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Ron Lundeen's page

Contributor. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 482 posts (1,059 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 18 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Frencois, this is some very good, specific analysis. Thank you. Let me take a look at this and work on a revision here.


Frencois wrote:
k7e9 wrote:

How would you rate the difficulty of Shield of Rannick in comparison to RotR?

A little harder but great... up to 6A.

6A is, for a 6 players game, even worse than the terrible AD0 scenarios in WotR.
Get me right: Ron's job is awesome. The idea for this scenario is awesome just like the rest... it's just VERY difficult. Or to put it differently, you need to be very lucky.
You start playing with a hand of 2 cards. As soon as a character encounters an henchman, pretty much everyone else only has 1 card left and a hand size back to 2. So out of your 30 turns, you can count half of them lost minimum. Closing everything in 15 turns (2 or 3 per player) takes a hell of luck and may be frustrating (restarting many times the game just to play a couple of turns...).
May be the only scenario needing a fix.

I'll admit that I didn't playtest that scenario with 6 players, so a change may be warranted. I'm happy to entertain suggestions...what do you think would work best for it?


Doppelschwert wrote:

Are there (m)any basic boons in AD1?

Otherwise I don't really get the purpose of Sunburst Market, since the cards with the basic trait are exactly the ones you can build your starting deck with.
Will probably take another 3 weeks before I have both access and time to get my base set from my local vendor.

This will be valuable for us, as we play with the suggested starting deck lists.


skizzerz wrote:
Examined cards go back on top in the order you examined them. So, you'd shuffle the weapon in, then place Chakram on top and Baited Jewel Box as the second card. The exception is when the card that lets you examine specifies otherwise (Kohl may be such a card; don't have it on me right now), in which case do what it says. See also this post by Vic.

That does answer it! Thanks! As Vic posits there, an "ask various unrelated questions about Mummy's Mask" has indeed obscured this response.


We had a question come up in our game last night that I wasn't quite sure how to solve.

A character discards Kohl of Uncanny Discernment to examine the top two cards of her location. The top card examined is a Chakram--no problem. The second examined card is a Baited Jewel Box. Yikes! The character has to shuffle a weapon into her location deck.

...but what happens to the Chakram and the Baited Jewel Box? Do they go back on top in the player's preferred order once the shuffling is done, or do they all have to get shuffled, along with the weapon?


Calthaer wrote:
...a combo of Channa Ti, Simoun, and Amhotep...

I just picked up my second box (and character add-on deck), since it seems we'll have two different groups running through this. I used to try to run 2 groups out of 1 box for Wrath of the Righteous, but I was doing so much bookkeeping that I just bought a second box early in Deck 3, and I didn't regret it. So I'm starting out that way here.

I quote your above party because our first group is already started with Channa Ti, Simoun (me), and Estra.

For the other group, I want to play Amhotep, or maybe Drelm. I'll let you know what that party is once we start (either this coming Monday, or two weeks from then).

To answer the initial questions more fully, we're adding no character deck characters or cards, or any cards from any other set, and only the Mummy's Mask-labelled promos.


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Theryon Stormrune wrote:
elcoderdude wrote:
Frencois suggested a nice technique for not gaining knowledge you shouldn't have. Pull the blessings from the blessings deck, check them to make sure they aren't sandstorms, then put them with the blessings in the box and draw the same number randomly from that deck.
That is a good technique.

Agreed, but it's a technique necessitated by an assumption in the rules that I'm still not convinced is correct. (Vic being in that other thread, by itself, does not give it the authority of a resolution.)

I suspect that the phrase "retrieve the blessings from the blessings deck" was written before there was ever an option for anything else to be in the blessing deck except for blessings; it's a carry-over from the Rise of the Runelords rules text. I think it's too much to read into it "retrieve blessings only, ignoring all other cards that aren't blessings in some unspecified way you devise from the blessings deck." Other places in the rules go out of their way to explain what to do with cards you might get at in ways that aren't expected; they don't leave it open what to do in those cases. Frencois' technique is a reasonable solve to mask knowledge, but I'm not yet convinced it's right to seek a technique for this.


Brainwave wrote:
SBasically when a villain is undefeated can Sandstorms be shuffled in or should we be only shuffling in blessings and leaving all Sandstorms in the blessings deck?

This has been the general consensus, but I'm not sure it's correct; I don't think there's been a formal response on this.


