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King of Roses

Rotolutundro's page

300 posts. Alias of Krisam.


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Squirrel_Dude wrote:
I'd like to see some conversions/reissues of previous APs like Legacy of Fire and Curse of the Crimson throne to Pathfinder as they did with Rise of the Runelords, too.

HEAR HEAR! I would LOVE that.

Not too wild about another edition, though.

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alexd1976 wrote:

I also thought elementals had intelligence and souls...

Binding them into golems and such seems pretty rude to me, if not evil.

I wouldn't like being stripped from my home plane and forced to do some pansy wizards bidding.

Like Aahz? ;D

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Pixie, the Leng Queen wrote:

That is reckless immaturity and naivety that gets people killed for no reason at all. In the face of a disease with no cure that turns people into monsters if full gestation happens what do you expect the Paladin to do? Stand around hoping for a miracle and just let the guy suffer in horrid agony as he is slowly turned into an inhuman monstrosity?

Honestly, if anything, THAT is the cruel and heartless path.

Why, hello, Carol.

If you murder someone for your own expedience, it's still murder. The choice to die should always be your own. THEN it would not be murder, but a charitable act. "Death by paladin," if you will.

Gone again! Any chance of another re-upload?

Here is Mruf.

I didn't know if you'd prefer any one of my ideas, so I went ahead and fleshed all of them out a little.

Rikkek, ratfolk rogue:

Stolen from his nest in a small town in Varisia along with the rest of his siblings, Rikkek doesn't know his parents' fate, though he suspects the worst. The slavers took him and his brethren to Kaer Maga, where they were sold off, one by one. Rikkek never saw his siblings again.

He was sold to a high-standing family in Bis, where he served at the pleasure of petulant children who loved to make him fight. The more "ratlike" he acted, the better they liked it. Thus, he cultivated a down-and-dirty fighting style, ganging up on others whenever he could. [Trait: Dirty Fighter]

Rikkek never gave up his dream of freedom, but had little hope of attaining it... until one night, the Freemen raided the compound he lived in, and took him and his fellow slaves with them to the Bottoms. [Trait: Freed slave] Rikkek was so overwhelmed with gratitude and inspiration that he, too, swore to free slaves whenever he could, and joined the Freemen. Now he is a fearless freedom fighter with a strong sense of vigilante justice.

Mruf, catfolk urban ranger:

Mruf was born a slave in Kaer Maga. Destined for arena fights, he was trained from childhood to fight. [Trait: Armor expert] When he grew old enough to enter the arena, he was often pitted against gangs of orcs or the undead to show off his "fierce and feral nature." Yet, behind the scenes, there was not so much animosity among the fighters. They knew their lot was to fight, and to die. Mruf had little hope of anything else.

Mruf's ferocious fighting gained him many fans, but only one who cared enough to barter for his freedom. As soon as he was freed, Mruf took off running, but his benefactor tracked him down easily, and offered Mruf more than freedom: a life, and a home. The catfolk couldn't refuse.

Mruf was trained in the ways of the Duskwardens, and in time joined them, with a newfound sense of community and self-reliance. [Trait: Regional recluse] Now he patrols the Halflight Path, wishing to repay his benefactor's belief in him.

Jargar, Shoanti unbreakable fighter:

Native to the Cinderlands, Jargar was mocked by his quah for his lack of speed, horse training and riding prowess, perhaps in jealousy of his coveted Emberstorm tattoo. [Trait: Auspicious tattoo] In any case, he could never become the burn-rider he wished to be with his total lack of animal empathy. He turned his back on his Quah and went to Kaer Maga, where he earned a living as a mercenary among strangers. He had talent at that, at least, and though his temper was hot, he knew how to keep his enemies at bay. [Trait: Threatening defender]

Now Jargar sells his service to the highest bidder, bitter about his past and looking for honor to upweigh the slights he felt he has been dealt.

OK, I've narrowed down the last trait to either Underworld Explorer (if the party lacks Survival), Local Know-it-all, or Freed Slave (+1 Fort, for the abuse he survived).

Alternately, a catfolk duskwarden (urban ranger) might be fun... Maybe an ex-arena fighter slave paying back the one who bought his freedom.

traits: armor expert, regional recluse

In combat: rowr fight! Ranged or melee, as the party needs most

Out of combat: I was thinking some kind of Diplomacy would be interesting, but I probably won't have the points to swing that kind of Charisma if he has to go melee, which seems likely in such close spaces. His connection to the Duskwardens could prove an interesting plot hook, though, and he would still have extensive local knowledge.

