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Um, yes, and the BOMPA and the LOMPA gadgets are outrageously priced.

While I can't say that it's as solid as I would have liked it, I feel like it's less weird than PF (where even 1st level PCs are filthy rich by NPC standards).

Also, FAQ's and errata are not the same thing.

Zhayne wrote:
But why are those the exact same words and gestures the wizard uses to cast a Fireball?

They are?

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You guys seem to know a lot about second edition already. Enough so that you're able to make accurate assertions about it and very specific pieces of the rules.
I'm impressed.

Egeslean05 wrote:
I was actually hopping for an actual constructive answer, not '*froths at the mouth* ARG is bad'. There's a reason I'm asking about using the Race Points system, I'm not just doing it for fun.

I understand. But I'm trying to tell you that what ever reason you have, you're asking an impossible question. There is no reason in the race point system, we can't logically value anything in RP as it's all over the place.

If you use the system of your own volition, just stop. If you're building a race to get approved by someone else, ask them instead.
This is as honest advice I can give.

This is a question of what rule is the most specific and which one is the most general.
I'm quite convinced that Underfoot Assault is the most general and that anything that allows one to avoid AoO's trumps it.

Keaton Stizz wrote:

He usually burrows and sneak attacks.

Or maybe some examples of enemies that could be more of a challenge for them?

Stuff that can't take precision damage, like oozes.

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... Yes that's definitely why they're releasing 2nd ed, as clearly stated...

If you don't like it, stay with first edition until they re-release it.

It's anywhere between 1 to 20 points.

Seriously though, don't ever bother with the ARG's Race Builder system. It's just bad. Use common sense instead as a guideline.

A few points:
-I prefer higher CON on my casters than DEX. But I also prefer to not dump CHA, so if you want the most "optimal" Wizard, maybe you shouldn't listen to me on this point.
-Divination/Foresight subschool has, by far, the best school powers - I need to motivate myself to not take this.
-5 STR is going to be troublesome, unless your GM doesn't bother with carrying capacity. Spending daily spells to compensate for this isn't ideal.

You seem to have a good grasp of the feats. But don't forget to take a look at the spell list, which is the major draw and more than 50% of the class features.

Since an attack needs to bypass both DRs, it's 'and' ('or' would mean that any of them would bypass all DR). But remember that only one (the highest) reduction takes place if the attack doesn't overcome any of the prerequisites.

Atalius wrote:
He's able to use 'you' only spells to buff allies.

Thing is, he can't cast them himself. Everyone else needs to spend their own actions to get the buffs. And the infusions can't target multiple characters.

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Claxon wrote:
Pfff, potatoes, that's weak sauce. You gotta eat pure fat to keep up with your energy requirements.

Yes, I tried that but my players protested and said I was going to far if I forced them to eat that.

There's the "Unsworn Shaman" archetype, who can get more than one Witch Hex, but gets fewer hexes in general.

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I heard somewhere that IF a human had wings and could operate them properly to fly, he would need to eat two sacks of potatoes per minute to stay in the air.
So I've been assuming that this is the case for the fly spell as well. Since I want my players to roleplay and not rollplay, I've invested quite a lot in sacks of potatoes. If they can't get the two sacks down in a minute, their character is exhausted and plummets to the ground, until he finishes the second sack. Makes for some hectic moments.

drsparnum wrote:

My L9 PCs are:
-Human undead scourge paladin
-Goblin rogue
-Human cleric of Thoth (we're in Osirion)
-Gnome necromancer

How is this a functioning party?

SheepishEidolon wrote:
Saldiven wrote:

"Don't have many" rage rounds?

I've been running a pathfinder group for pushing ten years now, and I cannot remember the last time a Barbarian ran out of rage rounds in a day.

If a GM is motivated to deny a barbarian their rage, they can also go for a spell like calm emotions.

Babarians have a good enough will to save against that and it doesn't automatically end rage. As long as someone is outside of the 20ft range of calm emotion or made the save, they can break the concentration of the caster within 1 round.

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Malik Gyan Daumantas wrote:

I just kind of had a revelation and sort of realized that outside of rage....barbarians aren't that good.

[...] when they are raging which you don't have many rounds of.
Compare that to their arcane counterpart the bloodrager, who has access to bonus feats is just as capable of dishing out pain, doesn't "need" rage to be effective and when they DO rage its more then just a damage and health boost.

That's like saying "a Fighter without feats" or "a Wizard without spells".

A bloodrager isn't close to what a Barbarian peaks at with rage, the number of extremely good rage powers makes sure of that.

Also, as people already have said; they have well enough rounds of rage. Since entering rage is a free action, enter rage when you actually need it, not at first sight.

It's probably equally hard to find clean water.
I don't know if Lizard-folk are cold-blooded, but I'd imagine that would be harder to deal with in a swamp.

Claxon wrote:
I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.


Guys, be civil. I feel like Diego has deserved enough respect to be taken serious.

Don't make a system, unless your players like to micro-manage and keep books on unimportant numbers.