I'm virtually certain this situation is answered in the rules somewhere, but I can't for the life of me find it.

What happens if you encounter a Sandstorm in a location deck? (They can get there if you fail to defeat a villain.)

The Sandstorm card is clear about what happens if you examine it, or if you flip it from the blessings deck, but what if you encounter it? Its check to defeat is "none."

Perhaps the broader question is: what happens when you encounter a bane with a "check to defeat" of "None"?


If you need full stats fast, the GameMastery Guide and NPC Codex on the prd is your friend. I quickly found the following:

A Sorcerer 14 in the NPC Codex fits your "northern" theme well, and could easily swap a few spells for create undead and similar:

XP 25,600
Half-elf sorcerer 14
NE Medium humanoid (elf, human)
Init +2; Senses low-light vision; Perception +19
AC 21, touch 15, flat-footed 18 (+4 armor, +2 deflection, +2 Dex, +1 dodge, +2 natural)
hp 79 (14d6+28)
Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +12; +2 vs. enchantments
Immune fire (120 points), sleep; Resist cold 20
Speed 30 ft.
Melee mwk spear +7/+2 (1d8–1/×3)
Ranged mwk light crossbow +10 (1d8/19–20)
Bloodline Spell-Like Abilities (CL 14th; concentration +20)
9/day—elemental ray (1d6+7 cold)
1/day—elemental blast (14d6 cold, DC 23)
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 14th, concentration +20)
7th (3/day)—delayed blast fireball (cold, DC 25)
6th (6/day)—chain lightning (cold, DC 24), elemental body III, freezing sphere (DC 24)
5th (7/day)—baleful polymorph (DC 21), cone of cold (DC 23), elemental body II, summon monster V
4th (7/day)—elemental body I, ice storm, resilient sphere (DC 22), solid fog, wall of ice (DC 22)
3rd (7/day)—fly, lightning bolt (cold, DC 21), protection from energy, ray of exhaustion (DC 19), sleet storm
2nd (8/day)—acid arrow (cold), blindness/deafness (DC 18), fog cloud, gust of wind (DC 20), mirror image, scorching ray (cold)
1st (8/day)—burning hands (cold, DC 19), endure elements, mage armor, magic missile, obscuring mist, shield
0 (at will)—acid splash (cold), bleed (DC 16), detect magic, detect poison, mage hand, ray of frost, read magic, resistance, touch of fatigue (DC 16)
Bloodline elemental (water)
Before Combat The sorcerer casts mage armor and protection from energy (fire).
During Combat The sorcerer casts empowered area damage spells such as cone of cold, freezing sphere, and chain lightning. If forced into melee, she casts elemental body III and transforms into a Large water elemental.
Base Statistics Without mage armor and protection from energy, the sorcerer's statistics are AC 17, touch 15, flat-footed 14; Immune sleep.
Str 8, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 22
Base Atk +7; CMB +6; CMD 21
Feats Combat Casting, Dodge, Empower Spell, Eschew Materials, Greater Spell Focus (evocation), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Nimble Moves, Silent Spell, Skill Focus (Perception), Spell Focus (evocation)
Skills Diplomacy +11, Fly +11, Knowledge (arcana, planes) +8, Linguistics +1, Perception +19, Spellcraft +8, Swim +4
Languages Aquan, Common, Elven
SQ bloodline arcana (change energy damage spells to cold), elf blood
Combat Gear potion of fly; Other Gear masterwork light crossbow with 10 bolts, masterwork spear, amulet of natural armor +2, headband of alluring charisma +4, ring of protection +2, 1,413 gp

If you're willing to go with CR 14 rather than CR 13, the NPC Codex has the perfect cleric:

