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Rocinante's page

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Great suggestions folks, thanks. I like the idea of just letting Maray sail under the radar for a while, surreptitiously sending info to Daggermark for several years or more.

I recently ran the Fort Drelev encounter from Blood for Blood. The party (aka the Greenlords, rulers of the Duchy of Zelenoy) handily defeated Hannis Drelev and his retinue of hill giants and Pitax mercenaries.

Quintessa Maray saw the writing on the wall and basically stayed out of the fight altogether. Amazingly, her status as a Daggermark spy has not been uncovered, despite the Greenlords' initial skepticism regarding her cover story and soft interrogation of Maray. They know that she is not an exiled noble from Galt, but she managed to come up with an alternate cover story on the spot that the group found more believable. They've even gone so far as to offer her a position in their capital city once they've completed building a bard college there!

So, beyond my wildest dreams I've got a smart, skilled River Kingdoms spy well-positioned in my group's young kingdom. Any suggestions on how Daggermark might make use of Quintessa Maray? Or suggestions for changing her back story? I noticed in another thread that someone made her an agent of Nyrissa, instead of Daggermark.

My players have retrieved the Philosopher's Stone from the Council treasury in Walcourt and are considering using it to resurrect Donatalus Bisby. I like this idea, but haven't had much success thinking of cool ways that this might play out in the game, and what effect bringing Bisby back will have on the Drovenge siblings' endgame (if any). I'd like to reward them somehow from using the Philosopher's Stone this way.

Any suggestions? We haven't started the Twice-Damned Prince yet.

Provos wrote:
So does that mean you need Quick draw or something equivilent(BoH) to switch between multiple rods?

I would say yes, and sheathing it would of course provoke an AoO. Oddly enough, I just noticed that you can't draw wands as a free action using Quick Draw.

The only other option would be to carry a rod in each hand, but I think that would interfere in any somatic spell components.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

The rules indicate that rods, generally, have to be held to function. The description for metamagic rods refers to the "wielder". Would you take this to indicate that metamagic rods have to be brandished like a weapon to function, or would simply grasping the rod suffice? For example, if a wizard had two rods sheathed in scabbards, could he simply grasp the exposed end of one of the rods and cast a spell bolstered by its effects, or would he have to draw the rod in order to gain its benefit, then sheath it (or drop it) and draw the other to gain its benefit in subsequent rounds?

Thanks in advance!

Some of you might be able to help me out. A couple of the players in my campaign decided to gather a number of vials and wineskins worth of Stygian water from the first cooling chamber. I suspect the rogue/assassin in the group will attempt to attach vials of the Stygian water to crossbow bolts to effectively splash opponents with the water (1 negative level) upon a successful hit.

Here is what I figure a dose of Stygian water looks like in game terms:
Stygian water; type: contact; save: Fort DC 15; onset: instant; frequency: 1/round; effect: 1 negative level; cure: 1 save.

Any suggestions on the price per dose? I'm thinking 200 to 300 gp maybe?


I just finished running my group through the Six Trials of Larazod play last week. The group includes:

Alizander Carmelizzia - Human male (Varisian) sorcerer 3
Carlos Santiago - Half-orc male (Alkenstarian) wizard 3
Nagiphax - Cyclops-kin female (home-brewed medium sized half-cyclops) rogue 2 / barbarian 1
Slavé – Tiefling male (appears human) rogue 3
Tavo Dechirent - Human male cleric of Pharasma 3
Vaeden Corleone - Human (Chelish) male rogue 3

I just have to let you all know how much we enjoyed the dress rehearsal and play. Fantastic! A big 'thank you' to Richard Pett, Nicholas Logue and Paizo for a unique gaming experience. Can't wait to continue with the mayor's party next week. Here's a link to an interpretation of Nagiphax (the half-cyclops rogue) in costume as Ilsandra, by Nagiphax's player.

Wow this is great! Thanks so much; I will definitely be making use of this in my CoT campaign. Karma points to Karui Kage!

I'm not so sure what my theme song would be these days, but when I was younger it probably would have been Rush's 'Subdivisions'.

Thanks Vic, just got the email that 358 was shipped. You guys are awesome and should be commended on your fantastic customer service!

Thanks Corey. I did receive Dragon 359 (sans giant poster) and Dungeon 150 today, still no sign of Dragon 358 though.

I haven't received Dungeon 150 and Dragon 358 and 359 yet here in Prince Edward Island either. Hopefully I'll see something arrive this week. I had issues with late magazines (and magazines that didn't arrive at all) when I lived in the Yukon as well. What's the deal with Canada Post anyway?

I haven't become a Pathfinder subscriber yet, but I assume that since they're not magazines the shipping would be more reliable.

