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Lady Strongswill

Rogue Genius Games's page

28 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


The response to this sale has been enormous, and we just wanted to thank everyone that's helping spread the word.

All the products are Pathfinder compatible, and use the Pathfinder Compatibility License. :)

We'll ask Paizo about the discount, thanks for asking!

And thanks for being a patron of our products!

Thanks Wraithguard!

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Thanks Rick!

We're in the last few days of this. After this Friday, the deal ends, and we don't expect to run it again.

Jamie Charlan wrote:

I think I've seen this "Vitalist" and its collective (Or Collection as it states once here) system before...

And most other class and archetype names for that matter, except they weren't vancian casting...

I'm sure you have!

"Psionic concepts, using psychic magic rules"

Liz Courts wrote:
Now available!

Thanks Liz!

Heine Stick wrote:
rainzax wrote:
So if I pledge $30 now, when do I pay the $19ish. In October?

I don't represent Rogue Genius Games nor am I a member of the Four Hoursemen, so please don't read this as official.

That said, the way it usually works with print-on-demand is that, whenever the behind-the-scenes stuff has been handled and the printer is ready to actually take your order, you'll receive a link to a discounted/at-cost version of the book.

You follow the link and go through the purchase just like you normally would when making an online purchase.

When the printer has received your order, they'll print your book and ship it to you.

So, you pay $30 now and the $19 whenever the print-on-demand service is ready to handle your order.


And the $19 is an estimate (the POD costs could change), and you'll pay it and shipping cost for the book to the POD service (we'll fulfill POD through DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, so you can look at a comparable POD book for an estimate of the shipping cost for you).

That means we don't take the print and shipping money at all, so Kickstarter and the pay processors don't get a bite of it, and you don't have to pay it out until the book is ready.

Woohoo!! Can't wait to get this going! We will have two models - the same two we had last year - James Lozlink Garrett, and Sheri Budrow.

Anyone have requests for cosplays?

Thanks Liz!!!

If anyone is in the office, we are unable to access the "Manage Consignments" page again.

Last time someone bumped the site and it worked great. Anyone available to do that again?

Lj Stephens - Hobbit Sauron - RGG

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Thanks Paizo (and Liz)! We appreciate the nice boost!!

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But I washed ....

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Welcome to the neighborhood!
Watch out for raptors!

We have not revised the archon's spell list. The limited spell selection should keep the archon's spell options appropriately restricted even if you expand the class spell list.

The magus spell list isn't a bad place to look, but I'd start with the bloodrager spell list, especially any spell the bloodrager gets that at least 1 other class also gets.

Yep, $14.99 is for a 120-page pdf. We think it's worth that. Take at look at the preview. There's quite a bit of content there. Thanks for the interest!!

Legendary has actually put out a LOT more Mythic products than we have at (and yes, I understand why you said SGG) Rogue Genius Games.

Mostly we've done core feats and class features, and they have done monsters and spells and non-core feats.

Which is a big reason we came together for Mythic mania.

No. It looks like it got cut before the files went to layout. We'll revise shortly.

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Yes, the print-on-demand file, with no front cover, got uploaded to Paizo as the pdf file. Entirely our mistake. It has no impact on the game content. Even so, we'll update it soon (we're catching some typos while we are at it), and obviously everyone who buys it now will get the updated file automatically.

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Assuming sales of this product are good, a version for advanced classes is on the way!

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As always, thanks for the review! (Especially since I never expected you to review this one. :D )

Bob_Loblaw wrote:
I have a question about Skirmish Burst. Do you think you should be able to use sneak attack with it?

It's an attack roll that deals weapon damage, so I'd have to say yes. Since it's a ranged attack flanking a foe wouldn't help, but if you catch a group flat-footed or denied their Dex, then yeah. And interesting option for making rogue/clerics not suck as badly.

Bob_Loblaw wrote:
Also, are you thinking of mythic versions of these feats?

I'm always thinking about doing mystic versions of all our feats, but time is always an issue. There are no firm plans at this time.

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It's actually kind of looking like a short dracomancer follow-up might appear, with favored class bonuses, a few archetypes, and the fco info. I'm not sure yet, but it's possible.

Thanks Liz!

A note on archetypes shouldn't be too hard (if you take an archetype, you get any ability that is received in place of what the 0-level version of a class gets).

And the new base classes seem to me to belong in this book as an update, Hopefully that would draw in some new buyers.

I'd also like to see if it would be possible to do a variant of these with the Talented Class line of books, but I dunno when I'd have time...

Or which book I'd put it in. :P

fafnir_bane wrote:
Another big contender is the Shadow Warrior or the Vanguard from RGG. Any thoughts on these two are welcomed.

Well, I think both classes are awesome?! But obviously as the publisher of both and writer of one, I'm biased.

The vanguard is essentially a spontaneous fighter/sorcerer, with a focus on using martial skills to augment spellcasting.

The shadow warrior is more a direct combatant, though they do have some neat shadow-themed tricks up their sleeves and a strong emphasis on using exotic weapons.

A compilation of AA classes, maybe with a POD option, remains on my plate to do as soon as I "catch up from moving to Seattle." :)

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