XP 38,400
Human cleric 15
NE Medium humanoid (human)
Init +5; Senses Perception +20
AC 22, touch 12, flat-footed 21 (+9 armor, +1 deflection, +1 Dex, +1 natural)
hp 146 (15d8+75)
Fort +14, Ref +7, Will +17
Speed 30 ft.
Melee+3 scythe +17/+12/+7 (2d4+6/19–20/×4)
Special Attacks channel negative energy 4/day (DC 18, 8d6), scythe of evil (7 rounds, 2/day)
Domain Spell-Like Abilities (CL 15th; concentration +22)
10/day—bleeding touch (7 rounds), touch of evil (7 rounds)
Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 15th; concentration +22)
8th—fire storm (DC 26), unholy auraD
7th—blasphem yD (DC 25), destruction (DC 24), ethereal jaunt
6th—antilife shell, blade barrier (DC 24), create undea dD, harmD (DC 23)
5th—dispel good, greater command (DC 22), flame strike (DC 23), insect plague, righteous might, slay livingD (DC 22)
4th—divine power, freedom of movement, giant vermin, greater magic weapon, poison (DC 21), unholy bligh tD (DC 22)
3rd—animate dea dD, contagion (2, DC 20), deeper darkness, dispel magic, wind wall
2nd—bear's endurance, death knellD (DC 19), desecrate, gentle repose, hold person (DC 19), spiritual weapon
1st—bane (DC 18), cause fea rD (DC 18), divine favor, doom (2, DC 18), entropic shield, shield of faith
0 (at will)—bleed (DC 17), light, resistance, virtue
D Domain spell; Domains Death, Evil
Before Combat The cleric casts bear's endurance, desecrate, freedom of movement, and greater magic weapon.
During Combat The cleric relies on offensive spells, or on channel energy if he has undead allies.
Base Statistics Without bear's endurance and greater magic weapon, the cleric's statistics are hp 116; Fort +12; Melee+1 scythe +15/+10/+5 (2d4+4/19–20/×4); Con 14.
Str 15, Dex 12, Con 18, Int 10, Wis 24, Cha 8
Base Atk +11; CMB +13; CMD 25
Feats Combat Casting, Command Undead, Critical Focus, Extra Channel, Improved Channel, Improved Critical (scythe), Improved Initiative, Spell Focus (evocation), Weapon Focus (scythe)
Skills Bluff +5, Intimidate +5, Knowledge (local) +6, Knowledge (religion) +9, Perception +20, Spellcraft +11
Languages Common
SQ aura, death's embrace
Combat Gearpotion of invisibility; Other Gear+3 mithral breastplate, +1 scythe, amulet of natural armor +1, belt of giant strength +2, cloak of resistance +1, headband of inspired wisdom +4, ring of protection +1, unholy water, cold iron unholy symbol (worth 500 gp), onyx gems (worth 1,000 gp), silver dust for desecrate (worth 25 gp), 2,482 gp


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Adam Daigle wrote:
Misroi wrote:
Were flying polyps responsible for the disappearance of the Kellid tribes that originally settled in what is now Iadenveigh? Because there seems to be a Star Stelae there.
You know, I'm not quite sure what the intention is with that. It never calls out Starcaller Rock as being a Star Stela, but the big invisible worms seem like it could be referring to flying polyps. James or Ron would be able to more accurately answer this.

I know threads like this are for Adam to answer questions, but I can say I wasn't contemplating flying polyps when I wrote this. Children seeing horrors adults can't see was the creepy vibe I was going for, not any particular creature. Maybe this came from the fact I'd recently seen the movie "Branded" at the time?

For Adam, since it's his thread: are you playing in or running any non-Pathfinder RPGs now?


elcoderdude wrote:
And you may want to be careful using this power in Mummy's Mask.

"Nonsense!" -Harsk and Alahazra


Thomas Seitz wrote:

Yes Ron, we mean you. If we didn't mean you, I'd think we'd say "Ron Lundeen's father - insert name."

But again looking forward to other chapters you've written. :)

But my father's name is also Ron Lundeen! No kidding.

But more on point, I'm just as sorry as everyone else to hear about the delay, as I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turned out!


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Marco Massoudi wrote:
Mr. Lundeen likely has finished writing this long ago.

(* looks around for my father *)

Oh, you mean me! :-)

Yes, and I've written two other AP chapters since!


Hey, all. I just started Season of the Runelords with some friends, and I've decided to give Raheli a try. What's the best cohort for her? I've used the centipede for a bit of rogue-like oomph, but the extra 1d12 die on combat checks seems like overkill. I've been able to handle fights just fine with her hair and her arcane spells.

Who do you (or would you) bring with your Raheli, and why?


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I just want to say I'm particularly delighted by all the speculation on the Great Old One the PCs face in this adventure!


Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
Unless the author pops in I doubt you'll get an "official" answer. I'd use my best judgement on what the players can handle. Remember that once they drop one robot the azers switch sides so I'd probably go with three unless your players can't handle them, but since they only do non-lethal they aren't that tough.

*POP* Use your best judgment on what your players can handle! *POP*

Seriously, I think 3 is probably a reasonable number of robots; I don't recall what my turnover included.