DM Sound, would you have a preference for either character?

OR, if you prefer a core race, a Shoanti unbreakable fighter, multiclassing into barbarian, could be a mercenary who left the Sklar-Quah due to being mocked for his inability to handle horses, and thus become a burn-rider. He would not be a native of Kaer Maga, unlike the other two. He's a grumpy one. ;)

Traits: Auspicious Tattoo and Threatening Defender.

In combat: HULK SMASH

Out of combat: Intimidation and quick judgements. ;P He'd also have Survival.

I'm thinking of a CG ratfolk rogue brought to Kaer Maga as a slave when he was a ratling, and freed during a raid by the Freemen, whom he happily joined. He has since become a freedom fighter himself, sneaking into or infiltrating slave-holders' homes and staging raids to free the slaves.

Traits: Dirty fighter and something I haven't picked yet, want to throw my hat in the ring while I still can!

In combat: sneak attacks. Out of combat: stealthy skill monkey.

More details to come.

Dang, I had an idea for a troll diviner/oracle. Hmm, let's see what else can be done...

Awesome! Looking forward to playing! Congratulations, fellow lucky players!

Good luck! :)

The Godsmouth Heresy would be awesome.

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Velkommen tilbage, Black Dow!

I'm actually more used to larger parties than smaller ones. I find that if there are more players, events don't get left dangling as often due to missing players.

I think Wikiwik would make a fun Marshall too. Maybe in the other group? *goes to look at the doc* I'd like Wikiwik to be in the group with Evan and Kejal, if possible.

GM_Solspiral wrote:

Well both characters have a martial bent and build something. One makes crazy modified guns hat they can even adjust like a spell caster adjusts their spells the other tinkers with a mechanical mount made from clockwork components.

A good PRC would balance advancing your creations and maybe add a few features to make them more compatible (like a weapon mount on the clockwork mount and so on...)

Right now the idea is half baked but you know...

Sounds VERY intriguing! I'd definitely be interested for another character, but I think my current guy is better suited as a gungineer. I'm dying to do all the cool gungineer stuff! :D

GM_Solspiral wrote:
@Roto- he's your character, I have no issue with his background. Another prestige class I'm considering work on is the Clockwork Knight/Gungineer for those that love tinkering. Let me know if that's of interest.

Very intriguing! I'd love to hear more. :)

I can have Wikiwik be from somewhere other than Varisia if you prefer. I just liked the idea.

Here's my goblin gungineer first pass, let me know if there's anything egregiously wrong.

A few questions:

Is crafting OK pregame, for lowering the cost of ammunition?

Is it OK to switch out racial traits for something else? I'm thinking of Stalker and Weapon Familiarity.

How fast do civilized goblins age in your game? Sorry if you've answered this already, I can't seem to spot it.

GM question: Are advanced firearms available, and if not, will they become available? I love the idea of a goblin with a rifle.

Also, how long do civilized goblins live, and how quickly do they mature?

@YoricksRequiem: You got it! But it's going to have to be tomorrow, because it's 2:20 AM here and I really ought to get some sleep. Accursed biological needs, getting in the way of my gaming! *shakes fist*

I can send you my basic thoughts about it, though, so you have something to work with.

GM_Solspiral wrote:
Rotolutundro wrote:

I like the hobgoblin, but I don't see an alternate goblin anywhere? Was it in a different post? The Wyrd Hunter actually sounds more interesting, flavorwise. :)

Civilized Goblins/goblins of Heem

AWESOME. Goblin all the way! Besides which, they're such fun little illiterate pyromaniacs. Unless, of course, they're too civilized to be illiterate pyromaniacs anymore, haha. That actually meshes quite well with my planned backstory...

GM_Solspiral wrote:

Sent you into the breach the gunslinger see the race link for my version of goblins... they might serve you well. Our version of Hobs might be even better.

I like the hobgoblin, but I don't see an alternate goblin anywhere? Was it in a different post? The Wyrd Hunter actually sounds more interesting, flavorwise. :)

YoricksRequiem wrote:
Hey buddy! Great to see you - playing with you is always a good time. If no one takes me up on the Avariel character, and you go Goblin, we should talk. I've got a Goblin in the back of my mind that might pair well with yours.

Absolutely! Always glad to pair up with a creative demigenius! :D

Hey, YoricksRequiem! This bodes well! Bad Ben here. ;)

I'd be interested in playing a goblin or hobgoblin gunslinger, or a ranger, or a fighter, potentially of some other race, though I already have a background in mind for a goblinoid. The idea of playing such a creature with the possibility of taking over a parcel of land for fairytale shenanigans tickles me. Do you have any suggestions along these lines?

