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RuyanVe's page

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ShroudedInLight wrote:

Rageborn Beastmorph Vivesectionist Alchemist 5th Level

1: Feat: Extra Feature
2: Discovery: Feral Mutagen
3: Arcane Strike
4: Discovery: Spontaneous Healing
5: Power Attack/Multiattack

Right you have 3d6 Sneak attack die, and attack with 2 Hooves at 1d4 (Secondary attacks), 1 Gore at 1d6, 2 claws at 1d6, and 1 bite for 1d8.

Additionally all these attacks have a +2 damage thanks to Arcane strike

So you deal a minimum of 18 damage if everything hits and rolls a 1 without sneak attack die. That is your minimum damage once you have hulked out.

Sorry to nitpick, my understanding was alchemists do not qualify for Arcane Strike as they don't cast arcane spells--when has this changed?

A less optimized but IMO fun and versatile combination is bard/dragon disciple; see Oterisk's guide here on the forums for details.




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Could you point these out to me, please?


Hm. The elf is wasted on me. I own Shalelu's mini already and that can easily double for any other (yet) unnamed elven heroine.


She has a face after all!



Drejk wrote:
RuyanVe wrote:
Kitsune is already in the game...
Nothing like kitsune.

I was jesting. Looking forward to it!


Kitsune is already in the game...

You could always engineer some other escape route: have her release Mal (you're the GM after all) and have another way up in his former prison; or you could have her escape via the tunnel in the former treasure room: this could anger the crab (Nualia managed to slip by and when the PCs arrive on her heels the crab attacks the PCs, delaying them.

After that: what Dynas wrote.


zergtitan wrote:
Turin the Mad wrote:
I *really* hope that Giantslayer ends up dealing with the Runelord of Gluttony, Zutha. ^_____^
Repeating what was said at Paizocon and Gencon, No Runelords in Giantslayer.

I'm sure somebody will come up with some fan-made tie-in! Otherwise, there's always the Continuing the Campaign part where this could fit in.

Oh, and add Svathurim to the fun!


Anybody has access to the original version, Nick handed in back in those days?
I know he had posted some stuff which was cut on his(?) website but I just read it and never saved it as a file and the site has long been taken down *stupidme*


WoW it is!
Maybe some relatives of Horrible Hanna and Mirthless Mia?

A servant girl stalked by some evil spirit/spurned lover?

Igorrrrr vs. a zealous constable?

And Hollow's Eve to come up soon, too... undead pumpkins vs. a bunch of kids... Do 6 kids already count as a swarm?

Adventure seeds...

Looking forward to your lyrics, Arbor, as I've some fond memories of them way back!


Have her start in room 1 fully buffed up, then let her retreat down the hall casting obscuring mist (if the PCs follow suit, the trap will be sprung 100%, if not, you could use the mist to taunt them which I like for atmospheric reasons),
swop shatter for darkness and have her shut/lock the door to the observatory and set up an ambush for a surprise attack when the PCs fiddle with the door.
Have her retreat further down the L-shaped hall and let the hounds attack as yet another surprise.
If she needs to retreat let her cast hold person and/or sanctuary (this is not the cleric you're looking for) and try to escape.

The shadows would not help her aka ignore her and fight the PCs, IMO.


The horror, the horror...

Ahem, dotted.


It says class level in the detect evil spell description which I would interprete as class levels in a class giving you an aura, i.e. the cleric class.

Difference would only come into play/matter if your PCs would like to "sniff out" a room where the evil clerics lingered some time ago, as the stronger auras would be detectable for a longer period of time (faint: rounds, moderate: minutes).


Gimme the boggards! I really liked the chieftain in Shattered Star and hope these two are his look-a-likes (the pictures imply otherwise, but here's still hope!).

The sinspawn looks awesome too!
Don't care for Gogmurt too much though--just too many of those little buggers around (but it will go nicely with the firepelt cugar posted earlier).


Also: found in the rules section of this forums this comment by Jason Bulmahn can be found.