I use "bloodied," the 4E D&D term for "this creature is at half its hit points or fewer" in all my games now, even Pathfinder. I figure anyone can, at a glance, tell whether an opponent is above or below this threshold. Other Pathfinder purists (and D&D haters) I know refuse to use the term, but I find it handy.


WaningMoon wrote:
I also find it strange that one supposedly beneficial item had no actual boon when fighting the boss. It made sense for backstory reasons, but not as a tool for the party.

Which boon do you mean?

Item Spoilers:
If you mean the weapon, it has a spell-like ability that might be helpful against the boss (for lucky PCs). If you mean the item other than the weapon, it's not intended to help against the boss, but against a different creature in the area.


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djones wrote:
Isabelle Lee wrote:
I can't tell you all how excited I am for this book. ^_^
Boy those contributor NDAs are *strict*

I can neither confirm nor deny the strictness of the contributor NDAs.


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Joana wrote:
If the choice is a full-price CRB at the LGS or ordering one from Amazon where it's 40% off, that's a no-brainer.

It's a brainer (?) to me. For each game purchase I make, I weigh whether I want to spend extra to support my vibrant local gaming store, or save money (and wait a couple of days) to get it from Amazon.

I used to do more latter than the former; then game store less than a quarter-mile from my house closed. Now I do more of the former than the latter. I recently bought another CRB, and I bought it from a game store.


thunderspirit wrote:
Ron Lundeen wrote:

That I love being part of them!

#3 in Strange Aeons
#2 in Ironfang Invasion
#5 in Ruins of Azlant

Speaking of which, you've got some autographing to do.

Now, and in the future. ;-)

You got it!!


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That I love being part of them!

#3 in Strange Aeons
#2 in Ironfang Invasion
#5 in Ruins of Azlant


I'm going to be at GenCon, but I'm not signed up for any specific ACG events--I instead plan to just drop in with generics whenever I can play for a bit. That worked fine last year. Is that something I'll be able to do again this year (assuming I don't come by when the ballroom is wholly overrun with the RPG players, like in the evening interactives)?


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Thomas Seitz wrote:

*sings* Monday, Monday...

Still can't wait to see what all comes up in the adventures and stuff.

And I can't wait for y'all to see it!


Swarms, which you need to beat by a certain number or they're shuffled back into the deck?


Such sad news. Steve was critical in my development as a freelancer, encouraging some crazy ideas and being supportive, professional, and friendly throughout. He will be missed by many, including the many whose lives--professional and personal--he touched.


Drogon wrote:
MisterSlanky wrote:
I cannot describe the level of disappointment I'm currently experiencing.



MisterSlanky is not a fan of some of my previous adventures. We actually had a good talk about it at PaizoCon, where I got the opportunity to listen to some of his concerns in detail.


James McKendrew wrote:
There're three buttons near the word "Filter". If you chose "Treasure", it'll just show treasure cards. If you have a card, you'll see the art/text/etc. If you don't, you'll see an outline with a question mark (or two).

I see it now, thanks. Does the color of the border (gold, silver, pinkish) correspond with Legendary, Rare, etc. somehow? I assume so, but the correlation isn't clear.

I'm also excited to see lots of "Favor of..." blessings. I don't have any of those--what do they do?


Is there a list of treasure chest cards anywhere? I'd like to know whether I've earned some or most of them--right now, I have no idea.


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I'm here at Paizocon, and I picked up a copy of Wayfinder #15 releasing here. To my surprise and delight, page 30 has two ACG scenarios from James "Iammars" McTeague!

They are a pair of River Kingdoms-inspired scenarios designed for use with the Skull & Shackles base set. I'm excited to get home and give them a try!


My friend Rhett and I will be there!


Silbeg wrote:
Khelreddin wrote:
Khelreddin wrote:
MisterSlanky wrote:
Sara Marie wrote:
Ok, there are 7 people who are in serpent's ire that won't see it displayed on their events page. The system appears to be counting them in the total number of attendees. The tech team found what they are pretty sure caused it and it appears to not be affecting any additional people signing up. The bug means that for those 7 people, the button does not do anything (but please do not keep clicking it). Tech team is working on getting the data causing the issue back into the state it needs to be so it will display correctly on your events schedule.
Any way for the 7 to get notice of who we are so we can confirm? I believe I may be one of the seven.
Re-posting this question for Sara Marie, so I can verify my son got in, since it's still not showing on his schedule. His forum tag is Simeon, if that's how you track them. Thank you.
Reposting for Sara Marie to answer, please: those of us affected have been asking for a couple of days now. I would really appreciate confirmation on who's in this Special Seven, so I know for sure that my son is in the game. You can post user names here, email everyone, PM us all, whatever works best for you - but it would be very nice to know for sure before the weekend, as I'd hate for the special to fill up as sign-ups trickle in and then learn that my kid doesn't have a seat.
As an FYI, Sara Marie, I am still in this boat as well.