Thanks, I'll give them a look! :)

dot for interest.

Does anyone have suggestions for published adventures/modules to run as a prelude to Red Hand of Doom? I'm thinking of starting the game at level 1. Refluffing isn't a problem.

I found this, but the domain appears to have expired. Not sure if that's an oversight or a sign that Sinister Adventures is defunct.

Interesting! And it gives rise to the presence of an interesting NPC... maybe just in time for meeting the PC, too. The evil wizard dynamic might need some work due to her history with him, but it's a great idea.

I'd love to hear any more ideas anyone might have!

KFRO players stay out!:

I'm running a semi-homebrew game in which the PCs are going to discover that there's a link between the elves of Faerûn (1345 DR) and the Sidhe/Unseelie of legend, and the campaign is going to revolve around that and an Unseelie invasion. I have one elven PC, a star elf, who was enslaved from birth by an evil wizard in the Moonsea. She escaped him by joining the Church of Shar (in my version of the Moonsea, the Dark Gods (led by Bane) more or less rule, in that they are worshipped largely unopposed), whose main purpose in keeping her is to avoid adding her power to the Brotherhood of the Cloak, a guild of mages who are supposedly under their control, but in reality are a faction that vies with the Church and the nobles of the Moonsea. The PC doesn't know anything about who she really is, or where she came from, or how she came to be enslaved.

I've decided that star elves have an even closer link to the Sidhe/Unseelie than the other elves of Faerûn, but I could use some input for interesting ideas as to who this PC should really be, or how she ended up enslaved from infancy. She shouldn't be a Sidhe/Unseelie herself, as I have special plans for them, but... I'm kind of ramming my head against the wall when I try to come up with new ideas. Total brain burnout. Can anyone help me?

I always think of asking the forums about 3 seconds before I need to get to sleep. Please don't be offended if I don't respond to great ideas right away!

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The Alkenstarian wrote:

A GM who isn't capable of planning for -any- group, regardless of class/race/species/gender composition, is either inexperienced (which is fair enough ... everyone needs to learn), or simply not trying hard enough.

"I don't want evil-aligned characters in my campaign" has become a soft, cushy pillow for a lot of GMs to hide their face in. But being a GM is about preparation, it's -meant- to be a challenge and it's meant ... at times ... to include the surprising and unexpected.

Gee, thanks for clearing that up for us. I guess 47% of DMs out there aren't worth their salt.

I don't think TrustNo1, or anyone else, has to justify not wanting to deal with certain alignments (or anything else) in their games. The DM is there to relax and have fun too, not just to work overtime. If they have a vision they want to share, it's fine to say "no thanks" and pass. If you don't like the games available, run the game you want to see. Trying to browbeat the DM into changing the rules because you don't like them? Not so fine.

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Thymus Vulgaris wrote:
Snorter wrote:

For a truly epic thread, join two epic memes together, into one super-thread.

"Was it right that I was kicked out of the group, for eating the host's marzipan?
It's not my fault; I couldn't read the label, and wouldn't have known what it was, even if I had."

Can someone enlighten me in regards to the other meme?

I'm interested to hear of this as well. I've just amused myself with rereading this thread, and I need more entertainment.

War Jack wrote:

The home brew I'm working on is fallen empire destroyed by druid terrorists, that have left civilization clinging to the mountains where it is safe. Looking for airships as a means of transport between the mountains. I'm looking at a clockwork race similar to warforged from Eberron that was created to help carve this place of safety. Guns, investigation, and political upheaval will be the name of the game. Plus, I like the idea of my heros being more Indiana Jones, than King Arthur for a change. I've been thinking of morphing the Alchemist into a gunpowder mage, or doing the same thing with the magus.

-War Jack

Your campaign ideas interest me and I would like to subscribe to your adventure newsletter.

Revised sheet for Thondain

GM, I sent you a PM a while ago - just making sure you don't miss it.

Thanks for the advice, GM Sarpadian. I'll have a look at the archetypes available and see what I can do, and I'll address the racial traits on the sheet once I've found a good archetype.

GM Sarpadian wrote:
Understandable. No, I'm aware of it, but there are a few characters ahead of Brondain in line. I should have feedback for you by tonight, depending on how long the others take.

Ah, excellent. Thanks for letting me know!

Is my submission okay, GM Sarpadian? Just wanted to make sure my post wasn't lost in the shuffle.

