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RumpinRufus's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 2,196 posts (2,293 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.


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Shield of Faith

Armor Class wrote:
Enhancement Bonuses: Enhancement bonuses apply to your armor to increase the armor bonus it provides.

The enhancement bonus is only increasing the armor bonus of the Silken Ceremonial Armor, making it +2 instead of +1. The Mage Armor overlaps with the Silken Ceremonial Armor, so you take the better, which is the +4.

So, in the first scenario it is +4 armor +4 shield +2 Dex total AC 20.

Similarly, the enhancement bonus to natural armor from Barkskin adds to your existing natural armor bonus (even if that's +0), and natural armor bonus stacks with regular armor bonus.

So in the second case, it would be +2 armor (including the +1 enhancement bonus) +2 natural armor (including the +2 enhancement bonus) and +2 Dex for a total of AC 16.

My GM is allowing me to use Fast Learner take two racial FCBs (half-elf life oracle taking elf FCB for Channeling and human for extra spells.) But yeah, I think unless you read it generously RAW goes against that.

The feat is just awful otherwise - it's a strictly worse version of Toughness, unless you want the Improvisation feats (which really aren't that great.)

Duncan7291 wrote:
I've seen it used effectively. Could make a half Orc one but not sure how to build exactly.

Well if you choose a deity whose favored weapon is whip (like Calistria) you get free whip proficiency. Then you can build something like this:

1: Power Attack (or other feat of choice)
1 Human: Dodge
1 Warpriest: Weapon Focus (whip)
3: Whip Mastery
3 Warpriest: Mobility
5: Combat Expertise
6 Warpriest: Spring Attack
6 Warpriest Human FCB: Whirlwind Attack
7: Improved Whip Mastery

With 20 Str (including belt and 4th level increase) and Weapon of Awe and Divine Favor (cast as a swift actions with Fervor), you're attacking everyone within 15 feet for 1d8 + 5 (Str) + 6 (Power Attack) + 2 (magic weapon) + 2 (Weapon of Awe) + 2 (Divine Favor) = 1d8 + 17 = 21.5

If you can enlarged and also cast Bull's Strength, you're hitting everyone in 30 feet for 26 damage.

And at 7 you threaten at reach for great battlefield control.

What do you think about the Whirlwind Whipper?


How about a Whirlwind Whip Warpriest? Attacking everything in a 15 foot radius (or bigger if you have natural reach) sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Six is a great level for Warpriest, because you can get two bonus feats if you use human FCBs.

Another thing to consider: using tactics like this might just not be in character for many characters.

Maybe the character is a "tough guy" who would never be seen retreating from melee.

Maybe the character is very stupid, and this type of tactic is just over his head.

Maybe it's a raging barbarian, who understands what you're saying when you explain it, but in the heat of battle his instincts take over.

I would suggest being flexible - bring multiple characters, and feel out whether or not the rest of the party is willing to stick to Ben's battle plan. Because even if it's the best idea tactically, it might involve breaking character in some circumstances. If they aren't willing to follow Ben's plan, just play a different character for that session.

Ah yes pooka should definitely be on there. Not sure how I missed that one - someone in my current group has a pooka familiar!

I'd like to see this guide: for one, it's not even clear which familiars can or can't use wands!

I tried to make a list of wand-capable familiars - let me know if I missed any or added any I shouldn't have.

Cassisian, Tripurasura, Lyrakien, Brownie, Coral Capuchin, Quasit, Imp, Faerie Dragon, Tidepool Dragon, Shadow Drake, Nuglub, Homunculus, Impundulu, Arbiter, Shikigami, Mephit, Pseudodragon, Sprite, and Zoog.

If the TWF uses accustomed tactics it denies AoOs to any reach fighters about, such as Ben.

I don't see how the "5-foot step away after full attacking" tactic denies Ben his AoO, assuming he is threatening? The enemy is hindered by the difficult terrain, so they can't 5-foot step. If the enemy wants to attack, they have to take a move action, provoking from Ben. Correct?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That's exactly what the ability does.

The real question is, why are you fighting a level 19 character when you are level 3?

Yes. Either you can use Sense Motive for AC or take a 5-foot step after confirming or make an extra attack after hitting on an AoO vs someone who missed you.

Is there any problem with using a wand of Long Arm or a Blue Scarf Swordmaster's Flair?