Well, I have a rotation of over 1000 tunes going on my iPod now, including Rush, Tragically Hip, Frank Zappa, Interpol, the Arcade Fire, Kila, Sarah Harmer etc etc etc. The last bunch of tunes were:

Tragically Hip - Throwing Off Glass
Rush - Turn the Page
Tea Party - The Grand Bazaar
Tragically Hip - The Completists
Stars - Ageless Beauty
Rush - Spirit of Radio
Rush - Fly By Night
Tom Waits - Grapefruit Moon
Frank Zappa - Rat Tomago
Rush - Bravado
Interpol - Narc
Rheostatics - Bread, Meat, Peas & Rice

My wife and I took a 3 week honeymoon in New Zealand and Fiji in January 2005. It was awesome. We trekked around the north island for 2 weeks in a campervan - went spelunking, bungee jumping, visited Hobbiton (Matamata), flew over Mount Doom (Mount Ngauruhoe), sampled good food and wine, went mountain biking in Rotorua, etc. Then we spent a week on the beach in Fiji just relaxing. Unforgettable; hands down the best vacation I've ever been on.

So what do you think? Freewill/Limelight/Faithless - possibly the ultimate Rush trilogy? These songs have a lot in common thematically and sonically (sp?).

farewell2kings wrote:
I couldn't buy it yesterday as I got home too late, but today is the day!!! I can't wait!

Well man you are in for a treat. Pay special attention to Faithless, Armour and Sword, and Hope. Hope was the most pleasant surprise I've had listening to a new Rush album since I first got into them.

This album has some real passion to it, besides just stellar musicianship, that I feel has been lacking for a long time.

Holy s#^t the new album is good!!! I love it. I feel somewhat like a teenager again listening to it.

Hey Cosmo I received my copy of Dungeon 145 so disregard my previous request for a replacement. Thanks!

FYI, the short instrumental track, Malignant Narcissism, has leaked and is on youtube. You thought Far Cry was good? You should hear this. Awesome.

Antoine7 wrote:

Has of today April 10th I still haven't recieved my Dragon #354/Dungeon #145.

anyone else in Eastern Canada having this issue?

Yes I'm having the same problem. I'm in Prince Edward Island and haven't yet received Dungeon #145 or Dragon #354.

Cosmo wrote:

While it doesn't appear that the address change would have affected the delivery of this issue, just in case I'd still like to give it a couple more weeks to arrive before sending a replacement.

Let us know if you still have not received it at that point, and I'll get a replacement sent out.


Ok will do, thanks Cosmo

kahoolin wrote:

I am a virgo. In Chinese astrology I am the wise and crafty snake.

Ha me too exactly. Born in '77?

Hey Paizo people, it seems like this is a recurring problem for me, even though I've just moved to the other side of the country. Dungeon issue 145 hasn't arrived yet. I know that the blame for this falls squarely on Canada Post and not Paizo, but I'm wondering if I might get a replacement copy sent?

FWI, the tour dates are posted on now. I think I'll be going to the last North American date, Sept. 21st in Ottawa. Shockingly, my wife wants to go too (seriously, this is a major development...I told her that a Rush show is about 3 hours long, and she still wanted to go!).

I was running my group - now almost 8000km distant, since I moved :( - through the City of the Spider Queen module about a year ago. While in the city of Maerimydra, the cleric of Ilmater had the brilliant idea to summon a greater planar ally. A planetar named Hanael answered the call...and she certainly laid down some whoop-ass on the drow of the Undying Temple.... I don't think the party would have survived the rest of that module without her.

I love the new track. It sounds more organic than the songs on the last few albums. I read an interview in which Alex said that he and Geddy arranged many of the songs on the new album acoustically at first, which they probably haven't done since A Farewell to Kings. That may have something to do with it.

Chris Mortika wrote:

There's a very large sidebar in the 3.0 Edition Forgotten Realms hardcover that is written in vague terms. I might have misunderstood it. But it suggested to me that the GM might allow characters with positive racial CL, but treat them as higher level characters for experience.

So, a first level party might include a Fire Genassi (+1 Level Adjustment) Sorcerer, but that character would be considered second level and receive less experience, and level-up more slowly.

(I might, in fact, start the character at -1000 experience points....)

This is how I thought it worked as well. I probably wouldn't hesitate to allow a race with a level adjustment of up to +2, so that a 1st level drow fighter, although starting at 0 XP, is actually considered a 3rd level character and would require 6000 xp to reach level 2. That's a pretty major handicap for a short-term advantage at low levels. Everybody else in the party would be at level 4 at that point.

Hey there, I'm looking to join a D&D 3.5 game in Charlottetown (or nearby) as a player. I have plenty of experience (been DMing/playing since '90 or so).