Same here. Am I in the Special Seven?


Sara Marie wrote:
Ok, there are 7 people who are in serpent's ire that won't see it displayed on their events page. The system appears to be counting them in the total number of attendees. The tech team found what they are pretty sure caused it and it appears to not be affecting any additional people signing up. The bug means that for those 7 people, the button does not do anything (but please do not keep clicking it). Tech team is working on getting the data causing the issue back into the state it needs to be so it will display correctly on your events schedule.

How do we find out if we're one of the 7? :-)


Hodgehangout wrote:
I have clicked Serpent's Ire to add to my schedule, but it does not show up on my schedule when I refresh. Should I be concerned?

I'm having the same problem, and I'm also concerned--what if that 52 number gets all the way to 210 before I can join?!!?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Woot! My friend Rhett and I are in! I've been looking forward to this since I Kickstarted it, so it will be great to get to play it!


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James McKendrew wrote:
So is it just me, or did traffic on the card forums take a sudden slowdown when the video game was released? (Video-game-related topics not withstanding...)

Quiet, we're playing our new app! :-)


Duane Robertson 6 wrote:

This guy is a lot of fun to play. Make of him, what you will.

Character Front
Character Back
Role Front
Role Back
Token Back

2 spells but no ability to use them seems odd. The "capturing" paralyzed targets is flavorful. Shouldn't it also not work against Undead?


I'm playing with 6 characters, and I agree that the "discard a card if you fail to acquire a boon" is the toughest wildcard. If I'm lucky--that is, henchmen and villains are near the top--I can still win that one.

I have a party of Amiri, Ezren, Merisiel, Sajan, Seoni, and Valeros--that is, the 6 people without Divine. So I'm very, very low on healing (praise Zantus and Poog!). So far, I've been able to get all the way through Adventure 1 completing all 3 difficulty levels for each scenario, and I'm about to start Adventure 2. It's tough but fun, and I've logged an embarrassingly high number of hours on this game since last Friday...


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Hey, I just unlocked the Song of Hawkmoon in a treasure chest! In case you're curious:

Spoiler Tag:
Song of Hawkmoon

Spell 6 (so it'll be hanging around in the vault until the Chapter 6 cards unlock)


Check to Acquire: Wisdom/Divine 11 or Intelligence/Arcane 13

Discard this card to decrease the difficulty of a check against a card with the Human trait by 4. If you are attempting the check, you may use your Arcane or Divine skill + 1d8 for the check.

After playing this card, if you do not have either the Arcane or Divine skill, banish it. Otherwise, you may succeed at an Arcane 15 or Divine 13 check to recharge this card instead of discarding it.

...So first I thought, "man, what sort of misanthrope must Hawkmoon be to hate Humans so much?" But then I realized it's against *any* card with the Human trait, and that means allies as well as enemies. So, for example, a tough to acquire card like the Mountaineer (if I'm remembering right) is something that you can make *anyone* do easier, and you can even use your sweet Arcane or Divine yourself. Hawkmoon doesn't hate Humans, he gets along with them very well!

Also, a word about the art:

Spoiler Tag:
I love the nod to the "classic" Three Wolf Moon image.


Myfly wrote:

Hand size is 5, got 6 cards including a blessing of torag.

I would like to explore with this blessing. No opportunity.
Instead i have to discard one card. :-(((

If it won't let you discard a blessing to explore (or otherwise use it), check to see if it's the top card of the discard pile--you might need to recharge it instead!


Johnico wrote:
I want to get my hands on this game, but I don't have a tablet, only a phone. Will this game work fine on my Android phone or will I need to borrow a family member's tablet to play?

I playtested it extensively on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and had no problems.


4 people marked this as a favorite.

I know the answer to that. :-)

I'm very glad to be back at the PFS writing, and hope y'all like what I'm crafting!


