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Romon's page

1,120 posts. Alias of therealthom.


He's got pointed ears, like Spock. // AC 17, FF 14, T 15 // HP 68/73 // F,R,W 7,11,4 // Percept 14 + // Init +4

About Romon

Romon Scoliolo

Rogue 9/Fighter 1 Half-elf N
BAB +7/+2 CMB +9 CMD 23 F (7= +3 Rog +2 Ftr +1Co +1 cloak) R (11=+6 Rog +0 Ftr +3D+1 CityBorn +1 cloak)(+3 v. traps from trap sense) W (4=+3 Rog +0 Ftr+0W +1 cloak) (+2 racial v. enchantment) Speed 30'
Initiative +4 AC normal, flat-foot, touch : 17, 14, 15 (+2 leather shadow armour, +4 dex, +1 dodge)(+2 from shield at times) (+3 v. traps from trap sense)
HP [total] [73]

S 14(+2), D 18(+4), Co 12(+1), I 14(+2), W 11(+0), Ch 12(+1)

Hit points and stats calcs:
(8+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+7+6)levels+10Con (max hp at first, 3/4 hp/level after)
S 14 (5) +0 level , D 14 (5)+2 half-elf +2 levels, Co 12 (2), I 14 (5), W 11 (1) Ch 12 (2)

Description:Romon is a tall, slightly built man of mixed elven and Varisian ancestry. Dark eyes and close-cropped hair, olive complexion, short pointed ears, narrow features. He dresses in bright colors when not in his Shadow Armor.

Languages: Common, Elven, Varisian

Attacks and Weapons:
Melee: (+5d6 Sneak Attack)
+1 Light mace, +10/+5, 1d6+3, 20, x2
(+1 Returning Dagger) +10/+5, 1d4+3, 19-20, x2
Dagger, +9/+4, 1d4+2, 19-20, X2

Ranged: Point blank shot +1 to hit and damage inside 30'; Precise shot -- no penalty shooting into melee
+1 Composite Shortbow (+2 Str), +12/+7, 1d6+2, x3, 60' (10 arrows)
(+1 Returning Dagger) +12, 1d4+3, 19-20, x2
Dagger, +11, 1d4+2, 19-20, X2, 10'

(104 total) (8/R level + 2/Ftr level + 2/level Int + 1/level favored class)

Acrobatics_ 18+= 9 +4 D +3 class- 0 Armor +2 racial skill focus (+5 ring on high or long jumps)
Appraise 7= 3 +1 I +3 class
Bluff 8+= 4 +1 ch +3 class (+5 on secret messages, Canter trait)
Climb 13= 8 +2 S +3 Class - 0 Armor
Diplomacy 12= 6 +1 ch +3 class +2 CityBorn
Disable Device_ 20= 9 +4 D +3 Class - 0 Armor +4 (+1/2 level, trapfinder)
Disguise 18= 4 +1 ch +3 Class +10 hat
Know (Local) 12= 7 +2 I +3 Class
Know (Eng) 6= 1 +2 I +3 Class
Know (Dungeon) 6= 1 +2 I +3 Class
Perception 14+ = 9 +0 w +3 class +2 race (+ 1/2 level v. traps)
Ride ............11 = 4 + 4 dex +3 class
Sense Motive 8+= 5 +0 w +3 Class (+5 on secret messages, Canter trait)
Sleight of Hand 16= 9 +4 D +3 Class - 0 Armor
Stealth_ 22= 10 +4 D +3 Class - 0 Armor +5 armor special
Survival 5 = 2 +0 w +3 Class
Swim 10= 5 +2 S +3 Class - 0 armor
Use Magic Device 12= 8 +1 Ch +3 Class

