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Rosa_Luminass's page

287 posts. Alias of Johnny_Panic.

Full Name

Rosa Luminess




Iron Priest [L1] | AC 15, T 12, FF 13 | F +2*/R+2/W+4 | HP 8/8 | CMB +1, CMD 13 | Init +2 | Perception +4 | Condition: None


Female looking


6'2" 200Kg







Strength 13
Dexterity 15
Constitution 11
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 15
Charisma 11

About Rosa_Luminass

Name: Rosa Luminess Image
Race: Android
Class : [LN] Cleric - Iron Priest [of Law] [L1]

THEME: Lawful Tech Alien in an Alien land.

Rosa looks superficially identical to a human in many ways.But her alien nature is revealed by the fine metallic sheen in their eyes and the biological, tattoo-like circuitry that riddles in her skin. Rosa is a female looking humanoid Android, tall 6'2", She is unusually heavy [200lb]. Her clothing is the of a tech crewman, protective and dotted with odd and strange tools. Clean and well dressed, she has a flip out light cross bow, she uses, with her mace. All her magic are nanite based.

Rosa sees herself as, faster, smarter, quicker, better then none "constructed" life. This is not pride, just an alien way of seeing things. She is also OCD, not in a bad way, she just likes order. Things in there place. Her tools and clothing are always clean and in order.


Init +2; Senseslow-light vision, Dark vision 60' Perception +4


AC [15/17*] TAC[12/14*] FF[13/15*] 10+2Armor+1Shield+2Dex+0Items+0other+0Size+0NA+0Dodge]
SOF [+2 1min]*

HP: 8/8 [1d8+0con]

Fort: +2*, {+2Base,+0Con}
Reflex: +2, {+0Base,+2Dex}
Will: +4*,{+2Base,+2Wis}


+4 racial bonus on all saving throws against mind-affecting effects, paralysis, poison, and stun effects.
+2 trait bonus on saving throws against spells with the pain descriptor

fear, Fatigue or exhaustion, and are immune to disease and sleep effects.

CMD +3 {+0Base +1Str +2Dex +0size +0misc +0Dodge}


Speed: 30ft
CMB: +1; {+0Base +1Str +0size +0misc}
Base Atk: +0;

Unarmed attack* TH+0 DMG[1d3+1] x2 (NL)
Dagger TH+1 DMG[1d4+1] X2 (P/L) r10'
WarHammer TH+1 DMG[1d8+1] x3 (B)

Light Cross bow TH+2 DMG[1d8] R80' x2
RTA TH+2 Jolt 25' DMG[1d3]

Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.

Rolled [Rolled-15/13/13/13/12/11]

Str 13 [+1][13][--]
Dex 15 [+2][13][--][+2Race]
Con 11 [+0][11][--]
Int 14 [+2][12][--][+2Race]
Wis 15 [+2][15][--]
Cha 11 [+0][13][--][-2Race]


Level feats after 1st:
You are familiar with the basic mechanics of technology.
Benefit: You are considered to be trained in any skill used against a technology-based subject. If the skill in question requires training to use even against non-technological subjects, you must still have ranks in that skill in order to gain the benefit of Technologist.
Normal: You treat all skill checks made against technology as if they were untrained skill checks. This may mean that you cannot attempt certain skill checks, even if you possess ranks in the skill in question

Race Feats:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency
Weapon and Armor Proficiency
Clerics are proficient with all simple weapons, light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields). Clerics are also proficient with the favored weapon of their deities. [Hammer]

1:Blood Algorithm (Android)
Your inhumanity extends to your very core. Pain receptors were omitted during your construction.
Benefit(s) You gain a +2 trait bonus on saving throws against spells with the pain descriptor. Additionally, once per day when you are healed by a spell that targets constructs (such as a make whole spell), you heal 1 extra hit point per level of the spell.

2:Rich Parents. (social)
When she came out of her stasis pod she has some equipment with her, that adds to her wealth.
Benefit(s) start play with 900gp of equipment.

3:Arcane Dabbler (Regional)
Your study of magic is shown by your expertise in the simplest of Arcane tech exploits.
Benefit: Select two non-harmful arcane cantrips. You can cast these two cantrips once per day each (caster level 1st).
If you have levels in a class that can cast these cantrips, your caster level for these cantrips is equal to that class level.
-:know Direction

1:Paranoid [When your a stranger in a strange land]
You believe that someone or something is always out to get you, so you have a hard time truly trusting anyone.
Effect: Anyone who attempts an aid another action of any type to assist you must succeed at a DC 15 check instead of the normal DC 10 check.

