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I apologize in advance if this question is simple and I'm just completely missing it, but are these two mutually exclusive?

I know you can make Acrobatics check to move past enemies without provoking AoO's, so if you were to just get your Acrobatics skill high enough, would you even need the Mobility feat? Or do they function separately?


Awesome! Thank you for guys' insight. I have finally left the cave and found myself in the light of understanding.

Guarded Life means something to me now. It can mean something for all of us now.

Thanks, guys!

Interesting. It is now starting to make more sense. With the Invulnerable Rager archetype, though, they get a more advanced DR reduction, so at level 5 I have DR 2/-, which is doubled against nonlethal damage. Does that have any impact on the Guarded Life rage power?

I took the Raging Vitality feat so that if I do go unconscious I am still raging.

How would this feat work in concert with Diehard? Trying to figure out how to make the mechanics for the character work haha.

Thanks for your guys' input.

Hey all,

I apologize if this is clear-cut, simple, and completely going over my head, but for some reason, I cannot seem to wrap my mind around the Guarded Life rage power (APG).

I have done some sleuthing of my own around the messageboards and I couldn't find any concrete definitions or answers as to how this rage power functions, plus it hasn't found a home on the FAQ page. I am currently playing a Dwarf Invulnerable Rager and I know that Guarded Life is definitely designed to work in concert with this specific archetype along with the Raging Vitality feat (also from the APG), but how? It seems to me as if you're still unconscious, so I'm having a difficult time understanding its intended purpose.

An example, an anecdote, or just a plain rules interpretation would be awesome. Thank you for your time and help!

Hey, everyone! I apologize for inserting my Superstar entry so late in the game. I hope it is not terribly inconsiderate of me to do so. I finally have my first week of the semester out of the way and can direct my attention away from the textbooks.

If anyone or the judges have any thoughts or comments, I would love to hear some feedback. Thanks so much for your time!

Stein of Dwarven Vigor:
Stein of Dwarven Vigor
Aura faint varied; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 27,000gp; Weight 1 lb.

This cast-iron stein of dwarven design bears the image of a proud Torag gulping a frothy pint. It is always warm to the touch. This stein can hold up to 1 pint of alcohol and is a favorite among the dwarves. Alcohol must be kept inside a stein of dwarven vigor for at least 24 hours for its magic to take effect. Once per day as a swift action, the user of the stein may turn the ale into a potion of blood rage. This potion must be consumed within one round. The user can end the potions effect early by spewing forth a 15 ft. cone-shaped burst of flames in front of him that does 5d4 fire damage. This leaves the user with a fuzzy, tingly feeling of satisfaction.
Any non-dwarf who dares to drink the potent dwarven alcohol from one of these steins immediately grows a full-bodied beard that would impress even the most seasoned of dwarves, granting the character a +4 circumstance bonus to Charisma-based checks when dealing with any dwarf. The beard lasts for only 24 hours before completely falling out.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, blood rage, burning hands, dwarven veil, creator must be a dwarf; Cost 13,500gp

Since Clint Eastwood's Gunslinger class just came out in Ultimate Combat, I could definitely see people playing off the rolling your own cigarette or a mouthful of snuff motif of the rugged cowboy/outlaw.

On Page 69 of Ultimate Combat there is a rogue talent called "Ninja Trick" where you can take the trick over the talent.

I am currently playing a rogue right now while there is also a two-handed fighter in the group. It is not overpowered at all considering I have to position myself just right and the circumstances have to be in my favor. The two-handed fighter easily crushes me in damage, I am just there to support him and get attention off the casters. On paper I guess it could seem OP, but in gameplay, it really isn't.

Drats! Was hoping in cheating the system, but that all makes sense. I'll put it off for another level then it seems.

Thanks for your answers!


I seek guidance of those more knowledgeable in this field. I am a 5th level rogue and was considering taking a level in fighter (making my effective character level 6).

My question is, do I get the feat for being "1st Level" as well as the bonus feat for being a fighter, or just the bonus feat for taking the level in fighter since I am considered being "6th Level?"

I hope I stated that question clearly, it makes sense my head at least . . .


Great! That makes complete sense - a very simple method.

Thanks so much!

