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Pathfinder Society Member. 908 posts (1,003 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.


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Sorry, haven't read the whole thread, but:

Regarding maintaining the grapple against a pinned opponent, remember that the pinned creature loses their dex bonus AND takes a -4 to AC (and therefore to CMD as well,) in addition to the +5 to CMB you get for already having them grappled. So you do have to make a check each turn to maintain the pin, but it should be a really easy check to make.

If it's only several hundred miles, normal Teleport would work. They would still have a 3% chance of ending up somewhere else, though.

I have been under the impression "melee attack" refers to a normal attack to do damage. In this thread, the issue came up in reference to Opportune Parry and Riposte - would a Trip, Disarm, or Sunder count as a melee attack?

(I have a vested interest because my next character will be a Swashbuckler... while I don't think a Trip attempt can be parried, that would be nice if it could!)

Scavion wrote:
Maneuvers are melee attacks so yes, you can parry a trip.

Where are you getting this?

Performing a Combat Maneuver wrote:
While many combat maneuvers can be performed as part of an attack action, full-attack action, or attack of opportunity (in place of a melee attack), others require a specific action.

If these maneuvers are melee attacks, why would it say "in place of a melee attack"?

Just use the Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists.

It says you can "make an attack as an immediate action", so you can perform a Trip, Disarm, or Sunder maneuver as a riposte.

Edit: misread the question - you cannot parry a trip, because it says "when an opponent makes a melee attack against the swashbuckler."
So a trip cannot be parried, but you can trip as a riposte.

edit2: and this should probably be on the Rules board, not Advice.

lantzkev wrote:
Are there any sources of abiity dmg/drain that happen without a save, or are they all tied to a save for the most part?

Nope, a Shadow has a touch attack (no save) for 1d6 strength damage.

Why would you only be able to put one rank in Performance? You can put ALL of your new ranks in Performance, as long as the TOTAL number of ranks isn't more than your level.

So if you are a wizard of 6th or higher level, and have an Int score of 18, you could put 6 ranks into Perform when you level up.

The question I thought you were asking from the title is, how to justify in-character that yesterday you couldn't play at all and the next day you're an accomplished musician. But that's another question.

Just noticed the Spell Sage archetype for the wizard - at level 1 you can add +4 CL (!) to one spell once a day, with no action required.

Sure it's once per day, but hitting someone with a 5d6 Shocking Grasp at first level is pretty insane. At third level, you can break out the 7d6/3d6 Burning Arc.

Any other good spells to use with this ability?

Tengu, of course.

edit: and Rakshasa

To answer the original question: be a Pack Lord druid, and you can have as many animal companions as you have levels.

Sure, they might all be 1st-level companions, but I think that's how you would get the max number. I've thought about making a Pack Lord that has a flock of birds, or maybe a pack of bloodhounds so you could roll a handful of Survival checks to track by scent. The issue, of course, is protecting them...

I'd say 1-5, about. You don't want to get too predictable - if you always do 3/day, then your PCs will get to know that that's the pattern.

To keep things interesting, I'd say you want to keep a little mystery about whether they should conserve all their resources, or go nova. Obviously, the worst is when the GM tells you "this will be the last fight of the day" (yes, I've had a GM say that.)

It's a little hard for me to imagine fitting more than 5 combats into a single session. Although I guess you could stretch one day over multiple sessions, or if you have a small party or play long sessions something maybe you can fit more in.

It sounds like a straight-up swashbuckler to me. Possibly an Inspired Blade to get bonuses on rapiers.

Swashbucklers are charismatic, have Perform as a class skill, get free Weapon Finesse, have Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Bluff as class skills, and can be any alignment. It pretty much meets all your requirements!

Is Power Attack worth it, do you think? At first it seemed like an obvious way to beef up damage output, but now I'm worrying that it's not worth the penalty that I'll take on Opportune Parry.

Be aware that Master Summoners are generally considered broken, and hogs of time and attention. Please talk to the rest of the party, and check to see if anyone has any issues.