Barbarians get a number of rounds of rage per day. When the ability says "The total number of rounds of rage per day is renewed after resting for 8 hours" it is just telling you when and how those daily uses are refreshed. But just as a barbarian can't normally sleep 8 hours, use up his rage in 4 hours, sleep another 8 hours, and use his rage again, the Ring of Sustenance does nothing to increase his daily use of rage, which is still limited per day.

Paladins do not even need to sleep 8 hours. Their Smite Evil apparently requires them to rest, but it need not be for any long length of time. Their abilities are likewise restricted by day, not by rest period.

I assume the more recent publication is considered errata, and trumps older publications. So, 1500 gp.

Evilserran wrote:
so what if you are a cavalier with spirit charge using a lance and charge... do i only take d6 on myself, or 3d6? do i deal only 2d6 to the enemy or 6d6?

You deal 2d6 to the enemy and 1d6 to yourself.

Multiplying Damage wrote:

Sometimes you multiply damage by some factor, such as on a critical hit. Roll the damage (with all modifiers) multiple times and total the results.

Note: When you multiply damage more than once, each multiplier works off the original, unmultiplied damage. So if you are asked to double the damage twice, the end result is three times the normal damage.

Exception: Extra damage dice over and above a weapon's normal damage are never multiplied.

DesolateHarmony wrote:
You could use a fifth-level spell slot to cast that plane shift as the description says "the same spell level or lower than the expended spell slot."

Thank you... I don't know what happened to my reading comprehension. That is how I originally thought it worked, then I misread it to think you needed a higher level spell slot, and freaked out a little thinking I had cheated in my last session. But now, all is good, and the Mnemonic Vestment is just as amazing as I originally thought.

Gisher wrote:
It is the elven curve blade that can't get DEX to damage.

Elven curve blade can get Dex to damage, just give it the Agile property.

Butterfly's Sting does not seem to work with Sundering Strike. Sundering Strike requires you to have a confirmation roll, and with Butterfly's Sting causes you to auto-confirm, so there is no confirmation roll, and therefore your Sundering Strike has no way to activate.

Actually, even trip weapons don't give you a bonus to trip maneuvers. They just let you drop the weapon instead of falling prone if you fail by 10 or more.

Cloak of Disarming lets you swift-action Disarm without provoking.

Boots of the Vengeful Behir lets you Bull Rush without provoking.

What is your budget? Any maneuvers in particular you are interested in?

Blue Scarf Swordmaster's Flair will also give you reach.

Just one last comment on Blessing of the Faithful:

Isn't it a little weird that now, any time an Ecclesitheurge is part of the party, the standard protocol on Knowledge checks will go something like this:


"This inscription says that the sword once belonged to Count Denkschwer. OK, NOBODY THINK ABOUT COUNT DENKSCHWER. Think about puppies. Playful puppies. We have to give time for Steve to use his blessings. Puppies. Puppies. Puppies."

(12 seconds pass while Steve casts Guidance and uses Blessing of the Faithful on Tim)

"OK, now Tim, you try to remember what you can about Count Denkschwer. Everyone else, puppies. Whatever you do, DO NOT think about Count Denkschwer. Except for Tim, Tim you better be thinking your hardest about Count Denkschwer right now."

(another 12 seconds pass while Steve casts Guidance and uses Blessings of the Faithful on the narrator)

"OK, my turn now. Dang, I can't say I've heard of him. Ok, just continue to NOT think about Count Denkschwer. He could be really important, and if you try to remember anything about him before you're blessed, you could be messing this up for all of us. Remember that really cute goldendoodle we saw on Mount Destruction? Think about that!"

(this continues until everyone has finished their Knowledge (nobility) checks)

One item I've had some good experience with is the Whip Feather Token. It's single-use, but wizards hate being grappled, and being able to basically grapple as a free action is fantastic.

Also, you are planning on taking Step Up, correct? Especially with your ability to penalize their concentration checks, it's really a must-have for the build.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Some spells were given additional descriptors in later printings of the books. It's possible that d20pfsrd is actually more up-to-date than the PRD. But, I don't know the most recent book it was published in to check.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

1) It sounds like you had a very specific solution in mind, with the bridge. Rule 1 of GMing is "the players are NOT going to do the thing you expect them to do", so if you forget Rule 1 then you are going to get frustrated.

2) If you're not having fun, maybe Pathfinder is not the right game to play.

Tactics are important. Readied actions are key for mage-killers, as "I ready to attack when he casts a spell" is the most effective tactic vs. wizards. Archers are great for this. For your character, the Step Up feat is indispensable.

