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Gold Dragon

Rubber Ducky guy's page

233 posts. Alias of Auron.


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Yesterday was a sad day.
My Wife and I went to an all you can eat pancake place and I got full after my first plate :'(

Chris Lambertz wrote:
I've finally pushed through one HUGE project tonight. Now let's see if I can get MORE before the end of the week :D

Is project a healthy way to say pizza?

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Pecan Sandie Duncan wrote:
Lamontius wrote:
I ate a chicken

{ponders: "Hoo-mahns don't eat bones"}

Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock
Do you wanna animate a skeleton?

Does it have to be a skeleton?

pres man wrote:
So since someone started talking about game mechanics, let me ask this. Since armor isn't gender specific (even full plate is individual specific, not gender specific), if a female foe is killed and male character takes her armor and dons it, does it still have the boob window and/or missing midriff or does the fantasy powers make those cover up?
CRB page 150 wrote:

Full Plate: This metal suit includes gauntlets, heavy leather boots, a visored helmet, and a thick layer of padding that is worn underneath the armor. Each suit of full plate must be individually fitted to its owner by a master armorsmith, although a captured suit can be resized to fit a new owner at a cost of 200 to 800 (2d4 × 100) gold pieces.

You'll have to have to go visit an armor smith to get the window patched/cut out before you can use it.

pres man wrote:
So since someone started talking about game mechanics, let me ask this. Since armor isn't gender specific (even full plate is individual specific, not gender specific), if a female foe is killed and male character takes her armor and dons it, does it still have the boob window and/or missing midriff or does the fantasy powers make those cover up?

In this example, is the armor +1 enhanced or higher?

Ice Cream Bread
2 cups of ice cream
1 1/2 cups S.R. Flour
Bake @150°C for 45min or until toothpick comes out clean

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So Paizo has dialed back the sexiness of it's female iconics.
Boo hoo.

These guys have always been about inclusiveness, and that extends to telling woman that they don't have to be a sex fantasy to play the game.

@Lord Frye
No one has said having sexy art in fantasy is badWrongFun .
What is badWrongFun is sending the message that there is only one way women should be depicted in fantasy.

Chip & cheese sandwich.
Works with any flavour of chip but Salt & Vinegar has a nice kick to it.
Microwave till the cheese melts and enjoy it while it's still hot

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Crystal Frasier wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:

Awesome. Just fabulous. I'm all glittery.


'Crystal Frasier, Contributor'


No tears, Gorbacz. It means I have more time to write!

Please tell me you're writing something soon.

This iconic was really something else.

Edit: Spelling

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We do, but our GM excels at bringing these NPCs to life.
Loosing an NPC in one of his games is like loosing your favorite character in a book or TV series.

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YellowDingo because while some of his threads may be considered outlandish, their ideas are entertaining.

And Orthos, because whenever I see a comical yet relevant alias chiming into a conversation, he's usually the one behind it.

Last week was a junkfood binge and my fiance wants something healthy so this Friday will be Basa filets baked with garlic butter on sweet potato/carrott mash + assorted steamed vegies.

Then Saturday will be a game day with more lollies and chocolate :-)

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Can we be sure this is thread necromancy?
Did anyone see the body?

What if the thread traveled from 2010 to the present instead?

At 1423, I'm too sexy for this thread.

Aroden was one day out from retirement his return when he came across a pack of devils knocking over a church of Cayden Cailean.
They got lucky with a crit and it turned out to be a bad day to leave your amulet of natural armour at home.

Greylurker wrote:


oh yeah that thing

I live in Saskatchewan, Canada.

We decided not to do that, felt it was silly

you're welcome to move up here, but we're still buried under snow at the moment so you might want to wait a month or two


This is what happens when you do away with daylight savings.

You'll doon us all

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Wizards can't wink.
While we usually leave 90% of our brains un utilized, wizards need much more space than that. Often 500% of our brain power is required to master the most basic arcane marvels.

Fortunately wizards have learned exceed petty things like limits, but some mental re routing of the mind is required.

Because of this Wizards are no longer able to wink.

And they can't wiggle their ears either.

/True Story

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Wizards can grow glorious beards.
Sorcerers can not. The magic in their blood that gives them their powere damages the hair follicles over time.

After many years most Sorcerer go completely bald.

/True Story.

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Loy and Latricia Rezbin are also a straight couple who exist in Kingmaker. A human and an elf, and one of the cutest couples ever (he's kind of a country-boy hick, and she's kind of a badass ranger).