If you do decide to play a Master Summoner, be respectful of the rest of the players. Make sure you pre-roll all of your attacks so your turns don't take too long. Bring a timer to time your turns and compare against the rest of the party - if your turns are taking longer than everyone else, find a way to fix that.

Basically, a Master Summoner is a one-person party. In fact, a campaign where you ARE the only player is probably the only time I would make one. Because, when you are the member of a party where one player is doing all the fighting, it is not fun... at all.

For a while I've thought making a character that uses Dirty Trick would be really fun, and now I'm trying to brainstorm good ideas for how to pull off some dirty tricks.

My ideas so far:
Throwing whiskey in the eyes
Pulling shirt up over the face
Cutting the belt to drop the pants around the ankles
Kidney punch

So, what other ideas are there for how to pull of a dirty trick?

Whisperknives wrote:

I have a 10 strength, and still have a damage of 1D6+15, however that is not where it gets really dangerous. Parry/Riposte is where I put out the big numbers. On my turn I only have one attack, but thanks to combat reflexes, I have the potential to parry/riposte 6 on theirs. Last game I got flanked by a pair TWF enemies. On my turn I stabbed 1 for 19, on their turn I killed them both with counter attacks an parried all but 1 attack.

Oh, and isn't Riposte an immediate action? I thought you can only do one riposte per turn (but as many parries as you have AoOs.)

Whisperknives wrote:

Combat reflexes is a must. Also the weapon enchant Answering is great if you can afford it.

Saves are going to be a major issue though. I currently have a fort and reflex save of 3 each, with a cloak of resistance.

What is the Answering enchantment, and which book is it from? I have been looking for a good weapon enchantment for the rapier (since swashbucklers don't need Keen.)

And, I'm assuming you mean your Will save is a 3, not your Reflex?

Whisperknives wrote:

My only issues I have with my Rapier Specialist Swashbuckler is when the enemy is outside my range, or they are hard to get to. Ranged abilities are slim, very slim. I carry a crossbow and pray i do not have to use it.

Eh, throwing shortspears with Precise Strike, good dex, and full BAB seems like a pretty decent option to me. Obviously nowhere near as good as a ranged-combat-focused character, but not terrible.

Whisperknives wrote:

I like the inspired blade archtype myself. Rapiers are perfect for a swashbuckler and with the Fencing Grace feat, that accidentally missed the book, but will be in Origins, they are amazing.

Honestly I do not see much of a downside, unless this is a Society game where you can not get that feat yet.

I was wondering about that - I remember a Paizo blog post saying "it will be easy for Swashbucklers to add dex to damage", but then I couldn't find anything like that in the Advanced Class Guide. Nice to hear it's coming.

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:
Str is too low for power attack. Need a 13.

Good point, let me swap strength and con.

strength 14, dexterity 16, constitution 12, intelligence 10, wisdom 8, charisma 16

I haven't seen Rocky Horror (the shame!) but perhaps you can get some ideas from the character I created based off the song "Sex Dwarf".

How would you build a swashbuckler who uses a rapier?

(My specific character is a wannabe-hero, glory-seeker type, but that seems to lend itself to a pretty generic build.)

As an example, a human at 5th-level with a 20 point buy:

strength 12, dexterity 16, constitution 14, intelligence 10, wisdom 8, charisma 16

traits: Irrepressible, Signature Moves

1: Weapon Focus (rapier), Power Attack
3: Combat Reflexes
4: Weapon Specialization (rapier)
5: Persuasive

Any critiques, or suggestions for feats or traits? I understand the class was just released so it might be hard to comment, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

(I also am considering the Inspired Blade archetype: Pros are +1 panache point, free Weapon Focus, and +1 to rapier damage. Cons are inability to regain panache from killing blows, and lack of any flexibility in terms of weapons.)

I'd like to run a mini-campaign where the PCs are the members of a band, and all have at least half their levels in bard.

I'm interested to hear if anyone has any ideas for content, including encounters and minigames.

