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Rorrath's page

31 posts. Alias of Grand Moff Vixen.

About Rorrath


"Slowly, Sage looks over his newly crafted book. "The History of Ancient Civilizations." Seeing his the result of his work fills him with an excitement that the others don't fully understand. He knows that he has to find more. Whether delving into long-forgotten tombs, to perusing a library for countless hours, he loves to collect and share the knowledge he gains. Especially as how it pertains to modern societies and how they can learn from the mistakes of these fallen empires. "The elves are overcautious and prefer to ignore to common sense. Blind logic seems to hold more sway for those wizards than anything else."

Sage grew up in the company of high-elven wizards. He was found as a baby, and remembers nothing of his human parents. He lived in the only (or more if the GM decides to expand on it) elven metropolises in Golarion. Initially his education did not include more than a basic understanding. It wasn't till when he was 10 that he surprised the arcane basics class with his ability to create the light spell. They had a visiting wizard who came by often to select candidates for arcane study, and would show the students various cantrips to gauge their interest and ability. It wasn't till Sage surprised the class by creating the light spell that the wizard too notice of him. As he was old enough he was taken to the mage's guild to begin training.

From then on, his childhood was filled with days of study, practice, and how magic related with the world around them. He seemed to understood magic on a level that took many of them quite by surprise. How could such a short-lived race understand what took many years for a wizard to learn? They were not able to come up with any answers to this, though he applied himself to his studies like few had done before. He had this drive to learn that he was unable to explain. He wanted to know as much as he could. He wanted to apply it to everyday life and share it with others. The wizards took exception to this. Such knowledge was not for everyone. If it fell into the hands of those who would abuse it the consequences would be catastrophic. Sage had many arguments with the arcane masters on this point. Should they not be left to their own minds? Why should anyone else make a descision for them?

Upon reached the maturity of adulthood, he set out into the world to realize his goals. Knowledge would be used to better those around him, including that of the arcane.

One way that he found is to work. There is a lot to be gained in an honest day's labor. As he made his way through the countryside, he chanced upon a farmstead. An ailing woman lived there with no way to feed her small children while the husband was away. He was moved by her plight and stayed on to help tend the place. It was challenging but he enjoyed it. The best part was when the children were taken care of. The day he left he felt as big as a mountain.

Eeventually, he decided to make his way to Absalom as he figured the great repositories the universities offered would grant him a good way to find some of what he sought.

Sage is 5'8", at 170lbs. He is 19 years of age. He wears an explorers outfit, a dagger on his right hip, and (in progress).

Sage is very outgoing, something that belies his scholarly pursuits. Most that follow similar paths do not have his pleasant demeanor. He has a zest for life and learning that shows in how he interacts with others. He is constantly helping people with varying tasks. Things such as: solving a problem, assisting a merchant with appraising and cataloging goods, and even goes to educational institutions in an effort to help those with the desire to make something of their life.

Further Experiences:
Since he left the elves, Sage has been traveling as much as he can in order to find knowledge regarding the both the arcane and historical. He has written a book, "The Downfall of Historical Civilizations", for other scholars to learn from. It wasn't much, but he looks to improve on the next book he writes.

When in a city with one available, he will always stop by the library to see if any books catch his eye. His recent travels have taken him to the city of Oppara. He heard of their noted intellectuals and was desirious to engage them in detailed conversation.

It was during his time this fair place when news spread of a grand expedition that was leaving from Absalom. Captain Finn Blackstone had discovered a new continent and was preparing to make sail. "A new land? What would I gain in such a voyage? Fame? Not really what I want. New cultures to learn about would be most enlightening. Building a new city from nothing has great merit. People to help, homes to build, food to make. An endeavor like this would be a worthy goal."

Sage immediately returned to Absalom and reported to the head master to sign up.

"The way to find my purpose in life is to be in the service of others." he thought as he made his way to the ship.

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