There will be a trade-off in damage, because there's no good way to full-attack and also disrupt casting. But that's ok - killing them slowly is OK, but letting them cast a spell is NOT OK.

Answer: most of them.

Things like flanking or Inspire Courage apply to all attack rolls, including combat maneuvers.

Things like Magic Fang will apply because trip, sunder, and disarm benefit from bonuses on the weapon that you are making them with.

But say, for example, you wolf was under the effect of an Invisibility spell. The bite would get a +2 for invisibility and be vs. flat-footed, but that attack would break its invisibility, so the trip would relatively be at a -2 and be against regular CMD.

Did that answer the question?

Anticipate Peril will eventually be a great use of a 1st-level spell slot, but at this level, it's a tiny bonus and you don't have the slots to spare. But, it will stack with Heightened Awareness.

Cracked Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone is another +1 for 500 gp.

sidenote: if you go Teleportation subschool, make sure you understand how it works. Once you Shift, your turn is over. And until your next turn, you can't even take immediate actions. It's useful, but make sure you use it after your standard and move actions.

Abraham spalding wrote:

Alright: In reference to the sniper sneak attack and "on your guard because you were shot once."

Explain to me how something like greater invisibility works for multiple sneak attacks in a round.

Because if being hidden isn't enough to allow you to continue to use the ability I don't understand how being invisible should work to do so -- especially in a melee situation.

Well, for one thing, it's gonna be a whole lot easier to dodge an arrow shot from 120 feet rather than 30 feet, or at least to turn so it hits your shoulder instead of your neck.

Two, if you have absolutely no idea anyone is about to shoot you, you are just really defenseless. If they are just invisible, you won't know where or when the arrow is coming, but at least you know that there is one coming, so you know you have to be on your toes, or at least not standing very still. That's why the sniper can score some extra damage when the target just has no idea, because they're not doing even the slightest bit of defensive maneuvering.

FiddlersGreen wrote:
On the other hand, you can be wasted all day and not have to worry about developing a beer-belly.

Until the pooka decides it'd be funny if you had one and uses Minor Image.

Pre-rolling is just huge.

If it's REALLY bogging down, you can use a dice roller like It may not feel the same if you're not physically rolling the damage dice... but it's better than just taking the average.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Not everything gives the same Power Attack multiplier as Str multiplier: see, Dragon Style and Dragon Ferocity.

Anyway, this is not really a rules question. It is either an errata request (one that you yourself admit is unbalanced, because it is,) or it is a house rule, in which case it belongs on the house rules forum.

I suggest we just let this thread sink... OP already knows RAW does not support his interpretation.

No. Overhand Chop has absolutely no effect on Power Attack.

Isn't it kind of meaningless? Depending on how they're built, and how optimized and complementary they are, you will have to balance around that.

Just find out which CRs make for challenging encounters when you give them to them, and go from there.

Feral Focus (Su) wrote:

At 1st level, a feral hunter gains a limited ability to change her shape into hybrid animal forms. This functions as the animal focus class feature, except that the hunter always applies the animal aspect to herself, and there is no limit to this ability's duration. She can end this ability as a free action.

When a feral hunter uses this ability, her body takes on cosmetic aspects of an animal, such as furry skin, longer nails, elongated teeth, and oddly colored eyes; these changes do not grant her any abilities other than what is stated in the animal focus, and end when she takes on a different aspect or ends the ability. This physical change is a polymorph effect, though the effects of the animal focus are not.

This ability replaces the animal focus, second animal focus, hunter tactics, and speak with master class abilities.

DominusMegadeus wrote:
He has nowhere to look to. He knows absolutely nothing about where I am. He still takes full sneak attack damage from me, but this level damage suddenly goes away?

He has a freakin' arrow protruding from his chest that literally points directly at you. I'm pretty sure he has some idea where you are.

Once they know there is a sniper, they are on their guard.

I think it's a cool ability - one thing that is notoriously difficult to do in Pathfinder is one-shot guards. This lets you make a silent take-down, which can definitely come in handy when you're trying to break into somewhere undetected.

Although if you do go super-channeler, your Cure spells might do so much less than your channels that you'll hardly end up using them in combat. Unless you take Combat Healer and are casting them as swift actions.