I apologize up front for such a simple question, but how do you calculate an encounter's challenge rating? Searching through my CRB and my Game Mastery Guide, though, has yielded no results (due to the fact that my brain may be shrinking). Is there a formula to it?

I remember in 3.5 they had an Encounter Level (EL) system that always went over my head as I would stare at that convoluted table.

The scenario I am creating is a level 4 Tiefling Elemental Fire Wizard (out of the APG) surrounded by 4 burning skeletons. What would the challenge rating be for that specific encounter?

I DM a lot of published adventures, but now that I am more comfortable with the rules and systems I have begun to create my own scenarios for my players.

I am tired, so hopefully the question I have posed is coherent and easy to understand. Thanks for your time!

The Pathfinder GameMastery Guide also goes over all the subjects you're inquiring about as well. It is a really good source book to start with since it is already geared towards Pathfinder. They use real world history and examples to help guide you along the way - a very good product.

The way I have read that alternate racial trait in the past is that you only get the +1 Reflex when adjacent to at least two other allies. So both of those benefits are only active if adjacent to two allies. I believe that to be their intention.

That is how I read it. Hope this helps :)

I'm answering this off the top of my head (so I apologize if this answer lacks validity), but in reading that description I am thinking of enchantment spells such as Charm Person or any mind-affecting ability for that matter.

I'm playing through Carrion Crown at the moment and all of the undead we encounter are immune to mind-affecting abilities so I believe that is what it is referring to.

I hope something I said was right haha.

I had a character as well that used the greataxe of her grandfather. I seem to be falling into a cliche pit trap. Anyway, I decided that I was going to always use that weapon since it was an heirloom of great importance. Of course, in our Kingmaker game, we would run across other weapons that were obviously better for certain situations, therefore my barbarian would use them. Try talking to your player. He will not be unfaithful to his grandfather's honor and career if he uses a different weapon for a given circumstance.

If his grandfather was once a higher level adventurer (which I am assuming he was if he had gotten to that ripe old age), I'm sure he had MUCH better weapons than just those masterwork ones that he utilized.

I empathize with his dedication to character and history, but sometimes you also have to keep in mind what is best for the party. I'd be interested to hear what you both end up deciding to do :)

Gorbacz wrote:
Hollow's Last Hope, despite being a 3.5 module, remains the best intro adventure out there.


My group actually just finished Carrion Crown, it was quite the adventure.

I chuckle at your party composition, not because of the classes you chose, but because of your races. In Carrion Crown, the starting town of Ravengro, all of the people are highly prejudice against anyone/thing that is non-human (especially against monstrous races as the ones you have chosen) so you may want to reconsider putting some "normal" looking folk into your party. We (my group) had the most difficult time walking around town trying to get answers and I was only an elf alongside a half-orc and half-elf. (Ustalav is rather prejudice as a whole towards outsiders).

On the other hand, though, that would provide from some great added conflict to the story and make the rewards so much sweeter as you win over the town's admiration and respect . . . (as you can tell, I'm thinking about all of this as I type haha).

Each installment of this AP is based on different horror styles/movie classics such as Frankenstein, a haunted house, etc. so that is always something to keep in mind while you're outfitting your character with feats, equipment, and abilities. Undead are pretty prevalent throughout.

I hope this answered something for you . . .

EDIT: Also, since this is a horror game, my personal belief and experience with this genre of AP, is that power gaming your way through isn't that much fun. All of the fun, for my gaming group, came out of the fact that we were scared @#*$less and felt out of our element in fighting the creatures that go bump in the night. It is okay if you're not in control of the situation or the battlefield because it adds to the suspense and horror.

I am currently playing a Dhampir in my friends Carrion Crown adventure (unbeknownst to the other PCs at them moment heh heh), but I envision him with same physical appearance as the Dhampir in Bestiary 2.

I don't know of any published Paizo material that goes more in-depth about their physical appearances (a little more description in the Player's Guide would have been nice). However, Dhampirs are from vampiric folklore, meaning they exist in tales of our own history. You could do some research online to dig up some solid results I would imagine.

It may just be a race that is quite open to interpretation given the fact that they are half-breeds...

Do you roll the stats for them or do you take the starting statistics?

As a GM, I ruled that you take the animal's/base form's starting statistics because I couldn't find anywhere in the rules that says you roll the attributes for your animal companion. That's why they get starting statistics and a STR/DEX progression.