1) Minigames: Over the campaign, I want to have the band accumulate Fans and Reputation Points, as well as gold, and I was thinking I could include minigames that would be a fun way to get these. So far, I've thought of "Finish the Rhyme" (where 3 lines of a lyric are given, and the PCs think of a fourth line to finish the rhyme) and "Sing the Painting" (where I give them an image and they write lyrics describing what is going on in the scene.) I'd love to hear more ideas for mini-games!

2) Encounters: The PCs will have a rival band (death-metal type band called the Four Hoarse Men), so some of the encounters will probably be things like a bar brawl, and a riot at a concert. Any other good ideas?

Thanks in advance!

I prefer to leave the game jargon out of the narrative. Instead of "using Power Attack", I might say "ferociously". Instead of "using Vital Strike", I might say "takes one mighty swing."

After I do the narrative, I say the crunch. "The undead monstrosity ferociously takes one mighty swing and attempts to crush you like a bug under his massive, house-sized flail. 32 to hit." Similarly, if they actually want to make a grapple check, they'd end with "30 vs CMD" or if they just want to attack they'd say "30 to hit".

It doesn't take 1 hour to use, it takes 1 round.

Unless contained, in 1 round the foam fills a 5-foot-square to a depth of 2 feet.

One hour is how long it takes to harden. But if you're using it in combat (to make difficult terrain) it's a round.

Also: it's great for pranks. "The ale here is good but it has too much of a head" *drop foaming powder into mug*

RainyDayNinja wrote:

Rough and Ready, from Adventurer's Armory.

And you know, there are actual light hammer weapons you could use (though they're martial weapons).

Perfect, thanks! And it even gives +1 to attack, that's even better than I thought!

I know that light hammers exist, but I'm probably building this character as a rogue, and don't want to burn a feat on Martial Weapon Proficiency.

I seem to recall there being a trait which allows you to fight using a "tool of your trade," so for example a barkeeper could fight using a mug. Does anyone know the name of this trait, or did I just make it up?

I want to make a halfling handyman who fights using his hammers. While I could just re-skin light maces as hammers, if there is actually a trait for it I thought it would be thematic. Thanks!

If you have a Maneuver Master (and let's say you dip Fighter to get heavy armor proficiency,) is there anything stopping you from using Flurry of Maneuvers while wearing armor and using a shield?

For reference, the Monk class specifies:

Monk wrote:
Armor and Shield Proficiency: Monks are not proficient with any armor or shields. When wearing armor, using a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load, a monk loses his AC bonus, as well as his fast movement and flurry of blows abilities.

Since Maneuver Masters don't have Flurry of Blows, by RAW if they are wearing heavy armor, they lose fast movement but can still use Flurry of Maneuvers?

Summoning as a standard action is just too good to pass up, IMO. It just makes everything better - allows effective battlefield control, extra round of attacks, and no chance of losing your spell. Plus, placing dinosaurs on the battlemap can be a huge challenge - by the second round of combat, there might not even be anywhere to put that Huge dinosaur. Better to get it down early.

I would also take Improved Initiative over Scribe Scrolls, for all of the above reason - the faster you can get the dinos on the board, the better they are.

Level 2 is a good one for Half-Orc Barbarian, because that's where you get bite/claw/claw. You can do a crazy amount of damage, which might be overkill for PFS, but who doesn't like having three attacks at full BAB as a 2nd level character?

Breakthrough! If I take Defiant Luck -> Inexplicable Luck I can add a +8(!!!) to my Int check every day!

That's enough to chat with a greater deity daily with no failure chance.

I considered Fortune/Cackle but my GM would probably rule that the distraction would make it impossible to cast the spell.

Guidance doesn't apply to ability checks, unfortunately.

Embrace Destiny is personal and only lasts for rounds/level, so it could never last the required 10 minutes.

Diviner's Fortune also only lasts one round - I don't think my GM would let this fly.

I have found a couple more ways to boost, though: until I get a +6 headband, I can have our alchemist give me an Amplify Elixir infusion on a Fox's Cunning potion.

A Stone of Good Luck can also give me a +1.

I also realize the entire endeavor is less risky than I initially thought - a nat 1 doesn't auto-fail an ability check, so with 26 Int I can contact at least the Astral Plane with no chance of failure.

