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Gold Dragon

Rubber Ducky guy's page

274 posts. Alias of Auron.


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Assuming PVP is what everyone wants and no one at the table will have hirt feeling when their PC is defeated, this is what you should do.

1) Even the score. Orcs are a 1/3 CR creature with an XP of 135. 200 of them are roughly in the range of CR 13.
That's also the CR of an Adult Bronze dragon. They sometimes work with adventures to fight evil, which an Antipaladin and an army of Orcs sound like.

But it's still an Dragon, so prepare an inspiring speach if you want his aid.

The alternative is to look to your own.

An army of 200 elves should be a fair opposition.

To run the clash of the two armies there are a few options.

Have the GM group the armies into small units, or troops and have them battle each other using normal combat.

Mass Combat.
Developed for Kingmaker and reprintes in ultimate campaign, provides an alternate combat system for armies to fight in.

Aid another.
This is useful if the armies are fighting you and the Antipaladin.
Any character can use their action to provide a +2 to defence or attack of an adjacent character.
Sacrifice character actions to increase the attack and defense of certain Orcs or Elves.

2) Fight on your ground.
For this to come to a satisfying conclusion it should wnd with you and him an an epic 1-1 duel.
Being paladin based, he'll have the advantage up close with his armour, smite and touch of corruption.

Confront him on difficult terrain so he can't charge and use hit-run tactics.

Hit once, then move out of his reach so he can't tag you on the next turn.
Use full withdraw or the mobility feat if you have it to keep away.

Good luck

The Paladin was supposed to be on watch and his companions were killed in their sleep

The Paladin drank a potion of fly

By killing the God of Evil to be, the Paladin unwittingly took her place.

The terrible aspects of her new being melted the faces of the judges.

The Paladin tried a new recipe

I shapeshift inta a fitspiration meme and put the American eating habits to shame

If you're going for the stargate feel, Nadya should stumble through her gate Heldren and be a PC

Kalshane wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
Kalshane wrote:

I want to say last night's episode was definitely better on the dialogue front. A lot less clunky and a bit of wit on occasion.

I didn't care for
** spoiler omitted **

I think it made sense in light of Cat's piece on Supergirl and her slam against millenials.
But if he hadn't done it, she would be dead. Hard to prove your worth when you're dead.

Her complaint was that Jimmy didn't know she was dying. As soon as she went after Reactor he called SM in for help.

I'm liking the social commentary in this series. Little bits here and there dealing with sexism and generational stereotypes SG has to deal with.

Yeah. Just sprinkle them through the adventure.

Their arrival in Kakishon would be a good moment to do another Harrowing.
And you could use that result as hooks to explore the demiplane's past and fate

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Those are some really good cards for this adventure

You could scatter the icons through the adventure to for shadow some aspects.

For example a glyph represeting the card for betrayal could be found in the temple in book 1 to represent the Daemon and the fallen cleric.

The fiend can make an appearance in book 2 when the players decend past the throne in the house of the beast, representing the destruction to occur of Xonti is reawaken.

And a perception check on Radi Hamdi in book 3 could reveal the Idiot or Snakebite, fortelling his dishonesty

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Marvel's Jessica Jones #1 is available for free on comixology


Blayde MacRonan wrote:

Thread necromancy used.

I don't have to worry about this in my campaign... but I'm of the opinion that killing the paladin should be the last thing to do in this scenario. To use a quote from the Riddler in Batman Forever, "If you kill 'im, then he won't learn nothing." Because the point is to make sure that not only he gets that Iaga Baba is no one to trifle with, but that the others get that message as well.

Or kill him quickly, in the first round if possible.

Then let his allies take his broken body away to be raised. At level 16(?) death is hardly the end and a humiliating deafeat could teach the Paladin a lesson.

A simpler alternative, but one that moves away from the 1001 trope is to have a reoccurring window to escape.

Have the players discover the earth seed or the protean pool only to find out it will only work during the waning cresent moon.

"Bad luck that you're stuck here for 3 weeks. But hey, how about those snow fields of Aliskiren."

Have Jhavul entertain the players at the pleasure palace. They can dine eaxh night and bond with him.
He can open up 39 of the 40 rooms for them to marvel at artworks and treasures each more wonderous than the last.

And their punishment is that he imprisons the players and take takes the tunning fork.
Jhavul escapes with his army.
Players swear vengeance.
A betrayed dilix frees the PCs and everyone starts work on Plan B

Posters take turns bowling: 1d11 - 1 ⇒ (2) - 1 = 1 twice.
0 is a gutter ball, 10 is a strike (or spare)

Scoring, turns, as bowling.

Also, white soles shoes only. We don't want scuff marks all over these boards.

