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Rommin Hawkridge's page

578 posts. Alias of markofbane.

About Rommin Hawkridge

Rommin Hawkridge
Neutral Male Human Barbarian 3
Medium Size (5‘10”, 180 pounds, Brown Eyes, Brown Hair)
Age: 26
Move: 40’ base, 30’ equipped
Languages: Common

16 Strength
14 Dexterity
16 Constitution +2 racial bonus applied
10 Intelligence
10 Wisdom
10 Charisma

Initiative: +2 (Dex +2)
AC: 17 (Armor +5, Dex +2) -2 when raging
Two handed weapons: Raging: +2 to hit, +3 damage. Power attack: -1 to hit, +3 damage. Both: +1 to hit, +6 damage.
Greatsword (+6, 2d6+4, 19-20/x2, S)
Heavy Flail (+6, 1d10+4, 19-20/x2, B)
One handed weapons: Raging: +2 to hit, +2 damage. Power attack: -1 to hit, +2 damage. Both: +1 to hit, +4 damage.
Hand Axe (+6, 1d6+3 damage, x3, S)
Sap (+6, 1d6+3 NL, x2, B)
Ranged: Raging, +2 damage. Deadly Aim: -1 to hit, +2 damage. Rage and DA: -1 to hit, +4 Damage.
Sling (+5, 1d4+4, x2, 50’, B)
CMB: 6 +2 when raging
CMD: 18 +2 when raging
Fort: +6
Ref: +3 +1 vs. traps
Will: +3 +2 when raging
Hit Points: 39


T: Ruin Raider: +1 to Appraise, +4 to Perception to distinguish statue-like creatures
T: Suspicious: +1 to Sense Motive, and it is a class skill.
L1: Power Attack.
R1: Deadly Aim.
L2: Iron Will.


5 points per level: 4 class, 0 intelligence, 1 race.

+7 - Acrobatics = (2 ranks + 3 class + 2 attribute + 0 other)
+8 – Climb (2+3+3+0)
+6 - Perception (3+3+0+0)
+4 – Profession (Solider) (1+3+0+0)
+7 – Sense Motive (3+3+0+1)
+2 - Stealth (0+0+2+0)
+6 – Survival (3+3+0+0)
+7 – Swim (1+3+3+0)

Race/Class Abilities:

Favored Class: Barbarian (3 used for Hit Points)
Human Abilities:
+2 to any attribute (applied to Constitution).
Medium size, 30’ base movement.
Bonus skill point per level.
Bonus feat at first level.
Barbarian Abilities:
Proficient with simple and martial weapons, light armor, medium armor and shields.
Fast Movement: +10 to land speed (not with heavy armor or load).
Rage: 11 rounds. Free action to start. +4 morale to Strength and Constitution, +2 morale to will, -2 to Armor Class. Fatigued following.
Rage Power: Spirit Totem, Lesser. Slam attack each round vs. living foe. Use BAB. 1d4 negative energy damage.
Uncanny Dodge: Cannot be caught flat footed.
Trap Sense: +1 on reflex saves vs. traps.

In his homeland of Taldan, Rommin was nothing special. He was just another young man who turned to military service to keep food in his stomach and coins in his pouch. He didn’t have any reason to think his life would be any different than this until his patrol came up strange ruins.

The ruins were in a place that had been passed many times before, but no one had remembered ever hearing them mentioned. The solidiers set in to explore, spreading out as them did. After several minutes, Rommin heard cries of alarm and the sounds of fighting, and he ran to see what was happening.

Several of the soldiers were engaged by undead, and Rommin joined the fight. He and his allies were being pushed back and at some point Rommin fell into a pit, losing consciousness when he did.

Rommin awoke to the sounds of whispers, but saw no one. He knew he must have been out for a while, for night had fallen while he was down there. Having no way to get out readily and not wanting to call out in case it was undead that heard him, he settled in for the night.

The next morning, when he awoke, he was distraught to realize that he had been sleeping in an ancient, unburied mass grave. Dozens of skulls were clearly visible, with untold more beneath his feet. He scrambled up the earthen walls until he was clear of the site.

Rommin made his way back, the entire time pestered by the feeling he was being watched, or voices were whispering just beyond his ability to understand them. When he made it back, the men in his unit told him they had to flee, and when they went back with more forces the ruins were not to be found again.

Rommin tried to reintegrate with the others, but something had changed in him. The others said he fought like a man possessed and seemed to listen and respond to voices that weren’t there. When his term of service was up, he left.

In his travels following that, Rommin met and travelled with a mystic who had similar experiences. He claimed he was an oracle, and that the spirits of his ancestors spoke to him and helped him. Coming to better terms with his changes, Rommin took the oracle up on this offer to introduce him to the Pathfinders, where he might find a new start to his life.

At a glance, he is no different than thousands of other soldiers waging war in the Inner Sea region. He is unremarkable in appearance or size, uniformed, and has a well packed rucksack with a bedroll strapped to the bottom. He is clean cut, well organized and obviously takes great care of his equipment. The one exception is his hair; just moments after combing it, it always seems somehow disheveled.

When stressed (such as in combat), observers can sometimes catch glimpses of white wisps near him. When fully caught up in battle, his eyes seem to mist over and lose almost all color.


Don’t let the barbarian class fool you. Rommin is tidy, refined and has a taste for finer things. His years as a soldier have made him very practical, and he is amongst the first to jump in to get things done. He is still getting comfortable not being in a command structure, but finds he likes the freedom it offers. Though he wouldn’t admit it, he is almost desperate to find that camaraderie bond that he used to have with his unit, but knows he will have to find people more accustomed to oddities if he is to have a chance.


Encumbrance: 118#, medium (76/153/230).
Soldier’s Uniform
Scale Armor, 30#
Greatsword, 8#
Heavy Flail, 10#
Hand Axe, 3#
Sap, 2#

Pouch, ½#
-Bullets (10), 5#
-Wealth (5 gp, 9 sp, 10 cp)

Backpack, 2#
-Bedroll, 5#
-Crowbar, 5#
-Flint and Steel
-Torches (7), 7#
-Oil (3), 3#
-Whetstone, 1#
-Grappling hook and rope (50’), 14#
-Gear maintenance kit, 2#
-Grooming kit, 2#
-Mess kit, 1#
-Soap, 1#
-Waterskin (2), 8#
-Rations (10), 10#
-Cold weather outfit, 7#


Rage powers:
2: Spirit Totem, Lesser
4: Renewed Vigor
6 Spirit Totem
10: Spirit Totem, Greater

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