Unfortunately Touch of Law only lasts 1 round, and with a casting time of 10 minutes I don't think my GM would allow me to use it that way. (For example, he also doesn't allow that ability to be used for crafting checks.)

Obviously, Contact Other Plane is supposed to be risky. But my character is a planar-obsessed divination wizard, and I just don't think I'd be doing him justice if I don't try to use it.

Is there any way to make it less risky? It seems like the options are (1) buffing intelligence checks and (2) allowing rerolls.

If I already have a headband, is there anything besides Good Hope that will help me buff my Int check?

And is there anything short of an 8th-level Fate subdomain cleric that would let me reroll a botched check?

Thanks in advance!

Hmm, but the official Paizo site lists "Utopia" while the wikis use "Axis".

Where do LN characters go in their afterlife? Is it Utopia, Axis, or are both possible? Or are they the same?

Planar Adventures lists Utopia as the LN Outer Plane, but the wikis list the LN plane as Axis, and don't mention Utopia.

Can anyone explain this for me?

No, Lay on Hands is a supernatural ability, and Su abilities don't provoke unless specifically mentioned.

Maybe the reason it specifies using LoH as an attack doesn't provoke is that you are using a touch attack, and maybe they thought touch attacks seem similar enough to unarmed strikes that people might assume it provoked? Although touch attack spells also don't provoke.

Anyway, the rules are redundant and I'm not sure why, but neither using it to heal nor to hurt provokes.

(first post in the Homebrew section, let me know if I'm doing it wrong)

For a new character, I want to make a new feat, Craft Magic Maps. My GM has said he's open to the idea in theory, but it needs to be clear how it works. So, I'm looking for input on how to make it work.

Spells I'm thinking of making into maps: Alarm, Clairvoyance/Clairaudience, Arcane Eye, Teleport. Any other suggestions?

In many ways, it seems similar to a normal Wondrous Item, with a couple differences: (1) each map will only have a specific number of locations that it will work at (for example, it could teleport you between Absalom, Almas, and Egorian). (2) the map will work at a longer range than a normal spell (for example, Clairvoyance usually has a 400+40/level ft. range, whereas in a map it will work hundreds of miles away.)

So, how should I price it? And any suggestions on how to determine how many "targets" will be on each map? Also, would it be fair to say that since there are really only a handful of feasible Magic Maps, whereas there are hundreds of Wondrous Items, there should be some moderate price reduction to account for the feat tax?

Any and all suggestions are useful, perhaps I'll even take this in an entirely different direction! Right now I'm just looking for any ideas to run by my GM.

Due to busy schedules, I'm co-running Kingmaker with another player/GM. Both of us play PCs, but also switch off GMing. Right now we're alternating each week. We're about to start week 2, so he's GMed one session and I am about to GM the second.

Does anyone have advice on how best to do this? We don't want to completely spoil the surprises for ourselves, but we do want to be prepared enough to be able to effectively run the encounters. Due to the non-linear nature, I'm not sure which encounters will come up each session, so I don't know which ones to read in detail.

Should we continue switching week-by-week? Or is there some better way to do this, like have a "master GM" who reads ahead and an "encounter GM" who prepares specific battles?

I've never been in a co-GMing situation like this, so any advice is helpful!

andreww wrote:
RumpinRufus wrote:

Sorry, but this plan doesn't work at all.

Mystic Theurge requires you to be able to cast 2nd-level divine spells. The Fate inquisition lets you use Augury as a spell-like ability. Using a spell-like =/= casting a spell. (Moreover, the pre-reqs say "2nd-level spells", not "2nd-level spell".)

I don't think there's any way to qualify early for MT, although I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

You are several months out of date, reread the faq.

Which FAQ post? Link?

edit: found the FAQ, but Mystic Theurge still requires you to be able to cast 2nd-level spells (plural). Being able to cast one spell (Augury) doesn't qualify you to be a Theurge.

Sorry, but this plan doesn't work at all.