Acrobatics 0 +3 D - Armor -- skilled
Appraise 0 +1 I -- skilled
Bluff 0 +1 ch -- skilled
Climb -- skilled S -- skilled
Craft 0 +1 I
Diplomacy 0 +1 ch -- skilled
Disguise 0 +1 ch -- skilled
Escape Artist 0 +4 D - 0 Armor
Forgery 0 +1 I
Heal 0 +0 w
Intimidate 0 +1 Ch
Perception 0 +0 w -- skilled
Ride 0 +4 D -- skilled
Sense Motive 0+0 w -- skilled
Spellcraft 0 +1 I
Stealth skilled D - 0 Armor -- skilled
Survival 0 +0 W - 0 Armor -- skilled
Swim -- skilled S -- skilled

1 for levels
Race: Skill Focus (Acrobatic)
1st Level: Point Blank Shot
3rd Level: Precise Shot
5th Level: Dodge
7th Level: Combat Expertise , -2 to hit +2 dodge bonus to AC
9th Level: Mobility (+4 dodge bonus to AC v. AoO when you move out of or within a threatened area)

Fighter (taken at level 9)
1st Level: Spring attack (Full-round action, move up to your speed and make a single melee attack without provoking any attacks of opportunity from the target of your attack. You can move both before and after the attack, but you must move at least 10 feet before ... cannot ... attack a foe that is adjacent to you at the start of your turn.)

1st Level: Sneak attack +5d6 (9th level); trapfinding (add 1/2 level to perception against traps & disable device )
2nd Level: Evasion (reflex for 0 damage), rogue talent - Fast Stealth

4th Level: Uncanny Dodge (Ex): A rogue cannot be caught flat-footed, even if the attacker is invisible. She still loses her Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized. A rogue with this ability can still lose her Dexterity bonus to AC if an opponent successfully uses the feint action (see Combat) against her.
4th Level: Trap Spotter (Ex): Whenever a rogue with this talent comes within 10 feet of a trap, she receives an immediate Perception skill check to notice the trap. This check should be made in secret by the GM.

9th/6th/3rd Level: Trap Sense +3 -- +3 dodge bonus to AC or reflex save v. traps
6th Level: Talent -- Resiliency (Ex): Once per day, a rogue with this ability can gain a number of temporary hit points equal to the rogue's level. Activating this ability is an immediate action that can only be performed when she is brought to below 0 hit points. This ability can be used to prevent her from dying. These temporary hit points last for 1 minute. If the rogue's hit points drop below 0 due to the loss of these temporary hit points, she falls unconscious and is dying as normal.

8th Level Improved Uncanny Dodge -- can not be flanked, Combat trick --Improved Feint (Feint: You can use Bluff to feint in combat, causing your opponent to be denied his Dexterity bonus to his AC against your next attack. The DC of this check is equal to 10 + your opponent's base attack bonus + your opponent's Wisdom modifier. If your opponent is trained in Sense Motive, the DC is instead equal to 10 + your opponent's Sense Motive bonus, if higher. For more information on feinting in combat, see Combat.)

Racial Special:
low-light vision (2x humans);+2 on perception, immune to sleep effects, skill focus, common & elven, favored classes (2) rogue and fighter, +2 saves v. enchantment

City Born (Magnimar) {RotRL players guide} +1 reflex, +2 diplomacy

Canter: You grew up among thieves and scoundrels, and their unusual speech patterns and turns of phrase don’t phase you in the slightest today as a result. Anyone who attempts to use Bluff to deliver a secret message to you gains a +5 bonus on his Bluff check. When you attempt to intercept a secret message using Sense Motive, you gain a +5 trait bonus on the attempt.



