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Robert Maughan's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 40 posts. No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


Liberty's Edge

Just had a very similar discussion elsewhere. The d20pfsrd bit you quoted matches my copy of Ultimate Equipment.

Liberty's Edge

This is fluff, there is no actual conflict.

Liberty's Edge

Technically the description for stone weapons does not allow daggers. Quoting from Ultimate Equipment "Light and one-handed bludgeoning weapons, spears, and arrowheads can all be made of stone."

Liberty's Edge

Justin Riddler wrote:

I have canceled your subscription and you should be receiving a confirmation email shortly. You can verify this change on your My Subscriptions page.

~Justin Riddler
Customer Service

Thank you for your assistance. Is it possible to also cancel the Bestiary 2 Pawns order 2720215?

Liberty's Edge

Please cancel my Pathfinder Role playing Game subscription.

If it is too late to cancel the pending order then after that is fine.

This is at least in part because once again items I am subscribed for are available to non-subscriber before they are available to me.

Liberty's Edge

mysticbelmont wrote:
if it's a cohort, via leadership, than it would level up. Why wouldn't a GM allow me to do that?

Being CG was the problem, monks are lawful.

Liberty's Edge

Please cancel my subscriptions to the following items:

Pathfinder Adventure Path.
Pathfinder Player Companions
Pathfinder Campaign Settings
Pathfinder Pawns
Pathfinder Modules

This will leave my only active subscription as:

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Thank you

Liberty's Edge

I find it really annoying that anyone can buy the .pdf files of items I have subscribed to and get them instantly, while I am still waiting for stuff to ship before I can get my files.

I just don't feel it is reasonable that subscribers get poorer service than walk-in customers.

Liberty's Edge

Given tht I have not checked the thread in a week and I am about to go on holiday for a couple of weeks with limited net access I think I'll ave to admit I am too busy to take this on.

Sorry for volunteering and then backing out but better now than after I start a game up.

Good luck everyone.

Liberty's Edge

I have all the Paizo adventure paths as well as the ones that went out in Dungeon Magazine.

I am currently playing in Kingmaker just starting the second module.

I was playing in Rise of the Runelords and we reached the end of the first module before we lost a player and put the game on hold.

I would prefer not to get involved in a Kingmaker game but I would be happy with RotRL as that one is unlikely to ever restart.

I am happy to run any of the APs apart from Kingmaker. The older ones wolud be more work due to the need to update them to PF but I wolud be happy to do the work. I also have a bunch of 3.5, 3.0 and older stuff from WoC that I could pull out if folks wanted to do something like Return to Ravenloft or Castle Greyhawk.

Liberty's Edge

I would be interested. I was the GM for my group until recently running a 3.5 Eberron game. My wife is currently GMing.

Currently playing pen and paper

Cleric in Rise of the Runelords (On long term hold)
Inquisitor in Kingmaker. (Meet about once a month, if we are lucky)

Other than these two I could pick up and run any of the adventure paths.

I don't have experience with running PbP but I am happy to give this a try.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would rule "A wish or a miracle spell can restore a reincarnated character to his or her original form." in the description of reincarnate trumps the description of Break Enchantment and so Break Enchantment has no effect at all.

Liberty's Edge

Vic Wertz wrote:
Papa-DRB wrote:
Djoc wrote:
Like charging credit cards early, even if they ship up to one week later, just to make sure they unlock pdf downloads for all subscribers inside an acceptable timeframe.

While many online companies ignore the law, this is technically against the law, as Vic (I think?) has explained before.

-- david

It's not illegal... it's a violation of contractual agreements with credit card processors.

Would it be possible to charge subscribers the normal cost of the pdf all at the same time and release the pdfs, then charge the difference between pdf and physical when the stuff actually ships?

It seems to me this would deal with the requirements of the credit card agreements. However I don't know how much extra work this would beso it might not be practical.

Liberty's Edge

Personally my favourite was the double scimitar from Eberron. Especially with the Valinar elf prestige class which gave full damage with the off hand.

Liberty's Edge

The feat does not explicitly say it has to be an unarmed strike but I strongly suspect then the intention in that it be only usable on unarmed attacks.

Liberty's Edge

No. You cannot emulate a class you can only emulate a class feature so this would not work. Even when emulating a class feature you get an effective level of UMD check minus twenty so still not your level.

Liberty's Edge

Beastmorph gives up the poison resistance so you need to remove that.

Liberty's Edge

blackbloodtroll wrote:
What about the sword cane pistol?

I would say proficient with the sword bit but not the pistol bit.

Liberty's Edge

I would expect bane to not stack with itself even when you have two different overlapping banes. Certainly favoured enemy does not stack if you have overlapping versions and this seems like a similar situation.

Liberty's Edge

Thank you for the information. Can you please cancel my Pathfinder RPG subscription?

Liberty's Edge

Is it possible to skip the beginner boxed set on my subscription or do I need to unsubscribe and then resubscribe? Many thanks.

Liberty's Edge

TwoWolves wrote:

How much damage would a 4th level wizard do with an Intensified Burning Hands spell, provided he took Spell Specialization: Burning Hands? 5d4 or 6d4?

Burning hands normally caps at 5d4.

Intensify raises the cap to 10d4 and makes it a second level spell.

A fourth level wizard normally would do 4d4 but Spell Specialization makes the spell go off as if case by a 6th level caster.

So 6d4.

Liberty's Edge

Please cancel my subscription to Pathfinder Tales.

Although I am enjoying the books, I prefer to read electronically when possible so the paper copies are not really sensible.

Thank you.

Liberty's Edge

Could you please cancel my subscription to Gamemastery maps please.