Special Abilities

Race Android:

Racial Traits
Ability Score Racial Traits: Androids have swift reflexes and are very intelligent, but have difficulty relating to others. As a result, androids gain a +2 bonus to Dexterity and Intelligence, but suffer a –2 penalty to Charisma.
Androids are Medium creatures, and they have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Base Speed:
Androids have a base speed of 30 feet.
Androids begin play speaking Common. Androids with high Intelligence can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic). See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages.
Feat and Skill Racial Traits

Androids gain a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.

While most androids have difficulty processing emotions, others instead have an inability to imagine things outside of physical and factual reality, making it difficult for them to deceive others. Such androids suffer a –4 penalty on Bluff checks.
This racial trait replaces logical aka-emotionless.

Senses Racial Traits
Exceptional Senses:
Androids have darkvision and so can see perfectly in the dark to a range of 60 feet and in addition, they possess low-light vision.
Other Racial Traits

For the purposes of effects targeting creatures by type (such as a ranger’s favored enemy and bane weapons), androids count as both humanoids and constructs. Androids gain a +4 racial bonus on all saving throws against mind-affecting effects, paralysis, poison, and stun effects, are not subject to fatigue or exhaustion, and are immune to disease and sleep effects. Androids can never gain morale bonuses, and are immune to fear effects and all emotion-based effects (2 RP.)

Rarely, an android’s circuitry is built to act as a potent conduit for divine power. Androids with this trait treat their Charisma score as 2 points higher for the purpose of the channel energy and lay on hands class features, and also for oracle class features (including both spellcasting and revelations). Furthermore, conduits treat their caster level as 1 higher when casting cure and inflict spells. This racial trait replaces nanite surge


-=Skills=- [07 points] [2Levels +4Int +1FC]

+2 Acrobatics*(+2dex, +0rank +0class)
+2 Appraise(+2int, 0rank +0class)<
-4 Bluff(+0cha, +0rank +0class-4race)
+0 Climb*(+0str, 0rank +0class)
+6 Craft (mechanical)(+2Int, 1rank +3class)<
+0 Diplomacy(+0Cha, +0rank +0class)<
+2 Disable Device (+2Int, +0rank +0class)
+0 Disguise(+0Cha, 0rank +0class)<
+2 Escape Artist(+2Dex, 0rank +0class)
+6 Heal (+2Wis +1rank +3class)<
+0 Intimidate(+0Cha, +0rank +0class)
+4 Perception(+2Wis, 0rank +0class +2Race)
+2 Ride (+2Dex 0ranks)
+0 Perform (+0Cha +0Rank)
+2 Sense Motive(+2Wis, +0rank +0class)<*
+2 Sleight of Hand(+2Dex, +0rank +0class)
+6 Spellcraft (+2Int, +1rank +3class)<
+2 Stealth (+2Dex, +0rank +0class)
+2 Survival (+2Wis 0rank +0class)<
+0 Swim (+0Str 0rank)
+0 Use Magic Device(+0Cha, +0rank +0class)

^Knowledge (Arcana)(Int)____+6{+2Int +1Rank +3class}<
^Knowledge (Dungeoneering)(Int)____+6{+2Int +1Rank +0class}<
^Knowledge (Engineering)(Int)____+6{+2Int +1Rank +3class}<
^Knowledge (Geography)(Int)____+-{+2Int +0Rank +0class}<
^Knowledge (History)(Int)____+-{+2Int +0Rank +0class}<
^Knowledge (Local)(Int)____+-{+2Int +0Rank +0class}<
^Knowledge (Nature)(Int)____+-{+2Int +0Rank +0class}<
^Knowledge (Nobility)(Int)____+-{+2Int +0Rank +0class}<
^Knowledge (Planes) (Int)____+-{+2Int +0Rank +0class}<
^Knowledge (Religion) (Int)____+-{+2Int +0Rank +0class}<

+6 Linguistics(+2int +1rank +3class)<

+2 Concentration (+2Wis +1CL)

Armor Check Penalty [-1]

-=Non-Standard Skill Bonuses=-

Race Skills

Languages: Androffan, Common

Class Cleric - Iron Priest L1:

Cleric - Iron Priest [L1]

Iron priests preach of the messengers from beyond the stars, envoys of the divine brought by a falling star. Iron priests can affect robots and other unliving constructs with channeled energy, but lack power over the undead. An iron priest has the following class features.

Saves +F2/R+0/W+2
Alignment: Any.
Hit Die: d8.
Starting Wealth: 4d6 × 10 gp (average 140 gp.) In addition, each character begins play with an outfit worth 10 gp or less.

Class Skills
The iron priest’s class skills are Appraise (Int), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disable Device (Dex), Heal (Wis), Knowledge (engineering) (Int), Knowledge (history) (Int), Knowledge (local), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Linguistics (Int), Profession (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), and Survival (Wis).

Class Features
The following are class features of the cleric.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency
Clerics are proficient with all simple weapons, light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields). Clerics are also proficient with the favored weapon of their deities.