I was just wondering if anyone had some light they could shine on this? Is it somewhere in the rules and I am just missing it? Thanks!

too long, did not read.

EDIT: Good night(morning?).

Good and evil are such subjective terms. I see what you're saying, though, about a god being "evil" AND "good." The gods of Greek theology all display and embody human qualities and make choices that could be seen as "good" and "evil."

Dear god, I'm talking religion and what is "good" and what is "evil" on messageboards. I am back in philosophy class from last semester. . .

Somewhere along the lines we have misread one another. I apologize if I came too quickly to conclusions or misinterpreted what you were originally asking *sigh* This entire time I have been making a character for the Kingmaker game my friend is preparing to run coincidentally, haha.

Well, tell me how your weapon goes in the campaign, though being as stubborn as I am, must finally say that such a weapon would never exist in my game bahahahaha!

P.S. I could see the sword changing its alignment and profane/sacred bonus depending on whoever wielded it...but coexisting? Bah humbug!

I'm not religious, I was just using the pope as an example since Catholics see him as holy.

You trollin' hard, man.

Jadeite wrote:
You know, there are people who might be offended by the statement that it's impossible to worship a good and an evil god.


So, I am genuinely curious, are you going to create this famed weapon? I don't care, I just want to know if you will or not so I can rest easy tonight. I've spent this much energy thus far and this is getting nowhere, so please, tell me.

Jadeite wrote:
Why is it impossible for someone to be the deliverer of multiple messages?

You're absolutely right. The Pope feels it would be politically incorrect if he didn't also preach the word of the Anti-Christ. You have trumped me.

Jadeite wrote:

Especially of you have insufficient data about what those messages are?

That's dogma at best. And the RPG equivalent of dogma are rules.
And a paradox does not have to be unsolvable. It may just as well have something to do with limited information that make them seem unsolvable.

I unfortunately have spent too much mental energy on you. I did not expect that someone asking for interpretations would just shoot everyone down. I have come to the simple, logical conclusion that you are trolling these messageboards because you're entire train of thought and argument are self contradictory and circular.

If God exists, then why doesn't God exist?

Jadeite wrote:
And Enlarge Person and Reduce Person would neutralize each other.

Because it would be a paradox for both to function at the same time. You have answered your own question. Two opposites cannot function together. So if you want a weapon that does sacred and profane, the two would neutralize one another giving you jack squat.

EDIT: Like I said before, the Pope cannot be holy AND unholy. You can't worship a LG god while you also worship a CE god.

They are not presumptions, bucko, they are interpretations. It is your inability to accept advice and opinions when you explicitly asked others what they thought.

What IS wrong with a paradox? The entire concept of a paradox is that it is wrong because it cannot exist.

The pope cannot be the deliverer of God's message and Lucifer's message.
A Holy Symbol cannot ward off vampires and lawful good paladins.

A few examples.

If you want it to be holy and unholy, go for it, my friend. I'm not sure why you must slap down everyone that comes along. Fulfill your luscious dreams of paradoxical weapons :)

I personally think that a Neutral Inquisitor, a divine class, that must choose at 1st level whether or not they receive sacred or profane bonuses, must stick to whatever they choose. It states in the CRB that once that choice is made, they [the Inquisitor] cannot change it. It would be OP for a neutral cleric to just go willy nilly and waffle between the two bonuses.

You may interpret it how you will.

Unfortunately, you fail to realize that you asked for opinions and you remain stubborn in your mindset. Not that any of us were out to change your mind, but you asked for some advice on the matter and we offered some, so I am not sure why you want to argue and refute advice given. It is like asking your Lit teacher how they interpreted a certain novel and then slapping them in the face when they tell you what they thought haha.

Hmmm. . .

Well, neutral clerics, after choosing to either channel negative energy or channel positive energy, are ensconced in the decision they made. Therefore, if they chose to channel negative energy that is what they will channel for the rest of their lives.

So, I doubt it was intended for an Inquisitor to flip-flop between sacred and profane bonuses. It would be one or the other given the choice you made at character creation.

Umbral Reaver wrote:
Call it Weapon of Dread and swap the sacred bonus for profane. :)

+1 there, matey

With a party line-up of bad asses like that, add to the fury by being an Inquisitor and remove the need of a healer after you wipe the floor with the enemy every encounter.

