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I’m still stuck on casters needing 3 different stats just to use their spells before we even start accounting for survivability or utility

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quindraco wrote:
Pax Miles wrote:

Cover grants +4 AC and +2 Reflex.

Physics wise, I have no idea if lasers could be impaired by mist or smoke clouds, but as a game mechanic it is a fun quirk for the weapon type. Allows tactical variance in combats. Also makes Obscuring Mist a really impressive low level spell.

A Soldier with the Sharpshoot Fighting Style can halve this AC bonus at 1st level. At 9th they can negate it entirely.

Physics-wise, this absolutely happens, but Starfinder doesn't treat lasers as anything like how a laser actually works. One reason the US Navy has been working on useful combat lasers for so long is difficulties getting them to work despite ocean spray.

If you want to more realistically simulate laser weapons, you'll need something like the following, but it may not play well with armor, which is designed to make you harder to hit, not soak damage, which is what it does in the real world:

1) Laser weapons do not take a range increment penalty to ranged to-hit rolls. However, square the range increment penalty and apply it to damage rolls. They have no maximum range (photons have no weight or mass [they do have inertia], so they always treat their environment as zero-g). Count each square containing smoke twice for determining the range penalty to the target.
2) When you make multiple laser weapon attacks against the same target, each subsequent attack can't miss - in fact, they also all go through the same point, making them "dig" through armor. Decide before you attack how many attacks are going against the target. Roll once to hit (taking any penalties for a full attack or etc as appropriate), then if you hit, roll the damage roll for each attack and add them all up, and deliver this as one bigger hit. If the first roll misses, all of the attacks miss (and if it crits, double the entire roll, critting all of them).
3) When you make multiple laser weapon attacks against different targets in one action, you take a damage penalty to every attack you make, as...

Can we please stop suggesting homebrew ideas in the rules section

Furthermore there have been fully automatic revolvers since 1841

I’d like to point out that most revolvers are infact semi automatic only older models needing to cock every round

Semi automatic meaning that it loads the next round into the chamber without manual assistance but still needing the trigger to be pulled for each individual shot

There are no rules about sleeping in armor but rules are on 251 and 262

You would negate the miss chance from concealment but not the ac bonus from cover

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Our first session I had my players find the daughter of a wealthy merchant who he believed fell into a bad crowd and joined a cult. After locating and infiltrating the cult they realized they were all children led by the girl they were looking for. They nearly got themselves killed doing nonlethal damage to not kill the children and destroyed the bone trooper they had summoned and returned the girl alive.

I told them that many people would pay a kings ransom for the ability to raise intelligent undead, they not only destroyed the machinery used but wiped the information from the computers so no one else would find it.

Eldritch Blast damage scaling is low and Eldritch doom needs to be reworded as blast is a weapon property referring to a cone, maybe call it nova shape with 20ft radius

But really cool, I like it

They already have prosthetic legs which you could flavor as cybernetic and there are leg upgrades in the cybernetics sections that can also be put in them

Also this should be in the home brew section

Alright and to fire them more accurately? With recoil from 4 guns pointed at different people? tures/description

Yeah I think you were conned there are no purchase dcs anywhere in the real book

He did he specifically mentioned the assumption about choosing a playable race with natural weapons which makes them not archaic.

You’re worse at reading than I am ;)

Multiple Weapon Fighting: When you make a full attack with multiple weapons, reduce the penalty for making a full attack by the number of weapons used in the attack.

Fusillade (Combat)You use your numerous limbs to lay down a hail of fire.DPrerequisites: Base attack bonus +1, four or more arms.DBenefit: As a full attack when you are wielding four or more identical small arms, you can fire them all simultaneously to duplicate the effects of an automatic weapon (see page 180). You use all of the ammunition in all the small arms used, and you treat this as an attack in automatic mode. Add all the ammunition expended from all of your small arms when determining the maximum number of creatures you can hit.

