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Gold Dragon

Rom001's page

75 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

Full Name



As per U.S. Census: Asian; "upgraded" to Pacific Islander in 2000


FMA student/4; FMA teacher/6; Uncle(Godfather)/10+; others/?




Oh...about yea high.


Older than Cosmo and Asteroids (but not combined)

Special Abilities

Flurry of Blows (No, seriously. See occupation)


Lawful (Ordered)/Good (most of the time)


Ummm...behind my computer/laptop?!?! DUH!


English, Badder English, Filipino (not just the curse words), others


Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) student/teacher

About Rom001

My first jaunt into RPGs was in the mid '80s. I played a cleric. (I was trying to be a team player and practical). Since then I've dabbled in other P&P games: Battletech, Champions, Rifts & Palladium Fantasy, GW's Dark Heresy. For a time I did Everquest.

Me being a full time Uncle/Godfather to muh niece and the Real Word minutiae gets in the way of me playing ANYTHING hobby related! RPGs and console/computer games alike.

Dash it all! I'll post something in the forums just to get muh creative juices going, hopefully soon.

Anywho I hope to read y'all's post and HOPEFULLY get to play an online/PbP game w/ you good folks soon!

I'll update this Info Blurp as needed be.


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