Just let the NPC's do the building, describe the progress. Allow the players to participate (and make craft/profession checks) or make decisions, if they want to.
Material of choice; can they get all the wood-planks they need without pissing off the dryads in the woods? Or do they want to establish a resource transport and import rock to build with?
Basic layout and strategical positioning of buildings can matter in terms of how the party can defend the village and how fire spreads.

Other than that, make small quests for them surrounding the entire situations.
Maybe it turns out that a kobold tribe lives in a cave nearby, and they are stealing building material? Maybe the water sources grow toxic?

Honestly, those stats aren't that impressive. Even if they're completely correct, you really shouldn't have a problem.

Just stop playing the enemies into their hands. By level 10, most monsters and NPC's have alternate methods to be threatening to a player, besides brute-forcing attacks or save-or-suck spells.

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Had a bad DM who just couldn't for the life of his campaign make anything interesting. We didn't want to go on his adventure, our characters found much more interesting stuff to do. Every NPC we'd meet didn't want us to go on his adventure (for many different reasons). When we (the players) threw him a bone and went on his adventure anyway, he constantly tried to convey to us how everything we tried was impossible (because he had thought out some "puzzles" with very specific solutions that we in no way could figure out). It was over after one session.

The best DM I've ever had made personal side-story-arcs for each PC to follow along with the main story, to spur our characters' motivations. He occasionally posed our characters in very personal situations, just to let us resolve it however we wanted. This way, he offered several opportunities for us to experience drastic character-development with our PCs.

My worst DM (who almost made me quit my group and role-playing altogether, before I kicked him out instead):

  • Took one and a half session before introducing a new player's character (while the new player sat and waited, for one and a half session).
  • Spent an entire session (about four hours) telling us how our characters traveled for a week by boat, repeating basically the same day seven times, with a bit of variation. As soon as we got to our destination he called off the session.
  • Did not know how to read a simple Bestiary entry, which lead to some very questionable on-the-spot rulings.
  • Stole from the PC's during impossible circumstances.
  • Knee-jerk house-ruled away PCs' abilities mid-sessions.
  • Would occasionally overrule role-play and fully ignore player agency. He would actually "correct" players and tell them "no, that's not at all what your character does".
  • Any attempt in correcting him was met with a very degrading and demeaning attitude and always ended up in an even less favorable result.
    Oh, it also turned out that he sent dick-pics to one of the player's girlfriend... f%~% that guy.

    Is this in-character or ooc discussion?

    Graelsis wrote:
    Also the monk of the party asked me to buy and pay a "mage armor" wand to cast it over me and over him...but he didnt offer to pay the half, he said since its a wizard's item i should take the costs.

    This seems very conflicting to me. It's his interest that you spend your actions to buff him, why is he expecting YOU to pay for his buffs?

    How s*$@ works in reality:
    Some people pay to attend an event or attain a product (regular customers) while other people can do it for free or even get paid to attend said event or attain said product (people of influence). There are no rules about who should pay who. It's all a matter of interest.

    Also, if the party doesn't want to pay for scrolls, they don't want scrolls. So don't scribe scrolls for them.

    Eh, don't be stick in the mud. That goes for everyone.

    I don't want to read the entire thread, but this sounds more like a player-problem than anything. Nothing to do with rolled stats.

    Also, I agree with TOZ/the non-abbreviated person.

    Who wants to bother with several feats just to deal damage? Not me, give me a full plate and STR!

    Malik Gyan Daumantas wrote:
    Yes but this is also IMO the wizards biggest weakness, that being you need to know whats coming in order to be as destructive as that.

    This is a false statement. A Wizard does not have to know anything and can still carry the party.

    I feel like there's a total lack of understanding the true superiority of us wizards in this thread...

    J4RH34D wrote:
    A Gm

    Good guess, but no.

    This other player is wrong on multiple levels.

    First of all, d20pfsrd is not a rule source. The d20 is know to not be accurate. Always double check with other sources. In this case, it even states that the table is not part of the official rules (the CRB does not include said table and therefor is not official Pathfinder rules).

    Second; there is nothing in the rules stating that someone needs to be capable of thought or have a higher wisdom score than 0 to throw a will save. Being unconscious and helpless does not disallow you to make a saving throw.

    An ability score of 0 grants a -5 modifier. The formula is (Ability Score - 10)/2 rounded down.

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    Occult Adventures is one if my most used books.


    Playing with a high will save is not a must.

    "But your honor, he was EVIL! See? I know this because I sensed it. What I did was a good thing! You should actually thank me for killing this civilian!"
    Flogged for being a lunatic. Hanged the next morning for murder.

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    James F.D. Graham wrote:
    Long story short: A powerful entity (fey/fiend/genie) decides to empower the wishing well of a small thorp or hamlet so that it actually grants wishes.