AutomaticIn addition to making ranged attacks normally, a weapon with this special property can fire in fully automatic mode. No action is required to toggle a weapon between making normal ranged attacks and using automatic mode. When you make a full attack with a weapon in automatic mode, you can attack in a cone with a range of half the weapon’s range increment. This uses all the weapon’s remaining ammunition. Roll one attack against each target in the cone, starting with those closest to you. Attacks made with a weapon in automatic mode can’t score critical hits. Roll damage only once, and apply it to all targets struck. Each attack against an individual creature in the cone uses up the same amount of ammunition or charges as taking two shots, and once you no longer have enough ammunition to attack another target, you stop making attacks. For example, if you were using a tactical X-gen gun with 27 rounds remaining, you would target the nearest 6 creatures in the cone and use up all 27 rounds. If more than one creature is equidistant and you don’t have enough cartridges remaining to shoot at all equidistant creatures, determine randomly which one you target. You can’t avoid shooting at allies in the cone, nor can you shoot any creature more than once, even if you have enough cartridges to fire more shots than you have targets. Attacks in automatic mode take the same penalties as other full attacks.

My bad on the +8 but the point stands that you’re making small arms more effective than automatic weapons at being automatic weapons which is nonsensical for 4 pistols to be able to fire more bullets faster and more accurately than an ak47

Also with your op feat, everyone would play skittermanders mechanics with 2 cybernetic arms carrying 8 guns and their drones hauling mass ammo spamming fusillade every round for a +8 to hit everything at once

Multi weapon fighting is fine, making it a +4 would be rediculous

Almost Everyone dumps str and cha anyway lol, so his party will have a higher carry capacity

Works even better for envoys

Quick is that in any way relevant in a forum about actually playing the game?

It seams like you’re just trying in inflame a response for your own trolling enjoyment

Well since a starship has a computer who’s tier is half it’s level, the logical conclusion would be item level is tier*2

Metaphysician wrote:
Ridiculon wrote:
Metaphysician wrote:
There's nothing wrong with the *idea* of remote controlling powered armor. However, there is a lot wrong with the idea that you should be able to do this essentially for free. Which is to say, the cost of necessary upgrades and improvements on the PA to make it work? Should be basically the same as the cost of buying a combat robot of the same CR, since that is essentially what you are doing.

A: Robots do not have a listed cost, they are creatures

B: You can remotely control Starships for these same costs, how is this different?

A: Yes, which suggests that, despite existing in the setting as tech that is sold on the market? Players are not supposed to simply by them, especially in bulk.

B: You sure about that? Because the cost of a control module is based on the cost of the thing it *controls*. . . and ships do not have credit costs. I mean, I suppose if you *really* wanted to spend 10% of your BP on making your ship remote controllable, there's nothing stopping you beyond that its a bad idea. . .

Also both starships and vehicles both have ai assisted guidance, power armor does not

It also gets flat footed condition so another -2 to both acs

Also you can hack a ships computer which automatically has an ai personality how is that different ?

Oh I was getting pretty hostile towards ridiculon after the whole why shouldn’t I have a whole army acting on my turn making everyone else wait half an hour every round

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Just to be clear if you had put this in the home brew section the rest of us would have been a lot more cooperative

Realistically it’s not going to buff your main stats any more assuming you also cap at 4 increases per stat, it’ll mean you get a few more points in your dump stats and your main stat increases a few levels earlier

jimmy Herman wrote:

one thing i noticed is that none of the races have a speed entry in their descriptions. its a minor error but could be problematic for new players unfamiliar with the D20 style system.

i know their is a spot in the book that says most medium creatures have a 30' movement, and small creatures have usually a 20' movement.

clarification under each race would be ideal for future prints (like other d20 products), plus it may be better to know exactly how fast each character moves right from the get go.

That’s wrong all races in the crb have a base speed of 30 unless otherwise noted

I kinda sound like a few of my exes

Quick is huge so you can clever attack in the same turn


You can’t have it both ways, say we’re not providing rules then ignore them

Okay show me a control module with a str score of 14 then

The Anti-personnel is different it is hardwired into the ships computer with no mention of a control module and is not therefore autonomous

AucturnTheStranger wrote:
Robert Gooding wrote:

Proving my point. When you get your army of robots the entire game will revolve around your turns and no one else will enjoy the game.

Making you the person deliberately trying to ruin everyone else’s fun, leaving your gym with 2 choices to constantly ban hammer you or not invite you to future sessions.

Please take a serious look at your behaviour and play style before there’s no one left who will play with you

Before this comment I clearly mentioned that I did not want to overshadow the other players or bog down the game. I think this armor idea will be faster to run as a player than a drone or other "pet" class, because most of the time I'll be wearing it. I'd like to find reasonable rules to make this idea work before I even bring this to the GM.