Special Expensive Gear:
+1 Leather Shadow Armour (+3 AC -0 armor check, +5 bonus on Stealth), (3750+150+10 = 3910)
+1 returning dagger, (8302?)
+1 light mace (2305)
+1 Composite Shortbow (+2 Str), Arrows (# in combat section) (2480)

Hat of Disguise : This apparently normal hat allows its wearer to alter her appearance as with a disguise self (+10 on check) spell. As part of the disguise, the hat can be changed to appear as a comb, ribbon, headband, cap, coif, hood, helmet, and so on. (1800gp)

Ring of Jumping This ring continually allows the wearer to leap about, providing a +5 competence bonus on all his Acrobatics checks made to make high or long jumps. (2500 gp)

Ring of Featherfalling (2200gp)

Cloak of Resistance +1. (Gift of Marak) (all saves) (1000gp)

Wand of CLW (750) 41 charges.

Bead of Force (3000)

Handy Haversack (2000)

Kallie's wand of shocking grasp (26 charges) ~375 gp

Large Wooden Shield, +2 to AC , ACP -2
Beltpouch: 2 potion CLW, vial of silversheen, Flint and Steel, Whistle, Ioun torch. 25 sp .

Pocket: 3 beads of fireball 2d6.

Handy Haversack: MW Thieves Tools, 50' Silk Rope, Grapplng Hook, Oil (2 pints), Callie's Wand

Tanglefoot bag x2, thunderstone x1, smokestick x1, antitoxin x4,alchemist's fire x2, acid x2

Horse, riding saddle, bit and bridle

Caltrops 12x (split among group),

Camping Gear: in saddlebags
Bedroll (super comfy = 2)
Canvas 20'sq


Mug, clay
Pot, iron
Rations, trail x10

Needles 2x
Jug, Clay
Combat Weight 57 lbs. light (without caltrops)
Hiking Weight 157 lbs. Heavy -- max dex +1, check penalty -6, 20' Run x3


Son of a Forlorn whore and unknown father, Romon grew up on the streets of Magnimar. The whorehouse was his home and Romon's good looks and cheerful insouciance made him a spoiled favorite with his many "aunts" in his earliest years. His first eighteen years were very happy. He befriended and played with many boys and girls destined to become great among the city's beggars and theives. Bullying, fighting and petty theivery were their games. He ran wild in the streets until ready to return to the sybaritic comforts of home.

His prolonged adolescence (compared to a human boy's) grated on the nerves of the house madam whose attitude changed from indulgent aunt to insufferable critic who rained abuse on both of them for the temerity of the boy's behavior and appetite. When Romon's mother left to start her own house, it was partly ambition, partly a wish to escape the madam's verbal jabs. Her own venture failed, however. She refused to pay the Scarnzi protection money. Despite her charms, her steady clientele was run off by threats and beatings. Still she refused to pay. Eventually she was found, face down in the harbor. The investigators ruled it suicide, but Romon was convinced the Scarnzi killed her as an example to the other prostitutes.

Romon was taken under the wing of one of her mother's regulars, an elf, Cearnis Moonshadow. Cearnis was his mentor and eventually senior partner. He taught Romon the elvish language and some culture. He also taught him the art of theft by stealth, how to climb a brick wall or drainpipe, how to move unseen and unheard, how to open doors and windows, how to read a mark, and to take on higher margin projects. Romon was an apt pupil, but after a few years it occurred to him to turn his skills against the Scarnzi. Despite Cearnis' warnings, he continued his campaign of theft against the Varisian crimelords.
It ended badly a few weeks ago, when a capo's eldest son (Marno, son of Eduardo Caumlo) walked in while Romon was rifling his father's strongbox. The Scarnzi boy was nearly full grown, and strong and aggressive as a bull. He was also good with his knives. He had Romon bleeding and backed in a corner. When he turned to shout for guards, Romon snatched the fireplace poker and clouted him over the head. The half-elf leaped the body and was out the window without a backward glance. He went to Cearnis who told him to get out of town and helped him with cash and a promise to contact him in Sandpoint when things settle down.

Since then Romon has found new friends and attained wealth and maybe a few scruples unimaginable to him a few years ago.

Other Info:


Possible buys: spell storing dagger 2304 gp, dust of tracelessness 250gp,

Possible Feats: two weapon fighting, power attack-cleave

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