Especially since it is a homebrew, stick to your guns and play what you want since your DM should be catering to what you all desire.

I completely empathize with your concern. Still, after DMing for a couple of years, I always bring that concern to the table once I get behind that screen.

It is really important that you do not let yourself get hung up on the nit-picky mechanics or every tiny detail the game could offer. That is something I had to overcome early on. You naturally shed that concern, though, after you have DMed multiple times and are used to how you and the game work.

The most valuable tool a DM has is self confidence. The fact that you have that want to do good and to run a really good game for your friends is almost the entire battle. All that is needed now is for your to approach it with the mentality that you're going to kick some arse. I know with my friends, even if I feel like I ran a sloppy, disjointed game that night, the fact that we were able to hang out and play Pathfinder was all they really needed.

Once you get more practice under your belt, it will come more naturally and you'll develop your own style. Just have fun with it and it will all fall into place :)

EDIT: Sorry, I had to come back to this - it is still on my mind, haha. I had a friend DM once with an adventure he had written himself. He approached the game not with the intent of the players having a good time, but with the intent of pleasing himself and showing off how good of an adventure he could craft. The end result was a terrible night of gaming with all of us unsatisfied and upset. I am really glad that your approach is one of wanting to do good and wanting your players to have fun. That's a sign of a great friend who is not seeking to feed an ego, but of a considerate human being. Quite refreshing really. I hope somewhere in this rant you may find something. . .

Thanks, everyone, for the insightful responses! I greatly appreciate it. Gives me a lot to mull over while I crank out this character.

I am just apprehensive about all of those times where being on my mount just won't be a viable option in-game. Making a character is never an easy endeavor for me, haha, striving to cater to my ideal character concepts.

Again, thanks!

Has anyone played one before?

While my love affair of the Riders of Rohan remains firm (pun intended? you decide...), I have always wanted to play a character that was mount-oriented. Now that my friend has decided to run the Kingmaker AP, I feel that now would be a great time to fulfill my destiny.

Does anyone have any experience with mounted characters? Good? Bad? Not quite what you expected?

Thanks for your time!

Your speech is eloquent, sir! Your phrasing impeccable! Never have I seen such an argument/concern so beautifully stated, what what!

Since he is CN, at first level he chose between channeling positive energy or channeling negative energy. Whichever he chose became permanent (p.40 CRB). Though, reading through the CRB, I didn't see anything in the cleric section about what happens to your powers (such as channeling energy) if the cleric were to experience a dramatic shift in alignment such as that.

Also, how do you know this shift in alignment is going to happen haha? Is this something your cleric has openly decided? Others will probably know more than I, but that seems like something that would be up for the DM to decide?

EDIT: Since he is neutral, if he already chose to channel negative energy then there would be no problem. Though if he chose to channel positive energy, I could see where the DM would rule that he would automatically shift to channeling negative energy. AND YES, the cleric's ability to channel is in effect beginning at first level of being a cleric.

If you ever played the Icewind Dale series or Baldur's Gate series from Black Isle and WotC, I love to use the character portraits that they provide. If you don't own the games, though, you can google the images :)

Also, my gaming group uses various actors that we like the feel of. I recently took a liking to Peter Cushing for my recently made elf character.

Kick ass! Thank you both for the suggestions! Feels good to have someone respond haha.

As for SS I began experimenting with the jungle sounds and crashing waves, but Youtube is limited haha, so thank you for the reference!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I say find a new friend.


I am currently running the Serpent's Skull AP and the Council of Thieves AP. My soundtrack repertoire is extremely limited at the moment to only a couple of film scores and the Morrowind soundtrack. I was hoping someone would have some advice on what would make for some great underscoring music for these APs respectively.


Watch horror movies. Unfortunately this genre has degenerated over the years as gore, guts, and blood have replaced the terror of the unknown. Great horror actors such as Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, Bella Lugosi, etc. etc. are all actors that you should put on your radar. Of course, it is a different style of acting and cinema all together that has been dubbed as "cheesy," but they're really fantastic to watch and a lot of fun.

The original Frankenstein with Karloff is wonderful and can help give you a feel of what you should shoot for. Also, Vincent Price's House of Wax is another good one. The Mummy with Karloff is another great along with Christopher Lee's legendary Draculaalong with his role as Lord Summerisle in The Wickerman.

