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Virrdran Daraqor

Rune Scryber's page

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11,500 (appear 40)


Chaotic Good


The goddess Melanie


Austin, TX


Common, Azlanti



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Michael Harmon Photography

About Rune Scryber

Gaming History:

I started playing D&D in 1978 in junior high as a player (blue box). I have fond memories of 1e Against the Giants and the Drow. We also played a little bit of Gamma World when it first came out. I GM'd D&D 1e through high school. I didn't play much during college (too busy partying). Later, I moved on to Warhammer FRP (GM) for a while. After another gap I joined a RIFTS group as a player. Then I GM'd a Fading Suns game with the same group. Since then I've played D&D 3e and 3.5e as a player. I own quite a few other gaming books that I've never played (I enjoy reading them). I'm excited about D&D again, after discovering Paizo/Pathfinder.

I used to illustrate for Steve Jackson's In Nomine. I illustrated the cover for Liber Servitorum and numerous interior illustrations for multiple In Nomine books.

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