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Goblin Squad Member

The rogue skill sounds like it will be OP. In PvP you target healers and AoE damage dealers first, normally. Which means no one will be targeting the rogue. Assuming there will be poison in the game, the rogue will become an insanely powerful single target damage dealer and not only when striking from stealth. I don't mind high damage when the strike comes from stealth, that's fine. But the ability to pile it on without regard for actual positioning or tactics as long as someone doesn't drop everything to deal with you will be too powerful. And for the record, I like playing rogues and I honestly want to see this scaled back. This is the sort of thing that sounds logical but plays extremely poorly.

Goblin Squad Member

What you would need, besides someone with the spare time to set this up, is an evil organization patterned after the ones that actually function well in the real world now, i.e. organized crime. Instead of being dedicated to specific evil deities and some sort of, "kill them all and take their stuff" only creed an actual semi-business model would add coherence to the company. You could actually set up the charter and potentially ally yourself with other evil or neutral groups to form evil nations that are basically after securing the bottom line. Especially since you could hire out as mercs to neutral or even desperate good nations when they come under siege. And hopefully, everyone will be coming under siege at some point :).
As an example of a command structure based off of La Cosa Nostra you could have:
Don--the main man, the one who runs the show.
Underboss--2nd in command.
Consigliere--a counselor, frequently has some authority, but primarily exists to offer advice and to settle disputes.
Capo--a captain, a leader in the company.
Soldier/button-man--a member of the company, one of the many foot soldiers who hear and obey.

And other organizations could pattern their companies after their yakuza, Russian families, Jamaican posses, outlaw motorcycle gangs, etc. The point is, evil can be organized and profitable IF people let go of the mentality that being evil means that you can do whatever you want. Instead, you work with the company to maximize the profits of the company.

Goblin Squad Member

Will we be able to set up Thieve's Guilds and Assassin's Guilds and other secret societies? I think it would be a great thing to actually have a player controlled Grandfather of Assassins (that's right, I did it, I broke out the 1st ed. terms) as well as other organizations.

Goblin Squad Member

Andius wrote:

I would be very disappointed if one nation could not entirely wipe out the holdings of another or dominate the entire map in theory. By in theory I mean no game systems will prevent them from doing it, but it may be hard to achieve such goals because of the difficulty of maintaining a group of players large enough to do so without splitting apart due to in-fighting.

I think the bigger question is how quickly should this be able to happen? Can you lose everything overnight? Over the weekend? Over the course of weeks or months?

Obviously these questions have a lot to do with how firmly entrenched you are and how much territory you control but it would be nice to have a general idea.

This :D This is what I want.

Goblin Squad Member

Marou_ wrote:

I'm hoping they use something really powerful like the Unreal Engine. Saw a trailer for another upcoming F2P sandbox today on Unreal 3 and it blew my mind.

This. I'm hoping for Unreal too.

Goblin Squad Member

When I was putting in the money to support the online demo, I remember reading that the Pathfinder MMO would be a fusion of sandbox and theme park elements. I definitely want to see this, as a lot of the standard sandbox stuff gets boring fast. I do want to be developing skills as part of a storyline. That being said, I also want player settlements and the nation building system the devs are describing.
And I want to be able to conquer those nations and take them from others and have to hold on to them from people who are trying to conquer what I and friends have taken. I want PvP! And I want it to be meaningful and open world! 8 vs. 8 warzones are fun ways to practice, especially if you can develop skills for the character that way, but I want an open world fight between character groups with dozens of people in them. I would especially like to see something like the AoC siege system (only thing they got right, IMO).

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