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Robot GoGo Funshine's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 60 posts. 12 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.

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Ultimate Combat is definitely worh it.


This book is well worth picking up. It is one of the best supplement books I have read and is my favorite installment in the Pathfinder series. My friends and I have been playing Pathfinder since it was in its Beta phase and to experience the level of growth the game has undergone is really amazing. It’s a game that is just too much fun to play.

What I love Pathfinder for is their pursuit of supplying their players with options that really help to shape and mold a player’s character and image. A lot of these new feats, classes, and abilities are much more cinematic and flavorful helping to harness the player’s imagination. It is great to read through and to have at your gaming table. It provides so much stimulating inspiration for characters that you will want to play in the future. I personally love the Renaissance era so the added gun features are next to godly for me, while I know the Steam Punk fanatics will probably dine on some of these options as well. Also, if you've been wanting to play an Eastern themed game, this book provides a plethora of alternatives for you to fulfill that want.

Don’t let the skeptics or naysayers deter you from investing in this book. So maybe rules-wise there are certain classes, archetypes, abilities, crafts, feats, that are broken or don’t look too promising on paper because the option weakens your character by adding more flavor instead. If something needs work or changing, then tweak it to what you think would be a better system instead. The wonderful thing about your own, personal gaming group is that you can disregard any systems or rules you do not agree with and just go with what suits your own style of play. This book is merely presenting you with more options that you can use to explore and experience Golarion with.

Now, I’m an everyman like all of you. I roll up my sleeves and loosen my silk tie so I can relate. I know how hard life can be, but trust and believe in me when I say that if you love your freedom and you love your America, then you will buy this text.

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A magnificent opener for an AP


Adventure Paths always scared me because of the level of commitment that comes with them. If I start AP#1 then I haaaave to buy #2 and so on and so forth until I find myself with an empty checking account and I'm forced to steal my cat's food after my wife has left me whilst taking the house with her and everything else I own.

(This is a simple cause and effect scenario that is based solely in reality.)

As I did NOT want that to happen to me I was hesitant in purchasing this particular AP. Well, I weighed my options and figured that a steady diet of cat food is better than nothing at all so I took my chances with this adventure.

I would gladly hoard cat food for this AP! This is an adventure that is a culmination of a lot of people's artistic talent and in-depth understanding of the Pathfinder game over at Paizo. Mr. Jacobs has crafted an awesome adventure. Even in a wilderness adventure, he caters to every style of player and is gracious enough to make this just as much fun for the GM to read and run.

As an acting-theatre major along with long-time improviser, this AP gives the GM a wonderful cast of NPCs to portray that supplies the PCs with an added challenge. While this specifically caters to my own taste as a GM who loves the story and roleplaying aspects, this AP really has something for everyone. It is a well-devised sandbox adventure that has plenty of colorful combat encounters along with an enticing plot that taunted my players from the moment we started until we ended. This AP is written in a way that is easy for ANY GM to shape and mold so that it fits his/her gaming group's style. This is the most of the fun I've had as a GM. I was given the ability to create my own mood and style for this piece that I know would excite my players.

Also, if you have trouble trying to find creative ways to gather adventurers together, Mr. Jacobs hands you that creative way. It is a fantastic opportunity to really create the mood and feel for the game while setting up the adventure.

I was thoroughly impressed with this AP and we are about to start the second one. I highly recommend this adventure. This is one of those pieces where you can tell the writers and artists have really found and established the Pathfinder feel. I have referenced "mood and feel" numerous times throughout this review, but after gaming for awhile, I find this to be the most important aspect to a good game since it will help your PCs determine how they should conduct themselves. This is a prime example of why our gaming group has dedicated itself to the work of those at Pathfinder RPG.

Now that that is all said and done, it is time for dinner with Mimi. I've decided to prepare liver and tuna tonight with some Frank's hot sauce to cut out the bitterness. Thank you, Paizo. I have never been happier.

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Does what a PG should do


This Player's Guide does exactly what its supposed to: it not only helps my group structure their PCs, but it gets them revved up to play Serpent's Skull.

The download is free, so I didn't feel entitled to getting too much out of this file. If anything, it gives the DM the best gift of getting their player's excited for the game and for their PCs.

Mmmm, my love affair for Pathfinder is increasing...

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Pretty Schweet Shtuff, Maaaan.

***( )( )

I personally love the Allip and the Huecuva, but anything undead will always light a fire in my heart. Also, I love the appearance of the Caryatid Column in here. I remember springing one of those on my unsuspecting players in the Undermountain dungeon crawl.

For being a freebie, this is definitely a solid product you should download. The only monster I had a tough time with was the Ascomoid. A rolling spore ball's only weakness is level surfaces! Exploit it!

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GM Guide > Sliced Bread


I am constantly trying to improve my own skills as a DM and a book like this may come across to some as a ploy for Paizo to just milk more money out of you for stuff you already know, but it is definitely not.

To say the least, it is packed full of practical, insightful, and constructive information that will really help you along the way. It is a delight read and no matter how long you've been gaming, this book really does have something for everyone.

Also, any book that has a Drugs and Addiction section is evidence that they sat down and thought EVERYTHING out to help their players. Plus, some of my PCs need help...

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