Mystic Theurge requires you to be able to cast 2nd-level divine spells. The Fate inquisition lets you use Augury as a spell-like ability. Using a spell-like =/= casting a spell. (Moreover, the pre-reqs say "2nd-level spells", not "2nd-level spell".)

I don't think there's any way to qualify early for MT, although I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

Sissyl wrote:

Then what should I do during the sessions I'm not GMing?

Does anyone have advice for playing a GMPC, as far as what role/class to play, and perhaps how to play it?

I'm about to start co-GMing Kingmaker, so I'll be GM for half the sessions. I want the character to be fun to play, but also easy/quick to handle when I'm GMing.

My current line of thinking:

1) No prepared spellcasters - I don't want to have to waste time picking out spells every day

2) No party face - having GM knowledge about the NPCs, I don't know if I trust myself to avoid metagaming during social interactions

3) No complex tactics - I want a character whose combat turns will go quickly and require little planning

Any additions/modifications? Has anyone who has played a GMPC have any suggestions about what does/doesn't work?

What Slim said. It's so you can use a reach weapon and still threaten adjacent.

I also want to point out that by RAW you do not need to look at someone as you're detecting evil. It says "concentrate on", which can easily be done with your eyes closed or your back turned once you've picked out your target.

GrenMeera wrote:
RumpinRufus wrote:

Let's see:

1) you can't hear it

2) you can't see it

3) you can't smell it

4) you can't taste it

5) you can't feel it

So how exactly are you noticing it?

The casting of a spell or spell-like ability? However you choose, because you CAN see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, OR feel it depending upon how the GM decides to describe it.

I've quoted the rules and a developer. Exactly why are you jumping to the conclusion that you cannot?

Once again, the developer you quoted was not talking about spell-like abilities. You cast a spell. You activate a spell-like. These are different things, and you can't use Spellcraft on an activated ability when it doesn't involve spellcasting.

The spell says "You can sense the presence of evil." I don't know about you, but when someone smells a peach, I can't look at that person and say "that guy is definitely smelling peach right now." If your GM wants to rule that it additionally makes a giant cone of white light that's clearly visible, I suppose that's his prerogative but I don't think it fits the text of the spell at all. Visible effects are not usually associated with Divination spells, except where it's explicitly mentioned in the text of the spell (such as Arcane Sight.)

GrenMeera wrote:
RumpinRufus wrote:
and it's NOT noticeable
Except, of course, that it is.

Let's see:

1) you can't hear it

2) you can't see it

3) you can't smell it

4) you can't taste it

5) you can't feel it

So how exactly are you noticing it?

redward wrote:
mdt wrote:
Again, doesn't make the player decide to do something, it forces him to. Different mechanic.

I see this a lot with respect to Antagonize. It "forces them to decide". "My character has to attack someone of their own free will." These statements are essentially contradictory.

Antagonize is Sophie's Choice. You're going to attack, you just "get" to choose how. You can't not attack. No free will.

Why should the game give characters absolute agency over their actions, when real people in real life DON'T have absolute agency? The clear Simulationist view would be to allow the feat in some form. In order to fit it into the mechanics of the game, they made it a standard action, when you could make a good case it should take longer than that, but in general the existence of the feat adds to verisimilitude (unless you roleplay it poorly.) And the DC is clearly too low, I don't think anyone's debating over that, but that's a separate issue.

Also, you can't compare Antagonize to Greater Command. You know why. Stop that.

So much picking and choosing going on. What about Beguiling Gift? What about Calm Emotions? What about Knight's Calling? All of these things can easily force people to act against their nature, and they don't get any bonus on saves, etc. for that.

-Anvil- wrote:

Yes you could. But it becomes a much less valid option at that point especially when it takes several rounds and is noticeable. Not that the NPC's will know what you're doing other than staring a lot.

I'm really glad that creatures below 4hd don't register because if they did Detect Eveil would be REALLY broken for a lvl 1 spell. It's a good balancing mechanic.

It DOESN'T take several rounds (it's a move action for the targeted version) and it's NOT noticeable (all it requires is for you to concentrate on the target - it doesn't even say you have to be looking at them.)

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