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Ross Monasky's page

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[OOC: Using the disguise kit will create a +12 bonus to the roll.]

Jules listens to Zaracas' answer, but doesn't put much faith in the answer. The man was a thug, and trying to get worthwhile information from him would be like trying to get a battle strategy from a common soldier. He had just wanted to see the man's willingness to save his own skin.

"The archer...Ah don't even know him, but Ah should, he helped us and didn't turn traitor even when it could have helped him. Ah paid him to fight because he was convenient. You know, Ah was in a similar position to zis recently. We had saved ze life of a guard who we attacked, hoping to use him as hostage for one of our friends, our leader. But eventually we set ze man free, he had a family and wasn't worth killing. And as it turns out, our leader is now lost to us as well.

"But Ah can't see any reason to keep you around. Your master wouldn't let a glorified thug know anything of real value, so you are useless there. Ah can't use you to get close to him.

"My wife wants me to let you live, and my best friend wants you dead. Ah am inclined to agree with my friend. You are a threat, a killer, and Ah very much dislike you. So here is my next question, why should Ah let you live?"

Personally I like TTW just because I'm used to it, if the issues are the deciding factor then I would say myth-weavers. I'm not a huge fan of this just because I think that the white background is a bit grating on the eyes.

Jules listens to the plan and agrees to help disguise his friends at Langbard's suggestion. But when the question of Zaracas' fate comes up he find himself falling silent.

They both had good points, and the memory of those heads in jars put Jules in a dark state of min. He wanted to see the man dead, and let him know that the thug wasn't the one holding power anymore. But at the same time Elana wasn't wrong. They were little better than those they fought if they started killing prisoners indiscriminately.

"Let me talk to him. After Ah learn what Ah can, zen Ah'll know what Ah want done with him."

Jules leaves to go speak with Zaracas, and when he finds the man he says, "Zer are some things zat Ah want to know before your fate is decided. And ze first is zis, what is ze name of ze man you serve?"

[OOC: Jules is going to have Ark, Grunur, and Eva wait outside, no offense intended, but he wouldn't feel comfortable with essentially complete strangers listening in already.]

Jules asks the three newcomers to wait behind, while he meets with Langbard. It wasn't a lack of faith in their skills, but Ariel had proven unreliable and nearly doomed them only yesterday. He wouldn't be making the same mistake again.

Jules tries to think through the situation as Langbard explains it to him. If they stay, they die. And if they leave, they lose the Irregulars and all of the supplies and men they could bring. But they had other allies they could draw on in time, and throwing their lives away would get them nothing.

"Ah would like to hear what everyone else thinks before deciding anything, but as for myself, Ah say we retreat. We may have failed to decode ze message, but for all we know it is no longer even relevant. We have allies to gather in Upper Andelia, and zer is still work to be done there.

"But if we leave, Ah want to deal with Zaracas first. He may know something, and Ah want to see if Ah can't get zat out of him."

Jules listens to the man's offer of shelter. It sounds nice, and it would give them time to plan, but it would set them back as well. Every day not moving forward was another day the rebellion could be snuffed out by some lucky patrol of guards.But at the same time, running out into a city on alert would do nothing but hurt them.

"Alright, Ah'll think on what you've said," he tells the man without giving a real answer. When the others join him later in the morning he tells them of the owners offer to hide them.

When Caithas mentions that it's Langbard knocking at the door; it surprises him. "We should let him in, but it shouldn't be one of us who opens ze door, he could have unfriendly guards with him."

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