More contemporary horror films that I find brilliant are Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later, Sam Raimi's Evil Deads (ending with the climactic Army of Darkness), and Peter Jackson's early films such as Dead/Alive, are all terrific examples, all of which border on the quirkier side of the genre, but nonetheless magnificent.

Damn, I did not mean to type this much...well, if you're reading this part of my response, thank you for reading thus far to the ramblings of a college student at the end of Spring Break.

EDIT: Also, stay away from torture-porn. The more grotesque it gets does not make it scarier. It only makes it more uncomfortable for the players as you describe it. The scariest stuff is the unknown. What you cannot directly perceive and can only imagine is the scariest. Take the concept of death for example. Think of how scary mortality is simply because you don't know what lies beyond this mortal coil? bahahahaha!

You haven't played PF like I have until you play as Gethro, a humble cobbler of even humbler origins. A level 1 commoner/3 expert. Nothing feels quite as good as making that day's wages and going home to a one room tenement where indulge my senses on a wheel of aging cheese. The NPC classes are much richer than many may realize.

When I am feeling particularly "heroic" though, I tend towards the classes with LOTS of starting skill points: Bards, Rangers, Rogues. I like the archetypes for those kind of characters the most. Recently have been dabbling in the divine, though, which has been most enjoyable I may say! Yes, yes!

EDIT: Also, I don't trust weavers of the black arts so I stay away from sorcerers and wizards. I trust the barbarian in my blood.

Qik wrote:
For myself, I don't think I could ever play a character whose modus operandi was completely divorced from my own motivations/experiences; rather, I find that my character conceptions simply highlight and focus in on various personal qualities that are already present, translating them into the context of the game or de/emphasizing them as I see fit. As a silly example, I don't think I could ever play a female character, for the simple reason that, as a man, I couldn't really "connect" with them. Similarly, I don't think I could play an evil character motivated by a predilection for wanton destruction - rather, they'd need to have a specific reasoning/purpose which led them to that sort of life.

I completely agree with what you are saying about your PC being an extension of your own personal qualities and character. I find that the majority of my characters reflect different aspects of me as a person where I ramp up certain characteristics, beliefs, and values while dulling others.

I am a Theatre Major, though, with an emphasis in Acting, so it is always nice to play a character that doesn't outwardly share something in common with yourself. There is a little bit of all of us in an evil character, though. It gives you the chance for more exploration. Also, as everyone can say, villains are infinitely more interesting most of the time. Dare to be the bad guy. After saving orphanages from the clutches of the stock bad guy with no personality and then rejecting a reward for your efforts for the millionth time can get old.

Something we're studying in Greek philosophy right now is the Euthyphro dialogue. You should read it! Socrates and Euthyphro debate over what "virtue" and "piety" are. While I won't type out this entire dialogue and analysis, one of the aspects of this debate is that most people believe what they are doing is good. A lot of villains wholeheartedly believe that what they are doing is the right path, which isn't the case for ALL villains, but I believe the villains who see their actions as "right" and "justified" are fascinating.

Well, nothing like getting your thoughts out there in long form for everyone to read haha. Thanks :)

Charisma deals with the magnitude of one's personal persona and presence. It is the force of one's personality and how well people like you. Everyone knows at least one person who has that magnetic quality.

To the OP, I think it takes empathy when you're a DM. When sitting behind the all-mighty screen upon my pedestal, I always take into account how I would feel playing in a given situation, what has come across as petty to me (as a PC) by the DM, and other such factors.

While this thread has been beaten to death, it lets me sleep at night knowing I posted something...

I'm an orphan whose orphanage recently burned down and I find that comment highly offensive.

There is this GREAT hamburger joint in Riverside,CA that has a mean pastrami burger. Food for thought.

BigCrunch wrote:
In my opinion, sword and board = sword and bored.

I couldn't stop laughing at your pun, bro!

BigCrunch wrote:
Its too stereotypical.

Stereotypical! Definitely with you, man. Everything about the previous sentence's set-up was leading me to the conclusion that a fighter using a sword and a shield was a HUGE stereotype. I mean, how could you possibly vary them at all?!

BigCrunch wrote:
Yeah as a fighter, once you get shield master, you are a bad mofo, but URGH! its frickin boring!

