.


Cool! Many thanks for the chase cards.


If it supports several books by Paizo, dragons are out imo.

Kittens, it must be kittens. With the giant simple template. They rule the interwebs or so I've been told.


Realm of the Mammoth Lords? Would fit barbarian, orcs; decadent orgies... not so much.



And usually, after trying once and getting info, nobody will do so again. Hehe.


Are we there yet? *drumsfingers*
Really looking forward to this one!


Sent #3.

I'm off to bed now--enjoy the fireworks and happy New Year!


Gorbacz wrote:

Shattered Star was a competent AP. Unfortunately for it, 'competent' doesn't cut it if you're sitting on the shelf next to CotCT, Kingmaker, Iron Gods and AoW.

As for Giantslayer, I hope that this obvious attempt to placate the traditionalist crowd by playing on their GDQ nostalgia will backfire in a spectacular manner and lead to Paizo's higher ups greenlighting THE INEVITABLE DISTANT WORLDS SPACESHIPS AND LAZORS AP.

Hopefully this comes with a playable race heavily modeled after the owlbear.


Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Canada Guy wrote:
We could compile a bunch into an article about a mysterious magic item shop, maybe?
Hmmm, maybe the Witchmarket made a stop in Ustalav? Or a vendor (who got kicked out of the Witchmarket) who stopped their traveling sales cart in Ustalav?

The Carnival of Tears would also fit this issue. Some cruel attraction for/to reduce the masses, most likely...

Canada Guy wrote:

I had a similar thought. I just wrote a short introduction for "The Rose and Cauldron" a mysterious little shop down the back alleys of Caliphas.

If anyone has any items they'd like to "submit to the shop" let me know!

Cool idea!


Who is "we"?
Hm. I know Anthony Adam did a side trek for Wayfinder #10 (?)--the desert themed one; he got in contact with Tim early on and had play testing, proof reading and-what-not going on before he turned it in. Some others were done by Neil Spicer.
Is it that strict now? My guess is on the work that might be involved if the piece of work delivered takes a major overhaul to become "presentable".


CR 7 or below. For details: the submission guidelines are in post #1.


Thomas LeBlanc wrote:
kevin_video wrote:
RuyanVe wrote:

Sent in three magic items centered around the basic idea of relics; they might need some reflavoring though.

I hope to finish a sidetrek seed before 31st and need the help from you guys: I'm looking for a monster which is associated with cages, jail(er)s, chains and such; my strongest bet is on a kyton or hamatula (but the latter has a too high CR methinks). Any ideas?


Edit: Cerberi would certainly also fit the bill.

Your edit needs editing. Fixed it in the quote.

Another creature that might fit the bill is the handmaiden devil, but likely too high a CR (14) as well. Cerberi are used as jailers. Don't think it helps much though.

Edited the edit of the edit by adding the needed space.

Ustalav is not very known for its devils or kytons. You could go with a bone themed prison and use a devourer. Long hidden, it could have wasted away and be less powerful for lower CR. Or attic whispers, children that while alive were caged and abandoned when a orphanage closed down.

Hm. That's true. Cerberus with the ghost template? Hehe.


Sent in three magic items centered around the basic idea of relics; they might need some reflavoring though.

I hope to finish a sidetrek seed before 31st and need the help from you guys: I'm looking for a monster which is associated with cages, jail(er)s, chains and such; my strongest bet is on a kyton or hamatula (but the latter has a too high CR methinks). Any ideas?


[b]Edit:]/b]Cerberi would certainly also fit the bill.

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:

I know it probably doesn't fit the Ustalav-theme, but I kinda wish someone would do a riff on the creepy Elf on the Shelf.

Edit: Oooo, maybe an article on creepy holiday traditions in Ustalav?

That IS creepy all in itself already.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

The second necro'ed thread on this. Whew. And still nothing to add to the first few posts.


Axial wrote:
Jim Groves wrote:

Oh, I cant keep a secret!

It's ice mephits. A whole bunch of them. By they're not standard, scrub ice mephits... No sir! They have the advance template!

So...CR 4?

That seems a bit low.

How about a troop of mephits?


AP spoiler:


Her wisdom draining attack targets touch AC of the opponent.
Yes, she can hold the weapon in one hand and use the other to attack with her touch attack; no dropping the weapon necessary.
Per the B2 entry for lamia matriarchs, yes, she would also drain 1 Wis with her first (successful) attack each round (DC 21 default).
Remember to use the 1/day effect of despair when she attacks for the first time!


Daniel Kre wrote:

Hey, my player in my current RotR-campaign ist creating a new character right now, and he is tendinng towards the cavalier.

But he is complaining about the mount:
In the book, it is said, that his only option is to take either a horse or a camel (for nonsmall characters). But the GM is allowed to approve other animals as suitable mounts.

So in d20spfrd, i found a list with more mounts he can choose from mounts).

But seriously, neither me nor my player get why there are so few choices. He especially talked about a bear, but he also mentioned cats (like geopards and stuff, i don't know the word in english for it lol), dragons (wtf), lions and so on...

So is it possible for him to take those animals as mounts? How would it be played out?

The thing you have to be aware off is that the mount functions as an animal companion. While the horse itself is an OK AC (and accepted in civilized areas!), I'd stay away from more powerful animals like e.g. big cats (lion, tiger etc) or dinosaurs which are quite effective as melee combatants even up to higher levels.

Look at it from a balance point of view: the cavalier is already a full BAB martial class with some extra goodies; her damage output would increase significantly if Battle Cat would come into play.

The "ge(o)pard" would be the cheetah btw.


Edit: Bah, that's what you get when you read up on He-Man and Cringer! Ninja'ed. And linkified.



Keldan Marr wrote:

Anyone else having issues with the document loading?

Same here, couldn't download the word document, but the pdf compiled by Spaarky works for me.


WoW coming your way tonight.


Krunk CN wrote:
What makes you say he can activate the mask with just verbal. When you use an item to cast a spell, you basically cast it yourself using the item's caster level. This item has full somantic, verbal etc so it would provoke and be a standard action from my understanding of the rules.

That's why:

From the Magic item--Woundrous items section: wrote:
Activation: Usually use-activated or command word, but details vary from item to item.


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