Also, your type as a wild shaped druid stays humanoid (or whatever), it doesn't change since you only assume the form of an animal, you do not become one (see text for beast shape spells).

In the Magic section under Transmutation/Polymorph it is merely stated that

CRB wrote:
If the form grants a swim or burrow speed, you maintain the ability to breathe if you are swimming or burrowing



My players were utterly fascinated by the amount of gold coins stacked one upon the other and tried for (ingame) hours to pry them loose; they never found the slits though.

They never announced to take 20 on that one and I didn't enforce it.

I allowed a save against the illusion, the cleric made it, announced it was only rock and even showed the others the chipped of flakes but they wouldn't have it.


Hm. Double the size of all rooms? Wait, wait. Story behind it could be that V created some kind of demi-plane before his wife succeeded in destroying his phylactery: the mansion. While his original plans were much grander, now it only works like it's bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside.

Otherwise: have the party split (the entrance door is some kind of portal which dumps them individually and randomly--aka GM's whim so as you create two equally strong parties--in different rooms/different but identical versions of the house) and run them individually, regrouping for the final fight which should then take place in a much larger cave/room and increase A's CR and give him underlings (ghast versions of the ones they encounter with Judge I?


So you submitted a cat choking on embalming linen? *grins*


Thanks (again), Strife!


Timitius wrote:

In case you haven't heard.....


Nice. Something to work with. And it's #13!!

Couldn't find the official WF starting post though. When will this be up?

/end of thread derailment


My interpretation:

it's more for story concerns and creating atmosphere. Most players will never notice.

Then again: this one sinspawn drained the runewell of roughly 1/3 of its power.

Look at the diminished glowing like a power meter. 2 more to go and it's (almost) empty.


Excellent! Make it so.

I've never been let down by either you guys or Paizo--so: no problem from my side. In hindsight, I was surprised when I "only" got my AP book. Motivation behind my email was more to understand why/what.

I got my answer (twice) and am fully satisfied. I'll find other items to order via Paizo I'm sure...


Concerning NPC reactions: have you thought about some of the notable NPCs reacting badly (Titus Scarnetti) to your do-gooders? Seems in line with more roleplaying opportunities--something what your group seems to like?


Hi Tim,

thanks for the clarification. Sorry if my post seemed offensive--wasn't meant to be.
Somehow, I had "WF will be shipped in August" stuck in my mind.


Hey there.
Just received AP #83 which I ordered with hope of getting my free copy of WF #11--sadly it didn't work out (aka no WF).

Could you provide me with another idea (what would it cost to ship WF? I'd pay for the shipping costs by donating)?


I agree with Mikaze--reward the PCs with what they've invested in.

I first thought was a similar plot which is implemented in the Wrath of the Righteous AP with the redeemable succubus (#3 Demon's heresy).
But this would take a while; sorry, but it's been a while since I've read this installment and I'm away from my books.

A small piece of hope (that Nualia actually is redeemable) in between which you could give to the PCs might look something like this: have them encounter Nualia/see her at a distance and then flee/escape (again? might become a trope...). When the PCs investigate/search the area they find a litte butterfly drawn in the sand/mud/soil/carved in a tree.
They should reach the conclusion to include Father Zantus in this and then it's praying time to maybe get a hint what to do next from Desna/the GM...


Battle maps will follow suit?


I'd have her head back to Magnimar, reunite with X and then use her as main villain in the freebe Dawn of the Scarlet Sun.
Sure needs some remake, but should fit nicely.
Have Nualia use the pool to create spawn on the go and release it at night within Sandpoint--also makes for a nice red herring during the beginning of RotRL #2.


Fair enough.

Might still fabricate the Brinestump side trek--it's set off by encountering a down&out Shalelu...


Throw in some side trek:

--> Boggards in Brinestump Marsh
--> Chopper's Isle might do the trick

Head over to to grab them; Chopper's also appeared in WF #7 if my memory serves right.


Nice list!

Off to vote...


OK. That settles it. CAN'T. RESIST. MUST. HAVE.