Aura (Ex) [Lawful good]
A cleric of a chaotic, evil, good, or lawful deity has a particularly powerful aura corresponding to the deity’s alignment (see detect evil for details).

Channel Energy (Su) [Positive] [1d6] [4/day]
When an iron priest channels energy to heal or harm living creatures, she heals or harms constructs with the clockwork or robot subtypes as well. Constructs without those subtypes are also affected, but gain only half the normal amount of healing or take only half the normal amount of damage, as appropriate. An iron priest cannot harm or heal undead with channel energy.
This ability alters channel energy.

Spontaneous Casting
An iron priest can spontaneously cast make whole and greater make whole in place of cure/inflict moderate wounds and cure/inflict critical wounds, regardless of whether she channels positive or negative energy.

Artifice Domain
Granted Powers: You can repair damage to objects, animate objects with life, and create objects from nothing.

Artificer’s Touch (Sp): [1d6+1][5/day]
You can cast mending at will, using your cleric level as the caster level to repair damaged objects. In addition, you can cause damage to objects and construct creatures by striking them with a melee touch attack. Objects and constructs take 1d6 points of damage +1 for every two cleric levels you possess. This attack bypasses an amount of damage reduction and hardness equal to your cleric level. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Dancing Weapons (Su): At 8th level, you can give a weapon touched the dancing special weapon quality for 4 rounds. You can use this ability once per day at 8th level, and an additional time per day for every four levels beyond 8th.

Domain Spells: 1st—animate rope, 2nd—wood shape, 3rd—stone shape, 4th—minor creation, 5th—fabricate, 6th—major creation, 7th—wall of iron, 8th—statue, 9th—prismatic sphere.

Knowledge Domain
Granted Powers: You are a scholar and a sage of legends. In addition, you treat all Knowledge skills as class skills.

Lore Keeper (Sp): [DC18]
You can touch a creature to learn about its abilities and weaknesses. With a successful touch attack, you gain information as if you made the appropriate Knowledge skill check with a result equal to 15 + your cleric level + your Wisdom modifier.

Remote Viewing (Sp): Starting at 6th level, you can use clairvoyance/clairaudience at will as a spell-like ability using your cleric level as the caster level. You can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

Domain Spells: 1st—comprehend languages, 2nd—detect thoughts, 3rd—speak with dead, 4th—divination, 5th—true seeing, 6th—find the path, 7th—legend lore, 8th—discern location, 9th—foresight.

A cleric casts divine spells which are drawn from the cleric spell list. Her alignment, however, may restrict her from casting certain spells opposed to her moral or ethical beliefs; see Chaotic, Evil, Good, and Lawful Spells. A cleric must choose and prepare her spells in advance.

To prepare or cast a spell, a cleric must have a Wisdom score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a cleric’s spell is 10 + the spell level + the cleric’s Wisdom modifier.

Like other spellcasters, a cleric can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. Her base daily spell allotment is given on Table: Cleric. In addition, she receives bonus spells per day if she has a high Wisdom score (see Table: Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells).

Clerics meditate or pray for their spells. Each cleric must choose a time at which she must spend 1 hour each day in quiet contemplation or supplication to regain her daily allotment of spells. Time spent resting has no effect on whether a cleric can prepare spells. A cleric may prepare and cast any spell on the cleric spell list, provided that she can cast spells of that level, but she must choose which spells to prepare during her daily meditation.

Chaotic, Evil, Good, and Lawful Spells A cleric can’t cast spells of an alignment opposed to her own or her deity’s (if she has one). Spells associated with particular alignments are indicated by the chaotic, evil, good, and lawful descriptors in their spell descriptions.

Orisons Clerics can prepare a number of orisons, or 0-level spells, each day, as noted on Table: Cleric under “Spells per day.” These spells are treated like any other spell, but they are not expended when cast and may be used again.

0 level Spells DC12
Level 4 (at Will)
1: Jolt 25'
2: Detect Magic
3: Read Magic
-: Mending-[Domain]

-=1st DC13 (0/day)=-

1st Level 4+1+1 DC15
*: comprehend-languages
1: Technomancy
2: Endure Elements
Spontaneous Casting
CLW [1d8+1] or Make whole [2d6+1]

1/day each [From Trait] [Divine]
1:Know Direction


Starting cash 160gp+900gp starting gold 0 in consumables [^ on sheet]

Outfit, Artisan’s

MW Parade Armor [Androffan Tech Crew Uniform] 15lb [175gp]
Shield, Buckler 5lb [5gp]

Cold Iron Combat Knife 1lb [4gp]
Warhammer 5lb [12gp]
Light Cross [Spring] bow 4lb [35gp]
- Quiver [24 bolts] 2lb [4gp]