Bad spin. Lets see if i can do better
bowling: 1d11 - 1 ⇒ (2) - 1 = 1

Ceaser Slaad wrote:

Regardless, all the problems that people have been pointing out in terms of police versus either black violence or police versus any citizen violence don't hold a candle to the truly incredible amount of black on black violence that seems to get taken as a matter of course and nonchalantly swept under the rug.

Black on black violence is criminal just like cop on black violence is [should be]

Only who is going to report a crime and cooperate with the police if they'll arrest/beat/shoot you over nothing.

Is it wrong to expect police to stop crime, not cause it?

Handouts, handouts, handouts.

There's so much interesting lore about the templars, genies and Rovagug that's on the book but doesn't make it to the players. Print out pages from the book detailing the history of everything and give them to players as they explore in the first book.

Remember that those stories on the inside covers are from a Book 'The Songs of Shar...' and can be found or gifted in the 3rd book. She's also a captive they can rescue in book 5

See age of Ultron.

Hero goes back in time to fix a grave mistake and returns to the darkest timeline.

Seems like Scarlet Witch can do the same damage unintentionally.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A piece of Advice. Legacy of Fire is heavy on the rails, with the story taking a team of players who fulfilled their goals in book 1 and dragging them across the plains.

Try mentioning a treasure or item rumored to lie on the isle of Kakishon so when they players find the map they lead the charge in getting it activated.

Nohwear wrote:
Gratz and what not. It would be funny, at least to me, to run Reign of Winter next. Although your players may prefer something where the environment is not a concern. At any rate, good luck with your next campaign.

Funny enough, I'm choosing between Reign of Winter and Carrion Crown.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

After 4 1/2 years my group wrapped up Legacy of Fire with an 8 hour encounter.

I was exhausted at the end of it but our group finally got a sense of closure for an Adventure Path.

I started with two groups that merged into one as players dropped off and came back.

I made an epic mistake 4 1/2 years ago by giving my players an overly generous ability array and one group used it well to crush every encounter I lined up in front of them.

I started modify and building encounters to challenge them, and by the End of Eternity I learned how to build encounters properly.

Halfway through I dropped their Ability Scores to a 20 point buy and adjusted all future encounters accordingly.

I lost 4 PCs during the campaign.

The most memorable was the Rogue who decided to investigate a noise with the Paladin while on watch. He spotted one pair of Hyenas greaping into camp but not the ones behind him.

The other was another rogue who, on 1 hit point made a dash for the paladin for healing. An invisible Efreet cut her down 5 ft from the safety.

In the end everyone had fun and a Huge thanks to the team who put this together.

Now to decide which Adventure to do next.

Dudemeister built this into an epic adventure with a skill check goal to teach the top.

Here it is

Because brown mold only deals non lethal damage. It isn't cold enough to kill off other patches

My condolences man. I hope time sees you back on your feet

We named our Kingmaker nation Kyshahn, after the heroes Kyte and Ishahn who died in book 1.

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I can see the Air Temple
Now I can't. Father, where are we going?

We have to make a stop

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Tels wrote:

The problem I have with Aang as depicted in the show is the extent to which he favored Tenzin. Based off the interactions of the siblings, one might assume Aang never took any child on any trip or vacation other than Tenzin after he was old enough. Ever. Tenzin started rattling off all the different places he'd been that none of the other kids got to see.

At the same time, I'm hard pressed to think that Katara would ever let him get away with that. Katara is way too headstrong to let Aang so badly neglect his other two kids to such an extent. She takes charge in everything and with Aang being so passive, I'm more inclined to think that Katara would force him to take all the kids if he's going to take any of them.

That's not to say I don't think Aang wouldn't favor Tenzin, I totally understand why he did, but I don't think that he would have favored him to the extent that he did.

I also find it hard to believe Tenzin can't remember the fact that none of his family went with him on any of the trips; that it was just him and his Dad. Lack of perception is one thing, but being that thick is something else entirely.

I can't see Katara letting Aang get away with that either, but I can see Aang taking Tenzin on a pilgrimage to the temples to learn airbending traditions and getting sidetracked with penguin sledding

It's a pelvic smurf, that drives you insaaaaaane.

Wiggz wrote:

First off, I'm a straight man married to an actively bisexual woman who is the absolute love of my life (on the boards as Story Archer). She has a number of gay and bi-sexual friends which means I now have a number of gay and bi-sexual friends. To a fault none of them are activist or concerned about much more than getting through life the way we all are, and none of them consider gay marriage much of an issue (including two couples who have had marriage ceremonies themselves). I'm putting those details out there just to provide context for the question and what must be my own ignorance on the subject.

