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Ron Lundeen's page

Contributor. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 323 posts (900 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 11 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.

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If our high-level Kingdom of Toads adventure was just not over-the-top enough for you, we've made it mythic! Kingdom of Toads: Mythic Edition presents our high-level adventure with mythic-level threats and challenges. Check it out!


Have you defeated Karzoug and want to keep playing?

The Mhar of Leng adventure is a five-scenario adventure scaled as a "Chapter 7" for the Rise of the Runelords PACG adventure path. It uses primarily the cards you've already got, with a handful of villains and henchmen you can print out from the .pdf, proxy, or order from

You can download it from here for free.

Get it, play it, and let me know what you think!


Hey, all! I've put together a "Chapter 7" for Rise of the Runelords, for those people (like me) who wanted to give their Karzoug-killin' characters another high-powered adventure to play through.

I've tested it with my own group, but I know all high-level characters are different, so I'd like to get others' thoughts on it, too, before releasing it to the world.

If you'd like to playtest a five-scenario "Chapter 7" over the next week or two, please Private Message me and I'll send you the latest draft so you can play it and circle back to me with your thoughts.



I anxiously eye the Season O downloads about the middle of every month, as I'm not connected to a store so have to be a month behind on them (and pay for them).

I understand there was a week off from the program about the end of the year, but I was still hoping to see adventure 0-4 available by now--any ETA on that?


...unknown, right? I haven't seen any announcement. Any word when it will be revealed? Or any hints or teasers about it?


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What do you do when you've gone through the entire Rise of the Runelords path for the PACG? Rearrange the cards and do it again!

The Shield of Rannick adventure path is an entirely new 30-scenario adventure path with an independent story. It uses only the cards from the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords Base Set and the six adventure decks--no need to print your own cards (but you will need all six adventure decks to play it).

You can download it from for free.

Get it, play it, and let me know what you think (and how I can improve it!).


Hello! I'm playing a lot of the organized play: Heggal when it's just my wife and me playing, Vika when our roommate can play as well, and Lesath whenever others can join in. I've played most of the scenarios two or three times each.

I'm responsible for reporting all of our sessions, so everyone's used to my note-taking at the end of each scenario.

When I report a scenario that has been played by the same player, but with a different character, the reporting system shows an error, stating that the player has already played that scenario. That's true; the player has indeed already played it; but the character hasn't. So there shouldn't be an error at all.

In fact, because replaying is allowed (although you can only take the scenario reward once with each character), the only error that ought to trigger is when I check the "take reward" box for a character that has already played that same scenario and checked the "take reward" box--all other play should be acceptable.

I don't know if this is something that is even on IT's radar, as it seems low in priority, but I wanted to see whether there was a fix for this in the works (and, importantly, if I should hold off on reporting until it's fixed!).


We're going to be playing the Treasure of Jemma Redclaw tomorrow, and it seems that it's likely to be the easiest scenario we've ever faced--requiring only two rolls.

Hey, we've all been there: you know right where the villain is, there's nowhere for the villain to escape to, and plenty of time left on the timer: so you sit out a few turns, discarding and drawing to get the perfect hands around the table, then someone steps up to paste the villain with a combat check in the 30s or 40s.

This scenario sets you up with that from the very start.

We can sit around the table, and count out who's going to be take the 20th turn (or 19th, with the Tower as a location). Then we don't explore, just ready our hands. The villain-killer gets her best weapon in her hand, a few blessings (preferably those that help with the attack or with the Wisdom/Survival check against the Shackles Pirate Ship), and one extra card to recharge when Jemma pops up.

Everyone else does the same: discard and draw until we have a pair of blessings, perhaps with helpful spells (like Strength or Speed) or other cards.

We position ourselves appropriately (to throw Lem-like or Harsk-like benefits), and if the villain-killer will be using the Swashbuckling trait against Jemma, then she heads to the Festhall for the extra d4.

Then, we wait for the 20th turn...

Jemma pops out on the villain-killer's turn. Recharge a card, make the check against the Shackles Pirate Ship (easy with blessing contributed around the table) then make the combat check of 21 (again, easy with blessings contributed around the table).

Scenario won with two rolls.

In a normal game, this strategy probably wouldn't be very appealing, since everyone would be missing out on some sweet boons in the location decks--but in Guild play, everyone's only going to get one deck upgrade anyway.

I"m thinking on how to improve this, but I've been generally leery of "card hiding in the blessing deck" setups for a while now (ever since trying to design a few like that, actually) and I wonder if that's a fundamental problem here. Thoughts?


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I was lucky enough to be one of the playtesters of this game back in 2012. I made up my own scenario and shared it on the playtest forums on December 27, 2012 (and Mike liked it!). To my knowledge, this is the very first fan-made scenario for the game. I had to wait a bit to post it publicly, since it uses cards from Set 6, which wasn't out until recently. So here it is--the first fan-made PACG scenario ever!

Otherworldly Incursion
(appropriate for characters in the Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 range)

Lovecraftian horrors press in upon reality! Only by careful research and slowly collecting staunch allies and supernatural favor can the PCs hope to shut down the Leng Device and stop The Thing From Beyond Time before all hope is lost!

Players Locations
1 The Leng Device
1 Apothecary
1 Temple
2 Habe's Sanatorium
3 Village House
4 Waterfront
5 City Gate
6 Town Square

Villain: The Thing From Beyond Time
Henchmen: Leng Spiders

Replace the rule text on The Leng Device with "You may not permanently close this location until all other locations have been permanently closed."