Gambit001 wrote:

Planar Crossbow WotR AD5 says "If the bane has the Outsider trait, ignore the bane's immunities."

I find this power to be basically useless as once you beat 5-1, all locations have the abyssal trait, which means there are no bane's for the remainder of AD5 that have the outsider trait...

Being planar I was hoping that it would ignore the abyssal trait and actually make that power work, but it seems rather weak compared to the other ranged weapons from even earlier decks.


Our Imrijka and Arueshalae both passed this up, for just the reason you mention. Other weapons from lower-numbered sets are better.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tyquaius wrote:
Thanks for the variant for RotR, it was a lot of fun. My group and I are looking forward to bloodsail corsairs but really like rolling d20s. Do you know when you are planning to release a variant to wotr by chance?

That's a good question! The short answer is that I'm not.

I just finished WotR with my primary group this weekend. We crushed Deskari, which was a lot of fun and felt like a good capstone, but I haven't really liked WotR as a whole. The difficulty is much too swingy in adventure design, and the ability to super-charge rolls feels gimmicky and not ultra-heroic to me. It's definitely my least favorite of the 3 APs released so far. The others I game with disagree (disliking RotRL most for being too easy, and S&S most for being too difficult-barrier-heavy, respectively), so I'm aware I don't share a common belief here. But it's hard for me to get motivated to revisit an AP I didn't love.

On a personal level, most of my writing and design time has been working on adventure path chapters for the RPG line (#108 Hell Comes to Westcrown, #111 Dreams of the Yellow King, and another that hasn't been announced yet), so by the time I'll be able to turn to designing another full alternate AP, I'll probably do so for Mummy's Mask, or for some combination of the previously released APs (which would include, but not focus on, WotR).


I'm playing Imrijka. Although I'm playing in a group and not solo, she seems like a good solo candidate. Her role power to evade barriers and send them to the bottom of the deck has been worth its weight in angel feathers, and would be particularly helpful in a solo run.


I'll be interested to hear how Paizo presents this publicly. They've had some trepidation on the hardcover AP front because they don't want people to think "Oh, I'm not going so subscribe now, I'll just wait for the hardcover" and subscriptions are their lifeblood. I wonder if they'll respond to that.


Saeko Mickelini wrote:

I am a novice in being a game master and I am going to allow gestalt characters to be used.

I honestly don't know how I should handle their boosted stats using the regular bestiaries for monsters. I thought of making my own but is there an easier way to provide great challenge?
I don't think higher CR mobs would be the solution either since some of their natural abilities would wipe the party if used.
Penny for a thought?

The gestalt rules don't modify whether their stats are boosted--you can have gestalt characters with only a 15-point buy if you'd like.

If you're asking how to handle the fact that their abilities are more powerful (best base save of each class, for example), the answer is to run them 1 or 2 levels lower than the adventure you have planned. If you're running an adventure for 5th level characters that takes players up to 8th level, start them at 4th level and take them up to 6th or 7th.

The problem with allowing gestalt when you're a new GM is that you might not have as good a sense of player difficulty vs. monster difficulty and know how much is the right amount to keep them "behind."

But 1-2 levels has seemed about right for me in both gestalt campaigns I've run (both were adventure paths, from start to end). Gestalt doesn't allow characters to get more actions out of a round, or use spells or abilities above their level. Gestalt generally makes PCs that can last longer in an adventuring day. Monsters hurt them just a bit less, they make their saves a bit more often, and they have a broader pool of powers to use. So you don't need to hold them back too much.


DaveFrahm wrote:
This just gave me the idea of doing a Dragon's Demand esque adventure. Ooooh....

Do it! Save Belhaim!


First World Bard wrote:
BartonOliver wrote:
Get yourself some of these d4s Much better to roll, and they don't kill your foot if they get stepped on. (Also, I don't know anything about that site, just the first one I found with a picture on a quick search)
Yeah, I've seen them before. Maybe I'll pick some up from the Chessex booth at PAX East this year. Although now that I'm done with S&S and won't be using them for Jirelle's rapier damage, they likely won't see as much play. Balthazar, quite mercifully, doesn't have any d4s skills, although I might sack the occasional monster for a d4. Perhaps I'll play a mage-type character in the RPG that casts a bunch of high-level Magic Missiles.

I think a Chessex booth is where I bought my 8-sided d4s (numbered 1 through 4 twice). I haven't picked up one of those awful pyramid things since.

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