*she was

Try Meteor Clown

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Anzyr wrote:
Zhayne wrote:
Not all gravestones state the cause of death. you could also make it vague, like 'Sacrificed Himself For The World' or 'Died As He Lived ... Like An Idiot'.
He died doing the right thing. (Mandatory inclusion to the above list)

Chocked on a piece of broccoli.

Someone should make a table

Last night I saw the movie The Forgotten.
It's about a woman who looses her son in a plane crash 14 months prior. She's still grieving until people start telling her that she never had a son and that she's delusional.

Cue the conspiracy.

Partway through the movie a thought accord.

DC Animated should do a Question movie. It would be the bomb.

Protip: If you're melting chocolate in a boiling water, don't use heat resistant glass

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But if they did I'm sure she'd clean an iron it. Ash's mum is a kind and generous soul.

It might be useful if people post the country their talking about.

School Abjuration Level bard 6
Components: MS
Casting Time: Full Round
Duration: 10min/ level
Target: Self
Save: Will

The caster imbues themselves with a special power not available to others.
They gain a +10 x-treme bonus to anyone ability score.

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School Transmutation Level cleric/oracle 3, sorcerer/wizard 3; druid 3; witch 3;
Components: SMF
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Duration: 1/hour level
Save: Will
Targeted creature becomes a new race as per the reincarnate spell.

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In the city its a handshake if you're both blokes, and a hug/hug+cheek tap if one of you is female

In the CBD after dark it starts with a punch to the back of the head...

I was surprised too, but the goblin comrade in this story. His friend is comrade and his friends wife is the Mrs Comrade

Release a cat or a fox into the market and see who chases it.

Set up a stall in the market a sell scooby snacks. Werewolves can't resist.

Or lastly, kill them all and let Erastal sort them out

Neutral Good Bard.

I weave a story around the player characters and while I want a happy ending, they'll have to earn it from me.

Let the sandwich come to you.

You'll appreciate it more when you don't have to put effort into it

Sissyl wrote:
I see two possibilities. One, the obvious part, is that it's made of pie. I mean, of course. The second alternative is that it's really an armor spike golem, a being completely composed of armor spikes.

But that just leads to the question,

What is the Pie that makes up the Paizo Golem made out of?

I have a backlog of novels to read. And this may help me finally finish twilight.

But the main reason I'm trying this is for the treadmill. Ive wanted to give reading a go while running but holding up a book interferes with my stride and I can't focus on the text when it's sitting on the console.

I'm hoping extra large text and autoscroll will counter tbos problems.

Yesterday I came across an article on Spritz and was instantly intrigued.

Spritz forces you to speed read by quickly showing you a text one word at a time.

It isn't available yet, but I did find Rapid Read on the android store.
It's doesn't have the helpful red letter that spritz has and it only works off websties and text files.
Still I managed to convert Prince of Wolves into a text so I can try it out tonight during my run.

Does anyone else have experience with these speed reading apps?

Since he's playing a half elf ranger, he gets neither of those.

Umbriere Moonwhisper wrote:
Zhayne wrote:
Umbriere Moonwhisper wrote:

to any of you, whether or not you are familiar with my unique aesthetic tastes.

how many of you, would allow me to play a conversion of a Tera Online Elin in your games?

if we go by the game and it's mechanics

it's a small fey race with a pair of flexible ability bonuses without penalty (as per dual talent human), the ability to wield medium weapons and count as medium for the purpose of manuevers, darkvision 60 feet, and a 40 foot land speed, as well as a 30 foot swim speed and the ability to cast an AoE version of calm emotions centered around itself once per hour.

i need help fleshing it out, but it's one of my favorite MMO races.

My only objection would be on the basis that I question its balance, not the concept proper.

I mean, frag, they're fey. If that isn't carte blanche for weird stuff, I dunno what is.

i guess some of the abilities could be dropped

but it's primary things would be

*+2 to 2 attributes of your choice (as per human dual talent or Variant Aasimaar, to represent their class flexibility) (most Races give +2 to two of the primary stats for a given class anyway)
*Small Size
* able to wield medium weapons without penalty or change in handedness if Strength 13+ (Elin Berserkers, Slayers and Lancers are often seen carrying Large Greataxes, Greatswords and Polearms in one hand, but being able to carry a medium weapon without a change in handedness, would be a more reasonable compromise)
*40 foot base speed (in Tera, their speed is 40% faster than that of any other race in the game, but 40 ft, or 33% faster than a human is reasonable)
*darkvision (it would replace low light, it's handed out like candy in PF)
*Swim Speed 30 feet (Elins are known to swim faster than the other races too)
*AoE Calm Emotions effect centered around self once per hour with a Requirement of 13+ Cha, doesn't affect self

Do you have access to the Advanced Race Guide?