Every time you gain a blessing, put a marker on this card. Add the number of markers on this card to your checks to defeat Leng Spiders or The Thing From Beyond Time.

You may discard an ally to add 1d4 to any check against a Leng Spider or The Thing From Beyond Time, instead of that ally's usual effect.


Hello! I had a 3-day ticket and a banquet ticket in my cart, and when I went to check out, the banquet ticket dropped out as "unavailable." Is the banquet already sold out, or is this somehow related to the e-ticket issue?


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Thanks much for highlighting my newest adventure! I'll keep the great adventures coming!

Ron Lundeen
Run Amok Games


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Reposting cartmanbeck's scenario in order to add my analysis:

The Devil Hunt
The Devil Hunt scenario is intended for characters who have finished the first chapter of the Rise of the Runelords campaign, Burnt Offerings. The Sandpoint Devil is an extremely difficult villain to defeat, but the players will get the chance to reduce his power if they hunt down the henchmen in the other locations first.

The citizens of Sandpoint have been disappearing at an alarming rate, and the mayor thinks that the Sandpoint Devil is behind the disappearances. She has asked you to hunt down the devil and destroy it if at all possible. Several townsfolk have offered to help, and some of them even have valuable clues as to the best places to ambush the devil. Take out the Sandpoint Devil before it kills again!

Setup: Remove Ilosari Gandethus from the Allies deck. If that card is in one of the players’ decks, simply ignore the sentence about rolling to randomly summon the Sandpoint Devil.

Players Location
1 Junk Beach
1 Wooden Bridge
1 Glassworks
2 Waterfront
3 Goblin Fortress
4 The Old Light
5 Warrens
6 Town Square

Villain: The Sandpoint Devil
Henchmen: Ancient Skeletons

During the Scenario:
When any player defeats one of the Henchmen, place that Ancient Skeleton card in a pile next to the scenario card. For each card in this pile, the difficulty of checks to defeat the Sandpoint Devil is reduced by 1.

When you encounter an Ally card, instead of attempting to acquire it, you may attempt a Charisma/Diplomacy 8 check. If you succeed, place that Ally card in the pile of Henchmen next to the scenario card, and add a random blessing from the box to the top of the Blessings deck.

When you encounter the Sandpoint Devil, if either of your combat checks to defeat it do not have the Magic trait, the Sandpoint Devil is undefeated.

Ignore the first power listed on the Sandpoint Devil card (instead treat it as any other villain).

Award: Each character chooses a type of boon. That character gains one random card of that type from the box. In addition, each character may choose to banish any one card from their deck when rebuilding it at the end of this scenario.


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The Pillbug's Revenge scenario is intended for characters who have completed The Poisoned Pill (and may have completed all of the Perils of the Lost Coast and even some or all of Burnt Offerings). Plentiful poison damage makes this scenario challenging.

Freshly escaped from prison, the notorious poison-merchant Aliver "Pillbug" Podiker has vowed revenge upon Sandpoint! Pillbug Podiker has equipped a cadre of ne'er-do-wells with powerful poisons. Furthermore, he has tainted potions all over town with his vile toxins. Someone must bring Pillbug Podiker to justice--again!

Players: Location
1: Farmhouse
1: General Store
1: Waterfront
2: Junk Beach
3: Apothecary
4: City Gate
5: Prison
6: Guard Tower

Villain: Pillbug Podiker

Henchmen: Bandits

During This Scenario: If you encounter a boon with the Alchemical and Liquid traits, you take 1 point of poison damage. (You then encounter the boon normally.)

All damage dealt by Bandit henchmen is poison damage that may not be reduced.

Reward: Each character gains a random ally from the box.

Comments are welcome! Also, my previous fan scenario is here.


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The Cult of the Moon Sisters scenario is intended for characters who have completed Perils of the Lost Coast, and perhaps even Burnt Offerings. The presence of two villains—each of whom becomes very powerful when the moon is right—makes this scenario challenging. It only requires cards from Sets B and C (but it doesn’t matter if Set 1 cards are already included, too).

Two powerful werewolves—twin sisters steeped in astronomical lore—have arrived in the Sandpoint region in advance of certain eldritch cosmological conjunctions. These two demagogues are attended by a coterie of cultists and monsters, whose powers fluctuate as the moon waxes and wanes. These two sisters and their vile cult must be stopped!

Setup: Remove the two Werewolf cards and all the Cultist cards from the monsters and set them aside; the two Werewolves are the villains of this scenario and the Cultists are the henchmen (and can be used to close locations, just like any henchmen). If you need more henchmen than this, use any card you can remember is intended to represent a Cultist (like unused Loot cards).

Players: Location
1: Town Square
1: Warrens
1: Woods
2: Wooden Bridge
3: Treacherous Cave
4: Garrison
5: Farmhouse
6: Shrine to Lamashtu

Villain: Werewolves (2)

Henchmen: Cultists

During This Scenario:You must defeat both villains to defeat this scenario. When you corner and defeat the first werewolf, set it aside. You win when you corner and defeat the second werewolf.

If the top card of the Blessings discard pile is a Blessing of the Gods, the difficulty to defeat any bane is increased by 2.

Reward: Each character chooses a random blessing from the box.


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