Chemical City, by Sam Roberts. Currently just finishing track 6: Mystified, Heavy and moving on to track 7: An American Draft Dodger in Thunder Bay (one of the highlights of the album)

"Going where I can't be found
And I won't be coming 'round
No, I'm an American on the Canadian Shield
And I'm putting down roots in your frozen fields
It gets cold but you feel so good to be a stranger in town
And you're understood"

1970's - Hemispheres (with a soft spot for Fly By Night)

1980's - Moving Pictures (clearly)

1990's - Counterparts

Yes I love that F#7+11 chord (or whatever the heck you call that most awesome chord) on the clip from Snakes & Ladders. It is the opening chord from Hemispheres (actually features prominently in a number of Rush songs from the F2K-Hemispheres period)

farewell2kings wrote:
I don't think it needs to be said that I cannot wait for the album and the tour.

Me too. Hope they come somewhere near my location (Prince Edward Island). A road trip to Montreal, Toronto or Boston to see Rush sounds like a great summer excursion. BTW farewell2kings what's your favourite Rush period? I'm partial to the F2K to Grace Under Pressure period...although it's all good!

Hey I know there are a few Rush fans who post here regularly. Any of you listened to the short, but awesome, clip from the upcoming album on Impressions? I was cautiously optimistic after reading a few interviews with Alex and Neil...after listening to the clip I am totally stoked!

farewell2kings wrote:

I know, but when I saw that R30 was in your CD collection, I just knew that you were a fellow Rush fan. I can't wait for the next tour, although I usually have to fly to Phoenix or Albuquerque to see them.

I didn't get to see them on the R30 tour. The closest they came to me (Dawson City, Yukon) was Seattle, and that was like a day or two after my wedding. Would have been an awesome honeymoon but unfortunately my wife's not a huge fan :) Although oddly enough she was dancing around to Red Sector A the other day (not really a dance song but hey whatever!)

I saw them in Toronto on the Vapor Trails tour though. That was an incredible show. Sounds like there's going to be a new album late this year woohoo!!

farewell2kings wrote:

"On my ship, the 'Rocinante'
Wheeling through the galaxies,
Headed for the heart of Cygnus
Headlong into mystery"

Nice to know that I'm not the only one whose Avatar name was inspired by a Rush song!!

Cygnus X-1 has got to be one of my all-time favourite Rush songs. It's definitely one of their most raw and atmospheric tunes. Not necessarily their darkest lyrically (Freeze might take that honour), but sonically it's pretty dark.

You know there was a small chance that my avatar wasn't Rush-related - it could have been inspired by Don Quixote's horse.

Okay some albums I've been listening to recently:

Metric - Live it Out
Arcade Fire - Funeral
Rush - R30, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves
Interpol - Antics, Turn on the Bright Lights
Death from Above 1979 - You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
Stars - Set Yourself On Fire
The Futureheads - The Futureheads

Andrew Ross wrote:
Just out of curiosity how long on average before customer servive gets ahold of you,,,I emailed them just over 2 weeks ago...

When issue 339 was MIA I emailed them and had a response the next day informing me that a replacement issue was on the way. This time, with issue 340, I emailed them maybe 3 or 4 days ago and haven't had a response....

What the heck, has Canada Post been infiltrated by misguided anti-D&D fundamentalists or something? Trying to save our poor fragile minds from Paizo's demonic influence?

Dextro Highland wrote:

There does seem to be some issue with Canadian Dragon shipments as I have yet to recieve either Dragon #339 or #340.

Dungeon doesn't seem to be an issue just Dragon (I just got Dungeon #131 on Monday).

That being said I live in the far Canadian North and sometimes issues have been late (right now I'm more worried about #339 than I am #340 - there is still time for #340 to arrive).


Me too, I'm in Dawson City, Yukon. But you know, the bookstore gets their copies on time. Canada Post is Canada Post; the mail should still arrive. I can understand a slight delay but not delays of weeks or more.

Hi Paizo. Dragon 340 still hasn't arrived. This is the second month in a row that it's been MIA. The latest issue of Dungeon arrived, so I don't really know what's going on. The local bookstore has their copies of Dragon. I've seen some of the other threads here and it sounds like this is happening quite often with Canadian subscribers. Help! I love these magazines and really don't want to cancel my subsciption.

Dragon #339 still hasn't turned up in my mailbox, although it was at the bookstore here in Dawson, Yukon a couple of weeks ago. I'm assuming it must have gotten lost in the Christmas mail rush. Can I get a replacement copy? Thanks.

I'm 28. Started playing in '89 with the red box set with the Elmore art on the cover. I remember those days fondly, when elves, dwarves and halflings were not only races but classes! Curse that evil Bargle for killing Alhanna the (hot) Cleric!!

We played pretty steadily from '89 to '95 (2nd ed), but I had a hard time getting a group together after high school. Finally started playing again about a year ago, and have been playing once a week since then. It's great to be back!

I'm running the City of the Spider Queen module and have started using psionics with the appropriate underdark races (illithids, aboleth, etc.). I think it gives a different feel to those races; makes them more alien. Of course a lot of the psionic powers just replicate spell effects so my players don't necessarily know the difference. But I do so it's all good!

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