Tim posted somewhere that shipping would start in August. Also, you should've gotten an email by Wayfinder asking for your shipping data where it was written:

4. ARE YOU A REGULAR SUBSCRIBER, or ARE YOU GOING TO PLACE AN ORDER IN THE NEXT MONTH OR SO (I'm thinking these will start going out in August or September....)


Yeah, can't find it either; HA!

The Pit by Daviot


There is actually a homebrew adventure called The pit which involves the Sandpoint devil and a tribe of Lamashtu-worshipping bugbears.

Have you searched the forums?


Wiggz wrote:
CeruleanSpirit wrote:
You know... In my game I removed the bridge trap. If the bridge break cuz too much adventurers are stepping on it, how the hell are the occupants of Thistletop going to go back on the other side and rebuild the bridge??! I can be done but throught a lot of hassle going by the exits on the floors below. Wasn't very logical!
Kinda makes you wonder how they got an unconscious warhorse across it, eh?


RotRL AE, p45 wrote:

A series of knotted ropes at the base of the northern posts allow one to tie off the trap so that it can support many

times the weight. (The goblins rigged the bridge this way recently when they hauled their unconscious horse hostage Shadowmist over the bridge.)



Bellona wrote:
On a side note, in the text it's not one end of the bridge that falls down, it's one side.

You wouldn't believe how long it took me to understand this--on hindsight--all so clear fact.


I'd have Ripnugget retreat to the lower chambers and join Nualia why would he stay in his throne room?

Nualia and Lyrie would definitely opt for revenge. How about you exchange the inhabitants - let Nualia and her gang occupy the upper level and have Ripnugget move into the lower level (with Erylium staying below); so no surprise attack bonus for the PCs any longer and a fully prepared party awaiting them.


The climb check at the beginning sounds reasonable. For the horizontal movement I'd use Acrobatics (DC 20: "ou can use Acrobatics to move on narrow surfaces and uneven ground without falling" + "Less than 2 inches wide"), have them make a Reflex save if they fail the Acrobatics check to keep holding onto the upper horizontal rope or so, failure meaning they not only couldn't cover any distance but also fall down into the water.
Further movement would need assistance by a PC already standing on firm ground and throwing them a rope.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Nuff said.


Hehe. I was just going to reply with check your private messages, Paris...


EDIT: Replied to your email, too.

Anguish wrote:
Standard statblocks.


I'm also GMing for a group thus I'm quite familiar with them. Using them for my PCs was a natural move for me and I'm loving it.
Especially when doing some advance planning it's nice to see changes on a glance. Plus: they're short, consistent and well structured; in addition you get to see all important stuff on 1 page (including familiar/AC)!


Sooo. I just ordered some modules from Paizo but I'm not a subscriber at the moment--is it still possible they'd include my hard copy o WF #11 in the shipment?
Otherwise expect an email by me *smiles*


Misroi wrote:
I'm hoping for nuggets of Thassilonian lore. Belkzen was Zutha's stomping grounds, if I'm not mistaken.

That sounds even more like RotRL II...


I found nothing which hinted at Erylium knowing about the "mechanics" behind the runewell but what Tybid wrote can be found on p38 of RotRL AE.

Further notes about it can be found at Thistletop (Nualia's journal, p62 RotRL AE).
But as Kalshane wrote: as DM, in your game you're the final arbiter.


Kajehase wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Nëëds mȫrë ǚmläüts.
Or an "å" at least. Unless lack of umlauts is the main difference between Skald and the Scandinavian languages.

What would the Norwegian royal house say, I wonder...



Need to place a Paizo order to get it shipped all the way to the Infernal Empire...

Thanks to everyone who made it happen!


Adam Daigle wrote:
Shadowkire wrote:
Well, it takes place in Belkzen.
Technically, it starts in Belkzen.

TECHNICALLY? Great, inception worked...

Lord Snow wrote:
However, isn't "fight increasingly large humanoids" kind of Rise of the Runelord's thing?

My thoughts exactly, but still...

Even though this is only tiny bits of info it already got me thinking about re-subscrbing!


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