Belt: -
Body: -
Chest: -
Eyes: -
Feet: -
Hands: Holy Symbol Tattoo [100gp]
Head: -
Headband: -
Neck: Cold Iron holy symbol [30gp]
Shoulders: -
Wrists: -
Ring L: -
Ring R: -

None Slotted
Belt Pouch 1/2lb [1gp]
Wand QLW 10/50 [150gp]
Small Note book and silver point pen 1/2lb [5gp]

Bandolier --lb [5sp]
Acts as Spell component pouch [5gp]
Air Crystals [30gp]
Items and odd tools [20gp]
Flashlight [Wind Up] [30gp]
Goo Tubes x6 [36gp]
Zipstick Price 20 gp; [1lb] Capacity 10; Usage 1 charge
A zipstick is a small pen-like device used to administer a small jolt of electricity. This jolt is enough to cause 1 point of nonlethal damage with a successful touch attack. A zipstick is used most often to activate or deactivate items that function on ion-bonding technology, such as ion tape.
Healers Kit 10/10 1lb [50g]

MW Backpack 4lb [50gp]
MW Kit-Survival 5lb [50g]
Atificer's Multi-Tool 2lb [250gp]
Magical Item Equivalent Traveler’s any-tool
This gadget appears as nothing but a 12-inch iron bar lined with small plates and metal buttons. By pressing the proper button, unfolding the appropriate plate, or twisting it a certain way, the gadget can duplicate any tool kit or any special tool listed in the Lock, Keys, and Tools section of Ultimate Equipment that contains only limited moving parts. It cannot be used to replace missing or broken parts of machines or vehicles unless a mundane tool would have done the job just as well. The artificer’s any-tool gadget counts as a set of masterwork artisan's tools for most Craft or Profession skills (although very specialist crafts such as alchemy still require their own unique toolset) or a set of masterwork thieves’ tools for any Disable Device checks. It is an ineffective weapon, always counting as an improvised weapon and never granting any masterwork bonus on attack rolls.

-=Carrying Capacity=-
Light 0-66lb. Medium 67–133lb. Heavy 134–200lb.
-=Current Load Carried=- 7.5 lb.

-=Money=- 0 GP 0 SP 0 CP

10 min background:

Five things about her background
1. R0S-LMIS was built 1000s of years ago, as a Tech Crew member with in a vast space craft. Placed in Stasis after creation she was a back up, tech worker ready to be awaken should the need arise. That how ever only came to passes 40 years ago, when she awake deep underground. A dark place with a single way up to the light. She left that place and found a dry land with little in it.
2: It was not long before she was found be scavengers and taken as a slave. At a slave market she was sold to Black Heart Reena, a gang boss running dig teams. By that time she had learned some common and was able to tell Black Heart Reena that she could fix things. This then became her slave job. Working day and night to fix tools and items found. She did not mind as this was what she was made for.
3:After a while she was sent on digs working on site with Reena. Who had become a friend. Reena gave her the name Rosa Luminass, saying it was better then her old name, as many found it hard to say. It was Reena who explained to her about faith and the gods, Rosa as she called herself now did not fully understand but she understood order and law. Rules where part of fixing things.
4:Soon Reena started calling her an Iron Priest, "Take it to the Iron Priest" she would say. This stock and soon all the slaves and workers where calling "her" for they said she was female looking. The Iron Priest, she found that if she prayed while fixing thing, they fixed better. So she did, and soon was seen as tech-Cleric.
5:After many years Reena got old, her system became slow and she wanted to retire. Handing over her business to her daughter, she took Rosa with her to a small house where she lived out the last few years of her life. Rosa was sad when Reena stopped functioning. Reena's last act was to set Rosa free. Rosa took a small part of Reena, so that in the future if ever she found a way she could fix, Reena and bring her back to life.

Two Goals
1. Explore this strange world and all there is in it. This is a core drive in her.
2. Find a way to bring Reena back from the dead.

Two Secrets [One known/one unknown]
1. She is working for the Technic League, as a contract finder of tech.
2. She was reprogrammed by a AI locked away underground before she was set free from her stasis pod. She was sent to explore and report back.

Three People [2 friends 1 enemy]
1. Niroc Blink, A human noble tech trader she has worked for.
2. Black Heart Reena, I female Half-Orc gang boss, who she was sold to once but worked her way free.
3. Lord Pilgrim-Taluook, who has sort to capture her an take her apart for his reserch. A user of Androids who wants to craft his own.

Three Memories
1.waking in a dark cave and find a way out into the light, feeling confused and amazed at the same time.

2.Her and Reena sitting under the night sky talking about work and life. Feeling truly happy to have a friend

3. The feeling of loss when Reena stopped working, sitting for days, and not knowing what to do. Making her mind up to find a way to bring Reena back.


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