Also, if you invest in ANY kind of metamagic rod, make sure you invest in a spring-loaded wrist sheath, unless you plan on just holding it all of the time. Because since metamagic rods take a full-round action for you to use, by the time you've used a move action to draw the rod you can't even use the spell you wanted to cast.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Belafon wrote:
RumpinRufus wrote:
Is Blessing of the Faithful really intended to be at-will?
Expanded options of aid another, without a roll, and from range. Sounds like a pretty good ability.

I guess that's one way to think of it, but I guess I'm just concerned about bogging down gameplay a little. Because now Guidance + Blessing of the Faithful becomes that 12-second buff that you should really do before pretty much every out-of-combat skill check. And it applies to a lot of things that you can't Aid Another on.

"Wait! Don't make that jump. Let me cast Guidance and use Blessing of the Faithful."

"Wait! Don't disarm that trap. Let me cast Guidance and use Blessing of the Faithful."

"Wait! Don't try and remember anything about history. Let me cast Guidance and use Blessing of the Faithful."

"Wait! Don't use that scroll. Let me cast Guidance and use Blessing of the Faithful."

Or alternatively, the receiver having to ask before every skill check "Do you mind using Guidance and Blessing of the Faithful on me?" which similarly just slows things down, I feel.

Maybe I'm being silly. A buff is a buff, it just seems like this will get really repetitive if you want to really use it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Is Blessing of the Faithful really intended to be at-will?

Well if you were a neutral cleric of a neutral deity, then Versatile Channeler would let you harm living. But oracles don't qualify.

Are there any abilities/spells that would force enemies to provoke AoO, considering I'm only lvl 6, almost 7.

This isn't relevant to your character, but there's the 3rd-level witch spell Screech.

Yes, we obviously need to give conjuration wizards more awesome abilities since they are so underpowered as it is.


Shift does not work with Dimensional Agility by RAW, and it shouldn't because it's just way way overpowered. It would basically mean wizards are now impossible to grapple and impossible to full attack.

BlingerBunny wrote:
Well I'm thinkin' of utility now, but could I use Channel Force to pull an ally near me and out of danger?

Not unless they're a dhampir or something - Channel Force says "When you channel energy to deal damage" and you can't channel positive to deal damage to living creatures.

BlingerBunny wrote:
Also, could someone clarify what the Mnemonic Vestment does?

You more-or-less treat every (divine) scroll you carry as if it were a spell you knew, that took a spell slot one level higher. But, once you use the vestment for the day you can't use this ability again for the rest of the day.

Say you don't know the 5th-level spell Plane Shift, but you have a (divine) scroll of it. The Mnemonic Vestment allows you to still cast it as if you knew it, as long as you use a 6th-level slot or higher. Treat it exactly like you knew the spell and were casting it normally - the DC is 10 + 5 (spell level) + Cha, the CL is your own CL, and if you have any feats like Spell Penetration, they would apply. But now you have to wait for tomorrow to use the vestment again.

Just have them pay the normal price (15 x spell level^2) for any spells in addition to the ones they gain through level advancement. Unless any spells are especially rare or guarded in your setting, in which case they may need a backstory reason to access them, at your discretion, but it's probably better for everyone just to do it the easy way.

Zenogu wrote:


Also known as Incredibly Limited Wish

You know, I've heard this one, and I appreciate the humor, but it's really not. Limited Wish allows you to "Produce any other effect whose power level is in line with the above effects." Wish goes further, saying "You may try to use a wish to produce greater effects than these, but doing so is dangerous."

While Prestidigitation does many things, it does not give any discretion for doing anything that is not stated in the spell. It can:

1) lift
2) color
3) clean
4) soil
5) chill
6) warm
7) flavor
8) create small objects

But it cannot do anything else.

boring7 wrote:
RumpinRufus wrote:
I was on board for lighting fires, because 3.5 prestidigitation explicitly allowed you to produce basically a lighter flame.
Ah! I was wondering where that came from, because many people think it's allowed when that's an ability that's explicitly prohibited (it would be replicating the Spark spell.)
That's not what the word "explicitly" means.
Prestidigitation wrote:
Finally, prestidigitation lacks the power to duplicate any other spell effects.
Spark wrote:
You can make an unattended Fine flammable object catch on fire. This works as if you were using flint and steel except that you can use spark in any sort of weather and it takes much less time to actually ignite an object.

I was on board for lighting fires, because 3.5 prestidigitation explicitly allowed you to produce basically a lighter flame.

Ah! I was wondering where that came from, because many people think it's allowed when that's an ability that's explicitly prohibited (it would be replicating the Spark spell.)

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