Here's my submission: Thondain Bokreran

One more dot for interest! Yikes, I'd better get building so I don't miss the deadline...

I considered doing it between modules 1 and 2 as a quest to turn Nualia from evil by rescuing her child, which had survived. I decided against it primarily because I just didn't have the time and energy to write up an adventure in addition to the ones I was running, and none of the published things for Kaer Maga seemed to suit what I needed with minimal changes. But if you come up with a way to work it in, I'd love to hear it!

Here's Kyzrak with his own alias.

Whoops, I overlooked that sicas are exotic weapons. I chose Mark of Slavery as a drawback, but now I'm wavering between Ludus Learning for the sicas, or just giving Kyzrak shortswords/ and going with Sex Symbol, which sounds much more amusing coupled with his lack of wisdom. PP, if I did the latter, would you consider allowing the use of Dex instead of Strength for that trait?

Okay, here's my bid:

Kyzrak Zverlokanth:

m drow fighter (possibly either a two-weapon warrior or a weapon master) 1 CN
hgt: 6’7 wgt: 120 lbs
eyes: solid red
hair: white
age: 120

STR 13
DEX 17
CON 10
INT 13
WIS 10
CHA 12

Long-limbed, lithe and lean, in the arena Kyzrak wears a balteus dyed a blood red that matches his eyes and stands out against his black skin, with a heavy leather manica and greaves of the same color. He saunters over the dead and dying with twin sicas in his hands, his white hair caught back in a leather tie and a sardonic smile of amusement on his lips.

Kyzrak suffers from two afflictions: he was born male among the drow, and he has a tendency to find everything quite amusing. Amazingly agile though he is, he was unable to twist his way out of having smirked at the wrong moment during his house's devotions to their demon lord. Fortunately for him, his less than serious attitude is coupled with good luck, and he was merely relegated to the arena to amuse those he had found amusing. As it turned out, it was the perfect place for him; at the low cost of having to kill anyone they set him against, he gained relatively safe room and board, and the chance at an adoring audience and great renown. Who could ask for more?

With no particularly devoted religious leanings, Kyzrak makes offerings to whichever demon lord he feels might look favorably on his current actions; often, this is Nocticula or Andirifhku.

Elven, Undercommon, Drow sign language

Intimidate +5
Knowledge: dungeoneering +5
Perception +2
Sense motive +1

Auctoratus (race)
Diamachaerus (campaign)

Two-weapon fighting
Weapon finesse

balteus + hvy. leather manica
twin sicas

I'm thinking of a male drow fighter or monk, details to follow... once I've read up on those demon lords. Those amazing traits really draw you in!

I am really enjoying the reasoning laid out for the tech/magic level in most games. +1, and dot for interest.

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Misroi wrote:
Nualia's story is definitely tragic. I'm not sure what's worse: the majority of the tables that ended up killing her, the minority of tables that got TPKed against her (thus dooming Sandpoint), or the very tiny minority of tables that subdued her and took her back to town to be incarcerated in Habe's Sanatorium for her own good. There's never really a good outcome for Nualia, no matter what happens to her.

In my pbem game, our paladin of Sarenrae, who had a backstory as being a childhood friend of Nualia, did a kick-ass job of roleplaying trying to redeem her... and it worked. Though one player appears to have bailed on the campaign because he wanted her to be more hardcore Evil-evil, and the other characters aren't really all that happy about leaving her at Windsong Abbey to repent without a heavily-armed guard, the paladin's player told me it was his favorite character moment/event ever, which I think is all worth it. So, SOMEtimes there's a good outcome for Nualia. :)

After the party spent a month babysitting Nualia at Windsong, though, I'm having winter be slow in arriving because a barren cornfield is not nearly as iconic a battleground.

In my face-to-face game, the party slaughtered Nualia without a second glance. T_T I foresee the same thing from my second pbem group. (Yes, I run Runelords a LOT!)

3 and 4 sound like a lot of fun. I'd especially like to put the hero back in heroing.

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GM says: The friendly NPCs abruptly tie you down and are immune to all your attempts to escape or reason with them.
GM means: You are going on the damn quest the NPCs just gave you, no matter how incredibly suicidal and illogical it sounds. And you'll like it.

GM says: The NPC that refused your bribe immediately responds to the same bribe given by another NPC, who shows up to save your bacon... again.
GM means: I never bothered to tell you this, but you're just extras in a campaign I'm really playing with someone else, where the NPCs in your game are the PCs in mine.

OK, they're a bit odd... but on the other hand, they actually happened.

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