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Rommin Hawkridge's page

667 posts. Alias of markofbane.

About Rommin Hawkridge

Neutral Good Male Human Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager/Urban Barbarian) 4
Medium Size (5‘11”, 180 pounds, Brown Eyes, Brown Hair)
Age: 30
Move: 30’ base
Languages: Common.

18 Strength 10 points, +2 racial bonus
14 Dexterity 5 points
16 Constitution 7 points, +4th level adjustment
10 Intelligence 0 points
8 Wisdom -2 points
10 Charisma 0 points

Initiative: +2 (Dex +2)
AC: 17, FF 15, T 12 Armor +5, Dexterity +2
Melee: -2 to hit for +4 damage, +6 two handed
MW Greatsword (+8, 2d6+6, 19-20/x2, S)
MW Silver Heavy Flail
Composite Longbow (+6, 1d8+4, x3, P)

CMB: +8 +4 BAB, +4 Strength
CMD: 20 10 + 4 BAB, +4 Strength, +2 Dexterity
Fort: +8 +4 base, +3 Constitution, +1 Resistance
Ref: +5, +1 base, +2 Dexterity, +1 Trait, +1 Resistance
Will: +2 +1 base, -1 Wisdom, +1 Trait, +1 Resistance
Hit Points: 49 33 from d12 hd, +4 favored class, +12 Constitution


T: Indomitable Faith. +1 bonus to will saves.
T: Tortured. +1 bonus to reflex saves
L1: Power Attack.
R1: Furious Focus.
L3: Combat Reflexes.


5 skill points per level

+9 - Acrobatics (4+3+2+0)
+8 - Climb (1+3+4+0)
+6 - Perception (4+3-1+0)
+3 - Profession (soldier) (1+3-1+0)
+6 - Ride (1+3+2+0)
+6 - Stealth (4+0+2+0)
+3 - Survival (4+0-1+0)
+8 - Swim (1+3+4+0)

Race/Class Abilities:

Favored Class: Barbarian (4 used for Hit Points)
Human Abilities
Attributes. +2 to any attribute, used for Strength, applied above
Medium Size, Normal Speed.
Bonus Feat at first level, bonus skill point per level.
Barbarian Abilities
Proficiencies. Proficient with simple weapons, martial weapons, light armor and shields (not tower).
Crowd Control. +1 attack rolls and +1 dodge when adjacent to two or more enemies. Not impeded by crowds.
Invulnerability. DR 2/-- . Doubled vs. non-lethal damage.
Extreme Endurance. Inured to heat as if under endure elements.
Rage Power, Spirit Totem, Lesser. While raging, surrounded by wisps that slam foes. One slam attack at adjacent enemy using full BAB. 1d4 negative energy damage.
Rage Power, No Escape. Once per rage, can move as an immediate action to follow foe using withdraw.
Controlled Rage. Thirteen rounds per day. Apply +4 morale bonus to Strength, Dexterity or Constitution. Fatigued following rage.

Rommin grew up in the slums of Korvosa as an orphan. It wasn’t long before he was caught up in Lamm’s scams. For a couple of years he was little more than a beggar slave to the petty crime lord. When Rommin finally found the courage to stand up to Lamm, Rommin was beaten for his trouble. The beating was so severe, that Lamm left him for dead on top of a trash heap. He didn’t let his pet consume the boy; he wanted to leave him exposed as he rotted as a warning to others.

However, Rommin did not die there on that trash heap. He lay, fading in and out of consciousness for hours, perhaps days. He had no idea how many people passed by and ignored him. It wasn’t until a young and upcoming officer of the watch found him did he get any chance of survival. The young officer took him to a cleric of Abadar for healing, an expensive luxury Rommin never imagined he would be worthy of. When he recovered, Rommin had no where to go, so he became an unofficial mascot at the local guard station. They fed him, taught him to take care of himself and gave him a place to stay. It was a good life, and he certainly felt indebted.