My wife and I lived together for seven years before deciding to get married - we were 'there' already in our hearts and minds and never really had any intentions of doing it at all, but we weren't opposed to it either and eventually it just seemed like it was time (for the family as much as anything). We married in the bookstore where we met before a couple dozen friends and family in a non-religious ceremony. We've been married for four years this month. After we got married absolutely nothing in our lives changed, not socially, not financially, nothing.

From the outside I look at the debate over gay marriage and am in a quandary over what it is exactly that's being fought for. I am of the opinion that the word 'rights' is thrown around far too much in modern society, to the point that any privilege anyone or any group gets automatically becomes a 'right' for everyone else by default... and I'm not singling out marriage in that observation, not by a long shot.

My confusion is this: to my understanding, there are no laws against standing up in front of a group of loved ones and publically announcing your love and commitment to another person. Legal benefits of marriage all seem easily addressed in other ways (power of attorney, medical power of attorney, etc.), legal adoption of children by LGBT couples and individuals have been increasing dramatically every year... so what is it exactly being fought...

I had the same kind of view about marriage. I'd been with my partner for a few years and I knew she was the one, but I feek the need to make a big deal about it by getting married.

She, on the otherhand loved me, knew that she would always be together, but also wanted to have a wedding. Being married was important to her.

So one day I proposed and we got married 6 weeks ago.

The day is one we'll always remember.
Our friends and family helped out and it truly was a magical experience.

My point. Marriage may not be a big deal for you, your wife or past me, but it's big deal for a lot of straight and gay couples.

Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
TOZ, you need to share with Kirth that contingency/wish that notifies you when your name is mentioned.

Or invest in this feat

bugleyman wrote:

Because Windows 7 ate 9.

I'm so, so very sorry.

Don't be :-)

Why are they going to 10?
Because 10 is higher than 9, making it more advanced.

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richard develyn wrote:

In my opinion what you want to do with the OGL is to encourage 3PPs to publish complimentary products rather than competing ones.

I think Paizo is missing trick with this by not opening up Golarion, and in particular APs, to 3PPs.

It's certainly been done before (Glorantha comes to mind). Paizo could state quite clearly that anything published by 3PPs is not consider canon in exactly the same way that 3PP Pathfinder content is not considered canon.

The advantage, however, would be that 3PPs could publish a whole host of AP-supporting material, in much the same way River Nations was but with greater integration, in order to tailor APs to the various diverse tastes which are found around the community. For example we could have:

Additional side-quests or even major new complimentary adventures
Crib-sheets, charts and other GM aids
Hero-lab content
5 and 6 player conversions
Conversions for pre-pathfinder APs
Updates to APs to bring them in line with the new books
Major overhauls to re-imagine the APs for different play styles (more or less RP, more or less combat, etc).

All of these things would support the sales of APs rather than detract from them.

It seems like a win-win situation to me, and if some 3pp wants to write an adventure where Galactus comes down and devours the whole of Varisia - what does it matter? It wont have happened in the *real* Golarion.


Legendary Games do a Gothic and an Oriental series of adventures and supplements that have "nothing" to do with Carrion Crown and Jade Regent, but totally work well during and in between the adventure paths.

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archmagi1 wrote:
Bellona wrote:
archmagi1 wrote:
One of the CS's primary deities is all about cooking people, on top of the cosmic insanity deity and the make babies with all things deity previously mentioned.

Cooking people? Are you referring to Gyronna (not one of the main 20), or another one?

I'm assuming that the other two are Zon-Kuthon and Lamashtu, although one could substitute the entire Cthulhu mythos for Zon-Kuthon when it comes to cosmic insanity.

The unholy text of Urgathoa Serving Your Hunger is partially a cookbook. A people cookbook.

That's a misconception that started with an incorrect translation and spread by intolerant enemies of the church

Serving Your Hunger is a cookbook for people.

It's about bringing people together

into a meatloaf

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James Jacobs wrote:
Haladir wrote:

The artwork for Demons Revisited: every chapter title page has one of the iconics about to be killed by a demon, in particularly nasty ways. The two I find most chilling are...

Lirianne, possessed by a shadow demon, firing her pistol into Seelah's head, blowing out her friend's brains.

A glabrezu gleefully showing the corpse of Droogami to a caged and despondent Lini.

Now, now... that wasn't Droogami's corpse. It was just his fur. He might still be alive. Kept painfully so, even after he was skinned. The artwork doesn't make that part clear.





I don't think that makes it better

Chris Lambertz wrote:

My actual time ran was 03:30:14, but I crossed the finish line at 03:50:27 (there were lots of stops and cake and sasquatches!). Part of the reason my time is so slow is that towards mile 11 my hip flexors started giving me a LOT of trouble (on a 1-10 scale at the time, probably an 8; about 3 hours afterward I'd say a 4). But I'm pleased with myself. :)

Unfortunately, last night I just got news that someone running the half with me didn't make it to cross the finish line. I'm hoping to participate in the memorial run for them in November, should it take place.