    It really matters what entity is granting the wishes. A fiend would definitely look out to screw people over and twist people's wishes. A fey would probably joke around with people's wishes and cause more of an annoyance rather than a menace. A genie, on the other hand, may very well fulfill the wishes as good as possible. So, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

    "I want to be the richest man in town":
    -Poverty strikes the town.
    -A serial killer is on the loose and is killing all the rich people.
    -Richest, in what?
    -Who said your wealth was in form of gold?
    -The riches are yours, but where?
    -You gain a lot of money. Congratulations, you are now the richest man in town. Now you have to deal with it. All the greedy relatives, friends, lovers or anyone else who would consider to rob or blackmail you.

    I feel like the genie approach is the most interesting one.

    A girl wished to be the most beautiful woman in the entire country. Now she gets a lot of unexpected attention from several (different "quality") suitors. Jealousy starts to fester among her old friends. All in all, her life changes drastically.
    A fey twist: The queen has grown a snout!

    A lot of other wishes could be something that decays and can't be maintained over time. "I want to run a business" - community is to small to actually make said business go around.

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    Goblins are also a tinkering race...

    As Taja said, they're already a 9th level caster, can't get much higher than that.
    But I have to disagree with the lack of armor. Wizards/Sorcerers can't keep their AC on a competitive level for very long. Not that they need it anyway. It's not a problem for the Ecclesitheurge either.

    With that said, the Ecclesitheurge is the most caster-focused Cleric Archetype.

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    Avoron wrote:
    Rub-Eta wrote:
    "He's killing demons! That means he's evil! Kill him, he's evil!"
    The qlippoth lord looked up innocently from his snack.

    "Someone really should, non-lethally, stop these relentless paladins!"

    "He's killing demons! That means he's evil! Kill him, he's evil!"

    Rhedyn wrote:
    Also the only sensible RAW way to run alignment is that the player picks their alignment and decides what it means.

    That's not sensible, at all.

    And guys, don't mix up general Dwarf traits with the teachings of Torag.

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    I don't use xp, so I have no idea of what you're talking about.

    TriOmegaZero wrote:
    Da Wander wrote:
    but a "ready" action goes before the action that triggers it...
    I'm well aware, but I'm already ignoring the rule for concentration checks while falling. What's one more?


    Yes, the Sanity and Madness rules can interact with each other.

    Horror Adventures, page 182 wrote:

    After 7 consecutive days of uninterrupted rest, the afflicted character can attempt a Will save against the madness’s current DC. If she succeeds, the DC is reduced by a number of points equal to 1/2 the character’s Charisma modifier (minimum 1).

    The character suffers the madness’s effect until the DC is reduced to 0

    So yes, you can cure madness without Miracle, Wish or any other spells.

    However, the sanity rules are not very balanced, at all. Me and my group used it to the point that our characters got totally broken and we had accumulated 4-7 madness-es each.
    So we re-wrote the rules so that they could actually be used. Here's a link! Feel free to check it out, use, modify, etc!

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    This is only a problem since you don't like it. There's nothing inherently wrong with video games or the feel of them.

    Long-story-short, they want an action movie.

    If that's what they want, then the DM (you) should provide it for them. You can't make them play a game they don't want to play, then they'll just stop coming to your sessions.


    if there is an encounter too big for them that it is my fault for not presenting a level-appropriate encounter

    This is a very narrow mind-set on their part IF the don't let you work around it.

    They should be aware that seeking out the ancient wyvern means a not-level appropriate combat encounter. This does not mean that you have to baby-secure the world and remove all high-level dragons and NPCs. But you should not just present the players with an ancient wyvern without making it clear that the encounter is a chase encounter and not a combat encounter. Such an encounter can still be level appropriate.

    If they're not fine with that, baby-sit them.

    This should be at least the same level of spell as Disintegrate. While it's melee instead of ranged, the unlimited scaling makes it horrendously powerful. And the melee requirement doesn't matter to a Magus.

    Also, huge minus-points for the non-descriptive thread title.

    It's probably an error of the AP writer. I can't recall any general rules about disabling immunities or the such.

    After. It makes sense, for balance reasons, since you could otherwise rage-cycle to refill temporary hp mid-fight (assuming you got more than 10 rounds of rage and the encounter lasts long enough).

    Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
    Just like if you want to know how far the ceiling is above you, you measure from the top of your head, not the soles of your feet.

    What if I'm doing a handstand?

    A Cleric is everyone's friend. If everyone already has a friend, be a pain in the ass, be a Bard.

    My current character; a 24 STR, full-plated monster with an Intimidating modifier of 37, keeps his money on his person. Who needs a bank?
    Damned be the one who steals from this guy, and everyone knows this.

    Adding book-keeping to the game is not introducing realism.

    theporkchopxpress wrote:
    1 - Spell component pouches. They cost 5 gold pieces

    5gp isn't too little, when you think about the cost of mundane items.

    If you want to invoke "realism" to a spell component pouch, have the spelcasters regularly visit the market to restock for a negligible (free) amount of money, when ever they can. The initial 5gp is an investment, not a never-ending kit of bat s$$!.

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