As he grew into a young man, Rommin determined he would leave the city. It would be hard for him to go anywhere without incurring Lamm’s wrath again, and perhaps bring some trouble to the guards who were so kind to him. He bid his new friends farewell, especially his savior, Cressida Croft.

Rommin became a mercenary, wandering from conflict to conflict in the Inner Sea region. As the money began rolling in, he was quick to spend it. Buying nice things he couldn’t imagine as an orphan, savoring fine meals and even finer wines, it was a good life. He didn’t have any reason to think his life would be any different than this until his patrol came up strange ruins.

The ruins were in a place that had been passed many times before, but no one had remembered ever hearing them mentioned. The soldiers set in to explore, spreading out as them did. After several minutes, Rommin heard cries of alarm and the sounds of fighting, and he ran to see what was happening.

Several of the soldiers were engaged by undead, and Rommin joined the fight. He and his allies were being pushed back and at some point Rommin fell into a pit, losing consciousness when he did.

Rommin awoke to the sounds of whispers, but saw no one. He knew he must have been out for a while, for night had fallen while he was down there. Having no way to get out readily and not wanting to call out in case it was undead that heard him, he settled in for the night.

The next morning, when he awoke, he was distraught to realize that he had been sleeping in an ancient, unburied mass grave. Dozens of skulls were clearly visible, with untold more beneath his feet. He scrambled up the earthen walls until he was clear of the site.

Rommin made his way back, the entire time pestered by the feeling he was being watched, or voices were whispering just beyond his ability to understand them. When he made it back, the men in his unit told him they had to flee, and when they went back with more forces the ruins were not to be found again.

Rommin tried to reintegrate with the others, but something had changed in him. The others said he fought like a man possessed and seemed to listen and respond to voices that weren’t there. When his term of service was up, he left.

In his travels following that, Rommin met and travelled with a mystic who had similar experiences. He claimed he was an oracle, and that the spirits of his ancestors spoke to him and helped him. As Rommin came to terms with his new affliction, his thoughts started to turn toward his past, and seeking like minded people. He resolved to return to Korvosa and deal with the menace of Lamm, only to find that he had already been dispatched. Then he decided he would look up that officer of the guard, Cressida, to see if he could be of service to her.

Don’t let the barbarian class fool you. Rommin is tidy, refined and has a taste for finer things. His years as a soldier have made him very practical, and he is amongst the first to jump in to get things done. He is still getting comfortable not being in a command structure, but finds he likes the freedom it offers. Though he wouldn’t admit it, he is almost desperate to find that camaraderie bond that he used to have with his unit, but knows he will have to find people more accustomed to oddities if he is to have a chance.

At a glance, he is no different than thousands of other soldiers waging war in the Inner Sea region. He is unremarkable in appearance or size, uniformed, and has a well packed rucksack with a bedroll strapped to the bottom. He is clean cut, well organized and obviously takes great care of his equipment. The one exception is his hair; just moments after combing it, it always seems somehow disheveled.

When stressed (such as in combat), observers can sometimes catch glimpses of white wisps near him. When fully caught up in battle, his eyes seem to mist over and lose almost all color.


Encumbrance: 75#, Light (100/200/300).
Soldier’s Uniform
Mithril Chainshirt +1, 10#
Boots of the Cat, 1#
Cloak of Resistance +1, 1#

MW Greatsword, 8#
MW Silver Heavy Flail, 10#
Gladius, 3#
Composite Longbow +4 Strength, 3#
Cold Iron Arrows (20), 3#
Belt Pouch, ½#
-Wealth (18 gp, 1 sp, 7 cp)
-Vermin Repellent
-Alchemical Solvent, ½#
-Sunrod, 1#
-Ioun Torch

Backpack, 2#
-Bedroll, 5#
-Gear Maintenance Kit, 2#
-Grooming Kit, 2#
-Mess Kit, 1#
-Mirror, ½#
-Soap, ½#
-Shaving Kit, ½#
-Waterskin (2), 8#
-Whetstone, 1#
-Rations (10), 10#
Traveler’s Anytool, 2#

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