That sounds ominous. Is your friend ok?

What was your time?
And on a scale of 1 to 10, how much pain are you in?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You'll be fine.

I've flown domesticly in Australia a few times, and to Thailand and back onces.

I've never seen seats reclined all the way back interfear with the person behind them.

Maybe Australia has more space between rows, less incline in their chairs or maybe I'm a poor judge of space.

In movies, as in everywhere, do as The Weaton says.

"Don't be a [jerk]."

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Aaron Bitman wrote:
Rubber Ducky guy wrote:

I once had the gem on an obviously trapped pedestal be a balled up piece of paper with an illusion to make it look valuable.

The paper had explosive runes written on it.

In my opinion, this post has the best one yet.

Only if the paper had written on it

"I prepared Explosive Runes today"

That's exactly what I wrote on the ball of paper I handed to the player :-D

38 people marked this as a favorite.

I once had the gem on an obviously trapped pedestal be a balled up piece of paper with an illusion to make it look valuable.

The paper had explosive runes written on it.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
Dingo, all those operations you cited have the goal of rounding up mango thieves and exiling them to a noncontiguous string. You should be thankful for them!

Sydney is way to cold to grow mangoes.

Unless they were breaking up a yellow market distribution ring

They intercepted a phone call which was was planning a random killing, kinda like the man who was butchered on the street by extremists in UK.

In that case then it was decisive action that saved lives.

But 1 charged out of 15 arrested? How many of those arrested had nothing to do with it?
Did they have any evidence on these people, or were they targeted because of their friends of friends?
Alligations of racial targeting have been made, but we'll have to wait for the media hyperbole to die down before that claim can be assessed.

This doesn't sit well with me, but my anti government bias may be getting in the way.

Chris Lambertz wrote:

This week I have to be spot on with eating, so I prepped myself all kinds of yummy lunches for this week. Today I have grilled chicken caesar salad, strawberries, a pepperoni stick and some pirate's booty.

The race is on Sunday.


You got this. This is when the training pays off.

On Sunday take it one step at a time and enjoy the view

Yesterday was a sad day.
My Wife and I went to an all you can eat pancake place and I got full after my first plate :'(

Chris Lambertz wrote:
I've finally pushed through one HUGE project tonight. Now let's see if I can get MORE before the end of the week :D

Is project a healthy way to say pizza?

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Pecan Sandie Duncan wrote:
Lamontius wrote:
I ate a chicken

{ponders: "Hoo-mahns don't eat bones"}

Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock
Do you wanna animate a skeleton?

Does it have to be a skeleton?

pres man wrote:
So since someone started talking about game mechanics, let me ask this. Since armor isn't gender specific (even full plate is individual specific, not gender specific), if a female foe is killed and male character takes her armor and dons it, does it still have the boob window and/or missing midriff or does the fantasy powers make those cover up?
CRB page 150 wrote:

Full Plate: This metal suit includes gauntlets, heavy leather boots, a visored helmet, and a thick layer of padding that is worn underneath the armor. Each suit of full plate must be individually fitted to its owner by a master armorsmith, although a captured suit can be resized to fit a new owner at a cost of 200 to 800 (2d4 × 100) gold pieces.

You'll have to have to go visit an armor smith to get the window patched/cut out before you can use it.

pres man wrote:
So since someone started talking about game mechanics, let me ask this. Since armor isn't gender specific (even full plate is individual specific, not gender specific), if a female foe is killed and male character takes her armor and dons it, does it still have the boob window and/or missing midriff or does the fantasy powers make those cover up?

In this example, is the armor +1 enhanced or higher?

Ice Cream Bread
2 cups of ice cream
1 1/2 cups S.R. Flour
Bake @150°C for 45min or until toothpick comes out clean

4 people marked this as a favorite.

So Paizo has dialed back the sexiness of it's female iconics.
Boo hoo.

These guys have always been about inclusiveness, and that extends to telling woman that they don't have to be a sex fantasy to play the game.

@Lord Frye
No one has said having sexy art in fantasy is badWrongFun .
What is badWrongFun is sending the message that there is only one way women should be depicted in fantasy.

Chip & cheese sandwich.
Works with any flavour of chip but Salt & Vinegar has a nice kick to it.
Microwave till the cheese melts and enjoy it while it's still hot

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Crystal Frasier wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:

Awesome. Just fabulous. I'm all glittery.


'Crystal Frasier, Contributor'


No tears, Gorbacz. It means I have more time to write!

Please tell me you're writing something soon.

This iconic was really something else.

Edit: Spelling

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