They have rules and point buys for custom races to keep them balanced with the core rules.

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Mark Hoover wrote:
Tonight on the menu? Chicken. I don't know what else, other than I have to use up some thawed chicken (tenderloins). I personally loathe breaded chicken, but the kids like it. However, I have nothing else - no sides, no starch, not even a recipe. Just... chicken. I have 2 hours to get this figured out.
Depending on your tastes and available ingredients, maybe one of these recipes?
Or, do you have a can of soup in the pantry?

Or a button to make soup from?

Even Paladins retire and take leadership/training roles. I'm sure they can manage a few potions too while they're at it

Charlie Bell wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:

Australia's Forrest's are primarily Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus are filled with a flammable oil, they burn fast, often explode into flame. In the summer you can see a blue haze over the forest, that is the oil permeating the air like gasoline vapour.

Lightning strikes start most fires in old growth forests. If you don't have a fire you don't clear the leaf litter made up of oil rich eucalypts leaves.

A lot Eucalypts can not reproduce without fire, while California's climate is similar it's forests aren't evolved to burn.

Holy crap. In Australia, even the TREES will kill you. Not to mention, all those forests are full of poisonous, sharp-toothed fauna....

Eucalyptus are prone to shedding large, heavy branches from the main trunk earning them the name 'Widow Makers'.

Loggers are the ultimate conservationists now, according to Our Prime Minster.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Your patience on this forum sets an example for all.

May your fortune be ever well Sean

My fiance is getting sick again so I'll be making another batch of my +2 cold bane chicken and corn soup tonight.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

DM Dudemeister for running Kingmaker and Jade Regent for us.

Both use a large supporting cast of NPCs and he keeps them from fading into the background.

Also, he sometimes does voices.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

It was there long before the office was built, and will be there long after the the office is dust in the wind

The ninja gets Hidden Master at 20th level which is lisyed as a Supernatural Ability (Su)

Core Rulebook, Apendix 1 wrote:

Supernatural Abilities (Su): Supernatural abilities are magical but not spell-like. Supernatural abilities are not subject to spell resistance and do not function in areas where
magic is suppressed or negated (such as an a­ntimagic field). A supernatural ability’s effect cannot be dispelled and is not subject to counterspells. See Table 16–1 for a summary of the types of special abilities.

Since they're magical and are blocked by Antimagic fields, they should be detectable by detect magic.

BTW, this should be posted in the rules forum next time

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm a white, 30 year old straight Australian male. I have had no experience with discrimination and no shortage or role models growing up.

I know there's a great deal of inequality in this world but I don't know what the best way to deal with it is. I studdied electrical engineering, not social science.

I don't know if a black Johnny Storm is a token black guy or not.
I don't know if it would help or hurt the cause.
I don't know how to best increase the heroes represent minorities.

By creating new heroes?
By retconning white heroes? (which there are plenty of)
I don't know. But what I do know is 'because that's how it's always been' should never be a valid excuse.

Because they way things have been aren't the way things are now.

And the ways things are today won't be the way they are tomorrow.

As for the other two...

Actors are actors. They act.
Did anyone think Heath Ledger could pull off the joker?
That Hugh Laurie play house House?
That Jim Carrey could play a serious role, ever?

This is just casting. We have no idea what the people involved are planning. Now is not the time to judge this movie.

Just take a deep breath, and wait for the trailers.

Here you go

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Aranna wrote:

I hate how people miss represent things in a false way to portray whatever they want to claim.

Neither Jordon Davis or Trayvon Martin were shot for being black. Trayvon WAS a violent man and attacked Zimmerman and ended up getting shot. The charges in his case were dropped... it was clear what happened. Zimmerman saw someone in a hoodie about on the street after dark in an area that had seen burglaries and falsely assumed Trayvon was the thief. He followed Trayvon and Trayvon got upset and attacked Zimmerman. Zimmerman has the right to defend himself in this country and so after a long court process where Zimmerman lost everything from his job to his girl, he won the court fight. Now in the Davis case you had rowdy teens doing nothing wrong getting fired on by a hot headed man (Dunn) who was angry over their load music and decided to open fire. He is JUSTLY serving prison time for three counts of attempted murder. And would have likely have had a conviction for 2nd degree murder on his rap sheet as well if the prosecutors didn't foolishly try for 1st degree murder which was obviously not the case (there was no evidence this was premeditated in any way.)

Stay on topic folks.

If you want to debate the guilt of Zimmerman or Martin there are more appropriate places for this.

This thread is about nerd rage and opposition to change/evolution

I didn't follow much Mr Terrific, but I believe that was post 52

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