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Patrissa Vrakes

Rosa Sinclair's page

55 posts. Alias of DeathQuaker (RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8).

About Rosa Sinclair

Rosa Sinclair
PL 10, 150 PP (Abilities 32 + Powers 69 + Advantages 13 + Skills 24 (47 ranks) + Defenses 12)


Strength 1
Stamina 2
Agility 1
Dexterity 3
Fighting 3
Intellect 3
Awareness 3
Presence 0

Initiative +1
Throw +2, DC 16
Unarmed +4, DC 16
Open Wounds Strike Attack +10, DC 25


Dodge 2
Parry 3
Fortitude 8
Toughness 6/2
Will 8

1 each of Dazed, Staggered, and Incapacitated


Heal or Harm Array (46 pp):
Healing 10 (Biological, Energizing, Persistent, Restorative, Stabilize) (Standard, Close, Instant)
-Alt 1: Constitution Warp: Weaken 10 (Biological, Affects Constitution, Fortitude DC 20) (Standard, Close, Instant)
-Alt 2: Strength Warp: Weaken 10 (Biological, Affects Strength, Fortitude DC 20) (Standard, Close, Instant)
-Alt 3: Dexterity Warp: Weaken 10 (Biological, Affects Dexterity, Fortitude DC 20) (Standard, Close, Instant)
-Alt 4: Open Wounds: Strike 10 (Biological, DC 25, Accurate 3: +6) (Standard, Close, Instant)

Regeneration 10 (20 PP)
(Biological, Every 1 round; Persistent) (Personal - Permanent)

Self-Fortification: Immunity 3 (3 PP)
(Biological, Immune to Aging, Disease, and Poison) (Personal - Permanent)


Close Attack: +1 bonus to close attack checks
Connected (Medical/Emergency Services Community): Call in assistance or favors with a Persuasion check
Defensive Roll: +4 active defense bonus to Toughness
Diehard: Automatically stabilize when dying
Equipment 3
Great Endurance: +5 on checks involving endurance
Seize Initiative: Spend a hero point to go first in the initiative order
Teamwork: +5 bonus to support team checks


Base Movement Speed: 2 miles/hour (run 4), 30 feet/round (run 60), swim 0.5 miles/hour or 6 feet/round
Routine Jump Distance: Running jump: 11 feet; standing 5.5 feet; vertical 2.2 feet; standing vertical 1.1 ft
Throwing Distance: Throw 400 lbs 6 feet; throw 100 lbs 30 feet; throw 25 lbs 120 feet


Athletics +1
Deception +8
Expertise: Medicine +8
Expertise: Streetwise +7
Insight: +12
Perception +3
Persuasion +4
Stealth +1
Treatment +12
Vehicles +11



Backpack/Professional Bag
-- Smartphone
-- Flashlight
-- Multi-tool
-- Medical Kit+Defibrillator

Car (Str 5, Def -2, Toughness 8, Size Large. Speed 5: 60 mph/900 ft/round)

Motivation: Doing Good
--Rosa is driven to help others and prevent suffering

Reluctant Warrior -- Rosa dislikes using her harmful abilities and will resist doing so unless pressured.

===Hero Points===

Rosa appears to be about 25 years old and is 5'4" with honey colored hair and gray eyes. She has an average build, more on the slender side, fit from labor. Her skin is oddly without blemish; the more you pay attention to that, the creepier you realize that is. She normally wears very simple clothing, t-shirts and sweatpants or other easy to move in clothes, if she's not in scrubs, and always a pair of reliable walking shoes. She does not wear makeup.

Rosa tries to think of her youth in the Tallow labs as a dream, or rather nightmare, but she knows all too well the days of torture were too real. She remembers impassive faces injecting her with endless doses of substances and toxins, things that literally made her flesh shudder and crawl. They always spoke of giving her the ability to enhance the body's regenerative abilities -- and that was ultimately what she was able to do, touch someone else's skin and enhance their own healing abilities, speeding their systems so that wounds knitted amazingly quickly. She is not sure if the OTHER abilities were meant
to happen, that she could make wounds open instead of close, that she could strain muscles and force the cardiovascular system to weaken if she concentrated. Those skills she discovered after a particularly heartless doctor kept her from healing a fellow wounded "inmate" at Tallow. He grabbed her bare arm, and his own hand and face erupted into boils and blisters. Not long after that, the Escape happened, and she was content to leave the mystery of her "design" as just that.

She was on the run for several day with a handful of her fellow escapees. Seeking shelter, they were briefly taken in by a remote convent. She had no memory of her own parents, so she gave herself a name, Rosa, for the flowers in the nuns' garden, and Sinclair for the convent itself (St. Clair's). She and her comrades were reluctant to rely on the sisters' charity for long, but the sisters insisted at least on providing leads to get them housing and schooling. Rosa lived in a state home and went to high school, and then, between hard work and scholarships, managed to get into college to study biology.
All the better to understand her own abilities and the bodies that she could alter with a touch, and became determined to use her gifts to help people, to do whatever she could to counterbalance the suffering Tallow caused so many people. She trained and volunteered as an EMT, drove ambulances, saved lives, trying to covertly hide her talents underneath more ordinary medical technology. She went to nursing school and had only just graduated a year ago. She works at a free clinic in the inner city, helping mostly poor women and children get services the world otherwise often denied them.

Rosa has good medical training and has used her biological understanding to help her fine tune her abilities. After all, you can't heal a bone well until you set it properly. She can use her most amazing abilities only on others, but seems to have a passive effect on herself. Although she can't will herself to heal any faster than already can naturally, what is natural for her is utterly extraordinary. Over time she has subconsciously shaped her own body into a strange form of self-perpetuation, self-perfection. She no longer gets sick, medicines have little effect--or side effect on her--and she's noticed that now that she's grown up, she has ceased since to change very much physically: she is not aging. She falls, cuts herself, and the pain lasts seconds, and then heals without her needing to think about it. How her skills can be used to change others and herself intrigues her--but also frightens her. And yet as the company rises on the scene, threatening to bring their madness and suffering to the world, she knows she must use these gifts they gave her to stop them from ever hurting anyone again.

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