That was directed at the fanatical person supporting you, while we disagree with you you have at least kept semi reasonable

Well for the 4th question since the hp is determined by the operator ie the computer controlling it means just about any hit will finish it off and under the construct rules it is therefore completely destroyed

Or damaging frequencies, most frequencies travel in a vacuum sound being a notable exception, you therefore proved our point with your quote

Why? Take a laser microphone for example it works in a vacuum to transfer sound from one place to another by detesting the vibrations. If we reverse that then you have a gun that cause what it’s pointed at to vibrate and create sound that works in a vacuum without sound having to travel in a vacuum. Besides sonic weapons arent just sound otherwise deaf creatures would be immune to it, which they’re not

Again you want a fully autonomous robot which it doesn’t support

Sorry I skipped a paragraph somehow my bad

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You can also use survival to use drone for cover increasing your ac

Followers and npc hirelings generally aren’t under your direct control and are ongoing expenses vs a one time cost

Ridiculon wrote:
Robert Gooding wrote:

Proving my point. When you get your army of robots the entire game will revolve around your turns and no one else will enjoy the game.

Making you the person deliberately trying to ruin everyone else’s fun, leaving your gym with 2 choices to constantly ban hammer you or not invite you to future sessions.

Please take a serious look at your behaviour and play style before there’s no one left who will play with you

You are the one who took it to a unrealistic extreme, not me.

Do you ban followers too? How about NPC hirelings?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this concept and you are stretching to ridiculous lengths to say otherwise, including ruling that a player cannot use their money and class abilities in a way permitted by the rules of the game.

We’ve been discussing the rules and possibilities for a while and still haven’t fount a way for it to be allowed the way you want within them and you agreed that that was your next step, I just predicted it based on your actions in the thread

Again I’d like to emphasize that you don’t get an opinion until you actually play the game...we are all open to discussion and criticism from people who at least try it for a few sessions.

Which you have repeatedly told us you havent

Pantshandshake wrote:

That's the thing. Earlier, I was under the impression that we were discussing realism-inspired house rules. Which I don't agree with in this case, but it's cool, so why not talk about it?

But now it seems to be a different case than what I thought. So, here's the deal: Everything in this post is 100% house rule territory. I'm not going to argue with you about what you think should be in the book so that everything has super realistic rules. It's not in the book, ergo, everything works, all the time, until there's a FAQ stating otherwise.

That being said: Cryo weapons; after reading the quotes provided, you have my permission to figure out how much compressed gas you can fit in a tank on a gun using magic and future technology.

Plasma weapons; I don't know why you're choosing to conflate a vacuum with an area with no matter in it. There's a ton of matter in space.
That being said, maybe you can make plasma from the electrons in the battery? Maybe there's a mass effect 1 style block of material that the gun shaves a little off of every time? I don't know man, anything is possible with future tech and magic.

The reason it’s getting this response is it’s in the rules section not the home brew, so we’re relaying what the rules actually are

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The only rules about close to vacuums for weapons are the zero g ones which only affect range increments so unless you’re house ruling they all work fine

Proving my point. When you get your army of robots the entire game will revolve around your turns and no one else will enjoy the game.

Making you the person deliberately trying to ruin everyone else’s fun, leaving your gym with 2 choices to constantly ban hammer you or not invite you to future sessions.

Please take a serious look at your behaviour and play style before there’s no one left who will play with you

Because your next argument after you beg someone else to agree with you is to get 10 of them

Stop fueling, it’s all been said repeatedly, just let this thead die. There’s nothing new left to say

Also you don’t get to whine until you actually play

quindraco wrote:
The Mass Invisibility spell can be used on any number of targets inside a 180 foot diameter sphere, so any Tiny or Small ship should fit, and as a GM, I'd be very willing to rule that it should work on objects, not just creatures, letting you bypass the object bulk limit of Invisibility, just as the spell already lets you make invisible infinite bulk of creatures.

The core concept of starfinder is that technology can do anything that magic can, so in theory you could make a subsystem that does this... I’d design a tiered cloaking system where every step you go higher reduces cool down by 1 round starting at 6 and going to 3.

I’d also make your shields inoperable for 1 full round after decloaking and make you unable to restore shield points while cloaked. I’d also limit max ship size to medium

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