'nuff said, hombre.

BigCrunch wrote:
Second opinion, twf (non sword and bored), is WAY overrated. Visions of a lithe elf come to mind, a whirlwind of flashing steel, dual rapiers spinning blood and visceral in a majestic dance of blades. BS.

Duuuuuuude, beautiful imagery! I watch Night Elf females dance too! Hawt.

BigCrunch wrote:
I would be ok with a rapier and a dagger, axe and short sword, but generally i've seen 'dual' this and 'twin' that. Boring.

You're absolutely right! There is no way you could come up with any other variation or put your own character twist on it! All you get are the 3 talent trees, 6 different hair selections, and the beard option.

BigCrunch wrote:
My favorite is a 2h fighter (or ranger, or pally or whatever)

Yeah, dude?! Lawl, what's up with those pallies? Crazy stuff...

BigCrunch wrote:
I also like, in theory the dual capabilities of the druid.

Bro, cat AND bear form. FTW.

Dude, overall: cool story bro.

Not to beat a dead horse here *cough cough*, but I completely agree with Mr. MinstrelintheGallery, up above. I have a friend who home brews his own adventures and he has a complete love affair for details. The length at which it takes to describe the sweat dripping off an NPC's brow seemed like it could be summed up in one sentence. Well, he proved me wrong there haha.

Let your friend DM and see how the players quickly lose interest in what is going on since they are participating in a novel rather than a game. It is absolutely tedious and dreadful.

The point of D&D is to harness your imagination. If he describes EVERYTHING than you can seriously limit that power and ability. I find it fascinating to see the different images evoked in other player's minds when only given a sentence or two.

If he still doesn't listen, drug his next drink. After he is completely knocked out drag him to your basement. This is the part where duct tape comes in handy securing him to any piping you may have beneath your house. Something that is secured in the foundations of the building so that way there is no way he can move. When he groggily comes to, he will see you standing there with a copy of some Romanticism literature, preferably The Count of Monte Cristo or even some Dickens, and then read him the entire book. Force him to see how the over-usage of details can kill a man's mind.

When it comes to roleplaying, it always boils down to what character concept you would like to embody. So the setting may be the Underdark, everyone is a drow, but you're really loving the feel of the Fey bloodline. Stick with it and make your character work it :)

I personally agree with Meabolex. Infernal is a great bloodline to choose. You're part devil by blood, not by choice. That sort of lineage is something you could choose to have your character struggling with, or perhaps he/she embraces the infernal blood in their veins. Though, mechanically speaking, the diplomacy feature and charms (from Infernal) are much more useful in a "roleplay" situation than compulsion effects. With diplomacy and charm you can do some serious manipulation, mmmmm.

Also, since you'll be in the Underdark, their is a bloodline in the APG entitled "Deep Earth" which is completely outfitted for subterranean adventuring :) that is something you may want to look into. The best thing to do is to follow your imagination's cravings and play want you want in the end.

For my gaming group, minis have become a commodity. I remember two years ago when I had brandished one of my miniatures (I was an avid Warhammer painter with my older brother), boldly placing it on our wet-erase board. The rest of the group gasped, took it all in, then proceeded to tell me how awesome my $3 dollar metal miniature was.

We've had to resort to using our imagination (which is not a bad thing at all considering 99.9% of games today give everything to you in the form of mind-numbing graphics and flashing lights), but if we had the dough to throw at our local game store to obtain these little pieces of heaven we definitely would.

It makes the combat and tactical situations so much smoother, which in turn helps the overall fluidity of the game.

So the main reason I'm adding to this post is because I'm starting up a miniature charity called Minis-for-Men. Of course, all proceeds go to my own gaming group. How does this benefit you? Brownies points. Spend them as you will, wherever you want.

Hey, all!

I am currently flipping through my 3.5 Stormwrack book that details how to run a nautical-themed adventure. It is completely equipped with various ships, their stats, new feats and classes all suited for an ocean-based adventure.

Does anyone know if Pathfinder has a book like this so I don't have to sit down and attempt conversions?

Also! Does Pathfinder have any solely nautical-themed campaigns? And if not, could someone point me in the right direction? I've been aching to revive the open water adventures in my gaming group - I find ships just as exciting.

Thanks so much! :)

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