Liberty's Edge

I received Princes of Darkness over a week ago but the second parcel in this shipment has still not shown up. I am starting to think the second part is not going to show up. Is it usual for split shipments to end up with this big a gap between the parcels?

Liberty's Edge

neceros wrote:

I found this, too, from the SRD:

Druid: the druid might choose to give up her wild shape ability in exchange for becoming a swift and deadly hunter.

Bonus to Armor Class when unarmored (as monk, including Wisdom bonus to AC), fast movement (as monk), favored enemy (as ranger), swift tracker (as ranger), Track feat (as ranger).

Armor and shield proficiency, wild shape (all versions)

That looks pretty nice, actually.

Can you supply a link to that? I couldn't find it when I went looking.

Liberty's Edge

One for each core class in the hardback campaign setting book.

Liberty's Edge

This order is dated as April the ninth but still shows as pending. I can confirm I have not had the goods. Can someone unstick this please?

Liberty's Edge

For my current campaign all the characters were left a small personal legacy by a mutual friend. One of the beneficiaries did not make it to the reading of the will and as the party was leaving they find his corpse. The killer attacks the group who are thus annoyed enough to come together to investigate the death.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
David Jackson 60 wrote:

I took the test.

It was just a game of rock, paper, scissors. Best out of 3.

Yes, but your opponent is a Maralith. And she gets to use all six hands.

Liberty's Edge

Does Paizo intend to have any Pathfinder material at Gencon UK? I am trying to decide if I want to go or not and Pathfinder would be a significant draw in getting me to sign up. Or is it too early to be asking about plans for the end of August?

Sorry if this has already been announced or discussed elsewhere.

Liberty's Edge

D1.5 Revenge of the Kobold king? Interesting reference.

Liberty's Edge

Majuba wrote:

Turn Outsider (Evil).

The feat states that youc an choose to have your turn or rebuke affect outsiders of the chosen alignment as if they were undead. That means evil outsiders would be healed by her channeling of negative energy.

So Rebuke: 2d6 damage (Will DC 13 for half) to the party, 2d6 heal to her pet jackal as well as to herself, being an evil Outsider (and oddly still a good outsider as well).

I think that will ramp up the battle nicely.

Sorry but it does not work that way. The feat is badly worded but if you check page 44 where it talks about turning undead it says you can only do damage with the alternate turning feats.

Liberty's Edge

Saern wrote:

I like both of the aforementioned classes, but not the dragon shaman. It's just one more piece of dragon bloat, and poorly executed at that (other than a breath weapon and skill points, what do they even have to do with dragons?). What type of role is this thing supposed to play within the game? Is it a priest? No, we already have clerics and it's not a divine caster. Is it a shaman, as the name suggests? No, druids already cover that. So is it just a draconic-race only class (i.e., kobolds, maybe lizardfolk too) and everything else just doesn't make sense? Gee, that's useful.

I can see your point. For me however the Dragon Shaman is very useful, as I am running an Eberron campaign. In Eberron there is an area called the Seren islands which is inhabited by dragon worshipping barbarians. I can see these tribes having few clerics but many dragon shamans. I'm also changing the prereqs for Dragon disciple to allow dragon shamans to qualify without having to multi-class. I don't see my players wanting to play Dragon shamans but it gives me something odd to throw at them which is always fun.

Liberty's Edge

Forgottenprince wrote:
Out of curiosity, what feat is he using to gain 6 attacks/round?

The only way to do this I can think of would be 2 weapon fighting, followed by improved and superior. I cannot think of another approach that would get you six.

Liberty's Edge

Another way to counter this sort of character is with mobile opponents. He can only get the six attacks if he can take a full attack so an opponent who requires ten feet or more of movement to reach is going to slow him down somewhat.

Liberty's Edge

I was really disappointed with the problems around getting hold of the .PDFs for the first pathfinder and the Seven Swords of Sin. However Paizo have always worked to fix things that did not go right in the past so I was curious to see how it would go with the second issue.

Very pleased to say I already have my download link for volume two and the gallery of evil module as well. Guys you may not always get it right first time but your ability to recover and fix issues is still fantastic.

I cannot say what I think of Pathfinder yet as my wife will be running that campaign when it starts and so I'm not reading it.

Liberty's Edge

Lisa Stevens wrote:

Brent is right on target with what he said. I just want to add that charging somebody before the product ships is also against the VISA and Mastercard rules and if we did it and were caught, we could have our rights to take VISA and Mastercard revoked. Which would make for a pretty lame online store. :) So as much as it hurts to have to wait, there isn't much we can do about it at this stage.


Except I paid for Pathfinder months ago. I was a subscriber to both Dungeon and Dragon and I am getting the first eight issues of Pathfinder to cover the payments I have already made to you. So for me and presumably many others of the international people waiting for PF1 there is no payment issue involved.

For future issues of Pathfinder would it not be possible to have the system check for prepayment and make the PDF available immediately to people who have already paid for it? There must be some sort of check for this at some point otherwise you are going to start charging my credit card for ongoing subscription payments for issues I have already paid for.

Liberty's Edge

I too am skill awaiting Dragon 358 as well as Dungeon 149. I don't have the final paper copies of either yet but I'm not worried about that.

Can I just say I am so looking forward to the direct shipping for Pathfinder? The first two Game Mastery modules showed up just fine.

Liberty's Edge

I have been waiting for a reply to an email to customer services for three weeks now.

The last Dragon I received was issue 324.
The last Dungeon I received was issue 114.

As comments posted here are actually answered would somebody like to explain what exactly I paid you money for? My local gaming store is offering Dungeon 118 as of today.

If I am eventually going to be sent a refund because delivering in Euope has fallen apart again, could you let me know soon so I can pick up the back issues in the store? Thanks

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